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How To Matrix Effect???

I desired to make a matrix effect even if a simple one.
But I havent exerienced graphics in vbasic.
So please let me know what to do first as a graphics beginner to do this.
And give me some basic idea.

May be you will be excited to do this for your self too.

I am attaching a matrix effect for you to understand clearly what I mean
,but this file is a very advanced sample.

sorry if I couldnt attach at first.

Edit: Attachment removed. No compiled binaries.
Source code only. See Posting Guidelines

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Matrix Effect?
Anyone got an idea on how i could do the matrix effect with vb for a screen saver?

Dot Matrix Scroll Effect
How can i create a dot matrix character so that it stimualte once a user has enter their messaee then the message is converted into dot matrix and scroll across the screen

How To Make When Mouse Over A Form The Effect Is Active, Else Deactive Effect?
how to make when mouse over a form the effect is active, else deactive effect?

Need Help With Matrix (pixel Matrix)
Does anybody knows an algorythm how to find corner pixel place in matrix?

For example this is text (monochome):

Basic 6.0

Enterprise Edition

sjdhfsjkhdf jshdfjshdfjh jshfjshfh sjhdfsjdhf
jjlgdifg iopwiepo oiweri klsjn kseiropwm wwflks

Now if I rotate that text with some angle like this:
00s00s00000000000000 ....and so on
(Don't pay antention to zeros)

and convert it into pixel matrix (text - 1, blank space - 0):

00101000000000000000 ...and so on

How to rotate back that matrix by that angle to make good text

Rotated matrix should lool like this


That means text is in normal position again:


Maybe anybody knows some answers or some book or places where I can
get answer?
Maybe anybody knows just how to rotate matrix or how to find corner pixels? Please write.

Thanks for answer
respectfully Desas

How Do I Get This Effect?
How can I get the effect acheived by these people:


No, not the nifty swirly texture effects, although that would be fun. I mean how can I put a dynamic image behind all the desktop icons and windows.
Setting a static image is easy using the SystemParametersInfo function, but that only loads images from a file (as far as I can tell) and would therefore be far too slow to get a decent frame rate. I've also tried bitblt, but that draws images over the top of icons and windows,not behind them.

I have done searches on this forum about Matrix, and i wasn't able to fnid anything that was talking about the same thing as me so . . .
I was wondering if anyone here knew how to create a matrix looking program if it is possible. I learned how to do it in QBasic, but now I would really like to do it in VB, so if anyone can help me that would be great. Thank you.

Help For Matrix?
Public Function Volatility(Stockinfo As Object)
Dim k As Integer
Dim n As Integer
k = Stockinfo.Rows.Count
n = Stockinfo.Columns.Count

Dim v() As Double
ReDim v(1 To k)
Dim i As Integer

For i = 1 To k
v(i) = Stockinfo(i, 5)
Next i

Volatility = Application.Transpose(v)

End Function

Public Function SqureMatrix(matrix)
Dim k As Integer
Dim n As Integer
Dim m() As Double
k = matrix.Rows.Count
n = matrix.Columns.Count
ReDim m(1 To k, 1 To n)

Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer

For i = 1 To k
For j = 1 To n
m(i, j) = matrix(i, j) * matrix(i, j)
Next j
Next i

SqureMatrix = m

End Function
I can't get get the result from
{squrematrix(volatility(A1:G7)) in execel, why?
But if I run the function one by one in the execel,
I can get the result.
by the way, you can type any data (A1:G7) in the excel.

Matrix Look-Up
I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of products down column A & along row 1 there is a list of features. Against each product there is a 'x' against each feature it has. For eaxmple, product one has all the features (all boxes have a 'x'), whereas product two only has a few of the features.

What I'm looking to do is to create userform that lists all possible features - as many of these can then be selected by the user and a search conducted that will bring up all products that have the selected features. I was originally thinking of using some kind of lookup or rng/offset function but I'm a little lost. Had even considered pivot tables!!!

What I'm looking for is some idea of what could be possible using visual basic - I'm not asking for all the answers, just a few nudges in the right direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Im trying to find a good book or link about creating matrix.
Does anyone know any good one?
I have a data array and don't have any idea how to create a 2 dimension matrix from then.
Thanks a lot for any help.

K i was wondering like if you have a do you sort int like from highest lowest only in each column..????

Please when u explain this to me keep in mind that the nly thing i know how to do with matrices is to add the rows together...i have the code for that if it would help with explaing this to me...
(happy Lebb)


I'm making a small winsock app that sends text, simple as that . But...I was going to do it in a kind of "matrix" know, black screen, green text...

Is there anyway I can make an application that will go to a "fullscreen mode"? I mean practically DOS mode...

Hi, do someone here know how to make a matrix-like form?
(I am a Newbie )

Using A Matrix
im using a matrix to look at pixels i have the matrix declared and all that jazz but when i thought about using it i didnt know how to go about it

i have a 3,3 matrix
dim mat(3,3) as integer

i have a point

how would i set picture1.point(x,y) into the matrix at position 2,2
so i could look and change the pixels x+1,Y+1 x-1,y etc..


i need to set up a matrix on my program to help filter it and what not but i have no idea how to set one up or how to use one could someone tell me a website or give me a quick tutorial??

VB Matrix Help!!
Will some one please tell me why my program is not working, I am trying to multiply matrices in VB 6.0, I'm using 3 MSFlexGrid controls to store the data and answers, and I'm also using a button, my code for the button is below:

VB Code:
For I = 0 To Val(Grid1.Cols) - 1        Grid3.ColWidth(I) = 400   'Sets Column Width    Next I    Grid3.Cols = Grid2.Cols    Grid3.Rows = Grid1.Rows    For I = 0 To Val(Grid1.Rows) - 1        Grid3.RowHeight(I) = 250  'Sets Row Height    Next I        If Grid1.Cols <> Grid2.Rows Then        'Matrices cannot be multiplied        MsgBox "ERROR, cannot multiply matrices!"    Else        'Matrices can be multiplied                'For loops to multiply matrices        For I = 1 To Grid1.Rows            For J = 1 To Grid2.Cols                For K = 1 To Grid3.Cols                    Grid1.Row = I - 1                    Grid1.Col = J - 1                    Grid2.Row = I - 1                    Grid2.Col = J - 1                    Grid3.Row = I - 1                    Grid3.Col = J - 1                    Grid3.Text = (Val(Grid1.Text) * Val(Grid2.Text))                Next K            Next J        Next I    End If

Any help will be appreciated

The Matrix
Hi everyone.
im making a program taking off the great hacking program in the game Enter the matrix where you can enter some text and you have load of different things to do etc. but i have a few little things in need of help.
1) how do get if a keyboard key was pressed (the enter key) and then do something on if it was pressed (change the text in the textbox Code.Text
2) how do i check what was entered in JUST one line of a text box? (i dont know what line the user will type so it will have to check what line they did type into first). because i want it so they can just type anything they want in the text box and it will still do the command its suppose to do without having to put in loads of different stuff which wud b really complicated.
3) in code how would i put it on a new line in the textbox? because i cant work it out and im just using loads of spaces to get it onto the next line. like this:
Code.Text = "Checking password... Password accepted!"
is there another way?

thanks for ANY help atall.

The Matrix
Let's say I have a textbox and a command button, and a label.

How do I make the label do that password-cracking animation in the matrix?

It's like moving each character of the string up by 1 and a random number of ASCII character codes, and it keeps on looping, until the text in the label matches the text in the textbox, but the text matches from left to right, in sequence.

How would I do this?

The Matrix
I was wondering if anyone could help me on a little problem i've been haveing. I want to make a matrix program, for those of you who have seen the movie it is all those green 1's and 0's going across the screen when the guy says. "I see not 1's and 0's but blondes and brunnetes. Or something along that line of things. Anyways, I have two problems. I have got it up and running and it looks pretty good. The only thing wrong with it is when you leave it on for 5 minutes or more it gets EXTREMELY SLOW!!!!. What I am doing is useing two timers. The first prints a random number between 1 and 0 in the text box. The second waits 5 seconds and then takes whatever is in the textbox and prints it in the textbox every 1 millisecond(this way you don't have to wait for the first to spit out a whole bunch of 1's and 0's. What is figured I could do to speed it up is to delete the first hundred 1's and 0's when it reaches a certain point. I am pretty profitiant in VB but I neglected to learn the Mid$ function and have gotten this far without knowing it. My second problem is that I was wondering if there is a way to get that pesky windows bar out of the top of the screen. Also I want to know how to convert this program into a screensaver. Anyways, here is my codeing:

Option Explicit

Dim i As Integer
Dim Random As Integer
Dim Copy As String

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

For i = 0 To 100

Random = Int(Rnd * 2)
TxtBinary.Text = TxtBinary.Text + CStr(Random)
Next i

TxtBinary.SelStart = Len(TxtBinary.Text)

End Sub

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()

If Copy <> "" Then GoTo Skip
Copy = TxtBinary.Text


TxtBinary.Text = TxtBinary.Text + Copy

Timer2.Interval = 50
Timer1.Enabled = False

TxtBinary.SelStart = Len(TxtBinary.Text)

End Sub

If you could help me with any of my problems I would appreciate it very much Matrix
Can Someone Help Me With A Program. I Know A Little About Programming But Not To Much. I Need To Write A Program With Visual Basic .net C++ Using Mfc. The Program Needs To Be A Matrix Program That Creates Two Matrices From Input Files. I Am Not To Familiar With Vb So I Dont Know Where To Start Can Someone Help Me Out.

Web Matrix
I use Web Matrix at home with the intention of FTPing to my new web hosting people who support the dot net framework - but not web matrix.
Some of the controls are specific to web matrix (like that neat column sorting stuff with a quick drag and drop) which don't work at the webhosting server.
I thought I had it coded manually but it won't compile (F5 webmatrix) because there was a problem identifying the sub that I had written.
This is sort of general, at the moment.

My question is:
How do those of you who use WebMatrix to build for a web hosting provider get around these issues?? Just how limited am I with web matrix?
I cannot afford
Thank you

Alphablending Effect
So ehm... I was wondering.... is it possible to get a nice, fading out effect with alphablending? For example, a big dot that you want to have fading out from the center. (like a gradient) Could this be done with alphablending? And if so, can I use this effect on any shape I want or am I restricted to the standard shapes like triangles, squares, circles, etc.? (I'm using bitblit by the way, not DX)

Cool Effect
Hi. I always want to make a routine that create an effect like the form is growing, like Macromedia Flash. I tried to make the Form.Height to minimun, and a bucle that increments that valor until the value of the Form.Height will be as I wish.

I added too the Timer, DoEvents and Refresh functions in the bucle for make this. But altough I tried differents values to Timer and how many the Hegiht values increases in the bucle I haven't created the effect well, because the form flicks (I hope this is the word that I'm searching for ... I'm Spanish and and I search this word in an dictionary)

I hope you understand me, 'cos I make me a mess. Thanks everybody

WindowBlinds Effect VB?
my checkers game uses OLEDragdrop to move pieces accross the board, everything works fine except for when I turn on windowblinds to change the scheme, anyone have any thoughts, suggestions?

Listbox Effect
Im not sure where to post this, sorry if its in the wrong section, but i believe it deals with interface to a degree.

I have a project, it contains a LISTBOX,TEXTBOX, and two command buttons SEARCH and REPORT.

Upon opening the program the LISTBOX contains 200 names listed.
The aim of the program is so that when a surname is entered in the TEXTBOX, and the user presses SEARCH, it searches the LISTBOX for a matching surname, and when finds it it highlights it.
This works fins so far.
But i want to make the program look flashy.
I want it so that when it is Searching through the LISTBOX, to highlight random names just for fun, so it looks good for the user,, as if it is looking through the whole names, and as though a huge serach process is flying everywhere, up and down the listbox.

Though how?

thankyou for your help.


Gradient Effect!
Is it possible to have a gradient effect on a ssTab object?

Image Effect

I have this problem: I’m doing some kind of desktop effect utility, it takes the image around the mouse, process it, and then paints it back to the screen.
The problem is in the image process part, i want to make image to "bend" it's content, some kind of a black hole effect where every thing is sucked to the center of image.

The image I’m working with are in an array: nPic(64,64) - the image i want to process is 64x64 pixels, and basically I need some kind of formula/algorithm to do the effect.

Any comments/links/code... are welcome!!


Genie Effect
I would really love an example of a way to do the Genie effect like in Mac OS X when you minimize a window to the dock. I think the best way to do it would be in DirectX, but my DirectX knowledge is very small... In case you don't know what the Genie effect is, it's an animation that sort of looks like a genie going in to a bottle, like in the Aladdin movie, upon minimizing or restoring a window in Mac OS X. Please if you could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Glowing Effect
I'm praying to every deity I know that I won't need DX for this, but here goes...

I have an RPG battle system and I'm adding status effects at the moment. Some of the status effects are auras that slowly dim to their colours. For example: If one character casts a spell that creates a white aura, then the character is surrounded in an aura, which slowly becomes white, and then slowly returns to normal or to the next aura colour.
I think I might need to draw the lines around a person and keep alternating the colours in a timer. But I'm not sure how to code that.
That's the only solution I can think of, but maybe there's another solution. Any help would be appreciated!


The Paperdoll Effect
Alright, I assume this has been asked a million times before, but I searched for it and couldn't find anything.

The paperdoll effect, where a sprite's clothing, items, and/or appearances change when putting on or taking off a piece of equipment.

I was trying to map out a way of doing this in my head, that is also orpg-friendly in the sense that having multiple people on the screen, all with a set of gear to be drawn on themselves, won't become a giant performance/error issue. I came up with nothing, and I was wondering if anyone could guide me in the right direction by means of explination.

And while I'm here and asking, I might as well ask a related question.
What makes C++ such an easier language to do things like the above mentioned Paperdoll effect? If there is an easy answer, I might just do that because I'm pretty fluent in C++, just not with DX for C++ or any other graphical API.

Glow Effect

Can any one help me archieving a glow effect. I know there is some property in the material stuff but that doesn't really make the object glow. What i mean for instance i got a planet and want to simulate the ozonlayer. So making a blow glowy bound around it. I tried creating another sphere, semitransparent, but this looked ugly cuz of the hard edges.
How would you archive an effect like this, do you need to use pixel/vertex shaders??? Are there any good tutorials on them.

ChoKamir thanks m8s

Chrome Effect?
Sorry for bother U guy wit my questions...
Is there a way to make the Chrome Effect in DirectX8. I saw thing called 'SphereMapping' in TrueVision3D that create amazing chrome effect. Is there a way to make Chrome effect in DirectX??

Overworld Effect
I'm looking to simulate a SNES 'Mode 7' style overworld effect, but I really don't know where to start. I assume Direct3D would be good for this, but I have no knowledge of it whatsoever. I'm using some code from the tutorial on Lucky's VB Gaming Site about the DirectDraw/Direct3D hybrid engine for alphablending effects and such, but I honestly don't know how to rotate it 'into' the screen so that it appears like a floor.

Any help is appreciated.

Blood Effect
how could i make an effect like goldeneye where u shoot somebody in the arm or whatever, and the clothes get bloody. i doubt u would use multiple textures since u could be shot anywhere and it would be hard to make that many textures. im guessing there is some way of doing it that i dont know. any help would help

Lighting Effect
I was wondering if there was a way to create the kind of misty effect for lights like in certain fps games, where u can see the lightrays in the air. im guessing this is done with a billboard effect or something, but i cant find a good way to do it, and im not sure which alpha blend functions i should use for the src and dest colors. im not even sure if billboarding effects are what i need, although i hope not, cuz id rather have an easier way of getting that kind of effect. either way, some1 plz help.

Why The Solitair Effect
why does my screen get the "solitaire effect" ( you know like when u win and the cards fall all over) one of my forms pops up during my code and i try to drag it around the screen (im gettin a tail to it...hence "solitaire effect")

How Can I Get This Kind Of Effect
Hi All

I am using VsFlexgrid 8, i have attached a screenShot of what im trying to do with the grid. I have mailed componentOne and they recon that it is possible to do this, i will need to use the ownerDraw property of the grid and an API call. But i just can't figure it out. Please could someone help me with this.

Many thanks in advance

Textbox Effect Is It Possible?
Is it possible to make text in a textbox appear letter by letter at a fast speed

i.e. for the words: Visual Basic

it would appear to the user in the textbox as so
visual etc

so it would appear if it has been typed

meant if u were to program this effect so the user would see it appear like describe above; the user doesnt actual type anything just clicks a button to begin effect

grateful for any help

Button Down &amp; Up Effect
I'm trying to get a button down &up effect (as a real click) when getting the keypress event.
Please help !

Special Effect
I have a label I want to flash (or blink) when it's visible. How do I go about doing so?


Tabs Effect
How can you achieve a TABS effect?

Like I would like 3 buttons at the top. When I click the first, the bottom of my program is something, when I click the second, the content change and same for the 3rd.

Can someone tell or give an example? If I was not clear enough, please tell it!

Thanks alot

Knowledge is the rule

Text Effect
Is there a way to sort of "delay" text when it is maybe printed into a picture box to give it a typing effect?

Expected Effect?
I'd just like to know if this is the expected effect of a scenario.

A form which has not been loaded previously is mentioned thusly in a separate module:

Does this result in the loading of this form, and hence result in Form_Load of frmNewspaper to be called?

Mouse Over Effect
how would I go about creating a mouse over effect which will change the color of a frame, picture box or anything else for that matter while the mouse is hovering over and then change the color back again once noloonger hovering over

Forms Effect
...And finally my second question is about forms...

Is there a way to do any form transition qhen loading / unloading ? Like Fade in and fade out forms, shrinking etc ?

Or do it has to be choppy coded ?

VB6 Form Effect
Hi guys,

Could anybody help me to do something like:

On the form_load, the form will be on center of the screen then it will move to 45 degre to the top right corner of the screen, when it reach the corner the form will be unload.

I really need help about this
Thanks guy

Wipe Effect

im looking for a wipe effect on my form, i want it to wipe to the top left of the form smoothly, i thought maybe using a timer or something it could take something from the width + height until it gets to 1 px x 1 px then it will unload and load the next form from the top left (oppersite to how it closes) any ideas on how to do this examples/code/tutorials etc?


Scanning Effect In Vb
Hi all
What are the scanning effects….
How to develop good looking form…. Any idea….
Help! For this idea if example the also welcome

Cool Effect
hi guys,

how do i freeze all running application on my pc when my app run?

and how to add cool effect like when windows logout screen, all background turn grey...(like this site also...really cool...hehe )

Timed Effect?
ive made a peice of code in vb that changes the title but it happens in one go
i have a timer and this is the code i made

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If Form1.Caption = "H" Then
Form1.Caption = "He"
End If
If Form1.Caption = "He" Then
Form1.Caption = "Hel"
End If
If Form1.Caption = "Hel" Then
Form1.Caption = "Hell"
End If
If Form1.Caption = "Hell" Then
Form1.Caption = "Hello"
End If
If Form1.Caption = "Hello" Then
Form1.Caption = "Hello!"
End If
End Sub

how can i make each like action happen a few seconds after the last one insted of imediatly
basicly its like a typerighter effect but its in the forms caption and it happens to fast

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