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Drawing A Quarter Circle

can some one show me how to draw four quarter circles.

I have tried everything apparently i dont understand how the circle method works
this draws a quarter circle from top to right
i need right to down, down to left and left to up.
if someone could help thanks

VB Code:
a.Circle (0, 1500), 1500, ,-6.283185 , -1.570796

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Please Help! {Drawing Circle}
I am a new to visual basic and i need to make a simple program which i am having trouble with. I need to draw a pacman using the circle command. Each time the the circle moves to the right its mouth opens then closes (like pacman) then once it hits the width of the form the circle moves in the other direction with its mouth on the other side. I am really having trouble doing it because i have to using bolean commands. Can some please please write me the code for this program
ps. the circle(pacman) will continue moving from left to right then to right to left like a screen save
Also each time the circle moves it has to erase it self and redraw itself to the left (depending on the location)

If someone is will to help me i am very greatful ......

Drawing A Circle
Sub DrawCircle(fXCentre As Integer, fYCentre As Integer, fRadius As Integer, iSteps As Integer)
' Function needed for GraphEx1
' ============================
' Draw a circle, based on parameters
' Parameters:
' Input: fXCentre - X coord of centre of circle
' fYCentre - Y " " " " "
' fRadius - Radius of circle
' iSteps - No of line segments to be used
' to draw circle

' ***Dummy code - replace with correct code***
' Move to First point...
dAngle = 360 / iSteps
dRadians = dAngle * 3.14 / 180
dOldX = fXCentre + fRadius
dOldY = fXCentre
Do While (i <= iSteps)
dNewX = fXCentre + dRadius * Cos(dRadians * i)
dNewY = fYCentre + dRadians * Sin(dRadians * i)
dOldX = dNewX
dOldY = dNewY
Form1.Picture1.Line (fXCentre + fRadius, fYCentre)-(fXCentre + fRadius, fYCentre), QBColor(4)
' ...then draw each side
Form1.Picture1.Line -(fXCentre, fYCentre + fRadius), QBColor(4)
Form1.Picture1.Line -(fXCentre - fRadius, fYCentre), QBColor(4)
Form1.Picture1.Line -(fXCentre, fYCentre - fRadius), QBColor(4)
Form1.Picture1.Line -(fXCentre + fRadius, fYCentre), QBColor(4)

End Sub 'DrawCircle(...)

i need to have a loop in this code some where, where it will draw the amount of sides the user has speciafied, if ya can help it will be great!

Drawing A Circle
When using the circle function is there a way to fill the circle in with a colour rather than it being just the line.

I am using

VB Code:

I know there is a

VB Code:
.fillstyle = vbFssolid

but I cant get it to work with the circle function


Drawing Circle??
I want to draw a circle on a Form in a step up start smll and then expand graudally until it reach a certain size...

Drawing A Circle
This post didn't get much action in the graphics section, so I'm reposting here.

The following code works almost how I want. The only thing is, when the user is holding down the mouse button and drawing, if the mouse does not move at all, nothing is drawn. I'd like to draw a circle (radius 5 to match the line width) as soon as the mouse button is pressed, then if it moves to continue with the LINE command. I tried doing something like:

if frmDraw.currentX = X then (X,Y), 5, gColour

But it didn't work. Any ideas? Specifically see the area "Private Sub Form_MouseMove". Following is the code I am working with, minus all the code for the color buttons (I left one in).

Option Explicit

Dim gColour As Double

Private Sub Form_Load()

'specify width of line you're drawing
frmDraw.DrawWidth = 10

End Sub

Private Sub cmdNew_Click()
End Sub
Private Sub cmdExit_Click()

Unload frmDraw

End Sub

Private Sub Form_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
'Change X & Y co-ordinated to position where mouse
'was pressed.

frmDraw.CurrentX = X
frmDraw.CurrentY = Y

End Sub

Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
'If left mouse button was pressed draw a line

If Button = 1 Then
Line (frmDraw.CurrentX, frmDraw.CurrentY)-(X, Y), gColour
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdBlue_Click()
gColour = vbBlue
End Sub

Drawing An Image On A Circle
I want to be able to place an image on a drawn circle just like in a cd labeler program? Any help would be appreciated.



Drawing A Midpoint Circle

i am having trouble getting my circle centered. When i run my program it draws the circle waaay in the upper left hand corner of my window so i can't even see a circle.

How can i get it to draw around a specified origin? I have this so far.

Option Explicit
Dim radius As Integer
Dim midpoint As Integer
Dim x, y, d As Integer

Private Sub cmdDrawCircle_Click()
radius = InputBox("Please enter the radius of the circle")
Call MidPointcircle

End Sub

Private Sub CirclePoints()
PSet (x, y)
PSet (y, x)
PSet (y, -x)
PSet (x, -y)
PSet (-x, -y)
PSet (-y, -x)
PSet (-y, x)
PSet (-x, y)
End Sub

Private Sub MidPointcircle()

x = 0
y = radius
d = 1 - radius
Call CirclePoints
Do While y > x
If d < 0 Then
d = d + x * 2 + 3
x = x + 1
d = d + (x - y) * 2 + 5
x = x + 1
y = y - 1

End If
Call CirclePoints

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
DrawWidth = 1
End Sub

Drawing And Moving A Circle
im using a code so when i hit enter it

FillColor = vbRed
FillStyle = vbSolid
Circle ((left + width / 2), (top - 200)), 150, vbRed

how do i make it move, as in i don't know the name of it is so i cant move it.

Drawing Complex Circle
Im trying to draw the circle attached, however, i have no clue how to do this.
I mean, the circle method works fine to draw the cirlce, but the kinda-looking triangle inside the circle is much harder. Anyone who knows how to do this?

Need Help Drawing A Circle Of Pixels (PI)
I am trying to write a function which more or less does the same as the vb .Circle Function to create an circle/ellipse. I don't have much experiance with PI but this is the function i've currently put together. It works but if the width/height goes around 300+ it leaves pixels out! Can some one please correct this function or point me towards a good PI tutorial. Cheers ~
(this function was created using a modifed script from AntiAliased WuPixels @ PSC)

VB Code:
Declare Function SetPixelV Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal crColor As Long) As LongConst PI = 3.141592654Dim dx As Single, dy As Single  Function Ellipse(ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal left As Single, ByVal top As Single,  ByVal width As Single, ByVal height As Single, ByVal Color As OLE_COLOR)    width = (width - 1) / 2: height = (height - 1) / 2     For degree = 0 To 360 Step 1        n = degree * (PI / 180)        dx = CSng(Sin(n) * width)        dy = CSng(Cos(n) * height)        SetPixelV hdc, dx + left + width, dy + top + height, vbWhite    NextEnd Function''''' May be one or two minor bugs, i typed this from scratch. '''''  

Drawing Circle,arc, Or Line
Can anybody show me or provide links on some tutorial that explain how to draw circle, arc, or line in picturebox using VB6, including explain how or what these codes is defined. Perhaps you could explain me on next post if you can help. You help is appreicated

Drawing Concentric Circle In A Loop In VB
Hi guys,

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering if it could be done. I'm a huge programming noob, so bear with meh .

I'm trying to use teh following code but it no work =(.

For drawCircle = -100 To 100 Step 1

Let circMultiply = drawcircle * 1.3
pbDraw.DrawWidth = 1
pbDraw.Circle (Xm2, Ym2), circMultiply

Next drawCircle

I'm trying to model the ripples in a lake when a pebble is dropped in it and I'm trying to use concentric circle (there will be interference and such between multiple ripples). That's why I'm multiplying by 1.3. Each consecutive circle should be .3 times bigger than the last.

Thanks if anyone can help me.


Drawing A Circle Filled With Colour
In my program i need to draw circles filled with colour. I know one method eg..

for i = 1 to 20
next i

but i was wondering if there is a proper fill command like when drawing

also i dont want to use the "Fill style solid" from the form menu as it makes everything i draw solid, and i dont want to have to keep switching the fill style everytime i draw something

.circle And .line Drawing In Excel

I'm normally not a Excel VBA coder. I looked up Drawing, Circle, and Line in the repository and found mostly references to Shape objects being used on a worksheet. Is that my only drawing option in Excel? I was hoping for someway to put a standard picturebox on my Excel Userform.

I'm looking for the basic Circle and Line drawing methods I'm familiar with.


Drawing A Circle Inside A TextBox
i'd like to draw a yellow circle around a letter in TextBox, is this possible ?

Drawing A Semi-Circle Line
Well here I am again, stumped. I've looked through API viewer and didn't even find an API that I thought would help. I need to draw a semi-circle line. It needs to be able to change the distance it goes, how high it goes, etc. Like the starting point would be the X1, the ending point would be the X2, and the highest point of the line would be the Y. Also, I need to be able to draw it ontop of a window of an external application (not anything at all todo with my project). Thank you for your time

Drawing A Line From Centre Of Circle To Circumference?

Say i've got a circle. Is there a formula i could use to draw a line from the centre of the circle to any point of its circumference? What i am doing is simulating the dashboard of a car, and this is for speedometers and stuff.

Thanks in advance

How To Move Drawing Objects(line,circle,rectangl)

how to move,resize drawing objects(line,circle,rectangle etc.)in run time using mouse.

plz help

Help In Contours(drawing Circle) && Link Points To MS Access Database
Hi! I need some help in contours and link points to Ms access database.

1. The problem now is i need to store the values of a X-Y coordinates directly to MS access database. But now i can only store it to a notepad and have to view from there then key in those points values to an access database which i don't want. Anyone know how to do it?

2. After storing the values to an access database, then i need to plot a contour (draw a circle around the points that i have plotted ) on a map . As now when i can see the circle but it start from the point 0,0 and not the first that i plot. But i don't want to use matlab, autocab or other external programs to do out the contour. Anyone knows?

Need help and thanks.

I Got A Good One ....Add Current Quarter Together
I have a text file that contains budgets:

it looks like this

Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Adj-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Total
Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget
_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______
Product Name is here 0 0 0 0 0 4,961,364 4,934,910 4,907,408 4,882,032 4,861,383 4,851,790 4,847,268 34,246,155
Next Product...ect 0 0 0 0 0 4,961,364 4,934,910 4,907,408 4,882,032 4,861,383 4,851,790 4,847,268 34,246,155

I need to "grab" the product name (no problem) the second to last colum which is the current period/month (Also no problem)
but I also need to get the current quarter as a sum...

I am taking the file and stuffing it into a variable... I need the variable to look like this:

Product Name|12,345,657|82,345,678

where first is name|current period(in this case its Jul-05)|SUm of the current quarter

Now, the hard part is that this file changes each month.. colums shift over so its always showing a Year... So I need to somehow figure out which cols to add to make current quarter!! (July is easy since its the begin of this quarter)


Finding Quarter By Date
Is it possible to find out what quarter it is passed on the date?

For example Jun2002. Is there a function that would say this is quarter 2?


Nearest Quarter Hour

In the code below, LaborHours is a text box on the form.
Is there a better way to do this?

If LaborHours - Int(LaborHours) <> Abs(0) And _
LaborHours - Int(LaborHours) <> Abs(0.25) And _
LaborHours - Int(LaborHours) <> Abs(0.5) And _
LaborHours - Int(LaborHours) <> Abs(0.75) Then
MsgBox ("Labor Hours must be to the nearest 1/4 hour.")
End If


Dates - 3rd Friday Of Quarter
Need to calculate the date for the 3rd Friday of each quarter.
(i.e. Mar, June, Sep, and Dec.)

Any ideas?

Rounding To Nearest Quarter
Someone posted a thread looking for a way to round a number to the nearest quarter (.25).
This thread must have been deleted before I had a chance to respond. Here is how you do it:

If (mynumber / 0.25) * 100 Mod 100 Then 'checks to see if number really needs rounding
'UpDown = 0.5 rounds up or down to nearest quarter
'UpDown = 0 rounds down to nearest quarter
'UpDown = 1 rounds up to nearest quarter
UpDown = 0.5
mynumber = Format((Int(mynumber * 4 + UpDown)) / 4, "$0.00")
mynumber = Format(mynumber, "$0.00") 'number did not need rounding
End If

Harry W posted a solution as I remember, but it did not work correctly:


'This code will Round down:
dblValue = (Int(dblValue * 4 + 1)) / 4

'This code will round up:
dblValue = (Int(dblValue * 4 + 2)) / 4

'This code will round to the nearest 0.25:
dblValue = (Int(dblValue * 4 + 1.5)) / 4

You can try this little example out:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim mynumber As String
Dim arr
arr = Array(1.73, 1.25, 0.03, 0.15, 0.37, 0.92, 1.75, 1.5, 0.62, 2.38, 1200.23)
For x = 0 To UBound(arr)
mynumber = Format(arr(x), "0.00")
'Round up to a quarter
If (mynumber / 0.25) * 100 Mod 100 Then 'checks to see if number really needs rounding
'UpDown = 0.5 rounds up or down to nearest quarter
'UpDown = 0 rounds down to nearest quarter
'UpDown = 1 rounds up to nearest quarter
UpDown = 0.5
Debug.Print mynumber; " "; Format((Int(mynumber * 4 + UpDown)) / 4, "$0.00")
Debug.Print mynumber; " "; Format(mynumber, "0.00") 'number did not need rounding
End If

Next x
arr = Array(vbNull)

End Sub

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Writing Program Quarter Toss Need Help
I am writing a program that shows how a quart toss would work in the program I did the quater toss om the a txtbox txtOUt i need to then take the information from txtOut so i can keep tract of how many heads and tails in 2 different txtbox one is txtheads the other txttails
I am at a complete lost here is what i have so far

Dim quarter As Integer, tails As Integer, heads As Single, toss As Integer
quarter = Int(2 * Rnd) + 1
If quarter = 1 Then
txtOut.Text = "heads"

ElseIf quarter = 2 Then
txtOut.Text = "tails"
End If
End Sub
could some one please give me some help on this
this programm is located in my vb book on page 247
chapter 5 summery

Please Help Building Up SQLs For Separating Out Year, Month And Quarter Data From A Table
Hello Ppl..

I want help regarding generating different SQL statements.....for the following kind of table......

So what I want to do is to run queries to find out monthly, quarterly and yearly data separately.....

1) jan'05, feb'05, ..... jan'06, feb'06......are monthly data...

so what I want is (logically)

when month is selected on the form for the output data,
ssql = "Select s.*jan* AND s.*Feb* AND s.*Mar*...........& _
         "INTO [MONTH]" & _
         "FROM [" & Me.PCYcle & "] s "

but SQL does not support this kind of * statements. I am sure that month field will include Jan, Feb, Mar, that kind of string , but it can be for year 05, 06, not sure about the year part.

2) 05'Q1, 05'Q2, ..... 06'Q3, 06'Q4......are quarterly data...

so in this case,

when quarter is selected on the form for the output data,
ssql = "Select s.*Q*" & _
         "INTO [QUARTER]" & _
         "FROM [" & Me.PCYcle & "] s "

but SQL does not support this kind of * statements. I am sure that month field will include Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 that kind of string , but it can be for year 05, 06, not sure about the year part.

3) 05'Y, 06'Y, 07'Y......are yearly data...

so in this case,

when year is selected on the form for the output data,
ssql = "Select s.*Y*" & _
         "INTO [Year]" & _
         "FROM [" & Me.PCYcle & "] s "

but SQL does not support this kind of * statements. I am sure that month field will include Y in all year data column, but it can be for year 05, 06, not sure about the year part.

Please help building up this kind of logic and SQL statements... I am not sure about the year part in columns, it can be can not specifically define columns like,

select s.05'Q1, s.06'Q2, s.07'Q3........

Because I am developing this application for all kind of input tables and they may have different year range, so need some kind of dynamic way to generate this.

Thanks in advance....

How To Read AutoCAd Drawing File Into VB To Generate The Equivalent Drawing Into VB
Sir !
   i am working on a project of transferring the drawing
I want to read the AutoCAD file in to VB program so that i can generate an equivalent drawing with the same co-ordinates.
For this i need to know the file format of AutoCAD drawing file which cantains the co-ordinates of the lines etc( shapes)
"" How i can read the file of AutocAD with extension( .DWG ) into my VB program to get the exact values of the drawing objectsn( lines etc )

Please help me in this regard with your valuable knowledge and experience.

Best Regards,

Rizwan Air University,
Please inform me by sendong mail on the following e-mail ID.

Determining Current "Quarter"...
I need to know the best way to get the current quarter date range based on current month...

I am filling an excel sheet...

one section is current quarter..
so if its June
I need to add April, May , June
if its July... then just add July...
the months are in an array (which is current month to current month -12)

auugh! my brain hurts trying to figure this out...
So if its June, I need to add values to a range in excel
April, May, June (for column headers)

I hope I have explained this well.. probably not since my brain is all over trying to figure this out.

[EDIT]: No im wrong!!
I will need to know what 1, 2, or 3 months to add together!! not fill out cells.. omg this sucks!

VB6 And SQL Server "Year, Quarter Year Dates"
Hi every one again.

This is dates again. The Vb and Access is the format I used to retrive records in a graph. I have tried changing it to SQL Server. Int is not recognized. On line help talks about "Q4 FY 2004" but don't know if i'm in the right direction.
Any help would be appreciated.

VB6 and Access
GROUP BY (Int (MachPeriod)), Format (MachPeriod,'dd/MM/yy ,ddd')"

VB6 and SQL Server
GROUP BY (Int (MachPeriod)), Convert (Varchar (20), MachPeriod , 103, ddd)

VB6 and Access
GROUP BY (Year ([MachPeriod]) *12 + Month (MachPeriod)-1), Format (MachPeriod,'MMM, YY')"

VB6 and SQL Server
GROUP BY (Year (MachPeriod) *12 + Month (MachPeriod)-1), Convert (Varchar (20), MachPeriod, Q4, FY)"


API Circle
Dear All,

I am writing a GDI graphically intensive program, which needs to draw about 6000 circles as quickly as possible. The radius is not much, it varies from about two at the most to just .5 (one pixel on the screen). I am currently achieving this using the intrinsic visual basic 6 functions such as "circle" and "pset", however, I feel that they are too slow for my requirements. Does Anyone here know of the fastest GDI way possible without using DirectX or OpenGL.

Finally, I have heard from several sources that many intrinsic visual basic functions are slow compared to there API counterparts. For example, paintpicture is ten times slower than bitblt. And the standard line command is significantly slower than the API lineto. So I was hoping that this would also be the case regarding the circle command, which is not performing as fast as I would have hoped.

I would appreciate assistance greatly, thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Steven Jones.

Cut A Circle?
I try to make some garphic stuff for my computer controled faceting machine, for cutting gems.

If I have a Vertical scroll to move down a circle(gem) over a line(diamond lap) and then move the circle upp again, I want to have a facet on the circle. Does anyone have som tips on how to do it?

Private Sub VScroll1_Change()
VScroll1.Max = 80
VScroll1.Min = 20
Picture1.Scale (0, 0)-(100, 100)
YY = VScroll1.Value
Picture1.Circle (50, YY), 20
Picture1.Line (100, 80)-(0, 80)
End Sub

The next step is to rotate the circle an make a new facet..... I guess it's tricky.

Thank you,
Sorry for my bad English.

I Know I Can Use Circle() But...
...I would like to do it manually by Cos() and Sin() just to figure it out. (and to draw for instance triangles and octagons)
I think I used something like this on a previous programming language to draw a circle:
(X and Y are coordinates on screen where center of circle should be, R is the size(radius) of the circle,A is the number of angles, for instance for drawing a octagon)

PSet (X + (Cos(0) * R), Y + (Sin(0) * R))
For i = 0 To 360 Step (360 / A)
Line -(X + (Cos(i) * R), Y + (Sin(i) * R))
End If

This does not become a circle though..more like a scrambled mess..
I'd appreciate any suggestions of what I am doing wrong..


Circle Help
I made a circle using the .circle function, and I need to match it with points on a line.

Not as clear as I meant it to be. How do I find every point on a circle in VB?


I am using the follwiing code:

degrees = (marks / maxMarks) * 100
degrees = (degrees / 100) * 360

With Me
Pi = 4 * Atn(1)
radius = .Height / 15
centreX = .ScaleLeft + .Width - radius - 500

centreY = .ScaleTop + radius + 400
angleOne = -2 * Pi
angletwo = -degrees * Pi / 180
.FillColor = vbRed
Circle (centreX, centreY), radius, vbBlack, angletwo, angleOne
.FillColor = &H9BF0B
Circle (centreX, centreY), radius, vbBlack, angleOne, angletwo
End With

This produces a chart showing the percentage of correct and incorrect answers on a test. The 2nd circle starts drawing from 90 degrees in the circle. How can I make it start from 0?


I have no problem drawing a single cicle on a picturebox but how do you draw several circles on a picturebox

I am using the method stated below...
An invisible circle on a picturebox:
On click on the cmd button,it will appear and the shape of the cicle will depend on the mouse down and mouse move event of the picturebox......

I am trying to make a hangman game.....When a letter is picked and it is incorrect,
I want a circle to appear(like a head) on the lines I have drawn...does anyone
know how to do this?

X,y Of A Circle
Ok here is my problem I need a algorithum or function to plot the x,y coordinates of a circles circumfence when given the radius of the circle, the x,y of the center of the circle, and the percentage around the cirlce from a given starting point. The equation is way over my head I didn't do to well in math and my highest is algebra. as you can see i didn't do to good in english either.

Um... i just forgot how to say this.... but you know... dolphins jump out of the sea and make a "part of a circle" in the air and then they land back in the water? I want to do that with an image... how?

number of circles with (rnd) color on a picturebox.

how to detect the color of each circle?

Sorry Circle Again!!!
Well now i include a image of the course... so i want that a timer starts drawing a circle in the course. But not the circle at once, as the timer keeps going, it's drawing the circle around the course of that image and when it finishes drawing the circle it shows a msgbnox saying it's complete....

please help me!!!

I know the circle code is: (x,y),raduis,color

I have seen this done before where people can take junks out of it. For instance make a pacman or only draw a half a circle. How is this done?


I have a picture box.

Im drawing a circle inside my picture box.
Is it possible to add text inside my circle? (100, 80), 10, vbRed


Circle Help

I am trying to draw letters around the circumference of a circle. ( 16 letters arranged in a circle formation like on a clock).

Instead of working out the X,Y coordinates of each letter by hand does anyone know an easy formula to work out the coordinates??

I am totally hopeless at maths!


Circle Colour

I am using Circle (0, 0), 0.5, vbYellow, -startangle, -endangle to create a circle.

How can I change the fillcolor of the circle?


Dotted Circle
How can I draw a circle which is dotted and has a width of more than one? If you try this directly then VB always draws the circle solid regardless of the DrawStyle setting. If you try to do it by drawing concentric dotted circles each with a width of one, then the dots in each circle don't line up, so it looks rubbish. So how can I do it?

Edit: In fact what I really want to do is have a dotted circle of a width of three pixels, with the outer two pixels black, and the inner one white. But I'll start without worrying about the colour of the inner pixel.

Circle Not Visible
This is a really basic (sorry!) problem. Actually, I'm a bit ashamed of asking it, but I simply can't get my circle to appear in the centre of a picture box.
Both the form and picture box are set up in millimetres, so the pic box is
200 x 240mm in size and the scale is shown below. I just want to put a hollow circle with a 5mm radius in the centre of the pic box, but when I click the Drawchart button nothing is visible! Setting the pic's autoredraw to true has no effect.
What's going wrong?

Private Sub cmdDrawchart_Click()

frmChart.picChart.ScaleMode = 6
picht = 240
picwid = 200 'eventually we get picwid from frmDetails
frmChart.picChart.Scale (picwid / -2, picht / -2)-(picwid / 2, picht / 2)
frmChart.picChart.Circle (0, 0), vbRed, 5

End Sub

Pixels In Circle
Is there anyway to generate an array of pixels (x,y) for every point inside of a circle? for instance the array would be something like Point(1).x and Point(1).y and would contain every pixel cordinate within the circle. If this is not possible how can I calculate whether a point is in a circle or not?

Rotating Circle.
i'm making a wheel of fortune clone so i need somehelp with the 'wheel'.
1) how do i create a circle that is divided up into 20 or so different sections
2) how do i print the money TEXT on those pieces so it is sideways like in the tv show wheel.
3) how do i rotate the circle (some sort of trig function?)
4) when the wheel stops on a certain point (say 12'o clock) how do i determine what money value stopped on that marker.

thanks for any help.

Center Of A 3d Circle
hello all,
its been a while since i've posted. what im working on now is im trying to find the center of a 3d circle. i have searched the net and havn't found anything that was dumbed down enough for me to comprehend. any help or suggestions?

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