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Enabling Macros In Outlook

Hi. I have created a vba program in outlook to process received e-mails, and then send specific replies to e-mails that are ordering from my company's store. The idea is that we can send people the information they need even afterhours when no one is attending the computer.

The problem is that i can find no way in Outlook 2002 to trust macros without the little pop-up screens appearing. I used self-cert.exe to create a digital signature which I added to the Trusted Sources list, but Outlook 2002 still asks the user to accept or reject the macro when it is running.

I have looked on the microsoft site, and as far as I can tell there is no way to get around this. but has anyone out there figured out a workaround?


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Enabling Macros
hi, I have accidently disabled the macros and would like to reenable them. Hoiw do i do it?


Enabling Macros
Is there a way to not give an option to the user to enable the macro's. Like have the macros automatically open up?

Enabling Macros
We have an excel sheet(s) with a VBA routine attatched to a command button on the sheet which simply creates another sheet with key fields left filled in and inpuit fields cleared. Works fine for a while, then for no apparent reason when I open the workbook it opens with the VBA routine in design mode and disabled. If I go to the VBA editor and try to switch out of design mode I get a message box saying that the macros have been dissabled and to see the help files on how to enable macros. Yeah right - like that was any help! The routine is signed by someone in my trusted sources list (ME). We are using Office 2000. This just started when our IT people switched us to Wimndows 2000 from NT. Any suggestions on how I can fix it?? I am not the only one experiencing this, and since I wrote the routine everybody thinks I should know how to fix it, and there probably right but I don't. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Dave. K

Differences When Enabling Macros?
Can anyone tell me why I would see two minor versions of the same workbook when I select <enable> versus <shift/enable> macros. I have a formula that is reflected correctly when I do <shift/enable> but not when I do <enable>. Any help is appreciated.

Auto-enabling Of Macros
How do I make a spreadsheet automatically enable macros without asking the user first?

How do I lock down a spreadsheet so that the user cannot get to the code?

File Size Drops When Not Enabling Macros
Here's something handy:

I was working on a large (500k in mostly vba code) workbook. I accidently saved it without protecting one of the sheets so I re-opened the workbook, told it to not enable macros (it has a load time due to database accesses that I didn't need), protected the sheet and then saved.

Suddenly my 500k workbook nosedived to 350k. This isn't the first time I've seen this happen from simply saving without macros enabled.

Might be something to consider when working with lots of vba code.

Enabling VBA In Outlook
I am having trouble getting code to load in Outlook 2002. I have a very simple procedure that is designed to catch a rogue program that has been sending email from Outlook without my knowledge (I think it is my spam filter, but that's another story). Basically it the procedure prints out hard copies of every outgoing email as the senditem event fires. In any case, Outlook doesn't prompt me to enable macros when I open it, and the code doesn't run. If I then go into the VBA editor it warns me that there are macros and asks if I want to load them. If I say yes the code runs fine until I close Outlook. How can I force it to use the code automatically, or at least prompt for it when I open Outlook?

Thanks in advance,

Outlook Macros
I am stumped on a project that I can find no help for.
I recieve several emails weekly from specific people that thru the "Rules" funtion I can sort & catagorize.
I want to go one step further.

Example :

If i get an email titled "" from john I would to move it to the folder [ inbox / john / zip ] & then open it with Powerdesk Explorer wich will let me see the 1.xls in the zipped file.
Then I would like to open the 1.xls file with excel & run a specific macro in excel.
I can & do this all manually right now, about 25 times a week.
What I can not do [or find info on how to get done] is to get Outlook to start the process.

Can someone help?

Outlook Macros
hi All,

I need an advise on how to modify some code. Here is a long story short.

My client is using Outlook 2000. I have created a few macros that are opening a pre-made forms/modules in a new e-mail with a link in it. This link points at a word document that is placed on a network drive.

If the documents has the same name, there is no problem, but..I have a client that wants to change the name of the document. When the document name is changed, the macro is not picking it up as it is pointing at the name of the document and not the location. For example: today link is pointing at C:docsdocument1.doc but tomorrow it will be c:docsdocument2.doc
Macro is opening this new email with the old link in it.

Is there a way to modify VB script to make it adapt to the name change?

thank you in advance

Outlook Vb / Macros
I would like to know if its possible to create a simple vb macro in outlook that can encrypt text and decrypt text.

 i have placed some code and created a vbaproject.otm
if i run this i have a box with a text field that i type in a password box i enter a password in and two buttons one to encrypt one to decrypt. how do i get this to work with an email to send or one received ? is that possible  

Macros In Outlook
Hello group,

I'm not a programmer.  I am a member of the telephony forum, but I have a VB question.  

When a user sends out a meeting invitation the conference room owner is the one to accept the invitation for the room.  I need for the conference room owner to be able to quickly paste a large amount of text into the body of the invitation.  I thought I could record a macro to do this, but apparently you can't do record macro in outlook.

What is the easiest way for her to quickly paste info into the body of the meeting invitation?  

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kim Kim Joseph
Franklinton, NC

Outlook 2002 Macros
I would like to create a macro in Outlook 2002, to change the my stationary type, depending on the startup profile chosen.
Can anyone help please?

Security For Macros [outlook] ?
how do i get that annoying "enable macros" to go away? i want it to know that its ok to run that macro every time.

Outlook Rules And Macros
Is it possible to start a VBA macro from within an Outlook rule?
(I want to save certain messages as text files and import part of the contents into a database.)



Access VBA / Outlook / Macros
I need to take a screen-print of the form that is currently open and paste it into a new mail-message. Is that doable in a whole automated kind of way ? The reason I want to take the easy way out is because the form is a timesheet that pulls in roughly 80 different records from 2 separate tables and mail-merging would be a NIGHTMARE

Any help would be appreciated.

-JabberWocky the Systems Developer
(Confined to Open Plan Hell)

Macros Between Outlook And Project
Hello there.

I am not sure if this can be done.

Consider if i wanted to open a MSProject file and then update some values within that MSProject. How can i do that in a macro of MS Outlook (Or even in VB)? I can create an Outlook object and do whatever i want from MSProject but just simply unable to do it the other way round.

Question is: How can i create an object of MSProject from Outlook?

Anyone can help? Thanks a million.

Macros In Outlook 2003
I wanted to record a macro for Outlook but I found out that I guess you can't record in Outlook, you have to write them. So here's my question, I need a small macro that sets a category to an appointment. Can someone help me out?


Launch Outlook Macros
I want to launch an outlook macro from an excel application.
how can I do this?
thank you for your respond

Writing Outlook Macros - Tutorial?
Does anyone know of a good tutorial for outlook? I've looked all over and I can't find one for writing VBA macros.



Macros In Microsoft Office (outlook)

I need a macro to scan my inbox (outlook 2000, win xp) and look for any messages with the subject "Test". These e-mails are created by using forms. I need all of the information to be exported to a new excel file in specific columns. For example, the "From:" field should go to cells(1,1) and textbox1 should go to cells(1,2) and the date should go into cells(1,3). After the e-mail is complete it should be deleted, and the macro should scan for any others and offset if it does encounter any.

Does anyone have experience with this?


Macros In Word And Outlook 2000
I have a form created in Word2000. I need to have a button at the bottom that runs a macro to send the form(completed) as an attachment in Outlook2000. I have got that far. I need to know how I can have the e-mail address already put in To: area. If there is an easier way, please inform me. My macro follows this message. Thanks.


Macros And Outlook 2007 Upgrade
So, my office has put me incharge of updateing our Outlook 2000 and 2003 auto responce macros for the new Outlook 2007. Now, I am not use to this whole ribbon thing. I was wondering if anyone knows any quick fixes to basicly convert the Macros to comply with 2007. I could figure it out, but it would take a while and I wanted to see if any of you guys might have a better idea.

Looking For Tutorials To Build Macros For Outlook
im trying to build simple macros for outlook 2000
can someone please point me to Tutorial on line or something..

Macros In Outlook 2003 -- Where To Start?
I'm new to macros in Outlook, I have done them extensively in Excel so I know the VBA stuff.
I opened the Visual Basic editor via Alt+F11, and there are only a few 'events' to put code to. (I'm referring to the list that they have in there -- AdvancedSearfchComplete, AdvancedSearchStopped, ItemSend, MAPILogonComplete, NewMail, NewMailEx, OptionsPagesAdd, Quit, Reminder, Startup)

I want to make two macros: 1) opens the next item in the inbox when I close the previous item. 2) a button on the toolbar to forward the current message to a certain person.

Any ideas / experience?

Outlook Macros/ Email Stationary
Not entirely sure if i should be asking this here (hence my total lack of knowledge), my great employer wants to sort out email signatures on our Windows system (50 users), what (i think i want) we need to do is when a user opens an email the cursor is 2 or so lines below the stationary (background image), rather than start on top of it so, i think the solution is to create a macro that will stick the break lines in when the new email is started. What and how do i need to go about this?
Thanks for any help and hope this is clear in terms of what i'm trying to do

Macros & Multiple Outlook Sessions
Hi there,
I have written some macros for Outlook and all works really well. Unfortunately we now have 2 people accessing the same email account (so we have 2 sessions linked to the same PST file). The first person (1st session) to log into the email has access to the macros. However the 2nd person (2nd session) does not have access. I have tried to export the macros from the first session and import into the 2nd session but when I try to save it tells me that the VBA project is read only - which suggests that the 1st session has locked the VBA project. Why can't I see the macros in the 2nd session?
Can anyone help? I just need the person on the 2nd email session to beable to use the macros I have written.

Macros, Active Window, And Outlook 2007
So I am re-writing the macros my job uses for auto responce emails. This is exactly what they are suppose to do.

1) Open up a word document
2) Select it all and copy
3) Close the word doc
4) Paste it in to the email I executed the Macro from

This is what I have thus far:

Sub Test2()

' We need an easy pointer back to our new e-mail message, such as:
Set TargetDoc = ActiveWindow

' Now we open the canned response
Dim objWord As word.Application
Set objWord = New word.Application
objWord.Visible = True
objWord.Documents.Open "C:Documents and Settings
yan.hoDesktopa.doc.docx", , , True

' Select and Copy
Selection.End = True

' Then we just need to close the canned response

' Now we return focus to our e-mail message and paste the text

' Clean up
Set objDoc = Nothing
Set objSel = Nothing
End Sub

I am hitting a Runtime 91 Error on the selection.Paste command. Only thing I can figure is that the Set TargetDoc = ActiveWindow did not take, so it does not know to reactivate the window I had open initially to paste the information in to it.

Everything else works GREAT, just that one thing. Any suggestions on how to fix it, it would be greatly appriciated. I have about 2 more days on this project to atleast figure out this part and I am at a loss.

Can't Create Macros Or Work In VB In Outlook 2003
Sorry if this problem is not very clear but I am a really novice at VBA:

I while back I had created a macro in VB inside of my Outlook 2003. Eventually this macro stopped working so I went back into VB editor (alt+F11). What I found was I couldn't see the macro anymore... in fact I can't access what I believe is called the project. Why do I think that? Because the program Microsoft Visual Basic has a window called Project that says "No Open Projects". I really don't know what this means but I am thinking it means that there was a VB project that was associated with Outlook that VB can no longer find/open. I looked in all of the menus of Visual Basic to see if there is something I can do here but almost all of the menu options are disabled. I tried all of those that aren't disabled and they don't help at all.

I am guessing there is some way to restore this project. This would be a really great help. Any advice?

Oh, by the way, when I open VB from Word it seems to still be responding properly i.e. there is a window where I can edit things and it doesn't say "No Open Project."

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Automatic Distribution Of Outlook Macros Over Network?
Hi there!

Is it possible to automatically install a macro on each computer of a network?
I want to create a macros for every office employees. I searched for a way to distribute the macro automatically and i didnt find anything.

Is it possible or i have to create the macro on each computer's outlook ?



Outlook Macros When Using Word As An Email Editor
I changed my email editor to Word in outlook2000....
Since then my macros don't seem to there any way for macro to be able to run
while using Word as an email editor..??

Pretty Desperate...

Using Outlook Import/Export Wizard Functionality Through Macros

I have been spending quite a lot of time recently trying to access the functionality provided by the Import/Export Wizard in Outlook to export the contents of a mail folder to a .pst file.

I have tried to find a way to do this through the Outlook Object Model, but there doesn't seem to be any methods on the MAPIFolder object that do what I want.

I have also tried to do it using SendKeys, but for some reason I can't send a {ENTER} key to the second page of the wizard to move to the next page.

If anyone can help me with this, I would be very grateful, as I've spent quite a while on it, and have run out of ideas.



Interested In Knowing How VBA Macros Are Adding Value To Outlook Express
Dear Friends,

    I could see many of the VBA questions are posted relating to Outlook Express. Since I'm a beginner to this and the questions that are being posted are so advanced, I don't even understand the questions that are being posted with respect to Outlook express. But, of course, I'm very much interested in knowing how VBA macros are adding value to Outlook Express. Can anyone pls. help me out in coding a simple VBA macro which adds value to Oulook Express in terms of saving time, energy, etc.

S. Sivakumar

Editing Macros With Macros?
Is it possible to use an object from a macro in the current macro? i.e. in macro 1, pw = test, can i use this value in another macro? Also is it possible to edit this from another macro? So as to cahnge pw = test to pw = bla using a seperate macro to do so?

Sorry if im not very clear...


This works when the text is selected manually. (So the mouse up function is called). But how do we handle cases where the "Select All" menu option is selected? In this case I tried to call the Lost focus, Got focus functions but they don't work either because the Got focus is called only the 1st time the text box gets focus. So the second time it does not work. Any ideas on what event I need to put the code under for Select All?

Web-enabling A VB XML App
Strictly speaking, this may not be a VB question, but then again I am a moderator Anyhow I have for some time been developing a VB6 application that in some respects is like XMLSpy; it allows people to add/change/modify XML nodes via a user-friendly interface that includes a treeview to display the XML. I now have in excess of 15,000 lines of code and my management has just now asked me to estimate what it would take to web-enable it. The problem is that I have never done any web-development and I so I don't have a clue and I was hoping that you could help me size it

If you want to help me size it, please consider the following in addition to the above description of the program:I'd like to do it VB6 (if that's possible) but if not and I need to do it in VB.Net I would need to first learn .Net and then convert my current code which I'm told can be ugly.As I said, I've never done any web developmentI use the Microsoft DOM (msxml4)

I Need A Way Of Enabling XPs...
I need a way of enabling XPs firewall (ICF) programmatically. Surely someone has done this.

Web Enabling Vb App

I'm a VB programmer but hasn't developed for the Web, I've got a job to web enable a Vb app. Can anyone point me in a few directions to do this. The app has only 1 form with text boxes, list boxes, radio buttons. How do I change the event code to cater for html form elements etc..

Any pointers would be great,

Thanks in advance.

Enabling The Menu
Dear all,

I have disabled the 'X' menu (Close Window menu) in the Form by using Removemenu API. Is there any way to re-enable the disabled menu ?
To disable the menu im using MF_DISABLED and its value is &H2&

why this
B4 Connect to the database Im disabling the X menu. After the succesfull connection I like to re-enable the x menu

Is it possible ?

How to change the border style of the MDI form, then I can remove the min/max/close buttons


Enabling ZBuffer?
I am using DirectX 8.1 and I have models loaded into my screen but it shows the 'furtherest' polygons and not the closest like it is suppose to.
This is part of my Init Code:

Public Function Init(ByRef Surface As PictureBox) As Boolean

Dim DisplayMode As D3DDISPLAYMODE ' Display Mode
Dim WindowParameters As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS ' Viewport

Set DirectX = New DirectX8 ' Master DirectX 8.1 Object
Set D3D = DirectX.Direct3DCreate ' Direct3D Object
Set D3DX = New D3DX8 ' Direct3D Helper Object

' Select Adapter Type (Will be HAL)
Call D3D.GetAdapterDisplayMode(D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT, DisplayMode)

' Set D3D to Windowed Mode
WindowParameters.Windowed = 1
WindowParameters.SwapEffect = D3DSWAPEFFECT_COPY_VSYNC
WindowParameters.BackBufferFormat = DisplayMode.Format

' Create Direct3D Device

' Set Direct3D Device Stats
Call D3DDevice.SetRenderState(D3DRS_LIGHTING, False)
Call D3DDevice.SetRenderState(D3DRS_ZENABLE, 1)
Call D3DDevice.SetRenderState(D3DRS_FILLMODE, D3DFILL_SOLID)
Call D3DDevice.SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CCW)

' World Matrix (Positions)
Call D3DXMatrixIdentity(WorldMatrix)
Call D3DDevice.SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, WorldMatrix)

' View Matrix (Screen)
Call D3DXMatrixLookAtLH(ViewMatrix, D3DMakeVector(0, 0, 200), D3DMakeVector(0, 0, 0), D3DMakeVector(0, 1, 0))
Call D3DDevice.SetTransform(D3DTS_VIEW, ViewMatrix)

' Projection Matrix (Image)
Call D3DXMatrixPerspectiveFovLH(ProjMatrix, Pi / 2, 1, 0.1, 500)
Call D3DDevice.SetTransform(D3DTS_PROJECTION, ProjMatrix)
I thought it was SetRenderState(ZENABLE, 1) but that is what I have. Any ideas?
(Also feel free to help on any other part of the code).

Help In Enabling Device
hi all
plz i tired from try enable or desable sound card from VB is any one know how to do that ..
and thanks

Enabling Buttons ---Please Help
Im doing a college assignment and am having difficulty making my buttons
operate in a coherent manner.

I need to be able to enable the update button only after the Add or Edit buttons have pressed (the Add and Edit buttons subsequently become disabled) .

Here is the code so far.
My buttons are cmdAdd_Click(), CmdUpd_Click(),cmdEdit_Click() and cmdDelete_Click()

I would appreciate any help

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()

With Dataemployee.Recordset
If MsgBox(" Are you sure you want to delete " + .Fields("Surname") + _
"?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
MsgBox ("Record Deleted")
If .EOF Then .MoveLast
End If
End With

End Sub

Private Sub cmdExit_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub cmdLast_Click()


End Sub

Private Sub cmdMfirst_Click()


End Sub

Private Sub cmdNext_Click()

If Dataemployee.Recordset.EOF Then
MsgBox "This is the last record"


End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrev_Click()
If Dataemployee.Recordset.BOF Then
MsgBox "This is the first record"

End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdQuery_Click()
frmQuery.Show 1

End Sub

Private Sub cmdRefresh_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub CmdUpd_Click()
End Sub

Enabling JIT Debugging In VB.NET
I am having extreme trouble finding a good guide on how to enable JIT debugging in visual basic. I have written a fairly complex program (c. 100kloc) and it's having trouble loading some dlls, as far as I can establish, so I downloaded Debugging Tools for Windows. I have set DTfW as the default JIT debugger, but for some reason when I follow the instructions in the VB help to enable JIT, it doesn't do anything, still defaults to the standard win2k crash dialog.

I have an application.config file with the following line:

< jitDebugging="true" />

But that doesn't work either.

I would really appreciate it if somebody could provide me a concise explanation of how to set up JIT so that when the program crashes it will default to the registered JIT debugger rather than the standard windows dialog.

I'll be watching the thread, so feel free to ask for clarifications if I've left anything important out

Thanks in advance,


Enabling COM2
Is there a way to enable COM2 using reg calls and API's ?

I'm running on a WIN95 machine, with 4 COM ports, all of which are 'disabled in this profile', being the only profile on the machine. I've done a regcompare to see which values are modified when switching between enabled and disabled, and I can see the value that is being changed, but there's no obvious link to a specific port (eg. COM2). Also, I fear that disabling the communications service and enabling it again will not be enough, and that I will have to reboot to make the changes active.

If anyone has any ideas, I need all the help I can get !


<font color=green>Do or do not
There is no try</font color=green>

Enabling Cmdbutton
Ive got a list box and a remove item button to remove an item from the list using the following code

listBox1.RemoveItem (listBox1.ListIndex)
however i have disabled the cmd button on default and want to enable it when the listbox is populated i have tried the following code but it doesnt work

If listBox.ListCount > 1 Then
cmdbutt1.Enabled = True
Can anyone see where i am going wrong ?

Web Enabling Your Vb Application
i am developing a call management project in vb . how do i make it web enabled??? i know i can do it with html and asp but i really dont know asp.
some of the opinions i have gathered from across sites like htis one are
1. use web classes (now what are those????)
2. use the web browser control in vb
3. use the internet explorer objects in vb
4. moving to vb. net

which is the most feasible one if at all feasible

plz help

Enabling SSL Through VB Code?
For my VB ActiveX document, I want to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of the Browser, so that anything written on my form remains isolated.

How to do so? Preferably through VB.


Enabling A NIC Through API/registry Changes
With Windows 2000 and up, if you call the GetAdaptersInfo API when your NICs are disabled, then it will not detect them. On examining the registry, I have found that the registry field to enable/disable NICs , however, I have not been able to determine a way of logically getting to it.

Is there any APIs that will enable/disable a network adapter or does anyone know a method of determining how to do so through changing registry settings?

Many thanks,


Enabling Cmdbutton
I have disabled a command button as defult and i want to enable it when i populate a listbox ive tried the following code but no good.

If listbox.ListCount <> "" Then
cmdCalc.Enabled = True
End If
Also do i enter the code in buttons sub or the listbox sub?

Form Enabling
Is it possible when i open a FORM the WINDOWS will be disable, i mean you can't click on your desktop.. until you close your form.

if it's possible can you humbly give the codes, thank you very much in advance

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