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VB6 VB.NET Difference


just want to know what is the difference between VB6 and VB.Net, any url or article regarding this will be of great help. and is it true that will only work for ntfs file system?

thank you

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Difference Between ScaleHeight And Height,difference Between CurrentX And CurX?
Hi Can any one explain me briefly about Difference between scaleHeight and Height,difference between CurrentX and CurX?

I am always confusing.


Difference Printer Give Difference Display
I have problem here. If I use and set Microsoft Office document image writer as printer, it works find, The output and its position is acceptable. If I set the Canon as printer, The size of output result become larger. Why it would be like this?I use same code to print out the document. And I have only one print, but I can print out the paper using both printer type.

Form5.MapCompactMaps.OutputMap2 Printer.hDC, 300, 400, 5000, 5000

Difference Between Win Nt 4.0 And Win 2k
We have a program that access a sql 7 db under win nt 4.0. It stores files under a dir share for bulk inserts and works fine.

We have uploaded this to windows 2k and citrix, also running sql 7.0 but every time we run the prog it returns error 76 file not found. But the files are being correctly created in the network share.

Is there a difference in the way nt 4.0 and w2k handle their file accessing under vb?

What's Difference?
Hello, Everyone:
I used Word to draw a flow chart. I had one drawing which has a draw box when I clicked any one object in this drawing. I copied one object in this drawing to other page and made another drawing. Then it has no drawing box. However, I need to enter "enter" key to move the text in the previous position. If I tried to select all of them, the drawing is black box and the other is one black horizonal line. I knew it should be very different. Would someone be kind to let me know what's the difference between two? Can I transfer the second one to the first drawing type?
Thank you very much!

What is the difference between Visual Basic for Apps. and Visual Basic 6?

Difference Between VBA,VB6, And
i guess i'm wandering for a couple of reasons. First of all, i'm useing vba and i'm afraid to post on the visual basic general forum because i'm afraid i'll eather say something that is only in vba or the'll give me some advice that doesn't apply for vba, i learned vb on vb6 and have played with and i really still dont understand all the differences? I also need to know how well code will transfer over if i decide to take my stuff off excel? please help.

what is the diffrence between VB 2005 express edition and VB 6?
and what is
How these three relate?

sooooo confusing!

thank you

I want to know the difference between the following declarations:
Dim objObj as SomeObject
set objObj = New SomeObject
Dim objObj as New SomeObject
Which is the preferred / efficient way of declaring? Which type needs to be used in which case?

Difference Between VB And VBA?
Hello everyone,

Could you tell me what the difference is between VB 6 and VBA? I've noticed that they're referred to separately in job ads and so on. If I've been writing VB in Excel, does that make it VB for Applications?


Whats the difference between regular VB and VB .NET

Whats the difference between Randomize and Randomize Timer?

Does randomize timer randomize the timer's interval?


What The Difference
What the difference between a plain HTML page and a Java Server Page(jsp)

THe Difference Between ...
Form load and Form Activate???

I know I have a bunch of questions, but thank you to all those who reply!

Difference Between COM And DOM
Hi all.

I want to ask about the Difference Between COM and DOM..
What kind of Progaming It includes. GIve any Exapmles of these Types.I'm totlay confused....

I think u are all have Understand what i'm saying....???

Thanks In Advance

What's The Difference...
wats the diff. between .Col and .Cols in flexgrid?? anyone noes???

I know this is stupid question but I need to know it anyway
what is the difference between single and double variable type?
when do you use double and when single?
please make the answer simple and with some example if you can.

thanks in advance!

CHR And CHR$ - Any Difference?
I notice that several of the basic functions have 2 forms, e.g., chr(34) and chr$(34), hex(10) and hex$(10).

What, if anything, does the extra $ do?


-Dan Evans

Difference Between VB5 And VB6
Can anyone tell me what the main difference is between VB5 and VB6?

The Difference
What is the difference between as MODULE and a CLASS MODULE?

What Is The Difference Between Vb6 And

I am slightly confused as to the differences, if any between vb 6 and

Can someone enlighten me. The reason Im posting this, is because i generally use vb6, but now have a version of .net edition. Is the coding any different?


What's The Difference Between VB6 And VB.NET???
hi, i just got Visual Studio and am disturbed to see it only has VB6, and not VB.NET - which I've learned on... Are they too different for me to continue my VB.NET projects on 6????

Pls Tell The Difference Between This Two
i m doing an application with ado to add new recordset in the database i found two ways as given pls tell me is there any difference between this two...can i use any of these ways to add new recordset to the database..??


Set Text3.DataSource = adorecordset_recieve
Text3.DataField = "project"


Private Sub Command3_Click()


End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()

adorecordset_receive.Fields("project") = Text5.Text

End Sub


Difference Between Vb5 And VB6
Can someone tell me the difference between VB 5 and VB 6. I know this is a little behind times , but I need to know. Its urgent !!!


Difference Between Com And Com+
I want know the difference between the com and com+. Can any one help me on this matter. I have a little bit of knowledge about com. Even try to give me the website addresses where i can get the information regarding this topics.
Thanks in Advance.

Difference Please
using ADO I can use the following:

adoPrimaryRS.UpdateBatch adAffectAll

using a datcontrol on my application, I use the following:

datBank.Recordset.??????? AdAffectAll


datBank.??????? AdAffectAll

What can I use for the question marks to get AdAffectAll to work.

Thanks in advance

What's The Difference?
Hi to all,

What is the difference between these two statements/declarations?
'This code
Dim rs as New Recordset
Dim cn as New Connection

'and this code
Dim rs as ADODB.Recordset
Dim cn as ADODB.Connection


I saw some sample that are explicitly declaring these kind of statements without the word 'ADODB'. Why is that? And I notice that when the programmers that declared these statements (the ones that don't have the ADODB word before the recordset and connection objects) were using the ODBC technology when communicating with their databases.

Thanks and god bless!

Difference Between *.wmf And *.emf
Here's the problem I have: I tried to output some text, lines and rectangles, etc... on a *.wmf. And then display it on screen and save the *.wmf for later uses. File size problem has forced me to use enhanced metafile(*.emf) instead of normal metafile(*.wmf). So I used CreateEnhMetaFile API to do it.
However, I found that the overlapped part of the graphics are erased. This means if a circle is drawn first, and a rectangle is drawn on the same area. the overlapped part is missing. And this did not happen if I use metafile(*.wmf).
Can anyone kindly tell me how to solve it?


What Is The Difference ....

What is the difference between

DIM i% and DIM i as ...........


what is the difference?
they are the same right?

Dim fso As FileSystemObject
Set fso = New FileSystemObject

B. Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

Qs: Difference Between [For I... Next] V.S. [For I... Next I]
Hi friends,
I would like to know the difference between [For i... Next] V.S. [For i... Next i]

For i = 0 To...


For i = 0 To...
Next i

What is the difference in these ways?
Thanks friends .

Difference Between DSN
What is the difference between Systme DSN / User DSN / File DSN


MRU With A Difference
I don't know if I am being a bit over ambitious here, but this is what I am after doing;

I have a certain number of nodes in a treeview (loaded from a database) This could change as the user can add a node at run-time if wanted.

What I would like to do is have a menu, much like a dynamic MRU list, that shows the Node names.

I could hard code it but as I said, the user may add a new node, and then, well .....

Any ideas how to do this?

What's The Difference Between....
Suppose I use a textbox to add items into a listbox, and in the code I have this:
Open c:lahblahblah
Write ..............
close ...........

If I use Write, the item in the listbox would show with quotation marks...for example, I added the word Apple in the listbox, it would appear like this: "Apple" ....I don't want the quotation marks.

If I use Print instead of Write, it doesn't have the quotation marks. Why is that? What's the difference between Write and Print? When should I use Write instead of Print and vice versa? Is it ok if I use Print on the example I've given? thanks a lot!!!

What's The Difference Between ??
Hello My Friends ;
What is the difference between the follwoing ?
Public Const - Public Type - Public Enum

public Sub - Public Function - Public Property

And What i mean if i said Sub and Functio without SUB ?
I need Good Explanation. And if there another type, i hope to be explained here...


What Is The Difference

1) what is the difference between MSflexgrid and Datagrid. which one is more flexible to handle data. suppose in a textbox i have to enter something and same thing i have to search and display from a table to the grid. then which grid i will prefer .

2) Is is possible to display from more than one table to a grid

any help can be appreciated


Difference Between A Vbp And Vbg

wha tis the difference between a vbp and a vbg?

What Is Difference Between VB5 And VB6
I want to know what are differences.
How can we run our Vb6 written code in Vb5 ...

What The Difference Between Vb, Vba, And
whats the difference between, vb, and vba? This is probably a really dumb question but i jsut started getting into programming adn i was just wondering?

Any Difference?

We are going to develop me COM+ components for a new system. Currently we have a single DCOM that handles all SQL commands from different systems (i.e. all SQLs will be executed by the same COM in MTS), and there are consistently have few hundreds of connection to this COM.

Assume hardware config is the same, if I redevelop the system so that each system have its own COM executing SQLs, will the performance be the same as the single-COM approach?


Difference Ado,Rdo,Dao
I am new to visual basic pls any one cal let me the difference between Ado,Rdo,Dao.
What are these ,wich one to use in which situation,which is better one.

What's The Difference
What's the difference in doing these.

VB Code:
Dim x as String 'or Private x as String

does it matter which syntax I use to declare private variables in forms and modules??

Difference Between Like And =
Wat is the difference between like and = in sql statment?

hi i am vb beginner,
can any one tell me what is exact difference b/t dll and exe...
other than in process and out process...


Difference Between TLB And DLL?

Can any one explain the difference betweem .tbl file and .dll file.

I am a bit confused!!!

Some times I have to reference .tlb file and some times .dll file.


While preparing for an Interview, I got one question i.e.
what is the difference between a class and class module?
Can anybody explain me betterly.


1. Make relationship in Database.
2. Without relationship but save carefully.

What is the deference between Relationship/without relationship Coding?!
And which one is best!

What Is The Difference Between Dll And Ocx?

Can anyone tell me the difference between .dll and ocx? What are .dll files? I know there are functions inside. But what do they mean when they mentioned about avoiding ocx by using dll?

Please enlighten me,

Difference Between 6.0 And .NET?
I would like to start learning Visual Basic. I have access to either 6.0 or .NET. Whats the difference between the two versions?

Thanks for any info or links.

Im new to vb and was wondering whats the difference between "Public profile As String" in a module and "Dim profile As String" in general declarations... Im just curious what the difference is and any explanation will help me out a lot thanks guys

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