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Find Difference Between Time

Hi all,

How to find out the difference between two times. I have two text boxes one is recorded time another is closed time. Time format is long.

I want to calculate the hours and minutes between the two times please assist me on the above issue

Thanks and regards,

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How Do I Find Out The Difference For Time?
I have two time value, which is 4.00 and 3.30. Is there a way i can find the differences between the two time value???
My time is in 24 hours format .

Helps really appreciated. ..

Newbie Ques: How Do You Find Difference In Time?
Hey guys, I'm new to VB.NET and am really unfamiliar with the syntax.
I made one button, so when it's clicked, variable:
StartTime = Now

Similarly, another button when clicked is:
EndTime = Now

How do I find the elapsed time? i.e.
ElapsedTime = EndTime - StartTime?

I get the msg "Operator is not valid for type 'Date' and 'Date'."

Help this newbie with such a simple question!

To Find The Difference Betwn The Time Fields
i want to find the difference of two time intervals

ie text1.text=8.00


text3.text=1.30 and not 1.70

please help


prathima rao

Find The Difference (exe Or Folder)

Can anyone advise me in how I can go about writing a program which can tell the difference between an executable and a folder.


I have a folder called Notepad, and within this folder are my text documents. This folder is open and sitting in the Taskbar. I then run notepad.exe, which then too sits in the Taskbar.

What I want to know is how to tell the difference between the exe and folder.

Is there a quick way of finding this out ?


How To Find Difference Between Two Dates Using Vb6
I need to find difference between two dates which one is current date and another one which i am accessing from msaccess database.
I tried my coding is
dim a,b as date
a=Format(Date$, "dd/mm/yyyy")
msgbox datediff("d", a,b)
msgbox a-b
Please help me in coding.
Thanks in advance,

{Find Difference Between Two Times} - Please Look In {URGENT}

i quickly need to knw how to find the difference between two tiems.?

for e.g.

VB Code:
Dim a As DateDim b As Date Private Sub Form_Load()    a = Time    MsgBox aEnd Sub Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)    b = Time    MsgBox b - a '  <<<<<< HERE IS WAT  I NEED    End Sub

i dont need the AM/PM i can remove dat off... but the thing is hw do i find the time diffrence?

Find Difference Between 2 Versions Of Same DLLs.
Query -

I am on the look out for a process where in I can find the difference between 2 versions of the same VB Dlls.

Apart from the version numbers and other file related info available from Windows Explorer, is there any tool that will help me list out the differences between 2 different versions of the same VB DLL?

I am looking for a something that will give me a report sort of thing, that will point out the difference between the 2 versions of the same VB Dlls.

Something like WinDiff, but a report that is more understandable.

This could be even a tool that is not available in Visual Studio.

How Do I Get The Time Difference?

I plan to find the time lapse for a process. This is how my code looks like:

Dim st$,et$,dummy$
st = Time

Do 'receiving full bytes into buffer
dummy = DoEvents()
Loop Until FFgg = True

et = Time

How do i find the time difference between st and et?? Or is there a better method to do this?? Basically, I just want to know how long the process is taking and display it.



Time Difference

I am trying to get the difference between 2 times.. can anyone help? I have the current time and a static end time and i want the time remaining displayed.


Time Difference
hi all, need help seriously!

A user inputs a time into a textbox in the form "hh:mm" (must be 24hour clock). Upon pressing the submit button, the first thing the program must do is check to see whether that time has already passed (eg, a user inputs "16:50", but the current time is "18:00"...the time has passed). If the time has passed, a msgbox is displayed telling the user how long ago is passed, in minutes.

Please help! I have no idea on how to do this one.

Ben Alexander-Brown

Difference Between Time..
yeah I've read some threads about this but im still unclear...

I've used the

label3.caption = DateDiff("h", label1.caption, label2.caption)

is there anyway to compute The minutes to together with hours? i've get an error if i use "h:m", what should i do?

Time Difference
I know you can get a date difference by using DateDiff function but I am looking for a similar function or a easy way to determine a time difference.

For example, say a certain event started at time SH:SM:SS (SH = Start Hour, etc) but was interrupted at time IH:IM:IS (IH = Interrupt Hour, etc). I need a way to calculate the difference between the two times in seconds.

Time Difference
I'm on a project where my programme should do

1) Amount of Time spent by a user on a internet
2) Then make bill accordingly.

This software will be implement in a hotel where user can any time log in on the internet any time and then bill will be paid at time of clearance. IP will be allocated for each room, The User will use this IP and Surf the internet. Internet access will be provided through WINPROXY which maintain log file in this format., -, -, N, 2007-07-18, 10:01:23, 1, -, -,, -, -, N, 2007-07-18, 10:01:24, 1, -, -,, -, -, N, 2007-07-18, 10:01:24, 1, -, -,, -, -, N, 2007-07-18, 10:01:28, 1, -, -,

In this format I'm getting User's IP, Date, Time, Site Visited. Which are enough for my requirement. But one problem I am facing is that If I want to find Time spent by the user then there I find the problem that is if I take the time difference between intial time and the last time the result will be false because user can access internet any time say user accessed internet for one hr in the morning and 3 hrs in the night, the result should give me total time spent as 4 hrs but in time difference it may given me some other result. I don't know how to go about this.

Any help would be appreciated..

Getting The Difference Between Two Time
Hello all,
I wanted to get the difference between two time, in hh:mm:ss format
I did the following:

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()    startTime = TimeSerial(9, 0, 0)    lblTimeSpend.Caption = Time - startTime    End Sub

but the label shows something like 0.1207......
what is the problem??

What I wanted was to get the difference between current time and 9'o clock in the morning.

Difference Between Two Time
I wants to find out the time difference between two time value.That is my code is

Dim x as varient,y as varient,l as long
for l = 1 to 400000
'do nothing
next l
msgbox x-y

It says the error type mismatch. What is the error? and how can i find the differnec between x and y in time?

Time Difference
I have 4 fileds in my Table

2. Arrival_Time
3. Departure_Tiem
4. Total_Hrs

I have enter Arrival Time in morning at 09:10 and saved it in table
Then in evening i have entered Departure Time 04:00 and saved it again.
Now i want that when i entered Departure Time, it calculate total Hours and
saved them in Field("Total_Hrs")

Please help me


Time Difference From GMT
Quick question: Is there a function I can use that returns the time difference between the system time and GMT. For example if the system were in BST it would return a value of +1 hour.

If not, what would be the easiest way for the program to detect weather the system clock is in BST or GMT?

Appologies if this has come up before but I can't find any specific reference to this in previous posts... Any help would be much appreciated!

Time DIfference
How can I calculate the time difference between 2 date/times Exluding non working hours?


8/10/04 4:30:25 PM
8/11/04 10:31:45 AM

3 hr 01 min 20 secs


my brain hurts today and I cant get it to work right!!

Even if you can get just the seconds I can convert


Time Difference?
How can I figure out the difference between 2 times...

even taking in to account if time A is the day or 2 days before?

7/1/2004 4:50:38 PM
7/2/2004 10:02:22 AM



Time Difference
I need the time difference between two date time values. Eg.

Value1 = 08-04-04 7:15:27 PM
Value2 = 06-04-04 7:15:51 PM

Difference = 2 days, 0 hours and 0 minutes

I won't bother with the precision going upto seconds. Minutes will do for me. I see there's no built-in function to do that. DateDiff gets me only one unit, days, months, hours or minutes. There's no way, I can get...Oh! Eureka. Resolved. Thanks, I can. I get the hours and then...oh! what a jerk. Thanks. RESOLVED.

Time Difference Help
A person works 8am to 5pm

I have no problems using
DateDiff("n", "08:00" , "17:00") to get 9 hours

A person who works 9pm to 10am
DateDiff("n", "21:00" , "10:00") Gives me 11 hours when it should be 13

How can I get this to calculate correctly?


Difference Of Two Time HH:MM:SS
Hi to all

any easiest way to know the difference of two time express in HH:MM:SS?

Time Difference
I want to get the time differece from the current time to a time that is already in the data base .. I know i can do it from date diff function
but what should i put for the current time

datediff("h", [Timereported], ["Current Time"])

Time Difference?
Does anyone know of a function I can use to get the difference in time between 2 times?

I know there's a DateDiff() funtion to get the difference between 2 dates, but I cant find anything to get the change between 2 times

Thanx in advance


Time Difference

I am designing login screen wich i want to check the time limitations
Eg: say the current time is 01:00:00PM the user can log between 12:00:00PM to 06:00PM .

I want to check whether the use is allowed to log or not please... urgent...


Time Difference
I am getting start time=2:05:03 pm (in text1.text)and
end time =2:06:00 pm(in text2.text)

How to subtract these two values and represnt only in minutes

Thanks in advance

Time Difference
Hi, I just want to ask this time on how to get the time difference... like for example the time in is 10:30:00 AM and then the time out is 1:45:00 PM, i need a formula on how to get the inbetween time. Kindly help me... Thanks!

Time Difference
Hi all,
it probably sounds simple, but I'm struggling with the following problem:
I use the Now function to get the current time, how do I figure out how much time is left until the end of the day (mid night)?
Thanks, Hans

Time Difference
Is there any way I can use an intrinsic function to return difference between time?? Such as in the case of a program tracking employee hours worked?? Thanks.

Time Difference
Is there any function availaible to calculate the time difference between two time and dates?

Thanks in advance

Time Difference
I need the time difference between two date time values. Eg.

Value1 = 08-04-04 7:15:27 PM
Value2 = 06-04-04 7:15:51 PM

Difference = 2 days, 0 hours and 0 minutes

I won't bother with the precision going upto seconds. Minutes will do for me. I see there's no built-in function to do that. DateDiff gets me only one unit, days, months, hours or minutes. There's no way, I can get...Oh! Eureka. Resolved. Thanks, I can. I get the hours and then...oh! what a jerk. Thanks. RESOLVED.

How To Get Time Zone Difference To UTC
I'm sorry, this must be in the archives somewhere but the search engine keeps tossing out "UTC", "GMT" and "Mean".

I need a VBA way to determing the time zone offset from local time to UTC, based on system environment variables. I'm hoping there's something easy like "date.getTimeZoneOffset" in JavaScript.

Is there such a method in VBA, or maybe another way to do this?


Compute Time Difference
How do you compute for a say 1 minute difference of time. For example,
If 1 minute has lapsed then do something...
vb DateDiff function doesnt seem to solve the problem because for the example above, I do it this way:

If DateDiff("n",CurrentTime,PreviousTime) = 1 then
'some code here
end if
The above code is inaccurate because the "if condition" returns true even if the 1 minute time has not elapsed yet (such as the difference in seconds is not zero, ie. if CurrentTime = 01:02:00 and PreviousTime = 01:01:59).
The above code also doesnt solve (does not return true) if my CurrentTime = 00:00:00 (pass midnight) and my PreviousTime = 23:59:00.
How will I go about this?

Calculating Time Difference
Hi Folks
I am haveing a problem calculating time differences:
I have a start time (stime) and endtime (etime), i found some code on this forum which i need to tweek to be able to calculate the time difference.
This works fine until say the start time (Stime) is 10pm and the end time is 2am. then the hours returned will be 20 hours.
I can't get it to recognise am and pm times or the 24 hour clock.
can anyone advise me how i can adjust this code or point me to another forum.

Difference In Time From Two Strings

I have an app in which i have a start time and a finish time both in strings i need to now get the minutes between the two strings

any idea's ??

Time Difference Calculation
Hi everybody. I need to calculate the difference between two given times. i.e. 7 am and 12 pm and return the difference between them. Is there any predefined method in visual basic that allows me to do that?? Some method like Datediff but for time??

Another question I have is that when I make a executable of my program I cannot run it in other computers where VB is not installed. Can anybody tell me what I can do to solve the problem?.

A last question, can anybody tell me how I can search a database using DAO and the .findfirst method??

Thanx a lot.

Time Zone Difference To GMT
Is there any way in SQL or SQL-DMO to obtain the difference in minutes (or hours) from my SQL Server's time zone to GMT ?

[I thought I could do it through Server/JobServer/TargetServer.TimeZoneAdjustment
but having connected to SQL-DMO as follows :-

Dim objSQLServer As SQLDMO.SQLServer
Dim objSQLJobServer As SQLDMO.JobServer

Set objSQLServer = New SQLDMO.SQLServer ' OK
objSQLServer.Name = Servername ' OK
Set objSQLJobServer = objSQLServer.JobServer '

I get Error = objSQLServer.JobServer = <[SQL-DMO This object not connected>

Anybody got any experience in this ?

Calculate The Time Difference?

Is there a built-in function to calculate time difference down to min/sec? from two data/time fields

If not, how can do this?


Problem Of Getting The Time Difference Between PM To AM
I want to get the exact time difference. I have no problem if my start Time is in AM and my end Time is in PM. But if my start Time is in PM and my end Time is in AM, i have a negative hour, minute, second results. I am using the datediff formula. Could anybody help me?this is how I made it:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim ElapsedTime1 As Long
Dim ElapsedTime2 As Long
Dim ElapsedTime3 As Long
Dim ElapsedTime As Long
Dim Tempmin As Integer
Dim Tempsec As Single
Dim Temphr As Integer
Dim Tempday As Integer
Dim Temp As Single

ElapsedTime1 = DateDiff("d", Textstarttime, Textendtime)
ElapsedTime2 = DateDiff("h", Textstarttime, Textendtime)
ElapsedTime3 = DateDiff("n", Textstarttime, Textendtime)
ElapsedTime4 = DateDiff("s", Textstarttime, Textendtime)

Tempday = ElapsedTime4 86400
Temp = ElapsedTime4 Mod 86400

Temphr = Temp 3600
Temp = Temp Mod 3600

Tempmin = Temp 60
Tempsec = Temp Mod 60

Label1.Caption = "There are " & ElapsedTime1 & " days " & Temphr & " hours " & Tempmin & " minutes " & Tempsec & " seconds."

End Sub

Calculate Time Difference
Dear friends

I want to calculate difference b/w two times:


Access Time Difference
I want to create a query that selects a date and time entry in a database compares them and if the difference is greater than 8 hours display the details.

is this possible?? i've managed this with days using DATEDIFF but i have no idea how to do this with time i tried:

SELECT * FROM tblProblem WHERE DATEDIFF(""h"",[LastUpdateTime],TIME())=8 And Status<8 And Priority=2"

This is as an sql string in VB6 it doesnt give any kind of error message but doesn work either, i also tried changing the 8 to "08:00:00" but that had the same effect.

This query needs to work on an Access 2000 database.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated



Time Difference In Hours
How can I calculate the time difference in hours between two instances given by their date and time.

For example difference between 23/11/2002 15:45 and 25/11/2002 23:15.

This is urgent please help.

Calculate Time Difference
hello! i have a bit of a problem. I am storing the start time and finish time of when users clock in and clock out, but i dont know how to calculate the time difference inbetween them. it is for a simple wage calculater. I was trying to user timers but there were problems with if the computer went to hibernate and that.

Thanks in advance!!

Time Difference Urgent!
please tell me how to get the time difference between two valid times.
can i use datediff function?
i have used it like this

DateDiff("HH:MM:SS", CDate(mskFromTime.Text), CDate(mskToTime.Text))
the error message is for the above is 'invalid procedure call or argument'

when and why does this error occur? here we dont have help installed in our systems.

How To Calculate The Time Difference
Does anybody know how to calculate the time difference between (for example: 01:00 PM and 02: AM)?
I've set 2 variables:

StartTimeValue = Format(MyStartTime, "hh")
EndTimeValue = Format(MyEndTime, "hh")

'StartTimeValue will return 13 when 01:00 PM is set.
'EndTimeValue will return 02 when 02:00 AM is set.

Now how can I get the time difference? Is this format
I'm using ok, or should I use "hh:mm" for the return

thx, sub-zero

Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

Time Difference Function
Good Day everyone!

Anybody got a function that computes the difference of two user supplied times? Any assistance is of great help!


Calculate The Difference Btw Time And Add Them Together

i'm a new beginner for VB. so need some help.
i'm collaborating VB with Excel.
tis is wat i roughly want to do.
calulate the time interval in the cells. and add all the intervals together.

time in time out Difference
10:00 11:00 1 hr
11:00 13:50 2 hr 50 mins

Sum 3 hr 50 mins

i tried to format the cells in excel as TIME.
but after adding all of them up, it doesn't work the way i wanted.
i guess the only help is to use VB.
thx to any1 in advance.
i'll provide more information if its needed.


Time Difference In Milliseconds
I want to calcuate the time in milliseconds which have passed between the start and end of an event
How can I do that?

Difference In Time Calculation

i have two filed starttime and end time

now to find the difference between starttime and end time

i first convert both to minutes find the difference and then divide by 60

for example


end time:8.30am

then 8*60H0


498-480/60 = .30 ie 30 minutes

but it doesnot work for below condition


end time:9.00am



540-498B/60=0.7 ie 1 hr 10 minutes

please help me to sove the above problem



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