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Visual Basic And Genetic Algorithm

I am still new in GA. I have one question. I have seen Java in GA but is it possible to use VB in GA?

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Codes For Calculation A Student Grade Using Genetic Algorithm
Hi Guys
The type of calculation what I looking is to calculate a student grade using ( timetable x discipline x team x teachers ) on a week. Im using VB6.

Implementing MD5 Algorithm In Visual Basic
Guys n Gals,

I want to implement MD5 algorithm in Visual Basic. How do i do that. Can i use some existing component which does the work for me or do i need to really understand how the MD5 algorithm works ? Please clarify the same.


Basic Algorithm [[ Idea Developing ]]
I had an idea for a game in which you played the role of either a hacker or a programmer [[ not users choice, just yet to be determined for sure ]]. The GUI would look something like a programming // MSDos console in which you had the ability to type in a command, hit enter, and it preformed that action. Here's my algorithm for the console so far.

by the way, I'm kind of new to VB6 so any help is greatly aprreciated


Dim MyArray As String
Dim LnArray as String
Dim cmd As String
Dim fileNumber As Integer
Dim sLine As String
Dim intFile As Integer

Private Sub Console_KeyDown( ByVal KeyCode As Integer )

On Error Goto ErrHandle 'if there is an error

    Select Case Keycode
        Case VbKeyEnter
            MyArray=Split(UBound(Console,VbCrLf)) ' split the console by lines
                cmd =MyArray(0)'last line entered
                    Select Case Cmd
                        Case ""
                            Exit Sub
                        Case "Open", "open" 'open [file] command
                            lnarray = Split(cmd) 'splits this specific line by spaces
                            rtbConsole.text = rtbconsole.text & VbCrLf & "Connecting to host" 'output
                                        intFile = FreeFile
                                        Open App.Path & "hostfiles & lnarray(1) & ".txt" For Input As #intFile 'open given                                                          'file

                            On Error Goto ErrHandle 'if there is an error

                        Case example
                            'do code for this command
                        Case example
                            'do code for this command
                        Case Else
                            'do not do anything
                    End Select
    End Select

Exit Sub


fileNumber = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "errlog.txt" For Append As fileNumber 'add the error to the file "errlog.txt"
Print #fileNumber, Error
Close #fileNumber
msgbox("Error occured. Error was added to 'errlog.txt' file. Now closing application.", VBOkOnly, "Test")
End Sub

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Word And Visual Basic [ How Can I Get The Save As Window Through Visual Basic? ]
Hi, I made a small program in visual basic that with the use of

Dim oWord as new word.application
Dim oDoc as new word.document

fills a document with some data from the visual basic.
I want when those data are loaded in word the save or save as window to appear.
The command oDoc.saveAs saves the document without even asking for a filename.

What Can I do?

How Do I Run A Program I Made In Visual Basic On A Computer Without Visual Basic?
I created a program in Visual Basic and I was curious at what I needed to do to be able to install or use this program on a computer without Visual Basic. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

Extracting Visual Basic Source Code From Visual Basic EXE
hi everyone,

Well actually the problem in my case is that i had mad an EXE in VB6 around a week ago and had stored the EXE and th source code in two diferent folders. By mistake somebody ha deleted the source code folder. I wanted to make some changes i the EXE code and Now i have only the EXE folder to deal with.

Is there any method by which i can extract the Visual Basic cod from the VB EXE. Is there any application or software which ca help me in this? Do give me the hyperlink for downloading th EXE for the extraction if possible.

Please let me know at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.


Is Visual Basic Script As Ubset Of Visual Basic

Is visual basic script a subset of Visual Basic code?

Visual Basic Items Removed From Visual Basic.NET
A while ago (maybe up to a year) I had found a web page (probably a Microsoft MVP's home age) that had a list of about 100 things that were removed from Visual Basic in the transition to Visual Basic.NET. As it is, I would like to look at that again, but I can't seem to find it on my computer. Does anyone remember this page and/or have a copy of the link or the file that was on it. It has particular things like Debug.Print is no longer valid and MsgBox function is not supported. I've look on Microsoft's website and found a great deal of information about implementation difference, but I can't seem to locate this particular piece. If anyone could help I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in Advnance

Nick August

Genetic Testing
Non-VB Question

Ok, right now, I've got Biology essays for skool, but the teacher has given us the essays to do ahead of time, but we've got to memorize these essays for next Tuesday when we take the real essays. The essay that the teacher has given us, must be done at home. I've completed 2 questions already, have 2 more. But I'm stuck. I have to describe three genetic test, the procedures used, and the information that can be learn from the tests. I've gotten two of these answers so far (DNA fingerprinting and Amniocentesis). I'm not asking for anyone to give me the complete answer, but I really need a third genetic test. Could anyone give me a name of one? I'll research and find out about it myself (unless you've got a site that may help me).

This is urgent, I need it by the end of tonight.

Any help is appreciated,

Genetic Algorithms In VB?
Does anyone have/know where I can have a look at GA?


VB & Genetic Algorithms
i have been assigned to work on OCR functionality using geneticalgorithms.......

anyone have a clue as to where i can find anything on this......and howto implement this in VB......

an existing algorithm wud help.........lets say in arabic OCRs


Genetic Algorithms
Hi all,
I want to know if anybody can explain me basic logic to solve the max-cut problem in genetic algorithms...It is:

G = (V,E) is a weighted undirected graph: a function associates positive integer weights with the edges in E. Partition the vertices in V into disjoint subsets V1 and V2 so as to maximize the total weight of the edges from E that have one endpoint in V1 and the other in V2. Note when all edge weights are one, then the Weighted Max Cut Problem becomes the Max Cut Problem.

Given a data set like 1 4, 1 2, 2 3 which means theres an edge between 1-4, 2 and 4ht node, 2 and 3rd node etc..., how do I find subsets in such a graph? I mean I need to find slices given a dataset like this...Please help!

VB And Genetic Algorithms
I have a client that has asked me to work the Traveling Salesman Problem with a genetic algorithm. Does anyone out here know anything about this or where I might start? I have several documents on GA but none of them pertain to the Traveling Salesman problem.

Any help here would be appreciated and thanks in advance,


Fwd: How To Disable Basic Functionality Of Back Space & Delete Key In Visual Basic
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<DIV>Try to use API's i am sure u will get ur problem</DIV></P>>Hi all
<DIV></DIV>> can any one tell how to disable back space & delete keys in perticular
<DIV></DIV>>text box.
<DIV></DIV>>thanks & regards,
<DIV></DIV>>Sridhar cs
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How To Disable Basic Functionality Of Back Space & Delete Key In Visual Basic
Hi all

can any one tell how to disable back space & delete keys in perticular
text box.

thanks & regards,
Sridhar cs

Code Change From Visual - Visual Studio 2005
I am working on a tuturial that i have for Visual ( for now )

I am working with Visual Studio 2005.

I have been working on a code to change the text color by the name put into
the text box.

Visual Basic .Net code.
Label2.ForeColor = Color.FromName(TextBox1.Text)

i get the error
Name 'Color' is not declared.

I was wondering if someone can show me how things would be in Visual Studio.

thank you

Difference Between Visual Basic And Visual
visual basic and visual
i am very new to programming, and i was wondering if someone could explain the difference between visual basic and visual i Know this may be a silly question to ask, but if i dont i will never find out.
i am designing a system for a chinese restaurant, hopefully i hope create it in Visual basic.
if anyone can help, i would be grateful.

What Are Advantages Of Visual Basic .net Over Visual Basic 6.0?
I am thinking of installing Visual (standard version) in place of Visual Basic 6.0. I dont know what are the disadvantages of it and I am hesitating to do that. I thought that I should ask the forum before making this decisions.

Would someone help me to know the followings.
1. If I install, and if I do programming in, will I be able to run it in Visual Basic 6.0?

2. Can I do everything that I do in Visual Basic 6 in Visual Basic .net?

3. Are there things that I can do in Visual Basic . net which can not be done in Visual Basic 6.0?

4. Would you recommend Visual in place of Visual Basic 6.0?

Thanks in advance.

[Solved]Visual Basic &amp; Visual
Wat is the difference between Visual Basic & Visual

I just dont understand.....are they 2 different programming languages? Are they related to each other?
Do they both need the Ms Visual Basic software to develop?.....
Which is more powerful & which is better for beginners?
What is there in thats not there in VB....?
pls help me out with this...

Upgrading From Visual Basic 3 To Visual Basic 6
Has anyone upgrade a project from VB3 to VB6?

What Is The Different Between Visual Basic And Visual Basic Access?

actually i'm going to do a database to track student attendance, where the student need to scan their student ID card.

which software is suitable for me? Visual basic or Visual basic access?

actually what is the different between these two?

can anyone explain to me?

Upgrading From Visual Basic 3 To Visual Basic 6
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<P>Is it possible to upgrade a project from VB 3 to VB 6?</P></DIV>
<P>Avi Manor<BR><BR></P><BR><BR><BR></DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
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Visual Basic 6 To Visual Basic 5 Conversion
What has to be done to the files in a VB6 project to get it to run on VB5CCE?

DLL Visual Basic 6 On EMbedded Visual Basic 3.0
Hello Friends, as I can create a DLL for embedded. or as I can have something similar to FileListBox of VB6, I want to recover the archives that are in a directory in individual.

Hola Amigos, como puedo crear una DLL para embedded.

o bien como puedo tener algo parecido a FileListBox de VB6, quiero recuperar los archivos que se encuentran en un directorio en particular.

Basic Question On Visual Basic (counting Rows)
Hi friends,
i'm a novice of VBA. I'm trying to write a sub that needs to count the rows of my sheet.
I't seeems there's no way to understand automatically how many rows/columns are used in a sheet.

Can you help me, plzs?

URGENT Help Required Basic Visual Basic Code
How do I bring up records from a list box??? this is what I have so far of my programming...

Option Explicit
Dim FileName As String

Private Sub cmdAddFileWrite_Click()
Dim Name As String
Dim Age As String
Dim DOB As String

Name = txtName.Text
DOB = txtDOB.Text
Age = txtAge.Text

Open FileName For Append As #1
Write #1, Name, DOB, Age
Close #1
txtName.Text = ""
txtDOB.Text = ""
txtAge.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()
Dim DataToDisplay As String
Dim Name As String
Dim Age As String
Dim DOB As String

Open FileName For Input As #1
Do While Not EOF(1)
Input #1, Name, DOB, Age
lstdisplay.AddItem Name

Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
FileName = App.Path & "AddPlayer.txt"
End Sub

That is wha I have so far I mean I have a list box there where it displays the data that has been inputted, now how do I get that to link up wit a record something to do with a module?

Basic Question About Excel Macros And Visual Basic
I have a macro in Excel that takes some input on data ranges and produces charts based on the input. I want to place those charts (a number of them are generated) at a certain point in my excel worksheet. I know I can nudge it over by a certain amount but I can never tell where Excel will place them so I would like to just say "hey chart, sit here". Being able to do that in relation to cells would be great. Also, I would like to know if there is any way to resize the chart without using the percent. Once again, in realtion to cells would be great. Thanks for your help.

Apply Windows Visual Themes From Visual Basic?
I am moderately new a visual basic - i know quit a bit - but not as much as some people - was just wondering - is it possible to make a visual basic program that applies a windows visual style - if so - how?

Data Type Conversion From Visual C++ To Visual Basic
I'm trying to convert some code from Visual C++ to Visual Basic. There are some types, however, that I cannot seem to figure out what they should be. The C++ types are dpecifically WORD and DWORD. What should they be in Visual Basic? I thought DWORD is a Long, but I have no idea what a WORD would be. Specifically, I'm determining the types from the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure.

Microsoft Visual Studio 6/Visual Basic 6 Sp6 RELEASED!!!!
Microsoft released Service Pack 6 for Visual Studio 6, download the latest(and final) service pack if you have VS6/VB6 installed.

Official Page
Official Page of sp6

List of Fixes
See the fixes from sp4 and sp5

Direct Download
Click here to download it (About 62mb)

Download it, it has many fixes included!

As BrianS told me: VB6 SP6, its only 26mb and VB Runtimes sp6 its only 1.02mb

Enjoy the new service pack! It is the LAST!!!!!

Linking To DLL's Created In Visual Studio From Visual Basic
Can anyone give me some usefull tips or links on how to link to routines writen in C++ from Visual Basic

I am aware of the

Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "testdll.dll" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long

type notation, but I am curious on what I have to do with my DLL to allow this notation to work.

Any suggestions or links would be a great help, thanks!!!

Visual Basic Development &amp; The Visual C++ Shared Objects
I having a really irritating problem. I'm developing an Add-in in Visual Basic... however, to do the development I'm doing, I require the "Visual C++ shared Objects" reference to be added to the project.

Here in lies the problem. I also need the VB command left [as in left string copy - ie. left("aaaaa", 2)] The only problem is that by adding the "Visual C++ shared Objects" reference, the LEFT command is overridden with the C++ version which returns a long (or something like that).

In the References window, I've already set "Visual C++ shared Objects" to the lowest possible priority... is there anyway to get around this arrangement?

Thanks in advance,

How To Access Visual FoxPro Data In Visual Basic
I have a problem :(

I would like do delete a record in FoxPro data base with Visual Basic 6

I use ODBC kuhinja:

Const povezava = "Provider=MSDASQL.1; Persist Security Info=False; Data Source=kuhinja"

adott1.ConnectionString = povezava
adott2.ConnectionString = povezava

adott2.RecordSource = "SELECT sifra,grupa,naziv,nabavna,vpc " _
& "FROM izdelki "

to view data in datagrid

I delete a record :

adott1.RecordSource = "SELECT * " _
& " FROM izdelki " _
& " WHERE sifra='" & adott2.Recordset!sifra & "'"

Record is marked in FoxPro as deleted ( not yet PACK ) but in Visual Basic datagrid (adott2.refersh ) record is still in it.

How can i execute PACK in Visual Basic????


sorry for bad english :)

Dumb Question About Visual Basic / Visual Studio...
From someone who has been programming as long as I have, this has got to be a dumb (DUH!!!) question.  But if I don't get it answered, I'm going to continue to run around in circles.  The problem stems from what appears to be a simple name change, and the fact that I only upgrade my software infrastructure here every few years, so I miss what's going on.

VB6 appears to be the last (terminating) version of Visual Basic.  There will be no VB7.  But, clearly, the language itself is not being terminated -- just called something else, or is being "assimilated" (resistance is futile) or absorbed into a larger platform, losing its identity as a stand-alone programming environment.

How does Visual Studio relate to Visual Basic?  Is the "next generation" version of Visual Basic now being called Visual Basic.NET?  Is VB.NET part of Visual Studio?  If I get Visual Studio, is VB.NET automatically part of that package?  Or is Visual Studio one thing, and VB.NET something else entirely, ordered as two separate things?  If I want to keep programming in VB (as a programming language/environment), do I now have to get Visual Studio instead?

Sorry to bother the more enlightened souls here with a DUH question -- but I gotta ask SOMEBODY...

Thanks.  You folks have been a GREAT help here.

I Want To Make An OCX By Visual Basic But Also Compatible With Visual C And Delphi If Can!
I created an OCX using Visual Basic 6.0 is there some way to make it work in another programming languages like Visual C or Delphi?

Compairing Visual Basic &amp; Real Basic
The thing is, I don't have Visual Basic on my computer (I use a Mac). But I do think I have Real Basic.

I'm just asking how similar or different VB and RB are. More specifically, how much can I apply tutorials for VB to the RB environment?


Real Basic/visual Basic? Im A Mac User, Which Is Which?
hello, i use a iMac G3, i have Real Basic and i have just found out about this Visual Basic btu what i know it just sounds like a cheap copy of Real Basic, no offence, are these programs pretty much the same?

Visual Basic And Visual C++ Sharing File
I was wondering how do I access the log file and take its content i.e. numbers into Visual C++ while continuously writing the log file in Visual Basic?

Is the function like Openshare help or is there another way?


Can Pass Arguments Between Visual Basic To Visual C ++?

i have a qn...can i pass argument such as filename, value between visual basic and visual c++ and vice versa.

if yes, what are some of the api i could look into and use? shell?

Thank YOu!!!

Visual Basic Versus Visual C Performance
Hi people :

A question that many of us make to ourselves. Ive not received a convinced answer.

Ive heard already thousand times that programs writen in C run "better" and "faster" than programs written in Basic. The same for Visual C against Visual Basic.
Even Visual C has better press than Visual Basic, I mean, a commercial software written in C seems to be "stronger" than a commercial program written in Visual Basic.
I understand that programs can be well written or not so well, no matter which language is used, but Im talking of well written programs, in both languages.

But, what is the truth behind all this.
Suppose a program that works in a network.
The program will use the winsock that comes with Windows, no matter if the program was written in Visual C, Visual Basic or whatever language the programer is using.
Lets supposed that that asumption is true, that means that the Visual Basic program does things in a slower way than the one in Visual C, so, the Visual Basic compiler is charging our code with processor instructions to do nothing.

Im not a Visual C programer. I think that I write optimized code in Visual Basic.

I will appreciate comments.

Visual Basic/Visual Sourcesafe Problem
Having a problem at work with sourcesafe and vb 6. I have one computer here that for some reason after using SourceSafe to grab the newest version of code from the server and copying it to the local machine, it prompts with a save as dialog box when trying to save (want it to save to the local machine, will update sourcesafe copy later).

Any ideas? I have the following from MS, but this happens only on one machine and we don't use ActiveX Controls

Q223128 - FIX: Problems Saving Visual Basic Form to Visual SourceSafe

Compiling Visual Basic In Visual Studio?
Hello all,

I'm not sure if this is a dumb question or not, but can you compile visual basic code in Visual Studio? Do I need a Visual Basic IDE? Thanks!

Visual Basic &amp; Visual SourceSafe Offsite

Do you recommend any configuration solutions to use Visual SourceSafe offsite in Visual Basic? My team in Korea is going to collaborate with the India team, and I hope there's a simple solution for that.



Combining Visual Basic And Visual C++ Code
I need to embed C++ code in my Visual Basic project without using a DLL.
I understand it's something to do with the linking process and it is described here:

However, I don't seem to have the 'Compile Controller' add-in that it talks about. Can anyone tell me either where I can find this add-in or how I can embed a C++ function in a VB project

Visual Basic 6 &amp; Visual Styles: The Story
Ok... I've got Windows XP... great OS... I've got XP SKins... great Program... and I've got Visual Basic 6... great IDE... so I thinked... what about giving my applications Visual Styles Support?

So I did it, I've added Visual Styles to VB 6 and to my application and... IT WORKED!!! I had the cool XP Buttons and Checkboxes... GREAT!!! I tried Tabs too!!! They worked... frames worked too!!! But after two days my application started to play the Critical Error sound...

I tried to do another application with simpler things... and after a lot of experiments I've discovered that with standard controls (Buttons, Option Buttons, Check Boxes...) the application doesn't work and with other ones... it works! I tried everything from upgrading to using UxTheme.dll... So now I just talk about it with other people... hoping to find someone able to explain me WHY does my application worked once

Thanks for reading the whole thing

Newby : Visual Basic And Visual Studio
I'm new at this group .
I used to program with Sybase Powerbuilder tool .
I want to learn VB and have to buy the development tool .
Wondering what the difference is between VB and Visual studio .
I want to make programs that will be able to go on the net and use databases . Programs like stockmanagement over the net , etc ...

Witch program do I have to buy to start ?

Thanks for any info .


Visual Basic Or Dark Basic?
I have just started and i find visual basic to be the route i ahve taken, but i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on dark basic?>

Some Really Basic Visual Basic Questions
Hey all,

...I'm stressing the really here. Reading through some of these topics, it looks like you guys are all really advanced in this program.

I, on the other hand, am a complete VB newbie who needs to hand in a stupid project for calculus class tomorrow.

Long story short, we need to create a basic job application, about five or six forms long.

I have no idea how to code the buttons that I'm using. I need to make one command button send the user to the next form, and I need to make another exit out of the project entirely.

How would I go about doing this?


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