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Convert Greek Characters To English

i tried to convert Greek H which is the same character in english too using a code like

VB Code:
Private Function changeToENG(str As String) As String        changeToENG = ""    For i = 0 To Len(str) - 1        If Mid(str, i + 1, 1) <> "." And Mid(str, i + 1, 1) <> " " Then            inc = Chr(Asc(Mid(str, i + 1, 1)) - 127)        Else            inc = Mid(str, i + 1, 1)        End If        changeToENG = changeToENG & inc    Next    End Function

but unfortonately that code doesn't not work for the other characters does ne1 have a code that could help me or know how i can make it?


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How To Swap Non English Unicode Characters Instead Of English Letters Pressed?
Hi all i am trying to create a program that when i type certain english keywords it goes writes non english unicode of that character. All the equivelents chars are predfined . For example if i type/press letter K on keyboard in the text box it prints ك and so fort for the rest of charecters. I just want to know how i can replace charecters pressed with predefined non english charecters. Furthermore, add a checkbox that when it checke it do the swap of english letters to non english ones,otherwise it just type the english key that is pressed on the keyboard. If the key is Thanks

How To Swap Non English Unicode Characters Instead Of English Letters
Hi all i am trying to create a program that when i press a certain english letter, it goes writes non english unicode of that letter instead. All the equivelent letters are predfined . For example if i press letter K on keyboard ,in the textbox or word type document it prints ? and so fort for the rest of letters.

I just want to know how i can replace letters pressed with predefined non english letters. Furthermore, I want add a checkbox that when it checked it do the swap of english letters to non english ones,otherwise it just type the english letter that is pressed on the keyboard.Thanks

Greek Characters
Hello everyone,

It's my first post here and hopefully not the last as i'm starting my programming lessons in vb at college.

One brief question.Vb6 at home does not regognise Greek characters.Is there a language pack for this?Any help would be appreciated.

For the records the language is already installed on my computer and working fine with Notepad,MS-WORD....

Greek Characters Doesn't In Vb
vb dun have Greek character.
but in my code ,i need some of them so that i can write a program to exchange between HEX (use in SIM card ,different from use hex) and Ascii can i deal with it?
can use chrw() where num in () is greater than 255?

Using MS Access Records Containing Greek Characters
I have an access table where some records may contain greek characters. When I use these records in vb to form the body of an email the greek characters show up as ??? Has anyone any ideas how to prevent this?

Using MS Access Records Containing Greek Characters
I have an access table where some records may contain greek characters. When I use these records in vb to form the body of an email the greek characters show up as ??? Has anyone any ideas how to prevent this?

How To Retrieve Unicode Characters (e.g. Greek) From An AS400 Datasource, And Display Them
I think this might be an interesting tool, so I chose to share it.

Is life as bad as dreams?
I guess that's just the way it seems!

Please Help With Non English Characters
I found excellent example which works with archiver like rar, zip, etc.
But here some problem for me.
It does good with english characters, but not for non english. Can you help me solve this problem?

Japanese Characters In English Text
I have to make a translation routine where I have to replace some of the english text with japanese characters.

part of the original file
{ ResConstants.Empty,"Empty"},
{ ResConstants.Fit,"Fit"},

must become :
part of the new file
{ ResConstants.Empty,"some japanese characters"},
{ ResConstants.Fit,"some japanese characters"},

I tried to do this using the scripting object but I cant figure out how to combine the two charactersets.

Thanks in advance

Printing Characters In VB 6 English Version
Could you tell me how can I print Chinese characters in VB6 English version? I would be appreciate if you give me some code sample.
Thanks in advance!

Sam Cheung

Redirecting Non-english Characters To Text Files
I use

example.exe > results.txt

but when the output of example.exe includes greek characters and I try to read the results.txt from a VB program I get "stupid" characters (I hope you understand what I mean... ). What should I do to read the greek characters?

I use something like

result1 = Shell(".mybat.bat", vbHide, True, 10000)

from my program (mybat.bat includes the "example.exe > results.txt" command).

Could I do something with VB or from Windows (cmd) to solve this problem?

Germen Value Convert Into English
i am developing one application which reads values from visio 2000 and store that values into MS Access 2000 using Visual Basic 6.0. This application will execute in all languages. But i got one problem about boolean values, germen visio 2000 (Operating System - Germen) fetches word wahr for true and falsch for false to boolean variable in coding but while inserting this values MS Access does not accept it, it shows error. Is there any solution to tackle this situation? Is unicode is the only solution for this problem? if yes how could convert my code in to unicode format? Pls Reply as early as possible

Need To Convert VB 6 English To Chinese..

I have been searching through the forums and the Internet and have found a few ideas, but is there anyone who has a good handle on this? Is there a way to convert a large application over to Chinese? In other words, making all the text on the forms, etc. ...Chinese?


Convert English To ISCII

How to convert English language into ISCII FORMAT.

There is any to ple.send me.

thanks in advance

How To Check If Text1.text Contains Only English Characters And Numbers ?
Hello. How to check if text1.text contains only English characters and numbers (and no commas, dots and other symbols) ?


How To Display DBCS/Unicode Characters In English Win9x
I've been dying to write some software using Japanese characters. Does anyone know how this can be done? Will I have to distribute/use code pages if I want to give the software to friends running English win9x? Is it possible to write such a program using the English version of VB?
I don't need to worry about any input in Japanese, I just want to display the characters on an English system. Also, I really don't want to pay $400 for one of those multilanguage kits to solve the problem. I realize its a pretty odd question but if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

Convert Numeric Currency To English
Hi all,

In VB6, is there anyway to convert numeric currency amount to English words? For example, when a program gets input $100.00, it outputs One Hundred Dollars 0 Cents.


How To Convert Text From English To French?
Hello all you fellow programmers out there. Hey, I have an appliction that needs to have all the text converted to French. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!

Eric Rogers
Take/Note Software, Inc.

Read Morse Code And Convert It To English.
I am trying to write vb6 code for a program to convert morse code to english. can anybody help?

Transliterate (convert) Foreign Text Into English Char
We need guidance for converting foreign language text into English characters. We just need it in English text, even though it is gibberish. i.e (one English char represents a char in the foreign language.)


Is There An Easy Way To Convert A String To Proper English Format?
That is, make the next letter after a period a capital letter, have 2 spaces after a period, one space after a comma, etc?

No spell check or anything, just basic formatting.

What Is The Vb Code To Translate Or Convert English Letters To Arabic?
i want to convert english words to arabic words. how can it possible?

How Can You Convert URL Characters To Ascii Characters? (ie %2F = /, %3A = :, Etc)
Anyone have a function that can take a string and return its normal characters?

Convert Unusual ANSI Characters To Normal ANSI Characters
Has anyone seen a function that will convert a string like this:




You can also see this thread for the problem I'm trying to solve, involving the text-2-speech control.



Convert Hex Into Characters
Simple one for any of you experts out there:

I need a simple function to turn two byte hex strings (i.e. "3D" or "43") into a single byte. For instance, if you put in "3B" it would return ";" and when you put in "33" it would return "3".

Thanks in advance.


How To Convert An English Date To A Spanish Date
I'm reading a text file in which there is a date but it is in english and my computer is set up in spanish.
When I try the function CDate(sDate), it says it's not a valid date.
CDate("06 Aug. 2003") says Error 13.
Instead CDate("06 Ago. 2003) is OK.

Is there a way to convert "Aug" to spanish "Ago", without doing it "manually"?

Convert Characters To Ascii No.
i have an array called chars(). when my program runs, 1 character is stored in each variable of the array eg. chars (0) stores 1 character, chars(1) stores 1 character and so on. i heard that there are 256 ascii characters, is there a simple and fast way to convert each character into its ascii number, say chars(0) had the letter u stored in it and the number of u was 132 then chars(0) would be changed to 132

Convert Numbers To Characters.....
Can anyone out there help me for converting the numbers
to charcters

For eg


Two hundred and Sixty Seven

IF the sample codes are there Pls redirect me.

I had searhed this forum

Pls help


Convert Number Of Characters To Twips
I have data loading into a spreadsheet where I'd like to be able to control the width of the first column. I can count the number of characters in all of my rows and select the one value which has the most characters in it.

How can I convert the number of characters into a value of twips?

I know the value of twips/pixel, twips/inch, etc, but I haven't found one for twips/character. I realize the value changes based on the Windows Font Size, but I really haven't found any relevant documention.

Thanks in advance...

Convert Characters Into Their ASCII Number..
What is the command to turn Characters into their ascii value?

I know chr$(#) turns the number into a character..

I can't remember how to reverse it though.


A Way To Convert Characters To Their Binary Values?

pls tell me a way to convert characters to their binary values.


Help Me Figure Out How To Convert 3 Ascii Characters Into Time?
I am making a stats program for the game half-life, if i send a string to the server through udp, i get back a packet that has the player info, which contains their name, how many frags they have and also 3 ascii characters that somehow represent their time in the game... name is easy, its just written in normal letters, the frags is a single character ascii but it is easy to figure it since you just use Asc() to turn it into a a number
Well i have been stuck on the player's time in game for a while now, it is 3 ascii characters, im not sure if you have to do anything with hex, or anythign else, but i cant figure it out, here is a list of the characters ive put together and along with that their APROXAMATE time i use another program to retrive, ive went ahead already and converted the ascii charactes into their numbers using the Asc() function

Maybe someone with more brain power can figure how i would turn the 3 characters into seconds, i belive it is in seconds, but i dont think just multiplying or deviding will work... IF YOU CAN SOLVE THIS MYSTRY I WILL BE GREATFUL, thanx a bunch!


67 37 32 <-42m
67 245 29 <-42m
179 72 18 <-39m
51 24 19 <-39m
179 23 19 <-39m
51 22 19 <-39m
179 13 19 <-39m
143 132 16 <-38m
143 84 14 <-37m
71 7 13 <-37m
143 147 9 <-36m
102 216 255 <-34m
102 222 246 <-32m
102 126 242 <-32m
133 99 242 <-32m
102 252 232 <-31m
102 186 223 <-29m
31 34 211 <-28m
133 87 212 <-28m
31 22 181 <-24m
102 247 168 <-22m
102 235 138 <-18m
102 122 139 <-18m
102 120 139 <-18m
102 112 139 <-18m
102 125 139 <-18m
102 126 139 <-18m
142 203 130 <-17m
28 93 68 <-13m
28 91 68 <-13m
28 85 68 <-13m
28 83 68 <-13m
28 75 68 <-13m
28 71 68 <-13m
28 61 68 <-13m
28 37 68 <-13m
28 13 68 <-13m
28 123 67 <-13m
11 65 54 <-12m
28 177 1 <-8m
124 124 239 <-7m
22 14 234 <-7m
22 10 234 <-7m
22 254 233 <-7m
22 250 233 <-7m
22 234 233 <-7m
22 226 233 <-7m
22 206 233 <-7m
22 158 233 <-7m
22 110 233 <-7m
22 74 232 <-7m
247 16 90 <-3m
247 8 90 <-3m
247 240 89 <-3m
247 232 89 <-3m
247 200 89 <-3m
247 184 89 <-3m
247 144 89 <-3m
247 48 89 <-3m
247 208 88 <-3m
247 136 86 <-3m
44 108 73 <-3m
47 163 13 <-2m
225 56 225 <-1m

oh, and if it helps any, i looked in the protcol readme for this information, and it says
players name is a string
players frag is int32
and for the players time in game, it says its float32
btw, the protocol was also meant for C++

Sound Distorted After Pcm-gsm Acm Convert, Missing 4 Characters?
sound distorted after pcm-gsm acm convert, missing 4 characters? ...?

Convert All Characters To Uppercase In A Field As They Are Entered
I have found this little code snippit to be quite handy for converting all letters to upper case as they are entered into the field.  I like this one because it doesn't matter if the user has caps on or off.

Sub txtData_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
   KeyAscii = Asc(Ucase(Chr(KeyAscii)
End Sub

Greek Support
I have an ActiveX control that I am selling and I have a customer from Greece that told me that he can't display greek text in a label (a label contained in my usercontrol).
How can I add this support?
Thanks in advance,


Printing Greek In Vb
I am trying to print on a dot matrix printer greek letters as output
but it does not print corectly
how can i use the greek codepage or any ather printing way
in order not to print carbagge
but i cannot send to the printer
page length and other parameters

how can i use the escape codes for my printer
how can i change the character set within my code


Greek Mu On Asian Windows
I am having trouble with the Greek mu character (Chr(181)) whose display is flaky under Asian Windows (or at least the Japanese version). If I explicitly enter the mu in a caption or label text using the Numlock Alt-0-1-8-1 it is fine. However, when I set a caption/text property programmatically, I find that for text labels I must use something like ".text = Chr$(181)" but for the caption of an option box ".caption = " (where the mu is entered from the keyboard with Numlock Alt-0-1-8-1). If I use the wrong method the mu is displayed at two characters. Obviously it is because of the double byte/single byte character width issue. However, I do not understand why, given that, I can get mu to display properly at all. Also, how can I work out which control works which way other than by trial and error? When I say trial and error I mean sending aJapanese customer umpteen versions of my program and getting screenshots back from him!?
It's a big program so I am reluctant to switch to .NET. However, Can I assume that this will be no problem in .NET because of its support for Unicode?
Thank you all very much in advance.

Greek Letters In A Text Box
What does it take to make a VB6 text box support Greek letters? My text box supports Spanish, so I was very surprised when I found out it does not support Greek. Do I just need to make it Unicode some how? And what is the best way to do that? Also, will this cause any problems when loading and saveing? Also, will it cause any problems in Javascript?

Α α Alpha Β β Beta
Γ γ Gamma Δ δ Delta
Ε ε Epsilon Ζ ζ Zeta
Η η Eta Θ θ Theta
Ι ι Iota Κ κ Kappa
Λ λ Lambda Μ μ Mu
Ν ν Nu Ξ ξ Xi
Ο ο Omicron Π π Pi
Ρ ρ Rho Σ σ ς Sigma
Τ τ Tau Υ υ Upsilon
Φ φ Phi Χ χ Chi
Ψ ψ Psi Ω ω Omega

Clipboard And Greek Text
Hi to all.

I have this problem. When i try this line:

Clipboard.SetText "αβγ"

and then paste to notepad or word or wordpad I get some unreadable characters.


Numbers With Greek Format

The Greek format for numbers use the:
Comma (,) as decimal point
and the
Dot (.) as grouping point.

So the number 123456.78 using the greek format is 123.456,78

So my application works fine when the computer have English regional settings.
I face a problem if the user has Greek regional settings.
When he type a number in a grid or in a text box (data entry), use the comma(,) as decimal point.

If I use VAL or CDBL to get the numerical value I lost the decimals!!

How can I work arround to solve that?

Thanks in advance

How To Add An Greek Letter To A Combobox??
Hi everyone,
I have trouble about assigning Greek letters into a string. I will give name to someting with alfa beta or gamma or some other greek letters but when I copy them from MS Word, they just appear as "???". I know this is related with encoding business but I could not get over it.
Please help..
Thank you

Greek And Other Unicode In Rich Text Box
I tried to type Greek into a RTF and it came out as question marks.

From Wikki:


Α α Alpha Β β Beta
Γ γ Gamma Δ δ Delta
Ε ε Epsilon Ζ ζ Zeta
Η η Eta Θ θ Theta
Ι ι Iota Κ κ Kappa
Λ λ Lambda Μ μ Mu
Ν ν Nu Ξ ξ Xi
Ο ο Omicron Π π Pi
Ρ ρ Rho Σ σ ς Sigma
Τ τ Tau Υ υ Upsilon
Φ φ Phi Χ χ Chi
Ψ ψ Psi Ω ω Omega

Entering Greek Letters To SQLserver Via VB
I have an application that requires the data entry of Greek Letters (or possibly other symbols) through a user interface to SQL Server database.

If I enter the greek letters directly into SQL server, they go in just fine. And, in using RichText Boxes and cut/paste from MS Word, it viually looks okay. When I save the record using the GUI, it still looks okay (I don;t refresh the screen upon saving the record to the database). But when I re-search for the item, it looks like "???".

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can allow my application to accept Greek Letters?


Greek Letters In The Caption Of A Text Box

Is it possible for me to have greek letters(e.g. pi) in the caption of a text box?

MINI S Greek Price Configurator
Hi everyone, this is my first post to this forum.
I need some help with a small prog i have figured out in order to help my costumers configure the price of their MINI S and its extras.
I am attaching a printscreen to give the hole picture.
What i need is after selecting the extras by clicking on the checkboxes, where next to them are the text boxes with the prices wich are locked for the user. To get the total price on text17 in euro and simultaniously in draxmas on text18 (1euro=340,75draxmas). The base price is on text1.
If anyone can give somekind of code PLEASE DO.
Keep in mind that i am no programmer but a car mechanic, who didnt pay much attention on VB classes.
Thanks in advance for your time. My best from lovely Greece.
PS To all MINI fans out there MINI One and Cooper have waiting lists here in Greece up to 2 months and for the S Up to 5!!!.

Ascii Code For Greek Delta?
What is the ascii code for D (large greek delta)?

Greek _isres.dll Of Install Shield
If anybody haves the _isres.dll of Install shield program and supports the Greek language please send it to me....


Inserting Greek Symbols Into Display Labels
I am working on a resistance calculator for a class, and i need to insert the greek character omega into the final value display, the professor didnt tell us how to and i cant seem to find how to do it anywhere.
thanks for any help

Mixing Western, Greek ASCII Chars ??? HELP!
I need to loop through lines of text looking for greek symbols for beta, lamda, fi and replace them with an ACSII or unicode entity that will render in a web browser. How can I mix western and greek in VB?

Here is the code I am using for just the western text:

Dim IllChars(8) As String

IllChars(1) = "&"
IllChars(2) = """"
IllChars(3) = ""
IllChars(4) = "<"
IllChars(5) = ">"
IllChars(6) = ""
IllChars(7) = ""
IllChars(8) = ""

Dim LegalChars(8) As String

LegalChars(1) = "&amp;"
LegalChars(2) = "&quot;"
LegalChars(3) = "&apos;"
LegalChars(4) = "&lt;"
LegalChars(5) = "&gt;"
LegalChars(6) = "&188;"
LegalChars(7) = "&189;"
LegalChars(8) = "&190;"

Dim x As Integer

cleanedText = notesText

For x = 0 To 8

cleanedText = Replace(cleanedText, IllChars(x), LegalChars(x))

Next x

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