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How To Convert Number Into Word

hello i want to convert number into word

is there any function in VB or API

FOR eg. if i put 10 then it shold print TEN

if i put 1000 then it should print ONE THOUSAND LIKE THIS
pls help me

regards ajit

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Function To Convert Number To Word
hi all,

I want a function which convert numbers to words
eg. 2 should coverted in to TWO ,10 as TEN.

If any body having it PL. send me .

Thanks .
Venu Kumar.B.

Is There Any Built In Method To Convert Decimal Number To Binary Number In V.b 6.0
Hi everybody!

can u say whether any built in method is available to convert a given decimal number to binary number?

i can develope a user defined method for this. but i think it takes some extra time to execute... since i have to call this method repetedly...

thank you,

Convert A Number Strored As Text To A Number Automatically!

its possible convert a number strored as text to a number automatically,without lossing the non decimal number!!!?


Convert To Number The Number Stored As Text In Excel
can anyone help me on how to convert the number stored as text in excel when i exported my recordset in excel

this is how i exported my recordset
objExcel.Cells(2, 1).CopyFromRecordset ADODBRecordset

How Can I Convert A Decimal Number To A Binary Number?
How can I convert a decimal number to a binary number? Do you know if there's the function I can find in VB?

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

How To Convert A Number To 2's Complement Number ??
The number may upto 10 * E49, so the data-type "double" is used for this number.

Since the "Mod", "" operators may be not working when the data-type of the operands is DOUBLE. Over-flow error may comes out.

Any good ideas on this.


Convert Html To Word Docuemtn Using The Word Document Object
i ant in vb6 to open an html page
and convert and save it as word *.doc
how can i do this?
and is it possible to open the html file from the internet with a give url so i will be :
open html document from www..../1.html -> save as 1.doc
thnaks in advance

Findind Line Number And Page Number In Word
I am Writing an application that will write the contents of a RTF on to a word doc. I will have to search through this word document for a list of words and then find out the line number at which the word appears and also the page number in which it occurs.

The problem i am facing is that word wraps the lines after a specified width where as I am searching for an end of line using vbcrlf. How can i retrive line by line just as the way it will appear in a word document.

Thanks in Advance

Convert Number
Hi, I have a simple to convert format a number from 888,888 become 888888 ......Thx A Lot

Best regard


Convert Number (06 To VI)
Hi masterz.. plz help me
How to convert number from 06 to VI
Maybe with Function Code ???

Thnx B4

Urgent- Word 2000 And Word 2003 Problems Using Vb6 Error Number 5941

I have Developed a VB6 Application which adds the data from DB
to MS Word 2003 Document (With Tables and other Details).

The Program Works Fine with Word 2003

But in Word 2000 Program Generates an Error "Requested Member of Collection Does not exists"
Error Number 5941.

Does there is any Functional Difference with Word 2000 and Word 2003 ? i.e. with Objects of Word ?

Code Lines :-

oWorAapp.ActiveDocument.Tables(TableNumber).Cell(Row:=RowNumber, Column:=ColNumber).Range.InsertBefore Text:=TextToAdd

Program Error is on above mentioned Line, Parameters values are :-->
RowNumber = 7
ColNumber = 3
TableNumber = 50
TextToAdd = "Sample Data"

If I check the Table Count then Count is 60, Row Count is 10 and Column Count is 10 (From methods of WordApp Object

Please note that this works Fine in Word 2003. If user tries to execute this exe in word 2000 then error is raised

I am Very much Thankful for all the reply's

With Regards


With Regards,


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How To Convert Character Into Number?
I have a problem. I want to let a character from a text file be a number, which can be calculated. The code is like these:

p = Activedocumnet.Paragraphs(2).Range.Characters(21).Text
If M = 3 Then
p = p - 1
End If

But it do not work. Could somebody help me? Thanks a lot!

Convert Text To Number
I have a spreadsheet with about 3,000 names that someone sent me. In the zip code column, the zip conde is entered as text instead of a number and they all have error boxes that say "Number Entered as Text" with the option of converting to a number. I need a macro for a "for each" loop to go through each cell and convert it to a number.

I tried recording a macro for when I click on the error box and click convert to number. However, the macro recorder only picked up on the selection of the cell...not the conversion.

Thanks for any help and, yes, I'm new to this.

Convert Number To String
i am new at this vb thing, so forgive me.
I have a variable called y and I get no result for the following statement....any input would be great

y = R Mod 16
if y = 15 Then y = F

after running this code, I get the following output:

"y is "

however if I take out the if statement the output is

"y is [result shown here]"

Convert Number To Words
Is there any function in VB to convert a number to its corresponding value in words. ie, 333 -> Three Hundred Thirty Three.
Actually, this is for currency conversion.

How To Take H:M:S And Convert It Into A Decimal Number. ???
I had a post similar to this earlier. That I needed to take a decimal number and convert it to H:M:S. Got that working.

I need to know how to take the time that is entered into 3 text boxes ( one for hours, one for minutes, and one for seconds),,, and convert that time into a decimal number.

Also... i have a procedure that makes an answer in this format... H:M:S

Can you tell me how to seperate that up, and display it in the 2 text boxes?

Thanks alot, you guys are a great help.

Convert Date To A Number
I have a tabel with a 'starttime' and a 'endtime' column as date/time


startTime | endTime
5:00 17:00
5:00 17:00
5:00 17:00
5:00 17:00

"SELECT Sum(tblTimeSheet.EndTime-tblTimeSheet.StartTime) AS TotalHours
FROM tblTimeSheet"

I get this value: 1.33333333333333

but i want it to say 32 hours or 1920 minutes or something??

Convert Month Name To Number
I have values like "2004May", "2004Jan" being pulled out of a database. Is there a way to convert the month names to their corresponding numbers so that so it shows as "200305" or "200401"?

How To Convert Number To String
hi all,

I want to print a receipt where i have to convert the number in a text box to string format.

eg:- 1048 in textbox
then the output will be : One thousand forty eight only

any help can be appreciated


Convert Number Into Variables.

How would I go about converting a number into variables?
For example;

If I have a number that is say 23005102, what I need to do is break it down into parts from its corresponding placeholder.

2 (from the ten-millions place) would = num2
3 (from the millions place) would = num3
0 (from the one-hundred thousands place) would = num0
and so on.

In the end I would have eight variables each representing a value held in my original number.

The reason is that I need to convert the number into transmittable pieces to use in another program.

Thank you.

Convert To Type Number
I have a double and need to convert it to type number to insert it to the database. Can anyone help? Thanks

Convert Number To String?
I have a dll that is returning a char*. But apparently, vb is getting a number.. i think this is a pointer to that string?

How do i convert this string pointer to the actual string? Anyone know? Thanks

How To Convert Number To Words
hi all
how to convert the number in to words in vb?


Convert Number To String
Hai everybody

How to write the function which convert the number to string.

235 => Two hundred and thirty five only

waiting for response

How To Convert A Letter To A Number
I am trying to create a program that will change letters into nmbers, and I was wondering how I would program that. If anyone could please help me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

Convert A Number Into Date
Hello there,

Does anybody knows how can I convert this no. (254) into its equivalent Month and days. Its actually 254 days of the year 2001. I want to Know how can I know its August 10,2001. (08/10/2001). Automatically using codes.

Pls. help. its important.

Convert Date To Day Number
Is there a function available to convert a given date to the
numerical day of the year? Ex: 01/01/2001 would be day 1,
12/31/2001 would be day 365. I think this is considered julian? -haven't had to mess with this much in my work.


Convert String To Number
Hi All,

Yesterday i posted a message about obtaining any numeric values from within a string.

I can now get numbers into a different string but how do i convert a string of numeric characters to an integer for example?



How To Convert Date To A Number
hi how can I change a date to number like 12/11/2004 to 12112004. because I need to name files with it and I cant use "/" in a file name. thnx in adv.

How To Convert Large Number To Hex?
Hi all,

Would like to ask you all how to convert large numbers to Hex format?

For example, when converting 412312359599 in VB, there is a overflow error.


Convert Time To Number
pls tell me how to convert Time to Number for example with vb code

7:30:00 to 7.5 or 7:15 to 7.25


Convert Datename To Number

how can i make "Monday" as number = 2
let say i have a recordset and its field text is "Monday", and i want to appear this in my label as "2" how? pls. help.



Number Convert To Time
Dear Programmer,

How are you all. I am using a proximity reader for my officers attendance. When I seek time from the reader it give me a number. Say 2:00 AM, it will show 120 (60X2) or 9:15 AM show 555 (60X9+15). But I want it in time format. I am sending a sample project as attachment. In the first text box I will write a number like (555) and will press count, it will return me the time 9:15 in the second text box. The format will 24 hour mode not AM / PM.


Can anybody give me Crystal Report code from which I can do the same thing and put the time in the report.

Seeking help from respectable programmer.



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How To Convert Number's Into Words.
HI i have posted a query in which i have asked " how i can convert any number into word's" for e.g. 231 into "Two hundred thirty one" i am doing this with the help of tochar() method in vb6 but in this method i am unable to convert a big number into words pls help me.....

Convert String To Number
I want to convert from a value in variable type string to integer and compare with a variable type integer. For example how i want to compare "5" with 5?

Thanks.Please help.

Convert Number To String

I try to convert number 0,00888 to string with str(variable) and I receive " .00888" where is my first zero. Now it's a blank ???

I need that because I whant to replace "," by "."


Convert 4byte Binary Number
I am reading/writing stock quotes from a random access file, but the output when I print it is in scientific format. I cannot find in the help or my manual how to convert back to a single precision number. Please help.

Algorithm To Convert Real Number
I'm looking for an algorithm to convert real number to its string representation as a fraction. I prefer the version without any cycle or the version with the cycle, but with small time and memory expensivity.

Convert Number To Text Manually

i have tried to convert a column with numbers into text via format cells...sounds simple BUT now i have to reenter the data of every cell

help says: "Click each cell, press F2, and then press ENTER to reenter the data."

WHY!? my column gots 5600 cells -> 5600 clicks??

Convert Column Number To A Letter
Hi all,

Say you have the formula

rownum and colnum are variables.

How would you get vb to convert the rownum into its letter equivalent. I just want the letter value for that range, not the row number aswell.
e.g colnum=5, therefor its letter equiv is E

Also, I want to extend this so it goes further than IV, the furthest cell to the right on an excel spread sheet.
So if I typed in 300, it will say what Column letter it would be, even though the maximum amount of columns is 256.

Thanks for any help given

How To Convert A Formatted Number To String?
Everytime I do this, it rounds it off to a whole number

rptJobInfo.Sections("Page_Header").Controls("SecondDataLabel").Caption = Str(Format( txtSecondSize.Text, "#0.000"))

i would want the string to have 3 significant figures

how do i accomplish this plz?

Convert Number To Text-Spelling
I'm trying to convert a currency value (i.e. $10.23) to it''s text spelling (i.e. "10 dollars and 23 cents"). Anyone know of a function that does this? Thanks in advance.

Convert Date And Time To A Number?

In my VB program, I have to work out whether it's been 24 hours since the user logged in. How can I convert the Date and Time to a number to achieve this. I'm working with a MYSQL database at the moment and login is working with no problems. Now what I want to do, it tag the date and time they log in and store this in MySQL, and then not allow the user to log in for 24 hours. Is this possible?

Thanks for looking


Plz Read....Need Help -_- {Convert Number To Words}
I need help to create a program that will randomly create three integers when a button is clicked. naturally, the integer can be positive and negative. The three integers will be displayed as the caption of three option buttons. User will then choose one of the three numbers, i.e. choose one of the option buttons. When the user chooses one of the options, the word (Alphabetic) that represents the number (Arabic Numeric) will be displayed in a label or similar object, e.g. 34 displays "Thirty Four", -196 displays "negative one hundred and ninety six" and so on. I really hope that someone can help me out in having a hard time trying to figure this out....

Convert Number Of Characters To Twips
I have data loading into a spreadsheet where I'd like to be able to control the width of the first column. I can count the number of characters in all of my rows and select the one value which has the most characters in it.

How can I convert the number of characters into a value of twips?

I know the value of twips/pixel, twips/inch, etc, but I haven't found one for twips/character. I realize the value changes based on the Windows Font Size, but I really haven't found any relevant documention.

Thanks in advance...

Convert Huge Hex Number To Decimal
Dear guys
I am trying to convert huge hex number to dec in Vb6 but I couldn't manage .
I found one function which it could convert 23 hex number to dec but I want to convert more for example 300 or even more.
I would like to ask you guys if you have source code for that ,please post it here .
Thank you .

Reand 4 Bytes Then Convert It To A Number ?

I'm currently trying to make an editor for a certain filetype.

I need to read 4 bytes, which I did using

Dim Value As Byte
Open App.Path & "string_c.dta" For Binary As #1
Get #1, , Value
'Get #1, , Value2
'Get #1, , Value3
'Get #1, , Value4
Close #1

The 4 first bytes indicate the total number of entries in the file.
How could I convert these 4 'Values' into an integer or long one ?


PS: Sorry for my english

Convert Number To Formatted Text
Dear expert

Now I want to formatted text


I want

s 1,234,567 like this

Best regards

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