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Webpage: Print To Fit One Page


I have a program that loads a web page into a WebBrowser Control. I can print it fine using the following code:

I would like to print the page to fit to one page. I have tried printer.ScaleWidth = 8.5, and tried various printer.zoom values, but nothing works. Does anybody have any ideas?


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I Can't Get The Webpage To Load The Next Page!
I'm trying to get my webcontrol to click on the NEXT button so the second page will load. For some reason I keep getting this URL:'1')

here's part of the VB code

c = wb.Document.body.innerHTML
i = InStr(c, ">Next</A>")
If i = 0 Then
Label5 = "All IDs collected."
i = InStrRev(c, "href=""", i)
c = Mid(c, i + 6)
i = InStr(c, """")
c = left(c, i - 1)
c = Replace(c, "&amp;", "&")
If left(c, 5) <> "http:" Then c = left(wb.LocationURL, InStr(8, wb.LocationURL, "/")) & c

tmrTimeout.Enabled = True: Recollect = True
wb.Navigate c

here is the HTML:

HTML Code:
<script language="JavaScript">
function NextPage( page )
{ = page;

<td align="right" width="150">
<a href="javascript:NextPage('1')">Next</a>&nbsp;&gt;

Webpage/vb Interop (ala Start Page)
Creating the subject for this post may have almost been more trouble than the issue at hand... I digress.

I'm currently developing an application for a client who wishes to have a webpage displayed when the program starts (inside the program, not a browser or anything) that interacts with the program, much like the VS .NET start page.

Infact, he wants links to create a New Project or to Open an Existing Project that would call the same methods the the toolbar and menu's call.

Is this possible?

The only way I've seen to do this would be to set some registry values through vbScript when the links are clicked, and use them as flags. In the application have a loop that is checking for these flags, and respond accordingly, but I'm sure there is a far better way of doing this.

Many thanks,


How Can I Setup Print Page To Half Of A4 Page With Datareport?
I would like to print selling bill ,and the size of page is half of A4 pagesize,
How do coding with datareport?
Thanks in advance..

Problem With Print, Page Setup, And Print Preview In A Text Editor...
Yes, I have another question.

When I use these exact same functions (with WebBrowser.ExecWB in place of txtScrapbook.Text) in my web browser, it works perfectly. But when I use them in reference to a text box, it doesn't.

Can you tell me where the problem lies, or give me an alternative method? I have a common dialog box already for other functions, so feel free to make use of it if you need to. Thanks.

Code:Private Sub PageSetup_Click()
'opens page setup dialog
End Sub

Private Sub Print_Click()
'opens common dialog box prompting user to print current web page/parts of current web page
End Sub

Private Sub PrintPreview_Click()
'opens print preview dialog
End Sub

Please Help Webpage + Print

I want the current webpaged to be printed I can surf, and got the basic functions working, just need this printing done. Can anyone help? =) Thx

How To Print Images That Fit To The Page Size Specified In Print Common Dialog?
i need some help in printing the whole image tat fit onto the paper size i specified in Print Common Dialog. I hav a PictureBox array & each PictureBox contains a smaller Picturebox inside. For example : Picture1(index) has a smaller Picture2(index) inside. There are vertical & horizontal scrollbars next to each Picture1(index).

i already hav the basic Print Common Dialog code below. Here's the problem -> I can print out the pictures displayed inside Picture2(index) but the printout will turn out truncated or just part of the whole picture when im printing to a 4R photo size for example and the image displayed in Picture2(index) is larger then the bounding Picture1(index) & i need to use the scrollbars to scroll and view the other portions of the image.

So how to modify the code below to print out the whole image tat fit nicely to the paper size i specified. Thanxs.


CommonDialog1.CancelError = True
On Error Resume Next

CommonDialog1.Action = 5 ' Start the Print Common Dialog

If (Err.Number = cdlCancel) Then Exit Sub
'when Cancel is pressed, exit subroutine

'Code to print the array here

For Pics = Picture2.LBound To Picture2.UBound
If Picture2(Pics).Picture > 0 Then ' If the PictureBox is not empty
Printer.PaintPicture Picture2(Pics).Picture, 0, 0
End If


Print Picture Box (print A Form That Is Too Large For The Screen Or Page)
I got a picture box (Picture1), which contain several picture box'es, labels and
Flex Grid tables, -which I would like to print. Picture1 is quite high (higher than the screen). I found some code that i modified, but the printing only get the labels proper. The Flex Grids and picture box'es only show the border, and not the contents.

Code:Private Const WM_PAINT = &HF
Private Const WM_PRINT = &H317
Private Const PRF_CLIENT = &H4& ' Draw the window's client area.
Private Const PRF_CHILDREN = &H10& ' Draw all visible child windows.
Private Const PRF_OWNED = &H20& ' Draw all owned windows.

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias _
   "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _
   ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long

Private Sub Print_Click()
Dim rv As Long
   Me.ScaleMode = vbTwips ' default
   With Picture2
      .Top = Picture1.Top
      .Left = Picture1.Left
      .Width = Picture1.Width
      .Height = Picture1.Height
   End With
   Me.Visible = True
   Picture2.AutoRedraw = True
   rv = SendMessage(Picture1.hwnd, WM_PAINT, Picture2.hDC, 0)
   rv = SendMessage(Picture1.hwnd, WM_PRINT, Picture2.hDC, _
   Picture2.Picture = Picture2.Image
   Picture2.AutoRedraw = False

   Printer.Print ""
   Printer.PaintPicture Picture2.Picture, 0, 0
End Sub

Edited by - Zigar on 11/27/2003 3:31:21 AM

How To Load A Webpage Page In Visual Basic 4 Form
Hi all. i am trying to create a vb form in visual basic 4 that loads wepage when the form is opend. I righ clicked on the new form and clicked on view code then i typed the following code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Webbrowser1.Navigate ""
End Sub

The i went to file and make exe file and it created for me the exe fiile but when i run it i get this error :

Run-time error '423':

object required


could an expert help me solve this problem and be able to load a wepage inside the form.Thanks

How To Pass A Variable Or Parameter From VB To Webpage (active Server Page)
I would like to be able to get a variable (an identity key pulled from a database and used in the VB app) and pass it to a webpage.
Is it possible to pass a variable betwen these two? If so, How?

Thanks for your help!!


Print Multiple Copies Of Webpage

I'm printing a webpage using an activex control and it works fine. However, I'd like to specify the number of pages to print (without going into the registry). Can anyone help? MSDN help didn't help


Problem About ExecWb-print A Webpage.

I have wrote a block of script in a webpage

olecmd = 6
oleparam = 2
Printit.ExecWB olecmd, oleparam

It works well except that it will always show the printdialog.MSDN tells me that oleparam=2 means that it will not prompt me.

So I want to know what's the matter.

anyone help me?

Print Column Header On Each Print Out Page
I am trying to put the header of each column on each print out page.
Right now I have it only appearing on the first page of my printouts.

How do you do that in Excel 2003?

Print Webpage Using Command Button On Excel
Is it possible to be able to create a command button on an excel sheet that when clicked will print a webpage document to the default printer without displaying the web browser?
Thanks in advance.


HELP Print Listview Print To Many Page
I am using this to print Listview
When I print 1 page then it is ok but

if data from Listview go on 3 or 4 page then fyrst page is ok
efter fyrst page I only get 1 data on on each page
so this can be many page

Can somone help me what is wrong in this ??

Printer.Font = "Tahoma"
Printer.FontBold = True
Printer.FontUnderline = False
Printer.FontSize = 10
Printer.Print "Print from listview"
Printer.FontUnderline = False
Printer.Print vbNewLine

Printer.CurrentX = 1440
Printer.CurrentY = 1440

PrintListView lvwDataCopy


Private Sub PrintListView(lvw As ListView)
Const Margin = 60
Const COL_MARGIN = 240

Dim ymin As Single
Dim ymax As Single
Dim xmin As Single
Dim xmax As Single
Dim num_cols As Integer
Dim column_header As ColumnHeader
Dim list_item As ListItem
Dim i As Integer
Dim num_subitems As Integer
Dim col_wid() As Single
Dim X As Single
Dim y As Single
Dim line_hgt As Single

xmin = Printer.CurrentX
ymin = Printer.CurrentY

' ******************
' Get column widths.
num_cols = lvw.ColumnHeaders.Count
ReDim col_wid(1 To num_cols)

' Check the column headers.
For i = 1 To num_cols
col_wid(i) = _
Next i

' Check the items.
num_subitems = num_cols - 1
For Each list_item In lvw.ListItems
' Check the item.
If col_wid(1) < Printer.TextWidth(list_item.Text) _
Then _
col_wid(1) = Printer.TextWidth(list_item.Text)

' Check the subitems.
For i = 1 To num_subitems
If col_wid(i + 1) < _
Printer.TextWidth(list_item.SubItems(i)) _
Then _
col_wid(i + 1) = _
Next i
Next list_item

' Add a column margin.
For i = 1 To num_cols
col_wid(i) = col_wid(i) + COL_MARGIN
Next i

' *************************
' Print the column headers.
Printer.CurrentY = ymin + Margin
Printer.CurrentX = xmin + Margin
X = xmin + Margin
For i = 1 To num_cols
Printer.CurrentX = X
Printer.Print FittedText( _
lvw.ColumnHeaders(i).Text, col_wid(i));
X = X + col_wid(i)
Next i
xmax = X + Margin

line_hgt = Printer.TextHeight("X")
y = Printer.CurrentY + line_hgt / 2
Printer.Line (xmin, y)-(xmax, y)
y = y + line_hgt / 2

' Print the rows.
num_subitems = num_cols - 1
For Each list_item In lvw.ListItems
X = xmin + Margin

' Print the item.
Printer.CurrentX = X
Printer.CurrentY = y
Printer.Print FittedText( _
list_item.Text, col_wid(1));
X = X + col_wid(1)

' Print the subitems.
For i = 1 To num_subitems
Printer.CurrentX = X
Printer.Print FittedText( _
list_item.SubItems(i), col_wid(i + 1));
X = X + col_wid(i + 1)
Next i

y = y + line_hgt * 1.5
Next list_item
ymax = y

' Draw lines around it all.
Printer.Line (xmin, ymin)-(xmax, ymax), , B

X = xmin + Margin / 2
For i = 1 To num_cols - 1
X = X + col_wid(i)
Printer.Line (X, ymin)-(X, ymax)
Next i
End Sub

Print A Page Without My Print Button!!!
My question concern my web page:
How can i print an html page without it's print button.

I figure out how to hide the button when pressed(with layers)
but when it's finish printing or the user cancel,
how can i make the button visible,i know how but on
what event.

some1 have an idea??

Print Page That Contains Last Value

I am using VB6 to access an excel document. What I want to do is find the last value of a range (a1:a100) and print only the page that the last value appears on.


Say the last value in that range is in cell a79, and a79 appears on the third page of the file, vb6 now only prints page 3 (which contains a79).

I hope that makes sense and that you are able to assist me.

Thanks again.


Page Set Up Before Print
Hi All,

Glad to be the member of this Forum.

Is it possible to make "Page 1 of ?" option as the default footer in Page Set up. That is every I shouldn't be selecting the option before printing.

Please help.


Print A A4 Page
I have two fields in my database
They are :name and ID

The original layout is:

Name ID
Tom 1
Mike 2
Jack 3
Allan 4

I would like to print it like:

Name ID Name ID
Tom 1 Jack 3
Mike 2 Allan 4

anyone knows ? thank you !!! thank you !

Keep asking question until the end of the world....

Help Please With 2 Page Print Out.
Ok I am new to VB6 and I ran into a problem. When I print out a report from a text box the report ends up being 2 pages which it is suppose to be, but here is the problem. The first page prints out fine with a top margin of about 1/2 inch, but the second page looses the top margin data and prints the first line of the second page about 2 mm from the top of the page instead of 1/2 inch top margin.

I just want the second page to have the 1/2 top margin also what do I need to do?

here is my code so far.

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

If (DisplayPrinter(txtReport.hWnd, centerForm:=True)) Then

Printer.ScaleLeft = -0.5 * 1440 'left margin
Printer.ScaleTop = -0.5 * 1440 'top margin
Printer.CurrentX = 0
Printer.CurrentY = 0
Printer.Font = "ARIAL"
Printer.FontSize = 12
Printer.Print txtReport.Text

MsgBox "Report has printed successfully."

End If

End Function

any suggestions or code would really be appriciated. Please make it as simple as possiable, since I am really new at vb6 thanks,

Print On New Page
Hello i have 2 questions, my first one is how do i print to my printer?
I think its something like Print.Printer but im not sure.
For my second question: i know that there is a code that when i add it it will print automaticly to a new page on my printer even when the page isnt full yet. I thought it was something like Chr12 to print on a new page but i forgot what it was. Hope anyone can help me out here.

Print New Page
I would like to know, How I can print the picture and put the picture in a new page after print the contents in the listview?


For i = 1 To ListView1(0).ListItems.Count
Printer.Print Tab(5); ListView1(0).ListItems(i); _
Tab(25); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(1); _
Tab(45); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(2); _
Tab(65); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(3); _
Tab(85); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(4); _
Tab(105); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(5); _
Tab(125); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(6); _
Tab(145); ListView1(0).ListItems(i).ListSubItems(7)


Printer.Print "Legend": ForeColor = vbBlack
Set Picture2 = LoadPicture(App.path & "output.bmp")
Printer.PaintPicture Picture2, 60, 13000, 2000, 800


Print A Web Page
How to print a web page pogramatically from within Vbcode? (The web page should not appear on the screen ie. it should be loaded in background or in a web control)

Print 1st Page Of PDF
How do I Print the 1st page of a PDF? I currently use:
VB Code:
ShellExecute(hDesktop, "Print", "somefilename.pdf", vbNullString, "C:",0)
but it prints it all when I just want the first page.



the program used Crystal Report Application server, so i just used the export feature to word and used the word application object to print page 1, but thanks for all of the interest.

Help. How To Print More Than 1 Page ?
Hi peeps, i have 2 probs.
Im new and have spent days on this forum learning all that i have learned so far.


After much searching i have finally found how to print the contents of my msflexgrid.

I have 2 problems that i am hoping your goodselfs can help with.

1. ) The data i have in the flexgrid is more than 1 page but can not get the rest to print. how can i get the printer to manually feed the next page and continue printing. ??

current code i am using is.

Private Sub Command5_Click()
Printer.ColorMode = vbPRCMMonochrome
Printer.PrintQuality = vbPRPQDraft
Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape
Printer.PaintPicture Grid1.Picture, 0, 0
End Sub

2. ) Less inportant.
whilst printing the flexgrid, i would like to print in the background my logo so it is like a hologram. ?
Not sure if this can be done with the print command or if it can be included into the msflexgrid as a background image.

Hope you can help.

Print The Web Page
Working with the printer is a pain...

I had an idea to display what I wish to print as a web page in a hidden webbrowswer and the tell that webbrowser to print


but there is not print method

there must be a way!

Print Fit To Page
Hi, I have an Access database and I've created a print button on one of my forms. When I click print it prints on 2 pages and I want to squeeze it onto 1 page. I can do this by adjusting the page setup but I want to do it in the visual basic code somehow so that all the users won't have to change their page setup. I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer to my problem, can someone please help?

Print From A Web Page
I have a web site. I have a listing of all the word documents on the web site with a selection box for each. When I select some docs and click Print Button, I need to print all those docs onto a local printer ?
Can I use VB script for that ? If so, how ? Thanks for your help,


How To Print At Last Page

can anyone please explain how to print the page footer only at the final page in data report (VB 6)

for example,
l've 3 page report n i only want the total of sales print at final page, Page 3 only.


Print First Page Of Doc
I need to change the printer settings in order to print the first page of a pdf file. Here is my print code, what can i do to make it print just the first page.

strPrinterName = Printer.DeviceName
strDriverName = Printer.DriverName
strPortName = Printer.Port

'Perform error checking
strCommandLine = "c:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat4.0 ReaderAcroRd32.exe /t """ + _
strfilename + """ """ + _
strPrinterName + """ """ + _
strDriverName + """ """ + _
strPortName + """"

RunProcess strCommandLine


Print Web Page
Do u know: how to print a web page? To print it in text format (html codes) and graphic format(like we see in web browser). I have a hard time to figure it here. Could u help? Thanks!!!

Print Two Forms On One Page
How do I get two forms under the same project to print on a letter size page?

The print button is initialized from Form1 which collects the info. Form2 & 3 are formatted just for printing. This is all a standard exe file.

Any help would be apprciated.

Print Web Page Oddity

This works fine except it will print one extra blank page. When I change it to prompt the user only one page is printed. I removed the header and footer for both and they are the same webpage. Any ideas as to why not prompting the user would result in an extra blank page being printed?



Print First And Last Page In Excel
I am trying to build a macro in VB to print out only the first and last page of Excel reports that I produce. Is there anything that returns the last page?

Print 2 Images On One Page
How do I merge 2 tiff images to one page and print it ?

Print Page Size Help
i am using printer.print

how do i tell the computer i want to print to Legal size????


but what is the answer for legal?

How To Print 2 Forms In One Page?
HI my problem is the following
I need to print one form and its duplicate in one page. I tried to copy and paste the entire form, but the size exceds the size permited by visual basic 6.
Thanks in advance

How Print Only Last Page Of Report
hi firends,
i want to print 'only last page' of vb6 report without open report.


Print Heading Every Page
Hi! I can print a heading only in my first page. How would I print the same heading in every page and how do i print page numbering Like "Page 1 of N". What should be added to my code?

VB Code:
Printer.FontName = "Courier New"  Printer.FontSize = 11  Printer.Orientation = vbPRORPortrait  Printer.CurrentY = 720 'Top Margin of .5"  Printer.Print Tab(60); "Date Printed: "; Date  Printer.Print Tab(60); "Served by: "; lblLoginName.Caption  Printer.Print Tab(60); "Transaction ID: "; txtTransactionID.Text  'Printer.FontUnderline = True  Printer.Print: Printer.Print    Dim Pagelength%, BottomMargin%, TopMargin%  Pagelength = 11 * 1440  BottomMargin = 1 * 1440  TopMargin = 0.5 * 1440   'Print headers  If Printer.CurrentY > Pagelength - BottomMargin Then    Printer.NewPage    Printer.CurrentY = TopMargin  End If

Vb Want Print My Excel Page.
Hello people,

I'm trying to find the vb code to print a page out of a excel file.

VB Code:
Spreadsheet3.XMLURL = App.Path & " est.xls"Spreadsheet3.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Blad3").SelectSpreadsheet3.ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1

I get everytime a error on PrintOut with the message Method or data member not found.
What is wrong and is there somebody who can help me with the correct line.

Print A Html Page
Hello, Iwas just wondering how to print a html page from within an app. I have created one from my app and now want to send it to the printer. Is ther any way of doing this.

How To Use PaintPicture To Print More Than One Page
I have a picBOx that has fairly large text documents being printed to it. I can view the entire pic box but when I send it to the printer it only prints out one page!?!?!?

Any ideas?

Also, what is the maximum height of a PicturBox?

Print Form Fit Exactly To A A4 Page
how do i print a form that can fit (or fill up the whole page) a A4 size page?..cuz when i print the form it prints only half the page ....

How To Print A Utf-8 Number To A ASP Page
I have a utf-8 unicode E999A2, which is a Chinese character. How can I print out this chinese character in a ASP page.

I can use "Response.Write(chr(&H41))" in my ASP VB script to print out "A" on the page. But couldn't figure out how to do the same thing to chinese characters which is utf-8 based unicode.

Print Full Page
I am having trouble printing a form from my program. When I print a form, it only prints what is above the fold. My forms are quite long (about twice the length of the screen) and I would like to print the entire form..not just what is above the fold. Can someone let me know if it is possible to print the full page of a long form.



How Do I Print A Page That Is 8x11
OK here is the problem i am faced with, i need to put a 1040 ez form on to my form, but i need it to stay about its original size. That is not a problem for me to do. The problem is, when i print the form, it never prints the entire 1040ez. Is there a way for me to do this, well, I know there is a way i just don't know how to.

Can anyone please help me with this????

First Page Print For Web Browser
Hi, all

In order to make print out from internet web page, It is possible print out ONLY First page among 2 ~ 5 PAGE of WEB

In other word, If you link any internet web site. and If you try to print out that web site. I think that normallay, it will be printed out at least 2 ~ 5 pages from your printer for first page of internet web site which was linked by you.

That means there is no way to control page break ? because i really do not want to print out whole pages form first page of internet web site.

The following code is NOT able to break page which i want.


Any idea ? Thanks you.

Print Web Page In My Application
Do you know how to print a web page by code... I don't want the dialog box....


Print A Form On Page?
Hi there!

Does anyone know what kind of code I need to get a small, simple form to rpint out centered on a
standard 8X11 piece of papaer? I know how to use PrintForm, but I want to make it look nice, so
therefore centering it on the page would be desireable.

Thanks for your help!

How Can I Print Centered On A Page?
Anybody know how I can use the .PrintForm command to print a form so that it's centered horizontally on a page, instead of aligned left?

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