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Webbrowser (statustext)

I never succesfully retrieved the WebBrowser control's STATUSTEXT value. When trying: msgbox Web.StatusText, it always gives the following error message:

"Method 'StatusText' of object 'IWebBrowser2' failed".

I just hope it's possible to retrieve it. Maybe could I make a good use of Web.ExecWB? I saw Web.ExecWB(OLECMDID_PROPERTYBAG2) and Web.ExecWB(OLECMDID_PROPERTIES) - do these properties contain the Status information?

Thanks for all help

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Browser Control StatusBar/StatusText Properties Don't Work
Using a standard status bar control and the VB browser control I want to be
able to display the URL of a link that is hovered over in the browser
control. Documentation indicates that the browser control was designed to
let you set the StatusBar property to true and then use the StatusText
property in the StatusTextChange event to get the URL and display it. But
the StatusText property isn't implemented so this does not work. Is there
no way to accomplish this using the Browser control?

Webbrowser - Open Links From Excel/powerpoint Within The Same Window (ie Webbrowser)
I am working on a custom browser using the webbrowser control.

When I open powerpoint or excel documents within the webbrowser and when I click on a link in them, I want to open the resulting page in the same window (ie. within the webbrowser control) instead of launching a new instance of default browser. How can do this ?


How To Make The Webbrowser Control (and Just The Webbrowser In My Form) Offline?
wb.Offline = True
wb.Navigate ""

wont work.. itll still load excite (or any other site, doesnt matter if its cache or not)

anyone know how to prevent this?

also, how can you stop that errorbox saying 'cant load page because browser is offline' with the 2 options saying 'connect' or 'stay offline'? i dont want it popping up dozens of times when i try to visit a site in the webbrowser

Difference Between Webbrowser.refresh And Webbrowser.refresh2
What is the difference between the two and what are the levels in webbrowser.refresh2 means and what are their puspose?

I hope somebody would enlighten me on this....

Copy Contents Of Webbrowser To Another Webbrowser

My project uses a webbrowser control for design, and it lets the user pick local images to insert. I need to substitute these for the online images when the user clicks a button to upload the contents to a server.

The problem here is, i will damage the HTML if i do the substitution of the images in the main control so i want to replace it in a secondary webbrowser in which i do all the work. How exactly do i do that?

I tried using

Browser2.Document.Body.outerHTML = Browser1.Document.Body.outerHTML

But that didn't work at all. Neither does Object, Document or any other attempt i've made. The thing is i need ALL of the HTML including the head tags, Msgbox Body.outerHTML surely returns the body tag and everything that's in it, but what about the head?

Problematic eh?


WebBrowser: Open Link In Other WebBrowser

I have a question about the webbrowser control to which I haven't found an answer:

I have one form with two webbrowser objects (WebBrowser1 and WebBrowser2). The first WebBrowser loads an html site containing links. When I now click on one of these links, I would like the WebBrowser2 to open the page, the webbrowser1 should stay the same. How do I do that?

Any help is much appreciated....


I Loaded IE WebBrowser 7 And Now The VB6 WebBrowser Is Not Available
I loaded IE WebBrowser 7 and now the VB6 WebBrowser is not available. I get this message in the form log:

Line 53: Class SHDocVwCtl.WebBrowser of control WebBrowser1 was not a loaded control class.

What's up?


Webbrowser Help

Where i can find a help for webbrowser control, if exsist?(in chm format)
And where i can find update for webbrowser control (a newer version of SHDOCVW.dll)?


I'm using the webbrowser control and can't the address bar, status bar or navigation bar to show. Im using webbrowser1.addressbar = true. What am I doing wrrong?

WebBrowser Help...

A program I am writing concerns a repetitive task on the web that involves clicking a button several times a day and I want to automate it. To do this I am using the webbrowser control to load the website onto my form with Navigate(). My question is, is there an easy way to automate clicking of a button on there? I mean, I can probably send a certain amount of tabs to the window to where it will be on the button and then send enter (13) with SendKeys...but is there possibly an easier way? If they add an extra button then my program would screw up...especially if I am not home to monitor something like that. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

hi again, i have a webbrowser and a rich text box. how can i get the html that i put in the rich text box to be previewed in the weborwser?

Webbrowser In VB
I have a webbrowser in my vb form: browser1

On formload
browser1.navigate "url" blah blah

I want to, when i click button: btn1
that i first navigate url1
then after a milisec url2
then after a milisec url3
(yes it is needed that I first go to url1 then url2 then url3)

my dad sais this is possible with loops. (i dont want after url3 -> url1).

Help me.

Ok Webbrowser Help!
Ok, I am makeing a webbrowser and chat. I got the chat part done. But on the webbrowser I want it to be where atleast 2 people can surf the net together. I want both of them or more to be seeing the same thing. I got if one person types in a url in the address bar and pressed enter both of them goes but on like yahoo and a person types in something to search and searches it one one goes, I want them to be seeing the same thing. I am programing it with winsock.

Thanks to anybody that helps me!

anyone could help me???

Private Sub Command1_Click()
WebBrower1.Navigate ""
End Sub

Private Sub WebBrowser1_StatusTextChange(ByVal Text As String)
'navigateComplete (
'WebBrower1.Navigate2, ["localhost"]
End Sub

i am trying to program to use the webBrower to link to web site...
can this be done???(is my code correct???)
i always get error...
anyone could help??


How To Use WebBrowser
Hi , can u help me please ?
I creat a WebBrowser1 in my project then I use : WebBrowser1.Navigate
But I dont understand how to use Headers and PostData options ? Can u explain and give me 1 example

And another question : How can I send my cookie to WebBrowser . For example I want to load in WebBrowser1 and send cookies to it .

Thanks 4 all ur help

Using VB Instead Of Webbrowser
Hi Guys,

I am looking for a way to send messages to a web server running CGI/ PERL scripts.

instead of using my web browser to go to the website and enter my information.

I would like to do this in VB6.0

Is there a way to do this?

using the form post method >
<form action="cgi-bin/post.cgi" method="post">
<input name="phonenumber" type="text" size=10>
<input name="sms" type="text" size=30>


click on the submit button and info is posted to the server.

I am sure using Winsock this can be achieved.

please let me know your findings.

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to get webbrowser take the username and pw from two different text boxes and login and show the email page. Can someone give me a step in the right direction?

I can't seem to get this one working. I've been trying it with iNet, and gave up, so I wanted to try it with the webbrowser setting....again, it's not working and it won't sign in.

Here's my code.

Dim postdatalogin As Variant

postdatalogin = "ajax=1&op=login&user=" & txtaccount.Text _
& "&passwd=" & txtaccount.Text & "&rem=on&_="

WebBrowser.Navigate "", , , postdatalogin


This won't log me in?! Any help here guys?


I am trying to dynamically create webbrowsers, I have got a Listbox called Links,
the number of these links differ from time to time so I want to create the same number of webbrowsers as links in my listbox and then let them browse to the links.

Does anyone know how to do this? Probably with arrays or something similar?

Thanks a lot!

WebBrowser Help
I use webBrowser to open an html document because I can't use inet because of my server restriction.

What I want to accomplish is that assign all the web page source into richtextbox. I tried to use innerHTML and outerHTML but the problem is that it convert all tags into CAPS and some close tags were remove also.

Is there a way that I can get the source of the html document 100% not change?

Need WebBrowser Help
I have a program thats goes to a site and clicks on a submit button. Sometimes that button is not there and the program gives me an error. What I want is an IF command that will stop the webbrowser from continuing if there is no submit button.

Any help is appreciated.


i have a little can i send a msgbox when the url of the webbrowser1 is, but only if the first part of the url (the part between the www. and the .com) is your_link...the url can be or and so on...
i hope that somone can understand me

Help With WebBrowser
I am having problems with this code. I get a run time 91 Object variable or with block not set. All I want to do is get the log file into a text file. I have also tried Inet when I save using inet it formats the text all on one line "NO Returns"

text1.text = WebBrowser1.Document.body.innerhtml

Problem solved with this.
It's always the simple things.

Do While WebBrowser1.Busy

I would like to ask if there is anyway to copy the content of a <div> tag in a web page? I do some web searching and need to get the info of a specific div on the result page. Could I use the Webbrowser.document.all.item("my_div") ... just don't know how to return the value


Hello people!
I make a litle program and i need something for him.I have in form a webbrowser. When I start the program the webbrowser go to a page ex: WebBrowser1.Navigate ("http://webpage.demo/page1.htm") .What i want is, when i start the program the webbrowser go to a page from a number of 5 for example. This 5 pages are :
When i start the program webbrowser go to a page(one of this 5), next time when i start the program the webbrowser go to other page(other of this 5) and the same thing everytime when i start the program. Have any ideeas? Thenx

Hi I'm basically trying to use a webbrowser control to create an alternative explorer so that when I navigate to a folder that has a shared equivalent (I.e. My Docs and Shared Docs) I will be able to switch between the shared and personal equivalent using a tabbed dialog.
The problem is I can't for the life of me work out how to get the navigation bar to show at the top of the page.
Any help would be appreciated
P.S. the navigation bar cannot be inside the webbrowser it must be seperate

ok, very strange thing happening, and im not quite sure why. i have my little webbrowser, and i made a combo box, so that it keeps a history of every site i goto.
here is the code i have...

Private Sub WebBrowser1_TitleChange(ByVal Text As String)
Combo1.Text = WebBrowser1.LocationURL
Combo1.AddItem Combo1.Text

End Sub

Problem is it adds every site twice, dunno why.
However, if i do this...

Private Sub WebBrowser1_TitleChange(ByVal Text As String)
msgbox ("hello")
Combo1.Text = WebBrowser1.LocationURL
Combo1.AddItem Combo1.Text

End Sub

it will only add each site once, which is how i want it.

Why does it do this?

I am new to the webbrowser object and find it difficult to locate what I want to do.

I want to have 2 web browsers on my form, one actually download the info, then copy to the other for an immediate display (Not a re-download of the info) I want to eliminate any blank screen while loading. A script solution - I have given up on...

I would prefer not to use the copy command...

My goal is to get a kinda "RealTime" display from an asp page I had written for our power plant which gives snapshot data of our processes. I wanted to totally eliminate anything the operators had to install at home.

I have seen copying to word...excel...text only... loading a file... nothing about copying webbrowser1 to webbrowser2. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...



Webbrowser Help
Is there anyway to add the text from a web page into a text box. Not the source code but that text that is displayed.

Example using google the text box would end up with...


Web Images Groups News Froogle more

Advanced Search
Language Tools

Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google

2004 Google - Searching 4,285,199,774 web pages

WebBrowser In VB.NET?
I would like to add the web browser control in to my VB Project. I know you could do it in VB6, but I am lost as to where to find the control in Or is there not a web browser control in .net?

WebBrowser Help
How can i check if a link has been clicked on the webbrowser control

Hello Pals,

I have made a web browser using the inbuilt web browser in VB.

Well i wanted 2 things. One is when i right click on the webbrowser then a menu appears which i dont want.

Another thing is if i goto a site thats protected and a box of username and password pops up, i want to automatically fill it up and proceed.

I mean i dont want to show the box popping up for username & pw. How can i internally supply details and logon.

Thank you,

i am using that WebBrowser control and i am wondering if there is anyway i can make it so that when i click on a link it opens the link in my actual brower's window.

note: i don't want to right click and stuff

hope you guys can help thanks.

Help Plz.. Webbrowser
hello.. why wont this work?

WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).All("username").Value = "Nick"

The form has no name so I use 0 because its the only one on the page.. and it says object with or block not set. lol

please help!

Webbrowser ?

There is something thats confusing me with the webbrowser. If I enter the following code I can get it to fill the proper field on the webpage.

WebBrowser1.document.All("txtEmail").Value = valUserName
BUT The moment I do the following it changes the button name but enters no values into the input field.

WebBrowser1.document.All(strElements(intCounter)).Value = valUserName
Maybe I am not seeing it but too both seem the same except one of the is a bit more generic. (I hope). Oh yeah strElements(intCounter) is a array. I checked to see if I am pointing to the proper item in the array and I seem to.

Anyway if anyone has a idea please let me know.



PS: If I do the followign I get a error and i was wondering why we cannot a string value?

Dim Dummy as string
WebBrowser1.document.Forms(0)(Dummy).Value = valUserName

Webbrowser Help
In my form, I have a webbrowser which will navigate to :

How can i disable the scroll bars, and only set the focus of the webbrowser on the java part of the web page?

Webbrowser ?
How could i make a code a form with a buton and like 20 webbrowsers.But every webbrowser connects to a diff IP and when the button is clicked every webbrowsers clicks the link?

WebBrowser [maybe Some Other Way]
alternative for my thread:

Is it possible to return all the links of the actualy browsed web page. I was trying to do this, but I have no idea... any suggestion would be great... thx for help

what is wrong with this code, why does browser displays Save AS Dialogbox


How do I go to my webserver and get the content of a txt file.

-Hao Li-

As many of you know I'm working on a webbrowser. I assigned Ctrl+N to open a new window under the file menu but everytime I press Ctrl+N it doesn't popup one of my browser windows it pops up an internet explorer window is there a way to stop internet explorer from poping up.

I think Ctrl+N is built in the webbrowser control because i cant find any mistakes in my code.

-Hao Li-

How do I make a ProgressBar show the progress of a Web page loading in a WebBrowser?

Webbrowser DOM
Hope someone can help. Is there a way to use the Document Object from the webbrowser to count how many elements there are on the HTML page? (kinda like Webbrowser.Document.Elements.Count?)

I can load a local file into the WebBrowser control as well.

WebBrowser.Navigate App.Path & "File.htm"
But I don't want to save the File.htm file in the application path and wanna embed it in my code.
So, how can I store my page html source in a variable or text box and load it into the WebBrowser?
Something like DHTMLEdit1.LoadDocument in DHTMLEdit control!

Webbrowser Help
Dear All,

I am trying to make a vb6 application that mimics the following Java Scrip:

(You must copy this script to your browser and then you will see what I would like to accomplish)

javascript:void(qr=prompt('Slapman%20-%20Music%20Search%20Indexer%20-%20Type%20any%20Music%20or%20Album%20Name:%20',''));if(qr)location.hre f=' ous&as_eq=module+modules&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_qdr=all&as_occt=a ny&as_dt=i&as_sitesearch=&safe=images&as_q='+escape(qr);void%201;

I have got this far, but I am battling to get the correct syntax for the correct file types ect..

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Call WebBrowser1.Navigate("" & Text1.Text)

WebBrowser1.Visible = True

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Text1.Text = "Roxette"
WebBrowser1.Visible = False

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()

WebBrowser1.Top = Me.ScaleTop + 1200
WebBrowser1.Left = Me.ScaleLeft + 100
WebBrowser1.Height = Me.ScaleHeight / 1.2
WebBrowser1.Width = Me.ScaleWidth - 200

End Sub

Please help!

Thanx in advance!

Webbrowser In VB
Hi, I know how to create a webbrowser and how to make it work, but how do I get it so when it opens up, that the user is allowed only to go to one website?


I got the following problem.
I have a program wich is using the webbrowser control and in that control I display an intranet site. Now is everything working fine, only one thing is that I can't remove the border when I click on a picture (this border is only shown when you click on the image). In Internet Explorer / FireFox you don't see a border.

See also attachment for the border I want to remove.


After a search for Timer threads and tests some code i still cannot use it to a need: in a simple program, i want to bring back to home page if still without navigation for a 5 minutes. I test with downloadcomplete or navigationcomple but i can't do it.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

When my program starts I want it to show a different form until the webpage is done loading on the main form. How can it tell when the page is done?

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