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Code To Use Scanner From Vb6 Application

VeenaMG via visualbasic-l wrote:

use, u have a a WebCaptcha Control, u can use that..


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Please Help . . . Scanner Application
Please help . . .
How can i grab input from the scanner n show it the result in a picturebox or others obj ? this kinda new for me . . .
Or, where can i get the best reference to do it ?
is there any components to do this ? where i can get it ?

thank's in advance . . . .

How To Use Scanner In Vb6 Application

i have to develope a vb application in this i have to use genious scanner ...

please suggest me how to use this ....

in image control they want to scan doc from scanner..

Scanner Information On Application
Did any one know witch scaner(s) software we can use as a component in our VB projects.
For example from inside of vb code make scanner begin scanning after pressing a Button on my form and save the picture with a name we specify in a TextBox?

How To Call Scanner In A Application
hello friend..
i want to do scaning and want to call scanner in my application how can i do that ....

help plz

How Can Integrating Application With Scanner In ASP Using VB
I am using ASP with SQL Server .
i have scanner hp 3670 scanner
i am doing document management system application
my problem is how can i integrete my application to scanner means
when i click one button to my application scanning the documents and
it return back to my application

is any api is there or any other way is there
give me idea

idea how I would do that? Or do I need to provide more information?

please any body can help me as early as possible

Waiting for reply

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Integrating Application With Scanner In Asp Using Vb
I am using ASP with SQL Server .
i have scanner hp 3670 scanner
i am doing document management system application
my problem is how can i integrete my application to scanner means
when i click one button to my application scanning the documents and
it return back to my application

is any api is there or any other way is there
give me idea

please any body can help me

Waiting for reply

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VB Application For Interfacing With Scanner

I am trying to make an application in vb that would interface with a scanning application. I have seen in scanning softwares (see attached image) that you can specify where the scanned image can be sent to. (Option 2 in the attached image).

For example, if you were to select outlook express as the application the scanned image is to be sent to, then after scanning a new mail in outlook express is made with the scanned image as a jpg attachment in the mail.

My questions :

How do i make the scanner software detect installed applications that are capable of accepting the scanned image ?

How do i specify to the scanner software how to pass the scanned image to my appication (can i specify the format in which the image needs to be sent ?) as an argument to invoke my application ?

I am pretty new to vb programming and any help is appreciated.


How To Access Scanner In A VB Application?
I would like to write an application which uses a scanner. I just need to know how can I set the resolution, image size and how to start and stop scanning. If someone helps me concerning this I would appreciate it. Or a site that I can check would be a great help.

I Want To Add Visitor Card Scanner In My Vb Application Use With Api Anybody Help Me
Dear friends,

How to link the visitor card scanner hardware use with api because when i call this h/w .exe by the shell command then I have problem when installed my application. Because path is hardcoded. I want to set scanner path at installatiion time. so plz help me.


Barcode Scanner Application In MS Access
Hello all,
  I am responsible for creating an application that reads in stored barcodes from a scanner that is connected to a COM port. The scanner is the Symbol Technologies CS1504.(
  I have to use the scanner's API (which is written in VB) to access the data in it. I am a beginner at Visual Basic and I need some advice on getting this started:

1) I am going to be using Microsoft Access to create my application. Does VBA have any limitations that would restrict me from calling the barcode scanner's from within it?

  I really would appreciate some good feedback on this because I am coming from a PHP background. Thanks in advance.

Bar Code Scanner

I bought a new Bar Code Scanner of Symbol (LS 2208). It is working well but problem is that it decode the code39 symbols but it doesnt decode the UPC symbolgy. Is any other Software required to install?

Why it is happening,



Bar Code Scanner???
I am writing software for a video store and I want to design something with a bar code scanner. I have seen some that plug inbetween the keyboard and computer, and it just spits out numbers, but I am looking for something I could communicate with directly, maybe through the COM port?? If something is scanned with it, I want a certain procedure to fire up on my program. Anyone in here use a bar code scanner in a program before??

I am just looking for suggestions on a physical scanner. Once I get it im sure I can code it.

Bar Code Scanner !!! Please Help...
Hi there,

My working colleague has a Bar Code Scanner Device. Can anyone tell as how to write a program to read the scanned Bar Code(s) and transfer them to Access Database via RS-232 Serial Port Cable.

This Bar Code Scanner Device is of "Formula 630" make. Please help me and let me know how we can make this device communicate with VB and transfer the scanned codes inside Database.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Programming.

Jeetesh Gurnani.

Visual Basic 2005 Express (executing Proprietary Scanner Application)
Anybody Help please?

I have built a VB 2005 Express project which I would like to code an event to launch a scanner (TWAIN device) software/application upon demand (i.e. PanasonicUserUtility.exe). I've invested in Viscom's ScannerActiveX which offers easy "drag and drop" of an actual prefabricated form design and code. It provides a quick and easy way to capture image from all the TWAIN compliant scanners and webcam devices (and Export & Print BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF files) at a click of the mouse. "Great!" you say? NO. My problem is that this prefabricated control panel form for the devices does not behave with my users scanning devices & software (HP Director for example).
Bottom line: Is there any event code ya'll can share so that my user might click a toolbox object (button) and it launches a specified .exe utility? (Such as: open "C:PanasonicUserUtily.exe" as...)


Warren aka: hewey71

in Atlanta

Visual Basic 2005 Express (executing Proprietary Scanner Application)
I have built a VB 2005 Express project which I would like to code
an event to launch my scanner (TWAIN device)
software/application upon demand (ie PanasonicUserUtility.exe).
I've invested in Viscom's ScannerActiveX which offers easy "drag
and drop" of an actual prefabricated form design and code. It
provides a quick and easy way to capture image from all the
TWAIN compliant scanners and webcam devices (and Export,
Printing BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF files)at a click of the
mouse. "Great!" you say? NO.
My problem is that this prefabricated control panel for the
devices does not behave with my users scanning software (HP
Director for example).
Bottom line: Is there any event code ya'll can share so that I
might click a toolbox object and it launches a specified .exe

Warren in Atlanta

Capturing Hand Help Bar Code Scanner Data
I have a hand held bar code scanner (HHP 3800LX). When it scans a bar code, I need to capture the scanned data (UPC) in my VB6 program and match it to a database so I can display the description of the item scanned. Can anyone give me some insite as to what I need to do to get the scanned UPC data into my VB6 program so I can match it the the database?




How To Develop The Form And Write Code To Call A Scanner Through Vb-6 .
i want to develop a form to call a scanner through vb-6 and scan multiple pages document and store it in database as a single tiff how to write the code to call the scanner.please help me i have added the controls of kodak scanner ,thumbnail.image edit control.

Thumb Print Scanner/scanner
Anyone ever edit the code of a thumb print reader to work with ur VB program ?now having problem with it

How Can I Code My Application To Successfully Hide My Application's Proccess Usage?
How can I code my application to successfully hide my application's proccess usage from NT's Task Manager's Proccess listing and Window 98/ME's Microsoft System Information>Running Tasks listing?

The second feat I would love to code is to successfully hide my application from Window's MSconfig utility.

What say you?

TWAIN Scanner API - Please Tell Me How To Use Scanner Using VB
I'am currently making a program which helps me in scanning and rubber stamp
I need the codes for scanner. Would you guyz tell me how to use scanner in VB?
I would prefer a complete project but not complicated.

Can I Execute The Code Of VB Application From Another Application???
I have some difficult i need to run the following code of TabStrip in VB outside that application(VC++ or VB).

TabStrip1.SelectedItem = TabStrip1.Tabs.Item(1)

This code just selects the second tab in Form Load of VB Application.I tried to use SendMessage With Handle and TCM_SETCURSEL Msgs But it does not work if that application is invisible.

So any ideas Gurus.

Thanks in Advance


Telnet Server, RF Client Bar Code Reader, Working With A VB Application Thin Client Application
> Hello To All,
> I need a little advice and direction.
> I trying to build and application where a RF (Radio Frequency 900mhz
> hand held Bar Code Reader) device would connect and enter and retrieve
> information from a VB application.
> Example of Screen:
> Updating Inventory:
> Invoice Number:_____________
> Part Number: _____________
> Quantity: _____________
> Press F2 to Save and Continue.
> How Do you build a Telnet or VT100 or VT220 Server application in VB
> that can create the Example and except the individual entries.
> The hand held device can connect to a server in Telnet (ANSI), but I
> just lost and can find anything solid on the web.
> Steven

Using VBA Code In A VB6 Application
I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the VBA forum, but this seems just as good. I searched and didn't really find the answer I was looking for. Is there a way to use the code from an excel Macro inside a VB application. The macro from excel imports a text file (UTF-8) and saves it as an xls file. Is there a way to do this from a VB6 application without having to open up Excel as well? Thanks for any help!

Bar Code Application
hello friends
i need some hepl
i want develop a barcode generation application in VB. please help me for that.
I search for barcode applicatin on net but i not got any help for that on most of web site i have to pay for that.

Please help me.

Associated Application From VB Code
You can use the Shell command to run a command file from VB code, but is
there a way to run an application based of a document name? If your
database stores CR10000.doc, for example, is there a way to launch Word
by just using the extension which is associated with Word?


Global Application Code?
Is there someway to attach a macro to the excel app rather than just an individual workbook so that you could use it no matter what workbook was open?

Modifying VB Code, From Another VB Application ??
Does anyone know of a control or some kind of dialog box that could allow me to type a function in, that would prompt you and come up with errors like when writing a function in the normal way on the script side ?

The reason behind this is I am writing a VB app that allows the user to modify the code of another VB application, then compile it. At the minute I am just using a text box, but of course when I come to complile it on the fly, there may be errors in the function code that would have shown up if I had the right control/display.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated, or if you need me to explain things a little more please ask


Application Registration Code
I saw this post
by Martin Liss and I was wondering if anybody has tried his code under Windows Vista.
So far It works fine in XP.

Great code Matin thanks!


How Do I Code My Application To Compile Itself?
I'm creating an application to create screen savers. I need to be able to tell the application to compile a form that will be used as the screen saver and to be able to save it as an .SCR file. How do I do this? I know that when you are developing a VB application, you can do this when you compile your project with an .SCR extension, instead of an .EXE, but how do you do this for an application that is created for this purpose?

Please help.



Link Code In VB Application
any one know how to write a link in VB ??

i mean the same as html link < a href=""> VB Forums </a>

i think it's easy but i am still learning VB


No Code Changes, But Different Behaviour In My Application !!!
Dear all,

Something very strange happened in my application.

It is a MDI application, the left and top properties of the MDI form are set to 0. So I expect my application appear at the left top corner of the screen.

When I press "Run" button, the MDI form appear at the right hand corner as expected. After finishing run mode and back to design mode, I open the MDI form without changing anything and click "Run" button again, the main MDI form did not start at top left corner of the screen. Instead, the form appear under the title bar of "Visual Basic". That is left is 0, but the top is not 0. The MDI form appear at the top of "Visual Basic" screen, not at the top of monitor screen !!! When I close the MDI form in design mode and run the application again, the MDI form still appear below the title bar of "Visual Basic".

Then I close the project and close VB. I open VB and the project again. It runs properly. So I make exe for my application. However, the exe runs a little bit lower than top of screen. Also, the height of the MDI is shortened, so some controls at the bottom of the form cannot be seen. These controls reappear when I scroll down. But actually, everything can be seen at design mode.

Is there something wrong with my Sony notebook computer ?
Or is there problem with VB ?
The OS is Win 98 and VB version 6.0 without any service pack.

Thanks very much.

Tapi Application Code
I'm needing Code examples for a TAPI application were as the phone Calls
out a phone number when a Person answers it plays a WAV file to them ,
i have ordered a TAPI Compliant Zoom PCI modem model number 3025 Voice
modem , in hopes that this will work for my application
Any Refrences to TAPI Code ("any language" would help as well,

VBA - Project Can't Get Application Code
I'd like to add VBA code to my ms project file

But I can add it only to the "global project"

Why can't I see the active project? (myProj.mpp)

(I can see the active project for other files ?! )

I tried to move the code using the orginzer and it moves to the macros editor and opens a mesage box "file not found

Return Code From VB Application

Is it possible to return code from vb application ?


Code Not Releasing Excel.application
When I run the following code excel stays running after it compiles, if you attempt to run the code a second you get a runtime error that a method "~" is not supported.

Here is the code:

My code:

Private Sub Command4_Click()
If Command1.Caption = "Start" Then
Dim oExcel As Excel.Application
Dim oWB As Excel.Workbook
Dim oWS As Excel.Worksheet

Set oExcel = New Excel.Application
Set oWB = oExcel.Workbooks.Add
Set oWS = oExcel.ActiveSheet
oExcel.Visible = False
oExcel.DisplayAlerts = False

oWS.Cells(1, 2) = "Hours"
oWS.Cells(1, 3) = "Minutes"
oWS.Cells(1, 4) = "Seconds"

oWS.Cells(2, 1) = "Total Time in Production"
oWS.Cells(2, 2) = Hour(TotalInterval1)
oWS.Cells(2, 3) = Minute(TotalInterval1)
oWS.Cells(2, 4) = Second(TotalInterval1)
oWS.Cells(2, 5) = ((oWS.Cells(2, 2).Value * 60) * 60) + (oWS.Cells(2, 3).Value * 60) + oWS.Cells(2, 4).Value

oWS.Cells(3, 1) = "Total Time in Scrap"
oWS.Cells(3, 2) = Hour(TotalInterval2)
oWS.Cells(3, 3) = Minute(TotalInterval2)
oWS.Cells(3, 4) = Second(TotalInterval2)
oWS.Cells(3, 5) = ((oWS.Cells(3, 2).Value * 60) * 60) + (oWS.Cells(3, 3).Value * 60) + oWS.Cells(3, 4).Value

oWS.Cells(4, 1) = "Total Time Purging"
oWS.Cells(4, 2) = Hour(TotalInterval3)
oWS.Cells(4, 3) = Minute(TotalInterval3)
oWS.Cells(4, 4) = Second(TotalInterval3)
oWS.Cells(4, 5) = ((oWS.Cells(4, 2).Value * 60) * 60) + (oWS.Cells(4, 3).Value * 60) + oWS.Cells(4, 4).Value

oWS.Cells(6, 1) = "Total Time Running"
oWS.Cells(6, 2) = Hour(TT)
oWS.Cells(6, 3) = Minute(TT)
oWS.Cells(6, 4) = Second(TT)

'Create a pie chart with the given data
oExcel.ActiveChart.ChartType = xlDoughnutExploded
oExcel.ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E2:E4"), PlotBy:=xlColumns
oExcel.ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Sheet1"
oExcel.ActiveChart.HasLegend = False
oExcel.ActiveChart.ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlDataLabelsShowPercent, LegendKey:=False

On Error Resume Next
oExcel.DisplayAlerts = False
oWS.SaveAs "C:Test" & Format(Date, "MM_DD_YYYY")
Call oWB.Close(SaveChanges:=False)
Set oWB = Nothing
Set oExcel = Nothing

MsgBox "You must stop the program before saving data."
End If

End Sub

Key Scan Code To Launch Application
hi sorry if this is a silly question but i am new to vb, i am trying to wright an app to launch a .exe when one of the custom buttons is pressed on my dell insperon 8100 dell provide an application to do this but you can only customise 2 of the 4 buttons and id realy like to be able to customise all 4. looking at the dell program i get what i think are the button scan codes from the registory (e001 to e004) but i am unshure how to right them into an app the closist i have is this:
If GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyQ) Then
Shell ("C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98vb6.exe")
End If
but i am unshure how to change the key as its a non standard key i need to put the scan code in rather than a difrent vbkey

thanks for your help

Code To Delete The Application After Close It
Just I have idea and I want to ask you about it

Hi Guy's

Is it possible to create a code to delete the application after close it because I want to delete my application after close it and the deletion will be from the code or the application not from me or from the used of the application

I want to use this application only for one time , and when you close the application this application it'll deleted without any control from the used of this application

Is it possible to do it

I hope to understand what's I meant

Changing This Code So My Application Does Not Freeze?
VB Code:
Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFile Lib "urlmon" Alias "URLDownloadToFileA" (ByVal pCaller As Long, ByVal szURL As String, ByVal szFileName As String, ByVal dwReserved As Long, ByVal lpfnCB As Long) As LongPublic Function DownloadFile(URL As String, LocalFilename As String) As Boolean    Dim lngRetVal As Long    lngRetVal = URLDownloadToFile(0, URL, LocalFilename, 0, 0)    If lngRetVal = 0 Then DownloadFile = TrueEnd FunctionPrivate Sub Form_Load()    'example by Matthew Gates (    DownloadFile "", "c:allapi.htm"End Sub

My program downloads image after image... Some of the images are +1MBs... So they take +5 seconds to download, and when ever its downloading my whole application stops (cannot move the window, windows is not updated (if a other window goes over it, the window will only be updated once the image is done downloaded))....

So how would I change that code so my program works normally even when the image is downloading?

note: Its kind of like when you have a loop that takes forever, while vb is in the loop, you cannot do anything with the program (but in a loop you can use DoEvents)...

How To Write Mail Application Using Vb Code?
I need to write a mailing application in vb using smtp sever. I had to get the Ip address transferred through this mail. Can anyone provide me the code for this? This is urgent.

Thanking you,


Password Code For Application Login
Hai, guy. I'm a newbie for VB, so need some help here.i'm designing password form for the login of my application. i use the code from the VB template but i need more from what i get from the code of the template. My question is how do i store the username and paswords to a file and let my application access the file to check the correct passwords when my application run. 2)How can i get a function to let the user of my application to change he/she's username and passwords.

Here is my code on the moment, most of it i copy form VB template:

Option Explicit

Public LoginSucceeded As Boolean

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()
'set the global var to false
'to denote a failed login
LoginSucceeded = False
End Sub

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()
Dim u As String
Dim p As String
'check for correct password
u = Username.Text2.Text
p = Username.Text4.Text
If txtUserName = u Then
If txtPassword = p Then
'place code to here to pass the
'success to the calling sub
'setting a global var is the easiest
LoginSucceeded = True
MsgBox "Invalid Password, Please try again!", , "Login"
End If
MsgBox "Invalid Username, Please try again!", , "Login"
'SendKeys "{Home}+{End}"
End If
End Sub

Private Sub lbllogin2_Click()

End Sub

Help, help. Thanks In Advance For any reply.Have A Nice Day

VB Code Work With MS Offics Application
Would like to know how do I using VB code to call up a new page of any MS Office application, such as Power Point, MS Words, Excel. I would like then to pass some of the string which I get from my VB text control to the opened MS Word, Power Point or Excel, and has this printed out.

Please include some sample code if available.


How Do I Code My Application To Load BEFORE Windows Does?
I am planning on making a pc security software for my own home use and I want my application to load up and disable Ctrl/Alt/Delete and etc... but I can not figure out how to load it before Windows loads up.

I sure would appreciate any help or coding you may be able to provide.

VB 6 - Close Application From The Code UserDocume
How do You close UserDocument.vbd from VB6 code?
How do you close an application from VB6?

Once I exit my application, the window with UserDocument.dob file stays open. As I close my application I want this window to be closed too. How do I do that.


How To Call VBScript Code Into My VB Application

I am thinking to develope an application as follows:

The forms would be defined in some .xml files using this protocol:

<FORM Name = "MyForm">
    <PROPERTY Name="Caption" Value="My application"/>
    <PROPERTY Name="../>
    <EVENT Name="Load">
         MsgBox "Hello!"
    <CONTROL License="MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid" ProgId = "MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid" Name="grd1">
         <PROPERTY Name="Cols" Value="3"/>
         <EVENT Name="RowColChange">

I have a component who reads the .xml file and builds the form using a Visual Basic form, changing the properties of the form using something like the "CallByName" function, and adding the controls defined in the .xml file, using the "Add" method. This component has a "CControl" class that use a VBControlExtender to contain each ActiveX controls of the form.

When an event is raised, the component "looks" if the control who raises the event has some "actions" to do. As you can see in the definition of the form, for each event of each "OBJECT", you can define "what to do" using VBScript code. But I have some questions about this design:

1) How can I parse this VBScript code? I think that it could be better if I write all the VBScript in an independent file, and all the services inside a class / some classes. So, how can I do it?

2) How can I catch the objects of my form from the VBScript code? For exemple, I would like to use the MSFlexGrid control to change then number of Rows when the "RowColChange" event is raised.

3) I make this desing because I want to automate the creation of the interface. My goal is not to compile any code when I change the interface. Does exist another better way to do it?

I hope somebody could help me. Thanks in advance!

Application Sleep Code Question
I have a simple little application that I am using to check a folder for files and if any are found, it moves them to another location.  The program has been set up to stay running and use the Sleep API.  There isn't much complexity to it and inside the Sleep loop there is a DoEvents.  There is a basic form that shows the status but doesn't have many controls or anything either.

My questions...
1.  When started the application shows MEM usage about 1500K then it jumps up to about 7000K after the first scan (every 15 minutes).  If I maximize the form and then minimize it the MEM usage goes back down to 1000K and starts creeping up.  Why does this happen like this?  I'd just like to understand it better.

2.  Its is possible that the MEM usage climbs up and causes a server error/reboot?  I have tested and watched it scanning every minute and the MEM usage never goes over 10,000K but the server admins want to blame it for recent errors.

I have checked all the code and all variables are set = Nothing to clean up and delete.  There are no complex loops other then through the dir to check for files.  Anyone have any thoughts on where to check or common leak problems?  I have never had a "running all the time app" so I was just looking for some direction.

Thanks all!

Does Anyone Know Of Code That I Could Use To Make My VB Application Launch Another .exe?
Hi all, I'm having a miserable time finding any resources on making my VB applications launch other applications. Isn't there a command or a chunk of code somewhere that would allow me to do that? Thanks for ANY input on this!

Vb Code For Running An Application In MS-Access
  Well I am looking for someone who is conversant with writing Vb code to help run an pplication in MS-access in which I have three fields but the last field is subject to the difference obtained per each record set in the first two fields. E.g "amount charged" (field no.1) minus "deposit paid" (field no.2) = "balance due" (field no.3). In respect of the above, I would like this application to calculate the record set to be entered in the "balance due" field automatically by just making data entries in the above mentioned two fields without me having to do it manually by feeding in the difference myself.

Vb Code To Send Sms From Device Application To Gsm
hi ,

i have developed the user interface screens for motorola Q using vb(device applications). i am using the windows mobile smartphone 5.0. now i have to send sms from the screen developed to the gsm(chip silicon). i need to code to send plz help me.


What Code Would I Use If I Want To Connect Some Reports To My Vb Application?
I already prepared my reports in Crystal Reports 7.0 and they work perfect. I made a crystal reports control on my application and made the following code but doen't work. Can anyone help?
This is the code I'm using that doen't work:

Private Sub mnuRPosition_Click()
crpPosition.ReportFileName = ("C:ProyectPosition.rpt;")
crpPosition.Action = 1

End Sub

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