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Write HTML Format To File

I need to write an html file and I am using PRINT statement. The problem is that there are to many " and where I thought to use chr(34) function. This is very time consuming. Is there an easer way to write " and / characters?

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What Is Packed Data Format. How Can I Write To A File From VB In This Format.
Hi all,

Could someone explain what Packed data format is and how I can write to a file from VB in this format.

Code sample will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Write To Html File
Ok were trying to make a program that can create a web template (of sorts, I guess, were just supposed to show furtherment in our coding knowledge) and we need to know how to use some sort of filewrite command or write to file?

Ring any bells?

Write To A File In A Certain Format
Visual Basic 5.0

I write to a file and its output is as follow

"Some Text","A Date:",#2003-11-06#,"A number:",100


I would like to have a file output as below. The file below has
no double quotes around the data, and they are not separated
by a comma. Also, how do I write a blank line with a TAB on it ?


Some Text <-- the data, then a new line
A Date: <-- a TAB then the data, then a new line
2003-11-06 <-- a TAB then the data, then a new line
A number: <-- a TAB then the data, then a new line
100 <-- a TAB then the data, then a new line



Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim strFile As String
Dim Program_Name As String

strFile = "C: est5.txt"

Call dhWriteAndInput(strFile)
End Sub

Private Sub dhWriteAndInput(strFile As String)
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Dim hFile As Long
ReDim varData(1 To 5) As Variant
Dim i As Integer

'Open a file for output, write to it and close it
hFile = FreeFile

Open strFile For Output Access Write As hFile
Write #hFile, "Some Text", "A Date:", Date, "A number:", 100
Close hFile

'Now open it back up for reading
hFile = FreeFile
Open strFile For Input Access Read As hFile
Input #hFile, varData(1), varData(2), varData(3), varData(4), varData(5)
Close hFile

Select Case Err.Number ' Evaluate error number.
Case 53 ' "File NetManage.ini does not exist on C:"
MsgBox "File NetManage.ini does not exist on C:"
Case 55 ' "File already open" error.
Close #1 ' Close open file.
Case Else
' Handle other situations here...
End Select

Resume Next
End Sub

Write Html To File Problem
Hey im trying to make text1 go into this
and save to .html i have a save function that works but for some reason i can not get the html into the file, im stumped..

How To Read And Write XML File Of The Format Given Below In VB 6.0
I have a problem that I created XML file from acess database through VB 6.0 code using MSXML DOMDocument object.

The format of the XML File is

- <xml xmlns:rs="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rowset" xmlns:z="#RowsetSchema">
- <rs:data>
<z:row ename="Sree" Eno="1" salary="111" />
<z:row ename="Anil" Eno="2" salary="235345" />
<z:row ename="Madhu" Eno="3" salary="43534" />
<z:row ename="aaa" Eno="4" salary="234" />
<z:row ename="Kumar" Eno="5" salary="2314123" />
<z:row ename="asdas" Eno="6" salary="24312" />
<z:row ename="Madhuri" Eno="7" salary="5675" />
<z:row ename="df sdfgdh" Eno="8" salary="56456" />
<z:row ename="sdgfsd" Eno="9" salary="45636" />
<z:row ename="asdfadf" Eno="11" salary="34423" />
<z:row ename="sdfasg" Eno="10" salary="4534" />
<z:row ename="cvbcvb" Eno="12" salary="1423" />
<z:row ename="Srikanth" Eno="13" salary="724958" />
<z:row ename="Olive" Eno="14" salary="7897897" />
<z:row ename="Vijay" Eno="15" salary="78687678" />

how to read the XML data and display it in textbox and if i change any data in the textbox i should effect the XML in the sence to write the XML file.

Please help me...

The following code for creating XML file is in Vb 6.0 is
Dim con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim objXMLDOM As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
Dim schemaNode As MSXML2.IXMLDOMNode
Dim str As String
Private Sub Form_Load()

Set con = New ADODB.Connection
str = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=c:emp.mdb;"
con.Open str
MsgBox ("connected")
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "select * from emp", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
rs.Save objXMLDOM, adPersistXML

With objXMLDOM

'Removing schema node and hence unused namespace declarations
'First select the Schema node and then call removeChild
.setProperty "SelectionNamespaces", _
Set schemaNode = .selectSingleNode("//s:Schema")

With .documentElement
.removeChild schemaNode

.removeAttribute "xmlns:s"
.removeAttribute "xmlns:dt"
End With

'Using MSXML DOM Save method to save the updated document
.Save "c:Contacts.xml"
End With

Set rs = Nothing
MsgBox ("Xml created")

End Sub

HELP: Trying To Read/write A File In C++format
Hi, I'm trying to read/write to a file in C++ format or binary format (not sure) but cant figure out how to do it in VB6. I'm posting the format and the sample data here.

Here's the format:


struct s_IntradayFileHeader


 char Name[sizeof(FILE_HEADER)]; // string should be null terminated

 short PriceFormat; // not used

 long PosOfLastRecDownloaded; // not used

 char Reserve[32];


struct s_MinuteRecord


 unsigned short Date; // Microsoft Variant date format as an integer

 unsigned short Time; // number of minutes from 00:00

float Open;

float High;

float Low;

float Last;

unsigned long Volume; The high 10 bits are used for the number of trades per minute.


Here's the sample data which I read using Notepad (looks giberrish)

INTRADAY_DATA ÿÿÿÿ ?  ?D ?D €D €DG ?  €D €D €D €D ?
 €D €D €D €D @? €D ?D €D €D ? €D ?D €D ?D     ? ?D ?D €D €D ? €D ?D €D ?D € ? €D ?D €D ?DB ?? €D €D €D €D @ ? €D €D €D €D1 @? €D €D €D €D @? xD xD xD xD @? €D €D pD pD~ €? xD xD pD pD € ? pD xD pD pDO ?? pD xD pD xD ? xD xD pD xDj ? pD xD pD xD ? pD xD pD pD @? pD pD hD pDw @?  pD pD hD pD ??! pD pD hD hD ??" pD pD hD pD: ??# hD hD `D `Du@?$ `D `D `D `D ?% `D `D `D `D5 ?& `D `D XD XD €?' `D hD XD `DR @?( XD hD XD hD €?) hD hD XD hDW ?* `D hD `D hD3??+ hD hD `D hDo €?, hD pD hD pD, ?- hD hD hD hD ?. hD hD `D `DB €?/ `D hD XD `Ds €?0 hD hD `D `D €?1 hD hD XD XD* @?2 `D `D XD XD €?3 `D `D `D `D] @?4 `D `D `D `D ?5 XD `D XD `D; €?6 hD hD `D `D € ?7 hD pD hD hD?€?8 hD pD hD hD ?9 pD €D hD xD?€
?: xD €D hD hDi     ?; hD €D hD xD???< pD xD hD xDR??= xD €D pD xD€?> €D €D pD xDÿ€?? €D €D pD xDp ?@ xD xD hD pD? ?A xD ?D pD ?D?@?B €D ?D €D ?D€?C ?D ?D ?D ?D@@?D ?D ?D ?D ?D?@?E ?D ?D ?D ?D?@?F ?D ?D ?D ?D? ?G ?D ?D ?D ?D? ?H ?D ?D xD ?DB ?I ?D ?D €D ?D/??J ?D ?D ?D ?D
?K ?D ?D ?D ?D?€?L ?D ?D ?D ?DU??M ?D ?D ?D ?D?@?N ?D ?D ?D ?D €    ?O ?D ?D ?D ?Dm@?P ?D ?D ?D ?DO@?Q ?D ?D ?D ?DH@?R ?D ?D ?D ?D? ?S ?D ?D ?D ?D( ?T ?D ?D ?D ?Dl??U ?D ?D ?D ?D?€?V ?D ?D ?D ?D???W ?D ?D ?D ?Dp ?X ?D ?D xD €DQ
€+?Y €D ?D €D ?D @'?Z ?D ?D xD ?D?@"?[ ?D ?D xD €D:    ?? €D ?D pD ?DS € ?] ?D ?D pD xD???^ xD ?D pD pD: ?_ pD xD HD PD8
??` PD PD 0D 8D?€(?a 8D 8D D De€,?b D

Thanks in advance,


Write A File In Unicode Format.
How can I write a text file in unicode format? VB6 write ANSI format file by default ...... Its driving me crazy, can anyone help me out?

How To Write Excel Values Into A HTML File
hello everyone
i'm working on an application where we get the contact information from Excel sheets and we have to populate the HTML template with these values in the respective field values.
i could create a new HTML file and write the data into that, but we already have standard HTML templates and we have to use that templates.
could someone throw some light into this??

Write To File; Number In Exponential Format
What format mask will write a number in exponential format?

For example if dblNumber is 23.4432E+34

sStringToFile = format(dblNumber, "??????")

Thanks in advance for any help.

Read/Write Text In .txt File In Csc Format
I want to read and write the text form and to text file, which i want to store in csv (comma seperated value) format.


1,john,New York,USA

I want to add and delete the line from the same too.

Thanking for anticipation.


How To Write A Csp/VB For CE8.0 To Export To Diff File Format?
Hi everybody,

I am new to CE.... Is there a place where sample code can be found for writing a CSP to export scheduled rpts to diff file formats??

Can I auume that the following is relevant...


If so where can I find the syntax for using them? Many thanks.

best regards

Read, Format, Write String In Text File
Hi it kate again

I have text file, this text not comma delima formatted, just text. the file contian many lines of text, and contian a word "Pagebreak". I need my program to read file 1 and write it to file2, anytime the program read pagebreak, I want it to start new page. for instatant.
(This is just test file to show pagebreak how this work)
the above line should show like
(This is just test file to show )
and the program should start newe text page and place the
(how this work) and take the pagebreak word out.

Now I start coding the program, but I read and write the file, without start new page or take the pagebreak out! and here is what I started:

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim FileNum As Long
Dim line1, line2, line3, strfind As String
Dim i As Integer

strfind = "pagebreak"

strfind = "pagebreak"
FileNum = FreeFile
Open "c: est.dat" For Input As #FileNum
Do Until EOF(FileNum)
Input #FileNum, line2
If InStr(1, line2, CR) Then

line1 = line1 + line2 + NewPage
line3 = ReplaceFirstInstance(line1, strfind, NewPage)
line1 = line1 + line2
End If


lblmsg.Caption = line1

End Sub

Function ReplaceFirstInstance(textbody, searchfor, startover)
FoundLoc = InStr(1, textbody, searchfor)
If FoundLoc <> 0 Then

Open "C: est2.txt" For Output As #2
Print #2, NewPage
Print #2, textbody

Close #2
Open "C: est2.txt" For Output As #2
Print #2, textbody
End If
End Function

I will greatly appreciated any help


Write Russian Chars To Text ( Html) File Aaaarghhh
hello ,, does someone know how i can acomplish the folowing task ,,

i have a program with a HTML interface and i need to write Russian chars to
the generated HTML files

my database is unicode ( access 2000 ) the characters in the database are
perfect however when they arive in vb and written to the text file they are
transformed to squares and other garbage

i was so desperate that i tried it on a Russian version of windows but same
thing happens there

if i use a VB form i can set the charset to a control and it will appear in
Russian however writing to a text file will result in garbage in the file
when i open it in Notepad or the webbrowser

strange thingy is if i look on a Russian website it appears OK , if i save
this file local to my system and open it with notepad it is also OK ( win
2000 advanced american english )

so the problem is probably that the string var that holds the data before it
is written to the text file mixes things up ???

how to solve this ???

How To Convert .txt File To Html Format
1. In my application I want to convert the text file into an html format and see it in browser.How can I do it from VB6.0?

2.How to read the selected items from a combo box which has multiselect property selected to true?

Thanx in Advance...

Convert File Structure And .url To Html Format
I am trying to convert a file structure with only .url files (i.e. favorites folder) into a html document like a mozilla bookmarks html file. Does anyone know how to do that conversion?

Automate Saving A Datareport To HTML File Format
hello everyone,

I want to know a DataReport to output an HTML format. What I mean is, how do you avoid user interaction with regards to saving the file? What I mean is creating HTML files from the report, forcing a file name and saving as it were from VB. Is it possible?
Any suggestion? Any help is appreciated!

Write Html In Vb6
I purchased a html file maker that makes .chm help files. I sent a question to the maker regarding opening it from vb. He stated that it was written in vb6.
Does anyone know what contol he uses to be able to type into the control and produce html code, such as colored text css style etc ?

Write Files As HTML

I am using the following code to take data from my UDT array and then save it as a HTML file:

ff = FreeFile

Open "c:" & Str(i) & ".html" For Output As #ff

Write #ff, "<html>"
Write #ff, "<head></head>"
Write #ff, "<body>"
Write #ff, "<h1> Title </h1>"
Write #ff, "<h3><center>"; IntExt; "."; Place; "-"; Time; "</center></h3>"
Write #ff, "<br /><br />"
Write #ff, "<h4>What Happens : </h4>"
Write #ff, "<p>"; What; "</p>"
Write #ff, "<hr>"
Write #ff, "<h4>Why It Happens : </h4>"
Write #ff, "<p>"; Why; "</p>"
Write #ff, "<br />"
Write #ff, "<h7><center>"; Author; "</center></h7>"
Write #ff, "</body>"
Write #ff, "</html>"
Write #ff, Title
Close #ff

How can I modify this code so that it :

a) I can select which directory I want to save the files too?


b) How can I make sure there are no "" included in the file. Currently the file is written with quotes included meaning it does not 'work' as a HTML file...



I Can Write To File My Recordset But How Do I Also Write The Field Names As A Header
Another small problem

I have some code that writes my recordset to a text file but I would also like a header row included as the first row with the field names.

here is my current code that works fine to write the recordset. What do I need to add to make the first row the field names ?

Public Sub WriteToFile(ByVal RS As ADODB.Recordset, ByVal filenameToWrite As String)
Dim store As String
Dim filenumber As Integer
filenumber = FreeFile

Open filenameToWrite For Output As #filenumber 'open text file

Do Until RS.EOF

store = ""

'loop thru fields in Recordset
For i = 0 To RS.Fields.Count - 1
store = store & RS(i) & ","

store = Left(store, Len(store) - 1)

Print #filenumber, store 'write to text file


Close #filenumber
End Sub

thanks in advance

How To Write To Text In CSV Format
Hi Guys


I am receiving speed data from a anemometer every 10 minutes and want to write the data to a text file in comma separated variable format like this:


I tried this command

Open "logDefault.txt" For Append As #2
Print #2, sSpeed & ","
close #2

The result came out like this in rows

How to make it something like this?


Write Data In CSV Format
Any tips on how to output data in CSV format?


Write MP3CD Format
I have a Jukebox program in VB6. I am interested in writing cd's in mp3cd format. What is the best way to do this? I create a playlist and import it into Easy CD Creator to write standard audio discs but I am not sure how to do mp3cd's.

Write HTML String To Browser ??

The VB ITC provides for retrieving a Web page and storing its text HTML in a string, but there doesn't seem to be any support for writing a string out to a browser instance. Can anyone shed some light on how this is done - perhaps even point to an example? I'd like to avoid using the a browser control as part of my application - I just want to write to a browser display. Ultimately, I'll need to do this through an AX control in a browser frame - writing to another empty frame.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Write Code I Have Provided On Html Help
This has to do with an earlier post, i thought was fixed. I have found a serious bug in a program i thought was finished. I have a program updater that downloads updates from the web and it works just fine for the new exe, so i decided to also download a new help file while i'm at it and this works fine also. The bug i discovered is this: If html help has been opened it will not copy over the old help file. After doing a lot of research i have found this is a known bug. The html runs in a different thread or something like that. I think this article will fix my problem:


Marcel van Brakel has uncovered a real problem with HH_CLOSE_ALL. When you call HH_CLOSE_ALL on shut down, the HH API creates another thread and sometimes does not return until after you have performed UnLoadLibrary(hhctrl.ocx). In this case the HH_CLOSE_ALL thread returns to nothing and causes an access violation.


Ralph Walden (x-Microsoft) describes the problem:

The switch to a background thread was done after I left (the MS help team) in order to solve a problem with Visual Studio. I knew they should have fixed Visual Studio instead of "fixing" HTML Help (which wasn't broken). I've never actually tried it, but along with that change was a hack that allowed you to call the API in a way that it would create an interface, and then you'd call the API again to release that interface. You start off with HH_INITIALIZE and end with HH_UNINITIALIZE. Another alternative would be to set the HH_GPROPID_SINGLETHREAD property to TRUE -- that might get HTML Help back onto the parent's thread.


* As described by Ralph above, you can try using the HH_INITIALIZE, HH_UNINITIALIZE commands. These are documented in the HH Workshop online help.
* Call HH_CLOSE_ALL earlier. Get more space between the HH_CLOSE_ALL and your call to UnloadLibrary. In VB and Delphi you would perform the call on the Form QueryUnload _not_ on the Form Close or Destroy.
* Marcel van Brakel seemed to fix it by calling Sleep(0); immediately after the call to HH_CLOSE_ALL. Again providing more time for the rogue thread to return.

More Tips:

Here is an alternative to using HH_CLOSE_ALL. What I do with my applications is keep the handle of the HH Windows when making a help call: _HHwinHwnd := htmlhelp(...) and on shutdown call:
if IsWindow(_HHwinHwnd) then
SendMessage( _HHwinHwnd, wm_close, 0, 0 );

This is 10 times faster code, and eliminates the need for HH_CLOSE_ALL completely.

Also, as programming wizard Roland Mechling points out, don't blindly call HH_CLOSE_ALL on shutdown. If a user does not have HTML Help installed then this call will crash your application. Here is safer code. Notice we are checking if HH is installed before calling HtmlHelp();
procedure HHCloseAll;
If @HH.HtmlHelp <> Nil then //HH API is available
HH.HtmlHelp(0, nil, HH_CLOSE_ALL, 0);

I like this way:
_HHwinHwnd := htmlhelp(...) and on shutdown call:
if IsWindow(_HHwinHwnd) then
SendMessage( _HHwinHwnd, wm_close, 0, 0 );
My problem is i don't know how to write this Can someone tell me how to write this?
I could close help before i start my downloads

Write The Output On Html Page

how can i change the dynamic output on window status bar into the document page ?


Dim intTimerID
Dim hr
Dim min
Dim sec

hr =<%=Session("Hr")%>'change hours
min=<%=Session("Min")%>'change minutes
sec=<%=Session("Sec")%>'change seconds

Sub HandleTime
if hr=0 and min=0 and sec=0 then
elseif min>=0 and sec>0 then
status= "Time Left: " & hr & " hr " & min & " min " & sec & " sec "
intTimerID=setTimeOut("HandleTime",950, "VBScript")
elseif min>0 and sec=0 then
status= "Time Left: " & hr & " hr " & min & " min " & sec & " sec "
intTimerID=setTimeOut("HandleTime",950, "VBScript")
elseif hr>=0 and min=0 then
status= "Time Left: " & hr & " hr " & min & " min " & sec & " sec "
intTimerID=setTimeOut("HandleTime",950, "VBScript")
end if

document.all.hours.value = Hr
document.all.Mins.value = Min
document.all.Secs.value = Sec

End Sub
Sub endtime
cleartimeout intTimerID
status = "Exam Time Ended"
msgbox "Exam Time Is Up"
Location.href = "end.asp"

end sub

status= "Time Left: " & hr & " hr " & min & " min " & sec & " sec "
intTimerID=setTimeOut("HandleTime",950, "VBScript")


Write Numbers With Format Function
hi all

my problem perhaps is quite simple but i cant find a solution

well, i write numbers with two decimal places using the format function
and i want them aligned with the decimal point in a column like this

but actually, the results are like this


how can i use the format function to get the numbers aligned?

thanks in advance

Write The Property Format In Access

I create a database by code in this way:

Set tdf = dbsNew.CreateTableDef("Abertura")
Set fld = tdf.CreateField("Reporte", dbCurrency)
tdf.Fields.Append fld

Set fld = tdf.CreateField("Existencias", dbCurrency)
tdf.Fields.Append fld
dbsNew.TableDefs.Append tdf

With Data Type Currency,I would Like create in the format the Property standard that is 3.456,79..

How can I create this by code?


Write The Property Format In Access

I create a database by code in this way,and I would like to create the property Format in Standard Mode:

Set tdf = dbsNew.CreateTableDef("Abertura")
Set fld = tdf.CreateField("Reporte", dbCurrency)
fld.Properties("Format") = "Standard"
tdf.Fields.Append fld

But I have this error:
"Property not found" in:
fld.Properties("Format") = "Standard"

Anyone know the way to create this?


Complete Newbie Needs Help Write Record From Html
Excuse me for being a complete Newbie. I am working with an HTML document and need to write the operator entered input to a file in a tab delimited format. Can anyone help me with my code?

<TITLE>Write Tab Delimited Record</TITLE>

Sub Button1_OnClick
Open "c: est.txt" For Output As #1
<---------Something Needs to Go Here--------------->
close #1

End Sub


<tr><td>First Name:</td><td><input type="text" name="fNAME" VALUE="John"></td></tr>
<tr><td>Last Name:</td><td><input type="text" name="lname" VALUE="Doe"></td></tr>
<INPUT NAME="Button1" type ="BUTTON" value="Write Record">


Read && Write Rtf Files In Binary Format
How to read rtf file in binary format and How to write binary contents to a rtf file?

How To Avoid Confuse When Write To CSV Output Format

I am working to write VB code to write result to CSV format output, this CSV can be read in Excel.

I find CSV use comma as default to delimit, so if I wirte
"patch1, group1 required", I find it will wite into two column
(one is "patch1",another is "group1 required"),and make
output format in mix.

how can avoid this problem?is there any other can replace
comma as delimiter in CSV?


Excel Macro To Write Out Fortran 6F10.3 Format
I'm a new to writing Excel macros and have hit a bit of a wall.

I'm using Excel to pre-process data for an old Fortran Application. It requires a .dat file containing a preamble and then data in a 6F10.3 format.

The Excel data I want to write to the file is an Excel sheet formatted as Number with 3 decimals (+ or -). I have a macro that creates the .dat file and writes the preamble. I can read all the data, but I'm having trouble getting the 6 columns of F10.3 to format properly. The blank spaces are 'space' (Chr32). The negative sign is left of the most significant figure, not to the left of the field.

An example of the desired record, partial first two rows is:

12.345 -123.456 0.023 (3 more)...
100.000 -0.123 -12.120 (3 more)...
(it looks better with non-proportional type)

I've been try to manually format as text strings, but I think there must be a better way.

I'd appreciate any help or comments.

Controlling Font Size In Output Using Code To Write HTML
I have code which builds an HTML file for me . the HTML file displays a table withe graphics and some text: How do I control the Size of the font?

Html Format
any vb code that will format and align tags of html file? any programs out there i can download?

Email In HTML Format

How do I send an email in HTML format with MAPI?

E-mail In HTML Format?
Hello, all.

Can anybody advice me on how can I send an e-mail in HTML format from a VB application. I can send normal text, and when I try to send a real html file by just reading it character by character into body of the message - I get all those delimiters and other HTML garbage on the received message.
So again, how to I send it in HTML or RTF format? Thanks

MAPI And HTML Format
Sending emails via MAPI is quite statight forward. However these are simple, plain text messages. Is it possible to send emails in HTML format via MAPI instead of just text (and attachments)?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

David Stephen

How To Write Program For Recording From Microphone And Save In Human Readable Format
hi everyone,

can any body tell me how to write a program for recording sound from microphone and save it in human readable format (text format ) for speech analysis. My os is window xp.
please help...........

Change Mail Format To HTML
At my wifes company, they have it disabled where you can set HTML as the default mail format, however, she can use the Format / HTML inside the new message to change the format. How can I create a button within the new mail form, or even detect when a new message is being created that it goes through and changes the format to HTML. I can do using sendkeys, but I don't want to do that unless in dire need! Please help....


Exporting A Query To An HTML Format
In code, how can I export a query into an HTML Format?

RGB/HTML Colour Into VB-Color Format
I dont mean to sound cheeky but can anyone send me a color change module that changes either RGB or HTML colors into VB-Color format (i think its hex). Ive made an RGB into a HTML before but VB makes things so awkward...

ShellExecute Mailto: In Html Format?
How can I send an email in html format with ShellExecute function.
I want to send an email with html format from VB. to Outlook Express or Outlook.

How To Display HTML Format In MS Access?
Is it possible to display actual HTML formatting in MS Access form, report or data page? Is it possible not to display source code from the database field, but to process it like browser do?

May be some options in usual contsols exist?

Send Mail In Html Format
I am not a programmer, I am just trying to alter the way I send emails with this programme written in VB6. It is being sent as follows:

oMailItem.Body = msg1
where msg1 is using fields from the database and can be:
msg1 = msg1 & "whatever1" & vbCrLf
msg1 = msg1 & "whatever2" & vbCrLf
and so on...
I need to send links to my clients without writting down the entire URL but rather something like click HERE, that will have them open the link I want in Internet Explorer only.

Is that possible?
Thank you

Problem In Saving Html Format Plz Help Me
i save my grid as html by using html code don't want to use datareport, but want to change its html format into "rptKeyUnicodeHTML_UTF8" format how can i do that plz help me
this format is same as format

   i also just try by changing common dialog extension

               Plz help

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How Can I Find Out If The Email Body Is In Html Format?
i'm using msoutlook to manipulate the emails.
I want to know the way to find out that the body of the email message is written by html..
I see that outlook can tell whether the body of the message is html or plain text,. but how can i tell it programmatically?

thank you

Message Formed With HTML Received In Bad Format.
I pass a flexgrid content to the outlook. But since grid's font is arial the text message does not appear in Outlook properly aligned.

I referenced Outlook Object library in my project and I used HTMLBody property which gets the sting as html formatted so I can change the font face in the html tag and the final message in the Outlook displayed just as I needed.

I have built my outlook message with this html and send it to two recipients. One received it as it is but the other received the message as a plain text and, worst, with the html tags visible. Then the recipient who received the message in good condition forwarded it to the one who initially received the message in bad condition and this time everything is fine.

I have to ensure any recipient's machine can display my message properly otherwise it resembles a garbage can.

So what do you suggest, what can be the reason and possible solution.

Thank you

How To Send Mail In Html Format Using Smtp.
I am getting one problem in sending mail. I took one listbox in vb form. there i fetch some persons name from database and then i am sending mail to each person in listbox with different data in html format. And i am using Outlook reference to send mail. But the problem is that everytime outlook ask for permission to send the mail. And i have to press "Yes" button to send the mail. I have get rid of this problem. I want to send mail in one go. Can anybody help me in this matter?

How To Import HTML Files Contain Tables Into CSV Format ?
How to import HTML files contain tables into CSV format ?
I've got some HTML files contain with tables , then i'd like to import them into CSV format but not success .. Thanks much for your help Guys ..

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