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How Do I Determine MS ACCESS Application Version Running?

I've search through the forums but i can't find it.

i have two versions of access running on machines in my company. one is 2000, the other is 2003. i have an ACCESS database running on both versions on the company computers.

now, some of the functions in this database don't work the same in the two different versions (like report exporting for some reason etc), so instead of running two seperate versions of the same database with slightly different code for each one, i need to determine, before my code starts on other things, what version of access the program is running in, and then point the code to different functions depending on the result.

and there lies the problem. in Access 2003
works fine and returns a value of 11.****** (11 being ACCESS 2003). I know version 9.******* is Access 2000, but the above code DOES NOT EXIST IN ACCESS 2000!

Everywhere i've looked, there's nothing that i found to give me an answer to this puzzle. please help.

Thnx in advance,


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How To Determine If An Application Is Running
Hi. Is there a way to check whether or not an executable is running on a NT 4.0 workstation? Ideally, I would like to be able to (if itís possible) check to see if this executable is running over our NT domain (i.e. is App.exe currently running on \computer2 workstation). If the check can only be done locally, thatís fine too.


Determine If A Specified Application Is Running
Hello World!

i havent posted here for a long time, and i'm finding my way back into VB again, so i may have some silly noob questions headed this way again soon - here's the first;

I'm running VB6, and i need my application to search through the currently running processes to see if a particular program is open. is this possible, and if so can you give me a nudge in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance

(ps: i posted this in .net first, DOH!)

Determine If Application Running
I want to be able to determine if an .exe application is running. Is this possible?

Determine Whether Application Is Running
Hi everybody,

I have an application which consist of two main component, one is monitoring component, another is GUI component.

The GUI component will be running on difference PC in the LAN and the monitoring component is running only on one PC to determine whether or not the GUI component is running on the others PC

Please help


Determine Whether Client Application Is Running
Is there a way to determine whether my client application is running one the other machine.

I have one server application and client application.
From the server application, i need to know the client application is rinning or not on difference machine.

if using winsock object, should i need to set the server machine's IP from the client application machine in order my client application can communicate to my server application.

But i have more than 30 client, if server application changed, then all client setting have to be changed according ??

Please guide. Thanks in advance

Determine Application Tasks That Are Running
I am trying to write a small app that can determine all the currently running tasks on a PC.  This is a housekeeping program that needs to check that certain task have not crashed or been stopped.  Are there any WIN32API functions that can be used to build a list of running tasks similar to the Task Manager?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Running An Access Application From Vb6
I have a vb6 program built, and would like to open an access2000 database from within it, I cannot find the code for this. I tried altering some code built for an excel file which did not work. Then I found some code for vba, which again fell over. There must be something within Vb6 that opens file and runs it within the correct application, but I just cannot find it. Can anyone suggest anything please?

Vb Code For Running An Application In MS-Access
  Well I am looking for someone who is conversant with writing Vb code to help run an pplication in MS-access in which I have three fields but the last field is subject to the difference obtained per each record set in the first two fields. E.g "amount charged" (field no.1) minus "deposit paid" (field no.2) = "balance due" (field no.3). In respect of the above, I would like this application to calculate the record set to be entered in the "balance due" field automatically by just making data entries in the above mentioned two fields without me having to do it manually by feeding in the difference myself.

How Determine The Version
I just got send a project developped with a previous version of VB. Is there a way by looking at the vbp or vbw or any other file of the project to find out with which version it was written ?


Determine WMP Version With VBScript
Can anyone help me determine the version of Windows Media Player that is being used on a PC using VB Script from within a batch command file?

Determine File Version
I'm hoping to build a small program to update the current version of software on the computers where old software exists. I have the default path/directory of the program and the path/location of the file on my server.
Two questions:

Ok every time I compile my project I have it set to increment the file version (i.e. v2.3.123) of the .exe.

1) how can I obtain the file version through code?
2) how can I tell if the exe is currently running

How To Determine The Version Of QuickTime On PC?

Urgent please, does anyone know how to check for the version of QuickTime from VB?


How To Determine The Version Of An Exe-file?

From my VB6 program, I want to determine the version number of an (other) exe-file, found on disk.
Is this possible?


Determine VB Version Of .exe File?

If I have an executable file that was created in Visual Basic (either VB6 or earlier) is it possible to determine which version was used?


Ed Metcalfe. Please do not feed the trolls.....

How To Determine Version Of Foxpro?
Please bear with me... not much of a database expert, I'm bound to make everyone here feel very smart :)

I am attempting to use access 2003 to link to what I'm pretty sure are Foxpro dbf files.  THe software vendor that makes use of these files refuses to tell me what kind of files they are.  They don't want anyone to access them directly.
A fair ammount of these files have an associated '.fpt' file, which I understand to be a fox pro memo.
HOw can I tell just what version of fox pro I'm dealing with?
I need to know because I'm getting the 'cannot find installable ISAM' shiznit.  I can link to them just fine in Access 97, but not 2003.
I've downloaded the latest ODBC drivers for Visual fox pro, and I've got the drivers that came with the latest MDAC kit, but I just can't link to these darn fox pro files.
Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place... you can beat me all you want and delete it if I have :)

Determine Office Language Version?

I need to create a plugin for a possible hybrid OS/Office language environment (ie - Japanese OS, but English Office). At the same time, this needs to work for homogenous configurations too. Is there any way trhough the registry I can tell what language version of office is running? If not, then is there any way to do this?



How To Determine Software Version/Stage?
I will just like to know how professionals determine their program's version?

I seriously don't think that it's right to change the Version number whenever the programmer wants or make really some ammendment to the codes.

When i take surf around sourceforge, i really don't get how people decide which stage their project is...

Aplha & Beta, what's the difference in both?

Determine Version Of MS Office Installed
How do I determine which version of Microsoft Office has been installed on a system 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0?

How Can I Determine Which Version Of Word Is Installed?
There seems to be a number of places in the registry where this could be checked eg: HKEY CLASSES ROOT and look at the .doc association. Alternatively should I look at the file properties and if so how do I get the version information that you can see if you right click on winword.exe and look at the version tab? Is there a preferred way. Thanks.

How Determine (detect) Version Of An Dll-file?
Hello all!
How in VB6 determine (detect) version of an dll-file (for example c:windowsmsvbvm60.dll)?
Thank you very much!!!

Batch File To Determine Windows Version
I am trying to create a batch file to run 3 executables depending if the machine is NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Anybody ever done this before? Thanks.

pseudo code:

If machine = NT Then
run nt.exe
Else If machine = 2000 Then
run 2000.exe
Else If machine=xp Then
run xp.exe
End If

Application Wont Run Because Application Needs Newer Version Of A DLL File
I have created a small little install screen in VB6 that will launch the installation of the program I created.
This small screen is set to run from the CD-ROM when the CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive(autorun).

I have put all of the necessary VB runtime files on the CD-ROM so the application will run right in the app.path of the EXE of the install screen.

Here is the problem when testing the screen it works fine from some computers and comes up nicely like it is supposed to do. However on some older opperatining systems such as Windows 95B I get an error that says : This file requires a newer version of DLL(usually oleaut32.dll), however the file it requires is right in the app.path on the CD-ROM?

It seems to be searching the C:WindowsSystem directory first before searching the app.path. And when it encounters an older version it displays an error and refuses to show the install screen.

The only thing I could come up with in the short term is to include the new version of VB Runtime files for the user to install first. What I want to know is there any way to force the program to search the app.path first so it wont generate this error? Or is there any other way to get this install screen to run on all computers with older operating systems without installing the new VB runtime files to the users Hard Drive?

Any suggestions anyone can give me would be most appreciated

Determine If App Is Still Running
For the distribution of my program, i use Inno Setup. During setup I run a little app which finds out whether the Acrobat reader is installed, otherwise it runs the acrobat reader setup. Then the little app is closed (while the acrobat setup still runs), so that the install shield already shows the finish page.
How can I have my little app run as long as the acrobat setup is working and close it only afterwards?

Thank you very much!

To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

How To Determine If App Is Still Running ?
Well actually DOS . Like say i format a partition through DOS via a VB app, shell(cmd.exe /f format c etc. Is it possible to determine when the format is finished ?


when format is finished then

do this


Determine If An App Is Running Or Not???
I need to determine if the MS Outlook application is already running or not. If it is not running I need to launch it. I can't scan the Tasks List because Outlook places the "open folder" before MS Outlook in the Titlebar name. And since this can vary depending on the naming structure of personal folders, etc., it does me no good. Can anyone help on this?

How Do I Determine Which OS Is Running
I need an API to determine what OS is running. and if its windows, what version of windows is running.

Determine What's Running
In Excel VBA, is there a way to determine whether something's running (as in is a process with a name that starts "something" in the windows task list)?

Thanks in advance


Determine If ScreenSaver Is Running?
How does one do that?
i need to tell if a workstation is vacant.
Now using a complicated patchwork of last input api, and system idletime through WMI, and i would like one more evaluation: is the screen saver running?

with just the first two, i get false positives if a low-cpu app like an NES emulator is running, using USB controllers.
but if the screensaver is on, they aren't playing any games...

any ideas?

Determine If Previous App Is Running
Hey guys,

I know about using the app.previnstance at the form_load to check if the program is already running.

How do you code it so that if your program is already running (minimized/system tray/etc.) and they try to launch it again, it will just bring up the one that is already running.

I hope I explained that well enough

Here is what I know:

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()    If App.PrevInstance Then        End        'code to bring already running program        'into focus and show it    End IfEnd Sub

Determine If Word Is Running
Is there a way to tell if Word is running with out using any Object functionality?

Determine If A Specific App Is Running?
Help Please:

How can I check, on a "form load" too see if a specific application is running on my machine? I need this application for a DDE Link.


How Can One Determine If A .exe Program Is Running?
Hi Friends,
I'm using Oracle8 Personal Edition & Vb for developing a particular application. I want to know whether Ostart80.exe is already running . Is this possible from vb? Please help me with code if anybody can. It is very urgent for me

Thanks in advance,
Joslin Joe

How Do I Determine Whether The Specific Exe Is Running Or Not
How do I Know the specific application is running or not?

Determine If Running Within IDE Using Code?
Hello everyone. Hey, is there anyway to determine, using code, whether I'm running within the IDE or not? Thanks for listening.

Determine Running Services
hello all,

is there any way to determine the running services on a windows system. Basically, something similar to running the

net start

command at a windows prompt. This products a list of the running services. I would like to do the same but with windows script host.

Any help would be great.



Is There Any Easy Way To Determine What OS Is Running?
An example would be great ...... thanks

How Can Determine If Outlook.exe Is Running As A Process In NT And 2k?
I need to be able to determine if Outlook.exe is running as a Process before I call a routine in my application. I need to be able to do this successfully for both Windows NT and 2000. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Determine How Long A Process Has Been Running

I need to be able to find out if a particular process is running and shut it down if it has been running for more than 2 minutes.

I've used WMI to get all the running instances of my process as follows:


Private Function FindProcess(process as String) As Collection

Dim objWMIService, objProcess, objProp
Dim colProcesses as Collection

Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:")
Set colProcesses = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Process where name='" & process & "'")

FindProcess = colProcesses

End Function

Is there any way to find out how long each one has been running?

Thanks vey much,


Determine If Prozess Is Running Or Closed
hi group,

I found a lot of stuff here to this topic, but I still did not found the solution.

I run a external prozess by this way:

Dim varProzess
varProzess = Shell("C:Programmesomething.exe -para")

This process reads/writes some data in the background without a visible window and finaly terminate itself.

My calling VB-Programm must wait, until this process is finished. I found "shellandwait" in some topics, but it seems not to work in my VB-prog?

Anyhow, my VB-Programm must be ready for other events during this external process is running. Even other events can cause a multiple shell-call of the same external programm "something.exe".

I thougt, that this is not a problem, because in varProzess I have stored the unique process-ID. So for every Thread a diverse ID is used.

What I am searching for, is how to detect, if a specific process-ID is running? I can not send a message to this process, because the "something.exe" is busy at 100% and after finish it is closed, so the message will never be answered.

Do you have any idea, how to detect a process-ID exists?

Thanks in advance,

PS: this is a code I found, perhaps itīs a good beginning-point?

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" Alias "SendMessageA" _
(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Any) As Long
Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32.dll" Alias "FindWindowA" _
(ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
Private Const WM_CLOSE As Long = &H10

Dim hWnd As Long
hWnd = FindWindow("Notepad", vbNullString)
While hWnd > 0
SendMessage hWnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0
hWnd = FindWindow("Notepad", vbNullString)

Running Version
If a function exists in, say, VB6 but not on VB<6 then I'll use if/else/endif so either the function or my own emulation of it is chosen according to the version. How do I know what VB version is running?

Which Version Am I Running?
I'm really new at this I'm trying to figure out which version of VB I'm running. How do I tell this and how do I make sure it's up to date?

Determine If Program Is Running Before Starting Another Instance Of It
I have been searching past posts to the forum, and there seem to be a lot of topic on determining if a program is running before starting another. (or something similar to that) Usually the program that is being checked is different than the one that is doing the checking.

I am looking for a way to see if the same program is already running. It is sort of a registration checking thing that is run in the background (invisible form) whenever certain programs are opened. If the user tries to open a few of the screens at the same time, I would like to have the invisible form run only once at a time. Is there a way to check in the form load to see if an instance is already running and only allow the remaining code to run when the previous instance is stopped? Would I need to do a count of some sort to check if the number of instances of the exe is > 1?

Thanks in advance for any help!

How Do I Determine If A Batch File Is Open And Running
I am using the remote shell command to open a batch file. I want to check the status of this batch file to see if it is currently open and being executed. I need to do this so that I know when to tell the user that the batch process is complete.

Please reply to JTB@LILLY.COM

Thanks !

Determine If An Executable Progra/process Is Running
How can I determine if an executable process is running?  I can't use the FindWindow API because the executable I'm looking for isn't a GUI application hence doesn't have a form.  

The process isn't created from within this program so I can't do an OpenProcess because I do not have the process handle.

Or maybe one or both of those can be used...I'm not sure entirely sure at this point.  Maybe a ProcessToken can be used but I haven't used that before.

Examples would greatly be appreciated.

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated as well.


How To Determine The Operating System The Computer Is Running?

Anyone knows how to determine what OS the computer is running... ex. Win95/98/ME/NT etc..


Running New Version From Program Itself
I'm developing a program that will run under win98, without any keyboard and monitor, to be used as a part of an automation system. The only I/O will be a flash memory that will be inserted in USB. In the flash memory there will be program specific commands that will let system parameters and datas to be set and read. Among these commands I want to implement 'program update' function. The updated program will have the same name, when its command is detected I have to stop my program, copy the new program and run it. It can be done using DOS batch files but I prefer to do in inside my code if possible. Any help ?

What Version Of Windows Is Running?
I just want to find out what version of windows is running..

Thanks in advance for any help..


I Need To Get The OS Version When Running Under Windows CE (3.0 Or 4.0)
I am actually running a vbscript in an asp page but the issue is basically the same so I posted here. I need to get the OS version for the Windows CE that is running the WEB Server. The CE is pre .NET so I can't use the routines that are valid in .NET and later.

Thanks for any insights you can offer,


Subscript Out Of Range While Running Exe When Onother Application Is Running.
Hi all...

    Application is build on VB6,Crystal reports8.5,Visdata(MS Access)
    My application has been implemented in a system where another one is installed.
The problem: When my application is started after the other one had started.. while generating reports from my application..its giving an error "RTE 9 Subscript out of range"
This wprks fine if the other application is not running.
In another module of my application.. in the same situation another error is coming "Invalid procedure call"
Can anybody give a solution..



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