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Change Gender Of Voice Using Text-to-speech

Hi buddies,

I want to change gender of voice when i am using Microsoft Direcrt Text-To-Speech control.

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Direct Text To Speech?? Change Voice
does anyone know how to change the voice in Microsoft's Direct Text to Speech engine?

I think it comes with the Microsoft Agent download??

Text To Speech Voice
Is it possible to make your own voice profile that is used for text to speech?

How To Use Text-to-Speech With Voice Modem?
Hi All,

I have a project to build, but have no idea how i am going to go about it.

I would like to collect a string from a COMM port and and filter out certain strings and on an error. to trigger a routine that will alert me on my cell and play back the error using the modem and phone line.

I got the String filtering and commport info collection working.
just to use text-to-speech and to open the modem and dial my number then to play the message over till i enter or key in a value on the phone ex: dtmf tone #1

Let me know of anyway i can do this.

Thanks in advance.

Voice Speech Text Control
Some one can help my to get an example of Voice Speech text control

I need to know if the voice can be set to Spanish Languish because it say
all in an intelligible English

Voice Speech In Vb
How can i give speech on data given in mdb like 'Astrology'

Rishi Acharya

Natural Voice For TXT To Speech
Can anyone tell me if there is a Text to speech engine or somhow i can make the voice sound natural and not like a robot.

Speech/voice Recognition
is there any Good speech/voice recognition that can recognize words through a microphone???

PLEASEE let me know! aSAP


Voice Commands -- Speech Recognition..
I am using the following code:

Option Explicit

Private Sub DirectSR1_PhraseFinish(ByVal flags As Long, ByVal beginhi As Long, ByVal beginlo As Long, ByVal endhi As Long, ByVal endlo As Long, ByVal Phrase As String, ByVal parsed As String, ByVal results As Long)
'this event fires when directSR comes up with a result
'the word that has been recognised is stored
'in the Phrase argument
Select Case Phrase
Case Is = "red"
MsgBox "you said red"
Case "green"
MsgBox "you said green"
Case Is = "blue"
MsgBox "you said blue"
Case Else
MsgBox "what the?!"
End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim GrammarStr As String

'this is the list of words that directSR will
GrammarStr = "[Grammer]" + vbNewLine + _
"type=cfg" + vbNewLine + _
"[<start>]" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=red" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=green" + vbNewLine + _
"<start>=blue" + vbNewLine

'load the words to recognise
DirectSR1.GrammarFromString GrammarStr

'start listening

End Sub

when I run my app, it doesn't even recognise me saying anything!!
it doens't even bring up the msgbox with WHAT THE?!

what is going wrong??


Microsoft Speech SDK - Voice Deployment...please Help!????
I have a voice activated VB app. I get it to work on my machine (which has the 40MB speech dl), but when I create the setup package, I get "Active X can't create object..." etc. on all other machines I put it on. I lncluded the following dependicies:



Does anyone have any idea what I need to include with the distribution package??!??! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!!

I don't have to include the entire 40MB dl that I did for my machine with my app do I????

Someone else wrote...
"Download the Microsoft Speech SDK. It contains Help Files, ActiveX Conrols and explanations on how to use them. The whole package is about 40MB."

How To Change The Voice
do you know the command that changes the voice of the the MS Agent?

from male to female and so on?

Can I Change My Voice ?(Important)
Can I Change My Voice Tone?
(Voice From mic not tts)

i Know that i can modife parameters with voice when I play sound file with TTS
but can i modefie my voice direct from mic
to be like boy or old man or female Voice
Than u all

Change The Voice Of DirectSS
Hello Gurus.

I use DirectSS to produce voice from text.
It is working perfectly.

But, I cannot change the type of voice.
Can somebody teach me, how to change the voice to FEMALE VOICE?

Please download the attachment.

You maybe need to install file system. Those are
1) msttss22L.exe (

2) spchapi.exe (

3) xvoice.oca (in attachment)

4) xvoice.xls (in attachment)


How To Change Voice Of Ms Agent?
I got another question.
I included sound in my profile.
I am using direct text to speech vb component.
I plan to use ms agent, how do I change voices
male or female voices

Change Agent Default Speech Engine
How do I change the default speech engine for the MS Agent control? I have the United States English and the British English engines, but I want to be able to switch between them. Also, I want to change between male and female.

Gender In Texttospeech
I have a simple texttospeech application. I find that i can control the speed etc.
But what is the value to pass to the gender method that would change the gender of the voice.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thanks very much.

my code
Dim objSpeak As TextToSpeech

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim lngvar1 as long
Set objSpeak = New TextToSpeech
'speed is measured in wpm and the default setting is 150
objSpeak.Speed = 150
'heres where i want to control gender
'lngvar1 = objspeak.gender(long) what value give it makes no diff End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Set objSpeak = Nothing
End Sub

Private Sub Speak_Click()
objSpeak.Speak Text1.Text
End Sub

Gender Is Not Working
i am using Directss controle
Gender & age is not working
any one have any example

DirectSS Gender
Does anyone know how to change the Gender of the DirectSS control?

[RESOLVED For Now] First Name Gender Guessing Algorithm
Has anyone ever done this? I have some random name and address data, and if possible I'd like to assign a gender code (male/female) to each record. The names are generally western/American.

User Needs To Choose One Gender If Not Error Msgbox
If Me.optGender(0) And Me.optGender(1) = False Then
MsgBox "Please specify the gender", vbCritical, "Input Error"
IsValidData = False
End If

ok im missing something simple ... i need to have the user choose one gender [male or female] from two option buttons, if one is not choosen i need to have the above msgbox appear however as it is now, no matter what i choose the message comes up and i do understand why, im just drawing a blank on how to fix the coding to reflect if both options are not choosen then the msgbox comes up but NOT if one of the two are choose....

any suggestions?

I know its really simple im just not thinking of something
Thanks much,

Text To Speech
I have an old text to speech software i wrote using the microsoft sam, is there any new voice's out there? I mean that sound real? I looked at At&t's demo and the voices sound realy good does anyone know where i can get a took or kit so min will sound like that?

Text To Speech
hi, can I ask anyone where to download the engine for text to speech. for German,Italian,Spanish etc..I already search in google but I can't locate the right one. And I also where to get Text to Speech control because im using Windows Xp, There is no control there.

Text To Speech
I am using Microsoft's text to speech engine...

The SDK 5.1

I want more... normal voices... I like the TTS Sample, but it only uses simple words, the rest is pernounces "Blah"

They sound really... outdated for the TTS engine...

I need something free too....

Text To Speech

Originally Posted by nullvalue

There's a much easier way.. If you have DirectX installed, then under controls, add the component "Microsoft Direct Text-To-Speach" to your project. Then it's as easy as:

DirectSS1.Speak "Hello World" make the computer talk.. with this you can also change all sorts of things like the gender, age, pitch, speed, etc of the voice.



I have been trying to change the age, gneder and pitch and things like that and i cannot get to work. can you please give me a few examples...


i am using the text to speech (i.e. texttospeech1.)

Text-2-Speech &amp; MSN? HELP?
I'm starting work on a text-2-speech program and I need to know how to read the data off of the text box on a MSN conversation. I dont know if it requires the hWnd of the window or maybe linking to the textbox or something but id really like to know how. If anyone knows please post here.

Text To Speech
I read the other threads on this topic, but I still have questions:

I downloaded and executed tv_enua.exe and MSagent.exe. Is this all I need to download?

I imagine I have to add either a component or reference to my program, and if it's a component, drag one onto the form. What are they called? Will they just appear in my component or reference list, or do I have to move them to a certain folder for VB to put them in my lists.

Once this is done, what lines of code to I have to type to initialize the thing, and what lines of code do I have to type to get my computer to say "Hello World"?

Is there any way to convert the text in a text box to speech?
I mean, to type for example hello in a text box, and then click on a command button and make the computer say it.

Any API call?

Thanks in advance.

Text To Speech
Hi, I'm brand new to this site, and fairly new to VB. I'm making a game right now and I'm trying to add text to speech to it. I've got everything working, I was just wodering if anyone knows how to change the voice from the goofy sounding robot to one of the more natural sounding voices. I'm pretty sure I heard a different voice on someone else's computer once but I don't know how to get it. Any help would be great, thanks!

Chris Minnicks

Text To Speech
Hi all......
this is my first thread, so please help me.....
im working on my senior project(text to speech)..
i record all the words by real player and save each audio file by the name of the word,
but the problem i face is how to go through the text (each word)the user iput, if there is an audio file for that word then play it andd next go to the next word in the paragraph...and so on....

how can help me or gime me any site that could help?

Need Help With Text To Speech
I want to make a simple application in which the program speaks whatever is in a textbox when I press a button. I have downloaded the Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice Text-to-Speech (TTS) Spanish Engine (my app is in spanish).
Any kind of help or code will be very useful.



Hi everyone,

I know that there was a post just before mine about text-to-speech, but I have another question. My 'Ms Direct Text-To-Speech' doesn't work when I use

Private Sub Form_Load()
DirectSS1.Speak "This was created in Visual Basic"
End Sub
Nor does it work when I use any other ways of coding it...

Can somebody please help me ???



Text To Speech (again)
i have looked in the search part of the forum about this but found different ways of doing text to speech.
can anybody tell me the easiest way of doing this.

thank you

Text To Speech With VB5
is there any way of driving the TTS engine with VB5.

i did read that you need VB6 for this, but was hoping someone had found a way with 5.

thanks, Jack

Help With Text-to-Speech
Hello to All ;

I'm developing a Text-to-Speech software. Currently it's almost done. I need your help for following problem.


I want my software to read the text from files which are opened in other applications. For example , if there is a file Open in MS Word , then I want my software to read that file text as well. How can I do this ??

Can I get the text from any Window which is open and running ?? Is there any API call for that ?

Currently I have implemented it with Copy to Clipboard and read it from there. But for that , user needs to select the text and Copy it from that application. So , if I want to read a .doc file open in MS Word , I need to select it and then Copy its text from within MS Word. Then come back to my software and execute command "Read from Clipboard". It's a compromise !

Please suggest me a way so that user will just open a file in any application and I'll make my software to read it. I think hWnd will be the key parameter. What you think ?

Waiting for your valuable reply ...


I'm writing a program that will read stuff using Microsoft Direct Text-To-Speech. However, there is one problem. I'm trying to change voices, but it doesn't seem to work. So i'm just wondering if somebody tried something like that before.

Text To Speech

I'm using text to speech component in my application and i need to know something about its properties,if somebody can help me .....



Text To Speech
i used vtext.dll api
but it didn't work in my computer,
it says that "class does not support automation or does not support expected interface"
error number 430
what it is trying to say i didn't understand.
how can i solve this problem

Text To Speech
Via Control Panel / Speech / Text to Speech I can get a sentence spoken to me. Therefore I am sure I call use this facility in a VB6 app without having to download some other DLL. Can I ? What do I need to do ?

Where Is Text-to-speech?
I have used before Text-To-Speech, it was Win98, now I am using XP Pro SP1 and in the control panel it does have that "Speech" wherein you could type your message and it will speak it but in VB I cannot find the control of that Text-To-Speech, how can I find it? What is its filename?

Text 2 Speech
i have made a text to speech project using the ms text to speech engine
i want that whatever text is read should be saved in an audio file .someone told me that there is one such project available in
the sapi5 sdk but as it is too big in size and i have a slow dial up connection i cant download it. can anyone give me the code for doing that??????


Text 2 Speech
i have made a text to speech project using the ms text to speech engine
i want that whatever text is read should be saved in an audio file .someone told me that there is one such project available in
the sapi5 sdk but as it is too big in size and i have a slow dial up connection i cant download it. can anyone give me the code for doing that??????


Text 2 Speech
i have made a text to speech project using the ms text to speech engine
i want that whatever text is read should be saved in an audio file .someone told me that there is one such project available in
the sapi5 sdk but as it is too big in size and i have a slow dial up connection i cant download it. can anyone give me the code for doing that??????


Text To Speech
Hello, I have done a search on this forum but havent found an answer that works. I am using vtext text to speech in my program. I also use the British English TruVoice. When I use my program the voice is female. I want it to be male. I have tried doing

VB Code:
dss1.gender 1'ordss1.gender 2

Yet these do not work. When I used the American english TruVoice, the 'default' would be a male voice. Is there any way to change the gender? Again, I have ran a search on here and none of the answeres helped me.

Text To Speech
Who know how to convert a text to speech like 'Text to speech' of Microsoft.

Hi im using the text to speech control. I can get it to speak but i can't change the pitch. Is there any tutorial about it?

Text To Speech
i have been working with the text to speech control and can figure out most of the basics like speak pitch speed so on.... i was wondering if anyone new and good tutorial sites for tts control on how to use the gender, dialect, and so on controls

thx in advance

MS Text To Speech
I have a little program that I have designed for my 5 year old cousin that helps him with his math. It uses the MS Text to Speech engine to read message boxes and such to him. The only problem is when it is not speaking, it's mouth is wide open. Does anyone know a way to keep it's mouth shut??


Text To Speech
keep with me....its been a whle

I have a text to speech control on my form, but it gives me an error when I say

TextToSpeech1.Speak ("Hello World!")

it says

Method 'Speak' of object 'ITextToSpeech' failed


Text To Speech
I have a created a simple text to speech program. the problem I'm running into is tring to create a setup and run it on another computer the dll don't get reg right. Is there an ocx out there somewhere I can use instead of the xvoice.dll or vtext.dll.

Speech To Text
How do you convert speech to text??

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