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VB6.0 And Peripheral Devices (bar Code Scanners)

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever used a bar code scanner w/ a VB program?

I'm thinking about using a bar code scanner to scan a product, then having the VB program insert some info into an Access db. Are there any websites or tips that you can share which might explain how to do this in VB??


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Bar Code Scanners
Has anyone done something with bar code scanners? I need to know if they send text/number or raw bar code that I would have to OCR my self. If, so has anyone got the code to OCR bar codes?

USB Port Code For N.I / Agilent Devices
Those of us the corporate world usually don't have a lot of time to learn & absorb all the detailed info associated with a topic. What we crave are short cuts that we can copy & use so we get on with our work. Such was the case with me yesterday as I researched how to add a USB port capability to VB6 to enable me to talk to an Agilent meter. I found an easy way, but it took me most of the morning to do so. Agilent is associated with the Vee programming language - they tolerate VB but seem to do so reluctantly. In this case I couldn't find a VB program in the examples Agilent provides that used USB, so I pieced together what was needed by researching the Net. Since codeguru has been so helpful to me in the past I thought I'd share what I came up with with the rest of you. But I believe this will only work with an Agilent meter using USB.

1st get the CD that came with your device & install drivers. The run the program 'Agilent Connection Expert'. Use this program to locate your device and create an alias for it, eg USB_Meter.

In a VB6 project add references to...
Agilent VISA COM Resource Manager 1.0
VISA COM 3.0 Type Library
Agent 1.0 Type Library

Then simply add code like this:

Dim io_mgr As VisaComLib.ResourceManager
Dim DigitalMultiMeter As VisaComLib.FormattedIO488
Set io_mgr = New AgilentRMLib.SRMCls
Set DigitalMultiMeter = New VisaComLib.FormattedIO488
'Set the instrument VISA alias address
DeviceAlias = "Usb_Meter" ' this is the alias you created in Agilent Connection Expert
Set DigitalMultiMeter.IO = io_mgr.Open(DeviceAlias)
'send a command...
DigitalMultiMeter.WriteString "*IDN?"
'get the reply...
VoltDCReading = DigitalMultiMeter.ReadString

If there's someone out there who can provide code so that I wouldn't need Agilent's drivers or the 'Agilent Connection Expert' I'd appreciate hearing from them.

How To Access Hardwares/devices Attached To A Particular System Through Code ??
I would like to list various devices/ cards physically attached to a particular system What we can view in
Control Panel --> System --> Device Manager

Is ther any way to collect these information through code / API?

Communicating With PCI Bus Peripheral?
Hello friends,

Can anybody guide me, What is the starting point to communicating(Read/Write) with PCI bus peripheral through vb? I know explaining too much in detail may not possible here! Please kind enough to getting me started. Plese let me know any useful URLS.

Thank you.

Peripheral Control
in vb,i have to control if a peripheral is connected or not to my pc.
How can i do it in VB?

Scanners With ADF
I would like to write an application that uses scanners like Canon 5080 and Matsushita models that supports Automatic Document Feader and have the possibility to scan multiple sheets at a time. ie: 20 ppm and send them directly to computer. Is there any standard like twain or do need to write a specific code for every scanner?
I need to scan multiple documents and index them automatically and archive them to the hard disk
Thank for any help

Problem With USB Scanners

I've used VB ImgScan component in my project, but it doesn't work with USB Scanners. What's the solution?


USB Barcode Scanners In VB6?
It is fairly easy to use a comm port scanner, but what about USB? Has anyone had any experience with this?


Testing For Scanners
I am writing a program for my uni project which will need to comunicate with a scanner. How can I do this in VB?

Please help.


Document Scanners
Hi All

Doeas anyone know of a document scanner (IP, Network) that they can recomend.



How Does CGI Exploits Scanners Work?
I need to know what is the principle of checking CGI Exploits, i.e. how does exploits scanners work, cause I'm planning to do a program that helps systems admins figuring out exploits in their systems & fixing it!

Does Anyone Know Anything About Controlling Scanners Via LPT1
My scanner software is crap, but I cannot seem to find a way to control it manually through VB.

Any ideas?

Help Me In Symbol RF Scanners (P370/470)
Hi Friends,

Any one Used Symbol Product P370/470 RF Scanners Using Visual Basic?

if you have any leads or Details please let me know asap..



Using VB Symbol BarCode Scanners
Dear Friends,

I am Going to Use Symbol Products Like BarCode Scanners in one my
Application using VB6.0.Can anyone help me in how to write a Program Using
VB or eVB? Or if anyone have any sample Source Code Please let me know.

Does anyone know any Source in Internet where i can get the sample codes?

Waiting for your Reply,

Thanks in advance,


USB Scanners And USB Keyboards For POS Operation
I have a doubt to link USB BT-4500 scanners and USB keyboards with VB 6 programming.If one of you know let me know commands and way to link them together.



Multiple Hand Held Scanners
We are looking at the requirement to have 2 separate handheld scanners at each warehouse station. Each station with one PC. One of the scanners would be needed to speak directly to only one of the applications running on the PC (out of focus possibly) the other scanner would be nothing speacial and could speak to whatever application has focus at the time. The second part we already have in place but require the first part. I know that they could switch between applications and use one scanner but trying to have only the scanners as the input devices.

Key points are that the one scanner will talk to only one application which will be out of focus possibly at all times.


Scaning OCX That Supports ISIS Scanners
I'm looking for info on a Scanning OCX that will support ISIS scanners? If you can point me toward a info source , would be helpful. The wang ocx only supports Twain scanners..


Scanners And Cameras Path Using Open File Dialog Function

I'm making a call of the windows api using aht_apiGetOpenFileName of the comdlg32.dll to use the open file dialog function.

What I want to do is set the initial directory to an attached digital camera, but windows doesn't recognise it as a 'path' in the traditional sense.

Does anyone know a workaround?



What API-function can i use, if i want to activate or deactivate a device from VB.

USB Devices In VB
Hi All

I'm not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question, but I need to find out how to connect to USB devices using VB6.

Is there a specific SDK I need to download for the hardware, or can it be done with a "third-party" OCX or DLL?

Any help appreciated.

Different Devices
 I am using a control from LeadTools mp3 Player control. It's similar to microsoft windows media player. If I have an mp3 file playing from this control, which device is being used to play it. For example, if I wanted to access the audio (only the audio being played from the control) to determine base (like equalizers), which area would I be accessing. (Wave/Master Volume). There are other controls that allow equalizers but I didn't use them since the player I'm using works well. But this player doesn't have an equalizer built in. If I'm not using the other equaiilzer controls, could I still use the LeadTools mp3 player to determine the bass/etc by listening to the master volume/wave, or would it have to be built into the LeadTools control?

Thanks in advance.

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VB 6.0 And USB Devices
Can anyone help me find a way to communicate with a little black box that interfaces modern cars and the usb port. The device ships with a jungo device driver. All the information I can find on the net seams to relate to driver development rather than coding to access and existing driver.

Biometric Devices
Has anyone programmed for biometric fingerprinting devices? I'm looking for something which includes an SDK. I know that Microsoft produces such a device but I can't find a SDK on their site, so I presume that it doesn't exist.

Any thoughts?

Available Drives / Devices
I have a form that I am using to let the user save data to a file on any particular drive and directory. I have a DriveListBox, and DirListBox, and a FileListBox on the form. When you change the drive in the DriveListBox, it changes the path of the DirListBox, which then changes the path of the FileListBox. This is all fine, but when I select, for example, a CD-ROM drive that has no disc in it, or a Zip Drive without a disk, the program dies and VB gives me a 'Device Unavailable' error.

How can I detect whether the drive is available or not? So I can have it where it determines whether a disc is available, and displays an error if it is not.

Any ideas?


- Shawn Kubik.

How To Get The CD-ROM Devices Hardware ID?
I'm writting a program to control each one of the cd rom drives that i've got but i need to identify them such as Nero do (ie: 'HP CDROM Drive') how can i do this? thanx

External Devices
How do I make a program that will control external devices from a parallel port using VB6. I have a robot with 4 axes that I made and want to be able to control it from the computer. What do I need and what sort of code?

Imaging Devices
how to get the list of imaging devices on your system such as webcam,etc

External Devices Like GPS
Does anybody know how to integrate GPS control into a VB app.
In other words I need to connect GPS and my computer (my application)

Best regards, Andrew

Probing Devices
Hi, i am trying to come up with a routine that will allow me to identify any devices connected to my USB/PS2/COM ports on an OS like win2k and winxp.

Is there a way that allows me to do that? I would at least like to find out the nature of the device, for example, a modem or a mouse.

I thought about how the operating system identify most of the devices and probably tapping certain APIs would be the way out. Anyone pls advice.

Thanks in advance.

VB And Palmtop Devices
Can you run VB6 on a palmtop device?
I want to be able to sync with the files on one PC then continue working on the train and resync onto another PC.
Obviously I could do it with a laptop but I have expense and size considerations as well.


SCSI Devices
I would like to write some code for a peripheral SCSI device, namely a special type of scanner for transparencies, x-ray films and transparent sheets in general. My intention is to start scanning after feeding in the film, getting the image into memory and saving it in a convenient format such as bmp or tiff. I just don't know what I have to do, maybe writing to/reading from some port... Should I contact the vendor or is it easier than it looks...?

How Do I Access Devices From Vb?
I think the Device Manager tab of System Properties is there just to tease vb programmers with devices you'll never be able to access directly from vb.
Am I right?
Well how do I access those devices? I can do it just fine from Quick Basic, but I need the windows interface. I'm not looking for work around or OLE Controls. I'm looking for the real-deal access through the Win API. (If that's possible)

Any ideas? Somebody out there has to be smarter than me... Now's your chance to prove it...

Devices Connected To PC
I want to check which devices is connected to my PC even directly or indirectly. but i don't where should i start from? is there any API function to use for that. any clue is appreciated.


VB Controlling Devices
i am putting a computer in my car and want to fiberglass a lilliput touchscreen in my dash. Well i was wondering how i could make a program to control my neon lights and other things in my car. B/c i'm also putting a PS2 in my car and need to how to switch the lights on and off. Another thing about the neon lights is that my undercar lights have 7 colors and are controled by a controller box that changes the color when u push a button but its only one button so it scrolls thorough the colors and i want a program to do it for me and not need to press the button. Can u please help me

Using Multiple USB Devices From The SAME App.

Our App calls a Third Party App which encodes video, input from hardware connected to any USB port.

We want to run TWO or more encoders AT THE SAME TIME. Each encoder will encode a DIFFERENT video stream.

How do we specify WHICH USB port should be used by each instance of the App ? - or at least that the second instance of the App should choose a different USB port from the one already used by the FIRST instance.


Using Multiple USB Devices From The SAME App.

Our App calls a Third Party App which encodes video, input from hardware connected to any USB port.

We want to run TWO or more encoders AT THE SAME TIME. Each encoder will encode a DIFFERENT video stream.

How do we specify WHICH USB port should be used by each instance of the App ? - or at least that the second instance of the App should choose a different USB port from the one already used by the FIRST instance.


Virtual Devices In VB
Hi There!
I got a "little" Problem.
I want to set up an Application that acts as some kind of Midi-Server - It receives midi-Commands, interprets them and creates some output. No major problem until now... BUT:
I need a virtual midi-Device, that can forwards the Commands to the server (via TCP/IP)...
Does anyone have any idea on where to start with this?


Get Devices Profile
Hi All,
How to get Devices Profile such as : Video Card, Audio Card, Network Card, Memory, Hard Disk, Monitor, Keyboard, Printer, CDROM, Floppy, Modem, and etc in VB Program like windows device manager. Please help me.......

Heri Setyono

Get A List Of All Devices
Hi everybody !

I would like to show the user of my app a list with all the installed devices (mouse, printer, etc.). How could I do this?

Thank you !!!

Acquiring Images On Scanners, Digital Cameras And Web Cameras
Hi to all,

I want to ask if anyone has experience acquiring images on those said devices on the title of this post. I have a project that requires to take pictures on things and saves those "captured" images on the disk. It is somewhat a picture application that uses digital cameras, scanners or web camera as the source.

Lately I have been taking a look at the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) model of Microsoft, it says that it offers a simple interface on doing this programming task. Although it seems to me that it lacks many features of interfacing on the TWAIN compatible devices.

Another option is to go for 3rd party controls. I have googled that there are many vendors that specialize on these tasks like LEAD Tools and Pegasus.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Cellphone Controlled Devices

we have changed project from wireless comm. bet. 2 comp. into a cellphone controlled devices.

our project works this way: either using SMS or WAP service. for SMS, a user will text a command to control, say lights - "turn it off". the message will be sent to the computer who handles all these devices including the lights. once the message is received, it will be interpreted as what will the computer do. in this case, it will turn off the lights so it will send an output command to the parallel port to turn off the lights connected to the computer.

now, my problem is how would that happen that the message will be sent to the computer and not to the network (i mean, a commercial cellular network in here). or would it be sent to the network and the network would redirect the message to my computer? how does this work???

btw, i still don't know what else will this project control. i just started off with lights and all other equipments found in a typical house. also, we've added a security system that will alarm if there are intruders in a house. any suggestions???


Control Extern Devices With Vb
just a stupid question but:
is it possible to connect for example a little engine (like the ones in toy cars) to my laptop somehow and control it with a vb (or c++) program?

i've seen whole robots controlled by a laptop, but i want to begin with a little something....

Swapchain Or Multiple Devices
I've been trying to set up multiple render windows in VB6 using DirectX 8.
I want to be able to have 2 (or More) windows open with different graphics etc displayed on each. (Not different views of the same scene!)
I'm only using 2D stuff at the moment but keep running into dramas.
I've researched about Swapchains but cannot find any suitable examples and multiple devices seem to iterfere with each other.

List All Devices Connected?

I am building a search tool (file search tool) I have the main part but what I am stuck on is listing off (like windows explorer) ALL the drives AND devices, like ipod, camera, etc. I got the drives part but I am stuck on listing off the devices.

Any ideas?

This is currently have I have

Private Sub Drive1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal eventSender As System.Object, ByVal eventArgs As System.EventArgs) Handles Drive1.SelectedIndexChanged
Dim sDir As String

sDir = Drive1.Drive
If InStr(sDir, "\") <> 0 Then
sDir = Trim(Mid(sDir, InStr(sDir, "\")))
If InStr(sDir, "]") <> 0 Then sDir = VB.Left(sDir, InStr(sDir, "]") - 1)
ElseIf InStr(sDir, "[") <> 0 Then
sDir = Trim(VB.Left(sDir, InStr(sDir, "[") - 1))
End If
If VB.Right(sDir, 1) <> "" Then sDir = sDir & ""
Dir1.Path = sDir
End Sub
- Steve

MCI Multimedia Control Devices
How do find all devices available to the MCI control? I have two sound cards on my computer, one is a regular single channel sound card, the other has five separate channels that can play audio. For the single channel sound card the default seems to be:

MMControl1.DeviceType = "WaveAudio"

The problem is I can't figure how to tell the the MCI control to use the other sound card. Are all the audio device types stored in a file somewhere. I went to the windows Control Panel->Sound and Audio Devices. I tried using the names it shows there for the other sound card channels, but no luck.

Any ideas?


Detecting Imaging Devices
Is there a VB script method that will allow me to detect various imaging devices? I have some computers that have SCSI scanners, some that have USB, and some that have none. Need to be able to detect if a scanner is present on these devices and get the identifiers for those. Is there a method that allows me to see the properties of any imaging device, independent of what connection type the device is using?

EDIT: Spelling

Detecting Attached Devices
I am trying to detect attached devices to use them, and am having trouble with the OnDeviceChange function. I am calling RegisterDeviceNotification with the HID GUID and the handle to the main form, so that the HID's cause the notification and the resulting messages are sent to the main form, and I am recieving the notification handle, so this appears to be working properly, not to mention that I can also successfully UnRegisterDeviceNotification.

Once I have registered however, I do not know what to do next. VB .NET seems to allow the declaration of an OnDeviceChange function that is called when a device with the GUID is attached or removed, however, when I declare the same function in VB6, nothing happens when I attach and remove devices.

I need to know what to do after the RegisterDeviceNotification to call a function with the messages that are sent to the main form in my program. Does VB6 even supprt the OnDeviceChange function, and if so how do I use it, and if not what do you use instead?

List Connected USB Devices?
Is there any way to get a list of all connected USB/Firewire devices?

I've had a search but nearly all of them say connect the device using a usb->serial converter. I'm just wondering if there actually a way to interface with the USB device.


Disabling System Devices

I am attempting to solve an irritating bug in the Windows XP USB 2 stack which seems to be unique to the device I'm trying to support in my application (a cheapy USB-SERIAL adaptor). I have discovered, however, that everything is a.ok if I disable the 2.0 section of the drivers in device manager (i.e.: the enhanced bit of the stack that does all the clever USB 2 stuff).

Anyway to cut to the chase I am trying to find a way to automatically shut down and disable a device on startup of my program then re-enable it when it closes. This is a bodge, I know, but it's the best workaround I can come up with as all the USB 2 problems reported on microsoft's knowledgebase do not fix the issue - including SP1.

I can scan the PCI bus, read info about the devices, determine what they are and so forth but just can find a way to tell them to go to sleep.

Does anyone know if this is possible or does device manager use some kind of private API ?

Any help much obliged.


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