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Error '438' Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method - Printout Function

I'm trying to append various content into one postscript file. Using PrintOut seems the optimal way to do this - however I'm getting:

Run-time error '438'
Object doesn't support this property or method.

The code I was trying to get working is:

attachmentFile.PrintOut Background:=False, Append:=True, FileName:=""

attachmentFile is an Outlook email attachment

Why doesn't this work?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Error '438' Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
I'm trying to append various content into one postscript file. Using PrintOut seems the optimal way to do this - however I'm getting

Run-time error '438'
Object doesn't support this property or method.

The code I was trying to get working is:

attachmentFile.PrintOut Background:=False, Append:=True, FileName:=""

attachmentFile is an Outlook email attachment

Why doesn't this work?
Any help is appreciated!

Run-time Error 438: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
I use this code with Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 and it works just fine:

Private Sub OLEDragDrop(Data As MSComctlLib.DataObject)
For Each varItem In Data.Files
End Sub
But when I want to use it with Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (to have XP style) I cannot use the code anymore:

Private Sub OLEDragDrop(Data As ComctlLib.DataObject)
For Each varItem In Data.Files
End Sub
I know that in version 5 I have to use ComctlLib instead of MSComctlLib, but still get the error:
Run-time error 438: Object doesn't support this property or method
Please help me

Access 2000 - Error 438 - Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
I have an Access 2000 database with an embedded Common Dialog control.

The control loads a windows explorer style dialog box to browse for a file. On my machine this works fine. however, on another machine using Access 2000 it comes up with the error as detailed in the title.

I have checked for missing references in the code, but this is not the case.

Can anyone shed any light on why this may be happening - it doesnt happen in Access 97 by the way and it seems to be completely random in 2000!

Many Thanks.....

Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
Hello everyone!

I have a strange problem:

In my company we have to update a program (exe+dll): regsvr32 /u ..., copy&pase, regsvr32 ...

On (Windows-)updated computers this programm works fine.
On old computers (no windowsupdates,...) this program says:
Object doesn't support this property or method

If I replace the new files with the old ones (+ regsvr32...) everything is alright again!?!

Does anyone know what the reason could be?

Thanks in advance!


For Each: Object Doesn't Support This Method Or Property
I've got a collection class that I add a collection of objects to. I add them like so:

Dim TheCollection as MyCollection
Dim ThisRecord as ClassRecord

With rsLog
Do Until .EOF
Set ThisRecord = TheCollection.Add(!Heat, Date, !Etc)
End With

In the Collection class I have the following:

Public Property Get NewEnum() As IUnknown
'this property allows you to enumerate
'this collection with the For...Each syntax
Set NewEnum = mCol.[_NewEnum]
End Property

I then want to loop through the collection and get all the objects back. I'm trying to use a For Each statement and I keep getting the error: "object doesn't support this method or property" Can anyone tell me why?

For Each ThisRecord In TheCollection
MsgBox ThisRecord!Date

Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
Can I use the LockWindowUpdate on a Listview ?

I am getting the above error when I try, both when loading the listview from the form load, and when I moved the code into a Public Sub.

Object Doesn't Support The Property Or Method

I have got a textbox item/control.When I try to use the following:

txtTransportTrucks.AddItem qrs("Trucks")
txtTransportHoursDeliver.AddItem qrs("HoursToDeliver")

I am getting object doesn't support the property or method.Please suggest how I can change the properties or method so that this textbox control can support AddItem property?


Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
Dim oUser As cUser
Dim oItem As ListItem
Dim sKey$


For Each oUser In m_cUsers
sKey = CommonSub.IDToKey(oUser.pkID)
Set oItem = lvwUser.ListItems.Add(, sKey, oUser.UserAlias)
oItem.SubItems(1) = oUser.UserName
Set oItem = Nothing
Set oUser = Nothing

Object doesn't support this property or method at the color line

why? i tried to solve it for 2 hours but nothing is happening
does anyone have a clue?

basically i got User class and Users(which is User Collection) Class
PS: i'm using VB 6.0

- i think i post it at wrong forum, sorry -

COM Object Doesn’t Support Property Or Method
I've created ActiveX.EXE COM server (TestComp2) that has 2 classes
1. cls1 that Ipmplements IDescriptionSet interface
2. cls2 that Imlements IDescription interface

When I declare a variable of the appropriate interface it gives me an
access to the property “Text” such as
Dim oDS As IDescriptionSet
Set oU = CreateObject("TestComp2.cls1")
Print oO.Item(1).Text
But when I declare a variable of type "Object" it gives me an error:
"Run - Time error 483 object doesnt support this property or method" such as:
But object does support oO.Item(1).IDescription_Text

Dim oO As Object
Dim oDSet As IDescriptionSet

Set oDSet = CreateObject("TestComp2.cls1")
Set oO = oDSet
Print oO.Item(1).Text < -Run - Time error 483 object doesn’t support this property or method"

The code example is down below.
If you know why the object is looking for "IDescription_Text" instead of "Text" property please let me know.
'-----------ActiveX.EXE server ----------------------------------
Project name "TestComp2"
Option Explicit
Implements IDescription

Private Property Get IDescription_Text() As String
IDescription_Text = "Yaba - Daba - Dooo"
End Property

Option Explicit
Implements IDescriptionSet
Private Property Get IDescriptionSet_Item(ByVal vIndex As Variant) As IDescription
Dim oDescription As cls2

Set oDescription = New cls2
Set IDescriptionSet_Item = oDescription
End Property


' ------------- Client ---------------
Option Explicit
Dim oU As IUnknown
Dim oDSet As IDescriptionSet
Dim oD As IDescription
Dim oO As Object

Private Sub Cmd_Click()

Set oU = CreateObject("TestComp2.cls1")
Set oDSet = oU

Set oO = oDSet

Print oO.Item(1).Text <-Run - Time error 483 object doesn’t support this property or method

Set oU = Nothing
Set oO = Nothing
Set oDSet = Nothing

End Sub

But object does support oO.Item(1).IDescription_Text - Why ?

Object Doesn&#039;t Support Property Or Method
I am getting a baffling error in a program I am working on. It is not the error itself but when it is occurring.

The error I am getting is “Object doesn’t support property or method.” And I get an OK or Help option….If I press OK the program continues on normally.

It is not a run-time error that can be debugged or even trapped it seems to be a VB error. The problem is it happens at random times and in no set pattern…when I break into code (ctrl-break) all the objects are set to valid properties and are using valid methods. I am at a loss.

Is there anyway to suppress this message? I have tried on error resume next statements to no avail….any suggestions?

Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
I get this error when i am intializing my activex control's propeties in my code.


what happens @ debug.

<Object doesn't support this property or method>

Error Message &"Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method&"
When i trry to populate my listview i get a runtime error 438 saying "Object doesn't support this property or method" . I have 4 columns in my listview and this error occured for my last column. Can anyone help me with this?
This is the code i use to populate the listview.

VB Code:
Sql = SQLCommand("51", "", "")    Set OraDynaset = OraDatabase.CreateDynaset(Sql, 0&)    If OraDynaset.RecordCount <> 0 Then    OraDynaset.MoveFirst        Do While Not OraDynaset.EOF            Set itmx = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , OraDynaset.Fields("Company_ID"))            itmx.SubItems(1) = OraDynaset.Fields("Dept_id")            itmx.SubItems(2) = OraDynaset.Fields("Customer_id")            itmx.sumitems(3) = OraDynaset.Fields("Customer_name")                    OraDynaset.MoveNext        Loop    End IfSet OraDynaset = Nothing

Setting A Public Sub: &"Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method&" Error *SOLVED*
I get this error when I tried to set a Public Sub: "Object doesn't support this property or method"

It was this:

VB Code:
Public Sub CenterForm(Frm)Frm.Move (Screen.Width - Frm.Width) / 2, (Screen.Height - Frm.Height) / 2End Sub

I only have two forms so I can just use it twice but I learned Public Subs and Modules today so I want to try it this way

I tried to put it at declaration part, a module, and I even changed Public to Private to nothing but they didn't seem to work.

It says that the error is on the whole line of

VB Code:
Frm.Move (Screen.Width - Frm.Width) / 2, (Screen.Height - Frm.Height) / 2

What is wrong with it? I tried changing Frm to Form to X. Didn't work also.

Any helps appreciated...


It worked when I got rid of (Frm) and changed the Frm's with Me and worked on just one form cause I didn't put it in a module.

But when I did, it said, "Invalid use of Me Keyword"


VB Code:
Me.Move (Screen.Width - Me _ 'Error on this Me..Width) / 2, (Screen.Height - Me.Height) / 2

Compile DLL/Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
Hello all.

First off, I'm not a VB programmer. I'm a Java programmer. I have been asked by my company to create a new application based on an existing application we already have. The existing application was written in VB6, VB.NET, and C#.

I have made a change to a DLL (in VB6) in the old application (I added a function) and selected "File, Make myfile.dll" It appears to compile and create the DLL okay, but when I try to use the new function, I get the following error:

Object doesn't support this property or method: myfile.Function()

If you need any more information I'll gladly provide it, but I'm not sure how much you need. I'm 100% sure I'm doing something wrong, or I'm missing a step. Any help is greatly appreciated.

ACCESS 2003 And VB6 - Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method
Guyz can u help me.. I have a problem. Im using XP OS, VB6, and office 2003 installed inour computer. I want to make a program that will display data from access. pls help me. thanks...

Run-Time error '438'
Object doesn't support this property or method

Dim Db As Database
Dim RS As Recordset

Private Sub Form-Load()

Set DB = OpenDatabase("C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98NWIND.MDB")

Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("Customres",dbOpenSnapshot)


maxFields = RS.Fields.Count
For i = 0 To maxFields - 1
List1.AddItem RS.Fields(i).Name

List2.AddItem RS.Fields("ContactName").Value & "," & RS.Fields("CompanyName").Value

Loop While Not RS.EOF
End Sub

Obejct Doesn't Support This Method Or Property Error
i had deploy my MSChart and MSFlexGrid control in my web server... the location of the cab file in the web server is

then in the codebase property of the control inside my project, i specify it to "http://serverName/projek1/cabFile/"

but when i try to run it on a client side, it gave me the "Object doesn't support this property or method".. is it means that the control is not downloaded and installed at the client computer? so what's wrong with my code?

thanks in advance for help...

good days....

Object Doesn't Support This Property
Dim Wsh As Worksheet

Set Wsh = ActiveSheet

Wsh.PageSetup.CenterHeaderPicture.Filename = "C:DesktopRRBS Letter Logo.jpg"

&"object Does Not Support Property Of Method&" Error
i am making a simple game right now i get a

"object does not support property of method" error.


I got the code for the transparency and image loading from a demo so i dont completly understand it. Run the attached files to see what the error and where it is in the code. The demo i got it from worked so i dont no why it does not for me.

Object Does Not Support This Property Or Method???
I've made a class and now im trying to use it in a form. But it keeps giving me this error (438)! I know there is something I'm doing wrong but I dont know what. Here is a sample:

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim myDB As New Database        FillDatabaseFrame (myDB)End Sub Private Sub FillDatabaseFrame(Database As Database)    ...End Sub

Object Doesnt Support This Method Or Property
VB Code:
Option Explicit Private p As Printer Private Sub Command1_Click()    Dim str As String        str = "Testing 1 2 3"    [hl]p.Print str[/hl]    p.EndDocEnd Sub Private Sub Form_Load()    For Each p In Printers        If p.DeviceName = "CutePDF Writer" Then            Set Printer = p            Exit For        End If    NextEnd Sub

Object Doesnt Support This Property Or Method
I am currently getting an error on the highlighted line and cannot figure out why. Please advise.

The error is:


object doesnt support this property or method

form code:

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()    PageColorScheme MeEnd Sub

module code:

VB Code:
Option Explicit Public Sub PageColorScheme(frm As Form)    Dim strBC As String, strFC As String    Dim ctrl As Control        With frm        'background color, dark blue        strBC = RGB(104, 127, 217)        'foreground color, light blue        strFC = RGB(214, 223, 247)                'form background color        .BackColor = strBC                'control forecolors        For Each ctrl In .Controls            If TypeOf ctrl Is Shape Then                [hl].BorderColor = strFC[/hl]            End If        Next    End WithEnd Sub

Object Doesnt Support This Method Or Property
I want a function that makes all the textboxes,labels,comboboxes,list control, list view and date time picker controls locked
(I tried this code only for the textboxes and comobo boxes)
here is the code I tried
Public Sub GetControlNames(ByVal fname As Form)
' Get the names of ONLY labels,
' comboboxes, or textboxes
    Dim ctlCurrent As Control
    For Each ctlCurrent In fname.Controls
        If TypeOf ctlCurrent Is ComboBox Or _
           TypeOf ctlCurrent Is TextBox Then
      = True
        End If
End Sub

but gives error
"Object doesnt support this method or property.
Q1-- how to remove this error
Q2--- I 've also included the date time picker control but it says user defined datatype is not defined How to solve htis problem.

438: Object Doesnt Support This Property Or Method
I have a couple of classes here, one is a downlaoder, and the other is a download manager

the functionality is such that a downloader could operate without a download manager, but not the other way round. the user interacts with the downloader, and the manager is mostly silent, but emits events that the user can listen to if they wish. the two communicate using events;

an attempt to download when a download is already in progress, results in the url being passed to the download manager, which queues it. when the downloader emits a completed event, the manager will check its queue, and if there are remaining entries, they will be downloaded

each class hence has access to the other (im using class modules).. creating a new downloader causes the creation of a new manager. at the moment, im getting error 438 in the Class_initialize of the downloader.. it successfully does a:

Set dm = new DownloadManager 'dm is a Private dm as DownloadManager

the class_initialize for the Download Manager runs correctly.
once created, the manager is told who it's owner is, witha dm.setowner(me)
but instead of going to the SetOwner(ByRef owner as Downloader), the class_terminate of the manager is called (why?) and then the error is shown

any explanation?

Woka Vbtooltips Problem. Error Message 438.Object Doesn't Support This Properties...
Hi all

I downloaded vbtooltips project provided by woka ...
Link :

I keep get an error on createtips.

error 438 : Object doesn't support this propertise or method.

How to solve this problem can anyone help me

Thanks a lot

Error :&"Method PrintOut Of Object Sheets Failed&"
I am using VBA to convert .xls file to .ps file.
If the file name is Test123.xls,the code creates file.
I get following error message if the excel file name has comma in it (.eg. Tes,t123.xls)
"Method PrintOut of object Sheets failed"

So I am assuming that comma is invalid character for postscript file.
Am I correct?
Is there any way to know why code fails in PrintOut method?

Thanks in advance

ActiveX: Doesn't Support Method?
Hi there everyone!
Nice looking forum -- here's my first post!

I'm hoping somebody can enlighten me on what's causing this problem where I can't call public functions in my ActiveX control using JavaScript or VBScript on a web page:


I have an ActiveX control, programmed in VB6.0. Within the ActiveX, I have the following code:

Public Function getResponse() As String
getResponse = "hello"
End Function

The control is compiled, registered, and embedded on a web page (I used the ActiveX Control Pad) like this:

<script language=JavaScript>

function goGetString()
theString = myActiveX1.getResponse();

<object id="myActiveX1" width=95% height=95%
<param name="_ExtentX" value="95%">
<param name="_ExtentY" value="95%">

That JavaScript at the top (it's hooked up to a button) should call the getResponse() function in the ActiveX and return the string "hello", but all I get is "object doesn't support this property or method". I've also tried calling the getResponse method with VBScript.

I've run through the Control Interface Wizard, and it shows getResponse as a method there, and it doesn't add any new code.

I'm viewing the page in IE6.

Is there something really simple I'm missing here? Or am I way off?

Thanks for any help -- I really appreciate it.

Best regards,
Greg Moffatt

Access Recordset Doesn't Support AddNew Method
I'm having a problem adding records to a database. I open an ADODB connection to a local Access database in a subroutine, but the recordset does not support the AddNew method.

I'm trying to read values from one table in an Access database, perform calculations on the fields and then insert the values into a different table in the database. I can open the first table and perform the calculations, but I can't seem to insert any new data into the different table.

Any help would be appreciated.

Note: the constant is declared in the declarations section of the same module that the subroutine is in. The variable strDBName is passed to the subroutine.

Const mcstConnection As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet." _
&amp; "OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False;" _
&amp; "Data Source="

Dim conDB As ADODB.Connection ' ADO connection
Dim rstDB As ADODB.Recordset ' ADO recordset
Dim strConStr As String ' ADO connection string

strConStr = cstConnection + strDBName
Set conDB = New ADODB.Connection
conDB.Mode = adModeReadWrite
conDB.Open (strConStr)
Set rstDB = New ADODB.Recordset

rstDB.Open strSQLText, conDB, , , adCmdText

ActiveX Does Not Support This Property Or Method
I am getting this message:

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'doUpdate'

and in my object my doUpdate Function is Public, and created as such:

Public Function doUpdate(sPath As String, nSiteID As Long, iBillItem As Integer, sServerName As String) As String
    Call doUpdate_(sPath, nSiteID, iBillItem, sServerName)
End Function

All users have the rights to use all of the components, and my fuction is public, and two peers have looked at this code, perplexed.

Can anyone help me?

Error Handling Of The Printout Method
How can i define error handling for the pages:= subject of PrintOut

the value of pages:= is taken from a textbox, everything is going okay if this is like "2-5,7,5-45" but everything crashes if i put something like "qwerty" in the textbox...
can anybody help me?

PrintOut Method Error In VBScript
Hi Guys ! ! !

PrintOut method dosen't work in VBScript
gives below error...any suggestions ??????

VB Code:
Microsoft Excel error '800a03ec' PrintOut method of Workbook class failed

thx in advance

RDS Error Msg &"Object Does Not Support Property&"
I purchased a copy of “Programming VB 6.0 by Franseco Balena.  I copied the below code to try to create an RDS.DataControl object.  Each time I try to run the program I get an error code:  on the line “    dcCustomers.Recordset.MoveFirst”   that says object does not support this method or property.   I have spent forever trying to figure out why it doesn’t support “recordset.”  Does anyone know what’s wrong?

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
<META content="text/html" http-equiv=Content-Type>

<OBJECT classid=clsid:BD96C556-65A3-11D0-983A-00C04FC29E33
 id=dcCustomers height=1 width=1>
<PARAM NAME="Connect" VALUE="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVb98NWind.mdb">
<PARAM NAME="ExecuteOptions" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="FetchOptions" VALUE="3">
<PARAM NAME="SortDirection" VALUE="-1">
<PARAM NAME="InternetTimeout" VALUE="300000">

<OBJECT id=dcCustomers height=1 width=1
classid=clsid:BD96C556-65A3-11D0-983A-00C04FC29E33><PARAM NAME="SQL" VALUE="SELECT * FROM Customers"><PARAM NAME="Connect" VALUE="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVb98NWind.mdb"><PARAM NAME="ExecuteOptions" VALUE="2"><PARAM NAME="FetchOptions" VALUE="3"><PARAM NAME="SortDirection" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="InternetTimeout" VALUE="300000"></OBJECT>

<INPUT TYPE=button ID="btnMoveFirst" VALUE="First">
<INPUT TYPE=button ID="btnMovePrevious" VALUE="Previous">


Dim dcCustomer
Set dcCustomer = CreateObject("RDS.DataControl")
dcCustomer.Connect = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVb98NWind.mdb"
dcCustomer.SQL = "SELECT * From Customers"

Sub btnMoveFirst_onClick()
End Sub



Object Doesnt Support This Object Or Method
i was using the following code:

Dim strBox As String
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To (List1.Count - 1)
strBox = strBox & List1.List(i) + vbNewLine
Next i

and I get this error:

object doesnt support this object or method

is there a reference or componet I should have selected to fix this error?

Error 430 Class Doesn't Support Automation...Help!!!
Hello and thanks in advance for your suggestions!

I get this error message on opening the application after having newly installed it on a Win95 client machine. It's a VB6 app using ADO and I'm trying to open a recordset on a Sybase database using the ODBC provider for Sybase (System 11). It has been developed on an NT box and tested on both NT and 95 boxes before being packaged and deployed. I have tested it through the development environment and also as a compiled exe and it works fine on the production machines. The 95 target machine is clean (no VB) and has the entire mdac20 components, and Sybase drivers installed and also has Dcom95 installed on it. I also tried it after installing dcom98 but get the same error. The app installs successfully and also packages with no missing dependencies. Although I have tried quite a few things, any suggesitons will be much appreciated. FYI, the project has been compiled with no compatibility, so this does not come into play. I have attached the offending code below.

Module level

private strSQL as string
Dim aDC as ADODB.Connection

In Form_Load()

Dim aRS as new ADOR.Recordset
set aDC = new ADODB.Connection
aDC.Open sDbName, msUserId, msPassword 'sDbName is the DSN for the Sybase provider for ODBC
' which is passed in along with uid and pwd thru an ini file
strSQL = "Select * from CLIENT where CLIENT_ID = '" & strID & "'"

aRS.Open strSQL, aDC, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText -- does not open recordset!

Thanks much,

430 Error. Class Doesn't Support Automation. ONLY In Windows NT!!
Hello to everyone there.

I am getting a 430 Error (Class doesn't support Automation ) in a programm I made. The problem is not in my computer (where I developed it) but in another computer (there that I installed it).

I have just installed the same program in 3 different computers. The 2 of them have Windows 2000 (and everything works OK) and the last (there that I am getting the error) has Windows NT!

Is something special that I have to do while I compile it?

Have you any idea of how can I solve this problem!

Thank's in advance,


Find Method In A Function Doesn't Work?
I'm trying to do a find in an Excel function, and it always gets "Nothing" for a result ("Not Found" is displayed in the spreadsheet). I use the same code snippet in a Sub, and it always works. For simple testing, I've put a list of names in a column, and put the function call in the next column, like this: =findit("Dave",A1:A8). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Function findit(name As String, namelist As Range) As Variant
Dim result As Range
On Error Resume Next
Set result = namelist.Find(what:=name, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlWhole, searchorder:=xlByColumns, MatchCase:=False)
If result Is Nothing Then
findit = "Not Found"
findit = result.Address
End If

End Function

Drawing Lines On An Object That Doesn't Have A Line Method
Hi -

I'm using a control (MS Office Document Imaging Viewer - MiDocView) that I need to be able to draw lines/boxes in/on. It does not have a line method, nor an (exposed) hDC property. I've tried using the form's line method, and I've tried using BitBlt, but the control is always in front of the lines (due to the different graphics layers that I'm still trying to fully understand).

Is it possible to retrieve an hDC for a control/object that doesn't either have one, or doesn't have one exposed, so that I can pass it to BitBlt? Do all controls have an hDC? Is there some other method that will allow me to draw lines in/on an object?



COM: Method Call In Object Doesn&#039;t Block Client?
I have a need to have a client application use a COM object that will input a record into a database by setting properties on the out-of-process ActiveX EXE and then calling a .Save method on it. Everything works but I would like to allow the client application (standard EXE) go about its business while the COM object executes the .Save method. I have added a public Event to the COM object and the RaiseEvent directive and all of that works - HOWEVER... When I call the .Save method, the client is still blocked until the execution of the .Save method is complete (and then it worthlessly raises the event I have programmed in the client app).

I figure I can do it a hoky way by putting a timer into the COM object that checks to see if a .SaveStatus property equals true every second but that seems like a ridiculous workaround for just creating a non-blocking method call.

Any ideas?

Thanks much!

Error 430: This Class Doesn't Support Automation... Very Strange Behaviour !!!!
I'm developing an EXE ActiveX to use in a main app. The problem, is that when I run the main app from environment to debug it, and it tries to instantiate the EXE ActiveX object, using CreateObject function, the app gives the Error 430. If I build the EXE file for main app, and run it, the error dissappears. What's going on???? !!!!

Any idea would be appreciated...

Thanx in advance !!!!!!!


Detecting Method Or Property Of An Object.
Is there a way to programaticly determine if a certain object has a method or property associated with it?

Basicly what I'm doing is writing a quick loop that at the moment sets the tabstop to false for all the controls thats listed in it.. but I want something that kills the tabstop for every single control that has the tabstop property.

What I have now

Private Sub KillTabStops()
Dim ctl As Control
Dim strControlType As String
For Each ctl In Me.Controls
strControlType = TypeName(ctl)
If (strControlType = "TextBox") _
Or (strControlType = "CommandButton") _
Or (strControlType = "MSFlexGrid") _
Or (strControlType = "MSHFlexGrid") _
Or (strControlType = "CheckBox") _
Or (strControlType = "NPDHoverButton") _
Or (strControlType = "PictureBox") _
Or (strControlType = "ListBox") _
Or (strControlType = "TabStrip") _
Or (strControlType = "ListView") Then
ctl.TabStop = False
End If
Set ctl = Nothing
End Sub

What I want (Non-Working Example Code)

private sub killtabstops()
for each ctl in me.controls
if hasproperty(ctl,"Tabstop") then
ctl.tabstop = false
end if
end sub

How To Take Printout In Dos Format From Vb & Support All Formating
how i should take printout in dos format from vb
and that supports all formating i have done.
Give methods for fast printing.

please give method to take printouts in dos format from crystal report 7.0

Object Property/method Not Supported On Assignment?
In the following code, I get an error, "Object doesn't support this property/method" during an assignment. How does something not support assignment? I thought that it was just one of those things that always worked.

Public Sub Push(TheCard As Card)
NumCards = NumCards + 1
ReDim Preserve Cards(NumCards)
Set Cards(NumCards - 1) = New Card
Cards(NumCards - 1) = TheCard <-- Error happens here
End Sub
Any help in making this work is greatly appreciated. It should be noted that the code runs fine if I use Set Cards(NumCards-1)=TheCard, except that it overwrites the entire array!

Extracting Function, Sub, Method, Property Names From An OCX Or DLL
I was wondering how I would go about extracting the Method, Sub, Function etc names and parameters from an OCX or DLL file. Any help?

URLDownloadToFile And IBindStatusCallback And &"Object Does Not Support This Method&"
attached is a rough ActiveX EXE that my app uses to download a file from the web if it requires updating.

When the code, in the class download, is:

VB Code:
lngRetVal = URLDownloadToFile(0, "http://LocalHost/Download/" & AppName, "C:" & AppName, 0, 0)

Then the code works sport on!! Exactly how I want it to.

However, since I want a prog bar and the ability to cancel the download I need to pass it a callback address, so I use:

VB Code:
lngRetVal = URLDownloadToFile(Me, "http://LocalHost/Download/" & AppName, "C:" & AppName, 0, Me)

This works for Klienma...his code is almost the same as mine.
However...when I run my app with this changed code the URLDownload API line causes a "Object doesn't support this property or method"


I have been working on this for 6hrs now and am just going round in circles. I have no idea what is different.
I am referencing the file olelib.tlb in my app, which is what everyone else does.

So why does my code cause an error...???

I am so in need of help.


VBScript &"Class Doesn't Support Automation&" Error On Some Machines...not On Others
Getting this error when I run on a certain machine...on others it runs fine.

Line: 441
Char: 7
Error: Class doesn't support Automation
Code: 800A01AE
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Here's line 441....just trying to write to Excel. I'm pretty positive the code isn't bad, like I said it works on some machines and not on others.


vWB.Sheets(1).Cells(8, 1).CopyFromRecordset rsData

So far I've tried this fix to a T and nothing...

Can anyone help??

Crystal PrintOut Method
Does anyone konw of a way in stopping the print progress dialog box from appearing.

My application is sending on average 80 pages to the printer using Report.PrintOut method in Crytsal.  We are printing labels and don't want the box which appears with a cancel button to appear.  This is different from the prompt user argument.

Thanks very much


Error: Method Or Data Member Not Found. With Me Property
In Access 2000 I have a form that uses the following statement to check for a null value:

If IsNull(Me.ClassRates.ClassRate_End)

But when the code runs I get the the error message :

"Method or Data Member not Found"

ClassRates is the table name and ClassRate_End is the field name. I use this format because I use the ClassRates table twice in the query and I have to specify the proper table to pick the field name.

Is there any way to get around this error. Any suggestions are welcome.


Excel VBA .Printout Method Fails
Hi all,

I have a very straightforward procedure to print every worksheet within the active workbook. It works correctly all of the time except for when I use it on one particular workbook.... and I really can't work out why!!

The VBA code is this:

Dim wSt As Worksheet
For Each wSt In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
Next wSt

The error message I am getting is this:
Run-time error '1004': Method 'PrintOut' of object '_Worksheet' failed

Can anyone give me some hints as to why this is happening with one particular workbook? I'm sure I must be overlooking something very basic. If not then I can attach the workbook for you to look at.


Use Word's PrintOut Method To Print To A File?
I have been struggling with a problem off and on for several months, and that is automating Word to combine multiple documents into one, but retaining the headers, footers, pagination, fonts, etc. of each original doc. You must "fight" Word every step of the way to do this, because it's natural inclination is to make all of these style and formatting elements uniform when docs are combined. I have had varying degrees of success (and failure) while playing around with this problem.

Anyway, I stumble across the set of arguments for the Printout method, and notice that you can print to a file, and you can append documents to this print file. I'm thinking, no way can the solution be that simple. Well, if something sounds too good to be true ... After playing with this, I could not get it working.

What kind of file does Word want to print to?
Can this "print file" be read back as a Word doc?

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

ADO Command Object Returns A &"Method 'Execute' Of Object '_Connection' Failed&" Error
Hi you all,
I have a VB6 app using an Access XP back end.
I Use a function which returns a Read Only, Disconnected ADO Recordset (used to populate lists, combos etc. using minimal resources).
I use it all the time without a hitch.
It started returning a "Method 'Execute' of object '_Connection' failed" error called with a SQL which works just fine when it's used as a query in the Access DB.
Why should the Execute method fail if the SQL works well in Access' Query design window?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

The function is:
Function GetDisconnectedRS(ByVal sSQL As String) As ADODB.Recordset
Dim adoRS As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim ucmdGetDisconnectedRS As ADODB.Command

Set ucmdGetDisconnectedRS = New ADODB.Command
With ucmdGetDisconnectedRS
.ActiveConnection = oConnect.ConnnectionObject
.CommandType = adCmdText
.CommandText = sSQL

Set adoRS = .Execute()

End With

Set adoRS.ActiveConnection = Nothing
Set GetDisconnectedRS = adoRS

SELECT at.ActualTestID, at.PatientID, at.TestID, at.atDate, t.testDescription, p.patFirstName, p.patSurname
FROM (tblActualTests at INNER JOIN tblTests t ON at.TestID = t.TestID) INNER JOIN tblPatients p ON at.PatientID = p.PatientID WHERE at.atDate BETWEEN #02/08/2007# AND #02/08/2007# AND Not atDone
ORDER BY at.atDate DESC, at.TestID, p.patSurname

Just a note: The function works fine few code statements before it fails, with SQLs such as "SELECT DISTINCT patFirstName FROM tblPatients ORDER BY patFirstName".
I've tryed to run "SELECT * FROM tblActualTests" and it does work but hey, what's wrong with a few Joins?
And besides which the function didn't fail me in the past with much more complex SQLs.


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