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How To Make Ultragrid Editable ?

Hi Friends,

I have an ultragrid in my vb6.0 application. I have populated it with some database values. But the ultragrid is not editable. How can i make this to editable. I have set the property for all columns as below. Even it is not working.

SSUltraGrid1.Bands(0).Columns(1).Activation = ssActivationAllowEdit


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How To Make Editable
I have a column in mshflexgrid ,which is of length 200.

suppose i have enter data from position 1 to 35 in that column (that column is of length 200) and now i want to enter data directly at position 65, but when I click that column at position 65, nothing happens. The focus never comes over there.

please give me some suggestions. how to do this.

below i am just drawn, how that column looks.

.....0.....0.....0.....0....0....0.....0......0......0.....0.....0.... .0......0........0
.....0.....1.....1......2....2....3.....3.....4.......4....5.....5.... ..6......6........7
.....5.....0.....5......0.....5....0.....5.....0......5.....0.....5... ...0......5........0

How Do I Make A Combo Box Editable?
i am creating a software application for a class at school. This program searches for cds in a database etc...what i really would like to do is make it so that the Admin can imput the individual tracks into some sort of combo box and have it be editable. Then dispplay it in the cutomer section uneditable.

any ideas?

oh and also....if anyone knows how to omit records that dont match a find string...that would be cool to!


To Make A Text Non Editable
i want to make a text non-editable in can i do that....pls help me...or either i can lock it or make it readonly....
thanks in advance

Make A Label Editable
in runtime mode. With vbforum i am able to create dyamic labels at x,y cordinates. How can i change its caption in rubtime mode?

How To Make A Listview Editable
hi guys!!

hay guys i really need a big favor!!!

can anybody know how to make a listview editable. i mean normally if we use a list we can not write anything in that but i want it to be editable where user can enter values in that listview.

If u know any links where i can find such a listview, i really appreciate it.

thanx in advance,


Help: How To Make MSHFlexGrid Editable

I want to create a table where each cell will be editable and the width
of the columns will be changble.
I'm using the MSHFlexgrid control.
Does anybody know how to make its cell editable ?
Which subroutines/function may i call to change a columns size ?


How To Make DataGrid Non Editable
I'm using datagrid to bind information from table and other resources.

My question is how do I make that datagrid non editable.
That is if someone click the cell and try to change information in the cell it should not allow them to do that.

How do I make those cells non editable.

If anyone knows then help me.

Thank you.


How To Make The MSFlexGrid Editable
How to make the MSFlexGrid editable. I mean, I want to change the values that appear in the Grid. Thanks in advance.

VSFlexGrid : How To Make Some Columns Editable
Anybody knows how to make some columns editable and the others not

I used VSFlexGrid1.Editable = flexEDKbd

but it makes all the cell editable. I only want to make one or two columns editable on my grid.

thanks for help.

Make Some Part Of The Grid Editable And Some Are Not..
i need help, because i dont know much of VB6, the problem is i dont know how to make some cell of my grid to be editable and some are not..

please help me..


How To Make Read-only Files UN-EDITABLE

I'm using Visual Basic 6. I want to know how to configure VB6 so that read-only project files i.e. .frm and .bas files cannot be edited.

By default you can EDIT the files but ofcourse when you go to SAVE the changes you can't. I don't want to even be able to EDIT the file though if its read-only so that I don't make a whole lot of changes and then at the end of the day find that the file was read-only !!!!!

The literature says that you have to set a 'ReadOnlyMode' variable (or something like it) to 1 in the VB.ini file but I've done that and it doesn't work i.e. I can still edit read-only files.

Some years ago I had my VB configured so that read-only files could not be edited but I have forgotten how I did it way back then.

Does anybody have any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


Webbrowser Control : Make It Editable
Can we make the Webbrowser control editable.
Or anyone knows of any control that can render an HTML page that is editable.

I want to :
1. select some part of contents in a webbrowser control and delete it.
2. Copy a page (or a part of it) from internet explorer and paste it at some location in my webbrowser control.


Pictures In Rtf How To Make It Un Editable For The User
I use this code to insert bitmaps in an rtf

Clipboard.SetData ImageList1.ListImages(x).Picture, vbCFBitmap
SendMessage txtdisplay.hWnd, WM_PASTE, 0, 0

and I use the richtextbox when the user click to chekc if there is an hyperlink when someone click on it and else give the focus away. But the problem is when the user clicks the picture and holds the mouse down it can resize it. How to make the user unable to do this, but hold the other things allright

How To Make A Blank Paper That Is Editable By The User??
hi to everyone....I am Carl from the Philippines and I'm new on programming....
Can anybody give me some codes on how to create a blank paper in which when you run the program the user can type and delete characters. Also the paper is printable....Thanks in advance....

How Could I Make A DataGrid Editable To Update Database Information
I want to display information from a database table to a DataGrid; and my problem is that when running, the DataGrid just displays informations, but it is not possible to edit cells in the grid to update the information to the database.

In the other hand, I don't know how to fire the fact that the modifications must be updated (communicated) to the database.

Thank you for your help.

Methods Of Displaying A Database Table And Make It Editable
Okay, time for me to take one more step down the slippery path of database programming (yuck).

So I have my database set up, all fine and dandy, and currently am accessing and updating it through pure SQL queries and a command prompt, yes very primitive I know. So now, I want to make it a little better. I want to ideally display each database table (there are two) in two independant grids.

However, there are a few catches.
The user should be allow to modify any fields (except primary) they wishComplete records should be able to be inserted and deletedOther parts of the program need to be accessing the database at the same timeThe grid needs to be refreshed when the table contents is changed from elsewhere in the application
Basically if you imagine just the tables portion of Access then you get what I mean. Ive seen both the MSFlexGrid and DBGrid in the components. I prefer the 'look' of the flexgrid because it looks like Access, but I have been told that its non-editable.

So I have the following questions:
Which control to use?How to link the control to the database?How to cause the changes to update the database if they are not automatic?How to update the grid from changes in the database?How to implement the insertion and deletion of records if they are not already implemented?Are errors automatically handled (such as a user attempting to delete a record which is linked to from the other table)?Am I asking the near-impossible?

Okay, there you have it. Any help?

How To Make Listbox Or Combobox Control Not Editable At Run Time?
Hello Guys,

What i want to do is does not allow user to edit listbox or combobox items at run time. I tried to use "LOCKED" property of listbox and combobox control But it locked entire contol. User is not able to select item from control.

How to make control un editable? So, user can not type or delete any item from control.

Thanks in advance.


How To Make Any Cell Or Column In A Hierarchial Flex Grid Editable
I want to make a particular cell or column editable while remaining cells or columns remains Locked or Uneditable.
I want user to provide rates for the Items in the tender.
The items are shown inthe grid's 1st column and the adjecent column the user will enter rates. I want to Make the Item's column uneditable while the rates' column editable so that user can enter rate.
Is there any way to do that.


How To Make Preview Form Always On Top And Main Form Editable?

I have a main form and I open a smaller preview form. How can I keep that form always on top and have the main form clickable and editable?


Can someone please tell me, how to use DB2 DATABASE with ULTRAGRID.

Currently I am using MSHFLEX Grid and I write all the DB2 queries in the class module for that form.

but with ultra grid, where should I write all the queries.


Need Help On Ultragrid With VB 6
Hi... It's the first time for me to use ultragrid with vb 6, i dont use the data binding method... I have some problems when using 3 bands on ultragrid...

The problems are:
1. I've always got an error message "statement is terminated" or "cannot insert null to column ... in table ..." after clicking the other row in the grid.
2. I want to get the data in the siblings.... But i found it difficult for me...

Can someone help me ??? Plz reply me ASAP...


Can someone please tell me, how to use DB2 DATABASE with ULTRAGRID.

Currently I am using MSHFLEX Grid and I write all the DB2 queries in the class module for that FORM.

But with ultra grid, where should I write all the queries.


Hi, I hope someone out there is using the Ultragrid,
'cause I'm having this little problem:
How can I check whether my Ultragrid has rows?
Its datasource is a recordset but I can't work with the recordcount
plz help me out

Ultragrid Question
New to ultragird 2 and haven't figured out yet how to automatically size the columns on the grid. I've searched there help documents but can't find anything on automatically sizing the columns so the data fits nicely in each cell. I know there has to be a way to do this....

Any ideas would be appreicated.

PS Tried the news group without much luck. Can't post to that group because of our proxy server.

Infragistics UltraGrid
I’m using the Infragistics UltraGrid control and am using the following query to populate the grid:

Query = "SHAPE {SELECT * FROM Location} APPEND ({SELECT * FROM User} RELATE 'LocationID' TO 'LocationID')"

The problem is that I get the following error message:
•Syntax error or access violation

If I then change my connection string to list the provider as MSDataShape it works but it doesn’t like it when I open a recordset for saving data to the database and VB just crashes.

Does anyone know what the connection string should like like for the Shape command to work and for recordsets saving to the database?

Ultragrid Drop Down List
Hello All,

I was trying to figure how to create a drop down list for a grid I have created. The drop down list will only be used for one column on this grid, but each cell in this column will used this same list to select options from. The options of this drop down list will contain a recordset I am passing into to it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can code this, because I am having alot of difficulty with it at the moment. Thanks for any help you can give.

DataGrid, UltraGrid Row Counts
I am trying to load a grid into Word for printing. How can I get a row count for DataGrid, similiar to DataGrid.Columns.count?

Unless someone knows how I can load a UltraGrid into Word for printing or Print the UltraGrid itself. I don't want a sceen capture in case some records are not showing. We use UltraGrid 1, I know 2 has printing capability.


'Initialize Word

'Initialize Table
Set WordTable = Doc.Tables.Add(,Rows,Cols)

For I = 0 to DataGrid.Row?-1
For J = 0 to DataGrid.Columns.count - 1
DataGrid.col =J
DataGrid.row = I
Wordtable.cell(I+1,J+1).range.Text = DataGrid.text
Next J
Next I

Infragistics UltraGrid Vs ComponentOne VSFlexgrid Pro
I am trying to decide which of these two controls to buy. Does anyone have any experience so that he comment on them?

The Object Invoked Has Disconnected From Its Clients - UltraGrid / VB6

I'm using Infragistics UltraGrid. When I try and use its Print function I
Get this error message:
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

This only seems too happen when running on a Win2003 Server (fully upto date
with patches). If I run on a Win XP then no error is recived.

I have found many articles where this error could happen ie calling the
crystal reports control, Office Automation etc. I've also seen articles
where to update MDAC.

I've looked on Infragistics forums although someone has asked about this
problem no solution was given. Also UltraGrid 2 is no longer support by

Anyone come accross this using this Grid?
I only have one line of code and it's:
Code:grdStockBalReconciliation.PrintPreview True

This should then bring up a print preview window.

Thanks in advance

P.S IGULTRAGRID20.OCX requires IGPRINT.DLL to beable to print.

Non Editable Rtf
i have the rtf controler and i would like to have it so that it is not editable but will still scroll.

Editable Menus
I'd like some of my menus to operate in the same way as the menus that you get from the Start button in Windows, i.e. to allow the user to drag the menu items to a different position (with a little bar to indicate where it will go if dropped), and to display a menu of options when the user right-clicks on a menu item.

The menu control only offers a click event of course, which does not even return which mouse button the click event relates to, so that's not a lot of help. So I think this must be a question of sub-classing the form and owner drawing the menus. I have already done this in order to include menu icons, so I guess I just need to work on extending this. But I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience of this that would show me the way?

With thanks for your help.


Textbox Is Editable??
hi folks,
When i put a text using textbox onto a form and when i display the form, i noticed that i can actually put my cursor on that text and edit it! How can i prevent such a thing from happening? Please advice.


Non Editable MS Grid
How can I make just one cell or row non editable in a FlexGrid(6 or 7) while keeping the other editable?

Un-editable Text...?

I need to make some uneditable text. I have a text box which I load the contents of a file into. This is meant for viewing only, and I want to make it so that it cannot be added to, deleted or changed in any way. So far I can't see how to do this, and was hoping it would be a fairly simple task.

Any help is appreciated,



Editable Calendar?
Is it possible to make calendar that looks like Microsoft access calendar control 8.0 or 9.0 that the user can double click a date and a inputbox opens and they can add text to the calendar for that date? Or is there some secret way to use one of these controls to accomplish this?

Editable MSFlexgrid
Hi i download a editable MSFlexgrid from
i want to work with ADO and MSFlexgrid don't support it is it possible
to change it to editable_MSHFlexgrid

No Editable No Combobox
How can i make a combobox noneditable?


Can FileLIstBox Be Editable?
im showing my files in the FileListBox , now is there any way to
make the FileListBox be editable so for example i will press file in the list i could copy and past its caption?
or the only way is to build textBox that will get the files naming as string?

Flexgrid Editable
hey guys ...
any one know how to make flexgrid to become editable ...
and how we could add textbox, or any component into each columns ??

i have a plan to build application in which user could fill the data comfortable
similar like someone fill excel worksheet

Editable ListBox!
How do I make a ListBox editable & at the same time, allow users to enter only whole numbers (no decimals) in that ListBox?



Is MSFlexGrid Editable?
i m preparing a bill which will be in MSFlexGrid. Actually i have a doubt regarding MSFlexGrid, can entries be made directly in the flexgrid, if yes the are calculations possible inside the grid by givivg an event ex: calculate. Plz guys if u have any dummy code then can u plz send me, it wud of gr8 help.

wil b eagerly waiting for ur replies


Non-editable Combobox?
How would I go about making a combo box non-editable? I maen, so they can't type this own text into it but can select the options from the combobox?

Vsflexgrid Col Non-editable
For Those who use vsflexgrid .

Is there any way to set the property of a single col to editable none.

Editable Grid
hi all
i want a editable grid for my application.Grid requirements are editable,option for combobox,date picker,checkbox and it should be light.

Please suggest me a grid with all these functionalities.


Editable Grid
Is there any Editable Grid which comes with VB ?? (NO THIRD PARTY CONTROL).

How do we use the Editing features ? if any such controle exists ?


Editable Grid
is there any method or different control than datagrid to edit the records at runtime.

Editable Grid
Does anybody have some good idea for a grid (like in excel) that is editable? please not database grids.

Editable ListViews ?
Hi !
I know with listview you can have a style with checkboxes.
But i'd like to have a style with TextBox !
I mean have a collumn describing the variable (the first), and in the second a textbox or a texfield, where you can enter the value for that variable.
Just like in the propreties windows of VB6 !
And if i I can't do i t using listview, how can I ?
Thanx for helping

Benoit Lemaire

Editable Dropdown ?
I have a dropdownlist on a form that contains data from a stored cookie. This is so the user has a dropdown filled with data specific to them.

What I want to do is let the user type in another value other than listed in the dropdown. Is there a way for the user to type in a value at the top of the list displayed in the dropdown?

I think I have seen this done but am not sure how to do it.


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