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Simple Games In VB?

I'm trying to think up some simple games made in VB, for example noughts and crosses can anybody suggest any other simple games? - They must include the following:

1)Basic Controls - Text Boxes, labels and command buttons
2)Selection Controls (at least one of option button, check box, list box etc)
3)Variables ( declare and use)
4)Selection Constructs - an If/Else/or a Select case construct
5) Multiple forms (2 or more)
6) File handling(store and retrieve using text files)
7) also must include one of the following: loop, array, general procedure including one parameter or a timer.

Could someone post some code of a game or just suggest a game.

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Simple Games?
I want to make simple games in VB, but so far the graphics are not up to
the smallest movements of line objects. Is there another graphics procedure
I should be using?

Fast, Simple Way To Do Day / Night In 2D Games
In fact this is sooo simple that I might be stating the obvious here for which I apologize. It just occured to me while thinking about this that in a recent thread about Day / Night effects noone mentioned this.

If you are writing your 2D game in DirectX8 (sorry, this is DX8 only!) then you are using the D3DXSprite.Draw method to blit your graphics to the screen. Its last argument, Color, is not exactly well described in the SDK help so this may account for why people might not know about this method. What you can do with this is set it to an ARGB color value which changes the color of every single pixel you draw to the screen. You make use of D3DColorARGB to convert separate ARGB values into the right format. A value of 255 means the color value is not changed, a value of 127 would cut it in half and a value of 0 would set it to zero. There are a ton of cool things you can do with this but the one that jumps out at me is adding day / night effects practicially for free.

Note: For these example you may need to play with the numbers a bit to get the best effect.

Example: If you wanted to have the R,G,B values of all your graphics cut in half at night then you would pass D3DColorARGB(255,127,127,127) as the "Color" argument of D3DXSprite.Draw. This would, with no extra effort on your part, make all the colors in your graphics darker.

Another Example: If you wanted a kinda "sunset" effect with everything turning a little red (and darker) you could use D3DColorARGB(255,150,127,127,). This turns down the RGB values, but turns the red down less than the others.

Another Example: You could use this for a "fade out" effect by slowly decreasing the alpha values of everything you draw. If "i" is a slowly decreasing variable then D3DColorARGB(i,255,255,255) would do it.

Tutorials For Simple Games? [Newbie]
Hey i'm new to visual basic and i was wondering if you guys have ne tutorials on makeing mini games tic tac toe etc.

if not could i get some help on how to make it =)

Building A Simple Games Using Random Numbers.
Hi I am trying to build a simple little game that is a guessing game between 1-10 and I am having all types of problems
If anyone has any suggestions please e-mail me or post any ideas.
Thank you

Games Games Development (Begining/Middle/End)

Games development is not rocket science but good Programming Practice, Design and Development comes with time, well how do you think most of the professionals learned, gone had the days when someone would write a game in there bedroom is more through hard work and determination, well lets put it another way some of the best programmers in the world to day are games programmers, itís a well known fact that without games development the graphics card industry would be still in the dark ages.(look what the wars did for technology).

The Thinking!!

So I thought itís about time that we got some of the talented people on the forum to write the definitive guide to Design, Development and good programming practice.

You see some of the regulars to the forum no that Iím writing a small but technical game (well it is for me) and Iíve found it difficult to find code that would help in certain circumstances never mind how to start to set out the game on paper. Yes there are loads of documents on the web about the subject but not one that is the guru guideÖ

So with all that in mind and with all the talent that we have on the forum, and yes you know how you are: (Pookie, ChiefRedBull, Voltface, Billsso) but to name but a few.

So lets build up a development lets say worksheet that people can use on different aspects of writing a game.

Note: To start with I suggest that it be non DirectX the reason for this, been DirectX is something to work to when you understand and made several games or small projects. Looking throw the forum a quiet proportion of people are writing or are in the process of writing a Tile-Based game as there are literally 100íS of different ways to write a Tile-Based game this would be a good place to start.

Basically what the people need to come up with is a process called reverse engineering ( that is having a project and breaking it down to smaller components until you can define each component of the existing project in turn).

But as wee donít have this it will have to be reverse engineering but the forward way.

Define a game (Tile-Based Shoot-em-up)

Divide it into small components for example

The Map System
[COLOR=sky blue]Display[/color]
[COLOR=sky blue]Update[/color]

The Map System
[COLOR=sky blue]Size[/color]
[COLOR=sky blue]Movement[/color]
[COLOR=sky blue]Interaction[/color]

Collision Detection System
[COLOR=sky blue]Between Ė Character / Map[/color]
[COLOR=sky blue]Between Ė Bullet / Map[/color]
[COLOR=sky blue]Between Ė Bullet / Character[/color]

As you can see this is probably not the way to do it but it does give an idea of how to breakdown a game into itís separate components as each component there may need to be a routine to accomplish that task.

[b]The Final Thought!![b]

I hope most of the people in the forum will go for this idea as it would help so many people and in the end that is what itís all about.

There maybe a few problems with the sites administrator allowing a large thread on this subject let allown the huge possible attachments it may produce but in turn I hope this can become a reality and help people to over come these and future setbacks.

Thanks the pig.

AI Games
i want to know a URL where i can learn something about games AI algorithm and implementation.



3d Games
Hi guys

how can i load 3d models like 3ds, max or x files in visual basic?
can anyone give me some help so i can go on with my game

What Do They Really Use For These Games?
Im creating a Age of empires style game, really complex...
me (and my friend) are just using Win 32 API (BitBlt) for the graphics thing, but we dont if is that the best choice (i noticed some problems: Bitlt Seems to be SLOW on Xp Machines! and when a change the X / Y coordenates of the function in a athlon computer the function gets slow, very strange)

so what did they use to create , for example, Age Of Empires? was it win 32 api or direct draw or something else?

and other daught too: in this kind of game, there are a lot of things in a scenario (trees, soldires, lakes, etc.) and i if a try to check for collisions, there are too many objects,, itīd get slow. What should i do for avoiding this kind of thing??


3d Games... HOW?
I think i have mastered the concepts of 2d games and i am working on a 2d zelda game, i decided to go to 3d. i know it's very hard but this is the only thing holding me back from making my dream game. Once again i know this is very hard. Anyone knowing how to make 3d games, please tell.


My Games
Hi Peoples,

Just wanted to share these games with you, since i've received alot of help from here in the past, well not that much help but enough to get me through. The games are nothing fantastic but i did get good marks for them so thanks!

All the necessary project files and forms are included. Sorry about the file sizes, i've added some pretty graphics and sounds to make it more enjoyable.

EDIT1: fixed a few bugs in the math game.

VB For Games
Ok, id just like to ask a few questions(they will sound stupid, but ive only been using VB for about 6 weeks)
1) what do you program your game in, a form? and do you use other things, such as dlls etc...
2) who has actually made a decent game in VB? ive only seen 1 before that was worth playing(found at
ok, now that i got that out of the way, im willing to help you all. Im not the best programmer, but i am great at drawing graphics, whether it be hero sprites, maps, title screens, frames for a FPS etc... so if you'd like any graphics drawn, dont hesitate to email me at the * * * * * * * or aim me at ChRiSa****A. If you sell your game, or whatever, i wont ask for any money or any * * * *. Just a little spot in the credits would do, lol.

3D Games

I have seen lots of 2D programms, and so i am interested if its possible to make a 3D game.


Excuse my english! I'm just a german user.

Where Are Your Games?
I was wondering where all your games are. If you have a game in progress, and is compiled (the reason why it cannot be posted here), I hope you guys can put a link in this thread (assuming you have a homepage for it).

Most of the games posted here are incomplete, anyway. That's ok. I just want to see the development of other games not posted here, whatever they may be. You don't have to show the source code. I just want to see the level of Visual Basic Gaming today.

If it's programmed in VB, is a game, and has a homepage, put a link here.

VB Vs. C++ For Games
I'm thinking about making some games, and I was wondering if I should do it in Visual Basic or Visual C++? What are the advantages of C++? I'll be using DirectX to make a multiplayer space game.

Oh, and why do the VB 3d graphics look bad? On all the demos that I've seen, the graphics look very sucky, like a really old QB game.


Rpg Games
I was wondering if anyone knows any good sites with downloadable rpg games made with vb. I am interested in making an rpg and want to check out any good examples.


i want to make a program that i could hide the games even in my window and i can open it nly through passwords unfortunately i can't do this because my knowledge in programming games is not accurate...

i got VB really to make games so is it worth learning all the vb then the direct x to do it
do you know of any good websites/tutorials for games in directx (2d/3d, 3d is perferrable). where can i get squirms tutorial????
also i got a book at the weeked: Peter Nortons Guide to VB6 its really good for people wanting to learn VB although you should really know a bit of general programming principals because it gets really complicated. Does anyone know if there is a book on Direct x in VB

Games In VBA
hey i was wondering if anyone had a tutorial on how to make 3D games in VBA. I would pariciate that. thanks

Dx7 Or Dx8 For 2D Games ?
i have written couple of games in vb using dx7. but that was over a year ago but now i am back.

i am curious if dx8 is a better option for writing 2d games.

i now it doesnt support directdraw and it looks like a pain in the butt to even to draw couple of polygons.

but are there advanages to using dx8 for 2D like dynamic lighting or collision detection ????

also i am thinking maybe later i'll get into 3D but that isnt the main concern right now

any input is welcome.

Old Games
I know this isnt a visual basic question but could someone tell me what programming language was used to write all the old games, eg digger, hyper olympics, you know all the old 80's games.

Anyone now any good vb game sites or games?

VB Games
IS there somewhere on the internet where there is vb game programs (not downloads but code) that I could use. I'm at school, so I can't download it.

VB For TV Games
hi Everyone
i am a new to visual basic and i wanna know this ...
can we use visual basic to design games fro TV? and as you know for most of the tv games we ususally use Alpha channel.
and if there is anyway to do that can you show me..
i am ready to learn it (free tutorials are very much welcome but also i can pay)
. i heard that the visual c++ guys can do this easy... so can we make it with the VB..
pleassssssssssssssssssssse show me how?

PHP Games
I wanted to know if there was a way to make a PHP rpg game kind of like Final Fantasy? you know they basics walking around or clicking one areas to move on the screen until someone spots you and you have to fight them. It wouldn't have to be that complicated,
just the basics.

Could anyone show me an example?


3D Games With VB6

Does anyone know what the best quality of 3D graphics can be achieved with VB6? Also, can you give me some reasons why VB6 is bad for 3D programming?


Where can i find some examples of cards "snap" games... i want to research on snap games.

I wrote it again. Another article that was posted on the VB World. Check it out at
I wrote the 'Games? Games... Games!' Article. Tell me what you think. Then check out BoOo0z's VB World at
With a lot of VB Stuff!


Games??? Help!!
I am creating a program that I want to put an emulator and game in it. How would I put the emulator program and game on a Visual basic form in code???

3D Games In VB 6.0
3D games in VB 6.0 ...?

3D Games
Can you make 3D games in visual basic. Like halflife pr quake. I thought they use Basic4gl(free compiler What about C++ can u make 3D games in that. To make 3D games in vb how do u rotate and have mouse looks ect?

Any tuorual on making 3D games in vb6?

VB 3 And Games
Hi everyone! I need some help. I want to build some aplications and games that run on an old PC with Windows 3.1, and I'm using Visual Basic 3. The problem is that the GDI code from tutorials that work fine with newer versions (i.e. VB6) doesn't seem to work at all with VB3. I've seen many games writen in VB3 and even in VB2, so I know it can be done. Anyone knows how / where can I find a tut about that?

Thanx ppl!

Hey there,
just wondering if anyone might be able to give me some good sources for game developement. Books, websites and all that jazz. Thanks a lot.

VB Games
I was just wondering if there were any good tutorials about making a game in VB

Games Database?
how does the data storage system works in games?

Is it inhouse developed database? Possibly some binary flat file system?

Is there some where i could learn more about it? thanks

Saving Games???
i wrote a full game of chess, but i want it to be able to save it if u stop playing mid way in the game for later, how would i go about doing this???

Opengl Games????
Why nobody here uses openGL for his games???
DirectX is not the only way...
or there's something i don't know about OpenGL that makes it bad?
Tell me your opinions....

(who's the winner??)

Programming Games
is there any open source programming game that is written VB 6 in the net other than VBROBOTS

I have searched and found nothing yet

please help me

thank you

Commercial Games
Does anyone know how some of the big commercial games (eg. Tony Hawks) were programmed, or which language was used?

Commercial Games?
Hello everyone,

I just found this site and think it is a wonderful resource. I was wondering if there are any commercial games made with VB (not necessarily high-end games)???

If so, any suggestions on getting published with VB?


Somebody Know How To Create The Games 2D?
*** Hello guys , this is my first topic ***

I wanna try to create the games 2D,

and I've alreay downloaded and installed the DirectX8 SDK, but I don't know where I can find the tutorials... I even dont know how to load the bitmaps

Modules For Games
I have a quick question rather then search the forums.

My friends dad is a computer programmer and he tells me that to have a multiple forms you need a module to control there opening and closing ablities. Such as going to a new form you need to unload the past from. When i've seen my other friend use just an unload me command to get rid of a form without a module.

Which is the more efficent way to take care of multiple forms for a game?

Games On DirectX
Do all games have to be made on a Active X form or can they be made on a standard form?

Puzzle Games
I am looking to write a kinda puzzle game, only instead of a player completing the game i want the computer to find the solution, its a sliding block puzzle, it is a 3X3 grid here is the layout of the numbers

4 1 3
7 6
5 2 8

and as u would ave guessed the goal is to get the numbers in the right order 1,2,3 etc then the space at the end, i need some help getting it started, at the moment i simply using 9 command buttons with each of those numbers as the caption, but i am having trouble getting it moving, at the moment there is 4 possibilites of where it can move, deciding which one to take first is not the problem, but what is, is how exactly to get it moving.?

Im not sure if just using 9 command buttons would be the best idea either.?, what else could be used.

any help ont his would be greatly appreicated.


Multiplayer Games
Any ideas on the best way to use network protocols to allow for two(just for now) people to play against each other. I guess that the API will be in the house, and using TCP/IP since it is a more common prot.

Thanks in advance,

The beer baron.

Machine's Games
Hello my friends ...

I'm a experient VB developer. Now I want to learn to make games programs to machines like cassinos' machines.

How could I to begin ?



What Do I Need To Sell Games?
Ok, what do I need to do in order to sell my games? Is it a long process involving licenses and junk? Or can I just post them on the internet and say to send money to my address in order to get the full version of the game? How would I get a license if I need one?

Hacking Games
does anybody do any hacking games?? because im working on one right now its all in Ms Dos type prompt.. its kinda cool... and i would just like to exchange ideas with somebody who has already thought about it.. mabye some ideas like Virus names,Programs (programs that you buy),ways to get money,and any other things that strike your fancy... let me know i would like to get everybody input on ideas..

Working With Games
I was wondering,

I have a clock I made in VB (not using dx)

I want it to be at the top corner of the screen when I am playing games, such as IGI2. This way I can tell what time it is, and have alarms with it etc. Is this possible, or can you not put anything over a dx program.



Real Games In VB
does anybody know of any Commercial games done in VB and if so are they open source?

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