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Creating Real Time Graph

Hi.. i'm a newbies in visual basic.. and have a difficulty in plotting a graph, a real time graph using MsChart which sending a data in term of voltage to an instrument device and get the data in term of current and plotting it in Voltage against currents. I keep on doing a research on how to do this.. unfortunately i still can't do it . Anybody can help me. I did drag the MsChart component in the form and did a configuration on its properties.

Any body can help me Pleaseeee...


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Plz Help.... Real Time Graph
hello everyone
i m new to this community and havent searched the forum much. if there is any similar question to that i m going to ask plz forgive me and let me know where i can get the answer.
here is my question:
i have a excel data file where data is being added every 1 second. now i want to plot this data(in y axis) with time(x axis) in vb6 form (or mschart or picturebox). the plot needs to be real time.
i m really stuck in this.
plz help me.. it wud be great if u can give me some example code where i can get an idea.
thanks very much.

Real Time Graph
I want to develop a realtime output-time graph with vb. but mschart is not enough for that. i have try to developed using vb Activex control but i dont know how to start. i need the graph move the plot line from left to right and then continuously move. i have looked up several URLs but nothing useful and i have to buy it. i want to make by myself for my application. can u advise any source for this or u give me a code?

Real Time Graph... ( A Bit Hard )
How can i make a real time graph of the CPU usage?

or how can i make a real time graph of anything?

thanx in advanced...

Real Time Graph/chart
Who can introduce me some useful real time chart(VB), I need it urgently,pls help me !

Real-Time Trend Graph (Suggestions)
I am looking for a Real-Time Trend Graph Package for VB. Does anyone know of any 3rd Party Tools that have a widget like this. The graph I need is exactly like the Task Manager Memory / CPU USage History Graphs. (I am going to need to track multiple sets of data over a period of time.)

There is a very good implementation under QNX in PhAB called RtTrend. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.

Classic Vb:how To Draw A Graph For Real Time Data?

I have real time data like diameter,ratio etc.

I want to extract the parameters individually (like diameter,speed reference) and then draw a graph.

Can anybody help me?

Creating Real Time
Hi Guys

I have recently started looking at VB in more depth and was wondering if any of you people could help in such a case.

I have managed to create code to run a program (password delay in Microsofts VB learning book) in milliseconds e.g. 10000 = 10 sec delay.

What i would like is code to run say for example EACH DAY AT 12:00pm.

The function this would trigger would be an MS Access query that i would like to be processed with out me having to go into the database and click the button (which is what i do currently).

Would his be a case of e.g. a simple alarm clock program edited to a larger scale. as i havent the faintest idea on how i would put a real world time into VB.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you in advance


Creating A Real-time 'TIME' Textbox.
Ok. On my main form I want to place a textbox that shows the time (updating every second). The format is set to be in "Long Time". I have the TimeInterval set to 1000 (1 second?) and the "OnTimer" property has:

txtFtime.Text = Format (Now, "Long Time")

Now, when the form loads up, all I get is an error. It states:
Run-time error '2135':
This property is read-only and can't be set.

I looked up MSDN and couldn't find ANYTHING on this error and when I click on Help, nothing can be found. I click on Debug and this line highlights:

txtFTime.Text = Format(Now, "long time")

What am I doing wrong? Is there another approach to doing this? I'm stumped. I verified that the textbox property is set to Long Time and everything else matches like it should.


Time And Date Not Changed With Real Time??
i used the code below but the time not changed with real to solve this problem?

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()Label5.Caption = Format(Now, "long date")Label6.Caption = Format(Now, "long time")End Sub

How Can I Use The Real System Time To Count My Time?
When my app start, I want to count how many seconds it passed. Not only within one day, maybe for a long time count. because I found many "time function" can only count within 24 hrs.


Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

Creating Real Reflections Please Reply!
does anyone have any techniques to creating realistic reflections that actually reflect its environment? I have some ideas. please reply.

Creating Real Menus, At RUNTIME
Hi guys!

This is the last issue I must solve, before I have all the techniques ready for my new program, so I hope there is a solution

I need to be able to create whole new menus, splitters, submenus etc. at runtime.

Why I need it, is because plugins are going to be essential parts of the program, and they must be able create menus and topics in the container application, and get a notification when the user selects the menu topic.

Unfortunately, extending controlarrays just isn't flexible enough.

I have a feeling, that I must learn to do some dirty tricks to accomplish this, any suggestions?


Creating A Graph
I am having trouble graphing an equation on a picture box. I want the Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, and Ymax to be specified and the equation to be scaled on the Picture box accordingly. Would I use PictureBox.Width and PictureBox.Height to calculate the scale of the equation? Let's use Y = x^2 for an example.

Creating Graph
I have dbf file with column X and Y... How I can create bar graph from both column, X versus Y. Have any idea?

Creating A Graph
I was wondering if anybody could tell me if thier is a graph control or reference in VB 6 , AND if possible give me a little idea how to use it.


Creating PPT Slides With A Graph
Hi All,

I'm tying to program a VB form that will create a Power Point slide with some text and a graph. I can create everything just fine except for the graph. When I execute the program, VB creates the graph in Power Point with three(3) legends as a default. My question is how do I turn off this default? I just want to show one legend on the graph.



Creating Second Graph Object
ok.. thanks for having a look at this post, now here's the question:

I have created a diagram/graph on a NewSheet in Excel. My question is, is it possible to have a second diagram plotted on this same sheet beside the original one?

For example, a bar plot and a pie plot (or even 2x bar charts) on the same sheet.

Any ideas here?

Thanks, Jeff

Creating A Line Graph
I need to create a line graph in my current VB project.

I have tried all sorts including embedded OLE Excel Charts but couldn't get them to work

I have come accross chartfx and am able to get a line graph but cann't seem to change the currently graphed data nor add data.

If anyone has any ideas on how I could create a line graph with or without chartfx. I would like know !!!


Creating A Chart Using MS Graph
I'm trying to create a graph using MS Graph, the graph is based on a SQL query which returns 2 columns a count and names both grouped by names.
The point is that when debugging the code it returns (Run-Time error 13 Type mismatchand). I really don't now why.

1. con = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & App.Path_
2. & "db.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
3. con.Open
4. strSQL = "SELECT COUNT(ID) As [Count], UName As [Uname]" & _
5. "FROM (tblnew) WHERE ([DateIn]" &_
6. "BETWEEN # " & txtDate1.Text & "# AND # " & txtDate2.Text & " #)_
7. "GROUP BY[UName]"
8. rs.Open (strSQL), con, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
10. Set myChart = OLE1.object (here the error pops up)
11. myChart.ChartType = xlColumnClustered
12. With myChart.Application.DataSheet
14. For i = 1 To rs.RecordCount
15. .Cells(i, 1) = i
16. .Cells(i, 2) = rs.Fields(Uname)
17. rs.MoveNext
18. Next i
20. End With
21. End Sub

I don't whether the problem is in the code, or am doing something wrong.

Creating A Sample Graph

I was wondering if anyone knew a good way of doing this...
What i want is for the user to be able to customize a graph (its colors and axis options and all that stuff) before i create it in excel (also done through my program with, of course, the excel object library)

anyways, i started by only having a few options (the major ones that would be needed) and then i thought i might as well add in all (well at least most) of the other options. the problem is when i started i made a fake excel chart using VB controls, but now its a little more complicated than i would like it to be, so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to do this?

my first thought was to look into the Insertable Objects tab, and insert an Excel Graph or Draw thingy, but those seem to have no functionality whatsoever, I can't figure out what their purpose is?? my next thought was to open a little excel window on the side and have it make the sample graph there.

ideas anyone?! thanx, any input or help is appreciated

Creating A Line Graph
I am trying to create a (single) line graph by plotting points from a 2d array. This following code is within a Private Sub Command1_Click() where the values within the arrays' are calculated also. It gives me q number of lines rather than a single line plotted from q number of points.

Should I use a scatter graph instead?

Thanks in advance

Dim Data() As Double

ReDim Data(1 To 2, q) As Double

q = 1

Do Until q = p

Data(1, q) = voltageClampArray(23, q) 'time
Data(2, q) = voltageClampArray(7, q) 'current

q = q + 1


'plot data
With MSChart1

.Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).CategoryScale.Auto = True
.Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).CategoryScale.DivisionsPerTick = q / 10
.Plot.SeriesCollection(1).Position.Excluded = True 'hide time data
.chartType = VtChChartType2dLine
.ChartData = Data()

End With

'check values in array are correct
q = 1
Do Until q = p
Print Data(2, q)
q = q + 1

Real Time
For a while I have been working on a real time strategy in VB6. I knew it wasnt designed for that kind of thing but i tryed anyway. It turned out alright but it cant handle the myultiple things going on at once. Does anyone know of any languages that are more fitted to this task. Or if you can help me stop slowdown of the game the more guys you have plz do.Thx in advancce

Real Time
Hi everybody

I making a simply program to compare connections to databases using MySQL between using ADOdc (with DSN) and ADODB connecting directly.

I would like to know the time (with miliseconds) that spend both connections, I think that I could use Timers Controls, but I don't know "at real Time" 'cos using Timers the time I get is not real (although I use DoEvents)

Hi all,
This is my first message as follows:
I want to use timer-related APIs to measure the reaction times of the users in millisecond and presenting them stimuli for some milliseconds. This seems to be an easy problem but the problem is that windows as a multi-task OS frequently interupts the programs to do its own tasks i.e. device checking. How can I simply manage the real-time?
There are some solutions e.g. preventing other tasks but the relevent ones.
What are the simple and doable ways?
Let me know if more information is needed.
Thanks in advance.

Real Time In VB
Hi every one I'm looking for explenation how to create a real time application in VB using threads.

DB2 With VB - Real Time
Can you design VB to act as a real time program with DB2?

I want to design a formless VB application to perform print applications with DB2. A DB2 update 'event' would trigger a print request. VB would take the update data from DB2 real time and print a word document. Does anyone have any ideas, comments?

Is VB the appropriate agent?

I believe Lotus Notes can perform this kind of task.

Real-Time VB
Hey guys

Im making a spreadsheet which calculates some of the finances of a made up shop. I want to make a code which monitors a range of cells, and when the value in these cells drops below 0, text is displayed in another cell on a seperate worksheet. Below are the cell numbers and work sheet names concerned (so that a tailor made code can be generated):

"Contracts" Cell: I8
"Contracts" Cell: I20
"Contracts" Cell: I29
"Stock" Cell: P20
"Stock" Cell: P26

Text to be displayed: "Warning! The value of cell ___ has droped below the profit margine."

If its easier, then have each of the above 5 cell references have a different cell to generate the error into.
Available cells:
         "Graph" Cells: [B25:B30]

thanks for any help you can give me!

Real Time Under VB
How is it possible to manage properly, from MMI Interface a separate task ?

Real Time Win 95
How do i make windows 95 to a real-time system for measurement applications?

I need 100% measure inervalls of I/O operations.


Problem Creating A Graph In Excel
Hello all, I'm hoping this is just a rookie mistake, I need to take data from a range of cells and graph it, no biggie, but the range that it comes from changes and when I type something to the effect of ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets(UseSheet(0)).Range(Cells(Frow,Xcolumn),Cells(Lrow,Xcolu mn+NumberofYs-1)), PlotBy:=xlColumns I get the following error "Method 'Cells' of Object '_Global' failed. Frow, LRow etc. are variables denoting the start and end columns that I want to select for the data to go in to the graph. If I switch my code to say something like xxx.Range("A1:B2")... then it runs fine, this won't work for my app though. I need to be able to specify a different range each time.


Oh and if it matters I'm using VBA 6.3 in Excel 2002

Creating Graph From Text File
I need to know how to make a chart out of a text log file.
Single Line Chart is what I need. This is what the text file looks like:

GPM 123 1/5/01 10:36:39 AM
GPM 123 1/5/01 1:46:27 PM
GPM 123 1/5/01 1:47:27 PM
GPM 123 1/5/01 1:48:27 PM
GPM 123 1/5/01 2:02:48 PM
GPM 123 1/5/01 2:03:48 PM

Hope somebody can help me, this is the final piece of my application, and I'll be finished! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creating Graph From Access Data
I'm using a VB interface to update/display data from an access database. What would be the best way to graph and print data from a selected table to the interface? The user will create the query that dictates where the data will be taken from and what type of graph to display (i.e. line, bar).
Is this even possible using only access and vb?

Helpppp... Creating Chart/Graph On The Web With ASP
Dear All...

Sorry to ask about ASP question here... But, I do this, coz I need reply soon...... Here is my question...

I would like to ask you guys about creating Graph / Chart on the Web...
The data will be taken from my database.

Let's say....My sample data is like below :

1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month
1500 2000 1250

How can I create the chart based on my data above ???
Please help me... I need to know how to create bar chart, 3d bar chart, pie chart, line chart, etc.... based on my database.

Needed Reply soon...
Thx a lot guys...
Wen Lie

Real Time Graphics
I'm a new member
I am interested in creating two dimensional real time graphics of baseballs in flight, and simulating process control, like a level changing in a tank as liquid flows in and out.

I have done 3D CAD, using Turbo Cad, and am currently reading David Bourg's "Physics for Game Developers, and Greg Perry's "Absolute Beginners Guide to Programming".

While Bourg shows screens of 2D real time graphics, he does not show how to achieve it.

How does one set the screen for x and y scale values, and produce the graphics from the equasions?

I would like to use form windows to enter and change initial data.

Can this all be done using visual Basic? I welcome any advice.

Jim Bowen

Real-Time Mud / Updating
I've asked this a while back but never got a straight answer. I have a text-based game and I need to know 1 thing which would probably answer my second thing.

First, I want a MUD that continues without needing events to trigger it.

For example:
Monsters roaming freely
Monsters continue to attack you even if you don't attack back
Speed of attacks
Day / Night

How would I do this? Would I need a gameloop? How would I make a gameloop IF I needed one?

Second, sort of applies to question 1. I have it display your HP, MP, etc in the bottom right corner. If you are hurt and wait a while, I want it to heal you slightly. Which means I need to somehow make it update frequently...I thik this would apply to a gameloop but I don't know how.

Please help, Thanks.

Real Time Strategy...
Hi all
i'm new to this place...

anyway i'm trying to create a realtime strategy (not 3d) like warcraft2 or so...

any suggestions how to make everything go smoothly
(for example how to make an icon not to blink as it moves...)?
or how to make a picture box transparent like image box.
since i'm making models of units in 3dStudio and will use bmp's to make an animation. so i need the picture box to be transparent...

any help will be greatly appreciated!

thx alot

VB 6 Real Time Clock
Does anyone have a solution for a real time clock? I am using a timer which uses the system clock for accuracy. Problem is at Midnight the system clock resets and goofs up the timer routine.

Real-time Application
i need to know if there's any downloadable control or syntax to display time in real-time? by real-time i mean that the time while on run-time is changing (eg. seconds are constantly counting not stagnant) and doesn't require any buttons to be clicked just so it would change...i tried displaying the time function in a label but i still need to click a command button just so the seconds are up-to-date and other words, i sort of want a digital clock(hh:mm:ss format) to appear on my form...

Progress Bar, Real Time (I Think)
Hi, I am experimenting with progress bars, got it to work. I am wondering if there is a way to make it "Real time", u know, like u open a file/do something, and it adds one to the progress bar? Can this be done? Where about do I put the code in:


cmdcreate.Enabled = False
'Would it be here????
ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Value + 1
If ProgressBar1.Value >= 100 Then _

Timer1.Enabled = False
cmdcreate.Enabled = True
End If

Real Time Working
How I can work in Real Time with eye camera, and where I can get sample code for it?

Thanks to everyone.

Real Time Trending
Does anyone know of any good trending components that i could use to plot real time data? I've tried MSChart but it's not exactly made for real time trending. Thanks in advance.

Is It Possible To Run Real Time In Windows ?
when i run a endless loop with doevents ,
which communicates with an electronic device
the scan time of the loop is not constant
becouse windows appear to "stop and think for a short while" from time to time

my question is
is it not possible to make a real time application in windows ?

Real Time Info
I have a client application that is used on at least sixty workstations. The app will show the user their stats, and eventually their stats compared to everyone elses. These stats are "Real Time". I'm using SQL Server 2000 and VB6.

What is (in your opinion/experience) the best way to provide "Real Time" information?

MSChart In Real Time
Hi everyone, im trying to build a chart which will plot real time data from a database on a timer basis...i decided to use MSchart for the first time and i have some questions that i wasnt able to find answers in my searches.

Basically my chart will be a linechart containing multiple series or lines (having their own x values (time) and y values (data)). Each of these series will basically be an ADO recordset with a date and a value column (x,y)

1-How you do link a recordset to a MSChart to represent a new serie? Looks like MSCharts only accept arrays for data? (or maybe there an efficient way to convert a recordset to an array without looping through my huge recordset on every chart refresh?)

2-is it possible to scale the x axis labels (like in Excel) even if the series have different x (time) values

thx in advance

Real Time Charts
I know VB6 has a charting control (MSCharts). However, Ive never used it, and am going through the net trying to find ideas.

I want to make a simple graph in realtime, based on data that is coming into a text box. The data gets updated constantly, and I want the chart to be built in real time , based on that data. Any ideas. Im just looking for a simplistic graph.

Real Time Integration In VB6
hello all,

for a mobile robot navigation project I'm working on , I'm using a 3 axis accelerometer.
the acceleration is sampled at 10 Hz frequency and in order to compute the location, i need to integrate the readings numerically, by the simple formula:
x(t) = x(t-1) + a(t)*(dt)^2/2
where x(t) is the current position, x(t-1) is the previous readings sum, a(t) is the current acceleration reading and dt is the time interval (which is constant, by timer definition).

a simple form with my attempts is atached -the problem is that the position I'm getting is irational.
if someone here has any ideas on how to fix it, i will be most greatful...

BTW - i'm a mechanical engineer not a programer, so go easy on me.

Real-Time Log Parser
First off, let me give you a little bit of information about what i'm looking to create and some characteristics of the log file itself.

I'm looking to create a real-time log parser for a game to be run in the background.

The Log:Consists of over 100,000 lines and (on average) 100ish characters per line.Lines are never smaller than about 40 characters, nor larger than about 192 characters.Lines are alphanumeric (don't think it matters anyway).The log is purged after X (unsure of exact amount) amount of lines have been logged, so there isn't an indefinite amount of lines.Can have multiple new lines being written within seconds.
The Parser:Any new lines logged after it's started cannot be skipped until parsed.Must be fast and efficient enough to run in the background of a game.

The problem i'm facing is that all of the methods i've tried thus far have been too CPU intensive to run in the background of a game, which resulted in the parsing being much too slow. I do realize that there's source out there for other parsers, but i've yet to find one that's been one in real-time. I'm basically just looking for a point in the right direction as to how I should possibly go about doing this. Or worse yet, is VB in general just simply too slow to meet my requirements?

Real Time Updating App
What is there or what can I do to this...

Lets say I have an App that is in a network... and 2 or more persons are seeing the same data, I want when a user changes something.. it is immidiatly reflected on the other users Apps... how can I approach this? What technology is there?

Real Time Working
I want to know how can I work in Real Time, and where I can get source code for sample programs which working in real time?

Thanks to everyone.

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