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Adding Items To Multi Column VBA Listbox

how do I add an item to the second column of a listbox directly. I saw the example in the help that does it by equating it to an array, but I want to do it directly.

Thanks for any help!

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Vba To Add Items To A Multi Column List Box
Hi, i know there is a similer question to this in the archieves, but it did not answer my question.

I've got an access form, with two list boxes, which both are multi column. I want the user to beable to selected some rows form the first, and have it populate the 2nd. Heres what i've got so far...


Dim int1 As Integer
Dim int2 As Integer
int1 = lstList.ListCount
Dim i As Integer
int2 = 0
For i = 0 To int1
If lstList.Selected(i) = True Then
int2 = int2 + 1

lstAttend.AddItem (lstList.Column(0, i))
lstAttend.Column(1, int2) = lstList.Column(1, i)
lstAttend.Column(2, int2) = lstList.Column(2, i)
End If

lstList is the original & lstAttend is the one im trying to fill, this gives me the error
"Object Required" and higlights the bold line.

any ideas of how to fix this?


Adding Items To Multi-Columned Listboxes
How do I do it? It's for a bookmark system.. also if you know how can someone show me how to save the contents of one session of the program (so the bookmarks are still there the next time it's started)

Adding Rows To Multi-column Lstview
I have a listview with 3 columns, namelly, colX, colY,colZ.
I need to add co-ordinates to these columns from the following string:

"cord1|colX = 1,colY=2,colZ=3;cord2|colX=3,colY=4,colZ=5"
I only want to have the numbers within the string outputted in the lstview.
Can anyone give me the code to do this please.
Thanking you in advance

Add Multi. Items To Listbox From String
Hello All,

Here is my question...

I have a string (i.e. ", and I would like to add that string to a list box, with the "," separating the items. I have been able to do this before (on accident), but for some reason I can't replicate the results... Any ideas?

Thanks much!

- Joe

Multi-column Listbox ,please Help!

i want to make a listbox with 2 or 3 columns. Ive googled everything but cant find the good answer

All i want is a code that add some data to a listbox like

| name | username | Country | email |
| opti | optiplex | NL _____| *****|

please help me!

VB6: Multi-column Listbox -- How To?
Just came across this board and browsed through as much of the history as I could. I was not able to find the answer to my query however, but perhaps someone knows?

I have worked with VB for Applications in Office 2000 before, but am currently working on my first real program in VB6. I need to write an interface to work with a Access database that is residing on a central server.

This is probably a pretty simple thing to do, but I can find no easy way to do it in VB6:

- get data from several related tables in the database
- manipulate this data
- put the data into a multi-colum listbox so the end user can scroll through it.

In Access 2000 this is done by setting the listbox's RowSourceType to a user-defined function, and then writing the fuction to return the data as needed. Essentially this function lets Access get the data to be displayed (in the form of a 2D array), the number of columns, width of columns, and the array position that should be displayed in each column. It is not as complex as it sounds!

Getting data out of my DB via ADO is no problem. But I can find not way to create a multicolumn listbox and then populate it with data out of the database. Would be very very good if I could manipulate the data before it appears in the listbox as well.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? Am I out of my mind?

I have dug and dug for this info, but no luck... Hope someone here already knows!


Multi Column Listbox
I'm sorry but i cannot figure out how to get this to work (new to this). how do i simply add an item to the second column of a listbox?

Multi-Column ListBox??
I would like to have a Listbox containing 3 columns. Each column will be of a fixed length. Is this possible with a Listbox?

I can add items with the .AddItem method but it only adds the item to the first column. How do I add items to the middle and right column?

Thanks in advance!!

Multi Column Listbox
any one know how to address multiple columns in in a listbox?

Multi Column Listbox
How do i pull data out of a multi column list box? I can get it in with no problem just can't seem to hit on the right code to pull it out. For instance I want the data that is in the first row, second column.


Multi-column Listbox
Anybody know where I can get my hands on a multi-column listbox? The control or some source code? I've found some source code out there, but I didn't find anything that was easy to use. Any ideas?



Multi Column Listbox
reminder... i have never used a listview...


Multi Column Listbox
Dear all expert,

I am a new in using VB, Can anyone show me how to create a multi-column list box with header like a data-grid. I know VBA can do that, but I duno how I do that in VB.


Multi Column Listbox
Is it possible to make a listbox with more than one column, like the one in find files and folder box that appears when you search for a file.

Please Help, i've asked before and had no joy!

Multi Column Listbox
Can anyone tell me how to fill a multi-coulmn list box in VB. I have a ADO
record set (say rs1) with 4 rows and 4 cols and I want to display this in a
list box. How do I do it?

For some reason, data gets filled in one below the other inspite of setting
the column value to 3 in the properties.

Multi Column Listbox
I want to use a multicolumn listbox. I can draw it on a form. However I'm not able to assign a value to row 13, column 3.
It only puts values in the first column. I can't find anything in the help-files. I assume it should be something like listbox1.additem(13,3) "some text"

Thanks for any help

Listbox Multi Column
In my program I have 3 textboxes, 1 for name,1 for address and 1 for phone#
after info is put into them I have an addcmd to put that information into a list box
the list box has 3 columns and the entered items read across
this list box can have many rows and of course none of the items are the same
my problem is that I need to be able to select one item at a time from the listbox to put into a new textbox
I have tried all I can think of to do this with no success
I don't know enough about msflexgrid to use it or listview

Adding All Items In Column Problem
I am trying to add all items in a column and then show the results in their respective labels but get the error on the highlighted line as shown in the attached screen shot. what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance.

VB Code:
Public Sub AddListViewColumnEntries()    Dim intI As Integer, curCredit As Currency, curDebit As Currency    Dim intListCount As Integer        intListCount = frmLedger.lvwAccountLedger.ListItems.Count        For intI = 1 To intListCount        [hl]curCredit = curCredit + frmLedger.lvwAccountLedger(intI).SubItems(2)[/hl]        curDebit = curDebit + frmLedger.lvwAccountLedger(intI).SubItems(3)    Next intI        With frmLedger        .lblCredit.Caption = curCredit        .lblDebit.Caption = curDebit    End WithEnd Sub

Deleting Items In Multi-select Listbox
I am having trouble deleting multiple selections from a listbox. I am able to delete one selection at a time, but not two, i get an index out of bounds exception. my code for deleting is:
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To (ListBox2.SelectedIndices.Count - 1)
Next i

Multi-Column ListBox Headers

I'm attempting to display a list of stuff using a multi column listbox on a UserForm.

I want each column to have a header, but **** man, I can't get them to display.

I can only find examples on the Internat where the RowSource property is pointed to a table of cells on a worksheet.

I want to set the column headers from within VBA.


Multi-column Listbox Printing
I have listbox with 10 different columns(or fields) like date, customer, etc. I am using MS Access to store information. I should have used listview...........but its too late now. I need to print the information of all fields (A4 size paper). Problem is I am only displaying part of the data due to limitation of horizontal length of listbox. So for each entry (date, customer project, etc.) there can be about 100 charc. long (across). And there are about 500 entries, how do I get all this information on a piece of paper neatly ? HELP!!!!

Return Value From A Multi-Column Listbox
How can I return the value in the 3rd column of a multi-column listbox, when the user chooses a row?

Add Item To Multi Column Listbox VB 6.0

Im trying to add a rows to a multi column listbox in vb 6.0 on ms access but it's giving me the error message: 'Method or data member not found'.
This same problem was posted before and I tried the solution given but it is not working. Here is the code im using:

For i = 0 To 10
If ARSelectedInvoicesArray(i).ARCustomerNumber > 0 Then
'*** error on line below on .AddItem

InvoicesToBeProcessedListbox.Column(0, i) =
InvoicesToBeProcessedListbox.Column(1, i) =
End If


PS I have set the Row Source Type to Field List and Value List.

Programmatically Check Items In A Multi-option Listbox

I haven't, in all my searches over the internet and the MSDN help, found one example where a checkbox in a multi-option checkbox is programmatically set (from another form).

My first question is thus: "How can a checkbox in a multi-option listbox be checked programmatically?"

And my second (related) question is: "Do I have to load or show the form with the objective listbox first (in order to be able to alter the state of the listbox items)?"

Thank you for your attention (and hopefully useful answers)!
.::][])a ][}yte::.

Removing Items From An Extended Multi-select ListBox
Hi there ...

I'm posing this question cause I'll be hanged if I remember how I did this before ... I have an extended multi-select listbox where it is loaded by the user from a combobox and a textbox ... When the user selects at least 1 row in the listbox to remove, I need to traverse the list of selected items and add them back into the combobox (Done!) and them delete the rows from the list box ... And note that iterating thru the ItemsSelected collection and removing the 1st item works but subsequent iterations fail because the Selected flag for the other items have been reset... I vaguely recall copying the itemsselected collection ... Anyone remembering this little trick, I would appreciate a refresher on it... Thanks!

- Mike

Access Style Multi-column Listbox
I'm in the process of converting an Access 2000 front-end to VB6. I've got quite a bit of VBA experience, but am only just starting out with VB6. Anyway, I've already hit a bit of a stumbling block as I notice that VB6 listboxes do not behave the same way as Access listboxes. The Access front-end I need to convert uses them extensively as listboxes tend to work faster than continuous forms (in Access). Is there an accepted way I should be converting the Access listboxes to VB6? I've done a lot of searching, but to no avail. I need to have multi-column listboxes that also have a hidden column (key field). For example, I have a list of clients in a listbox, and when the user double clicks on a client, the hidden column (key field) is used to populate the rest of the form. Any help much appreciated.

How To Fill Second Column Of Listview With Listbox Items?
Hi all i got a listview and a listbox. The first column of listview is filled with song urls and in my listbox there songnames(Number of songnames in lisgbox=number of urls in listview). What i want is to fill the second column of listview with data from listbox but i do not know how. I be happy if some one show me how i can fill the second column of listview with all data from listbox.Thanks

Adding Items To LISTBOX
I want the listbox in my form to display 3 strings.
How can I add these 3 strings to the listbox??
P.S. Don't thinkg Additem works for me...

Adding Items To A Listbox
can anyone help,

i have a sub which is setting up a listbox from the contents of a recordset.
because the field names are not known nor do you know how many fields are returned, i am trying to truncate the listbox.additem string.
whoever below is what i have written but this does not work because it
is just adding the sql$ string and the & vbtab & are not being recognised as field seperators.

any ideas are much appriciated.


Private Sub cmdRun_Click()
Dim i As Integer
lstQuery.Col = 1
SQL$ = lstQuery.ColText
Set SQLRecs = Db.OpenRecordset(SQL$, dbOpenSnapshot)
With SQLRecs
i = 0
Do Until i = .Fields.Count
lstRecords.Col = i
lstRecords.ColTitle = .Fields(i).Name
lstRecords.ColScale = mhColSmTwips
lstRecords.ColWidth = 3000
i = i + 1
SQL$ = ""
Do Until .EOF
i = 0
Do Until i = .Fields.Count
If IsNull(.Fields(i)) = True Then
SQL$ = SQL$ & " "
SQL$ = SQL$ & .Fields(i)
End If
i = i + 1
If i <> .Fields.Count Then
SQL$ = SQL$ & " & vbtab & "
End If
lstRecords.AddItem SQL$
End With

End Sub

Adding Items In A Listbox
I have a program where I can select items from a datalistbox. The prices of these selected items are then stored in a listbox on a form. I need to know how to add all the items from the listbox and get a total price much like a receipt.

Listbox Help - Adding Items
Ok, I have a program right. Now what it does. It goes to a page on the internet where there is a list of items that is constantly changing. I get those items into a listbox called "lstCurrent". Now, what I want to do is make a program which gets all the items on the page into one listbox called lstAll.But, if that item is already in the listbox it does not add it. Example, say the first time the items on the page are as follow:


I want to add those items to lstCurrent and lstAll which I can do. Say the second time I go to the website the items are changed to the following.


I only want to add the items that ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN "lstAll" into that listbox. Do you know how to do that? I have explained it as easily as I could.


Best Way Going About Adding Items To A ListBox
Right now as you can see I just have a label above the ListBox, but I think I am going to have a problem lining everything up correctly. Is there a better way to do headers for the ListBox?


Adding Items To Top Of ListBox?
I have a listbox.

I want to be able to add add items to the top of the listbox rather than the bottom...

Like I want this:

List.AddItem "0"
List.AddItem "1"
List.AddItem "2"
List.AddItem "3"
List.AddItem "4"
List.AddItem "5"

To display:

Adding Items To Listbox

i got a listbox with 2 columns set in the propeties..
can somebody show me how to use these columns,

at the moment im doing list1.additem "test"
but i want to add info to the second column in the same code but dont know how

Adding Items To A Listbox?
How would i add an item to a list box, just above the item that is selected?
Also how would i delete the item that is selected?

Best Way Going About Adding Items To A ListBox
Right now as you can see I just have a label above the ListBox, but I think I am going to have a problem lining everything up correctly. Is there a better way to do headers for the ListBox?


Adding Items To A Listbox
Can anyone tell me how i would read each record of a random file, making the records items in a listbox?


Adding Items To A Listbox?
How do I add items to a listbox in another program using its hwnd?

Adding Items To A Listbox
How would I go about adding an item to s list box at a specific position.  I tried ListBox.addItem("String", 1) but I get an error saying I need an = in there?

Help Wit Listbox And Adding Items
hi i would like to know how to add items that the user has inputed in the input box to my list box.
basicaly i have a button, and a list box. I want to know how to display an input box when the btton is clicked and whatever the user types in the input box goes into the list box, and how to delete a selected item from a list box

Adding Items Into A Listbox
I have a ListBox in my Form2. I would like to add Text from a TextBox in Form1 (which will contain different text each time) to the ListBox in Form2 each time I move to Form2 from Form1.

Can anyone help me with the code I will need to do this?


Adding Items To A Listbox Outside Of Project
Can I add items to a listbox, listview, combobox etc. when it lies outside of my project? I want to be able to add IP addresses into a listbox in another application I have made

Listbox Behaviour When Adding New Items
Hi folks,

I have this listbox of 4 items height. At some point a fifth item is added at the bottom. How can I set the listbox so that it shows items 2 to 5 instead of 1 to 4 ?

I want it to always show the last item.

greet ghoti

Adding Multiple Items Into A Listbox At Once
I am trying to access records from a database that is being created as the user enters data into the program. When they load the next form after entering the information, the data they entered is supposed to come up in a picturebox, with a few added items. The requirements of the assignment are that it has to print to a picturebox, but I can't get more than one record to print at a time. This is a program where names of students and their grades are entered, then on the next form, it is supposed to display all of their grades, both numeric and letter in a picturebox. I am successful in getting one piece of data to print to a picturebox, and I can also get it to print to a listbox or textbox, but never more than one piece of data. Is there anything I can do to get it to print out all the records from 2 columns of my database? I am trying to send the data to a listbox, then I am sending that to a textbox, then I am finally printing what's in the textbox.

Here is my code.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim i As Long
Dim str As String
index = 0

Set dbCon = New ADODB.Connection 'sets connection
dbCon.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" + _
"Data Source=grades.mdb"
dbCon.Mode = adModeReadWrite
dbCon.CursorLocation = adUseClient

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset

addGrade = "SELECT numbers FROM Store ORDER BY Numbers DESC"
rs.Open addGrade, dbCon, _
adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, _

With rs
Do While Not .EOF
list1.listitems.add(index + 1, , !numbers)
str = !numbers
Text1 = str & Text1
End With

' List1.AddItem rs("numbers")
' Text1 = rs("numbers")
' rs.MoveNext

' picGrades.Print rs("numbers") 'prints text to picturebox

'Centers the form
frmStudents.Top = (Screen.Height - frmResults.Height) / 2
frmStudents.Left = (Screen.Width - frmResults.Width) / 2
End Sub

I am getting a syntax error with this line of code:
list1.listitems.add(index + 1, , !numbers)
I used that because someone else on this forum gave me the code, but I do not know enough about VB to know what is wrong with the code.

Thanks for any help!

Adding Items From Listbox To Database
I have not been able to get my listbox to send all the selected items to my database correctly. If you dont loop it will only send one item thats selected to the database.. if i loop through.. it still sends one.. so im doing something wrote ofcourse.. if someone could help me out with this i would appreciate it.. I have only been programmin in VB for a week now.. so be gentle =) Thanks all..

Adding All Items From A Listview To A Listbox?
Hey guys I have two forms.

The antivirus form has a listview called report.

I have another form called antiignore that has a list1 listbox. Is there a way to get it so when I load the antiignore form, the items that are in the listview report goes in the list1?

Thank you!

ListBox, Adding Of Items - A Bit Differently
Hi All

How to make adding new items in the ListBox control ..however I want it add at the beginning of the list
I not want scrolling down the list box to see the last added item. I want to see the last of item at once

thanks in advance

Clear Listbox Before Adding New Items
Hi ,

I am trying to write a small programm to list all the txt files in the c drive. The list has to refresh on click of a button. It is so far happening... the problem is the new list item is getting added up along with the old ones. I tried list1.clear before adding the new items but it doesnt. But when I put the array declaration inside the command_sub then it works the way it has to. But I need the array to be accessible through out my program. The code is ...

VB Code:
Dim strBuff As StringDim intIdx As Integer, intUB As IntegerDim strArr() As String ' Used in other part of app also Private Sub Command1_Click()List1.ClearDim fso As FileSystemObjectSet fso = New FileSystemObject '1. Load the FileNames into an ArraystrBuff = Dir$("c:" & "*.txt", vbNormal)    If Len(strBuff) <> 0 Then        Do            ReDim Preserve strArr(intIdx)            strArr(intIdx) = strBuff            strBuff = Dir$            intIdx = intIdx + 1        Loop Until Len(strBuff) = 0    End If '2. Load the first line of each File into a ListBox    intUB = 0    intIdx = 0    intUB = UBound(strArr)    For intIdx = 0 To intUB            List1.AddItem strArr(intIdx)    NextEnd Sub

Please help me I am trying this since yesterday. Please

Adding Items To Listbox From A Text Box.
I want to add a list of items from a text box to a listbox. The only problem is that I want to do the whole text box at once. When I do this, it adds all the items into the first line of the list box with the CrLf character inbetween each word. I think I could add each line in the text box into an array, and then add each item from the array into the list. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. Any help would be great.

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