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Styles And Fonts In WebBrowser Control?

I am using the WebBrowser control and am currently implementing text from code with Webbrowser.Document.Body.InnerHTML (ie. NOT loading from a URL or local disk). However, I have not been able to find how to set the backcolour, font colour and font style for the web page to be shown, as it is very badly documented. Does anyone here have any clue into how to do this? Thanks.

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Webbrowser + Styles
I am using the web browser control in my project and i need to use styles. The problem is that i need to be able to change the style sheet for the page. I can achieve what i need by saving everything to a temp file and then loading that file into the webbrowser. The problem with this is that each time i need to reload the page (i do this lots), is that it clicks each time.

I am using the webbrowser1.Document.body.innerhtml to set the body of the page, but i dont know how to load the styles. Can anyone help me??


There Are No Fonts Installed. Open The Fonts Folder From The Control Panel To .......
well i was learnin the Common Dialog common dialog.. control for VB 6.0...

Private Sub cmdShowFont_Click()
End Sub

when i click on the button in the form... it shows the following error...
"There are no fonts installed. Open the Fonts Folder from the Control Panel to install fonts."!

where as the ShowColor Common Dialog works... absolutely fine.....

wat do i do? its urgent

i have tons of fonts in my fonts directory!

About Styles In The ImageCombo Control.
Hey all, I'm wondering if there is anyway to get around the absence of the Style (or an equivalent) property in the ImageCombo control. I want it to have a style the equivalent of not only Style: 0 (Dropdown Combo) on a regular Combo Box, but also Styles: 1 (Simple Combo) and 2 (Dropdown List) on a regular Combo Box. I have seen on this forum subclassing code which added images to the regular Combo Box, but what about one that gives you different styles on an ImageCombo. (Note: I am aware of the Locked property on the ImageCombo control; however, that is not what I'm looking for.)

Outlook Toolbar, XP Control Styles, API Heaven
You should be programming in C++ API. Then you can do the same (and more) without the declaring of your api's.

CoolBar+XP Styles+Toolbar <> XP Styles
I am having trouble getting the styles on the toolbar and coolbar to work together. When I add a manifest file the project the coolbar gets the new XP style and the toolbar is still flat and gray. Is there anyway around this?

Window Styles WS_VSCROLL/WS_HSCROLL And The Frame Control

When I use SetWindowLong with the above style bits I can make a Frame control show scrollbars but, unlike other container controls, these scrollbars never generate WM_VSCROLL or WM_HSCROLL messages - it is as if the non client area of these controls is always disabled?

Any thoughts on how to get them to work?

Thanks in advance,

How To Make The Webbrowser Control (and Just The Webbrowser In My Form) Offline?
wb.Offline = True
wb.Navigate ""

wont work.. itll still load excite (or any other site, doesnt matter if its cache or not)

anyone know how to prevent this?

also, how can you stop that errorbox saying 'cant load page because browser is offline' with the 2 options saying 'connect' or 'stay offline'? i dont want it popping up dozens of times when i try to visit a site in the webbrowser

Fonts With Textbox Control
i need to know how to change only selected text from a textbox to bold, italic, strikeout, underline etc

the only way that i can do it is through settting the whole textbox with the feature

but wat i want is just what is selected and selBold etc deosn't seem to work for text boxed

please help

Common Dialog Control-Fonts?
How come when I use commondialog1.showfont it says there is no installed fonts?

Edit: Ok I figured it out. I needed FilterIndex set to 1 and flags set to 3, but what exactly do those do?

Microsoft Dialog Control 6.0 (Fonts)
Whenever I try to display the window with fonts I get an error "No fonts installed go to the Fonts folder in control panel to install" but i have thousands of fonts installed and it doesnt work! Help Please!!

Common Dialog Control And Fonts
i tried to use commondialog to make a font choice. but everytime when it comes to commondialog1.showfont line it says no fonts are installed go and install them in the control panel. but actually there are fonts and all the other software i am using can see them. can it be fixed do you think ?


Changing Fonts In Richtextbox Control
Hi everybody,
I am writing an application (like WinWord) where in I am giving chance to change the font, fontsize, bold etc.... Please tell me how to change the font whenever user changes it. I tried a lot but it didn't helped me much.

Prashant J.

MSTab Control - Tab Titles And Bold Fonts

If I have an MSTab control with several Tabs then is it possible to set the font of an individual tab's caption to be bold? I know you can do this with ALL the tabs in the MSTab control....


Control A Fonts Width And Height Separately
How can I control a fonts width and height separately ?

I have a form, which I want to be filled up with a text string. So if the form is resized to be high and narrow (or vice versa) the font should be high and narrow.

Common Dialog Control, Fonts, Sample And Script?
Is there a way to get the common dialog control font box not to show the sample and script areas?

Strange Problem With Commondiaog Control Fonts Function
whenever I use Commondialog1.shwofont, I get a message saying I have no fonts installed and to install some fonts, then when I click ok I get Run-time error 24574 No fonts exist.

Does anyone know the cause for this?


Changing Fonts In MSHFlexGrid (so Multiple Fonts Are In One Cell)
Hey there. I'm finishing up a problem I've written where the report from a DB is shown in an MSHFlexGrid. Everything works perfectly, except I want to have Bullets in the grid cells like there are in word. My solution for this was to use the symbol "Ÿ" in my Database wherever I want the bullet to be. In the WingDings font, this symbol looks like the bullet I need.

So, currently for each string to be placed in the MSHFlexGrid I know exactly where all the bullets are (with InStr). I with for the Grid to use the normal font (Arial) for all the non-bullet text, and WingDings for the bullet text. Any idea how I do this? I know it can be done with Excel as I have used this method before, but I'm not sure of the syntax for the MSHFlexGrid.

Calling Fonts Dialog Tells That No Fonts Are Installed
Does anyone know why the following code tells me there are no fonts installed on my pc? Ive only a bare installation of Windows 2000 but Notepad sees about 20 fonts both TrueType and normal so have i missed something?


VB Code:
Private Sub CmdChangeFont_Click()'-------------------------------------'The Font command button is clicked.'------------------------------------- 'If an error occurs goto ErrorH(below)...On Error GoTo ErrorH 'Show the Colour commondialog box...CommonDialog1.ShowFont 'The line below is run AFTER Ok is clicked on the'Font box.'The line changes the labels font to the'Font picked by the user...SampleText.Font = CommonDialog1.FontName 'If an error occurs(usually when Cancel is clicked)ErrorH:    'If error is 32755("Cancel was clicked") then    If Err.Number = 32755 Then        'Do nothing because        'nothing is required...    End IfExit Sub     'Exit the sub(if an error)...End Sub

How Do I Install Custom Fonts In A Users Fonts ?
I wasn't quite sure where to post this question, so I thought I'd play it safe and just post it under 'General'.

I've made a hypothetical program, and it's very nice, with all these neat features. Unfortunately, some of the controls I've put into it have their Caption & Text properties written in fonts that the users of the program may not have.

Is there a way I could include the fonts I've used in my program along with the Setup *.exe of the app---coded in such a way that when the program is being installed, the fonts are automatically added to the users existing list of fonts ?

And if they already have a font with the same name, that it automatically overwrites their existing copy without any type of user prompts ?

I Want To Invisibly Control Webbrowser Control Iwebbrowser2 In Form
My idea is to control IE instance by software
I want to solve my problems in two ways

First one is by controlling IE by mouse_event with cursorpos but not with sendmesage or postmessage API.
I want to invisibly control IE instance and click on it where I want to by sending mouse_event, but without user notice, is there any chance?

Is it possible to control IE for example in background while PC is idle and screensaver works?
Or perhaps when PC is idle detect it and show JPEG screenshot and work with mouse_event on background, so to call behind the scene?
Or perhaps in parallel user mode FAST USER SWITCH terminal service?

I don’t want to click by parsing html code body.outerhtml, tagname ("A").click
Any suggestions or any ideas with technical details?

IE Controller source code here

I Want To Invisibly Control Webbrowser Control Iwebbrowser2 In Form
I want to invisibly control webbrowser control iwebbrowser2 in form
How to send a click to webbrowser control iwebbrowser2 control it clicks ok on simple html but if there is iframe or frame then it does not click on it

Any suggestions?
I don’t want to click by parsing html code body.outerhtml, tagname ("A").click

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Dim lHandle As Long
lHandle = GetHandle(ie)
MsgBox lHandle

SendClick lHandle, Val(Text2.Text), Val(Text3.Text)
End Sub

Public Sub SendClick(lnghWND As Long, X As Long, Y As Long)
    Dim lngResult As Long
    Dim lnglParam As Long
    lnglParam = (Y * &H10000) + X
    lngResult = SendMessage(lnghWND, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0&, ByVal lnglParam)
    lngResult = SendMessage(lnghWND, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0&, ByVal lnglParam)
    txtlog.Text = lnghWND & " " & X & " " & Y & vbCrLf & txtlog.Text
End Sub

Small Fonts To Large Fonts
How do i change the settings of font size from small fonts to large fonts thru a VB program.

And if large fonts are not installed on that machine,is there a way to instal them thru the VB program.


Fonts Outside Of The System Fonts Folder...
I've been trying to figure out, how to code my program to view the font files that are not installed in the system fonts folder that they are font files. For example:

I have a list of the installed fonts in ListBox1. Now I want to view the files that are in a folder called "TTF" to list them in ListBox2. And at the same time, I would like when you select a file in ListBox2, that it makes the changes to TextBox1 to the font that is selected in ListBox2.

Any suggestions on how I might go about doing that would be great. Thanks in advance.


MIssing Fonts When Looking At Screen.fonts
My application allows the user to select fonts. I fill in a combo box
control with the available fonts by looping through all System.Fonts:

' Get all the screen fonts
ReDim sFontNameList(Screen.FontCount - 1)
For i = 0 To Screen.FontCount - 1
sFontNameList(i) = Screen.Fonts(i)
Next i

Although I haven't checked all fonts, I know I'm missing one font in
particular -- Monotype Corsiva.

Some additional info:

My client runs the application on two machines -- both Windowx XP. On
of the machines worked fine, the other did not. When I troubleshot the
problem it boiled down to one machine not having Monotype Corsiva
installed (it did not have MS Office installed, which I believe is
where Monotype Corsiva comes from)

Happy with my discovery, I simply installed the font on the other
machine and it worked fine -- since I make Monotype Corsiva one of the
Default Fonts (I assumed it was a standard WIN XP Font -- my mistake).
Once I installed the font the program worked, however the Font was
still not showing up in my font selection combobox control. It does
however show up in charmap so I know it's installed, but it doesn't
seem to show up in screen.fonts(i).

Any ideas? By the way, I'm using VB 5.0(SP3) Enterprise Edition.

Thanks in advance,


To Make An ActiveX Control Or Use The WebBrowser Control?
Hello everybody,

This is my second, er third post here. I'm excited to see such a vibrant forum on VB. I hope I can make some worthwhile contributions in the future. Let me say thanks ahead of time for taking time out to read my long explanation. It seems like I can never give any easy questions (I hope I can be proven wrong on that), so please be patient with me.

Anyway, before I start with my real dilemma and why I'm hanging on a certain-side of the tree, I thought I should strike up a talk about my core problem and why I choose my direction. I hope maybe I can get some other perspectives and maybe steer my thinking into better direction.

And, I'm using VB6.

The first problem I ran into, like many coders, is that I didn't like the ActiveX controls that I had to work with. So, make my own, right? Right. And then there was the scroll-bar. Not one, but three different scroll-bars to choose from. Great I need to use one of those...and none of them work. There is some quirky glitch with every single one of them. (Swear Words!) So I make this very nice, complicated ActiveX control. It has a vertically-growing page layout, hence I need to adjust the scrollbar for calculations. Math-no problem. But that %&$! scroll-bar acts so stupid it make my control look dumb!

Ok, I re-do this control, from the ground up. WHY!? I realized afterwards thats didn't need to do that. But, I've redesigned this control from the ground up three times now, and it still doesn't work! That was it! No more ActiveX controls where I need to use a scroll bar due to an ever-changing page layout. I've got a better idea: WebBrowser Control.

So I had a team member redo my control in XHTML 1.0 Strict, using javascript, CSS, the works. It was great. No math on resizing controls, I could style with fonts and colors, the works. I let the browser do-all-the HTML positioning work for me. AWESOME!

But, there's another problem. If I want to load a special webpage, like an MHT or an pre-defined (I mean correctly defined) web page like XHTML 1.0 strict, I can't use the Document control to change it into an XHTML 1.0 Strict. I'm stuck with whatever IE gives me. Instead I can only get my new pre-defined page two ways: from a networked URL address or a file path, meaning I have to save the file and then upload (as opposed to just injecting the browser with a pre-made string). Well, I see myself liking the browser so much, I decided to see if Mozilla's ActiveX control could have pre-injected web-pages...nope, it can't. So, I think, hmm maybe I should build an http engine where it's intention is to interface directly with the web-browser control.

Now I stop and think. I take a look back at the custom made ActiveX control and the scrollbars. Am I really going down the right path? Should I revisit the scrollbar thing again, or is there another way.

Thanks again for taking the time to read all of this. I'm really excited to hear from you all and what you might suggest.

Note: Please don't say "redo it in VB.NET" This is a MAJOR project. It's been in the development for almost 4 years now. I need to develop items with-in a a couple weeks/months time. It will take me at least a full year to recode my entire project into VB.NET; it's very integrated so I have to do the WHOLE project. I cannot really use VB.NET for my solution.

Can A WebBrowser Control Be Linked To A Textbox Control
Is there any way to link a WebBrowser Control to a textbox control as if it Navigated to it?

I am trying to do this without having to write a file to the drive and tell the WebBrowser to navigate to that file. I have seen something about WebBrowser.Document.Body etc. but have no idea what that is doing. The documentation on the WebBrowser control is scarce.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Webbrowser Control Font Control

I have a basic HTML editor for a customer, controlling font size, fonts, bold, italics etc.. are implemented and are pretty easy to use. i.e. I have a toolbar with various buttons "B" "I" "U" for example, to toggle bold, italics and underline amongst others.

However, how could I detect that, when a user clicks on a word within the document, that it is bold/italic or underline font properties so that I can then push some events to my buttons to press/depress depending on the style of text that they have clicked on. ?

Thanks for ANY help!


WebBrowser Control Vs DHTMLEdit Control
What is the difference? Why, What, and How would I use the DHTMLEdit control instead of the WebBrowser control?

Webbrowser Control.. Control A Combo Box ?
ok after much searching and stuff I finally found ways to control a web page..

so to control my text boxes I use .. stuff like this
brwWebBrowser.Document.Forms(0).ConsultantName.Value = Trim$(frmConsultantInfo.txtClientName.Text)

but I found some combo boxes (I guess) in the form that I dont know
what param to use to set them..

here's the html..

<TR VALIGN=top><TD WIDTH="128"><B><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Type of Note:</FONT></B></TD><TD WIDTH="331"><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">
<SELECT NAME="NoteType">
<OPTION>*** Please Select ***
<OPTION>Project Scope
<OPTION>Project Status
<OPTION>Project Closed</SELECT>

so I use brwWebBrowser.Document.Forms(0).NoteType but value, text, option dont work.. not sure the param to use to change it to one of the 3 options ? any clues ?

also on the same subject.. another page after I make it select something to search on shows some hyperlinks how can I select them ? they dont show in the "view source" dump.. so another web call must be building them.. but I would like the automate the clicking of them to get to this page that I asked the question about above..

any help or direction is cool.. thanks..

TabStrip Control And A Webbrowser Control
Hello, i am trying to construct my webrowser so that websites can be viewed in one window, instead of loads (cutting down on system resources) I know i'd have to use the Tabstrip control, but how would i do this?

Thankyou, i am awaiting an answer in anticipation

Using Webbrowser Control And Inet Control
Ok, im currently writing a peice of software to that has to go to a website and enter a peice of information into a form click ok and then grab the text information
from the resulting web page to be searched through for key parts.

well the site uses alot of ASP and scripting so when i tried to extract the source and remove the tags i actually lost the data i needed.

my next thought was to use appactivate and sendkeys to kinda do a control+a to select everything and then copy it and try and work with it from there

but even doing that doesnt quite work. it doesnt seem to grab all the text of the page like when i do it by hand. im currently accessing the page through the app
with webbrowser control. im still pretty new to vb and it is likely im just overlooking something. please help

Form1.WebBrowser1.Navigate ""
While Not Form1.WebBrowser1.ReadyState = READYSTATE_COMPLETE
SendKeys "" & bill1 & "{ENTER}" & bill2 & "{ENTER}{TAB}{ENTER}", 2
While Not Form1.WebBrowser1.ReadyState = READYSTATE_COMPLETE
SendKeys "^a", 2
SendKeys "^c", 2

AppActivate "Untitled - Notepad"
SendKeys "^v"

this is the snippet of my last resort to make it work after failing to extract with with controls. Though the code shows me trying to paste to note pad
that was really just to perform a quick test so ignore that, the extracted information needs to be searchable with the instr function for the information needed
thanks again for the help

Webbrowser Control/Win 98
A quick one. I have a webrowser control in my app that displays details of a company. works fine in all OS's(win 98 up) a particular computer thats thats running Win 98, the details dont show. All it has is a blank screen - no errors. Worked fine on another Win 98 PC. Anyone come across such a problem. It has IE 6 installed...

Thanks in advance

WebBrowser Control
How do you stop the WebBrowser Control from trying to connect to the Internet every time you open the designer of the form that contains it? It's really annoying me. I've tried setting its Offline property to True, but that just gets reset to False every time I close the form, so that's no good.

Help With Webbrowser Control
How can I get the HTML equivalent of a selected text in a webbrowser control

So let's say I selected the text "Productnumber Description Price" which are the header names for some html table on some page in my webbrowser.

Now i want to get the HTML equivalent code which is behind it for this page.
So I want to get something like this returned:

Productnumber</td><td width="100px">Description</td><td width="50px">Price

or whatever it may be in the HTML source

Frontpage is also capable of doing this, so how can it be done ?


WebBrowser Control
I made a browser using the simple WebBrowser control. The problem I'm having is that it totally locks up when browsing sometimes. I'm thinking that it's due to when it access' a page the connection "stalls" or like it just like keeps waiting and waiting... Then I need to use TaskManager to close the app. Is this the problem, and if so how can i get it to retry to get the page automatically. If this isn't the problem, any ideas? Thanks in advance!

WebBrowser Control Help
Does anyone know anything about the WebBrpwser control.
I have looked at the MSDN Library and I just get more confused.

How do I get it to open on a specific html page that is a file on the pc?
ex: "c:win32app3dsdocusers.htm"

Also, where would I place this code?
ex: WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2
etc ...

I have no clue how to use this control at all.
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

WebBrowser Control
How can I make it so that you cant click links in the WebBrowser window?

How Do I Add A WebBrowser Control?
How do i add a WebBrowser control?

Webbrowser Control
hello, i am having some trouble with my webbrowser control. i am able to automate my login process, but i cannot detect when the new page after login has been loaded. this new page contains new form items which i also need to work with.

here is the code:

'connect to login page
webbrowser1.navigate "***.net"

End Sub

Private sub webbrowser1_documentcomplete(byval pdisp as object, url as variant)

with webbrowser1
.document.forms(0)(1).value = "test"
.document.forms(0)(2).value = "testing"
'submit button
'new page 'update' button
end with
end sub

when the new page loads, im supposed to work on form item 0,5
but the browser control attempts to access the control on the old page, when it should be accessing it on the new page (after 0,3 is clicked)! how do i wait until the new page has been loaded and make sure webbrowser clicks on 0,5 after 0,3 has been clicked and loaded?


i just had the idea of putting a static integer in the webbrowser1_documentcomplete() sub, and increasing it by one each time the function is called. after i have logged in, the value should be three. when the value is three, i should be able to successfully click on form item 5.

I still think this is an incorrect method of approaching the issue. any ideas are welcome.

WebBrowser Control Help
If I say:

wb.document.all("somevaluehere").value = "asdf"

then the textbox named "somevaluehere" gets the value of "asdf" written to it.

Why doesn't the below code work?

Private Sub Whatever()
'the below variable is getting its values from a
'different routine that pulls values from an HTML page

Dim varSomething() as String

wb.document.all(varSomething(0)).value = "asdf"
End Sub
if varSomething(0) = "somevaluehere", shouldn't it work? It doesn't and that's odd.

Webbrowser Control Help!
So here's my predicament, and the long and short of it.
I'm working on a project for school on parsing html pages, and i'm stuck!

Basically, here's what I'm doing. (and I think I picked the wrong website to do this with). But, for those of you familiar with myspace (and yea, I'm sure we all are now) I'm making a program to basically inventory my friends list.

Here's how it'll work, It'll log me in, go to my "View all friends" page. Where I have about 200 friends (yea, whoop-dee-do), which equates to about 8 pages (I think). It'll get the source html from the first page, parse the html to get the friend ID numbers, save them to a listbox, then go to the next page, and do the same until it gets to the last page and stops.

I have the parse html code that extracts the id numbers (and works fine).
I can get it to go through the pages fine.

What I can't get it to do is wait until the page is completely loaded to parse the html. For some reason, it appears, myspace loads their sites dynamically, so what I think is happening is the Document_Complete() event is triggering before the html is completely loaded, and it's not getting the id numbers before it moves to the next page.

Basically, I'd like a subroutine called "WaitForBrowser()" that I could call on to halt my program until the page is loaded.

I can't figure it out, I've tried several methods, and none seem to really work.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated!

Vb6 WebBrowser Control
Hello all,

i have a vb6 application which uses a form with a webbrowser control on it to print off some documents, these are saved as xxx.htm
this has been working fine now for months but now a user wants to know if
on the load of one of these documents, if we can change a word to another word before we print it.
we know what the replace and replacement words are but dont know if you can do it within this webbrowser control.

any help would be great.

Webbrowser Control Help
I am using a number of webbrowser controls in my project and all works fine. Only problem is I want to view the windows automatically in LIST view, not as icons. How can I do this?


WebBrowser Control Uses
Are there any commercially available programs that use a WebBrowser control, other than browsers themselves?

What I'm thinking is that, obviously the Internet is a invaluable source of information, and that that information is normally viewed through a browser. But are there situations where it might make more sense to display the information in the context of other things in a program, rather than just in a browser? If it did, then probably you'd use a WebBrowser control to do it.

Obviously you might have a small program where you wanted to display some particular information available on the Internet along with an OLE linked object say, such as a spreadsheet. But those sorts of things are likely to be tailored to the particular needs of an individual or a small group of people. I'm trying to think of something larger, as I'd be interested to see how it's approached. Can anyone think of any examples of applications of wider applicability that use a WebBrowser control as an information source?

Just a bit of lateral thinking. Probably you're going to tell me that there are masses of programs like this. But I can't actually think of any.

Webbrowser Control
Hi all,
I am using a Webbrowser Control to show a Word Document in a VB-App.
Since I don't want it to be editable by the user, I was wondering, if there was a way to disable the Webbrowser Control, so it's for view only.

Thnx for your help.


WebBrowser Control
I know now that you have to fire the DocumentComplete function to correctly get data off a webbrowser control...otherwise, you get errors since the page isn't loaded completely. however, when i do stuff like this...

For k = 1 To 7
Dim stringo As String
stringo = ""& CStr(1)
WebBrowser2.navigate (stringo)
it only fires the documentcomplete function on the last i value, i=7; how would i get past this? i want it to either a) fire on each i value, or b)somehow monitor if the document is loaded, and then do the stuff i wanna do each i value.


WebBrowser Control
Hi there,
I have a question that has been surrounding by myth and legend and so now it seems the real truth has been lost. Perhaps you guys could help

I have used the webbrowser control in my application.

1) Does the end - user have to have IE in order for the webbrowser control to work correctly on the users machine?

2) Do I have to distribute a .DLL file with my app.

3) Can you use the webbrowser control within a commerical program (profit gaining)


Webbrowser Control And DOM
I'm playing with the Webbrowser Control in VB6.
I find very less sample code on the web. I'm trying to retrieve the html and/or text (content) from all frames in a web page. Also I want to highlight some text in the browser like the Google toolbar does.
I studied the DOM but I'm missing some sample code!
Is there a genius that can help me?!

Webbrowser Control
I'm not sure if this should be in a web forum or not, but half of it has to do with vb, and the other half is on the web.

I made a vb application that has a webbrowser control. All I want is to make the web page only viewable through the application. I do not want to pass a variable in the url string of the webbrowser control, therefore I'm wondering if there is some way to change the User Agent information of the webbrowser control? Or maybe set something else in the control that I can test on the web page?
Any help would be great .

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