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Tabs In Vb 6

How can we create tabs in VB 6.0?

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Link Tabs To Command Boxes Simultaneously Update Each Tabs Info
I have about 3 tabs with labels and corresponding text boxes for each tab. On the main part of the form, which is the part that doesn't change when i click on different tabs i have an import, modify, update button.
The import button imports information from Excel into each textbox for one tab but how do i get it to import to the other tabs at the same time?
the information that i need to import is in one file in one column but it needs to span through to 3 tabs. ( i don't want to put all the information from the 3 tabs into one tab.)

I've used a control array and a for next loop to import the info to tab 1 but how do i simultaneously update the other 2 tabs with the rest of the info from the file?

Ok I want to make a form layout that has Tabs at the top of the form for differnt forms. Kinda like the "Home" and "Profile" pm the top of this page. Anyone know what Im talkin about?

How do you go about setting up a menu that has the visual effect of tabs?

How To Use Tabs?
EDIT: figured out some basics, but how do I make its appearance 2-d/flat?

Using Tabs
I've set up two tabs but I can't figure out how to get the second tab to bring up a different form when clicked. When I run the program it just stays on the same form no matter which tab is clicked. Is there a simple way to set this up?

K if any of you have use Windows Media Player before then you will know what I'm talking about. There's a few buttons on the left that if you press it will go to different forms but it doesn't look like a different form. How would I do this. Would i make the same sized picture boxes and then just put what i want in each one?

Help With Tabs
Hi everyone. Can you guys help me with this?

I have two tabs in my form. One for vessel information and another one for employee information. I have in the menu, one selection for add vessel, and another one for add employee.

When I click add vessel I want the tab to switch to Vessel information, and when I click add employee i want the tab to switch to employee information. How can I accomplish this? Is there anyway to set the current state of the tabs?

Thank you very much

how do i switch to a different view on a tab strip during runtime? i can do it with a sstab, but not a tab stip, is there some trick to it?


i want to get a button that adds to a caption thats easy. the problem is that this caption is inside a tab on another form so that when a number is entered into a text box and hte button is pressed, that value is added to the number on the caption in the tab on the other form . heres the cod i have so far

Private Sub Command1_Click()
FleetStatus.SSTab1(1).ShipNo.Caption = FleetStatus.SSTab1(1).ShipNo.Caption + Text1.Text
End Sub

FleetStatus is the page
SSTab1 is the name of the tab thing
ShipNo is the name of the Label that i want to add to

please help me

Can You Put Tabs In VB?
I've been wondering if you could put tabs in your application. You know what I mean by tabs? I don't think i need to explain it to any of you as you guys have more expirience then I do. thanks for the help in advance

I need to use tab button for textbox to textbox. eg. when im at txtbox1, then I press tab, it will go to txtbox2, then 3, then 4 and so on. Must they be in order in the codes?

i wan to make tabs.
i have the microsoft ones
but if i hover over the actuall icon it pops up sstabs
i wouldn't care except that i can only make three tabs i need like five can any1 help?

Using Tabs
I'm pretty sure this isn't the correct code, because only the '0' case works on the second tab:

Select Case TRotation.TabIndex

Case 0
Label1.Caption = "0"
Case 1
Label1.Caption = "1"
Case 2
Label1.Caption = "2"
End Select

What do I need to change?

can anyone provide an example for using tabs to switch between child windows?

How To Add Tabs
I'm kind of a newbie to VB. I've searched the help disk and didn't find any easy help.

I would like to have a couple tabs in my program to split up the ever increasing text fields we have. How do I make my program with tabs? Is it very difficult? (I guess I'm hoping it's as easy as laying out a normal form window.)


Need Help With Tabs
lets say you have a tabed dialog witha few tabs and that you want on one of those tabs there to be another tabed dialog.

how would I be able to but a tabed dialog into a tab on a tab dialog?

Thank you

Never mind I figuered it out


I've programmed in FoxPro for years. When I put objects on a tab, I would
right click the tab and choose edit, easy.
I'm trying to do the same thing in VB but can't figure out how to add
objects to a tab or a frame.
I saw a suggestion (use the other tab control {tabctrl32.ocx} on another
news group but since I have "Microsoft Common Controls" added to my project
(in use) I can't remove it and the other reference.

The question is, if I start another project "for this one form" how do I
call it when it is time to use it?
And do I create as a dll?

Please help, I'm getting very frustrated.

Using Tabs
Does anyone know how to code up the Tabstrip? if so please help.......

Using Tabs
While trying to use the tabbed dialog control for a large project we ran into the problem of reaching our control limit. We have tried using arrays but the project must send/and received values to and from databases, reports, and files so it is difficult to create all arrays! I was wondering if there is any way to create a tabular look and feel yet having each tab open up a form? Even if there is a way to layer several forms with tabs for the appearence of 14 tabs when there may actually only be one or two per form.
AT this point we are willing to try anything and welcome all suggestions

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how do i create a tab for a txtFile using a strTab?

i use sstabs and i want to add a commandbutton to select a certain tab,, i have 3 on thier.. i just want the one i choose to show... anybody tell me how please asap

I'm making an irc client, and want to have one tab for evey channel and a status window for every server, similar to the way mIRC does. so, how can I make it so it creates a new tab dynamically, no limit on the number of tabs, and every tab shall have its own textbox control.

MDI Tabs?

I have made one MDIform1 and there is toolbar and tabstrip1. Then I got on form1 that is MDIchild... I got one button where I can make so many new form1 that I want... How I can make that when I press one tab then on form1 would come always top and so on...

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to place content into tabs.
I'm very confused so dont assume I know what I'm doing.

Using Tabs....
Using Tabs... I have no Idea. how too...

basically this is what Im gonna do with them.

I have (5 Tabs) each its own Labels and Frames and Buttons and Such. Each one works indiviually and will never know the other one exists. So each one will have its own Private Function made for it. My thing is, How do I make these labels and Stuff for the Tab? The First one I see will be on each of the Tabs... How do I make indenpendant Stuff for each Tab>



MDI Tabs
Is there a way to work in visual basic with MDI tabs ?

Thx in advance

How To Get Rid Of Tabs
I have a text file which contains

this is txt file
for excieses

which contans tabs

i wnat to get rid of it
All the empty line contains one or several tabs " ... "

My code is

Line input #1, strTemp
if trim$(strTemp<>"")
My intention is to store all row of txt file to an array of strings except
the empty row, but it does not work maybe because trim can not take care of tab.
how can i acheive my goal?

Hi all..

I have a an options dilog with a tab thing on it..

how do i access the other tabs so that i can place controlls under say Group2 rather than the defualt Group1...

Thanks heaps,

X-Tabs... Please Help!
Well i no longer have X-Tabs and i need them for my program, do you have a download link for them e.c.t


Using Tabs With VB6
Sorry for another question so soon, but I am also wondering how I would implement tabs into a VB6 application. Would I have to add a certain control? If so, what code would I use?

okay, lets say i have a SSTab and 2 tabs in it and i have a command button (Command1). How do i make it so that when i click on the first tab in the SSTab it will make the Command1 NOT visible and then when i click on the second tab it will make the Command1 visible again. How do i do this? Please help...Thank You.

I've just started learning VB, using Microsoft VB6 and I haven't been able to find a way to do tabs. I'm sure this is really simple. Can someone please help?

How can I change the tab that is selected on a tab?

I want to use tabs, but I really dont know how to work with it, hot make commands on each tabs, is 1 tab 1 form?

basicly, I want to know everything about tabs, how to modifythem, and how to make them work.

Thank you

yes, I was wondering i have a SSTabs object with about 7 tabs in it in my project, now i was wondering if anyone know how i can make a button to make it change tabs one by one everytime i click it. Anyone know how to do this. Please help..

About Tabs
What are the differences, pros and cons of tabstrip vs sstab? Before I start working on a new peoject I'm wondering which one would suit me best.

how can i create tabs in vb?

i will need it to create tabs, so it will change different layours of the application, any ideas?

i tried frames, but thats not much good

I need to use tab button for textbox to textbox. eg. when im at txtbox1, then I press tab, it will go to txtbox2, then 3, then 4 and so on. Must they be in order in the codes?

How do I get multiple tabs in a tab strip.

Sai Abhiram Bandhakavi

when i add a tabstrip into my form and add tabs with captions but when i add a textbox / cmd button it appears on all tabs how do i fix it i doubt there is code?

How Do You Use Tabs?
I want to use tabs on a form, how do I use tabs? When I change tabs the objects from one tab is still on the other tabs.

-Sir Loin

Using Tabs
hi i want to use Tab in my forms, i added Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0 n tried to use tabstrip but it does'nt help, i cant add my controls to tabstrip.

Using Tabs
how do you use tabs in a program?

Use One Set For All Tabs
Im using the SS Tab control. When I throw a control on a tab its only visible on that tab. I want to use 3 specific controls to be used and visible on 3 of my tabs. Is this possible? If so how?

I do NOT need 3 different controls for each set of tabs...these are just searching fields.


i want to be able to create an application in vb with a split tabbed pane. But the problem is each tab has to have a sub form. Will this be possible. Meaning this is a db app...the main form frmMain pertains to a proposal. Then I have a tab transports that has to have its own form called transports...BUT even on this form transports I need another subform for transport components.

Is this possible?


This is most likely going to make me feel real stupid but Iíll ask anyway.
I thought it would be nice to incorporate some Tabs in my project witch was not a problem until I realized that I did not know how to Create the Views for the second, third and fourth tab. Bummer!
Setting the Properties is not a problem, however someone please tell me how to change the contents of my picture box.

Is there another good way for tabs besidesthe SsTab control with vb?Cuz I find it a little ugly and stuff in the project.So is the another control like that or another way you can do it so you can have tabs on your form?Well id love to hear from you guys and I appreciate it very much

I have never used tabs before(dont laugh!) and i need help on making multiple tabs. I am making a shell and i need a settings screen and i need multiple tabs. How do i do that?

How do i do tabs? is there some code you need to put in or something?

I have some tabs the four objects to go into the tabs. i had done the names of the tab but i'm losed. The objects need to carry on when the tabs are changed to.

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