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Twain / WIA Application Examples (scanning Api's)

Hi Group,

I hope someone who has trodden through the mires of scannin api's can help me here!

I'm working on an application that will interface a variety o cameras and scanners with a local MSDE database. The goal i simply to acquire and save an image from any user-selecte source.

I've spent a few hours researching the various mechanisms fo this, and have had a look at TWAIN (1.9) and WIA (Windows Imag Acquisition).

WIA does not seem to be as widely supported as TWAIN, but seem to be Microsoft's standard for image acquisition (instead o TWAIN). It's not clear on MSDN if WIA is an API that runs on layer over TWAIN, or if it is a direct TWAIN replacement (an therefore requiring WIA drivers to be installed instead of TWAI ones).

My questions to the group are:

1. What *IS* the difference between WIA and TWAIN?

2. Does anyone have any code examples in VB.NET to us Twain32.dll, or WIA? (I'm pretty sure I can figure WIA ou myself, but TWAIN is a complete pain!).

Any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Set Scanning Properties For A Twain Scanner
Hi all,

Avery happy new year.

I want to capture images through a Twain scanner using Visual Basic 6.0
The scanning software should allow me to set the scanning properties ( like paper size, brightness/contrast etc. ) before I actually start scanning.

Can anyone provide me with any clue or link on the above. Please note that in case you advise me to use any third party software, it should be a freeware one.

Thanxs in advance for any help.


How Can I Add TWAIN Support To My VB6 Application?

I've produced a very large program for where I work.

It's finished and working great, but my boss now want to be able to scan images into it, and possibly take photos from a digital camera.

Does anyone know a way of adding TWAIN support into a VB program?


Scanning In Vb Application
Does anyone know what would be the best controls to use in vb and where i could find out about them for scanning and showing a thumbnail of the image i have just scanned in a vb application.

Scanning A Photo Directly Into A VB Application
I am working on a project that requires a photo ID to be scanned in directly into the application and displayed in a picture box. I would like to use a flatbed scanner to do this.....................any ideas on how to do this?
Please help

Scanning Directly From Visual Basic Application
can anyone help me to create a programme which will give a scan command from
the visual basic applications


p rao

Examples Needed: AppForge Resources And Examples
Hi guys. Anyone who knows any resources or examples I can learn about appforge? I need some complete applications written in mobile visual basic platform that will eventually exported to PDA or palms. Thanks for any help.

Twain VB

How to set or get ICAP_FILTER from twain_32.dll.

i was try 1000 times but, still get TWRC_FAILURE haeh...

My scanner is Microtek Artixscan DI1210, and has a capabilty for filtering color (in Black and white mode). The idea is, I want to control this feature from my VB program without showing the microtek interface. it's important for my vb program compatibility to another scanner.
.... please help me

Twain VB
Hi every one,

I'm writing a program that will access my webcam at home. I know the webcam has a twain interface, but how do I access the twain_32.dll from VB?

Please help.


Help With TWAIN
I'm starting a small project that will require me to be able to snap a picture with my Intel Web Cam and save it to a location on my computer. Nothing that you have not seen many times before but I really just don't know what direction to go. I will be using VB6 to write this app and know that I need to use TWAIN to comunicate with my camera but I don't know how. I have only seen expensive tools online to help me do this but they are full of features I will never use. There was some mention of a tool called Eztwain but I don't know where to get it and have not seen any examples on how to us it. Could some please give me some direction on this, thanks

I am writing an application in VB that the user will use to scan. I would like to know how can I get what functions are in twain_32.dll? I have looked at EZTW32.dll and liked it but instead of showing the scanners in a list, I would like to show it in a drop down menu. Thanks in advance

How can I use the Twain interface of my scanner?

Hey all..

Anyone here know how to get a capture from a twain compatible webcam?

Thanx in advance!

Can I use a twain interface from a VB program?? If so how? Any ideas would be appreciated.



Hello all,

I'm looking for a method, to program TWAIN directly via API calls...
Because the Twain OCX under Windows from Kodak is very slow...

When I scan via software or the OCX, the TWAIN driver reloads everytime,
I would like to keep it open, so I can close it when I exit the program.


How To Use TWAIN Api In Vb
any body knows how to use TWAIN API using VB.

pls help me asap.


I can scan using Twain.dll .It displays a user interface where in i have to click the scan button to scan a image. But my requirement is this should be done without the userinterface.Even i am able to hide the userinterface but not able to perform the scan function.

I know to scan a image using the twain.dll. but I have a problem. when i invoke the method for scanning It shows a user interface by itself, but my requirement is that it should not show its user interface and perform the scan for me. Do let me know. Thank u

Is there a control to allow TWAIN implimentation or must I make calls to the Twain.dll.


I have to make an application capable of getting
images from twain compatible devices.

Please, give me some clue how can I do this.

Note that I must not use readymade ActiveX controls.


Valery Iskarov Nikolov

Non Twain Scanner

Is there any way to use Non-Twain Scanners in VB 6.0? I mean, a component, DLL, or OCX which you use it in the program and it works like imgscan.ocx?


Using A Scanner With TWAIN
Does anybody know how to include code to control a scanner with TWAIN? This in order to allow the user to scan documents and "attach" (I will store only the filename(s) in the database and the images will be stored in a folder) them to the information in a record.
Any reference?


Twain Problem
I have wan to scan a image into my picture box by clicking the scan button i created. But sadly, i cant find any example of it by using twain. The most i can get is call the scan wizzard and then only scan the image. Is there anyway i can find any example that teach me how to create the scanning process using the TWAIN driver(without calling the scan wizzard).. Thanks..

TWAIN Commercial
I have been looking for free TWAIN dwivers, well components, dll's ect, for integraiting TWAIN with visual basic. This is for Commercial use (though it will be non-profit). I have had no sucess so far in locating any that are free for this purpose. Am I right in thinking that there are no free components available for commercial use?

HP TWAIN Control
I'm trying to get an image scanner to interact (transparenly) with my VB code, using the HP TwainCtrl.ocx.

Has anybody used this before, and is there any documentation?

I've gotten it to work, somewhat, but I cant make it produce a .pdf, but can get .bmp, .jpg, and .tif. the software that came with the scanner (scanjet pro 3.0 w/ doc feeder) can scan to a .pdf.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Twain API Tutorial?
Anyone know where I can find info on how to use an API for Twain drivers? I'd really like to get away from using the kodak imaging activex controls if I can.

Twain Drivers...
Anyone know how to code scanner drivers so i dont have to use these friggin worthless twain drivers? After the twain driver quits I get a Illegal Operation error in kernel32. What should I do?!?!

Scanner/Web Cam/TWAIN
Hi guys (and gals).

I was wondering what I need to grab pictures from a web cam. I was thinking about writing a small app that can take a picture from a web cam that has already been installed.

I assume that those web cams, scanners, digital cams, etc. all use the TWAIN driver, am I right?

How does one program that thing? I mean which DLL files do I need to look at, and does anyone know where I can find a reference manual. Is there an API for TWAIN?

Twain.ocx Is It Aviailable ?
Is there a VB6 version avallable for use in my own apps ?

Twain Source

can anyone point me to how a vb app can import any twain driver......isthere any api thru which i can perform this?


Twain Support (api)
hi all,

i remember having this problem once where i required a sampleimplementation of the twain api in vb.......someone sent me one......butsadly i lost it......along with the persons email.

if anyone does have any such sample plz mail at email@removed



where i found this API´s or your documentation?


Érol Tavares Stocchero

Twain Sources
Hi Friends,

i have a Vb application which scans photos and takes photos from camera and stores them in the database.

To run the scanner and camera i am using the twain controls.

I have different procedures to strore Photo for scanner and Camera.

I have a select source window where all the twain sources are listed.

When i select the source i want to know whether this is for scanner or Camera so that i can follow the particular procedure to store the photo.

Kindly help me how to identify whether the selected source is for camera or scanner.

Thanx in Advance

Connect To Dynamic Twain.
Can someone please give me a push in the right direction.

I wish to connect to any Twain source currently installed on the computer.

So a user will select the twain source and then click "Twain" and the selected twain source window will pop up.


Creating TWAIN Source In VB6
Good afternoon All;

I want to do an automated image enhancement when I use a twain compliant device. The general idea is that I create a twain source that just contains the enhancement code, and connects to a twain device that does the actual capture.

To illustrate what it is;
twain scanner >> existing software

What I'm trying to do;
twain scanner >> twain compliant enhancement code >> existing software

My problem is that I can find loads of information about integrating a twain device in VB6, but I don't find any information about how to create a twain source in VB...

All suggestions are appreciated, thanks...

How To Create A TWAIN Driver ?
I want to create an application that can be selected in other applications as a TWAIN source. The general idea is that I can use an existing application that only has a TWAIN source selection to also use pictures from file. I would also build in a crop function.

No problem in the picture processing, but I don't have an idea how to create a TWAIN source...

Thanks for the help.

Ivan D.

Acquire A Twain Driver ?
can i acquire a twain driver and get the scanded image into a picbox in vb??

Digital Camera - TWAIN?

I'm using the capCreateCaptureWindowA API to display video from a digital camera (works fine). A customer sent me an email asking me "does your program uses twain drivers, VFW or WMD to load images from the camera?".

I am 'thinking' the answer is TWAIN, but I have no clue what VFW or WMD is. Is there anyone out there that can answer this question for me??

Thanks in advance!

TWAIN Digital Camera

I have digital camera and I'd like to retrieve picture from it (25 fps).
Can I do that just like i would do it with scanner (through imgscan.ocx), but instead of scanning just one picture at the time (like at scanner), I would retrieve 25 pictures per second.
Can this work?

Twain In Visual Foxpro
Can anybody tell me how to use twain drivers in viual foxpro???

Capture An Image From TWAIN
Anyone know howto capture an image from TWAIN?
A good tutorial maybe?

TWAIN Input And Light Spot Following
I am studying a level physics and have a task to do, if I can do it. The task is to create a program, that will look through a web-cam at a black screen. A white ball will be moved across this screen, and i am expected to mkae the computer tell me tho co-ordinates of the ball.

So Question 1, how do i make visual basic show the view from my web-cam.

and 2, how do i make it find the brightest spot on the live pictures?

Twain And Twain32 Image Source ....
Other than the EZTW.dll as seen on Planet Source Code, does anyone know of any free Scan/Twain OCX's or code for interfacing with a scanner?

I'm hoping to get a little more control out or twain ... ie disable the default scanning interface and set any setting from within my app.

Getting Image From Webcam? TWAIN / Eztwain
Hello there

I am a student and am trying to get an image from a twain compliant webcam for one of my assignments and it keeps crashing.
If you have a moment would you mind having a quick look, it would be a great help.

I have downloaded a test project in VB6 (which I have attached) and it crashes when trying to get the image using : s% = TWAIN_AcquireToFilename(Me.hWnd, "c: emp.bmp")

It jumps out to the OnError routine (BadScan) with a 'vbInformation' value of 64.

Any ideas??? My details are:

Eztwain version 1.12
TWAIN version unknown (installed with the new webcam so probably the most recent one)
Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks (USB)
Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5
Windows XP
Mobile Pentium4 chip.

Cheers guys

Pictures From Digital Camera With Twain
does anyone know how to get pictures from a digital camera to a file using VB6. the cemera is on the USB port using TWAIN protocols..

Getting Image From Webcam? TWAIN / Eztwain
Hello there

I am a student and am trying to get an image from a twain compliant webcam for one of my assignments and it keeps crashing.
If you have a moment would you mind having a quick look, it would be a great help.

I have downloaded a test project in VB6 (which I have attached) and it crashes when trying to get the image using : s% = TWAIN_AcquireToFilename(Me.hWnd, "c: emp.bmp")

It jumps out to the OnError routine (BadScan) with a 'vbInformation' value of 64.

Any ideas??? My details are:

Eztwain version 1.12
TWAIN version unknown (installed with the new webcam so probably the most recent one)
Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks (USB)
Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5
Windows XP
Mobile Pentium4 chip.

Cheers guys

(If anyone has any other way of doing it I am open to suggestions. I want to grab an image with no user interaction and dump it into a directory)

How To Program With TWAIN(capture Pic Come From Scanner)
Any suggestion ,or related resource will be greatly appreciated.


Live Video Feed Via Twain & Qcam
I can now download pictures from my Qcam using eztz32.dll

How do i get the video live from the camera ?

Capture Data From TWAIN Scanner Source
Anyone know how to go about capturing data from a TWAIN driver for a
scanner? I have a third party OCR package that interfaces with a scanner
now, but I don't need the whole OCR part for this project. Anyone have any
experience adding support for a scanner in their VB app?

VB6 Code To Capture Image Using TWAIN Device
i am doing my IP project in VB6.......
i want to know the code for capturing images using TWAIN devices like webcams, digi cams, etc. in VB6.....
can some one please help me. this is seriously urgent.........
thank you..

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