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Fastfood Ordering System.

anyone know if need to create some system like self-ordering system, the system is provide a few front end teminal that can take walk in customer order, then or use PDA to order or other mobile device to order the fastfood, wat language should be used? and wat equipment should be used?

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I have to create a pizza ordering system for class. However, I am having problems leaning code for VB6. I have the gui set up but my problem lays in my code abilities. Any help would be Great.

Butchers Ordering System
I am creating a Butchers Ordering System for a college project.
Customers come to the shop, place an order, and this program sorts that out.
But what i am having trouble with is listing all the kinds of meat, (e.g. Beef, Lamb, Pork) in a clear way.
I would like to menu these items like the start menu in Windows and have found out from my teacher that i do this with
a "Treeview". Except i do not know how to code this.

Could anyone help me creating a single treeview like this...

-----Sirloin Steak

If i find out how to do this, i will be on my way. Any help appreciated,

Bit Ordering
In Visual Basic how can I convert the bit ordering? i.e. from High endian to low endian for an internet application?

Many thanks

Ordering Listbox
I posted this in the VB Help section yesterday and realized it should probably go here, so I killed those posts.

I was really bored Friday night and decided to recreate an old Smalltalk/V test app I had in VB. It is an ordering listbox that uses your standard Listbox control and paints things ontop of the items.

It doesn't use subclassing so most beginner/intermediates should understand it if they are curious.

Attached is a screenshot. I will post the project source code in a following message if people would like to see it.

-Hand out

"On a long enough timeline, everyone's life expectancy drops to zero." - Fight Club

Standings Ordering
I have a Pong game right. There's 5 different Players. I have a sort of Season Mode set up. I have a Standings Form, which tells you how many Wins and Losses each Player has had so far, along with Points For and Points Against.

The only problem is, I can't figure out a way to order the Players in order of how many Wins they've gotten. (In case of tie, the player with the most Points For is above).

Wins / Losses / Points For / Points Against
Player3: 5 2 56 41
Player2: 5 2 48 35
Player5: 4 3 50 47
Player1: 2 5 41 55
Player4: 0 7 34 71

There's only one way I can think of, but that involves the If Then Statement, which would take about 935 lines of code with all of the combinations available.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Thank You

Z-ordering With D3DXSprite
I was wondering if there's anyway I could simply set a sprite's Z coordinate and have it appear in that order rather than have to draw them in that order.

Spriteground.z = 0

And the sprite in the air will appear over the ground sprite.

Ordering Value In Txt Format
I have this sheet and i would want to ordering the value in column K witouth chamge the format of column.

MSFlexGrid Row Ordering
Afternoon (Morning to those in the US) all,

I'm using an MSFlexGrid in one of my programs. I can allow user resizing of columns no problem. However, is there a way I can allow the user to click on the top of a column and have it order itself, in the same manner as Win Explorer?



Alphabetizing And Ordering
I'm writing a program for a high school class that requires me to alphabetize three strings. I was able to do it with a series of "If...Then" statements, comparing the ASCII values. I was experimenting with other methods and was able to get a listbox that sorted the strings and I then retrieved the strings from that. However, the problem is this: when I attepmt to display the string in the output labels, I realize that I need to show the string that is still in the respective textboxes, because I've modified the strings and am required to present the strings exactly as typed. I have this:

Private Sub cmdDoIt_Click()

strOne = Trim(UCase(txtIn1.Text))
strTwo = Trim(UCase(txtIn2.Text))
strTre = Trim(UCase(txtIn3.Text))

List1.AddItem (strOne)
List1.AddItem (strTwo)
List1.AddItem (strTre)

For i = 0 To 2
If (List1.List(i) = strOne) Then
lblOut1.Caption = txtIn1.Text
ElseIf (List1.List(i) = strTwo) Then
lblOut1.Caption = txtIn2.Text
ElseIf (List1.List(i) = strTre) Then
lblOut1.Caption = txtIn3.Text
End If
Next i

End Sub

Sketchy for now, I only have a for-next; the reason being is that I'd like to change which label I'm in with. Actually, now that I look back on it a few hours later, I'm not entirely sure what I was planning. Now guidance would be helpful. Anyway...
That's what I have so far, BUT I am required to put the outputs into three labelboxes. I'd like to be able to do this in another function similar to the 'for-next' if its possible, but I simply don't know how. Any help would be appreciated much. Additionally, if you can suggest any other ways I could go about writing this, I wouldn't have any qualms about showing off to my friends and teacher some more.

I appreciate the help in advance.

(also, if I've violated any unwritten posting standards, I apologize, coz this is my first post here. I'll learn, give me time.)

Listbox Ordering
when i click on a button i want the selected item in the list box to either move up or down in the list acording to which button was pressed. How do I go about doing this?

Stupid VB6 Ordering
How can one get around the reverse ordering VB does when copying an array of labels or textboxes? If I create a column of array boxes starting at the top and working down, then copy the entire column, Micro$oft then often reverses the order making it un-useable. I have large arrays to display and the only way around the problem is to just copy a single element at a time which can really suck when there are a hundred or more to do.

Ordering An Array?
Hi, I have an array of variables. And I assign each variable a random number like
RanArray(1) = 10
RanArray(2) = 5
RanArray(3) = 26
RanArray(4) = 12

And I want to put the values in order from least to greatest so something would would basicly turn the previous list into this
RanArray(1) = 5
RanArray(2) = 10
RanArray(3) = 12
RanArray(4) = 26

And I'm wondering if this is possible?

Help With Listbox Ordering

In my program there are 11 list boxes that have parts of meal menus in them reading from strings at the beginning. The user clicks the item, then clicks add. This adds the text to a hidden caption which adds it to a list box called lstorder.

Getting to the point,

I would like a piece of script that could be put on a button click so that it puts all of the items in lstorder into the correct order. I have no idea how many pieces of data are going to be in the list box, it could be anything from 1 up to 105.

Appreciate any help available,


Ordering Problem
i have a screenshot of an orders form in MS Access and would like to know what is the best method of duplicating it in VB?

Whenever someone clicks on the product field then a drop down box is show with all the products in it and all relevant information is shown. This works perfectactally in ACCESS but how can i do this in VB?

Any help is appreciated


Ordering Question...
hey guys...

plz look into this...I have dates in an access database field by the name of StartTime...these dates are captured using the now() function...

so i have for instance: 7/2/2003 9:02:52 AM

I have to order these in ascending order of dates and I use:
ORDER by StartTime...

The problem is that this ordering is not valid because of 2, 7 and 9 instead of 02, 07 and 09...which means that all numbers less than 10 should be represented like that...

now I want to define this field as Integer and that would help...but then I have the AM/PM it has to be used as text...

what do you suggest I do...should I use format to write the date to the database in the said format...also can anyone tell me how to write format so that I have:

02/07/2003 09:02:52 AM

That is that I have the date before the month (not in American format)...



Ordering Of Data
For i = 0 To txtInfo.Count - 1
If Not txtInfo(i) = vbNullString Then
Print #filenum, lblinfo(i) & " " & txtInfo(i)
strbuffer = strbuffer + vbCrLf + lblinfo(i).Caption & " " & txtInfo(i).Text
End If
Next i

For i = 0 To cmbInfo.Count - 1
If Not cmbInfo(i) = vbNullString Then
Print #filenum, lblsm(i) & " " & cmbInfo(i)
strbuffer = strbuffer + vbCrLf + lblsm(i).Caption & " " & cmbInfo(i).Text
End If
Next i

That is the code i am using at the moment to write some stuff to a text file (don't worry to much about strbuffer thats for the clipboard) now what i need is to print the data to the text file but ordered in such a way that cmbinfo(0 and 1) are positioned in the middle of the txtInfo(i) control array.

So the output would be...


Just to remind you guys i cant add both control arrays together as they aren't identical controls.

Any ideas? I need this as soon as possible! Otherwise i will have to remove the control array and do it a much slower way

Filelistbox Ordering
How do I order the contents of a filelistbox in reverse alphabetical order?

Shape Ordering
Is there anyway to tell vb which shapes to draw first? I am drawing a line directly onto the form, but it draws over the top of some of my other shape objects, is there any way to set the ordering? Like a bring to front or send to back?


Ordering An Sql Query
how so i order a sql query which returns sizes.... i want to order it by size i.e small , medium, large....

ListView Ordering...
hi i am making a listview that lists files of a given path...but i have a problem...if i have something like this:



it will show up something like this


how can i find a usefull way of puting it in "decimal" order?

Ordering Numbers (HELP!)
Ok, you have a list of 5 numbers.. they're assigned in an array like this:

iNumber(1) = 12
iNumber(2) = 4
iNumber(3) = 9
iNumber(4) = 2
iNumber(5) = 9

You want to sort these numbers by value from either lowest to highest or highest to lowest using the least bit of code you can.

Ok, now I know this is a cheap way of trying to get someone to make a code snippet for me, but I'm not doing it in vb, so I won't actually be using your code. =).. I'll be translating it.

I just can't figure this one out without using a large amount of code to do it. PLEASE HELP!

ListView Ordering
Hey, I have been looking around for a while now and have not found anything good. I have seen it done so I know it is possible.

Is what I am wanting to do is make a listview for a chat and the admins be at the top. I think this has something to do with the key when you add the item.

Ordering Within A String
Hi All,
I am writing a vb6 app and have a string question.

I have a series of check boxes that when clicked in order produce a string
like this (the "id,photoc" are actually added by default):
,medium_photo2,medium_photo3,medium_photo4,medium_ photo5,medium_photo6,medium_photo7,medium_photo8,m edium_photo9"

However, it is possible for them to be clicked "out of sequence", hence the
last option in the string below:
,medium_photo3,medium_photo4,medium_photo5,medium_ photo6,medium_photo7,medium_photo8,medium_photo9,m edium_photo2"

NOTE: Notice the space after "medium_photo"- it is necessary for the string
replace I do. The "id,photoc" I want to be at the beginning but that isn't
as important.

What I need is a method to take the resulting string and make sure all the
medium_photo? are in numerical order for my sql query.


Alphabetical Ordering
i have a combo box which reads values from database. the values are read based on their order in the database, and this is not alphabetical. is there anyway to display the values in the combo box alphabetically?
Thank you!

Ordering Fields Name ....
I use a VBA for Excel macro, to insert value from sheet to table into mdb file...
is possible to ordering in alphabetical the fileds with a mcaro...?

have in table

i want in table

(corrected spelling of "fields". Geof)

Edited by - luca91 on 5/9/2007 7:49:24 AM

Ordering An Array In SQL
Hi, I have a SQL statement thats obtaining info for me that I want by querying an Access Database, but I was wondering If there is a way to sort by a column or perhaps even 2 columns( by one then the other) By adding to my SQL query. BBelow is my SQL statment. Please give me any suggestions you can.
PS Conversly its being entered into a datagrid so perhaps I could order it in that after I import it.

I want to order by NIA15K_total_data.Chr
then by NIA15K_total_data.[Chr Start],

strSQL = "SELECT NIA15K_total_data.ID, NIA15K_total_data.Chr, NIA15K_total_data.[Chr Start], NIA15K_total_data.[Well ID], TempDataFile" & DataFile & ".Ratio FROM TempDataFile" & DataFile & " INNER JOIN NIA15K_total_data ON TempDataFile" & DataFile & ".[Well ID] = NIA15K_total_data.[Well ID] "

Ordering Commands In A Macro
Is there any way to "order" the commands in a macro so that certain ones can be executed last? I've placed a certain replace command last, but it's still trying to do the replacement about seven lines from the end of the code. Can I force this line of code to be completed at the end of the macro? If so, how?


Ordering Timer On Programming PLC
Hi. We have a problem in the ordering 4 timers in our program. Timers don't work respectively. What must we do in order to overcome this problem? Here is our program;


Dim torqueenable
Dim AnaVeriDizisi2 As String, degree As String, BCC_Degeri2 As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()

torqueenable = 1

End Sub

Private Sub Command4_Click()
torqueenable = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

plcComm.CommPort = 4
plcComm.Settings = "9600,o,8,1"
plcComm.InputLen = 0
plcComm.PortOpen = True

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
plcComm.PortOpen = False

End Sub

Private Sub InputText_Change()

InputText.Text = retInputText

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Jogging = 1
End Sub
Private Sub Command2_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Jogging = 0
End Sub
Private Sub Command3_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Jogging = 2
End Sub
Private Sub Command3_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Jogging = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
Timer2.Enabled = False
Dim i
Dim InputText As String, BCC_Degeri As String
Dim AnaVeriDizisi
InputText = ""

If Jogging = 1 Then
Yazma_Degeri = "1"

i = func_WriteOutput("2", "2", InputText)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(InputText, BCC_Degeri)
End If
If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi = InputText & BCC_Degeri & vbCr
End If

plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi

End If

If Jogging = 2 Then
Yazma_Degeri = "1"

i = func_WriteOutput("3", "3", InputText)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(InputText, BCC_Degeri)
End If

If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi = InputText & BCC_Degeri & vbCr
End If

plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi

End If

If Jogging = 0 Then
Yazma_Degeri = "0"

i = func_WriteOutput("0", "4", InputText)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(InputText, BCC_Degeri)
End If
If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi = InputText & BCC_Degeri & vbCr
End If

plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi

End If
If torqueenable = 1 Then


Yazma_Degeri = "1"

i = func_WriteOutput("5", "5", InputText)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(InputText, BCC_Degeri)
End If
If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi = InputText & BCC_Degeri & vbCr
End If
plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi

End If

If torqueenable = 0 Then


Yazma_Degeri = "0"

i = func_WriteOutput("0", "5", InputText)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(InputText, BCC_Degeri)
End If
If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi = InputText & BCC_Degeri & vbCr
End If

plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi

End If

Timer2.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub Timer3_Timer()
Timer3.Enabled = False

Dim write_response

write_response = plcComm.Input

If Len(write_response > 0) Then

List2.AddItem write_response

End If

Timer3.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub Timer4_Timer()

Timer4.Enabled = False

Dim write_response As String

degree = ""

i = func_ReadDegree("3", "3", degree)

If i = 1 Then
i = func_BCC_Hesaplama(degree, BCC_Degeri2)
End If
If i = 1 Then
AnaVeriDizisi2 = degree & BCC_Degeri2 & vbCr
End If

plcComm.Output = AnaVeriDizisi2

Timer4.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub Timer5_Timer()
Timer5.Enabled = False

Dim read_response

read_response = plcComm.Input

If Len(read_response > 0) Then

List1.AddItem read_response

End If
Timer5.Enabled = True
End Sub
Starting order of the timers are : 2. - 3. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 2. - 4. - 5.
But we want them work in 1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. order.

Help Help Help!!!!! {Ordering Database Records}

I Have A Small Problem

I Have A Database Where I Store Customer Details
I Want To Get The Customer Details By Their Name In The Alphabetical Order

For E:g

Should Be Displayed As


1. How Do I Do This ?

And The Other Question Is I Want To Search The Customer Details By The Starting Letter Of Their Name
Please Tell Me If There Is A Fuction Or Any Other Way Where I Can Get The First Letter Of Their Name And Search



Please Help

I Thoght Of Trying To Do It With A Sql Stsement
But If There Is An Easier Or Better Way Please Tell Me

Code Execution Ordering
Hi all

Quick question about code execution (VB6), here's my scenario...

Form1 calls Form2 which displays a list of records, the user selects one and Form3 opens to show related records, the user once again selects one of these. Form3 sends the relevant record number to a global variable.

Both Form2 and Form3 now close and the user is back to where they began, and in a field on the form, should appear the contents of the global variable set by Form3.

The problem I am having is, after calling Form2, the piece of code which reads the global variable into the field on Form1 executes as soon as Form2 opens, which is, of course way too soon (it should execute after Form3 is closed).

How do I get VB to execute the loading of the two forms, and then move on to the statement following the Load Form1 line once forms 2/3 have closed?

I realise I could put something on Form3 to put the appropriate value directly onto Form1 by going
Form1.textbox1 = blaablaablaa
, but I want to use this form2/form3 combo in other places in the program too, where the final value will be output to forms other than Form1.

I hope this makes sense to someone, thanks in advance for any help.

Ordering Problem Plz Read
hey in my project i have a database that i read data from..pretty simple

in this line of code i want it to look at the value in the collumms "lastname" and "rating" and add the lastnames to a listbox ordering them by their ratings

the lines of code are

Connstr = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=" & App.Path & "/game.mdb;"
Conn.ConnectionString = Connstr
Rs.Open "SELECT lastname,rating FROM Rating " & "ORDER BY Rating", Conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
For Y = 1 To 6
lstRating.AddItem Rs!lastname
If Conn.State = adStateOpen Then
End If

what happens is it orders the columm by rating but by putting the largest numbers at the bottom and lowest at the top

can you plz tell me how to do it in DESENDING order

i find it weird that it does it in acending order coz when i order it by the columm lastname which contains strings unlike rating which contains integers, it orders in desending

thank you for your help

Ordering By Two Fields In An Ado Recordset
I have no problem ordering my recordset by one field but how do I do it with two?!?

Form Load Ordering
Can anyone suggest a method to stop a subform loading until the parent form is fully loaded?

Thanks ,
"I may appear stupid, but I'm merely incompetent."

Help With A Pizza Ordering Program
Here is the code I have so far for the program I need some help to figure out how to get the total to show up when I click the total button.
Any help would be appreciated.

Option Explicit
Dim PizzaSize As String
Dim PizzaCrust As String
Dim PizzaTopping As String

Private Sub chkTop_Click(Index As Integer)
'Read PizzaToppings
PizzaTop = chkTop(Index).Caption
End Sub

Private Sub cmdBuild_Click()
'This procedure builds a message box that displays your pizza type
Dim Message As String
Dim I As Integer
Message = Message + PizzaSize + "Pizza" + vbCr
Message = Message + PizzaCrust + vbCr
For I = 0 To 5
If chkpizzaTop(I).Value = vbChecked Then Message = Message + chkpizzaTop(I).Caption + vbCr
Next I
MsgBox Message, vbOKOnly, "Your Pizza"

End Sub

Private Sub cmdExit_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub cmdTotal_Click()
'Calculate Total
Total = (optSize(I).Caption) + (chkTop(I).Caption)

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
'Initialize pizza parameters
PizzaSize = "Small $5.99"
PizzaCrust = "Thin Crust"

End Sub

Private Sub Option1_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Check1_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Check5_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Option2_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub optCrust_Click(Index As Integer)
'Read Crust type
PizzaCrust = optCrust(Index).Caption
End Sub

Private Sub optSize_Click(Index As Integer)
'Read pizza size
PizzaSize = optSize(Index).Caption
End Sub

Ordering Files By Date
Is there anyway to use the VB FileList Control and order Files by Date created.

I could write a routine which polls all the files into an array and use the filedatetime function to sort these but I wonder if there is some hidden trick so that before I set the path of the FileList control I can call an API to order these files 1st.

The FileList Box seems to order Alphabetically.

Thanx in Advance Ppl

FileSystemObject - Ordering Alphabetical, Please Help
Dear all,

Can anyone help me understand the order that FSO 'For, Next' carries itself out in.?

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Dim Fs As New FileSystemObject
Dim sFolder As Scripting.Folder

For Each sFolder In Fs.GetFolder("c: emp").SubFolders
Debug.Print sFolder.Name
Next sFolder

Set Fs = Nothing
Set sFolder = Nothing

End Sub

This gives me the following list of subfolders in "c: emp"

My Toolbar
Dock Bar
mnu Final
menus 1

This list does not match the order that these folders appear on disk in Windows explorer.
I have looked at Arranging Icons, Folder Created Dates, Folder sizes etc and cannot seem to make sense of the order that FSO gives me.

What I want is to have FSO give me the subfolders in the same order as they appear in explorer. i.e.

Menus 1

etc etc

Can anyone help me here?

Many thanks


Ordering Data In A Sub-query
In VB6, I have a query that will find records that match this criteria: _65% which means find all records that have 65 as the 2nd and 3rd character (entire query: "SELECT * FROM PartTypes WHERE TypeNum LIKE '_" & sType & "%';")

This query finds these records when sType = "65":


Is there a way to modify the query to further put this into order based on the last 7 characters?



Database Ordering Question
hey i have a question to do with Ordering stuff in databases

i have a simple Access Database that contains a ladder with the teams points and percentage

im sure you are all familiar with various ladder systems in various sports

basically i order the points in decending order and that forms the ladder and if any teams have equal points, their percentage acts as a tiebreaker

i already know the code 2 order collums but not 2 do wat i want

hopefully i am making myself clear

hopefully you can help me out


Ordering Pizza Online... [serious]
ok I work for a small local italian restaurant. We have a websit

I was wondering what I would have to do to make it where people could order online, then the ticket would go in our "hotsause" database, and print out of the printer for the cooks... any thoughts.

I do understand that this might be difficult, but it would be cool to do. I probablly have to learn java or php or asp, i dont know, any thoughts...

ORDER BY Is Not Ordering My Recordset At All?
My recordset does not seem to be sorted at all.

VB Code:
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [tblDepartment_Sections] Order by '[Department_Section]' ASC"    Call Close_Recordset(oRSDepartment)    oRSDepartment.Open strSQL, oConn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockOptimistic

Is there something wrong in my Open statement?

Ordering A Msflexgrid By Column
i have an msflexgrid that shows all results from a search. is there a way i can add a function that allows the user to order the results by a column that they select. like you can in excel and access??



How To Make An Ordering With Sql On 2 Collums?
Hi all
I have a collum named: frontname and a collum named lastname.

I want to order my whole recordset on lastname and the frontname.
Who can help me?

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM personen ORDER BY lastname ASC"

this is what i have that you very much in advance.

Ordering A Collecton Class
My test is:

Private x As CollProps1

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim i As Integer
Dim y As Prop1

Set x = New CollProps1
x.Add "1", "fred", "1"
x.Add "3", "Bill", "3"
x.Add "2", "****", "2"
For Each y In x
Debug.Print y.Prop2
End Sub

Where the 3rd parameter in the x.Add collection is the key associated to the collection.

After the x.add statements, how can I obtain details fro the collection in 'key' order.

So that in my debug.print statement the above comes out in fred, ****, bill order?

Ordering In Terms Of Size..

I have a dictionary, loading a text file containing x names and scores, each score being separated from its owner by a ':'



I'm loading them in with:

VB Code:
Open "jumblescores.txt" For Input As #1    Dim JumbScore() As String    JumbScore = Split(Input(LOF(1), #1), vbCrLf)    For i = 0 To UBound(JumbScore)        If JumbScore(i) <> "" Then            jumblescores.Add Split(JumbScore(i), ":")(0), Split(JumbScore(i), ":")(1)        End If    Next iClose #1

etc etc.

How would I find the top x number of scores (eg the highest scores), and then sort them, then display them with the names?

Thanks for your help and time!


Re Ordering Source Code
Hello Everyone

I once came across code to order subs and functions in VB source code files. I have lost reference to it. Any idea where I can somthing similar?

Ordering A List Box By Date???
Set the propertiy Sorted = true in the Properties window. That sorts the date from newest to oldest.

Ordering Numbers In Arrays.
Can someone tell me how to order a set of numbers. Here's how things are set up:

I want the variable "Player(0, 0)" to contain (in an array) the order of a few numbers. (Player(0, 0) would be the highest, Player(0, 1) would be next, all the way to 10) (I would also do this for Player(1, 1) and so on until 20 actually, and I'm prepared for loading times, but I want it to be as fast as possible... (progressbar is included))

Lets say there were two Players. I have a variable for each, which contains the number to order (lets say PlayerLvl(0, 0) is the variable, and PlayerLvl(1, 0) is the second). Lets say PlayerLvl(0, 1) is the higher one. This how is what Player would contain:

Player(0, 0) = 1 'PlayerLvl(1, 0)
Player(0, 1) = 0 'PlayerLvl(0, 0)

I need a function to assign "Player", in the order greatest to least, the first dimension of PlayerLvl.

I hope you understand. All of those 0's and 1's sure do look like binary...



(If that doesn't make sense, providing an efficient way to order numbers (I need to order numbers an average of 21 x 50 times while doing this))

I hope to make this loading only around 10 - 20 seconds for 50 people if it's possible (or less would be great actually, I'm not sure how long it'd take!)

Ordering Combobox With MSFlexgrid
   i want to place a combobox in MSFlexgrid. but the combobox goes back to msflexgrid its not comming to front. through i triy from format then order then bind into front .but it not working. anybody can solve this problem

Shop Ordering Page
Hi guys,

Just wondering what the best way is to do an ordering page for a shop etc.

If i extract a list of orders from the database from a particular supplier,
i then want to add onto each record line a quantity box where the user types the number of each item they need,
and a check box so that the user can delete that record if they change their mind and don't want to order that item.
What would i use to display this on the screen?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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