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How To Create Executable

i have finally finish my project. but i have no idea how to make it into a executable file so that other people without VB will be able to use my program. any idea?

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Can't Create Executable
I have a rather large vb application that currently working. I've done several updates to the program over the past few months, but recently it won't let me update the .exe file anymore. When I go to File, Make (filename).exe, it compiles without any errors. When it is done and I go to the location of the .exe, the icon that normally shows for the program doesn't show. Instead, the standard windows icon is there and will not execute the program when it is double clicked.

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

Create Executable
Does anyone happen to know how to create a executabel that would extract the files and folders in the specified location. For example, create/replace a test folder from the "c:windowssystem32"


Create Network Executable
Hi dear mail list

A need to create network executable, usually the Vb programs have problem to
run in network because problems with the OCX registration.

If someone have experience in Vb network run project please tell me: how to
do that?

Create Executable File Of My EVB Project???
Hi every body,

   I need to know that how can I create an executable file from my VB project,
   and run it in my PPT2700.

   Or how cn I import my other programs in it?
   I used ActiveSync, but any thing is acuured.

      Please guide me...

How To Create A VB Executable To Accept Input Parameters
Hi There,

I recently created a standard executable program in visual basic (with no form. just a Sub Main)

I am planning to call this executable from a command line and wanted to pass in a string parameter along with it.

I tried setting the Sub Main take in an input string, but when I tried to save the program as an .exe, I got an error saying that I need a Form or a Sub Main.

Can someone tell me what I need to do in order to make the executable take in an input paramter from a command line?

Any help you would great.


Can Visual Basic 2005 Create Non-.Net Executable ?
Hi All,

Can Visual Basic 2005 create an executable that does not require that the user have the .Net Framework installed ?

How About Visual Basic 2005 express edition ?

Many thanks,


How To Create Executable In Visual Basic 5.0 Using Crystal Reports
I am moving an application from one server to another. I have changed all places that had the database location of the old server. I try to click on the make executable and it
runs for awhile and never finishes. I end the visual basic session and bring the machine down and backup try again and it does complete but I am getting no city, state and zip on labels produced in a crystal report. I am not sure if it is memory (win 95 - 32mb) , needed object missing, or the make executable problem. Please help - i searched all through here and have not found anything that resembles this problem.

Starting VB Executable When Program Executable Starts
Hi, I want to start a VB executable when a specified executable, acad.exe is started. What I want to realize is the control over the registry for the specified acad.exe everytime the executable is started and whatever way the executable is started. Do you have any suggestions?

René Vermeulen

Check If Executable Is Still Running - In Other Executable
Hey everyone,

I picked up my "Security" project again (probably no one who knows what I'm talking about, but I don't care!)
Right now I'm facing kind of a problem.

When my application detects it has expired, it no longer allows the user to use the program.
Now, to prevent piracy, I've decided to "completely" (<-- quotes!) remove my application from the user's computer.
Well, I used the quotes, because the user *won't* notice it'll be gone.

Here's the short info:
On install: run CreateSecurity.exe (hidden of course ), which creates all security features
Program runs: Check for expiry or date change
If expired ==> Remove Application EXE (after filling it with dummy data), rename the "fake Application" to the Application EXE, and remove all traces ;)

Now my problem is the following:
I have everything set up an running quite smoothly.
The only problem I am experiencing is that when I try to shell PP.exe (PiracyPrevention.exe)
Code:If security.Expired Then
    MsgBox "Our system has detected your trial time has expired." & vbCrLf & "If you have enjoyed using our project, and consider buying it, please visit our website." & vbCrLf & "All files will be deleted now, for piracy prevention."
    Shell App.Path & "PP.exe"
    Unload Me
End If
My application is no "unloaded" yet, when PP.exe is already up and running.
Now I want to know how I can check (in a loop of course) if my application is still running.
I can pass any information needed through command line, so that wouldn't be a problem.

All help is highly appreciated!

Search before you ask - if you don't know where to search, ask before you search

Calling An Executable From An Executable
Is there a way to run an executable from an executable???

Ok In Vb, Not In Executable
I guys, I'm setting a "Preference" window for an application. One of the features is Autologin: when this is selected, the key "Autologin" changes value in an .ini file, along with the UserID. This way a user can avoid the login screen at startup, but still have the his own userID set and ready.
Now, in my Main Sub() I read the file and check for the Autologin value: if it's true it goes directly to the main screen, else it goes to the Login screen. All this works fine in vb. If I try with the executable it simply won't load anything. It shows the little hourglass cursor and then just stops. Anybody has an idea of what might be causing this?


P.S.: I used an .ini file as I don't wanna mess up with the registry. I'm too much of rookie for that!

Run Executable

just a simple question

how can i run an executable through my application
like c:laatlaat.exe
how can i run that file?

I Need My VB Executable To Do Nothing...
...I have to come up with a little VB program to run in the background (no forms allowed) until it's killed (by another program). This is proving trickier than you'd think. I first did it by displaying a blank form and the program waited for user input that of course never came....if I just go with a Sub Main and put it into a loop I get 99% CPU usage so I am wondering how I can get the code into a wait state in the same way a form is in a wait state.

Thanks for your time.


Asking For Executable?
How do you (on startup) make it so it asks for the executable?
Example: Please enter the adobe.exe path: (Enter your exectable here).

And i have another question... how can you make it so when you use a file browser and you click on your final destination it runs it? I cant get it too work.

-Thanx in Advance!

How To Run A DOS Executable From VBA?
I have an excel spreadsheet with VBA running on it, and I am wondering if there is any way (and if so, the best way) to run a dos executable from within the VBA program. I know this is possible in C and JAVA, so I assume it's possible in VB as well, I just can't seem to find it in my references.

Any help would be much appreciated.




i have to create a exe-version of my vb-project for school.
the problem is that i don't know how to add the pictures(that i used in this program) to the executable.

Please help me :-(

mfg Albert

Run V/B Executable From SQL S/P
Good Afternoon

I wish to run a V/B executable from a SQL Stored Procedure. Is this possible? Can you help?


Run Executable
I want to run an outside .exe file from my program. How can i do that?

Executable In VB
I'm doing a VB project in VB6.0 and MS access 2000.
I would like to install in the client place. What is the procedure?
Can I just install the exe file.
Kindly let me know the procedure.

Executable To Put On The Web
I have created an executable using VB .. which is a form that ask different question and upon hitting the enter button on the "generate" it creates a secret code and display that on the form. How can I do the same on the web? Is their any tool to convert the exe.

Vb Executable
is there any way to take a vb executable and converted back to a project.

Executable Of 5 MB
Hi everybody,

I've developed an application in VB, but the size of the executable is growing and growing because of things that I have to add to the program that we didn't speak about at starting point of the project. It is developed to hold all code in one project. But the size of the executable is still growing to 5 mb.

Is this really problematic, or does it contain risks to have such a huge executable?

Could someone tell me about the disadvantages, if any? The advantage I know, all code in one place, easy, but I don't know if there are any disadvantages.

Executable Does Not
I can run a program inside of VB just fine, however when I create an executeable it stops midway. How can I trouble shoot this issue?

How Do I Run An Executable From VB?
I'm making a CD for the company that I work for that has a menu to run installation programs for third party software like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Eudora and a few others. I know next to nothing about VB... A friend of mine showed me a piece of code that I could use to run an executable from a form, but I forgot it. I know it was the Shell command and started with something like (./"...) but can't remember the rest of it. Can someone give me a hand here?

Thanks in advance....

VB Executable
I made a Vb.exe on the shared drive and there is one user always break
it down for some reason. She will not be able to open the application at
Everytime after she tried to access the program without success, I can
not recompile my VB program anymore.
It will give me this 'permission denied' message while no one else is
accessing the application.

Every strange thing... Does anyone know anything about it?


Executable Help
I have created a VB application that hooks up to a Access 97 database via an ADO control.  I want this to run on a computer that does not have the VB software on it.  I have tried using the "Make #####.exe" option under the file menu and it keeps giving me a runtime error '91'.  HELP!


The Chinese definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Executable Does Not Run

I've written a program that runs just fine on my pc. I transferred this program to another pc and started it through vb itself and it was fine as well. However, when I tried to run the executable I created I get the following: "Run Time Error '91' Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set" then after that I get a repeated Error: "Selected Collating Sequence not Supported by Operating System" I am running the same OS on both pc's - Windows XP. Also, it doesn't make much sense to me why the program runs just fine when started through vb but does not want to run through the executable. Any thoughts?

how can i create an exe of my access project in vba?



Allow One Executable Only

I have written a VB program that act as the main stub that execute program via the shell command. How do we disable from executing the same exeutable again?, ie only allow one instance of the executable.

Thank you for the help.

Freestanding Executable?
Is there a way to create an executable that doesn't have to be packaged?

I have created a very very simple little form with some buttons that will let the user select which program on the CD to install. The button then will launch the appropriate setup program. There are no other controls that this mini app uses. It works fine for those users that already have the VB runtime files on their machine, but if they don't, they get an error about msvbvm60.dll missing.

Is there a way to do this without creating an install program for my install program?



Executable Problem
When creating executable's in Visual Basic(and Visual C++) is there any necessary dlls needed in order for the executable to run smoothly?

I have a problem that my executable works perfectly on any computer with Microsoft Visual Studion installed on it, but when it comes to running it on another computer( in this case on 2 seperate notebooks) one of the textboxes keeps flashing.

Anyone have any ideas??

Executable Program?
I have an excel program I made that is for my dvd collection. I was trying to mimic some sort of video rental store. Right Now I have a list of movies with all information, member information, member/movie search which is a page that you enter the 2 id numbers and then can eitehr check out movie or check in movie. I just wanted to know if there is any way you can make an excel program into a exe program of some sort.

Instead of opening excel everytime you want to use it, can you make it into a smaller window with all the information on it, like you see in a real movie store?


A MIDI In The VB6 Executable!!!
Hello everybody!!!

I am just wondering why the hell the resources in the VB6 Executable contains a MIDI file?

I managed to get it with the program Resource Hacker ( The music is kinda cool in my opinion, but why the hell they put that in VB? Does the VB use it somewhere?

Opening A C++ Executable From VB?
Hi everyone,

New member here, as the thread title suggests I am wondering how I can invoke an executable file written and compiled in C++ from a VB application?

Basically I have an exe. file and I want to run this from inside excel, and since VB is the standard programming language in Excel, I need to know how to do this using VB.


Can A VB Executable Return A Value?
I have an executable whose sole purpose is to determine if a user is logged on to another application.

I have some C code that needs to call that executable and get a 1 back if the user is logged on to the other application and a 0 back if they are not logged on.

Anyone know how I might accomplish this?

Executable Icon
im about to make an executable but I dont like the icon, is there any way to make an icon for it?

Creating Your Own Sfx Executable

I have been using winrar for many years now, including its sfx option which lets you make executable archives.
My question now is: how do they do that? does winrar have a compiler included in its program? Is it hard to make such a thing yourself?



Modifying Executable
Slove this and i'll start worshipping you


Upon initialization of a class, i would like to open the executable for read access, and check a byte at a certain offset. This byte should be a certain value, and if it's not i would like to get write access to the executable and update the byte to the correct value. After that the executable should be spawned with the previous command line.


There is a byte in the Windows EXE header that defines wether the app runs in the GUI or CLI subsystem. If i write a console-program i need to change this value myself before running the executable (with a tiny tool i wrote by the name of mkcons.exe). I want to make it able to self-patch itself if it is not set for the CLI subsystem, and then start a new instance and terminate the old one.

Tricky one aye?

Best regards,

Convert An Executable
Does anyone know if it is possible, or how it is possible to convert an executable file back into its original state so that one can edit it further?

Need Help With Saving An Executable.
I am trying to find out how to save an executable file after it has ran. I want to save it to the hard drive. I am writing a program to keep up with my sis-in-law's computer loan. And the closest thing i've found in msdn is the DoGetNewFileName command. I am about 8 weeks into learning VB so please... just point me in a direction. Thanks!!

Securing Your VB Executable...
Okay guys, I'm sittin' on top of a GREAT big ball of depression right now. I just came across (and no, don't even ask... because I'm NOT providing ANYBODY the name or link of where I got it) a VB6 decompiler. It didn't provide source; however, I was able to enable/disable component properties, etc. and recompile the EXE right from the disassembler. I can change/edit all labels, textfields, timer settings, etc.

This scares me to death, seeing as VB6 is my main language for development. Does anybody KNOW of a way or a 3rd-party firm that develops techniques to make reverse-engineering impossible or more difficult.

Again, this IS NOT a post to exploit weakness in VB 6 or to share information on where to obtain reverse engineering tools (so don't ask... and I hope those that do get a cold boot from this place). I'm seeking information on how to PROTECT my data.

Any ideas?


Eric D. Brown

Run Executable In Targetfolder
I have established some problems running a exe-file form my application. The programm starts but then quits. If i run it with a normal link on the desktop, it works. So the only obvious differece is, in the properties of the link there is a line which says "Execute in: D:MyFolder". any possibility do to this or something similar in VB?

Thx in advance...

Call VB Executable
How do I call a VB executable from a VB program?


Private sub cmdText1_click()
' Syntax to call VB program called myprogram.exe which is residing in a different directory or server.

End sub


Starting A Executable

I am making a program, and I want one of the buttons (when clicked) to start up another program.

Anyone tell me how plz


Writing Over An Vb Executable
Thanks for the replies on my old posts.
Now I've got something else to ask.
How can I write over an *.exe file?
I mean.
I have a program I wirte.
And I give a string a value
s = "Text goes here"
And I want to modify that in the file level, but not from the *.exe itself, but from an other.
The only real-life example that comes in my mind is the way you configure a trojan server.
How do you do that?
You just wirte the *.exe @ low leve or what?
Thanks in advance.

Running VB Executable
I am running a Vb exe from within another exe but when the first form opens it seems to open within the previous form. But when I move onto the next form it is fine.

I have a menu in my first exe, which depending on what option you pick runs different exes.

This is probably a very bad explanation of the problem, but I'm not sure of any other way to put it.

The form of the second exe should appear center screen. But it is appearing in the top left corner and inside the previous form.

Can't Make Executable
I have an old version on VB 6.0 running on my machine. I can wright code but can't compile to an executable. Does anyone know of a patch I can download to fix this?

Any other idea would be helpful.


Dan Sampson

Using VB To Run An Executable File??
Hi I would like to know the VB command to run a file.

i.e setupPart1.exe then setupPart2.



Executable Problems
My VB code executes properly when in VB and running it in the debug mode (play button). However, when I create the executable and run it, the code isn't working properly.

Specifically, I have a TreeView that works great in VB debug mode, but won't function when I create an executable.

Any advice?

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