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Text Divider

Yes, I am a newbie, and yes, I have searched the forum.
AND yes, I have checked the help-file.

Now, my question:

I want to start a new line in my text box, what is the code?

Can you out it in an easy example, so I can understand the whole thing and how to use it?

It would be great!

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Vertical Divider
In a lot of programs like Outlook and the VB design environment you can resize certain panels to set their width so that you can see all the text that appears in them. You do this just by simple dragging and dropping. As you do so a thin semi-transparent bar appears indicating where the edge of the panel will appear when you drop. Has anyone got any code for doing this? The difficulty I have is that I want the bar to appear over an MDI form's blank area and over its child forms, so I've really got to draw on the screen, and I don't know how to do this.

Divider In A Listbox

I am looking for a divder in a listbox control or something, I wish to have the same look as in Filemanager in win9x where you can move the display area of files, dates and such.

What control does that and how do I use it ?


Divider Line In Menus
Hey there,

I have a sys tray icon with right-click menu, and I was wondering if I can put up some horizontal divider lines between some menu items, to make it look a little cleaner, or maybe just a space or something.

Any ideas? I searched but couldn't find anything (anyone know how to combine keywords with AND? For some reason it doesn't work in search...or is it just me?)


How Do U Add A Gray Divider Line To An RTB?
How do you add a Gray divider line to an to a RichTextBox?
Like the ones you see between procedures in the VB6 IDE.

I did it once by accident but have no idea what I did

****Menu U Bar Divider Lines
How do i add the dividers into a vb menu??

i know its there somewhere but buggered if i can see it

MAIN Caused Divider Error

I get the below message while running my vb application on Windows 98.

MAIN caused a divide error in module <unknown> at 0000:00000204.
EAX=00000000 CS=003b EIP=00000204 EFLGS=00000097
EBX=00000000 SS=3b6f ESP=00000fd0 EBP=00007772
ECX=00000001 DS=5b26 ESI=311777e2 FS=3117
EDX=00000000 ES=3117 EDI=00000000 GS=1fae
Bytes at CS:EIP:
cd 30 cd 30 cd 30 cd 30 cd 30 cd 30 cd 30 cd 30
Stack dump:
003b0204 c11d0004 02460347 3117772e 008e0002 1fae0000 16b70000 12c016b7 023717b7 022f01b7 00280032 003b0204 00000001 00000026 00000031 00000000

Once the program reaches this point, it ends the application or freezes the system. It is not caused by a run-time bug as all errors have been trapped in all the modules.

Could someone provide me with a solution to fix this problem.



Trouble With 1000 Divider (number Formating)
i have text boxes where user suppose to enter numerical values, which are used for calculation.
to make it look nicer, i want to format content of text box into standart format #,##0.00 (usa/canada regional setting).
however, after this formating is done, the field with calculated result changes and uses only digits before 1000 separator. for example after 10000 is formated into 10,000.00 formula is recalculated with the value 10.

here is part of my code (sbttl2, other, etc are defined as double):

Private Sub txtOther_Change()
On Error Resume Next
other = Val(txtOther.Text)
sbttl2 = instal + other + sprep + sinst + permit + superv
txtSub2.Text = Format(sbttl2, "#,##0.00")
End Sub

Private Sub txtOther_LostFocus()
On Error Resume Next
txtOther.Text = Format(txtOther.Text, "#,##0.00")
If Len(txtOther.Text) < 1 Then
txtOther.Text = 0
End If
End Sub

any suggestion, please?

"Divider" Line In TreeView Control?
Hi Gurus,

I have a TreeView control in which the user can rearrange nodes at the same "level" by dragging and dropping them. For example, if I had the tree below...

[-] Parent1
+--- Child1
+--- Child2
+--- Child3

...the user could drag Child3 up to Child1 (but not past Parent1), which would then reorder the nodes as Child3, Child1, Child2.

Anyway, my real question is this: is there any way to use an API call or something to draw a line between the nodes indicating where the selected node will be dropped (similar to the line that is drawn when you drag a Favorites shortcut up and down in the Favorites menu of IE)?

Right now I just use the DropHighlight to indicate the node in front of which the dragged node will be dropped, but an "inter-nodal" line would be more intuitive, I think. If it's a big pain in the butt (or it can't even be done) then I'll just live with the way it is now.


Error Message With Opening Of A Text File And Inputing The Text Into Text Boxes
Hey all:

Here is the problem at hand. I have a procedure that opens a recently saved file and when executed places the contents of that file in the designated text boxes I have coded. But the thing is I am getting this error message during the process...

Quote: (Subscript Out of Range)

What does this mean?

Here is the code that I have so far... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code: Private Sub mnuOpen_Click()
'Open a Previously saved file. Search values are suffixed with .txt
Dim r_strFileName As String
CommonDialog1.CancelError = True 'Set CancelError is true
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
    CommonDialog1.Flags = cdlOFNHideReadOnly 'Hide Read Only Files
    CommonDialog1.Filter = "*.txt" 'Set Filters
    CommonDialog1.DialogTitle = "Opening Saved Search - Locate Text File"
    CommonDialog1.ShowOpen 'Display the Open dialog box
    r_strFileName = CommonDialog1.FileName
'Existence Test
If Dir(r_strFileName) = "" Then
    MsgBox r_strFileName & "File Does Not Exist!", vbCritical
End If

'Read File
On Error GoTo Tag800_error
Dim intFreeFile: intFreeFile = FreeFile()
Open r_strFileName For Binary As intFreeFile
Dim strData As String: strData = Space$(LOF(intFreeFile))
Get intFreeFile, , strData

'Remove Ending vbCrLf
strData = Left$(strData, Len(strData) - 2)

'Format Data
Dim strText() As String: strText() = Split(strData, vbTab)
lblAI.Caption = strText(2)
txtDataString.Text = strText(3)
Linear.Text = strText(4)

GoTo Tag900_Exit

'Error Trapping
    MsgBox "File Read Error" & r_strFileName & vbCrLf & "(" + Err.Description + ")", vbCritical
Tag900_Exit: ' Housecleaning
    On Error GoTo 0
    Close intFreeFile
    Exit Sub
End Sub


Create A Text File From A Mulitline Text Bo In The Same Line Order Of The Text Box.x
I read a mulitline text file to a text box via:
(txtCurrentINI.Text = Input$(LOF(15), #15)

I would like to be able to change lines in the text box-- then
write to a new file.

What would be the proper instruction and syntax to use?

Adding Text1.Text, Text2.Text&&Text3.text!
Hello, i have my Configuration file which is pretty simple file, openable with notepad, like txt.

I want to add text1.text in new line, text2.text in new line and text3.text in new line too. notice: in my attrib.cfg there alot of text, so i basically want to add all this at the end of file


Insert Text Into A Word Document Text Box From A Vb Form Text Box
Can anyone help me???? im trying to insert text into a word document text box (not one from the control toolbox but the one u get from the insert menu in word) and the source for the text comes from a text box on a vb form.
Ive inserted a document variable field called "joe" into the text box in the document called "doc1.doc" and opening it using a command button using the code below but it wont show the text.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim MyApp1 As Object
Dim MyDoc1 As Object
Set MyApp1 = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set MyDoc1 = MyApp1.Documents.Open(App.Path & "doc1.doc")
MyDoc1.Variables("joe").Value = Text1.Text
MyApp1.Visible = True
End Sub

this works anywhere else on the document except in the text box.......any ideas??????
doc1.doc is in the same directory as the project.

Rtf Text Box - How To Avoid Text Color Change On Text Selection
I am using an rtf text box because i am using colored text.
The text uses more then one color.
My problem is, after a selection is made and the selected text highlighted, after the next click, (the highlighting is gone) the colored text will turn to black.
How can i avoid this "decoloring" after a selection, but still enable the user to select text?
Since the selected text is colored in more then one color - i cant just recolor it back again...
or can i?


Putting The Text Of Two Text Boxes Into One Multiline Text Box
Well I Got a Text1.Text and a Text2.Text
What I Am trying to accomplish is the following:

When I Press Command1, Text1 and Text2 both get put in one line on Text3.

Text3.Text = Text1.Text + " - " + Text2.Text
That does the Job, And thats where I Am so far.
However, I Need it so that if I Press Command1 Twice, then it goes to a new line
Meaning if Text1 and text2 both say ''test''
Text3 will be


Test - Test

I Need it so when I press Command1 again it puts it in Text3 in a new line, and to keep the past one
So in the end it will be


Test - Test
Test - Test
Test - Test

Etc depending on how many times I Click it.

Clearing Text In Memory (text Keeps Reappearing On Text Box)
Hello, I've written a basic text editor that is specific to certain filetypes.

When I load a file and it appears in the text area, then click on the clear menu item, it clears the text area properly.

But, if I go to open a new document using common dialog's "ShowOpen", then click the cancel button (or press the ESC key) then all the text from the file I cleared reappears in the text area again.

Is there a way to clear the contents of memory for this situation?

I thank you in advance.

Save Text From Two Text Boxes Into 1 Text File?
I have two text boxes. Is it possible to save Text1 and Text2 into the same file, so that the new text file containing both Text1 and Text2's text will be like:

This is the text from Text1's text box

And this is Text2's text

Making a new line to seperate them, if you know what i mean?

Use A Text Box Or Rich Text Box To Make Text Bold?
I want to make some text in a text box bold, other text red, and some other text blue. Does anyone know if I can do this with a textbox, or do I need to use the Rich Text box?


How Do I Make A Text Box Send Text To A Text File?
I need to know what command i would use to send text entered in a text box to a text file using a command buttton.
Your advice would again be very appreciated!

[VB6] Writing Text Into One Text Box Writes The Text Into Another!
In the title it sounds rather easy but bein quite new to VB6 it seems a little complicated for me.

Navigate to this page:

It's the MSN wierd maker where you type in say:

Normal Text: Hello

Weird: нєℓℓσ

I would like this in my VB app so that when something is typed in the Normal text box the same text will be displayed in the Wierd text box only in that font above. Also the wierd text box must have write disabled so you cannot write anything in the text box, just highlight and copy the result. Help is more than appreciated

Text Box Exception For No Text Entered In Text Box
Hello All.

Here is my problem. I am doing an assignment for school and as you can see below I have most all of my coding done. Sorry that I don't have any explanation tags. I haven't got to that yet. I am now trying to make an Exception for my Customer Text Box and Customer Phone Number Text Box. I want the user to enter their name and phone number before the program calculates the total for their pizza. I hope I have explained myself.


VB Code:
Private Sub calculateButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles calculateButton.Click        'Calculate and display the current amounts and determine Amount Due.                        Dim pizzasizeDecimal, toppingsDecimal, discountDecimal, discountcomputeDecimal, salestaxDecimal, subtotalDecimal, amountdueDecimal As Decimal         'Compute total for a pizza size        'Use individual Block if statements with no else branch                   If Me.smallRadioButton.Checked Then            pizzasizeDecimal += SMALL_PIZZA_Decimal        End If        If Me.mediumRadioButton.Checked Then            pizzasizeDecimal += MEDIUM_PIZZA_Decimal        End If        If Me.largeRadioButton.Checked Then            pizzasizeDecimal += LARGE_PIZZA_Decimal        End If        If Me.monsterRadioButton.Checked Then            pizzasizeDecimal += MONSTER_PIZZA_Decimal        End If          'Compute the toppings selected        If Me.peppersCheckBox.Checked Then            toppingsDecimal += PEPPERS_Decimal        End If        If Me.onionsCheckBox.Checked Then            toppingsDecimal += ONIONS_Decimal        End If        If Me.ecCheckBox.Checked Then            toppingsDecimal += CHEESE_Decimal        End If         'Computes discount chosen by customer        If Me.noneRadioButton.Checked Then            discountDecimal += NO_DISCOUNT_Decimal        End If        If Me.tenRadioButton.Checked Then            discountDecimal += COUPON_Decimal        End If        If Me.preferredRadioButton.Checked Then            discountDecimal += PREFERRED_CUSTOMER_Decimal        End If                 'Computes subtotal        discountcomputeDecimal = (pizzasizeDecimal + toppingsDecimal) * discountDecimal         subtotalDecimal = (pizzasizeDecimal + toppingsDecimal) - discountcomputeDecimal         salestaxDecimal = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(subtotalDecimal * salesTaxRateSingle), 2)         amountdueDecimal = subtotalDecimal + salestaxDecimal                Me.subtotalTextBox.Text = subtotalDecimal.ToString("C")        Me.discountTextBox.Text = discountcomputeDecimal.ToString("C")        Me.salestaxTextBox.Text = salestaxDecimal.ToString("C")        Me.amountdueTextBox.Text = amountdueDecimal.ToString("C")     End Sub

Adding Text To Original Text In A Text Box?
Hello there everyone!

I have a program and it has some textboxes on the main form..

It also has a checkbox.

Now when this checkbox is selected I want it to add and edit the current text in textbox1.text.

The current text in the txt box would be I want it to change this whole line to ""

So it would change the current email address, by adding a + sign in place of the @ symbol. And then it would add to the end. And if the user 'deselectes' the checkbox it would change the "+" back to "@" and remove ""

Does anyone know if this is posible in VB 6.0?

If you need more info let me know
Thank you and have a great day!

You Can Align Text In A Text Box But Not Rich Text Box????
I dont see a way to centre or align text to the rigth in a rich text box, which such features are there in a normal basic text box.

thats very odd..... Rich text box is ment to be advance with stuff like that no???

or am i missing something here?

can it be done programmicaly maybe?


Pasting Text Into A Rich Text Box Containing Text
I have set up a popup menu for cut copy paste within a rich text box. The scenario I have is that users may already have text in the rich text box which they wish to append pasted text to, ie when they paste the text it needs to be inserted into the location of the cursor within the rich text box, ie at the beginning, middle or end WITHOUT trashing the existing text.

any ideas??




I would appreciate if some one help me out in finding an answer to this.

I am a new user of visual basic and have been stuck in writing a code / project for finding and replacing a data from a text file ( input file to an application).

The part of file sample which need to be replaced is below


For example I need to replace 61.0 to 91.0 and 26.0 to 43.0.

The data in file is random and can come at any line number, one of my other concern is how to locate the line number, I have no clue for that.

Please help me in working this out.

Best Regards


Parsing Specific Text Pattern From A Text File And Save It On Excel Format
I just registered as a new member for this forum....i'm only starting to learn VB and hope i can get more information and tips from you guys. Anyone here can help me how to parse specific text pattern and save it on an Excel file?....


My text file would look like this:

Device_name : W8510HA7-BAN-C
Lot No. :14023562.1-Q45218.1
TestProgram :W8510A7_REV06_100C

 FAIL 12 25 12 10.00% Leakage Fail
 FAIL 13 26 42 42.02% bandgap Test Fail
 FAIL 14 27 100 70.11% scan_core Fail

I want to parse the value for the Device_name, Lot No., TestProgram and all others
like QTY and TEST ITEM into an predefined excel format( ex.A1evice_Name, A2:Lot No., ......etc).

I hope you can help....thanks!



Looping Through Text File To Import Fields To Multi Line Text Box
I am opening and checking through line by line of the text in a text file for attr, with their values and description.

Some attributes have more than one value and description.

I have found the way of looping through and finding all instances of the values and descriptions but I now need to find out how to put one attribute on one line with its relevant value and description. (These are all being imported from a web page so each attr, value and description are on different lines.

Attribute Value Description
1 1 minimum no
1 2 middle number
1 3 maximum number

Any help would be great

Out Of Stack Space Error Sending List1 Text To List2 Text.
I seem to be running into a problem perhaps I should explain a little what im trying to do so I wont need to keep on making all theses topics.

Im trying to use Text1.Text to add to the list of names that are in List1 then I send all the names in list1 to list2 however im getting a Out of Stack space error

Code To Read Two Text Files, Concatenate One After The Other, Output To New Text File
what would be the code that would allow me to read in two text files, concatenate the second one to the end of the first one, then output the file as a new third text file?
thanks in advance,

Taking Data In A Text File From A Form And Putting It In A Label/text

I am attempting to take the information from a text box and a label from one form an put it into a blank form if thats possible. i.e

label1.caption and text1.text from form1.frm gets transfered into a blank


Dispalying Text In Rich Text Box Control In A Long Single Line
In my application I have a rich text box.

But when i do
text1.text = a string of length 500. the string is divided into the width of the text box and is shown in multiple lines.

I want this to be shown in a single line.

Currently it is displayed as:
| |
| |

I want this to be displayed in a single line ....but the multiline property should be enabled that i can add more lines to it.
I have already put scrollbars= "rtfBoth" and disablenoscroll = true.
Please help me with this. It would be great help.


Adding Text To Rich Textbox Without Changing Format Of Existing Text?
Hello all. This is my first time working with RTB's, and I'm having a little trouble getting started. I'm sure it's some little problem of syntax/semantics, but I can't figure it out. A little help would be greatly appreciated!

I have a RTB to which I am trying to add texts of different formats. When I add each string, the entire box text takes the most current format. This makes perfect sense to me, as I am essentially rewriting the ENTIRE textbox (I am using the ".Text = .Text & "NEWTEXT" format that I am accustomed to using for textboxes.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

VB Code:
'1.  Create a new form.'2.  Add a button named butGo.'3.  Add a RTB named rtbText.'4.  Cut & Paste the procedure below. Private Sub butGo_Click()Static Counter As IntegerCounter = Counter + 1With rtbText    Select Case Counter        Case 1: .Font.Size = 16                .Font.Bold = True                .Text = .Text & "This is a test..."        Case 2: .Font.Size = 12                .Font.Bold = False                .Text = .Text & "This is only a test!"        Case 3: .Font.Size = 6                .Font.Italic = True                .Text = .Text & "  Can you see me?"    End SelectEnd WithEnd Sub

*RESOLVED* Using Text File As String Input For Opening Other Text Files
OK, I've been banging my head trying to get this one little piece to work (that I had working prior to a loss of power on Friday) but I cant remember the syntax I used to get it right.

What I'm doing is opening 1 text file and using it as the input in a loop to open and parse mutiple text files to a text box.
Heres the part that doesn't work;

Open "rbt.txt" For Input As 1

Do Until EOF(1)
Open " " & rbt.txt & ".txt" For Input As 2 'THIS IS THE PART THATS not working !

Line Input #2, slist
s = s & slist & vbCrLf

Upt_log_txt.Text = s


I know its a syntax (read as placement) issue but I cant get the right combo down.

RESOLVED-Setting The Backcolor Of Selected Text In Richtextbox-highlight Text
Does anybody know how to change the backcolor of selected
text in a richtextbox. Not the background color of the whole richtextbox only the selected word-lines !

I use a richtextbox which uses some validation and if there is an error in the text i want to display the word in red backcolor.

do you have any tips of alternatives if i cant do this?
Moreover how do you underline the selected text.
i use rtf.selunderline but it does not work.


p.s. i search the forum and did not find any solution.

Rich Text Box - Scrolling To Line Where Text Was Found With The Find Method
When I use the Find method of the rich-text box, the rtb automatically positions the line where the text was found at the bottom of the control. Is there a way I can make the found line automatically scroll to the top of the control?

Changing Font Colour On Every Line Of Text Taken From A Text File Onto A Label
When my ticker reads info from every line from a text file. I want it to change the colour on every line for display on a form label label. Any ideas how I could do this? I've spent a whole day trying to figure this out, still no joy.

Sorting Data From An ASCII Text String And Saving It As Text File
I'd first like to copy paste a section of my ASCII text string over here and then ask the question.Given below is the ASCII text string:


=ontrol Mode ON LOCAL STAT
Occupied YES OCC
Alarm State Normal ALM
Active Demand Limit 100 % DEM_LIM
Override Modes in Effect YES MODE

Percent Total Capacity 100 % CAPA_T
Percent Available Cap. 100 % CAPA_A
Circuit Running Current 185 AMPS A_CURR
Discharge Gas Temp - A2 122.9 dF DISTMPA2
Saturated Condensing Tmp 97.5 dF TMP_SCTA
Saturated Suction Temp 41.5 dF TMP_SSTA
EXV % Open 43 % EXV_A
Variable Head Press Pct. 0 % VHPA

Given above is a portion of my ASCII text string.I'd like to know how to sort out the data from this file and copy it in the same format as given above into a new Text File,using the delimiting characters like the white space and the "?".The "?" indicates the end of the file and the following ASCII text string after every "?" indicates the start of a new text file.

I'd be very very grateful to the person who'd give me the solution to this.Thanking you in anticipation.

[Resolved - Help Frm James And CanOz] CommonDialogBox : How Open Text File Into Text Box.

Code:' Get a filename through the CommonDialog

' Use the commondialog
With frm_MyForm.CommonDialog1
  ' Set the title for the dialog
  .DialogTitle = "Open a file"
  ' Set the default extention
  .DefaultExt = "txt"
  ' Set the decription and extention the dialog will filter upon
  .Filter = "Text documents / *.txt"
  ' Show the open part of the commondialog
  ' Place the returned filename in a variable
  str_FileName = .FileName
End With

Refering to the above code posted by Merlin, how do I tell Commondialog to display only files with .txt extension (the above code dispays all the files in that particular folder)? And after I select a text file How do I open the same text file in a text box?

Advice Appreciated

THAILAND - Land of Smiles
"I may disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it".

Edited by - Aneeliyo on 6/28/2005 10:03:03 PM

How Can I Change Text Color Within A Tree View Item For A Portion Of The Text
I have a tree view that, for my entries, I would like to change the text color for certain words within each item.


"The car was BLUE" - Have only the word "BLUE" be blue in color.

"The car was RED" - Have only the word "RED" be red in color.



Inserting My Own Text Into Rich Text Control Without Losing Previous Formats

I'd like to paste my own text into that control, but after attched code will be executed I'll get text in normal "text" style without changed fonts etc. How it needs to be done?

Dim Position As Long
Dim Buffer_Before As String
Dim Buffer_After As String

    Position = RichTextBox3.SelStart 'the place to insert desired text
    If RichTextBox3.SelLength > 1 Then
       RichTextBox3.SelLength = 1
    End If

    RichTextBox3.SelStart = 0
    RichTextBox3.SelLength = Position
    Buffer_Before = RichTextBox3.SelText 'first part of the text

    RichTextBox3.SelStart = Position
    RichTextBox3.SelLength = Len(RichTextBox3.Text) - Position
    Buffer_After = RichTextBox3.SelText 'second part
    RichTextBox3.TextRTF = Buffer_Before & "##Place##" & Buffer_After

How To Remove The Inactive Scroll Bars Till The Text Is Big Enough In Multiline Text Box?
Well, the subject says it all..

If you set the Multiline property of a textbox to true, and set the scrollbar to say vertical, a vertical scroll bar is displayed all the time. I want it to display the scroll bar only when the text is big enough i.e outside the visible range? is it possible?
API way is ok.
I am doing some searching on my own.. meanwhile.. any ideas pointers...

Thanks in advance


Newbie-Opening And Saving Text Files In Text Boxes
I'm trying to find a way to save text from a text box as a .txt file or .rtf and then be able to retrieve files of similar type and open them in a text box on my program. There must be a way to do this, I'm just not able to figure it out. Help?

[RESOLVED - Again] Programmatically Enter Text In Masked Edit Text Box
I have inherited a project with a ton and a half of masked edit text boxes. I've never worked with them before (and hope to never work with them again )

I've been asked to add date picker controls to the project which will pop a selected date into the masked edit box (I've been specifically told I can not replace these with standard textboxes )

These stupid masked edit controls don't have a Text property so how the heck do you programmatically add text (like a date from a date picker) to them?

It Is Posible That A Label Show A Text From A Webpage Or A Text File ?
It is posible that a label show a text from a webpage or a text file ? (like ) ? if it`s posible .. how to do ? thenx !

How To Apply Custom Font To Text Box Or Label Or Rich Text Box
I am developing an application where i had to set custom font to a text box or a label or a rich text box. Can anyone suggest me the way i can do it.


Tough Question - Simultaneously Updating Text In VB Exe As Text Changes In Word Doc?

I am developing a VB application which is being designed to execute when Word opens.

The idea is for the user to enter content within MS Word and for it to appear within the VB application. I am thinking about using a RichTextBox control to display the Word content.

My question is, how do I get the words to appear within the RTB simultaneosly as they are typed within the Word document?

Any feedback is much appreciated


You Guys Are Gonna Hat Me But...Displaying Parts From A Text File Into A Text Box
OK...I'm gonna ask this questiuon and you guys are gonna tell me to search...well I can't understand/find what I need. So:

I have a file (testfile.cfg) that look something (exactly) like this:


SESSION_NOTES=Blah the bug

And I need to be able to display each one of these in a text box or other type control. For instance if ALLOW_PAUSE is equal to 1 than I need Check2.Value to equal VBChecked.

I just need to know how to search the file and come up with the value, and I can handle the rest of the checked stuff. Can someone help?

How Can I Open A Text File If Drag It Over My Text Editor Executable.
Hi !
I am traing to make a text editor and i can not open a text file into my program if i drag the text file over my program executable (before i am opening the program).

Please anyone take the time and explain to me how to do it.
Thank you.

Copy Text File, Then Create New Text W/ Addition Info
Hey everyone,

First of all, thanx for having interest in my subject matter. I am making this project that needs to copy an entire text file (.txt about 8KB in size) in the directory "c: estfile" and this copied text file is then rename e.g. "testfile2". Then I have to add a couple of data at the every top. Does any know how to do this?


ASP To Output Text In Access Blob Field Containing RTF Tagged Text
Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

I have a simple asp page that is outputting text from a blob field in an access database. The output on the site looks like this:

tf1ansiansicpg1252deff0{fonttbl{f0fnilfcharset0 Arial;}} {*generator Riched20;}viewkind4uc1pardfs20lang1033 ADE participated in the formulation of the Village Support Program (VSP) which seeks to improve the living conditions of Guinea s rural population by increasing access to basic infrastructure and services in a more efficient and sustainable way. A major instrument to achieve this objective will be the decentralisation of decision-making, resources and responsibilities at the community level. The program will strengthen fiscal, administrative, and political decentralisation, and, thereby, reinforce the capacity of the Communaut e9s Rurales de Developpement (CRDs) and other local institutions to design, implement, finance, operate and maintain priority rural infrastructure. It will also develop the capacity of villages to play an active role in the operation, maintenance and management of the newly established infrastructure. The program will be demand-driven and use matching grants to fund priority investments identified by local communities. The Project, as the first phase of the longer term program, would be limited in scope and support a limited range of infrastructure investments to help simplify planning, execution and technical backstopping. By adopting a flexible implementation strategy it would, in turn, allow new approaches to be tested, new systems/procedures to be developed and the necessary people to be trained. The M&E expert provided by ADE was to design an M&E system taking into account these features and define indicators and triggers accordingly. A logical framework was drawn up. The institutional set-up, staffing and costs of the system were determined for the first phase of the project. par }

Obviously I want it to output the formatted text not the rtf tags as well? Do I need to configure my IIS to support rtf text? Do I need an ocx? Or do I need to handle the output in asp differently than as now with a normal response.write?

//The functions to open a new window with the info of a project is:

var childEYPWindow

function openEYPtWindow (url)
    if (childEYPWindow)
    childEYPWindow = (url,"EYP","dependent,width=450,height=550,toolbar=no,resizable=no,titlebar=no,status=no,scrollbars,left=0,top=0");

function closeEYPtWindow()
    if (childEYPWindow)

function openr(code)
    url = "Company_eypExt.asp?Field=" + document.forms[0].elements['Field'].value + "&Service=" + document.forms[0].elements['Service'].value + "&Region=" + document.forms[0].elements['Region'].value + "&Number_A=" + code
    openEYPtWindow (url)

//The SQL selection:

sql = "select Number_A, Title, [Long Description], Country, [Begin Date], [End Date], [Field of Expertise], Client from AdeMaster " & _
            "where (IsDate([End Date])) and (InStr([services],  '" & Service & "') > 0 and  " & _
                "InStr([Field of Expertise],  '" & Field & "' ) > 0)"

//The blob field that contains rtf tags is
[Long Description]

So how to I show the formatted text correctly, now is a mess  each window that opens show as you could see above the rtf tags in it.

Highly appretiate if someone can explain what went wrong here...

THanks in advance guys

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