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Vb Answering Machine

I want to create my own answering machine in vb. There is two things that i don't know how to do

1) Play the Message And then start Recording to wav file

2) Find out when phone is ringing and if it has been picked up

i cant find any examples except one but it is hard to under stand. can any one help me?

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Answering Machine - Not Exactly Though
Hi, I was just wondering how I would implement a phone responder. You know those things that pick up and ask you a question and then ask you to press a number (1 for yes, 2 for no, # to repeat), or enter a number and so forth! If you know what i'm talking about, would you know how to implement one in VB or is it impossible? I'd like to mess around with that before I start learning C++. Because i'm getting kinda bored :S!

Answering Machine...
Did anyone see over the net an "Answering machine" demo project to download?

I'll be very grateful...


Answering Machine ??
Is it possible to send an audio file through a mscomm control to a person on the other end of the line? Also, is it possible to record what the other person is saying? And finally is it possible to capture the keypad tones and run code according to what was pressed?

Does anyone know where I could find some example code on something like this?


Use PC As Answering Machine
vbAnswer is the app in question:
Comes with MS SDK4 as a prewritten application.
Uses Speech Recognization etc so in order to run
you must have the sdk installed on your pc.

Has anyone here used this program and have it working. I must be missing something here casue I can't get it to work.

Anyone with it working please email me or list here so
I can get a view of what you have that I don't.

Answering Machine With VB
I would like to build Answering Machine with VB. The first thing to do is to send & record messages through the modem. How can it be done?
Then I would like to recognize the tones, so that the Answering Machine can be remote controlled



Answering Machine With VB
I would like to build Answering Machine with VB. The first thing to do is to send & record messages through the modem. How can it be done?
Then I would like to recognize the tones, so that the Answering Machine can be remote controlled



VB Answering Machine
Hello To All that help and look at this post.

I would like to record incomming phone calls is this able to be done.
I once herd/read that you can program anything in VB.
I would hate to find out I can't.

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Answering Machine

i'm looking for Answering Machine Code/(Registered Control) ,so some body can send code or recommend site for this.i'm looking for on net such type of control/code that can get CLI,Message Time & Message Recording System

Thanks in Anticipation


MSComm - Answering Machine

Is there any way of detecting whether the call was answered by an answering machine or by an actual person? I heard that the pickup tone of an answering machine is different than one of a hand held phone.

I am also looking for a way to place a call using only MSCOMM and playing a wav once the call has been picked up. I plan on doing this by linking my sound out to my modem sound in using a cable.

Thanks in advance!

Answering Machine && Caller ID
I want to make a caller ID & answering machine program, but I can't find any resources for it. Someone told me to use tapi, but I couldn't find any place that shows how to use it. What should I use to make this program, and where are some good tutorials or something?

Internet Answering Machine
Is there any way in VB to make an internet answering machine. I have DSL so i dont need my modem, but it is hooked up to a phone line. When someone calls can I make my computer act as an answering machine?

Really Sophisticated Answering Machine
    I am wondering if this is possible in VB6 I have an old 600 mhz pc and I have installed it in it's own little cabinet in my kitchen under the bar, and it's currently being used with an app that I made that allows us to select groceries in a list and add new items when needed and then print it. Well it was cool at first. but now I want more, go figure right? I would like the PC to not only allow us to make grocery lists but also Answer the phone. I have been thinking on this for awhile now and I think I have a descent pseudo code laid out. but I only have one Problem. I don't know where to start. it sounds simple but it's not

First the Phone rings (lets say 4 times)
the computer should answer and play a greeting
then record a message and post an alert of somekind ( I was liking the idea of a flashing Icon)
and then hang up.

and Thats it nothing else. I would appreciate any help that can be offered (I am primarily looking for what controls to use if any)

Thank you again

Answering Machine VB Application
Hi every body,

I'm trying to make an answering machine application which can make the following:
1-when the telephone line rings the application answer the call and play a WAV file
2-the WAV file gives the caller a message that includes two options , press key 1 or press key 2 on his telephone key pad
3-When Key 1 is pressed by the caller the application will fire the Event1 (for example) , and when Key 2 is pressed the application will fire the Event2 (for example)

is there any way to make such an application using the (AT commands of the modem)???

Telephone Answering Machine
 How I can make VB application with this capables:
1- when the telephone line rings my application answer the call after 2 rings and play wav file
2- the wav file gives the caller message that includes tow option , press key 1 or press key 2
         on his telephone keypad
3- When Key 1 is pressed by the caller the application will fire the Event1 (for example) , and
         when Key 2 is pressed the application will fire the Event2 (for example)?????????

which method is better:


Urgent : TAPI - Answering Machine
hey guys..... this is urgent...
i need some help on the application i am doing, an answering machine software..
here it is..

my application can already detect and answer calls, but my problem is that when it automatically answers a call after say 2 rings, it cannot record the caller's message... but if i press the record button, it will work and record it...

the recorded message should be saved as .wav...
i am using an OCX (topTapi.ocx) i downloaded..

any help will be highly appreciated.. thanks in advance..

-> MenaceHeat

Answering Machine Source Code In Vb.
I want to develop an answering machine applicatin.can u post me the code of simple answering machine application.
Thank U.

Answering Machine Or Auto Call Receiver
hi guys

i want to develop a auto answering machine...thru that we can trace the call on phone(thru modem)..also i want to transfer a voice other end.

how can i do this...


Detect Telephone Rings, Answering Machine
Hi ,

I am Developing a Visual Basic 6 IVRS(Interactive Voice Responce System).
The application contains
1.telephone directory, answering machine (On telephone once picked up), voice recording machine (from telephone when nobody on host responses), response tracking machine,

I have commited the first task. I have searched your site for the second task.
I have not tested the code.I hope it will run successful.

I have no idea to achieve the third, fourth task.

The concept of the third task is that when nobody responses on the host running the project for atleast three to four rings the auto answering machine turns on and plays a prerecorded file on the phone line just as a real answering machine.

How do I detect the phone rings?

The concept of the 4th task is to take numbers dialed from the other side as input and process application according to it.

How do I detect the Numbers dialed from other side?
How do I detect the calller's id?

I am using VB6 and windows 2000 server family as OS.

Please send me the VB code for these problems and help me out.

This post is of urgent nature!

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Can We Program A Voice Modem As An Answering Machine
firstly, i'd like to apologize if this question seems not so related with vb

i have a voice modem at my desk. once, i read that a voice modem can be programmed so it can be functioned as an answering machine.
if it is right, then, can it be done using VB6 ? or is there any third party software that can enable this function ?



Using Skype As Answering Machine (sending .Wav-Message If User Calls)
Hello all,

i' am using Skype (a VoIP-Application -> with some buddies.
I want to develope a Answering-Machine Application uses the Skype-APi over Visual-Basic-6.

Skype is installed on XP-Pro.
I am using my Webcams-Microphone(Logitech-Web-Quick-Cam USB-connceted!!!) to talk to a user / standard-speakers are the output for callers voice.

Example how it should work:

My Application recognized if one of my buddies call in. (that finally works already)
Then my Application should take this call (that finally works already)
It plays a .wav-message-file to the record-device "microphone" that received by the caller.
"I am not at home - please leave a message --bbeeepp"
Then after the beep it records the voice-message of the caller to a .wav-file which i can play when be back at home.

Problem 1: a have no idea how to link(send) a pre-recorded .wav-file to the record-device (Logitech-Microphone).
maybe Problem 2: i can't change the record- and output-devices over the Skype-API because writeprotected. (thought i could easily invert the in- and out-device to realize my idea - but no chance)

the following must be realized:

i know it can be done over the winmm.dll. One guy did it already with "SAM"-Application (
My Application must play the .wav-message-file to the in Skype choosed AUDIO-IN if Answering-Machine is active - and record the callers message which comes from AUDIO-OUT to a .wav-file. When Anwering-Machine is turned off, Skype must use the standard-audio in/out -settings to work as usual.

Please help me - i am absolutely not into audio-stuff.

Greetz, BRUSH2

Development Machine: Win 98 - Target Machine WinXP: Any Issues?
Hey there - I'm about to start a project where my development machine will be Win 98 using VB6 (SP5) and Access 2000 (i.e., an A2K database, NOT Access automation). The target machine is running Windows XP and the Office XP suite. When I'm ready to do the setup and installation, are there any "surpirses" I need to watch out for? (My impression is that there should be no particular issues, but I could be wrong, which is why I'm asking.)

Retrieving Data From EPBX Machine (Telephone Machine)
Hello Everybody,
I want to retrieve data from an EPBX Machine. The Machine have 30-35 Extensions and I want to know from which extension how many calls, its duration and which nos called. Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

Initiating Client Machine From Server Machine
hi all
how to wake up a system which is in off condition. in recent atx cabinets we have a option called (in cmos) "wakeuplan " , can it be possible to boot system from a server thru a network card useing this option if so how?? , is it possible thru vb codeing ,can any one please help regd this.
cheers parthi

Shut Down Machine In A NetWork From Local Machine
How to ShutDown a Computer in a NetWork using From my Local Machine.I want to do this using
windows api?????

Questions That Need Answering :)
Hi, I'm a new user, I've been programming on and off with visual basic 5.0 and 6.0 for about 2 years. I'm not too bad at it, I've made a few single player games and such.

What I really want to know is:

Is it possible to write code for a game in visual basic, and use other language to put it on the Internet?

Is it possible to do this with just VB?

Also, I've always had trouble with making save games, load games, and logins/accounts using VB, little help?

More Questions Which Need Answering
i seem to be coming out with no end of questions, and i feel it is making my lookmrather stupid by never mind. i have questions which need answering.

1. I need to know how to 'fassen' a text box to the form so that when the form is manually made bigger the the program is run, the text box gets bigger with it.

2. I also need to know how to make a wordwrap in a text box.

Any help would be apriciated.

Also, does anyone know of any good tutorials?

Answering The Other Input Box
Is it possible via one vb app to answer a message box in another app (mainly excel)
meaning I have a program which Im trying to work with..basically interface with. I
cannot whatsoever modify the existing GERMAN code nor can I copy the german code
and paste it to my app so these are no routes which I can take. What happens is their
is some huge macro in excel that this bremmen spreadsheet uses. In my code I call this macro
which actually *works* but in this macro (which is in excel) a message box
pops up asking a user to enter the name of the xcel sheet. I do not want to have
to deal with the user looking at excel and typing in what they want into this input box.
So is it possible (o great...) to actually send the text string from the vb app to the excel
input box without being in excel and answering? One problem also is that once this macro
is called from the vb app this message box is called from within this I cant
even do a sendkeys and send data. The macro (function) takes no arguments either.

Frustrated with German Code,

A Few Questions Need Answering
1) how do i save and open form textboxs into and from a file? what i want is, the user type in loads of info into loads of different boxes (about 10) then they can use the save as command to save the work, and then next time they open the program they can open that file and it will put all the info into the textboxs again.

2) What *Exact* code do i have to use for the browse button? the user clicks browse then it brings up the box with all the files in (i want them to search for any type of image) they click on one then click open, and it places the name of the file they clicked into the textbox (you know what i want dont ya?)

3) what do i need to use to the help files and make my program into .exe? cos ive got the "Model Working Edition" and i cant read help files or save my program as .exe

Answering A Msgbox
Is there a way to close a msgbox by programmation(don't ask why )

Answering My Own Questions
I apologize I was using /c when I needed to use /k...that fixed the problem
thanks for your time reading this.


Code For Answering To Popups

when I want to answer to a popup saying if I want to save changes to the file closing and say no I use this code


Now I get another popup telling me:

There is a large amount of information on the Clipboard. Do you want to be able to paste this information into another program later?

I want to answer no.

What code do I need to use?

Thank you

Computers Answering Telephones
How do I program a computer using VB6 to answer a telephone call and
sense telephone buttons pressed.
I would very much like to develop both the low
cost answering machine program and a simple call management program
using visual basic 6 thus I want some working sample code and if
possible some explanations of the code ( Theory ) alongwith

Answering A Msgbox In The Program
I need to know if it is possible to answer a msgbox within the program without user intervention. I am trying to write a program that will run our online program in a batch type mode. I have written some routines to determine where the msgbox's are but I don't know how to answer the message.

Test Your Knowledge By Answering THIS! :-)
Hello everyone,

Well, basically what I have to do is create a "Media Viewer". I have a drive list box, a directory list box, and an image box. Inside the image box I have to have it list *.wav, and *.avi in ICON form. When the user double-clicks the icons, I will have it use MCI Execute to play the media files.

So basically my qestions are how to get the icons corresponding to the filename, and how to make it open when the user selects it.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!!

Need Phone Answering Code
Dear All,

I would like to make an automatic system for giving information about
student's grade at school by phone. So, the phoner would press the number
of student's ID, and the answering machine automatically will give the
information.This system will be supported by voice modem. I got the
problem how to detect the number he/she pressed on phone. Could anybody
help me ?

Thanks a lot.
Best Regards,

How can i know if my answer it's right?
Please rate posts!!!

Answering Dialog Boxes Automatically
When running macros that cause dialog boxes to come that require you to answer yes or no to move on, is there a way to get a piece of code in there that will automatically answer yes?

In my case, I'm running an openquery macro on a "make table" query. It will (1) tell me that I will be modifying data and if would like to continue. (2)It will then tell me that the current table will be deleted. (3)It then tells that it will paste "x" number of rows to the new table. I would like, if possible, to answer "yes" to all of these questions.

Answering Prompt Boxes Automatically With VBA
As in:


"Changes have been made to the document. Do you want to save?"

[Yes] [No] [Cancel]


I believe VBA can just input the answer automatically so my program doesn't pause for such mundane questions. How do I accomplish this? I'm sure it must be basic to any VB programmer.

Answering Incoming Modem Calls
Hi everyone..

i searched the forum, but i found one thread regarding to this and this one was not answered. My problem is to make a VB program to accept incoming modem calls and directing the voices to soundcard. I have found many programs they answer it, but saves the voice into wav file. Other things i need to do are: caller ID, and support for 4 multiple modems(all are voicemodems).

anyone know about this something?

Help SQL Statment && Kiss From Me For Whois Answering
Hi Every one ,,,,

I need your hand in this SQL Statment ..... I know r u expert in this small things

I have 2 Tables Player & Game

Relation between them Many 2 Many:

Player can play many games & Games can be played by many players so there is 3rd table between them which called GameLine

My Question Is :

I need to get report of the most used games or Top 10 games

so I need to join only (Game & Game line)

Game Table (@GameNo,GameName,GameDescription,GameType,GameModel)

GameLine Table (TrackNo,GameNo,PlayerID,PlayTime,Score,Level)

In my Result I Need to have :

GameNo | GameName| Description| No of Used

I tried many time but I couldnt get what i need the only thing i end with is :

SELECT COUNT(L.TrackNo), G.GameName
FROM GameLine L , Game G
WHERE L.GameNo = G.GameNo

The Above SQL Statment working Fine ,,,,, but I need to have with it the Game Description and GameNo in the Result ?????? How I can do That ?????

Thanks In Advance



   I am making cross tab crystal report. In which I am using months as columns my problem is that when report gets values for only two months it prints two months.....................Is there any way I can fix the number of columns in the report. I want to show 12 months every time report gets printed ........
PLEASE TELL ME how can i do that

Answering A Phone Call Through MScomm
I am devloping a program which will answer the phone call which will interact with the caller by sending *.wav files and inturn trapping the digits press by the caller there after. plz anyone help me to solve this. I am only aware that it can be done using MSComm.


Answering Two Telephone Lines Simultaneously
Hi there,

How can i answer two telephone lines simultaneously in Visual Basic.
I want them to act independant from eachother, e.g. they run in their own thread (?)

Please help me out, thanx!


How To Exit From Open Work Sheet Without Answering YES Or NO
My workbook runs and creates 4 reports and saves theme in c:datafile and stay open until I exit by answering the questions do I want to save Yes or No for each open reports.

How can I automatically exit without answering Yes or No questions? what VB code I need to do this task.

Note * My answer is always is NO because the work book have created and save all reports in the path name that I have provided

MSComm Control And Answering Incoming Call
I have a need to have my machine answer an incoming call and accept a TAP protocol message. TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol, also known as PET) is the paging protocol.

Does anyone have some sample code or experience at doing this? I know how to get the MSComm control to answer a call, but from then on I do not know how to get it to perform the handshake and data trabsfer.

Any assistance gratefully received.

Ignoring Or Automatically Answering Dialob Boxes During Macro Run
The VB macro I'm developing generates a few application specific dialob boxes during execution. I am looking for some way to ignore them or to answer them.

This is the same 'Mail Merge' macro I've asked questions about in earlier posts. I want to thank those who have answered me so far. Your replies have been hugely helpful and enabled me to near the end of this program's development.

For this thread, the macro starts off in Excel. It then controls Word for a bit to do some Mail Merging. During this process, Office opens a brand new Excel window and opens the Mail Merge source file during the DDE processing. It's at this time the first box appears. Since the program starts off in Excel and it's opening a new Excel window, I get a small dialog box that says the file 'personal.xls' is in use and gives some options 'Read only' 'Notify' or cancel.

I'd like to be able to automatically answer 'Read only' for this box so the program continues execution without the user pressing the 'R' key or clicking on 'Read only'.

The second issue arises during the Mail Merge of some larger files. The Mail Merge takes so long that the original Excel window (where the macro execution started) gives me an error message that 'Microsoft Excel is waiting for a response from another application.'

If I go to the window and click 'Ok' execution resumes but it has to restart the whole Mail Merge process which takes an extra few minutes and has caused a few other text issues.

Would this be an appropriate place to use the Wait method?

I volunteered to use MSO 97 VB to automate some processes at work. That's why I'm asking all these questions. The program works on a basic level now but I'd like it to be much more refined so the user has to do much less. I do appreciate your thoughts on these issues. Thanks for reading!


Answering A Phone Call - Tapi Or Modem At Commands?

I need to develop an application based on TAPI. I have to detect incoming calls and should be able to detect next key presses.

Can anybody tell me where to start. And Can this be done through a modem and AT commands or Should I proceed through TAPI.

Kindly let me know any URLs which are help ful.

Thank you.

Answering Microsoft Generated Dialog Boxes In Visual Basic Code

If any one can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

I have written a program that allows the user to enter some information and from this the program calculates more data and exports it into an excel spreadsheet. The program works fine, however, it has one facet that I am not sure how to deal with:

The code saves the newly created spreadsheet to a location defined by the user. Occasionally, a file already exists in the location the user has selected. Microsoft Excel therefore generates the usual dialog box that asks the user if he wants to replace the existing file with the new one. Is there any way I can stop this dialog box from appearing making the program automatically replace the existing file with the new one? Or is there a way I can make 'Yes' the default answer without the user having to select anything?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

How To Add .vbp Reference From One Machine To Another Machine In Vb6.0
how to add .vbp reference from one machine to another machine in vb6.0.
its a dcom based application.
just see this page article id is 266717, 267836
its related to this project.

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