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File Sharing Program

i want to make my own file sharing program (don't bother w/ the flames... i know, its been done, its stupid... whatever you want to say keep it to yourself, im not in the mood) does anyone have any simple code, or good tutorials on it??

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A Non-central Server File Sharing Program?!
How would I go about not using a central server to get the IP of someone using my program? I've been boggled for days with this question. Thanks

Beta Testers For My File Sharing Program
Hey guys. Check out my brand new program, File Spree ( ). I need to know what's good/bad with it and maybe get a few program ideas. Thanks!

[Also, if you know a way around a router, firewall, etc. like the passive mode on an FTP, let me know. thanks]

Sharing A Program
Hello all

I have a program which is using an acccess database
to Add, Edit and Print a report.
I used ADO to create the connections
This program work perfectly in a single computer.
but now i want others in the network to do all things i am doing
in a single computer.
any idea or sites which helps me do this is appreciated.

Desktop Sharing Program
Dear all..............

How to do desktop sharing program using visual basic?

How to do vb progran using netmeeting SDK ?

Connecting Multiple Computer And Sharing A VB Program
Hi, I need my program to be shared by several computers accessing my VB project. What I did was using a hub and netbui, I set up a network and shared a folder with my files and got the other computer to access it. The thing is, I keep having problem with Win 98 and Win 2000.. Usually Win 2000 can see the 98 computer, but 98 have a hard time seeing 2000.. In the case I want the "server" to be the 2000 computer, it might be hit or miss whether the 98 computer can access the 2000 computer.. Also, the end users might not be computer literite enough to set up a network. Does anyone know any other file sharing protocol that can be used and that might be easier to set up than what I'm doing?

How To Develop File Sharing Application For Share The File From The Other Computers Through The Loca
i want to know how to develop a file sharing application such like network neighborhood that share the file from the other computers through the LAN

File Sharing
What would it take to make a file sharing program, something like Kazaa or Morpheus, but littler?-thanks

File Sharing
I'm thinking of starting a file sharing project, and I want to try and keep
it as decentralized as possible so I'll make a Client and a Server tool so
users can host their own "servers".
But what would be the best way to make regular clients find these "servers"?
And what protocol would be best TCP/IP or UDP?

USB And File Sharing
Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to set a jump drive (USB key, USB Flash drive, etc) to share over a network.

Now i can do this by going to properties for the jump drive letter and enabling the sharing that way. After applying it, it will work until the computer is reset and I have to do those same steps all over again.

That is what I want to do automatically. Like maybe use an auto load script when the USB is plugged in to do this for me?

Is there any way to set networking for a drive letter behind the scenes (or maybe in the registry?) The users who will be using this will not be able to go in and set up a network drive every time they put the USB key in.

ADMIN : Please move to proper forum if this is not correct.

Any suggestions would be great,

P2P File Sharing
I've been using visual basic for a few years and i know how to make things work but i don't really know the best or proper way to do things. Im trying to create a P2P file sharing app like kazaa, ares etc. and at the moment it is working fine, but its the worst coding you will ever have seen! And it's heavily UNcommented. Ive included the source for both the client and server, if anyone could take a look and pass on their criticisms and comments and help me to make it better that would be great!

P.S. Two clients cannot be run simultaneously on the same machine unless one is set not to listen on the same port.
If the server is running on the same machine as a client then you will need to add the server ip into the server code - see frmFileManager > WSFMConnect_DataArrival()

Sharing A File
Hi everyone!

I have a simple yet commlicated problem!

I have some VB code that saves a text file, using the following method:

Open app.path & "/file.txt" output as 1
This works fine if the program is not shared over two areas on one computer.

for example I installed the program on admistrations area of one computer, but when I try to save over the file in a limited area account the program just says file access denied. This is because it will not allow the limited area account to save over administration account files.

Is there away in which I can make the file shared over sevreal accounts with any level of access. Meaning if the administration saves over the text file the limited account can still save over the file as it is a shared file.

Another possible way is to give me an example of some code in which I can write over accessed denied files.

Thanks For helping!

File Sharing
Hi everybody,

What are the limitations to share a text file between two applications that are running together in Windows XP?
One of them is an IBM terminal emulator and the other is a VB6 application
written by me.
The VB application writes 100 characters every two seconds.The terminal emulator application has to read the file randomly.

File Sharing In Vb.
Dear friens
is there any code to set file access permission in vb,so that no one can modify the permission.
Actually i want my file not to be shared in a network if some one tried to. help me

Thanks in advance!!.

File Sharing App
I want to know how I can create a file sharing App. I have a design made, I just need to know how to get the App to connect and everything.

LAN File Sharing

Does anybody have any idea how to make a VB script set folders as shared over an LAN. When you look at a folders properties, you can set it to shared. Is it possible to create a script to do this? If so, is it also possible to create a script that will set a folder as shared only for one specific user to access it over the LAN, and not everybody?

Thanks, Richard.

File Sharing App
i'm still a newbie

and i'm building a file sharing app and i was wondering how i can connect through the internet to servers.

if you need more info just say so


File Sharing?
Hi people

how would i go about creating a file share prog for my friends at school? please help i am reeeeeeeeeally new reeeeeeeally! so plese give a tutorial i you know one or just some tips

thanx i apreciate it alllot!

File Sharing?
I found a great program here: that allows you to share files on your system and anyone connected to you can take any of the shared files.

That's great and all but I do not want to take someone elses program and turn it into my own. I want to learn how to do something like this from scratch. I have been scowering over the net looking for good tutorials on "file sharing" and am coming up emtpy.

Do any of you have any suggestions on online tutorials or books I could pruchase that will push me in the right direction?

File Sharing...
How can i find out if File sharing is turned on on a computer on a network. I know that file sharing runs on the port 139, but I can't figure out how to check for a response from it.


P2P File Sharing Question
I actually have 2 questions.

1. I was just wondering how a P2P (Peer-2-Peer) File Sharing Program like Kazaa works, and if one can be executed in Visual Basic? Thanks in advanced.

- Turray

File Sharing Problem
I'm having bit of a problem at work. We have a company of about 500. We have forms on a SQL based server that are word docs with fillable forms. How can we have more that one copy open without having a "file already in use" error? -sTEVE

Need Advice On File Sharing...
I have a standalone application that I save data / settings out to simple text files for storage. I am now looking into trying to create a simple form of networking for my program so that multiple people can share the same data.

Can anybody point me in the right direction regarding what technology / solution I should look into for doing this?

The only real catch is that the data I write out to a text file is similar to 'records' in a database... so I'm worried that in sharing the file between multiple machines it would be difficult to keep the data consistent.

Any tips/pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!


Sharing Sequential File
This is my problem. I am reading an open sequential text file which is continually receiving input (ie: a log file). I open the file and using a 'do while not EOF loop', I read in all the existing data and parse it. I want to, using a timer routine, check the sequential file every second to input any new data that it may have received. It believes the 'EOF' situation still exists and will not allow me to read the new data.

Behind Firewall File Sharing
we are using a instant messaging application(VB Based) that needs to post files to the server for other persons to download.It works fine with sockets when the persons are on direct connection.....for behind firewall case I am using xmlhttp...can anyone suggest a better,robust and reliable alternative to that.....

Sharing A Class File
I have 5 applications using 5 identical class files

when I change one of the class files , I have to replace all the class files in the other applicaiton.

Is there a way to use ONE class file for all application so that when I modify it I don't have to copy it or replace it again ?

Thank you

Document/File Sharing
Hi guys,
How can i share the documents over the internet. What I mean is I want to have a single location for document storage and if the staff @ location 1 creates or modifies the document or file the staff @ location 2 should be able to view that and modify it if he wants.

can we build this functionality in VB or should I use some third party technology for this. If I can build this in VB that would be great.

If anybody think this is easy using .Net let me know I will do it using .Net (I'am .Net beginner)

Enable File Sharing
Hey i was wondering if there is any way to enable file sharing through vb? If so .. can someone explain how .. i have tried to look it up and no luck.

In case your wondering.. this is not for a trojan . It is however for a RAT.

I have heard that a peer 2 peer file sharing netowrk can be made in visual basic, but how? has anyone got any tutorials? sites etc?

File Sharing Theorem

I am thinking of creating a file sharing prog cus it will help me better learn winsock with vb. I don't have a central server, so I would make use of a P2P network using several winsock controls. Heres how it would work..

1. Use downloads file sharing prog.
2. When user starts up file sharing prog, it connects to the internet, gets the users IP address, and uploads the IP address string to a text file on a webpage.
3. If many users start up their programs, many IP addresses may start to build up on the text file on the web.
4. To start a connection, the program automatically downloads all the current IP addresses stored on the text file on the web.
5. The program does the standard winsock connections once the IP addresses are recieved and files and be shared.

Would this method work? What are the weaknesses
? Strengths?

File Sharing App - Question
Hey guys, if you've ever used blubster, you know that it uses UDP. I have tried to figure out what kind of protocol it uses to get files, but I'm unsure of myself. I created an example of how blubster works, but I need help on figuring out what the transfer type is so I can code the program to match it. Thanks guys.

File Sharing Prog

What language would be better for developing a file sharing prog that can transfer anything from .gif, .bmp, .mp3, .wav files? I know that Vb would make it faster to develop it, but speed is not a matter

File Sharing Problem
Okay, I have a bit of a problem. I am making a file sharing app, and I need help on getting a retrieveable list of servers for the client to connect to. To get the list, you can use either an SQL Database or a text file on a web site, etc. Anyway, can anyone figure out a way for the server app to tell the clients that the server is running. Say that the person doesn't know the server IP, how would the user find the IP of the server... I had an idea that the server could upload a file to the web site, then the user could download the list and when the server goes offline, it removes the text file. This is too complicated though. Anyone have any ideas or source for something like this?

File Sharing Through Browser
I am looking for an object that controls file transfers from client to client via the internet, that can be controlled via the browser, I have seen a few applications that are loaded to the client and work via the server via OpenNap, but they are all external components. A simple .dll that allows clients to share files once logged in to the Intranet ala Napster would be excellent!

Any ideas?

File Sharing Application
Hi everyone, I have presently developed a file sharing application similar to Napster but have run into some minor problems with file security and progress reporting. Any help and discussion would be appreciated.



File Sharing Application
We can use this as the new thread.

Sharing An Exe File Or Installing It In Every Clients Which Is Better?
Hi all,

I just created a database application. vb as a front end and ms access as a back end. The database will be place in a common network path and the users will share it. I created the exe file.

My question is Can i place the exe file in a common network path and share it or can i create a setup package and install it in client systems. Which is secure and will work with more speed?

If I place the exe file in a common network path, what will be the disadvantages? I feel comfortable to place it in network path. since if i need to update that exe file i can update that particular exe (which is located in common network path) not on every machine.

Thanks in advance.


About Sharing Excel File Embedded With Vba...
Hi there. I got an excel file for maintaining employee's leave records. What I want is that the file will be saved in one of the five machines which have been connected via an intranet and so all the five employees can have access to the same excel file and have their leave records enquired and maintained. When user opens the file, my vba will prompt the user for a password and if it is proved to be valid, only the records of the user who logs in will be displayed for enquiry and update.
....And the problem is: How do I make the excel file shared for the 5 users, even at the same time?

Please give me some advice and solution.


Whats The Best File-Sharing Software?
Morpheus used to be cool, but now it sucks ass badly. What is the best thing out right now?

Coding File Sharing Programs

Where should i start is i want to code a file sharing program. Peer-to-Peer. Are there any sites I can use for resourse purposes. Plz help....

Sharing An Exe File Or Installing It In Every Clients Which Is Better?
Hi all,

I just created a database application. vb as a front end and ms access as a back end. The database will be place in a common network path and the users will share it. I created the exe file.

My question is Can i place the exe file in a common network path and share it or can i create a setup package and install it in client systems. Which is secure and will work with more speed?

If I place the exe file in a common network path, what will be the disadvantages? I feel comfortable to place it in network path. since if i need to update that exe file i can update that particular exe (which is located in common network path) not on every machine.

Thanks in advance.


File And Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks
I have a need to check if File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is enabled (check marked) in Local Area Connections Properties and if not enable (check mark it) using Visual Basic code. Is this at all possible?

ADODB File Sharing Lock Error
I have an established ADO 2.7 connection to an existing Access 2000 database and I am successfully able to manipulate the existing data.

However once the number of manipulated records reaches approximately 9400 records, I receive the following runtime error:

"-2147217887 (80040e21), file sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry".

I am not sure what to do to correct this error.

If I used batch updates, I thought this would have corrected the problem, but it did not appear to.

The number of records within the database will fluctuate between 500 and 300,000 records.

If needed I can attach the code and the database (if it helps).

Access DB Single File Sharing Over Network.
Hello all, need some real big help here...
I finally gotten around to test my program over the network and now it’s telling me that the file is already in use on the other computer (the office side, the Lab side trying to edit something) and vise-versa.

Im using JET 4.0. If i only use one then it works just fine, adds, edits and updates.. but when i have both running on the network then it wont add, edit or update anything, just has the error of the file already being used.

Ive tried a lot right now…. Including…

Changes .Mode to:
.Mode = adModeReadWrite
.Mode = adModeShareDenyNone

Also I have changed the rst.Open to….

adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

Still am getting the error….Seems when I start the Lab program first then the Office side, it doesn’t give an “already in use” error at the beginning… but it still will not let me update anything regardless.

Any help would be great,

Sharing Violation After Choosing File In CommonDialog
I have a common dialog control that I use to let the user choose a File.

Once the user has double-clicked the file in the ShowOpen dialog (or clicked it and clicked 'Open'), the parent folder of that file is locked out.

When I try to rename the folder I get the error message:

There has been a Sharing Violation

When I try to rename that folder's parent folder, I get the error message:

Access Denied

Further more, when the application stops running, these folders are still locked out! It isn't until the VB IDE shuts down that the folders are released again.

I tried setting the CommonDialog.FileName = "" to release the folder, but that doesn't change anything. Also, I have set the flags = &H4000

Any ideas?



File Sharing Lock Count Exceeded
Can someone please help me figure out what is causing the intermittent error (picture attached).

I am using Windows XP Pro and VB6 SP5

The culprit codes seems to be:

Do While Not rst.EOF
rst.Delete ' <<<crashes here

Again, it doesnt always crash.

Thanks for any help on how to fix this.

Enable File And Printer Sharing Remotely
I've searched and searched and found a lot of info on snetcfg.exe and possible scripts, but none of the download links I've found for snetcfg.exe seem to be valid.
Found a link in the thread linked here, but it's the same link I found in many places.
Bad link:

Does anyone know where I can download the XP version and possible a sk3 svr version?  XP is the one we really need.

Thanks for any help or other suggestion on enabling File and Printer sharing remotely!

File Sharing Lock Count Exceeded Error
This occurs when I try to delete an item, and access cascades the deletes through many tables with over 1 million records.  I am aware of the registry setting that allows you to bump up the number of records you can lock but this will not be an option b/c:

1.  It looks like the max won't be enough to complete this delete.
2.  I don't want to have to change everyone's registry settings.

I know I can go through and delete each individual record, but isn't there a way that you can tell access "Hey, I have the database opened exclusively so don't worry about locking every single affected record!!!"???  Thanks for any help you can give... even if it is just saying "Nope, I don't know of a way."  Thanks!

Problem Sharing A .frm File With A Toolbar Due To Font Size Setting
I've run across a problem when sharing a vb6 form file which has a toolbar. It looks like the font size setting on the 2 machines that are sharing the form is causing the toolbar to shift. One machine has larg fontsize and the other small.

When the computer with large font size opens a form in the vb6 ide which was saved on the computer with small font size and that form has a toolbar, then closes the form without making any changes the ide asks if you want to save the form. When looking at the changes it's apparent that the size of the toolbar has changed, shifting some of the other form size variables.

Has anyone else run across this or a similar issue? Any ideas on workarounds?


Making File Sharing In A Clinet/server Chat Module ..
hi all .... i have developed a client/server chat system .and now i can enhance to make file sharing possible in such a way that
multiple clients might b able to share files .. that they can share some information of any kind wrapped in a forlder..
so plzzz help me to make it working .... give some hints that how can i do that ..
waitng for reply

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