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Automatically Load Data From Excel

hello all,

i have created an excel file with 20 cells containing numbers in them. i also have a visual basic program which has 20 text boxes. so my question is how do i get vb6 to automatically load those numbers into the text boxes, so they are pre-loaded when i press "run/play"?

hope thats easy to understand, as much info as possible please if anybody knows how to do it as i am a beginner, thanks

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Appending Data Into An Excel Worksheet Automatically
Greetings all,

I am new to the forum and am not at the advanced level with VB yet, but I'm learning as I go. I'm good with VBA and now getting into coding VB proper. This one's going to require VB.

I need to figure out how to get the contents of a worksheet in one Excel file to append to a worksheet into another Excel file automatically. What I'm trying to implement is this:

1. Excel file gets generated by Crystal Reports with Raw Data for one day. (Already done). Let's call the file "Dayfile.xls"

2. VB routine grabs the export file "Dayfile.xls" and appends all rows to existing data for the rest of the month in worksheet "Data" of "MonthlyReport.Xls"

How do I do an append of data from one worksheet to another?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Matthew Evans
Miramichi, NB, Canada

Copying Data From Other Apps Into Excel Form (textbox) Automatically
hi all,
is it possible to copy data from a completely different running application into an excel form automatically ?

How To Load Data From Excel In A Vb Listview?????
currently i am doing a project using visual basic editor... as i am more familiar with the normal visual basic program. so now i encountered one problem, i find it very complicated to load data from a worksheets in excel into the visual basic program... can anyone help me on this??? thanks a lot....

Load Data From Excel??To Access??
This is my code...

VB Code:
Dim objCon As ADODB.ConnectionDim objRs As ADODB.Recordset Set objCon = New ADODB.Connection    objCon.Open "Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Extended Properties=Excel 9.0;" & _                "Data Source=" & App.Path & "EMPLOYEEDATA.XLS"    objCon.CursorLocation = adUseServerSet objRs = New ADODB.Recordset    objRs.Open "Select * from [EMPLOYEEDATA$]", objCon, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimisticSet dgImportData.DataSource = objRs    dgImportData.Refresh        objRs.Move 0lblTotal.Caption = "Total Data : " & dgImportData.ApproxCount

But i have error, unrecognized database format...anyone can help?

Fastest Way To Load Data From Excel
I am loading data from Excel which consists of a worksheet with 20 collumns and 1281 rows. I load the data by looping and by accessing each cell by "Worksheet.Cell(X,Y).Value" - but this takes 30 seconds or so to load all the data. I've see people to "Worksheet.Range("A1:C3")" and several other ways. I'm just wondering if there is a more efficient and time saving way to load a table of data from Excel. Thanks.

Save & Load Data From Excel

How can i save data to Excel & load that data in future. Say i added 10 records to excel worksheet and saved that data & closed the file. Next time i want lo load that 10 records in listview control and want add new records after 10th record.

Can anyone please give the source code or redirect me to any website.

Please Help

Load Data To Excel Sheet
Hi all,
Iam Fresher to Visual Basic so Plz help me. I want to take reportsin Excel sheet from VB. Plz help we with small example and then i canmanage from that.

Advance Thanks.

Load Excel File Data To VB Tables
I am new to VB and I have version 4.0. I am trying to load in data from an EXCEL 2000 version to VB tables version 4.0. Is this possible?

Help: How To Read Excel And Load Data To Listview?
Hello I've been searching the forums about how to read an excel file and load the data into a listview. What I got from the forum is how to load data from a listview into excel.

What I have in mind is to select an excel file using a common dialog control and loads the data into a listview.

The excel file is actually preformatted already. It has fixed fields and only has 1 sheet.

Is it possible to just get the data from the excel file without opening excel?

These are the fields in the excel file:


If you can point me to a link I would be very happy. Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Automatically Load
I have a program where I want the user to be able to choose if it automatically loads or not. However, I only want it to automatically load for one particular user. How would i do this?

How To Load Excel Data Into ASP Page Den Insert Each Line Into Access One By One?
how to open an existing excel file with multiple columns and rows and den insert it into ASP form den upload each record into database. Had to do it in this way cos when upload to database, it require to perform other tasks.

Or how to open an excel file and load its contents directly into an existing access table?

Please provide me the code to teach me. Thanks!

Load TreeView Automatically
I having a treeview that I want load from database table.

I want different node for each record in table. Table now has 6 records. I want new node be added if I add new record to table, and node not load if I delete record from table.

I have looked at examples, but dont get it. Hopefully someone has done can tell me how.


How To Automatically Load An Application!
To all gurus,

How can I automatically load my application after the windows desktop has been loaded or before the windows desktop will load just like the network password of win 98?

Thanks in advance gurus!!!!

Load Program On USB Stick Automatically
I need my program to startup from my USB stick as soon as its plugged in.

How is this achieved?



Automatically Load Application At Certain Time
Can I automatically load application at a certain time? i.e. my application loads at 12 noon each day

Automatically Load App Upon Scrolling E-Mail
first off, This is no virus program!!!

I want to know if embedding an application into a text document is possible.

What I mean is when the recipient scrolls hime e-mail, the program automatically runs?

Is this possible using VB or any other app?


Make My Setup.exe Automatically Load From The Installation CD
How can I make the computer itself automatically load my setup.exe on a newly created installation CD that I made?

Automatically Load A Macro When A Workbook Opens
Hi all,

I've been trying to figure a way to run a macro everytime _ANY_ workbook is open. So I've tried these ways and they all fail:
1. Workbook_Open - This can be done only for a single workbook and I need the macro to be run on every workbook which is opened
2. Personal.xls - The macro has to be launched manually from the menus (Auto_Open doesn't work since there is on worksheet open at the time of execution of the procedure)
3. I've tried creating an Add-In but I couldn't see any macros displayed

So any hints are greatly appreciated. I just need to automatically execute a macro everytime a workbook is opened. Thanks a lot!

Zipping Files Automatically And Load On To Ftp Server
i m developing an application in which
>>one application will put images in one folder
>>after some time i have to zip that files and want to send on
one specific dedicated ftp.(ftp might be any where)
>>so whicw and how to use api for that.

pls.. if u can help me reply me soon

thanks in advance

Flexgrid Data - Move Row Automatically As Data Type In Textbox
Dear All,

I have hundered of records in Flexgrid & find a particular record is dififcult & if i want to fiind out particulart record from second column so what i want that in one text box as i type the row which have that data move top or move up.

Pls. help me.


How To Register Add-in In Excel Automatically?
I have created an add-in and want to distribute it to users.
Is there a way to install the add-in and register it in Excel automatically?
Is there a certain directory that add-ins supposed to be installed in?



Automatically Add Sum Of A Column In Excel
Here's the story....

I have a function in an Access Db that automatically exports data to Excel. The procedure exports the data, formats the width of the columns and adds the column headings. One of the columns (column C) lists the size of libraries (in Mb) on an AS400. What I want to do during the export procedure is to have the total sum of this column appended to the bottom of column C. If possible, I would prefer there to be a blank row first between the last value column C and the total sum of the libraries.

Can anybody help??

Close Excel Automatically
Real simple, yet stupid question, is there a way through VBA to have Excel close itself? Please let me know. I have tried


at the end of my sub and it doesn't close. Thanks for all your help!

Automatically Open Excel
Hi All.

I've recently created a staffing rota for the company i work for. And i've also recently created the Visual part of the app that i want it to run in. What i would like to do is, when you open my new rota application, the rota that i created in Excel automatically appears. (just like when you open Microsoft Word - a blank document appears)

Is there anyone out there who can please advise me on how i do this

Cheers in advance

Excel Insert A Row Automatically
Hello Everyone,
I have a problem with Excel automation.
I have huge spreadsheets of database. which are all related.
My problem is when I insert a row and type some informaion in one sheet for ex: Sheet3,
the same shoud be done in another sheet ex: Sheet2 automatically, without me going and doing it manually.
I tried it with Macros but it's not that effective.
Any suggestions and guidance is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Excel File Comes Up Automatically With Message Box
I have the following attachment in Excel 2000.
Both graphs were copied and pasted from two separate worksheets that had a single graph based on information in the two left columns.
Thus when the file starts up...I get the message box that says...The workbook you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook. Do you want to update this workbook with changes in the other?

I don't want this message box coming up at all.
How can I override it?

How could I find out what workbook is the one that contains information in the other?

Also on the graph - there sometimes appears a Chart dialog form with the Chart Type icon with various others. On some other client's computers this toolbar will not show up.

If there was anything at all-that I would like to show itself when it startsup is this toolbar that allows you to change the view of the graph. Where would I have to go and what code would I have to use?

Thanks for any help.

Update Graph In Excel Automatically
I have the values in a worksheet which gets updated everytime i open the workbook. These values need to be plotted in a graph. The problem here is that the graph requires to increment the source data as and when updated. Is this possible.

I am quoting an example below
The first time i open the workbook, the first row is updated in the main sheet with a value(Written a macro to do this). Now i want this value to be updated in the graph. The second time i open the workbook, the second row is updated in the main sheet with a value. Now the graph should list both these values. This way i want to keep updating the graph as and when the values are entered into the rows.

Saving An Excel Doc And Naming It Automatically
Dear VB Gurus! (Good start eh?)

I have an excel doc used as a form to collect lots of data about a person.

Three pieces of critical infor are Forename, Surname & Staff Number.

I have already setup a macro that will ensure these fields have been filled in correctly but I now want to be able to save the document to a particular locatiobn on the users PC (My documents/Comp Assurance Profile). This has presented me with two problems: -

1. How can I get VB to look for a folder in "My Documents", Comp Ass Profile, creating it if it's not there.

2. How can I get VB to create a file name from "SurnameFornameStaffID" without input from the user.

Any help you guys can provide would be gratefully received.

(How many posts rid me of the "Newbie" tag?!)

Need Help With Inserting Pictures Into Excel Automatically
I have this macro, but when I run it, it always says "Unable to get the Insert property of the Pictures class". I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column that has a list of picture filenames (without their paths and file extensions.) What I want is a little VB macro to pick up the filenames in each cell in the column, add it to a hard-coded path and file extension, and then load the picture into another specific cell on the spreadsheet. Also, I would like to hard-code the size of each picture so that they are all the same size. Ideally, the order of the pictures should be the same as the order of the filenames in the column. Obviously, I will need to specify the range of cells from which to access the picture files so it can process one after the other but how I do not know!

This is so that I can press a button and it loads the pictures up automatically. This is what I have:

Sub Macro8()
Dim i As Integer
Dim sFilename As String
Dim bcontinue As Boolean
Dim spath As String
i = 1
bcontinue = True
spath = "P:PicturesJPG"
While bcontinue
sFilename = Worksheets(1).Cells(i, 1).Value
'worksheets is the number of the sheeg, e.g. sheet1 = 1 sheet 2 = 2 etc.
'cells is the cell, the first parameter the row, the second the column
If sFilename = "" Then
bcontinue = False
Cells(i, 2).Select 'select the cell where it should be inserted
ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(spath + sFilename + ".jpg").Select
'inserts picture and select it
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleWidth 0.47, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleHeight 0.47, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
i = i + 1
End If
End Sub

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. Thank you very much for your help.

Need Help With Inserting Pictures Into Excel Automatically
I need some help on writing some VB code to insert picture files automatically within Excel 2000 !!!!

Basically, I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column that has a list of picture filenames (without their paths and file extensions.) What I want to do is to write a little VB macro to pick up the filenames in each cell in the column, add it to a hard-coded path and file extension, and then load the picture into another specific cell on the spreadsheet. Also, I would like to hard-code the size of each picture so that they are all the same size. Ideally, the order of the pictures should be the same as the order of the filenames in the column. Obviously, I will need to specify the range of cells from which to access the picture files so it can process one after the other but how I do not know!

This is so that I can press a button and it loads the pictures up automatically.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about VB and very little about macros, so I would be VERY grateful if anyone could help me as soon as possible!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Adding Menus Automatically In Excel Via VBA
I need a VBA program, which can automatically add a custom menu in Excel. I know how to add a menu manually, but if many users are going to use the program it would be nice to have some kind of installation program. I the older versions of Excel (v7) VBA the menu was 'attached' to the XLS file with the VBA code, so when you executed the file automatically via XLstart the menu was there, but that is not the case anymore...

Data Keeps Getting Deleted Automatically
below is the code i have in my form load. For some reason when the data appears in my datagrid, the first value that is in the first field, disappears. It gets completely erased, because when i open up my database after i run the program, the value is gone from the table. What is going here. VEry wierd.

Private Sub Form_Load()
= "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & "c:db1.mdb;"

Adodc1.CommandType = adCmdText
Adodc1.RecordSource = "select qid_no,exam_order, objectives, subject from Phase1b where exam_order > 0 and objectives <> """" order by exam_order asc"
Call Adodc1.Refresh

End Sub

Burn Data To CD Automatically
Does anyone know how to burn data to CD using VB. I using this a secondary backup and would like to be able to put in a CD before I go home in the evening, and have VB burn the CD after the nightly backup.

Thanks in advance.

Opening A Form In Excel Automatically - This Should Be Easy!
I have a form saved in an excel sheet which I would like to appear automatically when I open the file. How can I do this?

I have tried this bit of code but it doesn't run upon opening..

Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

Forgive my ignorance, I'm learning slowly...


Prevent Excel From Automatically Rebinding Object
I have added a listbox to a worksheet and populated it with data from a user form. I saved the workbook and tried to re-open the that sheet and the values are not there. From what i have researched, excel rebinds objects to a listfillrange, is there a way to prevent this or set this to not happen?

Or am i having another issue.

Please help!!!!

Thank you in advance.

How Do I Code VBA To Automatically Produce Graphs In Excel
I am currently working on an excel database where information is entered into a userform and automatically saved to a worksheet.

Each time the userform is completed a new new row of data is inserted into the work sheet.

I would like to know what code I need in order to automatically generate line, and bar graphs using data with an increasing range.

Making VB Replace An Excel Spreadsheet Automatically
I have a large export that will take 2 or 3 Subs in the command. Both subs sends data into an Excel Template. So, the first sub recalls the template and posts data. The only way I could figure out how to make the second sub post to the same template was to make Excel save the spreadsheet before starting the second sub. But, since the file already exists, it asks the user if they want to replace the spreadsheet. So, as of now, the user has to click the save button 2-3 times to get to the spreadsheet

Does anybody know how to make Excel replace the file without the user seeing it? I would like to have as little user interaction as possible and clicking save to a program they don't see doesn't seem like the way to go

Or, does anybody know how to make VB rememer a spreadsheet from one sub to the next sub?

Edited by - kbronsman on 9/2/2003 11:14:01 AM

How To Automatically Display Contents Of Excel File
hi experts,

i created a module that dumps everything in an excel file. how can i automatically display the contents of that file?

would appreciate any thoughts/ideas on this.

thanks and regards.


Missing References In Excel - Automatically Updating In VBA?
Is there anyway to check for missing references in VBA within MS Excel and then if any are missing, ry to resolve them?

Another question - is there any way to attach a dll to a spreadsheet so that it is sort of embedded and the reference is never lost?

What I was going to to was copy the dll file with the spreadsheet and do a get current workbook path and resolve the reference this way! Any better ideas?


Open Workbook Automatically In A Different Excel Application
Hi guys!

just want to ask for your help.

Is there a way to open my excel file automatically in a new excel application. Even if there's an excel application already open. How can we do it in a macro code?


Assign Data To Each Cell Automatically
i get a number of data from HID using ReadFile API function. now i need to place the data on excel spreadsheet, one value for each cell. i try this code:

For Count = 1 To UBound(ReadBuffer)

'Add a leading 0 to values 0 - Fh.

If Len(Hex$(ReadBuffer(Count))) < 2 Then
ByteValue = "0" & Hex$(ReadBuffer(Count))
ByteValue = Hex$(ReadBuffer(Count))
End If

Set.Range("A1").Value = " " & ByteValue

Above will write one value in cell A1, which is for count=1 only. i need other data to be written in other cells also for each count. i try this but it seems giving me errors:

Set.Range("A & Count").Value = " " & ByteValue

i hope it could write 1st data to A1, 2nd data to A2, 3rd data to A3 and so on(until finish counting). i need HELPS.

Getting Data Automatically From Chart Via Clicking It
I want to draw line between two points of the chart where I clicked on. In other words I click on two points of the graphics. Macro should get the data of that two points and return as line drawing it on the graphics.
Is it possible?
Thanks for helps...

ASP - Automatically Reading Data From Another Web Site
Hi Gurus!
There is a website (not maintained by us) which publishes Telephone numbers of People in a country. The display consists of alphabatical search of names, the addresses & Tel Nos.

What I want to do is:
My application is an ASP with fields for Name & Tel Nos and a button. When I put the name (say exactly as appears in the other Site), I must get the tel no. corresponding to the name I have by means of some searching.
Thanks for any sort of help

Automatically Delete Data After This Many Days
Is it possible with Access? or do we need sql server? I also need to adjust the time interval in the data base after pre defined time limits.

Any help appreciated


How To Load An Image On A Data Report Where The Source Is From A String Data Field?
In my table, I included a field name pictfile of string data type. It represents the path of the image file of a particular record. It is quite easy to load it on the form but no idea how to load it on a report since the image object on the data report has no data connection to a table.

Please help me to connect the string data path of to the image object of the data report!!!

How Can I Link Outlook To Send Excel Spreadsheet Automatically
I am trying to send a spreadsheet via Outlook automatically by using a button. How can I do it?.

Automatically Generate Excel Spreadsheet From Text File
I have a report that I need to produce every week that in its original format will be a .TXT file, that I need to convert to an Excel Spreadsheet.

The headings will always be the same, just the data will be different from week to week. The number of columns will be the same, the amount of rows may vary....

Does anyone have a good example of how to automated this in VB ?

Thanks for any help !

How Can We Enable Macros On Excel Work Sheet Automatically??
How can we enable macros automatically on Excel workbook's opening, without asking user for his permissions to enable the macros option? I don't want to set Macro level through Security in Macro, because it is only for the system where I have used it. what about the other systems? if I have to use it on anyother system.


Automatically Log Users Who Open/Edit An Excel File
I have an excel file on a common server. The file contains several macros and is used by many different people. Is it possible to write a macro that is event timed to run whenever the file is opened and log the time and username of the person who opened it? [FONT=Times New Roman]undefined

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