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VBA For ARCGIS (ESRI) Forums Or Links

Hi - I am looking for links to VBA for ARCGIS (ESRI) forums or programming sites. I have got some good VB6 background but there is some problems when I port my code to VBA for ARCGIS and any help would be appreciated.


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ArcGIS MapControl Labeling
I am having trouble with labeling polygons within a MapControl using ArcObjects for ArcGIS 8.x. When I label my features, only one value is labeled in the mapcontrol. For example, I have attributes A,B, and C for my set of polygons. There are multiple As, multiple Bs, and multiple Cs, but when I set the labels, I get 1 A, 1 B, and 1 C.

My code is posted below. It is as if my code is is removng the duplicate labels. I need to set it to 'Place one label per feature part', but that isn't working. Has anyone else come across this?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Private Sub optTest_Click(Index As Integer)
Dim pGeoLayer As IGeoFeatureLayer
Set pGeoLayer = MapControl1.Layer(1)
Dim pLabelEngine As ILabelEngineLayerProperties
Set pLabelEngine = New LabelEngineLayerProperties
Dim pBasic As IBasicOverposterLayerProperties
Set pBasic = New BasicOverposterLayerProperties
pBasic.NumLabelsOption = esriOneLabelPerPart
pLabelEngine.Expression = "[test_field]"
pLabelEngine.IsExpressionSimple = True
pGeoLayer.AnnotationProperties.Add pLabelEngine
pGeoLayer.DisplayAnnotation = True
MapControl1.ActiveView.PartialRefresh esriViewGraphics, Nothing, Nothing
End Sub

Does anyone know of any controls or absolutely anything that would allow me to be able to view ESRI files (vector graphic files similar to autocad files). Also any controls or info on autocad files (dwg or dxf files) would be great also.

Thanx in advance.

ClsSelect - ArcGIS 'Run Time Error 91'
I am not sure how many people in this forum are active GIS programmers, but I thought I would give it a shot. This may be a question that can be answered for those of you not working with GIS. I have a tool that selects polygon features within a MapControl in a VB6 application. I have 2 class modules: clsHook and clsSelect. I am getting an error when I run the code.

I have a command button with the following code:

Dim pCommand As ICommand
Set pCommand = New ESRI_Selection.Identify
pCommand.OnCreate MapControl1.Object
MapControl1.CurrentTool = pCommand


I am getting a Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set at the following line within the clsSelect.cls class module:

If TypeOf m_pHook.ActiveView Is IPageLayout Then


I have attached the clsSelect.cls file with this posting.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out. It seems like I have been working on this forever and I am not getting any further.

ESRI Tool Not Defined Error
Hi, I'm trying to use some functionality from ESRI .

But when I say Implements IMapServerToolAction like this:


Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.DataSources
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.DataSources.Graphics
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.Display.Graphics
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.Display.Symbol
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.Geometry
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.UI.WebControls
Imports ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.UI.WebControls.Tool

Public Class GraphicPointTool
Implements IMapServerToolAction

End Class

I get an error that it is not defined:

error BC30002: Type 'IMapServerToolAction' is not defined.

This is straight out of an ESRI tutorial about how to customize a web application. In fact, this MapServerToolAction is supposed to be in ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.UI.WebControls, which I've imported. I tried removing and readding these references, in case they had old references, but no luck. Any suggestions?

Writing Files In The ESRI Shape File Format, COMM Ports
I am trying to create a small application which allows the user to save the work they are doing as a ".shp" file, that which is used for ESRI ArcView. My application includes linking a GPS receiver to a iPAQ, and then reading the imformation from the GPS and allowing them to map geographical features they want. I also need some help in regards to programming for comm ports so I can read the data from the GPS receiver

If anyone is able to help me I would be really appreciative if you could contact me.

Dane Harkin
Undergraduate Student
Department of Geospatial Science
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476V
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Parsing Html Links And Download Links Separately
Can somebody help me out with Higher Level string extraction

I hope to extract the table content from a webpage source.. As all of you know that the source is very messy ....

I would like to extract information from a table that has

7 columns

say for example :

No | name | description | Links | from | mailto | Download link |

is what i intent to extract and convert the data to

(ignore all the HTML tags or unwanted HTML code)

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Update Links Then Break All Links
I have a spreadsheet that has links to an outside spreadsheet. When I open it, I want it to update the links. After it is done updating, I want it to break all links. thanks in advance for any help

I want to make the back end for a HTML form that accepts an E-mail address and a comment and e-mails the reasults to me. It needs to work on a Windows 2K server (ASP, Java, or Java script only I think). Please, I dont know how to program in any of the required languages, and I have been looking for months. Please either give me a very easy free one or spend 30 seconds and give me a what I need (it should be extremly simple to make).

is it possible to have a forum on a piece of software, made in php, on vb .6?

Thank You VB Forums

Jus like to say a big thank you to those that have helped me over the last two weeks esp. Franky and Marty cheers lads.

VB Forums Down Again?
What the hell is happening to VBF? I'm the only member in this forum right now.

Is there a simple way to create a forum on a web-site? Tips, please needed, please.

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Please Help Me! - Forums
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The Forums
Has anyone had any problem with the new message system? It looks good, but for some reason when I go into any forum, I can't see the subject lines or the names of the people that made the new threads, and I can't click on any of them to get into one. I haven't been here in a long time so I don't know if I've missed something or not.

VB Forums New Look
Tell me what you think about this forums new look.

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Other Forums Like This?
Does anybody know of Forums like this on other subjects? I am not interested in other VB Forums --- I think this one is probably as good as it gets.

I have found this Forum to be great. It has helped me when help built into VB did not. I have a suscription to MSDN Library and use it before trying the forum. I enjoy browsing the Forum and have posted some replies. Just reading questions & replies is interesting & often informative.

It would be great if there were similar Foruums on other subjects. In particular, I would like to know of Forums for C++ and Windows 98.


Other Forums

Other Forums

New Forums
Come check out the new forums available at
Also check out the new programming site at

Both have a variety of free resources for programmers to use. Come
discuss programming related topics or check out the General Discussion
and Gaming sections. Just stop by and say hello.

- Sean

New Forums
I have created a programming site available at The main resource though is the forums
at It has both programming and
community boards. Please stop by and just say hi and check out the
boards. Also, I am available at the board if you have any programming
related questions.

Thanks for your time

- Sean

VB.NET Forums?
Anyone know of any good VB.NET forums?

Software Engineer

Does Anyone Know Any Good ASP Forums Please
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Urls if possible please.


Java Forums...
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you guys knew of any forums like this for Java.


Switching Forums
how do you switch forums on vb??

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But to expand my chances to get answers to my questions I need at least 2 more good forums like this.

I really appreciate if you intorduce them to me.


Mapinfo For VB Forums
does anybody know if there are any mapinfo for VB forums around?
i would really appreciate it.

Forums Question
Hey Folks,

This is such a great and reliable forum for VB. Anytime I ask a question someone responds within a very short time; and its just been great.

Does anyone know of a similar VC++ forum I can go to for some VC++ questions?

I need one right away; as I don't have time to search around and guess which one is a good forum.

Thank you,

Forums Messed Up...
I live on the east cost USA... so I set the time accordingly in options which is GMT - 5 hours... but the forum was subtracting 10 hours.. which i think has to do with the posts being all messed up...

When I set it to GMT time it displays the right time...

just posting this here to let everyone know in hopes this will get fixed soon...

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For All Vb Forums Friends
see the attachment

Will Pay $$ For Customizing Forums
please contact me @ if you can help me customize my forum.

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Picture On Forums??
this might sound like a stupid quesion, but how do people get a picture uploaded when they submit a new thread on the forums?

told you it was stupid.

Delphi 6 Help Forums?
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VB Forums Was Down, Now It's Back!
After an error on line 38.

I hate errors on line 38s.. Just ****s up the whole forum.

OH well, they fixed it now, at least.

This Forums Screwed!
i think this forum became screwed up all of a sudden. when i entered it said "database error" or whatever. when i finally got in and i replied to a post my post was on top of all the other ones.


Are The VB Forums Lagging?
Is anyone else finding the forums very slow. I have over the past couple of days. It seems to take ages to post/read threads.


Vbworld Forums Dnd
Guys here is an idea. Creating a DND "Dungeons & Dragons" forum. Or way off the subject creating a game here. Purely text. like We get promoted and the whole nine yards. I guess that we can get enough posts on this thread we can then forward to vbworld. The reason why i say this is sometimes we are here late and there are no questions to answer. I am tryin to think of a game related to VB. Like you have to write a snippet to get a key or something like that. THis can be fun, because we can all learn more if it's vb related. ANy ideas post here.

Have Asked In Other Forums -> OI
Any one else using Open Insight?

Two questions:

1. Best technic to call a Windows exe and pass it parameters

2. Any solution to incorporating activeX controls.

Thanks in Advance.

Access Forums?
Does any one know of any Access Forums that are as good as VBWorld?

Any help would be appreciated..


Question About Forums
i want to make this forum on a geocities site but unfortunately the only way i know of making a forum is by acessing databases, which cannot ne done in Geocities. Therefore, i was wondering whether it is possible to access info from a text file and make changes in a text file using VBSCript in an HTML or ASP page.
Or if anyone knows how to or has created forums using SQL statements and databases in Free Web hosting sites, please tell me how you did it?

How To Make Like This Forums
Does any one have any idea on making forums like this,,,does this thing have any realtion to VB, please help me or just give me some site i can find in some information about this,,,,

Thnax alot

VBScript Forums
Is there a tutorial I can use to help me make a VBScript Forum? Of course it wouldnt be near as good as VBulletin, or anything like that, but I just want something that I can say I made and not have to put annoying copyrights at the bottom!

Anyways... here is what I need:
*A NON-threaded looking discussion board (Those are ugly and are hard to use!)
*User CPanel/Admin CPanel
*Buddy List/Ignore List/Who's Online, etc.

Stuff like that, and I wont cry or go mad if I cant get all that stuff (all though the categories is a MUST!)
I know it will take a ton of time and trail-and-error and such, but I am willing to do it. I have tried with PHP, but my brother, who is also interested in computer programming, told me VBScript is easier.

Im only like 13, so dont flame me or anything!

I Don't Ask A Lot Of Questions In The VB Forums But This One Has Me Pr
I don't ask a lot of questions in the VB forums but this one has me pretty stumped. Please excuse the rather long background introduction but I feel disposed to explain why I require certain information. Some of you might think that what I a trying to accomplish is quite despicable.

Every few days the IT administrator will poke his head in my office and say, "There's some pretty heavy network traffic in this corner of the world. What are you doing?" Naturally, I always have a legitimate excuse for transferring several hundred megabytes or having a dozen browser windows open at the same time, but it occurred to me that not all of our users would be so quick to formulate a good "reason". IT should be able see what is occurring on any given workstation without having to walk to an office and look at a monitor.

The solution occurred to me last week, under some rather unusual circumstances. Our Safety Director had been laid off on Thursday but he came to work on Friday and then Monday. He appeared to be in a bad state of denial and I assume no one had the guts to say, "Look. You don't work here anymore. Go home and get some rest!" (It was learned later that he just wanted to "tie up some lose ends" and make sure Human Resources understood the system he had created. What a guy!)

Monday morning the IT manager passed by my office walking a little faster than usual. I heard him mutter,  “He’s surfing hot and heavy….” I knew exactly whom he was talking about. I never saw our former safety director again.

That’s when the thought struck me. I had been writing a custom browser to allow controlled access to the company Intranet and the WWW (for the select few who were allowed that privilege). One of browser’s “features” allow it, under certain circumstances, to take a screen capture. It took me about ten minutes to pull some of the code into another application and  install it on one of the computers in my office. Then it took about three minutes to write a small program and run it on my main machine.

I called the IT manager into my office and pointed toward both monitors. “See anything unusual?”

“No. So you copied the wallpaper off of this computer… So what?”
I had him open a window on the first computer and then look at my monitor. He was viewing an exact mirror image.

After I assured him that I hadn’t installed PCanywhere he played around a bit, looking back a forth at the two monitors. Finally, he said, “I like it. I like it a lot! How did you do that?”

At first I patted my own back, pretending to be the world’s greatest genius (he knows me and knows better), but then I had to admit to the truth. The first computer was running a hidden program that simply enumerated the open windows. When the number of windows changed, it captured the current screen and wrote it to a bitmap on a mapped drive. The other computer was running a simple program that used a timer control to periodically load the bitmap into a picture control.

I could see the gears turning and it didn’t take him long to realize the potential. We both agreed that it wouldn’t be a great idea to save the screen every time a window was opened (it could affect a system’s performance) or refresh the remote view based on an arbitrary timer value (it could bog down the network in no time) or use a mapped drive to store the bitmaps (it could introduce security concerns). We both agreed that it was a killer idea that only needs a few tweaks. We envisioned a form filled with thumbnails representing the computers on a domain of the network. Click one and the monitoring app would send a query for a new screen capture to the app on the workstation, load the bitmap and show the capture in a full-screen view.

Both of us had heard of software capable of doing the same but he had already researched the subject and concluded that the company would never be willing to pay for it. Perhaps that is why he was so excited to see me performing this relatively simple trick.

My problem is that, aside from querying a workstation by writing a file to it’s hard drive and asking it to save a bitmap to a mapped drive on the network, I really don’t have a clue as to how I can do this. There must be a much faster and more efficient way to do this using TCP/IP.

The network is simple but fast, Microsoft Networking, no frills. The Server on the “troublesome” domain runs NT Server SP5; the workstations are mostly Pentium class running Win9x (various editions) with one running NT WS. The programmer is running VB6 Pro on a Frankenstein collection of hardware.

If anybody can help this simple code-jockey enter the fascinating world of network programming, ASAP, please respond.

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