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Using LoadCursor APIs

HiI am currently using an existing ocx and I realised that this ocx does not support mousepointer property. Is there anyway I can manipulate the mousepointer. I am no access to the ocx codes. The winAPIs has Loadcursor and Setcursor functions. Will these 2 help and how do I go about using them? Any examples? Thanks!zenn0

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Capturing (Wave APIs), Compressing (ACM APIs) And Sending Over Socket Sound
Here is a prog me and my friend coded recently. It's a simple example how to capture, compress sound and train it through the internet to another location. We found it difficult to find any tutorial on this topic. We tried to ask some guy for source code of similar program to use it for eductional proposes, but he happened to be greedy and try to sell for 500USD. So we decided to share it with everybody so you could save your time.


How Can I Open Ms Excel File From Should I Use APIs If Yes Then Which APIs
how can I open ms excel file from should i use APIs if yes then which APIs ...?

APIs Not In NT
i've learned that not all API's available for 9x are available for NT and vice versa. how is it possible to use such functions across the board?

Aim,yim,icq Apis?
ive looked for some api, havent found it. I need to get all the contacts in the buddy list for each one. Any ideas? And MS Sql APIS
Hi all
I need help here:
do you guys know where i can get APIS that would interface
an application with an MS SQL Server.

What i want to do is the following

Once a user is logged in , i want to populate a list of all the Database in the SQL server, then populate a list with all the owners for all the databases and
finally get a list of all the tables for each onwers for each databases
so i can write my sql like dbname.onwername.table

I am new with MS SQL and i dont know all the SQL statement to do that
I looked around and it sounds fairly complicated so i fugure there may exists some API's to do that


VB6 APIs Like C++!
Ok i dont take credit for this as i didnt make it...found it online
This is the best thing i have ever seen in my programming life...
you can use apis just like in C++ you dont need to declare them anymore
just do it C++ way ex.
FindWindow("notepad",vbnullstring) without declaring findwindow api
it has all APIs,Constants, and Types
Just add it to your references and that's can even look at them in object browser
Trust me this is a MUST HAVE if you use apis ALOT
im in love with it already...
Enjoy it

Using APIs
I read a response to a Q the other day from Ellis Dee and they put some code up using APIs. My question. Where Do I learn what APIs are useful and how they can be implemented? Also how do I find out what constants I use for what API???? I.e. What is this for????
Public Const ABN_STATECHANGE = &H0

How To Use APIs
I've decided to give in and start usings APIs. My first attempt is with using SENDMESSAGE.The example I am trying to use is to search a list box for an item by entering text. After the declaration of the API there is a constant declaration "Const LB_FINDSTRING = &H18F". How do you know when to use this constant and what does it mean?

hi every one
please tell me some cute APIs you know.

   At this time I am working in Visual Basic
   I want to use APIs in My coding for speeding up execution of the program.
  But I am not getting this idea where to use which API funciton From where I can get this idea.

I need to be able to detect when a Digital Camera becomes active. The Camera shows up as a drive letter and once it does, I have no problem. However I would like to be able to popup my app when the camera-drive/ram drive becomes active.

I wish to run only one instance of my app which consists of several modules ,froms etc...
I use the APP.Previnstance property to check if a
previous instance is running.I need an API to detect a previous instance running of the application get a handle to that and maximize it in case the exe is run again..

Any help would be appreciated

Please Help With APIs
i am trying to use APIs for the first time. please help me as to how i should use, say the
"sendmessage" API.
i used the API viewer to declare the API.
i dont understand the syntax for the sendmessage .
what does hwnd , wMsg ,wParam , lParam etc...
what should i substitute??
please help

Using APIs
I'm new at using system calls in VB.
I'm trying to use - NetUserGetInfo - to retrieve information about specific NT users (to determine if the account exists and has specific permissions), however I don't know where to begin to set up this command.

Can anyone help?
Thank You.

Help In APIs

I have to find out if a system is shut down or logged off using VB. Could anyone give me the code for this.

There is one API which shuts down or Logs off the system, but i dont need that. I have to detect these operations alone.

Thank you,

K. Sripriya

Printing APIs...
I tried using the perscribed API in Access2000 VBA, but keep getting error message : Printer. variable not defined. Can somone help?

I would like to print a series of TIFF images in a given directory directly to a default printer. If there is a better way than using the API


Please let me know. Thanks.

Edit: Do not hijack other people's threads

Intercept APIs
Can someone tell me why my program crashes after I get the calue for IsDebuggerPresent? How come it doesn't work the way I want it to? Try the code out yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm so close to making an API interceptor but it won't work. Don't worry. This isn't for hacking or anything like that. I just used IsDebuggerPresent because it has no arguements.

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function IsDebuggerPresent Lib "kernel32" () As Long

Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, _
ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As Long

Private Declare Function GetCurrentProcessId Lib "kernel32" () As Long

Private Declare Function WriteProcessMemory Lib "kernel32" (ByVal ProcessHandle As Long, lpBaseAddress As Any, _
lpBuffer As Any, ByVal nSize As Long, lpNumberOfBytesWritten As Long) As Long

Private Declare Function ReadProcessMemory Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpBaseAddress As Any, _
lpBuffer As Any, ByVal nSize As Long, lpNumberOfBytesWritten As Long) As Long

Private Declare Function LoadLibrary Lib "kernel32" Alias "LoadLibraryA" (ByVal lib As String) As String

Private Declare Function GetProcAddress Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal lpProcName As String) As Long

Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)

Private Declare Function GetModuleHandle Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetModuleHandleA" (ByVal lpModuleName As String) As Long

Private btOldAsm(4) As Byte

Public Function RemoteHook(ByVal NewAddr As Long) As Boolean
Dim BytesWritten As Long
Dim hModule As Long
Dim hFnc As Long
Dim btNewAsm(4) As Byte
Dim PID As Long

hModule = GetModuleHandle("Kernel32")

If hModule = 0 Then
hModule = LoadLibrary("Kernel32")
MsgBox "LoadLibrary Error", vbCritical, "Error": Exit Function
End If

hFnc = GetProcAddress(hModule, "IsDebuggerPresent")
If hFnc = 0 Then
MsgBox "Function Error", vbCritical, "Error"
Exit Function
End If

' save the first 4 bytes of the function to hook
ReadProcessMemory OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, GetCurrentProcessId), ByVal hFnc, btOldAsm(0), 5, BytesWritten

If BytesWritten <> 5 Then MsgBox "BytesWritten Error", vbCritical, "Error": Exit Function

' *** possible extension
' *** create a proxy function in the remote process
' *** to call the hooked function

' relative JMP address
NewAddr = NewAddr - hFnc - 5

btNewAsm(0) = &HE9 ' JMP near
CopyMemory btNewAsm(1), NewAddr, 4 ' rel. Addr

' overwrite function with JMP instruction
WriteProcessMemory OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, GetCurrentProcessId), ByVal hFnc, btNewAsm(0), 5, BytesWritten

'lblGetModuleHandle.Caption = "GetModuleHandle(" & Chr(34) & "Kernel32" & Chr(34) & ")=" & GetModuleHandle("Kernel32")
'lblLoadLibrary.Caption = "LoadLibrary(" & Chr(34) & "Kernel32" & Chr(34) & ")=" & LoadLibrary("Kernel32")
'lblGetProcAddress.Caption = "GetProcAddress(hModule, " & Chr(34) & "IsDebuggerPresent" & Chr(34) & ")=" & GetProcAddress(hModule, "IsDebuggerPresent")

RemoteHook = BytesWritten = 5

End Function

Private Sub Form_Activate()
If RemoteHook(AddressOf MyFunction) = True Then MsgBox "Success"
MsgBox IsDebuggerPresent
End Sub

Public Function MyFunction() as Integer
End Function

272 New APIs? Droolalicious!
On Tuesday, the software giant will begin licensing 113 communications protocols used by the Windows desktop operating system to work with the Windows Server products. On Aug. 28, Microsoft will release 272 previously undisclosed application programming interfaces (APIs) used to ensure that third-party software works well with Windows.

Link here

Yes! Sounds like fun to me... any thoughts as to whether us VBers will get a knock at these?

APIs Not Working
I am a novice vb programmer - attempts to use mciSendString and sndPlaySound don't seem to work to play .mp3s or .wav files -using win 2000. I've copied the code directly from books and routines on web - any suggestions would be appreciated!

I'm Lost On Using APIs
I would like to know how do I push buttons in a program that my propgram just opened,
I mean that my program open ws-ftp and I wish to press on a button in ws-ftp,
how do I do that?
thanks from advance

Help With VB String And APIS
Sorry if this is the wrong forum...I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure this out:

I have a VB DLL (called test.dll) function like this (compiles fine):

Public Function test(ByVal myString as String) As String
Open myString For Binary Access Read As #1
close #1
return "TEST"
end Function

And Now I have the Caller Program:

Private Declare Function test Lib _
"test.dll" (ByVal myString as String) As String

Private Sub Form_Load()
theanswer= test("HI.txt")
End Sub

However it doesn't return "TEST" as it fact it gets caught up on the open command....I read that it might be that the myString in the DLL is a can i resolve this?

Hmm... I'm sure WinXP includes many new APIs... but where to find them? Does anyone know where I can get a list of these new APIs? Thanks!

Translation APIs?
Okay, here's a long shot....
Does anyone know of any APIs that will enable you to translate one string into another language (preferable french - english and vice versa)?
Failing that, where I could find on the net a nicely structured english - french (again, and vice versa) document/dictionary?

Cheers all

Printing APIs...
What APIs should I use to:

A: Tell a printer to print a specific file (ie: "c:windowsFile.doc")

B: Check if a printer is currently printing/idle

Please help, and if possible give a brief guide on how to use the APIs!

Cheers all!

APIs And Modules
I have my API functions declared in my module, however when it is declared as such:

Private Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal cx As Long, ByVal cy As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long

And then I call it from my form:


It says that the "Sub or Function is not defined." And Vb won't allow the use of Global instead of Private and when I use Public it doesn't work correctly. However when I put it in the same form as the one I am calling it from it works fine. Any help? Very frustrated right now.

Microprocessor's Mhz With APIs
Hi !!!
I'm trying to detect if a microprocessor is a Pentuim II or Pentium III;
and the most important ..... how many Mhz it does?
The API GetSystemInfo doesn't return this information.
I don't know yet if it's posible access to this information. Windows doesn't do.
Is there any way to do this with API's ?
I would really appreciate any suggestion how to solve it.

Gente, necesito que me oriente con lo siguiente:

El Api SetWindowsHook sirve entre otras cosas para detectar movimientos de mouse y de teclados, cuando le damos el hilo al systema para que llame a una función de mi programa.
Es decir, si no tecleamos nada, mi programa no recibe nada. Cierto?.
Bueno, lo que necesito saber es ¿como saber cuando el sistema o el usuario ejecuta una aplicación? con esta Api o con cualquier otra.
Es decir, que el mismo sistema le avise mi programa que se ha creado un nuevo proceso.

Yo puedo monitorear constantemente el sistema buscando los handles de los tantos que están abiertos, pero ello consume recursos del CPU que quiero evitar, ya que cuando estoy escribiendo en Word, salvo que abra menús o ToolTips , no se añade ningún handle.

Mi program tendría que recibir del sistema un aviso de que por ejemplo se ha abierto un proceso, entonces yo tomo ese handle y me fijo si es una aplicación "x" y en consecuencia hago algo.
Si necesitan más especificaciones, no duden en consultarme al email, se los agradecería muchísimo, ya que es muy importante para una aplicación que estoy desarrollando.
Desde ya quedo a disposición de quien pueda darme una ayuda. Muchas Gracias.

Any Place Where All The Apis Can Be Seen?
Would like to know if there is a website or a sample project which shows the apis and its properties. I am interested in subclassing some controls of the visual basic.

STD Picture APIs
Hi. Is it possible to use APIs like get/set pixel and bitblt on an std picture without putting it in a picturebox first?

Intercept APIs
Can someone please explain why my program crashes after getting the value for IsDebuggerPresent. This isn't for hacking. I just used IsDebuggerPresent as an example because it has no arguements.
VB Code:
'frmMainOption Explicit Private Declare Function OpenProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As LongPrivate Const PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS = &H1F0FFF Private Declare Function GetCurrentProcessId Lib "kernel32" () As Long Private Declare Function WriteProcessMemory Lib "kernel32" (ByVal ProcessHandle As Long, lpBaseAddress As Any, lpBuffer As Any, ByVal nSize As Long, lpNumberOfBytesWritten As Long) As Long Private Declare Function ReadProcessMemory Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hProcess As Long, lpBaseAddress As Any, lpBuffer As Any, ByVal nSize As Long, lpNumberOfBytesWritten As Long) As Long Private Declare Function LoadLibrary Lib "kernel32" Alias "LoadLibraryA" (ByVal lib As String) As String Private Declare Function GetProcAddress Lib "kernel32" (ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal lpProcName As String) As Long Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, source As Any, ByVal Length As Long) Private Declare Function GetModuleHandle Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetModuleHandleA" (ByVal lpModuleName As String) As Long Private btOldAsm(4) As Byte Private Declare Function IsDebuggerPresent Lib "kernel32" () As Long Public Function RemoteHook(ByVal NewAddr As Long) As BooleanDim BytesWritten As LongDim hModule As LongDim hFnc  As LongDim btNewAsm(4) As ByteDim PID As Long hModule = GetModuleHandle("Kernel32") If hModule = 0 ThenhModule = LoadLibrary("Kernel32")MsgBox "LoadLibrary Error", vbCritical, "Error": Exit FunctionEnd If hFnc = GetProcAddress(hModule, "IsDebuggerPresent")If hFnc = 0 ThenMsgBox "Function Error", vbCritical, "Error"Exit FunctionEnd If ' save the first 4 bytes of the function to hookReadProcessMemory OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, GetCurrentProcessId), ByVal hFnc, btOldAsm(0), 5, BytesWritten If BytesWritten <> 5 Then MsgBox "BytesWritten Error", vbCritical, "Error": Exit Function ' *** possible extension' *** create a proxy function in the remote process' *** to call the hooked function ' relative JMP addressNewAddr = NewAddr - hFnc - 5 btNewAsm(0) = &HE9 ' JMP nearCopyMemory btNewAsm(1), NewAddr, 4  ' rel. Addr ' overwrite function with JMP instructionWriteProcessMemory OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, GetCurrentProcessId), ByVal hFnc, btNewAsm(0), 5, BytesWritten 'lblGetModuleHandle.Caption = "GetModuleHandle(" & Chr(34) & "Kernel32" & Chr(34) & ")=" & GetModuleHandle("Kernel32")'lblLoadLibrary.Caption = "LoadLibrary(" & Chr(34) & "Kernel32" & Chr(34) & ")=" & LoadLibrary("Kernel32")'lblGetProcAddress.Caption = "GetProcAddress(hModule, " & Chr(34) & "IsDebuggerPresent" & Chr(34) & ")=" & GetProcAddress(hModule, "IsDebuggerPresent") RemoteHook = BytesWritten = 5 End Function Private Sub Form_Activate()If RemoteHook(AddressOf MyFunction) = True Then MsgBox "Success"MsgBox IsDebuggerPresentEnd Sub 'modFunctionPublic Function MyFunction()MyFunction = 10End Function

Edit: Added [vbcode][/vbcode] tags for more clarity. - Hack

Is It Possible Also To Hook APIs In VB?!
Hey guys

Is it possible to hook APIs in VB? Is it as power as Hookin APIs in C++?

What is the API that is used monitor: TCP, UDP, ICMP.. and other protocols?

I want to develop a Firewall using VB.. all current VB Firewalls are bad!!! I wish to develop something good and FREE..

Can VB Firewalls be as C++ Firewalls? (The same powers)

What things can't I make using VB which I can in C++ for Firewalls?

What are the best OpenSource VB and C++ Firewalls in the world..


i need tutorials on DLLs
when are they called,how and why
how do i create one

when are APIs also called ,why and how

File APIs?

All i need to do is this. I need to detect if a directory exists or
not.... is this possible?

Somebody please help.

List Of Apis
anyone know a website that lists api's and how to use them all?

Printer APIs
With the help of OpenPrinter...
You also need the PRINTER_DEFAULT, the DEVMODE structures and also the CCHDEVICENAME and the CCHFORMNAME constants plus an access constant like PRINTER_ACCESS_USE or PINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER.
You'll find all of the above in the API Viewer...

Look the rest up in the MSDN library...

Best regards

Services And APIs...
Hi all,

can someone tell me if there is an API to seek in the "Service" file ( in your windows dir) and retreive the port number used by a Service ?

If you want some clues on this, edit your "Service" file in Notpad and see for yourself the format of the file.

Is there a GetServicePortByName API call or something like that existing...and the writing function of course !


Finding Out What Apis Something Is Using
can someone recommend a tool for finding out what api calls a program is using?



FTP Upload Using APIs
Maybe try posting your question to the API section of this site?

CD Writer APIs

I was wondering if there are any APIs to copy to and from to a CD writer?


Weird Apis
I need to get some apis to do odd things.

One to Make another programs windows invisable.

One to Make another program stop what its doing.

are there any?

Network APIs?

Anybody have any experience in using the MS Win32 Network API(s) in VB?

Any pointers, tips, gotchas, whatever, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance-

Burnie Fox
Lakeshore Business Solutions
St. Joseph, MI

Msn Messenger APIs
i am saqib , i want some information about msn messenger APIs. Because ia want to use then, please tell me from where i can get these APIs, & how can i use then

Obsure APIs
Can anybody help me fill in the blanks on the following APIs? These aren't referenced in the VB API viewer (they are part of a larger list and I was able to find some of the declarations at - I think I have removed them).
Are the rest of these undocumented APIs or simply obscure, making their declarations hard to find?

I'm a little skeptical about "ByeByeGDI" and "WinOldAppHackoMatic" .

AlignRects Lib "user32" (Params)
AllocLSCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
AllocSLCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
AnimatePalette Lib "gdi32" (Params)
AnimateWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
AreFileApisANSI Lib "kernel32" (Params)
BlockInput Lib "user32" (Params)
ByeByeGDI Lib "gdi32" (Params)
CalcChildScroll Lib "user32" (Params)
CallMsgFilter Lib "user32" (Params)
CancelDeviceWakeupRequest Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CancelIo Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CancelOverlappedAccess Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CancelWaitableTimer Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CascadeChildWindows Lib "user32" (Params)
CheckDlgButton Lib "user32" (Params)
CheckRadioButton Lib "user32" (Params)
ClientThreadConnect Lib "user32" (Params)
CloseProfileUserMapping Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CloseSystemHandle Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ColorCorrectPalette Lib "gdi32" (Params)
ConvertThreadToFiber Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ConvertToGlobalHandle Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CreateFiber Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CreateIconFromResourceEx Lib "user32" (Params)
CreateKernelThread Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CreatePrinterIC Lib "winspool.drv" (Params)
CreateSocketHandle Lib "kernel32" (Params)
CryptContextAddRef Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptCreateHash Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDecrypt Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDeriveKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDestroyHash Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDestroyKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDuplicateHash Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptDuplicateKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptEncrypt Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptExportKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGenKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGenRandom Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGetHashParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGetKeyParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGetProvParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptGetUserKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptHashData Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptHashSessionKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptImportKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptReleaseContext Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptSetHashParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptSetKeyParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
CryptSetProvParam Lib "advapi32" (Params)
DdeAccessData Lib "user32" (Params)
DdeAddData Lib "user32" (Params)
DdeGetData Lib "user32" (Params)
DdeUnaccessData Lib "user32" (Params)
DeleteFiber Lib "kernel32" (Params)
DeletePrinterIC Lib "winspool.drv" (Params)
DeviceCapabilitiesEx Lib "gdi32" (Params)
DllCanUnloadNow Lib "mpr" (Params)
DllGetClassObject Lib "mpr" (Params)
DrawFrame Lib "user32" (Params)
DrawMenuBarTemp Lib "user32" (Params)
DuplicateTokenEx Lib "advapi32" (Params)
EditWndProc Lib "user32" (Params)
EnableEUDC Lib "gdi32" (Params)
EndMenu Lib "user32" (Params)
EndTask Lib "user32" (Params)
EnumDisplayMonitors Lib "user32" (Params)
EnumWindows Lib "user32" (Params)
FlashWindowEx Lib "user32" (Params)
FreeLSCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
FreePrinterNotifyInfo Lib "winspool.drv" (Params)
FreeSLCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GdiPlayDCScript Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GdiPlayJournal Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GdiPlayScript Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetAltTabInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetAncestor Lib "user32" (Params)
GetBinaryType Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetClipboardData Lib "user32" (Params)
GetClipboardSequenceNumber Lib "user32" (Params)
GetComboBoxInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetCursorInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetDaylightFlag Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetDevicePowerState Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetEnvironmentStrings Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetErrorMode Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetFontData Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetFontResourceInfo Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetGlyphOutline Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetGuiResources Lib "user32" (Params)
GetGUIThreadInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetHandleContext Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetInputDesktop Lib "user32" (Params)
GetInternalWindowPos Lib "user32" (Params)
GetKerningPairs Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetLayout Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetListBoxInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetLSCallbackTarget Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetLSCallbackTemplate Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetMenuBarInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetMenuInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetMouseMovePoints Lib "user32" (Params)
GetNextQueueWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
GetOverlappedAccessResults Lib "advapi32" (Params)
GetProcessDefaultLayout Lib "user32" (Params)
GetProcessFlags Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetProcessPriorityBoost Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetProcessVersion Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetProductName Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetRandomRgn Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetRegionData Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetScrollBarInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetSecurityInfo Lib "advapi32" (Params)
GetShellWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
GetSLCallbackTarget Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetSLCallbackTemplate Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetSystemTimeAsFileTime Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetTextCharacterExtra Lib "gdi32" (Params)
GetThreadPriorityBoost Lib "kernel32" (Params)
GetTitleBarInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetWindowInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
GetWriteWatch Lib "kernel32" (Params)
HasSystemSleepStarted Lib "user32" (Params)
HeapSetFlags Lib "kernel32" (Params)
HeapWalk Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ImmAssociateContextEx Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmCreateIMCC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmCreateSoftKeyboard Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmDestroyIMCC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmDestroySoftKeyboard Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmDisableIME Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmGenerateMessage Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmGetHotKey Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmGetIMCCLockCount Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmGetIMCCSize Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmGetIMCLockCount Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmLockIMC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmLockIMCC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmReSizeIMCC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmSetHotKey Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmShowSoftKeyboard Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmUnlockIMC Lib "imm32" (Params)
ImmUnlockIMCC Lib "imm32" (Params)
InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount Lib "kernel32" (Params)
InitSharedTable Lib "user32" (Params)
InitTask Lib "user32" (Params)
InSendMessageEx Lib "user32" (Params)
InterlockedCompareExchange Lib "kernel32" (Params)
InterlockedExchangeAdd Lib "kernel32" (Params)
InternalGetWindowText Lib "user32" (Params)
InvalidateNLSCache Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsDBCSLeadByteEx Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsDebuggerPresent Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsDialogMessage Lib "user32" (Params)
IsHungThread Lib "user32" (Params)
IsLSCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsProcessorFeaturePresent Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsSLCallback Lib "kernel32" (Params)
IsSystemResumeAutomatic Lib "kernel32" (Params)
LockWindowStation Lib "user32" (Params)
MakeCriticalSectionGlobal Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapHInstLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapHInstSL Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapHModuleLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapHModuleSL Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapSL Lib "kernel32" (Params)
MapSLFix Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ModifyAccess Lib "user32" (Params)
MonitorFromPoint Lib "user32" (Params)
MonitorFromRect Lib "user32" (Params)
MonitorFromWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx Lib "user32" (Params)
NotifyNLSUserCache Lib "kernel32" (Params)
NotifyWinEvent Lib "user32" (Params)
OpenProfileUserMapping Lib "kernel32" (Params)
OpenVxDHandle Lib "kernel32" (Params)
PlayGdiScriptOnPrinterIC Lib "winspool.drv" (Params)
PlaySoundEvent Lib "user32" (Params)
PostQueuedCompletionStatus Lib "kernel32" (Params)
QueryNumberOfEventLogRecords Lib "kernel32" (Params)
QueryOldestEventLogRecord Lib "kernel32" (Params)
QueueUserAPC Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ReadFileScatter Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RealChildWindowFromPoint Lib "user32" (Params)
RealGetWindowClass Lib "user32" (Params)
RegisterLogonProcess Lib "user32" (Params)
RegisterNetworkCapabilities Lib "user32" (Params)
RegisterServiceProcess Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RegisterSysMsgHandler Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RegisterSystemThread Lib "user32" (Params)
RegisterTasklist Lib "user32" (Params)
RegRemapPreDefKey Lib "advapi32" (Params)
ReinitializeCriticalSection Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RequestDeviceWakeup Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RequestWakeupLatency Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ResetNLSUserInfoCache Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ResetWriteWatch Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RtlFillMemory Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RtlUnwind Lib "kernel32" (Params)
RtlZeroMemory Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SendInput Lib "user32" (Params)
SetCriticalSectionSpinCount Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetDaylightFlag Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetDesktopBitmap Lib "user32" (Params)
SetDeskWallpaper Lib "user32" (Params)
SetFontEnumeration Lib "gdi32" (Params)
SetHandleContext Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetInternalWindowPos Lib "user32" (Params)
SetLayout Lib "gdi32" (Params)
SetLogonNotifyWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
SetMagicColors Lib "gdi32" (Params)
SetMenuInfo Lib "user32" (Params)
SetMessageWaitingIndicator Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetObjectOwner Lib "gdi32" (Params)
SetProcessAffinityMask Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetProcessDefaultLayout Lib "user32" (Params)
SetProcessPriorityBoost Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetSecurityInfo Lib "advapi32" (Params)
SetShellWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
SetSysColorsTemp Lib "user32" (Params)
SetTextCharacterExtra Lib "gdi32" (Params)
SetThreadExecutionState Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetThreadIdealProcessor Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetThreadPriorityBoost Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetWaitableTimer Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SetWindowFullScreenState Lib "user32" (Params)
SetWinEventHook Lib "user32" (Params)
SignalObjectAndWait Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SignalSysMsgHandlers Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SMapLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SUnMapLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SwitchToFiber Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SwitchToThisWindow Lib "user32" (Params)
SwitchToThread Lib "kernel32" (Params)
SysErrorBox Lib "user32" (Params)
TileChildWindows Lib "user32" (Params)
TlsAllocInternal Lib "kernel32" (Params)
TlsFreeInternal Lib "kernel32" (Params)
ToUnicodeEx Lib "user32" (Params)
TrackMouseEvent Lib "user32" (Params)
TranslateAccelerator Lib "user32" (Params)
TryEnterCriticalSection Lib "kernel32" (Params)
UnhookWinEvent Lib "user32" (Params)
UninitializeCriticalSection Lib "kernel32" (Params)
UnlockWindowStation Lib "user32" (Params)
UnMapLS Lib "kernel32" (Params)
UnMapSLFixArray Lib "kernel32" (Params)
UnregisterDeviceNotification Lib "user32" (Params)
UserClientDllInitialize Lib "user32" (Params)
UserIsSystemResumeAutomatic Lib "user32" (Params)
UserSetDeviceHoldState Lib "user32" (Params)
UserSignalProc Lib "user32" (Params)
UserTickleTimer Lib "user32" (Params)
UTRegister Lib "kernel32" (Params)
UTUnRegister Lib "kernel32" (Params)
VirtualAllocEx Lib "kernel32" (Params)
VirtualFreeEx Lib "kernel32" (Params)
WaitForDebugEvent Lib "kernel32" (Params)
WINNLSEnableIME Lib "user32" (Params)
WINNLSGetEnableStatus Lib "user32" (Params)
WINNLSGetIMEHotkey Lib "user32" (Params)
WinOldAppHackoMatic Lib "user32" (Params)
WinspoolEntryPoint Lib "winspool.drv" (Params)
WNetCachePassword Lib "mpr" (Params)
WNetEnumCachedPasswords Lib "mpr" (Params)
WNetGetCachedPassword Lib "mpr" (Params)
WNetRemoveCachedPassword Lib "mpr" (Params)
WriteFileGather Lib "kernel32" (Params)
YieldTask Lib "user32" (Params)

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How Do I Get Started With APIs?

Hi All

Been given instructions from a software vendor - "the pdffile name is the jobname as defined in the startdoc api issued by the printing application."  

As far as I can tell, VB has access to startdoc api - but I have no idea when it comes to APIs. The code doesnt look like 'normal' VB.

What is the best way learn about APIs and solve my problem?


"Make good use of bad rubbish."

VB Components And APIs
Hi , I 'm new to VB, but not to programming and although I've already have dealt with the basics I was wondering where could I find a good guide to VB components and API. The VB editor doesn't even have a description for the hundreds of components that are registered in your machine!

Everyone knows that having a good knowledge of the libraries that come with a language can save a lot of work :P

Menu APIs
I need to use an API call to return the name of a menu item.
The GetMenuItemInfo API can produce the caption of a menu,
but I can't figure out how to get it to return the Name of a
menu item.

Once I have the caption, I can then loop through
the menu items to find the Name, however , this causes
two problems.

1. It's extremely slow.
2. If I have two sub-menu's with the same caption, it just
   gives me the name of the first one found.

Is there a way to get the menu name from the GetMenuItemInfo API
or is there another API call that will return this value to me?


Is It Possible Also To Hook APIs In VB?!
Hey guys

Is it possible to hook APIs in VB? Is it as power as Hookin APIs in C++?

What is the API that is used monitor: TCP, UDP, ICMP.. and other protocols?

I want to develop a Firewall using VB.. all current VB Firewalls are bad!!! I wish to develop something good and FREE..

Can VB Firewalls be as C++ Firewalls? (The same powers)

What things can't I make using VB which I can in C++ for Firewalls?

What are the best OpenSource VB and C++ Firewalls in the world..



Printing Through APIs

I want to write a VB Application code which Print Word Doc files. I have Word Doc files on my Hard Drive. I dont want to use word application object. I need that I just select those and send to print, Print Dialog open and then user can send those to print.

Means I want to write such a code that simply send Word files to print but without Word Application Object.

Is it possible to Print these via Print Dialog Box or with any other method or API? I want to send these files direct to printer. Print Dialog Box is preferable as user can select printer.

Plz if someone know something. I shall b very gr8ful.


Most Commonly Used APIs
Hi all!

Just a quick little poll type of thing here:

Would like to know what API functions you use the most in your applications.

I'm looking to put together a set of example code on how to use some specific API functions, and wanted some common ones to start with.


Tristan Wolf

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