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Code For Connecting Crystal Reports In Vb6.0

 i want answer for the above question
         if uknow the solution for above question
             send me

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Connecting Crystal Reports With Vb
     i have to connect vb with crystal reports thru odbc.can someone help me to connect.


Connecting Crystal Reports Thru File Dsn
Hello friends

i want to connect my vb application with crystal reports , this i can do easily with system dsn but this want it to be done by file dsn

plz help me


Application Not Connecting To Crystal Reports In 95/98/Me
I had created a setup program for my application. When i install it in the sql server computer, it is working. But when i install it in another system not working. I tried including all the required runtime files...still failing in the connectivity to the crystal report. if anybody knows the solution..plz drop in a line....

Thanks in advance..


Help With VB Code In Crystal Reports

I need to write some vb logic that will do the following in crystal reports 10:

1) count and group (by day) the total number of "NA" string values contained in a table.
2) count and g(by day) the total number of "5" values contained in the same table.
3) divide the count of 5's by the count of NA's, and multiple by 100

This is basically to show an availability formula by day.

Any help is greatly appreciated


Crystal Reports Code

I am working for a company that writes many Crystal Reports each day. We now have approaching 500. We use Stored Procedures to query the SQL database.

Occasionaly, but more anf more frequently, we have a problem where the database requires a change such as uppercasing a field to use a bad example. We would like to know how many reports use this field.

Is it possible to write code in VB that uses the Crystal Objects to determine the Stored Procedure it uses? If a Stored Procedure isn't used then the Command code needs to be evaulated? I can then write some code to search the Stored Procedure code to locate any field matches?

Anyone done anything like this before or can point me in the right direction?

Any Example Code On Crystal Reports
I wana use an SQL statement on a report but dont know how to do it, it is really ticking me off, if you know any good sites or have any examples please, please please could you give me a shout. I need all the help i can get.

If you have any ideas how to create nice looking reports give me a shout.


Thank you

Crystal Reports Export Code From DAO To Use ADO
I have the following code, which only works exorting Crystal Reports Reports that have been set to the MS DAO driver.

Dim oApp
Dim oRpt
Dim ExportOptions
Dim Tbl

Set oApp = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application")

If IsObject(oRpt) Then
Set oRpt = Nothing
End If

Set oRpt = oApp.OpenReport("D:Work FolderProjectsIMS CODEEpass TaskswebdllsRPTsC_ExecSummary.rpt", 1)
oRpt.MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = False
oRpt.EnableParameterPrompting = False

For Each Tbl In oRpt.Database.Tables
Tbl.Location = "D:Work FolderProjectsIMS CODEEpass TaskswebdllsMOXZK0R0G3AE2L6T41FL90103AGKIA.mdb"
Next Tbl

Set ExportOptions = oRpt.ExportOptions
'oRpt.SQLQueryString = "SELECT * FROM [Answer]"

ExportOptions.NumberofLinesPerPage = 50
ExportOptions.FormatType = 31
ExportOptions.DestinationType = 1
ExportOptions.DiskFileName = "c:XXX.pdf"

oRpt.Export False

Set ExportOptions = Nothing
Set oRpt = Nothing
Set oApp = Nothing

I need the equivalent code so i can use the Report to utilise ADO connections to connect to both a MS Access database and a SQL Server. Im desperate and in need of help!


Edit by loquin: added [vb][/vb] code tags around your code for readability.

Code To Integrate Crystal Reports XI With VB 6.0

I am getting error while integarting Crystal Report XI with VB 6.0.

(i) Project -> References-> Crystal Report Active X Designer Run Time 11.0

(ii) Project Components-> Crystal Active X Report Viewer Library 11'

(iii) Used the below code:

Dim crViewer As CrystalActiveXReportViewer
With crViewer
Visible = True

ReportSource = "C: est_report.rpt"
Zoom 100
End With

Could any body assist me, if I am doing wrong anywhere


Crystal Reports 9 Grouping Through Code.
I have been able to come to the point where I can print directly via code, the Report Header, Page Header , details, but cannot do the grouping. Does anyone have any code samples or ideas? Can we do sort within code right here, without having to resort to Data environment,
or other means. Thanks...

Code To Integrate Crystal Reports XI With VB 6.0

I am getting error while integarting Crystal Report XI with VB 6.0.

(i) Project -> References-> Crystal Report Active X Designer Run Time 11.0

(ii) Project Components-> Crystal Active X Report Viewer Library 11'

(iii) Used the below code:

Dim crViewer As CrystalActiveXReportViewer
With crViewer
.Visible = True

.ReportSource = "C: est_report.rpt"
.Zoom 100
End With

Could any body assist me, if I am doing wrong anywhere


Suppress Group Thru Code: Crystal Reports
Hi again all. Can someone tell me if it's possible to suppress a group header in a report (Crystal Reports 8.5) thru VB6 code?

On a certain criteria, suppress the group...otherwise show it? The user wants to have the option to see the report with subtotals and I'd love it if this were possible without having to create another report.....any ideas?


More Crystal Reports... How To Maximize And Feed Them Using Code
Hi, everybody!

I'm using the command:

to display my report to the user. The problem is that the report appears too small. How can I get it to appear using all the screen, since there isn't a command like
MyCrystalReportscontrol.Maximize ?

Another question:
I have connected my CrystalReports Control to a Data object. In the form load event, I set the Data Control Recordsource like this:

MyData.RecordSource = "SELECT Distinctrow last([TAG]), Last(Equipment.Description) AS LastDescription, Max(Calibration.RealDate) AS MaxRealDate, and so on,

and this line doesn't cause any error message, but my report isn't displaying the result of the aggregate function, it's displaying all the lines...

So, I have added the same SQL statment as the SQLQuery Property of my CrystalReport Control. Again, no error messages but again, all the lines in the report.

I can't access the option - Show SQL Query - in the Crystal report itself (after choosing Add-in , Report designer, opening my .rtf file and choosing the –Show SQL Query- option in the Database Menu), so I don't know why it's not displaying the result of my SQL statment.

Any ideas or suggestion?

Thanks very much in advance,

P.s. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear this time. In case you think I should give more details, please ask.

Setting Database Source For Crystal Reports Through VB Code
Hello everyone,

I have a Crystal Report which is viewed through a Crystal Report viewer. I'm using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET. I have not been able to figure out how to set the location of the database from VB code.

My code looks something like this... with most of the stuff you don't need to see ignored.


Dim theReport As New rptImmunizationAll
Dim theSelectFormula as String


theReport.RecordSelectionFormula = theSelectFormula

... and in my frmTheReportViewer, my code is such:

Public Function ShowReport(ByVal report_in As Object) As Boolean

crvViewer.ReportSource = report_in

End Function

"crvViewer" is a Crystal Reports viewer control in VB.NET.. I've found people with similar problems, but no solution as of yet.


Any Idea Why This Code For Crystal Reports Won't Work With Strings?
Do any of the Crystal Report gurus know why this works with an Integer but NOT when it's a String?

Dim TestNum As Integer
SurNum = 1
Dim TestName As String
SurName = "This is Report Style # 2!"

With Report1
.CrystalReport1.DataFiles(0) = App.Path & " est.mdb"
.CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "latest.rpt"
.CrystalReport1.Formulas(0) = "startcode = " & TestNum
.CrystalReport1.Action = 1
End With

This will work with TestNum but I get "Error in Formula" if I try it with TestName(a string). Any ideas why? What I'm trying to do is pass the Test Name as a Page Header to the Crystal Report report? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Export To Excell From Crystal Reports In VB6.0.. Code Needed...urgent

i'm using VB6.0 and i'm developing an application. in that i want to export Crystal reports file to Excell sheet through VB 6.0... i need the coding for that...

urgent help needed...

thanx in advance

===> ravi.

Data Reports Active Reports Or Crystal Reports
Hi all

I am really stuck here and i need help urgently
I have to call three tables in a row to print a single invoice entry
noe the problem is if the do it by calling single tables then there is a problem that it is nopt going to print the last order which is filled.Is there is any way it can be done through using sql command or something.
Secondly if i use max order in sql then i would not be in a position to print order after searching for it


In Crystal Reports, How To Display Financial Reports (P & L, Balance Sheet Etc.) In Columnar Format
Dear All,

I am developing a Financial application using VB6, MS-Access & Crystal Reports 8.5. I am facing problems in certain reports. Some of the reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet require the output to be printed in columnar format.

I have tried giving subreports for each section, i.e.; Assets & Liabilities, but then, the output is not coming in order as per the groups. The problem is even more where there are sub-sections in the right side column & left side column for example in Profit & Loss, where there are sub-sections for Gross Profit/Loss and Net Profit/Loss. In such cases, how to bring the total amount fields at the same horizontal level.
I hope someone can help me how to do the above.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Connecting Reports
Is it possible for me to connect reports. I have two reports with different formats, but i want to connect the second one to the end of the first. Is this at all possible?
Any help would be GREAT!!!!


Change The Database Location In Crystal Reports Sub Reports From VB During Runtime
I have several reports that were designed in Crystal Reports that have the DB location changed during runtime. When I move my database, or choose another copy of the DB that has a lot of records in it, my reports don't fire. I need to be able to Verify the database during runtime. I'm usiung VB6.0 and CrystalReports8.5 I've tried using Crystal's "Verify On Every Print" function, but I haven't had any luck. Here is the code I am using.

MyLocation = "C:mydatabase.mdb"
CRPE321.ReportFileName = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"
CRPE321.DataFiles(0) = MyLocation
CRPE321.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & Who.Text & ";true"

Also, does anyone know if changing the DataFiles location during runtime also effects the subreports. I don't think it does, but any input would be appreciative.

Need To Understand Data Reports - Heard That Crystal Reports Were Slow
I have two questions:

1.) I was going to take a step forward to learn how to use crystal reports but I heard that on a website they are viciously slow. Is that true or is there a way around that with coding?

2.) I have been using Access reports through Visual Basic 6.0 with the following code - thanks for the tremondous help of everyone on this website:

appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase SERVER & "disp-1_be.mdb"
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "oalog", acPreview
appAccess.Visible = True

The reports work great UNTIL I came accross a situation where the report is based off of the data entry of the user. oalog is a monthly report and in the query it automatically pulls the current month with the following query:

SELECT oalogallmonths.ctsbranch, Count(oalogallmonths.Amount) AS [Total Of Amount], oalogallmonths.GivebyName, oalogallmonths.United, oalogallmonths.Mayflower, oalogallmonths.Other, oalogallmonths.Tord, oalogallmonths.CURRENTDATE, oalogallmonths.Amount, oalogallmonths.Month1, oalogallmonths.ORDER
FROM months, oalogallmonths
WHERE (((months.monthID)=[oalogallmonths].[Amount]))
GROUP BY oalogallmonths.ctsbranch, oalogallmonths.GivebyName, oalogallmonths.United, oalogallmonths.Mayflower, oalogallmonths.Other, oalogallmonths.Tord, oalogallmonths.CURRENTDATE, oalogallmonths.Amount, oalogallmonths.Month1, oalogallmonths.ORDER
HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=11;

If you notice the records are pulled HAVING the 11th month in there.

If I want the user to ENTER the month I know that I must change the last line to:

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=[ENTER MONTH]));

But a user might type January or 12/2003, etc...

so I made a combobox named ListMonth of the 12 months.
Then I made the change from:

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=11;

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=ListMonth.ListIndex + 1));

The only problem is that I keep getting a message box asking for ListMonth.ListIndex + 1.

My question is in the above code that defines appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "oalog"...
is there a way to change the RecordSource of the report to pull from my own query instead of the Access Query?


Crystal Reports - Upgraded To 8.5, Now Reports Written In 8.0 Wont't Work!!!
My reports are crashing when I run them on a machine with CR8.5, but they work fine on cr8.0. They crash inside the .DiscardSavedData Routine.

Does anyone know why or what I can do...

I call the report.Printout routine and right after I call the
.DiscardSavedData. The report is still printing out in debug mode.

Please help. Is my syntax wrong. The help file says I can only use Printout and DislcardSavedData in "formatting idle" mode. I don't know what this this???? The .PrintOut routine works but not the discardsaveddata.


Any help is appreciated.


How To Use Crystal Reports To Make The Dynamic Reports?(I Can't Use The Design Expert To D
  How to use Crystal Reports to make the dynamic reports?(I can't use the design expert to design the report,because the data source with different fields is unknown in design time.)
     Hello all!
     I use the dynamic generating MS Access table as the Data Source of Crystal Report.
How to use the Crystal Reports to display the data of the dynamic generating MS Access table?
     Thanks All!

Edited by - on 12/17/2003 9:37:59 PM

Change The Database Location In Crystal Reports Sub Reports From VB During Runtime
I've created a Report Viewer that displays Crystal Reports 8.5 reports. I have the DB location in Crystal Reports changed during runtime, but I can't get the location to change in the subreports at runtime as well. Also, by using my method of calling the reports, I can't get VB to pass any parameters to the Main report. Below is the code that I am using. I'm using VB 6.0 and CR 8.5

Dim MyNewKey
MyNewKey = Who.Text

' On Error GoTo KeepGoing

MyLocation = GetStringValue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareAptCom", "AptCom DB Path")
strReportFile = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"

Set CRReport = New CRAXDRT.Report
Set CrxApp = CreateObject("crystalruntime.application")
Set CRReport = CrxApp.OpenReport(strReportFile)
' Set CRReport.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & MyNewKey & ";true"

' KeepGoing:

For Each dbTable In CRReport.Database.Tables
dbTable.SetLogOnInfo "", MyLocation, "", ""
dbTable.Location = MyLocation
dbTable.SetDataSource MyLocation
Next dbTable

CRReport.SQLQueryString = strSQL

frmReportViewer.CRViewer1.ReportSource = CRReport

Set CRReport = Nothing
Set CrxApp = Nothing
Set CRReport = Nothing

I've tried using this method:

MyLocation = "C:mydatabase.mdb"
CRPE321.ReportFileName = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"
CRPE321.DataFiles(0) = MyLocation
CRPE321.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & Who.Text & ";true"

But, I can't get Crystal Reports to verify the database during runtime. The first way verifies the DB, but won't change the DB location of the subreports or pass parameters to the reports.

Any help would be appriciative.

Crystal Reports- I Need Help Running Reports With A Shared Database.
I am trying to figure out how to use a shared database in crystal reports. I have it set up for my application were I use: App.Path +
"databaseWMdbase.mdb" But in crystal reports it makes you use a drive name. I am trying to use the UNC but when I run it on the computer without the physical database it tells me Database not found... is there a way to set the Location of the database in the form load like you do with ADO? Any help or Ideas would be great.

I Hate Reports. Trash Crystal Reports, Access Instead?
I am creating an app which requires a copius amount of complicated reports. These reports would be an absolute breeze to do in access, simply create a query that does all the work then base the report on that. Instead of wasting time with Crystal Reports, I'd love to be able to create an access query and then run an access report based on that query from within my VB app. Now I have code that allows me to run an access report, but it seems to require that access is open on the users machine at that time. Is there any way I can achieve what I need without opening access each time ?

Export Reports Created Using Crystal Reports 8.5 To MS Excel
i would like to know if there is a way out to export reports created using Crystal reports 8.5 to MS Excel directly with out the user doing it manually, by coding in VB6.0.
If yes please give me the codes.

Crystal Reports Using ActiveX Viewer For URL Linked Reports

We have a IIS service that broadcasts a virtual directory of reports so that they can be viewed using the crystal reports ActiveX viewer through an IE browser.

I am now trying to replicate this setup on another server, the IIS service is setup and URL's created for our reports.  When they are selected the browser defaults to the Crystal Enterprise logon screen.  Where do i change the settings so that the ActiveX viewer is used in the browser to view the report?

Many thanks,


Retrieving Images In Crystal Reports And Data Reports
I am saving the image path in the database and retrieving it for display but the problem is when I want to print the image for that particular record when I am only saving the image path in the database.

If I embed the image in the database it increases the size of the database but can be used in the reports in a bounded image control.

If somebody can help me retrieve the image in a data report/crystal report by using the image path in the database that did be great.


Grouping Records In Data Reports / Crystal Reports

I want to group records in my Data Report based on 2 particular fields. Just see the example below.

Below is the Table Structure and its values

UnitID Part Quantity
1 xx 5
1 xy 10
2 xx 5
2 xy 10

Now I want to result to show the summation of quantities based on the part only.

so the result should be

Part Quantity
xx 10
xy 20

It would be fine if someone can tell me how to do this in Crystal report/ VB data reports


Anybody Know How To Get Crystal Reports 10 Reports Working In VB Studio 6?
It seems that there are a few posts regarding Crystal Reports 10...few from me. However there are 0 responses dealing with any really developer issues. Has anybody moved to using CR10 or are you people still using 8.5 or another version. Could you tell me what version you guys are using so that I will stop posting issues about CR10

Crystal Reports, Printing Data Reports
how do you filter records in Crystal Reports using a variable? I'm using Crystal Reports ver. 4.6.1 Why does a time field shown as mm/dd/yy when it should be hh:mm? Is there an easy way to print data reports with filtering or conditions in vb?

Problem Accessing Reports In Crystal Reports 9.0 From VB
Hi.  I use the following code in a number of VB apps to execute Crystal Reports.  It has worked fine with CR 7.0 and CR 8.0.  Now, with upgrade to 9.0, code will not work.  Error message is "Unable to load report".

I've played around with some of the references and componenets for 9.0, but haven't had any success.  Anyone encountering same problem?  Any workaround without incorporating the crystal viewer?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks.  TM.

Public Sub PrintCrystalReport(CrystalReport As Object, _
                              Optional ReportName As String, _
                              Optional criteria As String)
On Error GoTo problems
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim n As Integer
    Dim a As Integer
    Dim response As Integer
    With CrystalReport
       .Connect = "DSN=" & strCurrentServer & ";UID = crystalreports;PWD=crystalreports;DSQ=" & strCurrentDatabase
       .ReportFileName = App.Path & "Reports" & ReportName
       For i = 0 To .GetNSubreports - 1
            .SubreportToChange = .GetNthSubreportName(i)
            .Connect = "DSN = " & strCurrentServer & ";UID = crystalreports;PWD =crystalreports;DSQ = " & strCurrentDatabase & ""
       .SelectionFormula = criteria
       .WindowState = crptMaximized
       response = MsgBox("Would you like this report sent to the printer?", vbYesNo, "Send Report To Printer")
       If response = vbYes Then
          .Destination = crptToPrinter  'Print to the Screen
          .Destination = crptToWindow    'Print to the window
       End If
       .Action = 1
    End With
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "There was an error trying to print this report.", vbCritical, "CRYSTAL REPORT ERROR"
    MsgBox Err.Description
End Sub

Problem With Crystal Reports 8.5 Chart Reports
Hi All,

I had a problem with crystal reports 8.5 chart reports.
Iam using chart reports and included in the setup. The application shows all other reports except the chart reports.
Can anyone help me in solving this problem.
Are there any specific dlls to be included into the setup for crystal report chart graphs?

Thanls & Regards

Crystal Reports : Page Total In Sub-Reports
I have Main-Report like this
The columns 1-3 are Sub-Report(1), Column 4 is Sub-Report(2) and Column 5 is field of Main Report only.

Sl.No. Name Gross(Nov) Gross(Oct) Difference




.. ..... .... ....


Total C/F Rs. .......???........???........

I want the Difference Amount of Column(3) and Column(4)for every Record. How to achieve this?

At the same time I also want the Page Total of Column(3) and (4)at the page footer of Main Report(not the Grand Total).


View Reports Made By Crystal Reports
Hi Dear Friends,
I am using Crystal Reports 9.0. I want to view the reports from Visual Basic. But it is giving error. Say my database name is internship.mdb. My report file name is report.
I bring a control to my form named Crystal Report Control, (Need any more?). I set the database name the property of the control and everything. But it is still giving error.
I write the code behind the button "cmdreport" "report.action=1" (This works in CR 5.0).
But giving error "Unable to load report". Any body can help me.



Crystal Reports..opening Reports Runtime
I want to know is there anyway where i can make a query and attach that recodset to the report .I dont know much about ttx and would like to write the code with opening a crystal report application.
I have just added a reference of Reports dll and dont want to use Crystal Report control in the project.
I have made report with ADO option.
hopefully someone helps me in this direction
Thnaking you

Reports With Only Access 2000 & Crystal Reports Without VB?

I have not had a chance to read Crystal reports literature and I have never used it but I will ask anyway . Is it possible to create reports using only Access 2000 (as the database) and Crystal Reports (8.5) without the use of Visual Basic (6.0)? If so how and does anyone have a sample code?

Displaying Reports Dynamically With Crystal Reports 8
I've made an upgrade from CR 7 to CR 8 and as i tried my programms an error message occured. Here's the code:

public Function bOpenReport(CRVwr as CRViewer,as string, Report as string) as Boolean
on error GoTo bOpenReport_Err

set m_appTheApp = nothing
set m_appTheApp = new CRAXDRT.Application

Debug.print ReportName
set m_rpt = m_appTheApp.OpenReport(ReportName)
set m_vntRptPk = new ReportSourceRouter
m_vntRptPk.AddReport m_rpt
set m_rpt = nothing
CRVwr.ReportSource = m_vntRptPk 'Connect Control with Report

CRVwr.DisplayGroupTree = false
CRVwr.DisplayToolbar = false

CRVwr.ViewReport 'Display Control
bOpenReport = true
Exit Function
Select Case Err.Number
Case -2147206452 'Datei ist schon geöffnet

Case else
MsgBox Err.Description & vbCrLf & Err.Number
End Select
bOpenReport = false
End Function

With this code i could display different reports dynamically during runtime. Now with the now CRViewer Control of CR 8 the error message "Memory full" occured. After calling this function bOpenReport i have following line of code:

crvReportManager.ShowLastPage 'Show the last page of the current report in the CRViewer control

After this it reloads the report as it should do in bOpenReport without printing a error message.
But if i delete the line crvwr.showreport

in the bOpenReport function my program crashed.
Does anyone have an idea how the CR 8 CRViewer-Control displays reports dynamically?


Dynamic Crystal Reports In VB Using Crystal Viewer Control
my problem is i m new to crystal reports. I have prepared a application in vb 6.0 which is used for printing bills. When enter all the particulars and press print the crystal viewer is showing only the first bill which was saved. wat i want wen i give the print command the viewer shud show the present bill, so it can be printed.


Connecting Crystal Report 10 To Vb 6.0
hy members
i am new member and new to vb 6.0
i have one form on which i have five button. i have five crystal report 10 reports . i want to view the report from vb form when we click the button the crystal report will open.
any one know the method how to do this.please erply me i need this very very urgently.
thanks in advance
bye bye

Connecting Crystal Report 9.0 With Vb 6.0
Hello friends

Anyone ehre who can help me to coonect crystal reports 9.0 wiht VB 6.0 basically I am beginner in Crystal reports world.

i will be obliged if someone helps me to do so.

Hemal Jivani
Gujarat University

How To Use Crystal Reports Without Using Crystal Report Control

I want to program a DLL for using Crystal Reports. Since this isn't a Form, I couldn't use the Crystal Reports control... how can I do it then?


Connecting Crystal 4.5 And Access 2000
I'm trying to open a report that uses a Access 2000 Database, in Crystal it works ok but from VB6 i have a connection error 2536. How can i conect form vb6 the report to access 2000?

Connecting Crystal Report To SQL Server
I have an application that uses a number of Crystal Reports to connect against a choice of SQL Servers.

At runtime the Crystal Reports should connect to the same Server/Database that the application is connected to, however I am having trouble producing a report if the Server I try to connect to, is not the Server that I used when designing the Crystal Report.

ie. If I design a report using Server A and try to run the report when connected to Server A, everything works fine.

However, if I try and run the same report when connected to Server B, I get the message 'SQL Server error'.

(The report I am using is nothing complex and the Databases on each Server are identical in design.)

The only thing I am trying to change is the connect property.

rptReport.Connect = "DSN=myDSN;UID=myUID;PWD=myPWD;Database=myDatabase"

If this makes sense, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong??

Any assistance would be grately appreciated - I've been stewing on this one for about 5 months now.


Getting Error In Connecting To Crystal Report Through VB 6

   I have created reports in crystal report. I am trying to connect with reports throgh VB. I have used system dsn for connection.

   On some machines its working fine. But on some machines its giving error as

  "Runtime error 9: subscript out of range"

 And on some machines, error is

 "Cannot open SQL Server"

 Is this problem is related to OS? because I am getting error on machine having XP.
I installed setup on machine having Windows 2000 professional which doesn't have VB,SQL Server,Crystal Report.
But application is working fine.

for some machines I am getting these errors.

Please help


How To Use Crystal Report Connecting To VSFlexgrid???
Guys, how to create a report that looks like a table? or just connecting to a flexgrid.. Im using crystal report 8.. pls help me.. thanks...

pls give me a sample code...thanks

Connecting To Database In Crystal Report
Hi everybody,

I am a fresh user of VB/Oracle/Crystal Reports.
I have a database in oracle 8i. I have some
entry forms in VB through which my database is
updated. Now I want to use the crystal report
to design the reports. When I make a report and
run it, i get an error message "Unable to connect
to the database". Please help me out.


Crystal Report 8.5 With SQL Server 7.0 :Connecting...
Hi Babu,
I am using Crystal Report 8.5 to design my report . I connect to database SQL Server 7.0. But I want to write a code in VB6 to connect Crystal Report to SQL Server so that I can run my application on another PC. Please give me your code. Thank you very much!

Connecting From VC 6.0 With Crystal Report(Oracle Ole DB)
hello every body
I have an application built in Visual C 6.0
and I am using crystal active x control on
one of my dialog. My database is Oracle and
I have used Oracle OLE DB provider for
creating my crystal reports. Now how to
connect/logon to server to print the report
from the code.

Also is there any where description of the
crystal active x control functions(at least
I haven`t found yet).

Urgent help req.
Thanx in advance

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