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Today's Typical Computer Configuration Is?

Trying to find out what today's typical setup or better yet, today's typical gamer's computer is configured as. I'm sitting here with a 400mhz E-Machine with an old ATI Rage II pro.

I'm guessing an 600mhz machine with around 256mb would be the norm? Or am I showing my age?

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Have You Crashed Your Computer Today?
Work on hit testing a bezier curve continues (in order to find if a MouseDown point that lies close enough to the curve to create a node edit point that can split the curve).
Note: This thread is an extension of this other thread:

What I DON'T want to do (what I'm trying desperately to avoid having to do) is to loop through all the points on the bezier curve.

Why: I don't want to take the performance hit.
Eventually this routine will be used in "mini-CorelDraw" module as part of a larger graphics application and there are a ton of other things going on in the drawing program including multi-layer raster graphics alphablending. Plus there exists the possibility that the user MIGHT (--I haven't decide yet whether to limit this) be able to create THOUSANDS of bezier curves and keeping track of all those points could be very problematic.

..And yes, I have considered placing each curve on it's own z-order layer to avoid this, but I'm already running up against memory drain just allowing a couple dozen large alphablended raster graphics on THEIR own layers...

Anyway --now to the crashing part.
Download, unzip and run the enclosed program. It will load fine and you will see a bezier curve with some control points.

The bezier curve is a little thick because for debug purposes I'm using little red rectangles around each point in the curve to show the hit region.
So, then, if you click on the control point in the upper left hand corner (represented by an empty black square that will turn magenta when you mousedown on it) and dragdown and to your left you should very quickly exhaust the GDI heap memoryu under Win98SE.

See diagram below if you don't know which point I'm talking about).

If you have at least 512Megs of ram you should still be able to recover without totally locking up windows entirely, but you should reboot anyway after this as your system will be unstable.
I have not tried this with other versions of windows, but be prepared...

The way the hit test is suppose to work (that I'm attempting) is combining Rect regions around each point in the curve (using CombineRgn), so that I can use the PtInRegion API to do the test.

What I suspect what is happening is that some of the memory devoted to the regions object is not being cleaned up by "DeleteObject"...or
maybe "re-initialized" would be better word since it must keep the resultant g_lngComboRgn in memory at all times (until the Form_Unload event) to perform the hit test.

And yes, before someone suggests it, since i don't need to hit test while dragging the curve, I could set a boolean to to bypass the creation of regions while dragging, but eventually it still runs out of memory, so I need to would need find this memory leak...

One other possibility: It might be the case that the cpu is overwhelmed and can't delete the regions as fast as it creates them during real time curve animation, but I don't think this is the case.

What Is This Typical Behaviour?
hai guys

one more typical question.....

my form contains one text box and one command button. and the code is like this

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Debug.Print "Click"
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Command1.Caption = "&Test"
End Sub

Private Sub Text1_LostFocus()
Debug.Print "Lost Focus"
End Sub

run and click on test button. see the output

place the cursor in text1 and just press Alt + t
see the output.

do you find any difference????????


Typical Question
I want to run a form or a Exe which should not be dispayed in the Task Manager. Is it possible

Thanks & Regards

Typical Question
Hello friends!

In Run Time I move the command button position and Text box position. I want to save the top and left properties in Run Time. The next time I open it should open with that settings in the Design time.

Note :

In Short I change the properties of the Control in Runtime which should reflect when I open the form next time in Design Time

Thanks & Regards

Typical Textbox
This is an Active X control...looks like Textbox.
it's got 2 parts, both being Textboxes each, having different backcolors and click events..resize also!...but looks like a single Textbox.
Just chk. and comment!

Typical Question In Vb
Typical Question in vb ...?

Typical Prob
i m currently developing an application ...
the job of my application is to open click banners from another application.
the second application is made up of single dialog box with everything painted manuallly ...
i wanna send mouse click event to this application ..
i got the handle of second application .. and i m also sending the events .. but the second application is not accepting the events ..
could any1 plzzz help me ..


Typical Installation Problem
friends I have a project whose exe is PAthologist.exe and the MSI is Pathologist.MSI but strangely the file name Pathologist.MSI gets changed
to Patholog.____ . The installation is done with self extractor exe.made with VSI.
can any one suggest why ? is it because of 8.3 file naming system ?
the files are extracted in a temporary folder and then the exes are run.
it is when the error occurs. every time I have to manually recorrect the complete the setup.

help faster.

Typical Tech. Requirements
Does anybody know the typical technical requirements used to run a vb-coded piece of software? If you remember my post, I was making a program that enters records into a database so it's nothing that huge.

Typical Printer Problem
Is it possible to avoid the printer error message.

For Eg if the printer is out of paper , I have to capture the message in VB and avoid the default Window Error message
Is it possible. Can u send any codes

Thanks & Regards

Hi This Is Easy But Typical Question

i want to read from text file.and write this data into text box.
my text file have multiple lines.
if u have any code of this.i will be thankful for that.


A Typical Struck Of The VB Application, Please Help
Hi all,

My Application is using a do while loop reads a file and displays each line on the form, i kept "Doevents" function in order to repond to the user actions on the form(the "Do while" loop is in the class file)

when you start the application the loop will start after some 5 seconds

when i am navigating the Menu of the form before starting of the loop (i.e. before 5 seconds) when the loop began to run after 5 seconds i found There is a typical struck of the application!!! if i see in the Task Manager the Status is "Running" and NOT "Not Reponding"!!

Hope you understand......if not please let me know....

Also please find the Sample application attached
The above said can be acheived with by following the below steps:
1) open the form
2) Try to navigate from Item 1 to Item 8 for 5 seconds (i.e till the loop starts) !!
3) YES you find that the Application is Struck!!! The menu is open and you cant do anything on the Form!!!!!

i guess that is causing due to RaiseEvents ....anyways...


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What Are Typical Causes Of VB Programs Hanging ?
I've read articles which talk about VB not freeing up memory correctly, resulting in low-system resources, programs hanging, and machines needing to be rebooted.

I've seen this a lot on the VB program I've been asked to maintain (on a W98 system), so I'm trying to understand if it's really VB making a mess of the system, or just a poorly written program.

Is there a list of gotchas that VB users should ABSOLUTELY steer clear of ?

The program I'm maintaining, has a lot of ReDim's in it. I've read that these should be avoided.

I'd like to get some opinions on Redim, and any other serious areas that should be avoided.


Typical Memory Usage By SQL Server
I have managed small scale Database applications. We might be moving to large scale atleast 100 people. What is the typical memory usage of a SQL Server with 100 connections simultaneously?

Rich Text Box Image (not Your Typical Question)
Hey All again.

I'm here regarding another frustrating VB "feature". I have images in RTB's wonderfully. I'm utilizing the WM_PASTE etc etc.. Here's my issue.

I don't particularly like the way VB allows me to resize an image in the RTB to whatever I want. In fact, I really would like the images to remain their imported size at all times, even when I select them. Right now, I can select them and 8 little black boxes appear around the image, allowing me to resize it to whatever my heart desires. What a wonderful "feature" of VB. Is there any way I can get rid of it?

Trying to solve it, I tried the following already, with no luck:

Private Sub RTB_MouseDown(Button as Integer, Shift as Integer, X as Single, Y as Single)

RTB.SelLength = 0

End Sub
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

* RESOLVED * Saving To An .ini File (not Typical Format Of X=x)
I want to save to a ini file of the following format:

VB Code:
autoframeskip           1frameskip               0waitvsync               0triplebuffer            0window                  0ddraw                   1direct3d                0hwstretch               1

I've saved to typical ini files before using downloadable ReadINI and WriteINI functions, but not with tabbed spacing like this one.


Which Day Is It Today?
i'm trying to find out threw code which day is it today. the Now or Date functions won't do the job because i need something which has no dependencies from the language of the windows. i mean i don't know the language of the windows that the program will run to so i need something more general. i'm sorry for my english! any help?

I know how to get what is today in numbers

bla = Day(Now)
this will give u
1 - 2 - 3 - 4...
but how to get if toay is
Moday - Tuesday - Wednesday...

What Day Is Today ?
How do I find out what day it is from the the constant 'Now'
ie to find the date:


how do I find out the day is ie "Monday" "Tuesday" etc.

I Need Help Today
This is off topic, but I have to wipe my hard drive clean today. Can I use a cd as in effect a "boot cd" so that when my computer is restarted it boots the program off the cd and then formats the computer . I have a laptop so I am having trouble getting over not being able to boot from a floppy. Any help would be highly apreciated. Sorry for the misplaced topic in advance.

Anyone knows how to delete the content of "C:Documents and SettingsadministratorLocal SettingsHistory--->Today"

I been looking for code but can never find any to delete the content of TODAY.

Please Help Me,someone..this Is Due Today
If you noticed my previous post, about 5 minutes ago...I was hoping someone could help me through this. My trouble with displaying the records is that my code is only displaying the last record in the file, and I need to know why. Could someone join my in chat perhaps?? Thanks in advance, I need your help all!

Pls Help.Urgent!! Due Today!!!please..
I'm creating arrows dynamically in excel. Whenever I click an arrow, it brings me to another sheet where I would display a certain information. I had a help on this:

Dim shtTarget As Worksheet
Set shtTarget = Sheets("TTview")
With Selection
'you can find the start and endcell here
'highlight the cells in shttarget that need to be selected
End With
Range("A1").Select 'set the focus of the line

I want to find the value(NOT THE CELL RANGE BUT THE CONTENTS), that is from where to where it is pointing.I want to put it in the With Selection block(as above).Pls help.(AGAIN NOT THE CELL RANGE,EG ("A2")...I WANT THE CONTENTS OF ("A2"))Thanks

I Desperately Need Help By Today Plz
I am making this program and i have 2 files called examiner and centre and i am in the middle of coding a printing file but i have a problem

i need to print a report which should print out for each title
a list of examiners and their centres sorted by centre no within examiner name
and so i need to sort the file of examiners when printing and then centres under each examiner in order aswell but the problem is how do i sort a file or place it in an array then sort it

i tried doing the following

loop until eof (1)
get record
examiner(index) = record
index = index + 1

but it won't work pls help

Today's Date
How can I get vb to show today's date / put it in a label? I don't know date commands! Also, if you subtracted one date from another, what unit would the answer be in?

Today’s Date
Good Day,

I would like cell A1 to always hold today’s date in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
How can I do that?


Today Date In SQL
hi all.. how do i reference today's date in sql?

To See Or Not To See, That Is The Misson Today :)
Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set the visible aspect of items within the menu pull-downs, and in a combo list, both of which are on the same window. I am attempting to do this by using checkboxes. I already have a form created with the checkboxes and all the names of the options that would be displayed in the pull-down menus and in the combo list.

What I’m trying to do is, when one of the check boxes are selected then that corresponding items will show up on the respective list (pull-down or combo). If the check box is not selected, then that particular item will not be displayed.

What I would like to know from you is, do you know of any web locations that would show me examples of this, or something relatively close. I’m willing to do my own homework, but I haven’t any idea where to look. I am very new at this, so I’m a bit lost.

Anyone of any helpful suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Another OCX Question For Today

I have also made several ocxs myself and had used them in my programs. The problem is the deployment of the programs. How will I know if all my ocxs are registered in the computers to which they are supposed to run?

I'm Having Test Today And I Need Help
hi all

finally the big day today i have test on introduction to VB
and i need help

some one have any test or eampels to q' that i might see
if you have please add to me so i can be prepared to my exam

thanks all for the big help

Many Questions Today...
ok, how do people make their files so small..

for instance my prog has no simply click generate for a random phrase in a textbox...its 424kb's

i saw another random phrase generator, it had a very well put together background, 4 command buttons, a textbox, and an icon...and its only 52kb, it wasnt zipped.

how did they do that

Am I Just Retarded Today?
How come this is not working?

Dim FSO as FileSystemObject
Dim objFile as file
Dim objFolder as folder

'FolderPath = a valid folder name on drive
Set objFolder = FSO.GetFolder(FolderPath)

For Each objFile In objFolder

I get an error on the For Each line saying
object doesn't support property or method

i could have sworn that this was working a day ago though

More Arrays Today . . .
Just a quick one.

Does anyone know of a way to test whether an array has been initialised?

For example:

VB Code:
Dim MyArray()'Array has not been init. ReDim MyArray(4)Array has been init.

I've looked around quite a lot, and cannot seem to find anything that does the trick?


Please Help Fast Need It Today Please Sum Sql
I have a table with four fields[list=1][*]AcountNum[*]CompanyNme[*]BalanceDue[*]Date[/list=1]

I need to get back 7 fields[list=1][*]AcountNum[*]CompanyNme[*]BalanceDue[*]Date[*]Over30[*]Over60[*]Over90[/list=1]

Over30 meens that it's balancedue (which is today's date) from that record is more than 30 days from the date field.

And i need to group all acount numbers.

Anyone knows how to do this.

Please help fast

Getting Today's Date
how do you get today's date, and what day today is. I'm pretty sure there's a simple way to find this out. The information I need is the month, date, year and the day of the week, like sunday or monday... help needed asap

Date In VB6 = Today In VB.Net
In VB6 today is extracted with Date, i.e.
Today = Format(Date, "mmddyyyy")

VB 6.0 Is Torturing Me Today! Help If You Can
Code:Private Sub cmdNo_GotFocus()
MsgBox "Don't dare even THINK about it.", vbCritical, "wARniNG!"
End Sub

This is code I have included in one of my recent programs. I have worked on it for a couple days now, and the only reason I didn't finish it the day of is because I have problems with this code when I compile my application. I have debugged over and over again and there are no problems I can find. It works just fine when running from the VB environment, but it always comes up with runtime error 5: "Invalid procedure call or argument" when I run the compiled app. It issues the error message always right before the message box pops up. There shouldn't be an error there. Or should there be? Is it a bug in VB? I am using VB 6.0 Professional Edition. Thanks!

Now, don't get me wrong, 'cause baseball's a great sport.
It teaches little children simple eye-hand coordination with little effort or exhaustion.


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Today Plugin Using .net ?
anyone know how to create a program to show a today plugin ? being trying to find out but to no avail ... keen to prgram a today plugin for window mobile 2003 phone edition ...

TIA !!

Sending A Files From Client Computer To Host Computer, Via LAN/internet
Hi everyone:

Please help me..I need to finish my project..

Below is my explanation:

Execute program=>click a button=>program seek for certain folder (c:myfolder)=>sending all files (2kB) to host

Always looking for incoming files=>save in a folder
(host could be a desktop-webserver, installed tomcat/apache, assumed with static ip)

Please help...Thanks in advance.

Help With DirectPlay. I Just Started Today.
I got this code from

Dim Dx As New DirectX7
Dim Dp As DirectPlay4
Dim DpEnum As DirectPlayEnumConnections
Dim DpAddress As DirectPlayAddress
Dim Session As DirectPlaySessionData
Dim DpEnumSessions As DirectPlayEnumSessions
Dim PlayerIDNum As Long
'Remember: dont use the GUID shown below for your own games.
Private Const MyGuid As String = "{EC46883B-EF25-4350-815A-FE3090A02938}"

Private Sub Form_Load()
'First we create the DirectPlay object
Set Dp = Dx.DirectPlayCreate("")
'Then we fill the enum object with details of the available connections
Set DpEnum = Dp.GetDPEnumConnections("", DPCONNECTION_DIRECTPLAY)
'Then we list them in the listbox control....
Dim I As Integer
For I = 1 To DpEnum.GetCount
List1.AddItem DpEnum.GetName(I), 0
Next I
End Sub

Private Sub List1_Click()
'This creates a sesson - so we have [almost] complete control of the settings.
Set DpAddress = DpEnum.GetAddress(List1.ListIndex + 1)
Call Dp.InitializeConnection(DpAddress)
Set Session = Dp.CreateSessionData
Session.SetMaxPlayers 8 'only allows up to 8 players in the game
Session.SetSessionName "ThisNameWillAppearWhenOtherPeopleLookForGames"
Session.SetGuidApplication MyGuid 'The game will use our GUID
'These two flags should be fine for almost any application required.
'Now we create a session based on the information we
'just provided.
Call Dp.Open(Session, DPOPEN_CREATE)
List1.Enabled = False
'MsgBox "Connection type = " & DpEnum.GetAddress(List1.ListIndex + 1)

'Assuming this all connects properly, we should be left with a list of all the games being played. This
'Is where testing becomes difficult.
Set DpAddress = DpEnum.GetAddress(List1.ListIndex + 1)
Call Dp.InitializeConnection(DpAddress)
Set Session = Dp.CreateSessionData

Session.SetGuidApplication MyGuid
Session.SetSessionPassword "" 'Set this to be nothing to search for non-passworded games
Set DpEnumSessions = Dp.GetDPEnumSessions(Session, 0, DPENUMSESSIONS_AVAILABLE)

Dim T As Integer
For T = 1 To DpEnumSessions.GetCount
Set Session = DpEnumSessions.GetItem(T)
List2.AddItem "[" & Session.GetCurrentPlayers & "/" & Session.GetMaxPlayers & "] " & Session.GetSessionName
Next T
End Sub

This doesn't seem to be working properly. The connections show in the list box like they are supposed to, but when I click on TCP/IP, the Serial Connection window shows up. When I click OK in the Serial Connection window, I get an Automation Error on
Call Dp.InitializeConnection(DpAddress)
I have a LAN with two computers and have been able to use the TCP/IP to play games over it. Why doesn't this work?

Getting The Date Today(access)....
hi! can someone please help me?

i am trying an sql statement that will return to me records whose dates are dated today. i used the =Now() but it won't work. I also used =6/19/03 but it also won't work. for both cases, there were no compile time errors but when i run the statement, it didn't display any records. Thanks a whole lot in advance!!!

Jump To Today On Worksheet
hi i have several workbooks that id like to find solution for the same problem.

I want to create a macro that will jump to todays date on the worksheet, or a group of worksheet. not by using a input box.

i need to be able to search within formulas

as all the dates in all the workbooks are set up like this:

Each cell
=above cell+1
=above cell+1
=above cell+1
=above cell+1
=above cell+1
=above cell+1...

If Today Is Saturday Or Sunday Then...
Can some please provide a code snippet that accomplishes the following?:

If today's date = Saturday or Sunday then
'existing code here
end if

Thank you for your help!

Save As (Today's Date)
Hi, I'm trying to write a code that will open up a file and save it as today's date. ex.) (290703.txt). This needs to be done daily. Is there anyway that I can get the filename in the save as line to equal today's date. I was thinking of using a variable somehow but I'm not too sure how to do this, or if that is possible? Thanks!!

Last Question Today, I Swear!
Is there a tutorial or link on how to save the contents of a Text Box in a program to an external text File? Perhaps be able to include special formatting as well (Date, Time, etc) ?


Monthview - Today Variable?
I am using a monthview object in my form and I have two text boxes to represent a date range that the user will be able to select. What I want is for the current date to be displayed in both the text boxes. I can physically put the current date into the monthview.value, but then tomorrow I will just have to change it again. On the monthview calendar the current date is circled in red, so there must be something that knows the current date. I want to take that variable and put it into my text boxes. Does anyone know how to access that? Thanks.


My Word, We Are Touchy Today!
I think it is nice to bring a sense of humour to everyday things like problems. It is a pity that some, like Crazed lunatic, feel that a little rib tickling deserves a rude and frankly offensive remark.

I think that some of the users of this site are genuinely stuck with a problem and need help. But a lot are students who are supposed to have studied visual basic and clearly didn't bother. Now when their exams are imminent they panic and ask us all to solve their finals for them.

Well, I for one won't be bothering in future. I have genuinely tried to help a lot of people on this site, most of whom don't bother to say thanks. Others who ask questions like 'how can i break into a program' clearly don't deserve help.

Regretably, there are a few on this site who think they are God's answer to programming and feel the need to jump onto a pedestal to lecture the likes of me on having the gore to actually reply to someones question. Questions that I replied to last night were several weeks old, none of you had replied to them so I did. Low and behold out comes the prince of programming to waive the 'don't give silly answers, you don't know jack [censored]'. Let me tell you, I know a lot. Fortunately my life has a little more meaning than programming, which I regard as a hobby.

I wish all the genuine users of this site the best of luck in their projects. The students, I suggest you study. The Guru's, I suggest you get out more, and the hackers, well don't worry it looks like the guru's will try to help you anyway.

Get Today's Date In String
Right now I have this string to pull in today's date but for some reason the DD is not recognized. I get 200502DD0330. Can someone tell me how to get this to print out the day to 2 digits? Everything else works just fine. Thanks.

strXferTimeStamp = Today.Year & Format(Today.Date, "MM") & Format(Today.Date, "DD") & Format(Now, "HHMM")

I Am Full Of Questions Today
If I have a list box with a row source as a 'select' statement and I want the user to be able to change the sort it best to have them click a button 'sort by name' and then type


behind the click even of the button? or woul dit make more sense to use the form 'OrderBy' property to change the data and take out the row-source for the lstbox?

I just dont knwo which makes better performance sense or if te Form Order By can be used since the listbox has its own record source with a 'select'


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