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Using Scanner With VBA

I want to use VBA to get an image from a scanner and then convert the image to text using OCR. I think that VBA can access twain devices without 3rd party software but I don't know where to begin. Can anyone give me a tip?

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Thumb Print Scanner/scanner
Anyone ever edit the code of a thumb print reader to work with ur VB program ?now having problem with it

TWAIN Scanner API - Please Tell Me How To Use Scanner Using VB
I'am currently making a program which helps me in scanning and rubber stamp
I need the codes for scanner. Would you guyz tell me how to use scanner in VB?
I would prefer a complete project but not complicated.

Is there a way to access a scanner over lan like a printer?

I didnt know where to post it (api?) so i posted it here if its wron move i


Hi all

I need to transform informations taken from Form and input into a database.

I gonna distribute some forms in a convention with some questions, the user gonna read and answer.

An example.

1 - What do you think about ... ( ) 1 (x)3 ( )5
2- What about .... ( )1 ( )3 (x)5

After that I want to scan those informations.

Any idea how to do it.

I was wondering if VB has a component to read this. After that, I create a standart that make possible read and find the answer by the lengh of each line.

Thank you in advanced

VB And Scanner
Hi guys,

I have to build one application in which the user should have a command button "Scan". By which he can give scan command to the scanner and scanner should print the document and make it available on the form.
I did some R&D and found out that TWAIN driver is used for this kind of features. I had a few questions in mind which i think u people are the best to answer

1) Is there any other driver other than TWAIN?
2)Will using this driver create any complications while packaging?
3)Are the free ActiveX controls available for TWAIN trustworthy or should i buy it from TWAIN official website?
4) Any suggestions how to program it will be very useful

I know questions are too much, but i wanted to clear it one go, so that i dont have to trouble u guys gain

Hope u understand


Usb Scanner
Hi Folks.... i m back again with a small problem.... i have a USb scanner i want to use this scanner in VB code can any one tell me how can i use it.... thanks in advance
Hammad Umar

Anyone know any code of how to retrieve data from a card reader, when the card is scanned?

Scanner Help
How do I access any scanner on a 32 bit windows platform?


I'm NOT looking for code for hacking use, I want to build into my Chatclient an IP-scanner to find the server-IP address when the user doesn't give it up. Can some point me to some code on how to create an IP and check if a chatserver(mine, uses it's own HELLO signal) is running on the other side.

Again, I'm don't wanna make a hackerstool because these are lame!

Sand Hawk

Hi all,

I am developing a application in which, i am using SQL Server 2000 as backend, i have to store photos of my customers in my customer master table, please help me how to scan the images from scanner using visual basic 6.0 and then store them to sql server and then display it again

Thanks in advance

can a scanner be run in a vb program? i mean, when i click this button, the scanner will run or a scanning program will run? is it possible?

Using A Scanner
Is there a way to turn on a scanner from VB. (I tried using the MS Multimedia control - which MSDN Help said can open a scanner), but couldn't get it to work.

I would prefer this way rather than using the shell() to open up the scanner's interface software.

Thanks a lot.

Using VB And A Scanner
Where can I find code to make scanner software from visual basic?

How can i control may scanner from a VB program? I need to scan one image from the scanner and save it in a location with a name that i define in my applicacion.

How Can I Use A Scanner In VB?

I want to scan an image and store the file into a database. I know how tho store o file in a database but I don't know how to scan the image with a scanner from VB. Can you help me?


Using A Scanner
Is it possible to input a picture with a scanner in a VB program, assuming the scanner is TWAIN compliant? If so, could someone please tell me how or a website that says something about it. Thanks

I have to scan a picture by pressing a button from VB screen. Is there any API or any 3rd party control to help me do this?.
Thanking you in advance

Software Engineer

I want my program to read text that has been obtained from a scanner.i-e I want it to make the scanned text 'editable'
How do I proceed??????

WIA Scanner In VB
I'm looking for a sample of using WIA Scanner in VB6
I found this info on MSDN site (if link is broke apart copy both parts in URL):
Unfortunately I cannot find Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition Library v2.0 among components on my machine. What should be installed in order to get this library? Or what should I look for through Browse button on Components dialog?
I'm using VB6 with SP5 on Windows XP Pro
Thank you

Scanner ActiveX
Hi there,

I recently install Win XP SP2 and realize that there's no Kodak Imagine and imgscan.ocx, so I've problems with scanning management in my previous programs. Is there any FREE, EASY to use, and GOOD scanner controls in the internet? Can anybody give me some useful links?


Non Twain Scanner

Is there any way to use Non-Twain Scanners in VB 6.0? I mean, a component, DLL, or OCX which you use it in the program and it works like imgscan.ocx?


Resizing (scanner)
This is sort of directx but the main code is vb so ill try here. What i want is a scanner to detect other ships in my game, now what i need is for every like say 1/2 a second, for the box on my scanner to get larger and go from a tiny dot in the middle to the perimeter of the scanner, what i have is:

Public Function scan()
Dim W As Integer
Dim X As Integer
Dim Y As Integer
Dim Z As Integer
Dim Count As Integer
LastTick = GetTickCount
W = 87
X = 200
Y = 92
Z = 205
If W > 0 Then
If GetTickCount > LastTick + 500 Then W = W - 1: X = X - 1: Y = Y + 1: Z = Z + 1
'DrawBox 87, 200, 92, 205, vbGreen
Backbuffer.SetFillStyle (1)
Backbuffer.SetForeColor vbGreen
Backbuffer.DrawBox W, X, Y, Z
LastTick = GetTickCount
End If
End Function

which didnt work, does anyone have any ideas?

Help With VB6 Pro Spyware Scanner
I was trying to make a simple spyware scanner that has a code base of spyware to scan for, has a check list of things to delete and such. I have tried so many times but fail. Would anyone teach me on how to do the things mentioned above?

Barcode Scanner??
I didn't really know where to ask this question? I was recently working at a local hospital and saw the old program that they were using used a scan gun to scan the barcodes on all medical record folders. The program would scan these barcodes into multiple text boxes. When I saw this I was trying to find information over the internet of how programs would be able to use scanners with programs written in vb today? I thought maybe it would require the use of a driver of some type?

Anyway, i just thought maybe someone has used something like this before and would like to know what they did or what they had to do to use this in a vb program?

Scanner Problems - HELP!
I'm scanning a barcode that places date and time in their respective fields. The records are in a subform and when i scan the next barcode,it over writes the same fields. How can i make it search or find the next record in the subform?

Any help is gratefully appreciated!

Problem With Scanner
hello buddy,
i have a problem here that i don't know how to solve. hope you guys
can give a hand.
i just bought a scanner. i'm try to scan a bar code and retrieve data
from the database. i have a txtItemcode text box. the problem i'm facing is :
if i have two items which is
item 1[code]: abcd

item 2[code]: abcde

i'm now scanning item2 but the data that i get is item 1. i using the
txtitemcode_change() to retrieve the data.

Private Sub txtItemCode_Change()
Call GetItem(txtItemCode.Text)
End Sub

Private Function GetItem(sCode As String)
Dim SQL As String

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblItem WHERE ItemNo = '" & sCode & "'"

Dim Rs As Recordset
Set Rs = New Recordset

Rs.Open SQL, database_cn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
If Not Rs.EOF Then
' get the data here
end if
end sub

my question is how do i know scanner have finish scan?
is the event handler that i use for text box correct in this case?


Network Scanner
Does anyone have or know where I can find a Visual Basic Network Scanner program that is editable? (VB6)

I need a program that i can run on a network that will return all the ip addressess and computer names in some type of list.

I found several programs like this, but none of them are editable.


Scanner Handling
I got a project to make a dms (document management system). which uses high speed scanner to scan documents and the software should store all the information in some files/folders. I want some help on how to manage all this without much input given by the user. The documents user enters has some unique values but till now I am unable to find out how to know the text in the scanned image.

any help will be appreciated.


UDP Port Scanner
I need to find a way to monitor a UDP port that is already in use.


A third party application is sending a data stream through a port that it opens itself. I have not control over that port.

When this third party application freezes up, it hoses my application that is used to print out newsletters. The only way to know for sure that this particular app freezes up, is when the bytes transfered becomes 0.

Thus, I need to monitor the port for when the bytes transfered becomes 0 during a normal operation. This way my secondary app will know when to shutdown and restart the frozen app.

It is vital this shutdown only happens when the bytes transfered reaches 0.

I need to try and do this through code or api's, not using another control such as WinSock.(If Possible)


Using A Scanner With TWAIN
Does anybody know how to include code to control a scanner with TWAIN? This in order to allow the user to scan documents and "attach" (I will store only the filename(s) in the database and the images will be stored in a folder) them to the information in a record.
Any reference?


Manual Scanner.....

does anyone know where can i find information about how a manual scanner works?. i need to know how to paste images and how to identify where to paste images to make only one. i will work in visual basic.


Bar Code Scanner

I bought a new Bar Code Scanner of Symbol (LS 2208). It is working well but problem is that it decode the code39 symbols but it doesnt decode the UPC symbolgy. Is any other Software required to install?

Why it is happening,



Barcode Scanner
I'm adding a barcode generator to my application. I've got the barcodes created, now I need a scanner/reader to read the barcode. Does anyone have any advice on what reader I should get? I will be using VB6 to capture the value of each barcode. This is all new to me so any help would be great. Thanks!

Bacode Scanner
If I had a text box selected and i scan the barcode will the barcode be entered into that text box

Bar Code Scanner???
I am writing software for a video store and I want to design something with a bar code scanner. I have seen some that plug inbetween the keyboard and computer, and it just spits out numbers, but I am looking for something I could communicate with directly, maybe through the COM port?? If something is scanned with it, I want a certain procedure to fire up on my program. Anyone in here use a bar code scanner in a program before??

I am just looking for suggestions on a physical scanner. Once I get it im sure I can code it.

Image Scanner
I'm trying tio find out how to scann form visual basic, I have a Twain scanner, but I have no idea what code to use or where to begin to look.
I tried using the Microsoft Multimedia Control but I could not get the scanner to even make a noise o look like he's working. no response whatsoever.
Can anyone help me with this??

I need to scan documents and save them onto a server. the problem with so far is getting the code to scann. later I will have to covert the files to PDF, but that is something else.

I would really apreciate it if anyone could help me!!!

Please Help . . . Scanner Application
Please help . . .
How can i grab input from the scanner n show it the result in a picturebox or others obj ? this kinda new for me . . .
Or, where can i get the best reference to do it ?
is there any components to do this ? where i can get it ?

thank's in advance . . . .

Scanner Problem
Hi, i hv a question here, i have a cannon scanner, i would like to create a vb application where i can scan and display the picture in my vb application.. where should i start? is there any api call to do this or any component to do this...pls help me..thanks

Scanner Control
Hi all!

Guys! I need some component that will enable my prog to scan docs & pics. Pls suggest smth... wia & still image api are too compex for me...

With respect!

Dll For Fingerprint Scanner
i wish to make (if possible) dll files for a fingerprint scanner. however, i don't know where to start. i wish to use VB6 to make the file because its the main PL that i'll be using for the whole program.
my questions are:

-what do i need to make the dll file for the specific fingerprint scanner
-how efficient will VB6 be when constructing the file

thanks for any info.

and if you could refer me to a VB tutorial site for constructing dlls for specific devices that would be most helpful ^^

Which Api Use To Call Scanner
hello friend!
i want to call a scanner in my application how can i make it possible ?

Barcode Scanner
how could i connect application with barcode scanner?

Using A Barcode Scanner
Hi everyone, I'm having a barcode scanner enter a 9 or 10 digit number into a field. What I would like is once the scanner enters the full number into the field the program will automatically run a routine to save the date and time into a database without the user having to press any other buttons. The problem I'm having is I'm using the _Change event in the field and as soon as I scan the barcode only the very first digit is taken and the event is run. Is there a way I can make VB6 wait until all 9 or 10 digits are in the field before it launches the event?

Thanks for everyone's help in advance.

Scanner Interface With VB

i am developing one application which is having an interface with scanner. Is there any ActiveX conrol or dll required for this fetaure?
After that is there any amount of code to be written to get this feature working. In my application, there should be a scan button on the form. On click event, the document in scanner should be scanned and visible in the picture area of the form.

Any suggestions on this topic


Folder Scanner
Can anyone help as i want an App that gets all the File Inormation from a given Folder including files in subfolders e.g FileCreatedDate, Modified Date, Last Acessed, Size. I want to display this info in a grid. any help will be greatly appreciated

Control The Scanner?
Is there a posabliaty to make a program that uses my Scaner?

Scanner ActiveX
I'm a newbie in VB...
I have an application written in VB. This application should be able to acquire image from a scanner(TWAIN) and display in my application.
Anyone knows about how to do that? Maybe I need a scanner ActiveX, right?

Fingerprint Scanner
I have purchased NITGen Fingerprint scanner. Is any one can send me SDK or VB coding for the same. I have installed all necessary softwares which comes with it.

How can I store fingerprint in to database?
How can I scan fingerprint?

Please help me out...

Proxy Scanner
Im making a program to scan proxys. Here is what I have so far, but I didnt add loading of file because the way I know is very slow. And im pretty sure the scanning part is done wrong. All help is appreciated.

- Steve

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