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How To Plot 2D Graphs In VB 6.0?

hi there,

i am going to plot a 2 dimensional graph using visual basic 6.0. The values of y variable are calculated from a formula that relates to the values of x variable. I want to plot axies, ticks, gridlines, titles, legends and more. For axies, I want to plot arrow signs at one end of both axies. Also for data lines, I hope to create smooth curves such as contour lines.

I tried MS CHART, but could not fulfill it.

Is there anybody who can give me your valuable advice and codes?

Thanks in advance.


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How To Plot Graphs
Dear all,

I would like to know how to plot graphs, I currently have a graph template in jpeg,

And upon a certain imput,

I want to plot the graph, say, from a point to another.
Attached is the graph for your reference.

Please assist.

Many thanks!


Plot Graphs
My VB program should read data from a datafile and plot graphs based on the data in the datafile by clicking a button?? can anyone help me out in figuring how to do it.

I have tried embedding excel and working in excel, but I need something like on clicking a button it should plot the graphs..

any help is greatly appreciated

Could You Say How To Plot Graphs(with Co-ordinates) In V.B 6.0?
Hi All,
I want to draw a graph(it is not an un linear data structure). there will be some values on X-co ordinate, and Y-coordinate. now i have to draw a graph for those (x,y) values.

Is it possible in V.B, if so kindly let me know how to do it.


How To Automatically Drawing 40 Graphs And Save These Graphs To Bitmap
      I am drawing 40-100 graphs using graphic method for VB based on my different data file. After finishing each drawing, I need to save these graphs to different (.bmp) format file.
The Problem:
    when my program is running, these graphs can be created. Because drawing graphs (need read data file) is slow, I must wait for finish drawing and I can save these graphs to (.bmp) format file. So I do each graphics by hand.
    Now, I try to use Do While….Loop method and want to finish drawing automatically, there is some problem. I need to know how to automatically finish drawing (40-100 graphs) and save these graphs to (.bmp) format file.

       How do I do that?

       Thanks in advance!

Graphs And Bar Graphs Info
Where can I find good examples for VB Bar graphs and General graphs.I need some tutoriala also.If any one of you know the sites please post URL 's.Please send me if you have examples too.

Thanks in advance.

3D Plot
Does anyone has any idea of how to draw 3 dimensional plot using VB?

Plot On The Second Y Axis
i have this working code to plot in a xy chart from a database

i would like do know how can i use the 'second y axis' do plot another xy chart in the same figure

thanks all

Private Sub cmdGraph_Click()

Dim MyConn As ADODB.Connection
Dim MyRecSet As ADODB.Recordset
Dim x As Integer
Dim A As Double
Dim b As Double
Dim c As Double
Dim i As Integer
Dim Graph(1 To 25, 1 To 5) As Single

Set MyConn = New ADODB.Connection
MyConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & App.Path & "mydata.mdb;"""

i = 1

Set MyRecSet = MyConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM Tabela_Variáveis_PT")

Do Until MyRecSet.EOF

A = MyRecSet.Fields.Item("Consumo").Value
b = MyRecSet.Fields.Item("Horas").Value
c = MyRecSet.Fields.Item("Produção_Hidrica").Value

MSChart1.chartType = VtChChartType2dXY
MSChart1.Plot.UniformAxis = False

If i < 26 Then
Graph(i, 1) = b ' value for X-axis
Graph(i, 2) = A ' value for Y-axis

End If

MSChart1.ChartData = Graph

i = i + 1


End Sub

Plot Graph
Hi all,

I am new in visual basic, so i have some problems in my project...
I need to plot (x and y axis) graph using the values from database in access,i know it can be done using the MSChart, but i still cant configure out how to use it.And i want the crosspoint on the graph plotted can be highlighted when mouse over it or the crosspoint can highlight when i type some search text in the textbox and click the command button(the highlight point is the result of search),can vb do that? Can i have some examples as reference?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Plot A Graph
Sorry everyone, I know there are loads of threads with this question but none suite my needs.

I really need some code to start me off in the right direction. I am pretty rubbish at VB so be patiant.

I have a list box containing between 1 and 4000 values in the range of 0 to 16777216. (24-bits).

I want to plot these values in the same order as they appear in the list box.

Any thoughts would be extremely helpfull. If I missed a good previous thread then shout it out folks.


Plot Date In VB
How to plot data range between -1.2 to +1.2 in VB?


How To Plot A 2-D Graph
if i have 2 array list
one of the list store the time(x)
another one store the weight(y)
then how to use this 2 array to plot a x-y graph using VB6?


Plot Graph
i need to get data from file "data.txt" and then plot two graph using the first column and value after 174=XXX, another graph using second column and value 174=XXX. Since my data is very big, so i hv two text box to let user select what data needed to plot in graph.

For example: if value textbox1=3.8566300, textbox2=100.81888000
i need to get data from (3.8566300 -0.0001) to (3.8566300+0.0001)
From (100.81888-0.0001) to (100.81888+0.0001)
and then plot the graph.

Format in "data.txt"
3.85663000 100.81888000 174=0
3.85625000 100.81778000 174=0
3.85519000 100.80883000 174=0
3.85425000 100.80501000 174=0
3.85252000 100.80040000 174=0
3.84993000 100.79627000 174=0
3.84648000 100.79283000 174=0
3.83853000 100.78786000 174=0
3.83705000 100.78591000 174=0
3.83669000 100.78409000 174=0
3.83646000 100.77324000 174=0

Plot GPS Points
Has anyone managed to sucessfully plot GPS points using VB? If they have i would love to see how they did it, or give me some hints as to how they have done it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

How To Plot The Graph??

1)I want to retrieve the amount and date monthwise from Sale.

2)I also want to retrieve the Recieved and Date monthwise from PartyAcc.

Then I want to plot a graph from the retrieved data to analyse how frequently a particular client is making the payments.

Can somebody help please?? I am able to retrieve the records as I want but I want help in plotting the graph.I have sent my code as attachment.

VB Scatter Plot
Does anyone know of a chart program for VB that does scatter plotting in 3D????

Plot A Cirlce

I'm trying to plot a circle on a form.

I know that I could use the circle method, but I want to do it pixel by pixel, and to be able to control the spead in which it is drawn.

I thought I'd use PSet, but I'm not sure on where to start.

I'd like to get some help/direction on being able to do it, from just knowing a centre point on the form.

If anyone could advise me it would be gratefully appreciated.


Plot On The Screen
Does anyone have an idea where to find a component that plots data graphically on the screen?? Preferably free

Hi! i would like to know does VB able to plot a graph? For example, if i log some data in excel and from excel, plot the graph automatically by using vb coding? Or any idea of graph plotting by VB? Thanks for help!!!!!

Best Regards, Jesse

3d Line Plot
hi there every one, i am stuck on something here,
i would like to use a line plot to lay out a set of numbers,
i know it can be done as some one has done it in C++ but i am obiously not smart enough for C++
and would like to do it in VB6

The reason is to see the fuel injector opening time in a 3d plot to see easyly if there are any holes or hills in it.
this is what the data looks like

        1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  1 1.408 1.472 1.504 1.184 0.992 1.184 0.864
  2 1.408 1.472 1.408 1.184 0.992 1.184 0.864
  3 1.408 1.472 1.280 1.280 1.248 1.312 1.120
  4 1.408 1.408 1.184 1.184 1.312 1.856 1.120
  5 1.888 1.696 1.856 2.048 1.824 2.112 1.536
  6 2.304 2.304 2.688 2.848 2.304 2.272 2.144
  7 3.520 3.520 3.520 3.936 2.816 2.624 2.912
  8 3.904 3.904 3.904 3.904 3.296 3.008 3.808
  9 4.672 4.672 4.672 4.672 3.808 3.872 3.968
 11 5.920 5.920 5.920 5.920 5.120 4.864 5.280
 12 6.560 6.560 6.560 6.560 5.792 5.344 5.920

and would like it to look something like the image attached, can any one help me here as my car has been missing for weeks not and am shore it is a rich or lean condition i can not see right away,

thanks every one

How To Plot Graph
i need to get data from file "data.txt" and then plot two graph using the first column and value after 174=XXX, another graph using second column and value 174=XXX. Since my data is very big, so i hv two text box to let user select what data needed to plot in graph.

For example: if value textbox1=3.8566300, textbox2=100.81888000
i need to get data from (3.8566300 -0.0001) to (3.8566300+0.0001)
From (100.81888-0.0001) to (100.81888+0.0001)
and then plot the graph.

3d Surface Plot
I have some data like this

1 2 3 4 5
1 100 200 120 80 5
2 4 21 123 190 12
3 12 31 19 123 26
4 250 123 11 400 98

now i need a code to plot this as xyz plot and have facility to rotate and view from any axis.... can someone help me... i tried using vector representation and matrix multplications.. but it does not give the required results. can somebody help me out...

Plot Path Between Two Points
Hi, im making a simple vector animation program but im having problems working out how to interpolate between points in a straight line (x0,y0 - x1,y1). First i tried comparing the pixel difference from x0 - x1 and y0 - y1 and then starting a loop based on the largest diffrence. Then i was going to devide the largest differnce by the smallest to find out how many loop cycles in to do on one plane before incrementing on the other(if at all). This works ok in theory but in practice if the result from the division is a floating point number i cant make movements on the xplane finish moving at the same time as the y plane

Forgive me if that wasnt a very clear explanation.

This is the code i came up with;

Private Type XYPointCount
X As Long
Y As Long
XCount As Long
XRatio As Double
YCount As Long
YRatio As Double
End Type

Private Type XYPoint
X As Long
Y As Long
End Type

Dim Points() As XYPointCount
Dim Target() As XYPoint

Private Sub Command1_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub StartProcess()
Dim DifX As Long
Dim DifY As Long
Dim CurrentX As Long
Dim CurrentY As Long
Dim TargetX As Long
Dim TargetY As Long

CurrentX = Points(0).X
CurrentY = Points(0).Y
TargetX = Target(0).X
TargetY = Target(0).Y

DifX = nDif(CurrentX, TargetX)
DifY = nDif(TargetX, TargetY)

If DifX = DifY Then
ElseIf DifX > DifY Then
Points(0).XRatio = DifX / DifY
ElseIf DifY > DifX Then
Points(0).YRatio = DifY / DifX
End If
End Sub

Private Function nDif(nValA As Long, nValB As Long)
If nValA > nValB Then
nDif = nValA - nValB
ElseIf nValA < nValB Then
nDif = nValB - nValA
nDif = 0
End If
End Function

Private Sub Form_Load()
ReDim Points(0)
ReDim Target(0)
Points(0).X = 75: Target(0).X = 50
Points(0).Y = 50: Target(0).Y = 60
End Sub
Does anyone know how this should be done?

XY Plot From Pivot Table.

I would like to plot a XY scatter chart of engineering data, say resistance measured versus various voltages, from a pivot table.

Unfortunately, Excel does not allow making XY scatter plots from a pivot table. Any way you know of around this?

A pivot plot would be nice way to visualize our data, but the X-axis data must be treated as numerical (the intervals between measurements are not uniform).

Line plots are allowed from pivotTable but they treat X-axis data as text values. So 0.1, 0.2, 1.0 would be plotted on equal intervals. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you in advance

How To Plot A Histogram Using Module?
Hi friends,
I am trying to plot a histogram though my module how can I do it?
It means as soon as I populate my table I want to the module plot the histogram for user how can I do it?

Please let me know if I am not clear.

Appreciate any responce,

Public Function Frequency(StrColumnName As String, StrTableName As String, Bin_Number As Long) As Boolean

Dim Xmin As Double
Dim Xmax As Double
Dim Average As Double
Dim dx As Double
Dim n As Double
Dim i As Integer
Dim Strmsg As String
Dim dblValue As Double
Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset
Dim Conn As ADODB.Connection

Set rst = New ADODB.Recordset
rst.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Set Conn = New ADODB.Connection

Conn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=c:TOFDrDaltonDatabaseMassCalibration.mdb;" & _
"User Id=admin;" & _

'Get the Average from StrColumnName
select1 = "SELECT AVG(" & StrColumnName & ") AS Average FROM " & StrTableName & ";"
rst.Open select1, Conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
Average = rst(0)
Strmsg = Strmsg & " Average: " + Format(Average, "#.###e-###") + " = " + CStr(Average) & vbCrLf

'Get the Standard Deviation from StrColumnName
select1 = "SELECT StDev(" & StrColumnName & ") AS StdDeviation FROM " & StrTableName & ";"
rst.Open select1, Conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
StdDeviation = rst(0)
Strmsg = Strmsg & " StdDeviation: " + Format(StdDeviation, "#.###e-###") + " = " + CStr(StdDeviation) & vbCrLf

' Determine Xlow
Xlow = Average - 3 * StdDeviation
' Determine XHigh
XHigh = Average + 3 * StdDeviation

'Determine the dx
dx = (XHigh - Xlow) / Bin_Number
MsgBox Strmsg

i = 0
'Run the query where StrColumnName< Xlow
strSQL = "SELECT count(" & StrColumnName & ") AS n FROM " & StrTableName & " where " & StrColumnName & " < " & Xlow

rst.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

If Not rst.EOF Then

n = rst(0)

End If


'Insert into the Frequency_table for i= 0
strSQL = "INSERT INTO Frequency_table VALUES ( " & i & ", 'Under' , " & n & ")"
rst.Open strSQL, Conn

'Determine X1 and X2
X1 = Xlow + i * dx
X2 = Xlow + (i + 1) * dx

For i = 1 To Bin_Number - 1

strSQL = "SELECT count(" & StrColumnName & ") AS n FROM " & StrTableName & " where " & StrColumnName & " >= " & X1 & " And " & StrColumnName & " < " & X2 & " And " & StrColumnName & " < " & XHigh

rst.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

If Not rst.EOF Then

n = rst(0)

End If


dblValue = (i + 0.5) * dx
'Insert into the Frequency_table for i= 1 to 4
strSQL = "INSERT INTO Frequency_table VALUES (" & i & ", " & dblValue & ", " & n & ")"
rst.Open strSQL, Conn

Next i

i = Bin_Number
'Run the query where StrColumnName > XHigh
strSQL = "SELECT count(" & StrColumnName & ") AS n FROM " & StrTableName & " where " & StrColumnName & " > " & XHigh

rst.Open strSQL, Conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

If Not rst.EOF Then

n = rst(0)

End If

'Insert into the Frequency_table for i= 5
strSQL = "INSERT INTO Frequency_table VALUES ( " & i & " , 'Over' , " & n & ")"
rst.Open strSQL, Conn

Set rst = Nothing
Set Conn = Nothing

End Function

VBA Using Arrays To Plot Charts?
I want to plot a line graph using two arrays I have. I want to plot arrayFx against arrayx ie arrayFx are y values and arrayx are the x values. I dont want to output my arrays to Excel and take them in as a range.Can anyone help?

This is code I got from recording a macro.Again it takes values from spreadsheet which i dont want to do.Really need help.

ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B1:B30"), PlotBy _
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "=Sheet1!R1C1:R30C1"
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Sheet1"
With ActiveChart
.HasTitle = False
.Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary).HasTitle = False
.Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary).HasTitle = False
End With

Scatter Plot X/Y Coordinates
I'm trying to make a VBA macro that will allow zooming of X/Y scatter plots with the mouse. I have most of it figured out, but have problems when the zoom of the active window is changed. Is there any way to get the plotarea.left and values in screen values? When I change the zoom of the plot, these numbers stay about the same, even though the amount of gray area between the edge of the workbook and the start of the plot changes by a large amount. Thanks for any help.


How Do I Plot A Graph In A Picture Box
Hi guys I dont know if any one can help me.

I am wanting to draw a graph in a picture box (T_graph) from data stored in an array.

I want the graph to update each time the array updates.

My Array consists of a number of 0,1, and 2's and is called Tinput_array I have a variable called TcurrIndex which incraments each time a number is added to the array i.e. initially Tinput_array(TcurrIndex) would = Tinput_array(0). Hopefully you can follow me so far.

Each time a value is added in I want the x component of the grph to incrament by one.

I dont know if any one can help If you can I would much appreciate it.



Using MSCHART To Plot Xy-data
Hi guys,

I'm a freshman programmer and I need help to master mschart in plotting xy data. For example, I have a data of density with temperature and I need to plot them together. I appreciate your help.

Plot A Point In Chart
Hi to all, i have already read the BillSoo tutorial about line graph, but i have a little bit problems with my routine to plot a point in chart. I'd like correct this routine instead of change it with BillSoo routine.

For example this my code to plot a Y point:

GetYForValue = ForceInY(CLng(((RealLenghtLineY / maxValueScaleY) * (maxValueScaleY - valY)) + gapLineY1 - (ShapeDiameter 2)))
ForceInY is a simple routine to force the value in my axis when the value is too much big or little for my scale.

RealLenghtLineY = Container.Height - (GapLineTop - GapLineDown)
gapLineY1 = GapLineTop

This algorithm, in my opinion, is wrong but for one strange case of the life it plots the point. But it plots the correct point only if the value scale is 0.

Someone knows the right algorithm to plot a point in Y with a variabile scale value?!

Plot Excel Graph From VB
hi all..
plz help ....

my problem is i need to plot a line graph using the data that i retrieved from the database(access 2000) using VB. eg..the data is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (data A from db-axis X) and 33,34,35,36,37,38,44 (data B from db - axis Y) . my data in db is always changin bcoz the data is always updated by the new ones. that's y my axis X is always changing everytime i generate a graph. thaxz for ur help.....

How To Plot More Than One Equation In The Same Graph?
I am just wondering if anyone knows how to graph multiple equations with different colors in the same x-y graph similar to matlab. I am using VBA and output that graph in the Excel environment using a macro for example.

thanks in advance,

Read In, Plot On Screen
Is there anyone who could tell me how to plot 3 points on screen.
The 3 points are read in from a .dat file.
Inside the file looks like this.....

234.567, 343.223, 845.900

I need the program to read these 3 valuse and put them on screen.

If anyone could help me out or at least point me in the right direction it would be great.
Thanks very much.

Mschart Plot 2 Different Array
hi,please help i want to plot 2 data point with different array.

this is the current code:

Rss.Open " Select sum(sampleno/5)as subgroup,avg(data)as avgdata , time,date from spcdata where date between '" & Format$(startdate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "' and '" & Format$(enddate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "' and partno ='" & partno & "'and dimension = '" & dimension & "' and machineno ='" & machineno & "' group by date,time", Con, adOpenKeyset

rs1.Open "SELECT PartNo, Dimension,Nominal, UCL, LCL From PartList WHERE PartNo = '" & partno & "' AND Dimension = '" & dimension & "' ", Con, adOpenKeyset

rs2.Open " Select sum(sampleno/5)as subgroup,avg(data)as avgdata ,avg(sevenpoint)as seven, time,date from spcdata where date between '" & Format$(startdate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "' and '" & Format$(enddate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "' and partno ='" & partno & "'and dimension = '" & dimension & "' and machineno ='" & machineno & "'and sevenpoint <>-99999 group by date,time", Con, adOpenKeyset

If Rss.RecordCount = 0 Then ' If no Record in Database, then Show an Error Msg and Exit the Sub
' MsgBox "No Data to Show on Chart!!!", vbCritical, "MSChart Demo": Exit Sub
ReDim ArrayChart(1 To Rss.RecordCount, 1 To 5) ' Array
'Puuting Records from Database to Array
For X = 1 To Rss.RecordCount
ArrayChart(X, 1) = Rss!avgdata
ArrayChart(X, 2) = rs1!ucl
ArrayChart(X, 3) = rs1!lcl
ArrayChart(X, 4) = (rs1!lcl + rs1!ucl) / 2
ArrayChart(X, 5) = rs2!seven
Next X

rss.avgdata data plot is work i want to plot another data point is rs2!seven.both are return many recordset the problem i face is when i try to plot rs2!seven it become a line the data cannot be plotted.
please help.

Sine Wave Plot
Hi anybody I want to plot a sine wave on a form I have tried the following code but no plot at all please help I'm using VB6 and math is not one of my strong points.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim sine(255)
For x = 0 To 255
sine(x) = Sin(x * 3.14159)
PSet (sine(x), x)
Next x
End Sub

Plot Waterfall Graph In Vb6?
Anybody pls help me,how to plot waterfall graph in vb6. Can you give me example.Thanks.

[Resolve] How To Plot Bar Graph Using VB 6
Hi, pls help.

May i know how to plot graph using VB 6?
What are the dll, control to get?
pls tell me whats the name of those referance so that i can add.

I have actually see MS chart information in this forum. but i dont know how to find the control pls help, and also pls give me some simple code.

I will be very very grateful thankyou


How To Use MS Chart To Plot Graph?
i need to get data from file "data.txt" and then plot two graph using the first column and value after 174=XXX, another graph using second column and value 174=XXX. Since my data is very big, so i hv two text box to let user select what data needed to plot in graph.

For example: if value textbox1=3.8566300, textbox2=100.81888000
i need to get data from (3.8566300 -0.0001) to (3.8566300+0.0001)
From (100.81888-0.0001) to (100.81888+0.0001)
and then plot the graph.

can somobody show me the code? how to use the MS chart plot the line graph?

MSChart - Log-Log Plot Problem
I am experiencing VB6.0 crash when I try to develop facility for displaying Log-Log plots using MSChart. The code lines at which the VB crashes is:



The crash occurs on some computers but not others.

Appreciate any help I can get on this!!

How To Plot Excel XY Chart From VB? Help
I have problem to plot Excel XY Scattered chart when I called it from VB. What I get is the data is written to Excel sheet. To plot the chart I have to select the range and select the chart type. My codes are:

VB Code:
Private Sub ShowGraph_Click()Dim i As IntegerDim xlObject As Excel.Application    Dim xlWB As Excel.Workbook    Dim xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet        Application.DisplayAlerts = False        Set xlObject = Excel.Application    Set xlWB = xlObject.Workbooks.Add     Set xlSheet = xlWB.Sheets(1)    For i = 1 To mintBil        xlSheet.Cells(i, 1) = DS(1, i)        xlSheet.Cells(i, 2) = DS(2, i)    Next i    'plot axis for assignment        xlSheet.Cells(mintBil + 1, 1) = Asig_X_axis        xlSheet.Cells(mintBil + 1, 2) = Asig_Y_axis        xlObject.Visible = True        With xlSheet        .Name = "Test"    End WithSet xlObject = NothingSet xlWB = NothingSet xlSheet = NothingEnd Sub

All data come from VB. Questions:
1. How to write codes to plot the XY chart in Excel?
2. If I click the same button again, it is seem that Excel try to find the range and the program halt. What is the best solution?

Thanks guy

Create Continuous Plot

How can I create a continuous plot from, say, a text box input? I am writing a simple DAQ code for a system and I would like to display the sampled data on the screen at a given rate. I could be using a timer event or the sampling done signal from the connector.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am sure this has been done before but I couldnt find it yet.


Mschart: Plot On Hoz Not Vert ?
let say I want to show somethings .. I am going to stack my series
and they will all look like so


how can I make it move to the horizonal axis instead of the
vertical one....

like this


I'm sure its easy.. this chart control just confuses me...

How To Plot 3D Anomalous Object
Hi, Everybody:

I have a lot of data (x, y, z) after calculating some project.

Somebody can tell me:

1. How to plot 3D anomalous object and fill different color into body based on Direct3d method.

2. How to build to triangles vertices in automatic method in 3D surfaces according to (x, y, z).

Tanks in advance


X-Y Scattering Curve Plot
I want ask if I can plot a X-Y scattering curve plot in VB from 2 single arrays. The curve is simple that just can show the relationship between data from two axis.

Can everyone post the sample code here if know ?
Thanks very much to everyone for their kind assistance.

X-Y Scattering Curve Plot
I want to ask if I can Plot a simple X-Y Scattering Curve from 2 Single Arrays in VB, like Excel, The graph is just simple to show the relationship between data in both axis,

Can everyone post a sample code here ?
Thanks everyone for kind assistance.

How To Plot Points In A Picture Box?
Hi there,

I am able to get the values i want and display them in a textbox using the following code that i made Using Visual Basic 6

Dim TagId
Dim Distance
Dim Angle

Private Sub ExtractTag(Instring)

If InStr(Instring, "^") Then

TagId = Mid(Instring, 1, 12)
Text2.Text = TagId + Text2.Text & vbCrLf

Call ExtractRange(Instring)
Call ExtractAngle(Instring)

End If

I put the information i want into TagId, Distance and Angle.

I need to know how to plot the distance on some sort of graph. would be very grateful for any help offered.



Want To Plot Positions On A Circle
I am trying to write code that will plot bolt (hole pattern) positions on a circle. The only user input needed is Number of Bolt Holes, Diameter of bolt circle and Starting position offset (if any). The code will then space the holes around the circle equally and shift (rotate) the entire pattern by the offset if needed. Using a picture box I can draw the main outer circle and starting hole. I can also draw the offset angle on that circle but I can't figure out how to actally get the XY value for the angle position where it intersects the circle and be able to plot a smaller circle at that current XY location.

Thanks in advance,


How To Plot Dynamic Graph
Hey sorry to bother u again ! , though i know how to plot a 13*8 matrix , now i want to insert a user defined (X,Y) single point in the graph , can u send me that one line code...
suppose initially i have got a 13*8 array named as arr_name(13,8)

i have plotted the graph usin mschart1.chartdata=arr_name
now to plot a x,y point in this plane wat SYNTAX shud i use it , plz specify that code line..
that will be really a gr8 help ...
i hope to make this application first for the local intranet and then convert it into webbased application using ASP
thanx in advance

VB6 Plot Excel Chart ?
I have been struggling for a couple of days and still haven't find a solution yet. Please help.

I use VB to export data to an excel sheet and then plot a chart on the same worksheet. I need an XY Scatter chart for all data points and then add an average XY ScatterSmooth curve on the same chart.

Any sample code? Moreover, I need to add a chart title, date and other remark text on the chart. How can I do that?

Urgent please!

{Help]How Can I Plot This Equation With Mschart?
if I have this polynomial equation ;
y = ax^2+bx+c
How can I plot this equation with ms chart?
Thanx for any help, maybe some code..

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