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ToolBox Control

I need to incorporate in my program the same functionality as choosing a label from the toolbox in vb and 'drawing' it on a form but I need to be able to do it at run time in my program. Has anybody got any ideas of how this could be done?

Cheers folks,

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Add A Control To Toolbox
How can i make a certain control (like Shockwave Flash) to be loaded on the toolbox every time i start vb? I mean to be loaded at startup (i dont have to load it every time when i need it into the toolbox)

VB6: Control Name On Toolbox
Hi there,

I have a license problem with a (graph) control.

Trouble is, I don't know what the control (i.e., the actual file) is called. On the Toolbox it only says "Graph".

How can I find out the file name of "Graph"?

Installing the graph control on a form and right clicking on Properties only results in "Property Pages"; it doesn't tell me what the full control name is.

What could I do to address the license problem with this control?

Thanks for your help.

Control Toolbox
when ever i exit vb all the controls that i add to the toolbox disappear so i have to readd them. i never had this problem before but i am guessing i messed up the install alittle bit.

Lost A Toolbox Control?
Greetings all:

Opened toolbox, right clicked "additional controls".. added the flexgrid control to my toolbox.. Later deleted it. Now it is no longer available in "additional controls" and i want it back?! Where did it go?


Word VBA Control Toolbox Help

    I have placed some controls (from View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox) on the word form. I 'm restricted to use controls from this toolbox only. What i have been asked is to have a button on a word form and when that button is clicked, i must display using a msgbox, the name of the control, its caption and some other properties of the control.

    I have tried this but it is not helping me.

    Code:Dim fld As Field
    dim intIndex as Integer

    for intIndex = 1 to ThisDocument.Fields.Count
        Set fld = ThisDocument.Fields(intIndex)

        If fld.Type = TextboxType Then
            ' show text box name and text
        elseif fld.Type = CheckboxType then
            ' show checkbox name and checked state (T / F)
        elseif ....(more controls)
                End If
    Next intIndex

Please help me fix this issue

Thanx and Regards,

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Customizing The Excel Toolbox Control
I am writing a VB add-in for Excel and want to customize Excel's control toolbox, (not the VB toolbox) with buttons representing some of my own controls. I want the user to get the same behaviour as if they picked one of the predefined buttons on the toolbox, i.e. pick the icon , select a point in Excel and the control is embedded. The only way I can see for the user to insert a control, (rather than an object), is to click the "More Controls" button and scroll through the list of controls.

Can anyone help ?

Simple Control Toolbox - Macro Question
Hi. I put a command button on one of my worksheets. All I want it to do when clicked is go to sheet 3 and select cell a15. Here is the code:

Sub CommandButton1_Click()
End Sub

But, when I click the button it will activate sheet3 fine, but when it tries to select cell a15, I get an error saying "Select method of range class failed".

I have copied the code over to Modules - Module 1 and try running the code there, and it whats going on?

Copy And PAste - Control Toolbox Textfields On Worksheet
Hi I have had a good search on google and on these forums and still cant find any info on this, which surprised me.

Anyway is there any way to use copy and paste operations in control toolbox textfields located on a worksheet. And if not is there anyway to do it using textfields on a form?

I have had a look at the 'Copy method (forms)' and 'Paste method (forms)' on msdn -but I think this requires a button that needs to be clicked. Is there any way to implement the "Right click" method.

VB Control Toolbox Items &"sticking&"
Bare with me this is a little odd to explain. I'm having a problem where I have a bunch of text boxes, list boxes, etc on a form that don't scroll automatically with the form. Basically if I click the down scroll button and hold it down, the whole form scrolls, but any VB item I've inserted from the control toolbox sticks where it was. Once I let go of the scrolling button the VB items catch up (or unstick) to their proper placement on the form. It basically looks ugly and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it. I'm using a p4 2.4G so it doesn't have anything to do with machine speed.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

How To Add &"SHAPE Control Button In Toolbox&"
Hi im using Excel macros Visual there i cant find SHAPE control button in toolbox anyone know how to add it? thx alot...urgent...

if dont have...anyone know any other icon that can be used to indicate something like red LED or etc...thx...

In VB4 when I open A Form or start a new Project I get a 3 column Toolbab with 35 options. If I open a project with many forms it shows a 2 column Toolbar with quite a few missing options. Why and how do I get the 3 column Toolbar back?

Where's My Toolbox ???
Yesterday I closed the toolbox by clicking the 'X' to create more space on my display.
Today I can't seem to turn it on again. It's not in the View-menu, nor do I have a 'hammer-and-chissel' icon anywhere.

Can't seem to do anything with my bare hands, toolbox needed......

Thanks in advance


I am trying to make a toolbox for my program.

The main form is MDI, and the toolbox will be a child.

I have tryed using a ListView, but I can't figure out how to keep people from being able to move the icons.

I would really like a ToolBar like in the VB IDE for controls.

Can anyone help me figure it out?

VB CE Toolbox
Hello All,

I live in Europe and i have this problem. I'm trying to find VB for Windows CE toolkit. I only found it at and E-bay (for $198) but due to a strange policy, no software will be billed outside US.
I tried but the software was not for sale. I also tried some other web pages with e-sales but no chance.

Please can you tell me wherei can find this toolkit?

Your responce will be highly appreciated.


VB's Toolbox
In VB, there's a toolbox on the left handside.
I'd like to make a toolbox like it in my prog.
Is it done using a toolbar or something else?
I'd like it to work exactly like Vb's toolbox.
I want it to be able to drag and drop.
and also to be able to add OCX to it.
Anybody knows how???
Thanks in advanced!

Toolbox(?) Gone
Hey, i was doing some VB at another computer, but i aacidentily delete all the standard icons from the toolbox. Not sure if this is called a toolbox but its the place were you can choose a textbox or a frame or layer etc. All i see now is the mousecursor (pointer). How can i bring all the other standard stuff back on it?

whenever i run visual basic now it says "configuring windows installer" then it says "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable
Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'Toolbox.msi' in the box below"
if i click cancel it just does it again and loops. i can't think of anything i did to cause this except for i installed the k-lite codec pack today, but i don't think that will have afected it. before this happened i did notice some things going a bit funny like the progressbars weren't working on a form i made. when i done progress.value = 50 it wouldnt work, this is the ONLY code i had in the project, it was in form load, so nothing else could have been affecting it.
any help please?

Help On Toolbox Changes
In VB4 when I open A Form or start a new Project I get a 3 column Toolbab with 35 options. If I open a project with many forms it shows a 2 column Toolbar with quite a few missing options. Why and how do I get the 3 column Toolbar back?

Vb Toolbox
Hey guys, is there anyway to save your components and stuff so that when you start vb fresh you dont have to go through the list of ocx's and what nots.

I've been trying to find out how to "Edit" the toolbox - I've got a LOT of duplication going on with available controls and I'd like to strip the duplicates out. An alternative would be to split the toolbox into "Component" headings so that not everything is put into "General".

Anyone know how?



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My ToolBox
I create the toolbox by use a form and set its BorderStyle to Fixed Dialog.
I use SetWindowPos API function to make it top most windows.
When I use msgbox to warn user my msgbox is show behind my toolbox.
Is the way I create toolbox correct.

Toolbox Inactive
I'm a beginner, and I can't seem to get the options in the toolbox active. They stay gray. Please help.

Lost Toolbox
I can't seem to add any controls to the vba toolbox. When I right-click to add additional control the hourglass appears briefly, and then nothing else happens. i.e. no listbox of controls

I've tried re-installing Excel but this doesn't
help. Where do these tools reside? Are they in a .Dll file?


Custom Toolbox
Is there a way that when VB starts up it will have all of my preferred controls already in the toolbox (such as Common Dialog etc). At the moment it only has the basic controls and I have to add the others each time I start a new project.

How Do I Add ListView To The Toolbox?
I cannot seem to find the right component/reference

Toolbox Tabs
I want to be able to add toolbox tabs during run time (with code), does anyone have any suggestions?

Toolbox Bitmap
Hello guys!
I've made some ActiveX Controls, now I need to distinguish between them in the ToolBox,

How can I edit the Default Icon to on of my own¿
Do I need a specific Picture Editor¿


VB.Net Toolbox Toolbar
hi all,
does anybody know how-to or have come across something that simulates the VB.Net Toolbox Toolbar. I mean in the VB.Net IDE there's a toolbar on which there are the controls that you can use. The toolbar can slide up and down. I have tried to create an activeX control to simulate one but can't find the appropriate controls to use. Anybody tried this???

About TOOLBOX Menu In VB6
When I start an standard NEW vb exe file...

How can I make it keep my selections in the TOOLBAR.. as if ..
I use tehm in a project..and close..but when i open they are can I make them STAY there ???

Please help me on this...Im so tired of opening those menues and adding those TOOLS ...

Building Something Like VB Toolbox
Hi there,

I'm looking to create a toolbox just like the one that is situated horizontal on the lefthand corner.

I'm not certain what type of control that would and how it could be set up. If anyone could shed some light on it, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you.

Default Toolbox
Is there any way to alter the default items in VBs toolbox.
I'm sick of having to add components, usually the same ones,
for each new project.
It would be great to have them all there by default.
I know I'm probably being lazy but please help.

How Do I Keep Tools In My Toolbox??
I am always adding things to my toolbox, like richtextbox's and Internet Transfer controls, and such...

But every time I reopen VB, they are gone. Now, is there a way I can keep them in the toolbox everytime I restart a new project???

This is probably a simple checkbox to click, but I can't find it.

Usercontrol Name As Seen In The Toolbox
I have recently made an Activex control with the name DBButtons.

I have installed it on my PC and yet when I try to use it in my applications the name always shows up as "UserControl1" in the toolbox and in my code.

How can I remedy this?

Need Winsock1 In Toolbox
I can't seem to figure out how to add winsock1 to my development environment - Visual Basic Express.
Can anyone suggest a method?

Can't Add Flexgrid To My Toolbox
I can't seem to add the flexgrid control to my toolbox. I right click on it and go to add/remove items, and it's not on the list. Any ideas where it might be or what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

VB6 Toolbox Component
The thing is I have to make one toolbox item that can be dragged from the toolbox from the left hand side and can be dropped on the Form in Visual Basic.
In dot net (C#)I am able to do that using Windows Control Library, but for VB6 I have no idea.
I made that Windows control Library as COM also but still not able to add myItem in the Toolbox of VB6.


Toolbox Has Disappeared
im finding it a bit difficult to drop controls onto forms in vb6, because the toolbox has disappeared and i cant find it on the menus..

it seems to have happened since installing and the other things to note are that the windows instlaler appears when i start vb6 (on the splash screen) and tries to install something from, but i dont have the disks with me. additionally, i have a dual monitor setup at work, with extended display so its possible that i have undocked the toolbox and draggedit onto the second monitor, and now that ive brought my laptop home, i cant see it.

cant anyone think of any tricks to get it to reappear? ive looked ont he view menu, and can see the menu item to turn e.g. the immediate window on/off, properties etc, but no toolbox

HTML Tab In VS.NET Toolbox
I'm working with Beta2 of Visual Studio.NET. I cannot find the HTML tab on the toolbox even when I open an html page. Is there a trick to getting it? HELP says to open an html doc, which I did, but nothing happens.

How To Create A Toolbox In VB 6.0
Does anyone know how to create a toolbox in VB 6.0? Would you please post some samples?

Thanks a lot,

VB Toolbox Effect
How do I acheive the toolbox effect that is seen in the Visual Basic development environment. I want different toolboxes to appear that are aligned to my MDI form, depending on what action the user is wanting to perform. There is a work area as well, where different forms will appear, and will be arranged (tiled or cascaded) by the MDI form, but I want the toolboxes to remain aligned to the form. What are these toolboxes? Are they picture boxes, toolbars, or some type of form?

Create Toolbox
How do I create a toolbox like the one seen in the VB developers studio. It is aligned to one edge of what seems to be an MDI form, but is not moved when the other forms are tiled or cascaded. Is this because it is a PictureBox, or is it a form that is not a child of the MDI form, but somehow has it's align property set to the left of the MDI form? Any help would be gratefully received!

Selectable Toolbox (like Visio)
I am investigating how to write an app which has a toolbox of selectable items. I will need to place them on the 'canvas' and be able to resize them and type text in them.

Just like you can with visio (for those of you who have used it)

Anyone got any ideas. I have asked this question on a few other forums but no-one has been able to come up with a workable answer.

Adding MsFlexGrid To The Toolbox In
Can anybody help exaplining me how to add Ms.FlexGrid to the form on my project in

Also, if somebody has sample code to demonstarate use of datagrid, it will be appreciated

Thanks and Regards,

OLE Text Toolbox Greyed
I have a OLE on my project and have a simple .bmp in it, It will let me draw with a pencil but when i go up to the text toolbox it is grey out. Why? and how can i add text to this?

Toolbox Type Application
I am trying to find some code to keep a toolbox above a parent window only, not all other windows that may appear. I have located some code, but am unable to get it to work with a file not found "USER" error.

The code is listed below:
Can someone help me with this?

Declare Sub SetWindowWord Lib "USER" (ByVal hWnd, ByVal nCmd, ByVal nVal)
Const SWW_hParent = (-8)

Form_Load of the form that you want to teep on top. Set it about form1.

Sub Form_Load ()
SetWindowWord hWnd, SWW_hParent, form1.hWnd
End Sub

Form_Unload of the from you want to keep on top this is for cleaning up.

Sub Form_Unload (Cancel As Integer)
SetWindowWord hWnd, SWW_hParent, 0
End Sub

In my scenario, the toolbox is called toolbox.frm and the window I wish to keep it ontop of is frmMain.frm

Thanks in anticipation

Toolbox Form Focus
I posted this question before on the General forum but didn't get any answers and it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to post it here as it could be to do with SetWindowLong.

In my application I have a moveable toolbar form with BorderStyle =FixedToolWindow which is (naturally) modeless. This form ought to be able to have the focus while the main form of the application has the focus, but I'm finding it hard to achieve this - it seems only one can have the focus at the same time. So my question is, is there a way, maybe using SetWindowLong, to set the style of this window to be as if it had focus when it strictly speaking does not? In other words I want to make the caption of the form appear in blue not brown, and tooltips to work in this form at all times.

Thanks for any help.

Excel Toolbar/toolbox
Hi guys

i am well under way with a little project i was making and i have noticed that the form its self only needs to be tiny, maybe 3 buttons and 2 optButtons. its an app to be run within excel and another screen. so this would be third screen it just dawned on me it would be real nice if this was a toolbar/box for the excel form then that way only 2 screens have no idea if this is a possibilty? if so any pointers where to start code wise i read some stuff about vb macros and activeX this the route to go?

Drag And Drop From Toolbox
Hope this is the right place to post this - if not please let me know.

I've been using VB6 for a few days by following a library book. I've only reached the chapter on frames and labels and my problems have started! Can anybody help?

I open a new project and find frames in the toolbox. If I try to drag it into my project, when I reach the form the pointer changes to a circle with a diagonal line and won't let me bring the frame over. However, I can double click in the toolbox and my frame appears. If I then try to drag a label onto the frame, I get the same problem so I double click it but this puts the label behind the frame and I have to delete the frame to get at the label. This is driving me nuts. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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