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Auto Open In Ms Paint Or Such

Does anyone know how to save a picture as a jpg or such in sucha way that it will open when clicked by the user automatically in ms paint preferably in full screen view mode?

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Open To Paint
In my program i have a variable File Location, and program. To make it easier ill just say the program is mspaint. I need to open the picture into mspaint but i forgot the Shell command for opening a file into another. I know it can be done because i have before but now i cant remeber it. Its something like:
but that doesnt seem to work and i cant figure out what does.

How To Open A Bitmap Within Paint Using VB
I am using the following code:

Shell "mspaint.exe C:TempPrint.bmp", vbMaximizedFocus

However it does not seem to work with windows 98, can anyone tell me why?, it says the files does not exist... however it does.

Any help would be fantastic.

VBA Open Paint And Save File

Using Access, i need to open a template image in paint, and automatically save it with a different file name (each time code is run)

my code so far is
stAppName = "C:WINDOWSsystem32mspaint.exe"
stfilename = "c:ody.jpg"
'Call Shell(stAppName & " " & stfilename, 1)

which opens the image in paint, anyone know how to automatically save it as something else?


Open Paint, Wordpad,ie Netscape
How do I open Microsoft Paint, Microsoft wordpad, netscape and Internet Explorer-I want the eaisist weay, like wwith the Shell command?

I Made A Paint Prog, How Can I Open All Bmp Files With It??
Hi every1..

I made a paint programme, wut i want 2 do is to open all the bmp files using my programme, like ACDSee and other programmes do..

Could any1 help???

How To Open Picture That Placed On ImageBox By Microsoft's Paint

How to open picture that
placed on ImageBox
by Microsoft's Paint?


Create MS Paint Tools Like Paint Brush?
How to Create MS paint Tools like Paint Brush, Add Text, Circle, ect in vb 6.0 Program

Auto Open

I am having problem again.
My problem goes like this..

I can only put the vba code in file a.
In file a, i have a button for me to click so that the file will send a backup to folder 1.

In file a, i want the file control toolbar (cut, paste function) to be enable. And i want the file in folder 1, file b control toolbar to be disable.

I want the marco to auto run when i open the files.
So what code can i use?

the code i am using are:


Sub Auto_open()
Call DisableCutAndPaste
End Sub


But how can i differentiate the 2 different file taking for example
file a = 123
file b = test

Please help!Thanks!

Auto Open File
Hello, I have a random access program that currently has an Open button which pop's up the commondialog box so that i can search for the Random access file manually.

Is there a way that this file can be auto openend when the name of the file, for example, is FILE.dat



Powerpoint Auto Open

Is there a way to have a powerpoint document automaticly run the slide show as soon as the program opens?

I have explored this in powerpoint VBA but unlike Word it seems that it has no Document_open event procedure

Auto-open And Save
Hi everyone,

I'd like to write a small program that automatically opens a text file and saves it at various times during the day. I'm monitoring stock charts and I have text files that are generated and saved to a specific location. The problem is for some reason these text files are being deleted at I'd like to open and save them to a different location. I'd like it to be done automatically since I can't always be at my computer.

How hard is this to do in VB 6? Thanks in advance for any help.


Hello world,

Does anyone know any code which will open the CD-rom drive. I am trying to create my own juke box and would like a button (like the one in Windows CD-Player) which will open the drive at the click of a button.



Auto Open A Specified Worksheet In A Workbook
My workfile contains a few worksheets and I name the Sheet 2 as 'Coupondate'. My VB code below (summary) will auto run once I open the particular file.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
If Len(Sheets("Coupondate ").Range("M" & LRow).Value) > 0 Then ......

End Sub

My question is how to make the system auto bring me to the 'Coupondate' worksheet whenever I open the file. For example, although my last save of the file is on worksheet 5, but the system will still auto bring me back to worksheet 2 i.e. 'Coupondate' and run the above VB when I open the file.

Appreciate your kind assistance. Thank you.

Auto Run A Sub After Open Workbook Completely?

how can i run a sub automatically after open any workbook completely? it's not workbook_open or auto_open. i want to check if this opened workbook contain a sheet with a certain name. workbook_open or auto_open run automatically before the workbook open it's sheets. what's the sub name that runs automatically after opening a workbook with it's sheets?

thx in advance

Auto-open And Online Detection

Having few questions here, hope someone can help me.

What code do I have to put so that I am able to auto-startup the software when logon to the computer like MSN messenger, ICQ, etc..

And what code do I have to put so that I am able to detect if the computer is connected to the internet?

Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

Auto Open Application Question
I have an appliation that I want windows to open if certain file type is double clicked. For example my application reads files named with .bmm extension. So if I were to click on any file with that extension, 1) I would like my application to open automatically and 2) I would like to populate a text box on my application with the file name that initiated the application to open. Is there a system variable somewhere that would hold this data? Thanks in advance.


Picture Within Auto Open Macro
Would someone please show me the VBA code to let a picture stay 5 seconds within the Auto Open macro??


How To Open App And Auto Press Button ?
Am i right in saying you need to find the handle(via the api spy) of the button you wanted pressed if you want to shell open some app then auto press a certain button on that app ?

Say i wanted to shell open disk defragger, then have the start button auto click for ex...

If so whats the next stage, well i think you need, FindWindow() and various other api calls.

Anybody have some simple source that does this ?

Auto Updated Link When Open The Workbooks
in my workbooks, several sheets are linking to another sheets. Everytime when I open the file, always prompt me "Yes" to update all linked information and "No" to keep the existing information.
I want to auto update the links without prompt the "Yes" / "No" selection.

in events open, I already put Application.DisplayAlerts
but it seem not work. Please advice and help

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name Like "Costing (2)" Or ws.Name Like "T&A (2)" Or ws.Name Like "Order Confirmations (2)" Then
End If
Next ws
Application.DisplayAlerts = True

Auto Open Attachment On Arrival By Email.
I'm getting the impression that this isn't possible or I'm the only person on this planet that wants to do this!

I have a programme that runs on my PC when I'm not in the office, but it occasionally collapses.
Plan A: I did just having it running from schedualar once an hour but the network kept locking some of the files required for editing by people that have no access to them at silly times, so I knew that wasn't really happening.(Just our nutty NETWORK)

Plan B : Keep them open with a timer that loops. Some times it runs for a whole day, on others it only runs for a couple of hours and I can find no reason why!!!! Soooooo....

Plan C: So that I know all is OK it now sends me an email confirming it is running. When they stop, I know it has. When this happens I would like to be able to send an email, with an attachment, that Outlook will open in a new session of Excel. (Clearly set with a subject not likely to be used by anyone ever!)This would contain a macro that closes all Excel sessions. Once done I could send another email, again with an attachment that would start the programme again. After hours of trying to find the answer I am no further forward! Can this be done? If so can you point me in the right direction please? If not do you have Plan D?

I Need Help On Opening A File To Auto-open It In My Program
i have tried 'open with...' an mp3 with my audio player but i get the error 'Not a valid Win32 Application' does any one know how i can get round this? i have a wmp in my program which will play the music any help is appreciated thanx

How To Open Txt File In Filelistbox With Auto Refresh
how to open a selected txt file in filelistbox using a command button with auto update so that if there's a new logs will generate then it will update the listbox accordingly to the time ..
the logs has been set to hour:min:sec

here is the pic

thanks in advance

Auto Select With Open File Dialog Boxes?
Hey All!

Hope everyone's well today.

Alright, here's the thing -

At the moment when my application opens, it allows you to navigate through directories and choose particular files to search and split. It all works beautifully now (thanks to help from you guys!) but the boss has decided he wants it to be scheduled to run automatically while we're not in the office.

So my question is this:

How can I get my program to select only two particular files - out of 23 - from a file list for processing without any input from a user, and process them one after the other? there a way to pass the specific filename to the program from a commandline in the scheduled task?


*edited for spelling and adding extra info*

Auto-Screen Shots Of Web Cams That Auto-save + Rename
hey all.

If anyone has used AloeCam, ( ) they'll know that you can assign it to watch + auto cap the pics from web cams at given times.

-i was wondering how i'd go about doing this auto capping of a specified web cam, and doing it in certain time intervals.
-i was also wondering if you could set a time for the program to start and end capping the pics.

thanks in advance!


WhatPulse- Auto-clicker And Auto-keystroke
Hi i have some auto clicker code which calls an API function left button down and left button up, in a timer control every 1 second the leftbuttonup and leftbutton down is executed so it acts as a click, the Keylogger and Clicklogger (program called WhatPulse) picks up on this as a click.

However when i try the keystroke_b api function, whatpulse does not recognise it as being a keyboard input thus does not pick up on it.
Hope that makes sense, if yes, why is it that it picks up on a click but not on a keystroke?

Cheers Guys


How do I paint a picturebox so that on the left side it has dark blue and it gradually gets lighter as it paints eventually when it reaches the right side the color is lighter blue. The is called paint gradient I seen it before but I want to know how to do it. Does anyone know?

-Hao Li-

Paint ?!
Im working on a program , its fuction is that when print screen is pressed a screen shot is taken (microsoft already has that programmed) I then want it to open paint, paste the picture, and save it. The main problem is that i want all this to be done without the user seeing paint opened. I want to use thos while i am playing a videogame so the keys have to send only to paint and it has to be able to run while my game is going and not affect my game. Cany anyone help?

I want a program so that when print screen is pressed, print is opened and ctrl v is pressed and then save..... i have 2 questions

a) if i send the key ctrl v while i am running sumthing ( even if i shell paint in the exe) will it affect paint of the current program?

b) how do i send the keys so that it types in the textname of the file and asves it in the right directory?

anyone know a similar program to paint but with which I can open .bmp and add transperacy... or is there a way I can do that with paint?

Why Can't I Paint?
Ok I am trying to generate a map, this is my end goal, I just started on this project tonight and have hit a road blaoc on the few few pieces of code and have already wasted a couple hours on it.

Ok Simply what i am trying to do is just draw a map inside a picture box, right now it is nothing fancy just trying to do random colors however I can;t even get it to paint VB Yellow. Basically my picture pox looks no different that when i start it but I know the for next loops are executing byt the text boxes are displaying values

Here is the code


'This is the module that is supposed to be painting for me
' I have tried both set pixel API Calls but none worked

Declare Function SetPixel Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal color As Long) As Long
Declare Function SetPixelV Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal crColor As Long) As Long
Public Sub GenerateWorld(WorldHeight As Integer, WorldWidth As Integer)

Dim intXCoord As Integer
Dim intYCoord As Integer
frmMain.pgsLoad.Max = WorldWidth + 4
'frmMain.txtX.Text = WorldWidth
'frmMain.txtY.Text = WorldHeight
For intXCoord = 1 To WorldWidth
frmMain.txtX.Text = intXCoord
frmMain.pgsLoad.Value = frmMain.pgsLoad.Value + 1
For intYCoord = 1 To WorldHeight
frmMain.txtY.Text = intYCoord
intRed = Int(256 * Rnd)
intGreen = Int(256 * Rnd)
intBlue = Int(256 * Rnd)
frmMain.txtRed.Text = intRed
frmMain.txtGreen.Text = intGreen
frmMain.txtBlue.Text = intBlue
SetPixelV frmMain.picMap, CLng(intXCoord), CLng(intYCoord), vbYellow

End Sub

'My Form Consists of a botton a few text boxes and a picturebox simple code on the form is

Private Sub cmdGenerateWorld_Click()
GenerateWorld picMap.ScaleHeight, picMap.ScaleWidth

End Sub

VB Paint
How can I make a simple paint? Just a white sheet where I can draw with the mouse....

I want this because I am desinging a signature program.

Thank you.

Paint From ...
I want to paint the from background in sevrel
colors and ...

I dont know how ...

ANy OnE KNoW ?

Paint API
Does anyone know how to Grab and PAINT a section of image from one application to another (on top)?

What Is The Paint API
Hi all i am wanting to make an app for a game i play so i game sort out tactics and such like i was just wondering do i have to use an api to paint and do i have to pain on a picture box

Edited by - markblue777 on 7/4/2005 1:19:21 PM

Okay i am trying to have a picture from paint be transparent but the tranparent option is disabled in it. What do i do? I need this for my program.

I need to findout how to create a eliptical button using VB, Im assuming I have to handle the Paint message, but thats about all I know.

Does anyone know if a tutorial exsits?


Auto Date && Auto Time
I am programming in Access 2000 and I am wanting to make one of my fields auto complete the date when I create a new entry into the database using the form. I can do it but I dont know what code to use to get it to grab that info from the computer? I appriciate your brilliant minds working on this.

Paint Text
How can I paint text at coords 10,10?

Also, how can I clear the stuff painted on the form?

Paint Clone Help
I am trying a clone of Paint Brush in VB6.

One of the many things that makes me mad is using scrollbars.

I use the form itself as the drawing surface and track the coordinates of the mouse and draw lines.

Fine, but in the actual PBRUSH.EXE, You get to resize the drawing surface to whatever size you want and if it gets bigger than the screen, You get the scroll bar.

How can I get that effect in my application? Suppose I draw beyond the form's size, how can I use a scroll bar to bring the hidden part into view?

Otherwise, Is my idea of using the form itself as the drawing surface wrong? Is there a better alternative? I'd like some good advice on this topic please.

Paint Program
Ok, so i have to create a simple drawing program for school. I must be able to draw my initials and then save them and then retrieve them via open. To draw them I am creating circles and then connecting those circles with lines as i mouse down and am using a flag variable to tell when im clicking down or not. My problem is after i draw my initial with the mouse and then save my drawing and then open it back up again there is a line form the beginning of me second letter to the top right hand corner of the form. Does anyone know how to prevent this? Please help if you can!

Paint Program.
Hope this is the right place to post this......

I want to make a paint program i have no idea how although
the basic things i think i can figure out for myself.

Just want some ideas on how to do some things like:

Open and save in PNG format as this is the format i need to use

Umm the pics being created in it will need to be certain sizes

Like to make a Character Set for Rm2k3 the pic must be
for example
and each character for an animation must be 16x16 pixels
so i need to be able to add some sort of grid or something
as a guideline if you know what i mean?

Ill add a ss down bottom of this post of a basic Character set
for rm2k3 and this is how its supposed to be set out.

Basically i want to make a small paint program that will
have templates of a sort to making Charsets etc for rm2k3.

Paint Program Without API

Can someone help me with a Paint Program, im new with that and wanted to know if someone have a paint program without using API for study it.

thank alot


Paint Program
In a paint program I am making for practice, I am having problems resizing the drawing canvas. When you try to resize it bigger, it looks like it is quitting the resize() sub.

Also when drawing a colored line, it will draw black lines until I _MouseUp. I am using the vbInvert pen for that.

How would I change both of those things so they will work? Check it out below.

Oh, and I was trying to do this as API-less as possible, so if there is a way to do anything without api i would prefer that...

My Paint Program
Hi Everyone!
I am trying to make my own paint program but the problem is that i cant make that white background object where when you click and drag your desired object is formed.Can any one help me out?

Paint Pictures
I would like to be able to load a picture off hard drive and paint it. I do not want to use picture boxes, because I want to load multiple pictures and I need flexibility. Here is what I am trying to do:

Private Sub Command4_Click()
gameArea.Circle (500, 500), 500
gameArea.PaintPicture "c: est.bmp", 100, 100
'Picture1.BackColor = vbWhite 'Set background white
'Picture1.Cls 'Clear to White
'Picture1.FillColor = 0 'Select Black Fillcolor
'Picture1.FillStyle = vbSolid 'Select Solid Fill
'Picture1.Circle (x, y), r 'Draw Circle at x,y radius 50
'Pic1.Point(1,1) would retrieve the color of the first pixel
End Sub

Paint Editor
hi guys,
i'm making a paint program and i dont know what components to use for the paint tools
plz help!!!
thanks alot!!!

Paint Shop Pro And VB5
I have Paint Shop Pro and the Jasc Animation Shop application. With Animation Shop I can create animations and safe them as a single file called, for example, myanim.gif

If I view the GIF file (which contains all the relevant animation frames) using a web browser for example, it shows the animation perfectly. I can even insert the GIF into an email and the animation runs when the recipient gets and reads the email.

Can I simply add this animation to a VB from? I'm trying but every method I use simply displays the first frame of the animation but the animation doesent run. Is it possible to use Jasc Animation Shop to create animations which then can be displayed on a VB form?

Any ideas?



Paint Program
i have a program that goes through a picture point by point and changes the color of those points if they are above a certain color number (color number = POINT(INTX, INTY) ) like that. if the color number is above 10,000,000 i use the pset thing to set it to the foreground color. The problem is, this program is sooooo slow. Is there anyway to check bigger sections at a time. I saw that in a paint picture, each tiny square of color is like 25 or so points in vb. Anyway i could have the vb program check the picture by those squares of color? I appreciate any help with this question.

Paint Frames
im using directdraw7 and ive learned how to paint with it, but when i first draw a surface and then try to make
backbuffer.SetFillColor RGB(Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255)
backbuffer.SetForeColor RGB(Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255)
backbuffer.DrawBox Rnd() * 1000, Rnd() * 700, Rnd() * 1000, Rnd() * 700

primary.Flip backbuffer, DDFLIP_WAIT
and then order it to do this fast it it flimmers and whats behind this nboxes is shown and also every second time its done it shows what was on the first drawing, everyother is just like a blank piece of paper, how do i make this flimmering stop and make it work with pictures aswell?

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