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Turning The Microphone Off In Dragon Naturally Speaking

Im using dragon naturally speaking 7.0 and im trying to code a button into my script that automatically turns off the microhone. The way it's done in dragon ns is just by clicking a button in the dragon ns taskbar.

Is there a file or a command i could enter which turns the microphone on and off, or isn't this possible?

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Vba Code Not Working Dragon Naturally Speaking
dragon naturally speaking professional
version 6.1

Hi all i have recently downloaded some examples from the dragon
website in vb. I have managed to change some code to vba so that it
could be used in MS access 2000. But i am stuck on this area, which

' Check for a valid speaker
' Initialize nStartPos and register the Dgn Objects
nStartPos = 0

DgnDictEdit1.Register Text1.hwnd


i get an error message saying method or data member not found on the
..hwnd is there some work way around this. I have checked all the references it seems vba for access does not like the hwnd property.

I have attached a screenshot of what trying to do in access 2000 this is done in vb

What am trying to do is when the form is loaded the certain code
registers the commands and when i click on the load button it will
load the audio file and display it in text on the appropriate textbox.

many thanks


Dragon Naturaly Speacking And VB?
Can anyone tell me how I can get best performance out of using DNS for coding?

Dragon Warrior Style Game
Ok, I am in the process of developing a Dragon Warrior style game. However I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and if they can give some pointers on setting it up so as the field (the area the character walks on) scrolls in the proper direction (both outside and in dungeons) and what program is good for drawing pics of monsters and stuff?

I have ideas and the basic story created. The game is called "The Seventh Voyage". It is about a young hero following in his fathers footsteps who sailed away on an adventure to save a kingdom. His father was successful but never returned and now the hero goes on a quest to find out what his father's fate was. I have drawn out dungeon and tower maps, but yet have to do monsters and the hero. There is a level cap of 20 with some cools surprises I have also created some nice floating text boxes to display what NPCs say when you talk to them (I am still working on getting it to work properly) and would like ideas to further the project. I can even post some stuff for others to look at for there game ideas.

Finally, are there any people here who would like to start a game devloping company? I have been talking with someone from a Vampire The Masquerade Forums and she is a grphic designer who would like to make Video Games as well.

Now this is not a comeon or a joke or even a fantasy idea for daydreaming I am serious about it. I have grown tired of the same crap games or the redos of old ideas.

The first game I would like to do is a realistic medieval game using (hopefully Harnmaster 2nd Edition rules) a game companies system which when it is time I will check with them and so on to see if it is possible, or I will create my own game system (I am also an RPG game system developer).


Happy Y5++K For Global Chinese Descendants In The Coming Lunar New Year Of Golden Dragon
Chinese New Year Greeting Card for VB Forum's Participants.

Speaking Of DLL's
Could someone point me to an online tutorial to creating simple DLL's in visualbasic??

Either ActiveX or native, dosent matter.

Just want to learn how to write DLL's.


is there any other component except the msagent to speak out from speaker.

Speaking Of DLL's !
I have my chisel and stone ready .... so here goes:

A- A DLL HAS to be registered, and a user's program will pull the DLL from the location specfied in his/her registry ?

B- A DLL does NOT have to be registered, but can merely be in the user's PATH .... (Including APP.PATH) ?

I spent all afternoon with a user on the phone, where the DLL was in their WINNT/SYSTEM32 directory and registered from there, but when they run the app it says 'Run Time error 339 - DLL missing or incorrectly registered'.

Anyone have an opinion on choice 'A', 'B' or can offer another opinion ?


Speaking Of API...
Does anyone know if there is a system function (Windows 2000 is the operating system) to get the password of the user that is currently logged in? I know there is a "GetUserName" function that returns the user's login name, but I'm thinking a get password function might violate Windows 2000 security. Anyone know?

Excuse-me First For Being Too Much Speaking.
I have the following problem:

I have two .txt files and I'd want to create a unique excel file from these .txt files, so that I will have a .xls file containing two sheets corresponding to these .txt files.

So I tried this:

Set appExcel1 = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set appExcel2 = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

'opening a first Excel file from the first .txt file
appExcel1.Workbooks.OpenText FileName:="t1.txt", Origin:=xlWindows, _
StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, _
ConsecutiveDelimiter:=False, Tab:=True, Semicolon:=True, Comma:=False, Space:=False, Other:=False, FieldInfo:=Array(1, 1), TrailingMinusNumbers:=True

Set wbExcel1 = appExcel1.ActiveWorkbook
Set wsExcel1 = wbExcel1.Worksheets(1)

' opening a second Excel file from the first .txt file
appExcel2.Workbooks.OpenText FileName:="t2.txt", Origin:=xlWindows, _
StartRow:=1, DataType:=xlDelimited, TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, _
ConsecutiveDelimiter:=False, Tab:=True, Semicolon:=True, Comma:=False, Space:=False, Other:=False, FieldInfo:=Array(1, 1), TrailingMinusNumbers:=True

Set wbExcel2 = appExcel2.ActiveWorkbook

'adding the sheet of the second workbook to the first workbook
'this is my probleme: this does not succed
wbExcel1.Worksheets.Add wbExcel2.Worksheets(1)

'creating the result file
wbExcel1.SaveAs ("t1t2.xls")

So my problem is on the code line:
wbExcel1.Worksheets.Add wbExcel2.Worksheets(1)
I don't know how to add the first and unique sheet of the second workbook to the first workbook.
Thank you for all.

Speaking Characters
can anyone give me the DLL required for creating speaking characters like merlin or gini...n how to code them to speak?plzz help me out soon!!

Speaking Of Hyperlinking...
while we are discussing the hyperlink thing, can someone show me how to change the mouse pointer to the hand icon when it is over a hyperlink? I have the link in a label called lblHyperlink. I know it will have something to do with either the label's or the form's mousemove routine, but as I have never used that routine before, I am clueless!

Also, does anyone have the .ico file for the hand pointer? I can't find it.



Speaking Clock-Project
Hello there!

I have a project which consists of making a speaking clock. There's one problem though. I was thinking of a fully automated process where a VB application would export and record the soundclip into the chip (ISD1020A), but I don't know where to start.

Just to clear things up, I'll try to explain how the process is suposed to run;
The signals are sent through RS232, one of these signals are suposed to initiate the recording of a soundsample. When the recording is initiated, the "application" should pick a sample and play it. Because of the length differances between the samples it's required to specify the exact length for each sample. When the sample is done playing, the application should stop the process and start with another one (as a loop). The length of the sound samples are about 0,5 senconds each and are in WAV-format.

The main question is, how is it possible to create a application that can do this job?

Feel free to ask anything if I wasn't clear enough

Speaking Of Control Array...
How do you go about making one? I'v tried searching for "array" but dont get anything that I can work with. any help will be appriciated greatly!'s basically visual, what about the rest?

Speaking Of Retrieving Lines...
Let's say I had a text file, and each line had a "~" (excluding the quotes) right before the NewLine character. The ~ is serving as a line delimiter, to effectively seperate the text file into sections (like a text DB ). Using the most primitive and simple techniques for VB6, how can I go about opening the text file and reading it in a line at time by placing the entire line into a string? From there I'd be able to do the rest of my nifty little tricks, like line replacements, etc.. I just need to figure out reading a line at time.

p.s. If it's an advanced method, I'll need to know the names of required DLLs.


Speaking Of Excel, Why Is It Crashing?
Hey guys.

Can anybody tell me why this seemingly basic code is crashing my excel? I'm just copying some data from a text file to rows in Excel.
First the code:
(with a reference to excel 9.0 Object library

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim xlsWorkBook As Excel.Workbook
Dim xlsWorkSheet As Excel.Worksheet

Set xlsWorkBook = GetObject("C:My DocumentsFile.xls")
Set xlsWorkSheet = xlsWorkBook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
'Text1.Text = xlsWorkSheet.Cells(1, 1).Value
For intCount = 0 To 50
xlsWorkSheet.Cells(intCount + 2, 1).Value = strVAR1(intCount)
xlsWorkSheet.Cells(intCount + 2, 2).Value = strVar2(intCount)
xlsWorkSheet.Cells(intCount + 2, 3).Value = strVAR3(intCount)
xlsWorkSheet.Cells(intCount + 2, 4).Value = strVar4(intCount)
Next intCount

MsgBox ("Done")

End Sub


Okay, first, if I take the REM off of the last line (xlsWorkbook.Close) then I get an Excel error message that the program has committed an error and will now close.

Then, with or without closing, the result is that the information gets written to the page, but when I open the xls in Excel, nothing opens at all. The filesize shows that the data has been written, and opening the spreadsheet in notepad, I can find a large portion of the data that I wrote to it. So, is there an error in this code?



Stop Msagent From Speaking
when msagent is speaking and idont want him to speak anymore when i click a button or something, how can i do this?

can anyone give me a code please....


Direct Speech Won't Let Me Finish Speaking !!!
I was using a direct speech component, which i usually have no problem with, but now I have a question

I gave this component about 10 sentences and they are all about 7 or 8 words. I had the msgbox return "right" and "wrong" on whether or not the recognized phrase is from the list.

But before i can finish speaking the sentence, the answer is returned. I don't have this problem with short phrases or words, so is there a way that I can make the DirectSR listen a bit longer?


Free Animated Speaking Characters
Here are some interesting web pages that can Read and Speak any Web page or portion that you highlight as well as allow you to create your own Animated Speaking Web Pages and Emails in 11 different languges.

Source code to create your own web pages
and email is at:

?'s just email:

Speaking On Phoneline Thru External Modem: Banksia Wave SP 336
Hi all,

After many hours of searching the internet I've come to xTreme VB Talk as a last resort.

(And was surprised to find a Communications forum.)

The Banksia comes with software called 'QuickLink Message Centre'.
The software allows me to do just about everything.

i.e. use a nice set of headphones/mic to speak over the phone line. etc.
( I plug the headphones/mic directly into the modem.

I can use a vb app to dial the modem but as soon as someone picks up I have to cancel the modem connection and pick the phone up. (or vis-versa).
And use the telephone instead of my nice headphones and mic.

I would like to use a vb app and be able to talk on the phoneline thru my headphones/mic thru the modem.

I've looked for an update for or an API addon for this specific modem but failed to find any.

Has anyone done this?

Are there standard commands for this function?

Any specific contructive suggestions and/or hyperlinks as to where I might find the protocol for this specific type of fucntion (not just connecting and dialing, I've got that under control), would be greatly appreciated.

As usualy I'll post my findings and progress.

See i wasen't sure what to put this question under, then i figured sinse it would prob be done using something related to directx and it is going to be used in my game. I need to know, 1) how do i record a sound threw a microphone into a file stored into the local folder. and 2) how do i convert it to MP3? my plan is when a person holds in a key to record a 15 second max sound of whatever they say, then convert it to mp3 and send it to the server which will then send it to all client in the area close to the client. Like a live speech thing....



hi, is there away to get write a program with vb6 that reconizes curtain things from a microphone, like if i say "hi" into a mic it will msgbox Hi. if so could someone tell me how.


Help With Microphone
im trying to write a program that will mute unmute the microphone when a Hotkey is pressed. The only problem is im new to programming and taught myself so i dont know what to do, i know how to write the rest of it except the part that uses the microphone.
any help is much appreciated.

Something With Microphone
Is there a way to check the volume of the microphone? something like if the intensity is higher than y then do something
if there is a way (there probably is) then could you PLEASe tell me? (i eg you! )

I think somebody deleted my original post, dunno why... anyhow.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to detect the sound level coming in from the microphone port on your sound card and how to record it. Also how to apply a codec tot he sound so you can save it in a compressed format (I'm sure there is a DLL out there just have to find it). I already know how to detect the sound card.


can VB take the sounds of the microphone, like SOUND RECOREDER, is there any control to this (microsoft Voice Commands), and if yes, how can I compare 2 sounds to see if they are similar?

Microphone Help...
How would i make a sound recorder type thing in vb? I'd like to use it as a dll, but it doesn't really matter.

See, my main objective is to make a little program that records sound for however long the user inputs information.

I know, a very unique question. Well, please post up some type of code on here. Thanks in advance.

With love ,


Using A Microphone
I am writing a program thats acts like a phone by accessing the Telephony Aplication Programming Interface (TAPI) and I want to be able to transmit sound by using the microphone. Does anyone know how to do this?

Contact me at:

I need to turn on the microphone through coding, and channel it into a file. If it's possible, i need to get the frequencies in realtime as well. Can anyone help?

Turning .frm Into .exe
I downloaded a program made in visual basic 6, and my visual basic is 5, so it doesn't work. And I was wondering, is there a way I can turnall the files that were included with the program, into an exe file so I don't have to load it in Visual Basic? If so, can you tell me where I can download a program to do this?

Turning Off
What would be the code to shutdown the computer immediately for a prank program I'm making?

Turning On And Off Mic
How can I turn off a mic or mute a mic from my speakers. And how do I get that audio from the mic to the speakers with out recording it (real-time).


DirectSound Microphone

Im a student at the mo doing a computer science degree and im a bit stuck!

I need to develop a guitar effectsd processor/or tuner in either Visual Basic or C++. I hoping to stick with VB as I find it easier.

However, to develop this program I need to analyse the wave patterns coming in through the microphone socket on my soundcard. Ive heard DirectSound is useful and I have investigated in using this, however, I've got absolutly no idea of how to capture the microphone or even to extract WAV data.

Any type of help would be useful as I just need a pointer in the right direction.

Cheers guys,


Input From Microphone
Greetings Everyone,

I have a question, I think it is a simple one(at least short), but I can not seem to find the answer. Every time I get lost in the information thus I wanted to ask: does anyone know how I can input realtime microphone data into an array? or know a tutorial where it is explained? I know there is directX and waveinopen and waveInxxx, but I am unable to utilise those(which is my fault as I do not understand how to use them).

Yours Sincerely,

Neo Angelus

Recording With Microphone
I need to record something with a microphone, and save it as a .wav or .mp3.. I'm not sure if I should've put this in General or API, so sorry if it's not in the right one >_>

Turn Microphone On/off
How can turn the microphone on or off via VB. I read something about the audio mixer functions and multi media controls but I couldn't find anything specific to what I need to to.

Recording From Microphone
Anyone knows how to record wav files from microphone?
I believe that mmcontrol (ms multimedia control) is one way to do it, but can someone tell me how to use mmcontrol to do so?

Input From A Microphone
Is it possible to get input from a microphone via VB6?


Microphone To Speaker
Is there any way to have the audio input from a microphone sent directly to the speakers via the sound card. Similar to a PA System. Can this be coded in VB or the Win API?



Microphone And Line In
I am developing software for telly sales.
It must record the telephone call to wave files.

How to I monitor the 'Mic' or 'Line In' to know to record them only.
At the moment it records all noises the PC makes.

I need some code to tell me to start recording, 'automatically' and to record only the 'Mic' and or 'Line In'.

Please help

Microphone Input???

This is my first message in this forum, i have one problem that i donīt know how to solve it. I want to play a .wav sound archive like microphone input. I have an .wav archive in file directory and i would like that as microphone input the sound card read that archive and not my voice.

Thanks a lot

Microphone To Wave
I was wondering if I can make an api call to windows to change recording mode from Microphone to Wave. For those who do not understand, navigate to

Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder

You can record your voice over microphone or you can record any sound you hear in your speakers, but you have to switch mode by going

Edit>Audio Properties>Sound Recording Volume and selecting either Wave or Microphone.

Basically, I would like to switch mode quickly instead of having to go in and out of Sound Recorder (or any other long-cut way).
I do not need any other special controls like volume, just two simple command buttons to set the recording device to Wave or Microphone as the current device for Windows.

HELP!!! About Microphone Select...
hi, all
I have a question... please help me......

i find a program for C

This program is equivalent to the "Microphone Select" check box of the Windows Volume Control for Recording.

Microphone Program
Hey I Would Just Like To Thanks Everyone For Helping Me In the Past

Also Merry X Mas to you all!

Can Anyone help me With this :S Cause Im lost :P

I Have thiS chat i made it shows user and stuff , I wanna make it so like if some one pushes the f3 key they can talk into there mics and people can hear them.

Any Idea How?

Microphone, Webcam
How can I use VB6 to get sounds from the microphone or videos from my webcam? To use my microphone I did not need to install anything, but for my webcam, I had to install it from a CD. Can I still use VB6 to get the videos from it?

Muting A Microphone
Is there a simple way to mute the microphone? For example, a hotkey that will mute it? Or perhaps a checkbox. I searched everywhere before coming here, but I'm lost. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it.


Using Microphone After Dialing
Using the Comm control you can make a phone call, and when in the other side someone answers and talks, it can be heard through the speakers. What I want to know is how can I to talk with the microphone and that the other person hears what I say. Thanks in advance.

Microphone Input
Hi, I have a progress bar on a form. I have a max value of 100. When i speak into my microphone i want the progress bar to move to the volume value.

I have never used input like this so this is the first thing im trying out. How do i do it?


Microphone Input
I'm making a guitar tuner application and need to get input from the microphone.

I've already seen examples on here that use the mciSendString() API function, but I don't think that will cut it.

In summary, all I need to do is wait for input from the microphone, and be able to determine the frequency (Hz.).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Microphone To Speaker
I want to make a vb app for send speach directly (NO RECORD AND PLAY) from microphone to speaker.

How can I do this?


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