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How To Export Crystal Report File To Excel 8.0(extended)?

how to export a crystal report file in excel 8.0(extended) format?
i'm using crystal report version 10.
thank you.

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Crystal Report 8. Export To Excel File
Hi! Good Morning!

I am Tan.

I am using crystal report 8.
In the icon like envelop. I can't export out the report in Ms Excel. I can export to PDF, text and etc. Just cant found the Ms Excel.

Same program, i have install to 2 PCs. Only one of the pc facing this problem. What should i do now?

When i install the program, i also copy
egsvr32 crviewer.dll
egsvr32 Crystl32.OCX
egsvr32 crpe32.dll
egsvr32 craxddrt.dll
egsvr32 craxdrt.dll
egsvr32 craxdui.dll
egsvr32 cpeaut32.dll
to the 2 PCs.

Please help me!


p/s : I am very sorry that i have to post in classic visual basic. Because not reply in crystal forum.

How To Export Crystal Report In Excel File Using Vb 6.0

I want to write a code in vb which will directly export crytal report into excel or pdf format.... Also tell me which components should i use?

thnx in advance,

How To Export Crystal Report To An Word And Excel File
hi Everyone,

does anybody know how to export a crystal report to an word(.doc) or excel(.xls) file.

This is really important to me b`cos i have all the reports in crystal reports and i have to mail them, but i couldn`t do this because they are all in crystal report format.

but if I just can export this reports to a word or excel file then i will be able to mail them..

I really appreciate it if anybody can show me how to do this or give any URL relevant to this...

thanx in advance,

Crystal Report To Excel Export

I realise this is asked a zillionth time already but I'm still having probs and have not found any solution.

I've tried using the export code posted up in previous msges by "MKoslof " but I'm getting a a "Invalid TLV record" error msg as soon as it gets to the line....
Set rep = appl.OpenReport("c:MyTestRpt.rpt", 1)

I've tried searching for this "Invalid TLV record" error and there were a couple ppl that mentioned that it could be caused by my report file being created from a diff version to the Crystal Report I'm currently running. (Crystal Report 8,VB6) I'm not quite sure how to rectify this as no one in the office has the actual Crystal Report program installed as we all use it from VB using the dsr files. I've also tried using the *.dsr file as the parameter but that returns the same error.

If anyone can point me to the right direction it'd be much appreciated!

Sorry for the ignorance as I've only been exposed to VB and Crystal Report for last couple wks for work exp.



Export Crystal Report To Excel
Hi All,

I have a crystal report(.rpt file). I need to export that to excel in my vb(6.0) application. Everything works great. The only issue i have is, when i export the file to excel, the Page Header is not getting exported. So the excel has only the data without column names.

Any ideas?

This is what i am doing.

cdlAdHoc.Filter = "*.xls"
strFileName = cdlAdHoc.FileName

    constr = "DSN=" & gDSN & ";"
    constr = constr & "UID=" & gLoginID & ";"
    constr = constr & "PWD=" & gPWD & ";"
    constr = constr & "DATABASE=" & gDatabase & ";"

            ' Here print the report
            frmReports.crReports.Connect = constr
           frmReports.crReports.Destination = crptToFile
           frmReports.crReports.PrintFileType = crEFTExcel80
           frmReports.crReports.PrintFileName = strFileName
        frmReports.crReports.ReportFileName = App.Path & "
           frmReports.crReports.Action = 1

Export Crystal Report 9 To Excel

Plz. Help me to export the crystal report 9 to excel sheet without asking any parameter?

To Export Crystal Report In Excel Format
Hello friends,

I made an application in vb 6 to generate crystal reports but i don't want to use export button of crystal report and want to add my code in vb which will automatically convert it into excel or pdf format. Also if possible it shld automatically send mail to my id without using outlook express....

waiting for responses,

Excel Option Doesnt Come In Crystal Report Export Dialog Box
hi everybody i am using vb and access and crystal report for my application.before i had problem of export dialog box not coming.but that problem is solved by adding CRXF_XLS.dll and now the dialogbox is coming but excel option is not coming.i think it is a problem of missing another dll, i have also included u2fxls.dll but then also excel option is not coming so please help me in this regard. tell me which dll to include so that excel option can come.
with regards
thanks in advance

Crystal Report Export To Excel Not Woking From Vb Packege Dan Deploy
When i install packege an deploy in other computer crystal report view and print work fine
but export button not respon and when I use this code :

Dim crRpt As New crView1
crRpt.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTExcel80Tabular
crRpt.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
crRpt.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = "C:Test.xls"
crRpt.Export (False)

it show error, its posible to export report without install crystal report in other computer??

Export Crystal Report To File PDF With VB6
Hello ,

I 'm using VB6 et CR8.5: and I want to know how export a report to file type : PDF.

when I writing the following code: CR1.printfiltype= ????,there isn't the option PDF.
someone can help me?


Export Crystal Report To Adobe Pdf File
Hi there,

Does anyone know how I can export an existing Crystal report to a pdf file form a VB program? I got a little program which allows a user to view or print a report. I want to replace these commands (view and print) with one which will allow them to email themselves the “print” of the report as a pdf file. I know that report viewer has this feature, but I want to generate the report in the background after the user selected email button (reports take a long time to generate and we have remote users). Can anyone help please?


Export From Crystal Report To Text File.... Help ?

I use a command like that Report.Export to export from crystal report ( CRViewer ) to text file.
Than i choice Format = Text and Destination = Disk File
with name = "test.txt".
When I open it, some object can't export from Crystal Report to Text file ( i use a text object ) and if it's field object it can to be export ( field object ).

I have try but still not work. So anyone can help me........

Best Regard's


Export A Crystal Report To PDF File Format Through VB
when i export a crystal report to PDF file format through VB i did not get a file PDF file format . but if i goto crystal report and from the preview i can export PDF file format. Can you guys pls give me a suggestion ,



Help Required Export Crystal Report File PDF Programatically
Hello All,

HOw to export Crystal report file to PDF programatically..? I am using Vb 6.0


Dim objApp As CRAXDRT.Application
Dim objRpt As CRAXDRT.Report
Dim fPath As String

fPath = App.Path & "ReportsAgentInvoice.rpt"
Set objRpt = New CRAXDRT.Report
Set objApp = New CRAXDRT.Application

Set objRpt = objApp.OpenReport(fPath)

fPath = App.Path & "Report2.PDF"

With objRpt
.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = fPath
.ExportOptions.PDFExportAllPages = True
.Export False
End With

In the code, connection state also remains open.

This is the code I have written , while i run the code it gives me following error:


Crystal Report Database Error
ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection not open

Export A File With Crystal Report Within Terminal Server Environment

Can someone help me?

Trying to export two times the same file (underwriting the previous one) from the Crystal Report Preview (the CR and VB6 are within Terminal Server W2000 environment), the session remains for a time indefinitely...

This problem doesn't exist if at the second time I change the name of the exported file

Crystal Report - Export Selected Page Range To Text File. Please Help.

I'm using CR 8.5 & VB6.
I have a multiple pages (19 pages) crystal report previewed within my vb application.
Exporting this report to text file is quiet possible as far as i know but is it possible to export this report with the defined page range? Shall i say export page 10 to 19 only, is it possible?

Please help.

Or any suggestions please...

Thanks in advance!

Seagate/Crystal Report 7.0 Extended DayLight Saving Patches
Are there any Crystal Report 7.0 Extended DayLight saving patches ?

We have seen on the Business Objects site, it shows patches for Crystal Reports 10 & 11 but not for products earlier than CR 10.

I would appreciate if you could let us know link where we can find the Day light saving patches, as we have 100 s of reports running on crystal reports 7.0.


How Can I Export A Report To Excel File Using The ComponentOne VsReport & VsPrinter ?
How can I export a report to Excel file using the ComponentOne vsReport & vsPrinter ?

Failed To Export The Report, Error In MS Excel Export Format DLL

I have a little problem with Crystal Reports (CR 8) :

I try to export one of my reports from a VB program. When I try to export it in "Comma Separated Values" format everything is ok (except this is not the format I need
). When I try to export it in excel format it works, on some PCs but not on others ?

VB code sample :

rpt.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTExcel80Tabular
rpt.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
rpt.ExportOptions.UseReportDateFormat = True
rpt.ExportOptions.UseReportNumberFormat = True
rpt.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = txtExportDirectory.Text & ExportName
rpt.Export False

I tried all the excel formats (crEFTExcel50, crEFTExcel50Tabular, crEFTExcel70 ...) but on some PC's I always get the "Exporting Records" window for a second and then the error "Failed to export the report, Error in MS Excel Export Format DLL".

Can anyone help me out ?
Thanks !

Prob. In Export A Report In RTF Format Through Crystal Report 8.0
I have a prob. in exporting a report in rtf format through crystal
report 8.0 on some client machine...

i am able to export report on my pc. but not on client machine....

plz suggest

Best Regards,
Sachin Jain

Outputting Crystal Report To Excel File
...instead of a printer. is this possible? if so, how?

any help or pointers most gratefully recieved

Import Excel File Into Crystal Report
In my crystal report I need to match all Item Numbers from an
Excel file then using these item numbers to pull other
information from the database which I have ODBC connection in
Crystal. How should I do it? Is there any way in Crystyal report
that I can build a seperate table (seperate from the ODBC
connection) using the data in the excel file? My report is due
tomorrow. Urgent help needed. Thanks a lot!

Linking Excel File With Crystal Report.......
hi gurus

i have an excel file and saving data to it from vb.
and then after saving i have to display it in crystal Report.
but everytime the report is generated it diplays the old data in excel file (the record that was in the excel file at time of embeding it in the crystal report).
the code is here


Dim xlApp As New excel.Application
Dim wb As New excel.Workbook

Set wb = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("C:myexcel.xls")
wb.Application.Range("D6") = Form1.Text1.Text
wb.Application.Range("D7") = Form1.Text2.Text
wb.Application.Range("AE9") = Mid(Day(Form1.txtDate.Value), 1, 1) '1st part of Day
wb.Application.Range("AF9") = Mid(Day(Form1.txtDate.Value), 2, 1)'2nd part of Day
wb.Application.Range("AG9") = Mid(Month(Form1.txtDate.Value), 1, 1)'1st part of Month
wb.Application.Range("AH9") = Mid(Month(Form1.txtDate.Value), 2, 1)'2nd part of Month
wb.Application.Range("AI9") = Mid(Year(Form1.txtDate.Value), 3, 1)'1st part of Year
wb.Application.Range("AJ9") = Mid(Year(Form1.txtDate.Value), 4, 1)'2nd part of Year

Set wb = Nothing
set xlApp=Nothing

'*****To Display the Report*****
cr1.DiscardSavedData = True
cr1.ReportFileName = "C:myreport.rpt"
cr1.WindowShowRefreshBtn = True
cr1.WindowShowExportBtn = True
cr1.WindowShowPrintBtn = True
cr1.Action = True

Export From Crystal Report!
Pls help me!

In my program, I made a report(Crystal) and then I want to export this report to a Rich Text file. I use the following sub:

Sub ExportReport()
Report.SelectPrinter Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, Printer.Port
Report.PaperSize = crPaperA4
Report.PaperOrientation = crLandscape
'Report.PrintOut False
End Sub

When the ExportReport is called, a dialog appears allowing me to choose the format file and the path to save it.
But I want to specify the format and the path in my program(it means that the program does all things) how can I write the code for this?

If I have many reports can I export it into only one file (for example, We have report named report1.rpt and we export it into the rich text file name rtfTest.rtf. Then we have another report named report2.rpt, can we append it into rtfTest.rtf)

Thanks in advanced.

Export Crystal Report

i have made a report using crytal report, i am able to export the

report to HTML format from my machine. But there is no option

listed in the export box like HTML when i installed my

application in other machine. The other machine have Internet

explorer 5.5. Y is this so ?

any suggesstion will be appriciated..



Crystal Report Export To PDF

I'm trying to export a Crystal Report file to a pdf file using the automation server method. My code is as follows:

Dim App As CRPEAuto.Application
Dim Report As CRPEAuto.Report

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()
Dim obj As Object
Set App = CreateObject("Crystal.CRPE.Application")
Set Report = App.OpenReport "c:dmsreportsServiceSummaryTotals.rpt", 1)

Report.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = "C: emp est.pdf"
Report.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
Report.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
Report.Export False

When i ran this code, i got a runtime error message saying "Invalid enum value" and the error number is 30012. However, when i changed the file extension to .doc and set the FormatType = crEFTWordForWindows, it worked fine. Also when i changed the code to Report.Export True and selected the file format mannually, it also worked fine. I was just wondering if anyone out there has come accross this problem before and can help me out of my misery. Thank you so much in advance.


Crystal Report Export

Originally Posted by MKoslof

The structure of the .ExportOptions method is as follows. Make sure all the export dlls are on your development machine..this has been a known problem. Before trying the code insert your Crystal Reports CD or get to the installation source. Do a change/modify and expand ALL folders so you get any dlls that were not installed during your initial installation (sometimes all export dlls are not installed on the first run). Then in your VB code you can use the .ExportOptions method to send your report to varying formats, including HTML

With crxReport
.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = "name of new file"
.ExportOptions.DestinationType = "destination type"
.ExportOptions.FormatType = "your format"
.Export False 'so it does not prompt the user, automatic export if false
End With

I work also with VB an CR. But i work with CR XI.
But when I want to export my report, it doesnt work.
Can you help me?

Private Sub SetData()
Dim rsTemp As ADODB.Recordset
Dim Report As CRAXDRT.Report
Dim Application As CRAXDRT.Application
Dim strSQL as String

Set Report = Nothing
Set Application = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application.10")
Set Report = Application.OpenReport("C:myReport.rpt")


Report.RecordSelectionFormula = "{Table.Field} = '" & Field & "' AND {Table2.Field2} = '" & Field2 & "'"

Report.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
Report.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
Report.ExportOptions.PDFExportAllPages = True
Report.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = "C:Data.pdf"

Report.Export (False)

Set Application = Nothing
Set Report = Nothing

End Sub

Actually in an application (VB 6 & CRYSTAL REPORT 8) I got a problem with RTF Export option. The settings (Tab settings, Paragraph settings etc.) got changed in RTF file.
One more thing is that, user can edit the RTF file.

So I need to export CRYSTAL REPORT to PDF format.
How to ?
Plz help..

Crystal Report Export
I am a newbie and need some help with some basic code.
I am using Crystal Reports 8.5 and VB6 (sp6).
I am trying to export a report to html.
The report works fine in the Crystal Report Designer...there are no paramaters or anything to pass to it.
I do not have the Crystal Developer version so I am just trying to use the ActiveX Control (not the RDC).
I configured the properties of my ActiveX control and my code works but the output is ugly. It is all one page etc. It doesn't have the navigation links at the bottom like it does if I export from within the designer.
Here is my code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Form1.CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "H:VB6SuSchedSuSched.rpt"
Form1.CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "H:VB6SuSchedSuSched.html"
Form1.CrystalReport1.Destination = crptToFile
Form1.CrystalReport1.PrintFileType = crptHTML32Std
CrystalReport1.Action = 1
End Sub

Is there an equivalent to ExportOptions.HTMLEnableSeparatedPages for ActiveX controls?

Any other advice?
Thanks in advance.

Crystal Report Export
Hey MK and Zerocool! Thanks again for your help!

It's working now under Crystal Reports ver 8.5. Yeah!!!!!

Another issue I ran into is the export button of the Crystal Report Viewer. It's working on the development environment (Win98) and also on a Win 2000 client computer. But when I installed it on a Win XP machine, the report comes up but when you click on the export button nothing happens.

I tried to Google this, but I haven't been able to find anything specific about this type of issue.

Help again!

Thanks in advance!


VB6+Crystal Report EXPORT
I have two questions about the Crystal Report V8.5 professional with VB6

1. I can export a crystal report to a PDF format to Mail or file locally inside the development environment run time or complied executable. However, the 'Export Report' button just hasn't do anything although it can be clicked. (We execute the program under the Citrix terminal service environment and it has the CR V10. being installed)

2. How can I export to 10 seperated PDF files with per-defined file name inside VB6 using Crystal report components.

Thanks in advance

Export From Crystal Report
Hi all!

I have a big problem when I try to export from Crystal Report 8.5 in .pdf from VB6. I use a database made in SQL Server 2000.
The problem is that all the decimal fields in database are truncated in pdf when I export from VB6. For example, If I have 75.45, it will return 75.00. If I export the data direct from Crystal Report, it works fine.
I tried with some updates for Crystal Report, but with no result.
Please, help me!

Export A Crystal Report To Pdf.
i have an app that generates a crystal report, in preview mode. the issue is when i press the export feature in the crystal report viewer i do not have the option to export to pdf. on all the other pc on the network i have the pdf option. all the pc's have the same install and i reinstalled adobe reader 6.0. can any help me with this issue. is there some file i need to check or reregister.

Thank You,

Crystal Report Export HELP!

I'm using VB6 + CR7, one of the report I design contain a subreport. In the subreport, the detail may span over one page, and the group header will print again in each page.

When I preview my report, everything is fine. However, once I export the report to Paginated Text format, the group header will not repeat on 2nd pages and so on.

Can anyone teach me how to solve this problem?


Export Using Crystal Report 8.5
I'm new to Crystal Reports... I've created a report in a VB application that has the export function enabled on the crystal viewer. It works great on my computer, but if I install the VB application on a machine that does not have crystal reports installed, the export function (on the tool bar) does nothing.

I assume that I need to include a dll in my package and deployment, but I'm stumped beyond that.

Am I on the right track??? What dll's do I need to include??? Is there something else that I'm missing?


Export Crystal Report
Hi VB addicts......
I created a Crystal Report in my VB application. I can't export it to any format using the built in exportbutton.
Please tell me what can I do to fix it. What *.dll are required to export and such?

Thanks in advance.


Export Crystal 8 Report To Pdf?
I have VB application with Crystal 8 reports. I need to export report to pdf, but Crystal 8 does not support this.
Can anybody help me?

Export Crystal Report To XLS [MS SQL]
good day everyone... i am having a hard time exporting my report to xls format ... i am using crystal 8 ... isn;t that with crviewer once a report is viewed above the form we have some icons there -- the envelope with arrow (Export Report) -- seems not working for xls ... with other format it can, like dhtml but i badly need to export it to xls format... is there any other way? do i need to install 3rd party softwares? or can be solved with some codes? i deeply appreciate if someone could guide me to solve my problem ... thanks in advance

Help In Crystal Report Export

 I m using crystal report 8.5 in visual basic 6.0, and i have a problem with crystal report. The problem is that i have displayed records on the crystal report from database, using stored procedure. It is working fine, but while displaying records on the crystal report i change the value of some fileds in crystl report's designer's Section10_Format() event. The changed records are dispalyed correctly on the report but when i export that report in text or word format the changed fields are not exported. why this happened....?

Please help me in this problem

There is problem while using visual basic 6.0 and crystal report 8.5, the porblem is that when crystal report is displayed with records then it also show tool tip text of every field when mouse cursor is placed on that field including Stored procedure name, field's data type etc. Now I want that this tool tip text should not displayed. How it is possible...?

Please help me


Export Help In Crystal Report
 I m using crystal report 8.5 in visual basic 6.0, and i have a problem with crystal report. The problem is that i dsiplay records on the crystal report from data base using stored procedure. it is dine fine but while displaying records on the crystal report i change the value of some fileds in crystl report's designer's Section10_Format() event. The changed record are dispalyed correctly but when i export that report in text or word format the changed fields are not exported. why this happened....?

Please help me in this problem


Crystal Report(Export)
i am trying to export a .rpt file with the code below.But this leads to an error which says "Invalid directory".

db.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & strDBName & ";Persist Security Info=False;"

        rs.Open strSQL, db, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
        Set r = a.openreport(strReportFile, 1)
        r.Database.SetDataSource rs
        r.Export True

could anyone help me with this,
thanks in advance

Crystal Report PDF Export

I have exported the Crystal Report in PDF by using the ASP code. The export functionality works fine but there is one catch. In the final exported PDF file the first page repeats i.e. First page shows twice.
If i have one page in crystal report, PDF contains 2 pages .
If i have 20 pages in Crystal report, PDF contains 21 page out of which first and second page have first page repeated.

Can anybody help me out.

Export To PDF Problem With Crystal Report
Got a problem with exporting to PDF file, the generated report has several pictures per detail, but when exported to PDF only one picture is being exported.

Thanks in advance for your help.

How To Export Crystal Report To Word

Does anyone know if it is possible to export the output of a Crystal Report to a Word document using VB code? I know how to do it in the Crystal Report interface but don't know the command for exporting to Word document in VB6.

The reason for this is that I need to send the output via email to the customers and I assume they will have Word installed in their PCs.

I am using CR9.



Export Crystal Report To RTF Or Word
Actually I have a system which is written in VB6 which has the viewer to view the reports. However, when I tried to export the report into either RTF or Word format, the page numbering seemed to be distorted.
eg. The page numbering is Page N or Total of Pages
When viewing the report, it displays correctly, Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2
But when I exported it out and opened it again the page numbering becomes Page -1 of 1 on every page even though its supposed to be Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2 & etc.
Also, I found out, not all the pcs have this problem. I suspected that it depends on the version Microsoft Office which is used. Appreciate any feedback! Thanks in advance!

Crystal Report 9 Export To Text
Im trying to export reports in Crystal Report. There seems to be no problem in the main report's txtfile output but in the subreports labels and data are misaligned. So the report looks distorted. Thanks Extreme people.

Crystal Report 8: Export Issues

I've got a problem here when developing my application using the VB6 + CrystalReport8.0

To export the report generated (from the CRViewer in the VB6), I've first use this method:
i) Using the built-in export button from the CRViewer. However, when I export the report into CSV, the CSV file generated shows nothing eventhough there's value in the report.

ii) And so, in the same PC, same coding, I've amended a few lines, adding the export report coding. It works perfectly.

And so, I don't think it's the dll problem. And I can't really think of the cause. Pls. advice and thanks in advance.


Use Export Feature Of Crystal Report
I want to export a Crystal Report to PDF file, but without opening Crystal Report form in Visual Basic.

Crystal Report Export Problem
Hi, I'am using Crystal Reports 8.5 comprising of abt 6 Subreports. I'am using the following code to Export from Crystal Report:


rptInvoice.Sqlquery = "Select * From Temp_Hdr Where Acctno Between '02200000' And '02219999'

rptInvoice.ReportFileName = "D:REPORTBILL.RPT"

rptInvoice.Destination = crptToFile

rptInvoice.PrintFileType = crptCrystal

rptInvoice.PrintFileName = "D:" + txtBillPeriod + "_Test" + Format((Now), "yymmddhh") + "-" + Trim(FromAccount(i)) + "-" + Trim(ToAccount(i)) + ".rpt"


(1) Now my problem is it's not generating any output (for a big range of numbers as specified above).
(2) If I pass the Acctno value as a small range like '02200000' - '02201000', it's completing the process successfully, but...
the file size generated is very big.

Why is it so? Can anyone help to solve this issue???

Thanks in advance

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