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How To Rename A Excel Sheet From Msaccess

How to rename a excel sheet from msaccess.

Help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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How To Rename My Excel Sheet From Visual Basic?

iam doing an excel application in VB.

my application had some data which will be automatically loaded into excel and chart is also displayed.

iam giving a name to that excel sheet automatically.

now if the sheet name already exists iam writing an error handler for error number 1004 and asking the user a message "Do u want to override?".

if the user says yes then iam deleting the exisitng sheet and creating the sheet again.

now the problem is before deleting it is aking for confirmation do u want to delete.

that is a very big problem for me,bcos already the user will be going on thru so many dialog boxes and i want the deleting proccedure should be run in background and should not ask the user for confirmation.

another thing is i want to know how should i delete all exisiting sheets before creating a new sheet?

if any body could help me it will be very greatful..


Very Very Urgent!!!!!!!!How To Rename An Existing Excel Sheet From Visual Basic?

iam doing an excel application in VB.

my application had some data which will be automatically loaded into excel and chart is also displayed.

iam giving a name to that excel sheet automatically.

now if the sheet name already exists iam writing an error handler for error number 1004 and asking the user a message "Do u want to override?".

if the user says yes then iam deleting the exisitng sheet and creating the sheet again.

now the problem is before deleting it is aking for confirmation do u want to delete.

that is a very big problem for me,bcos already the user will be going on thru so many dialog boxes and i want the deleting proccedure should be run in background and should not ask the user for confirmation.

another thing is i want to know how should i delete all exisiting sheets before creating a new sheet?

if any body could help me then it is a great thing for me..


Copy Date From Sheet And Rename Sheet
Hi All,
I need help with a macro in excel. I thought I had it all working except for one thing. Every evening excel will open and run the macro. I am inserting a new sheet every day and renameing with that days date. My problem is when I recorded the macro the line of code that names the sheet inserted the days date that I recorded the macro. See below:
Sheets("Sheet2").Name = "2003 2 19"
How do I change the above line so that it will reference cells b3:d3 to rename my sheet.

Rename A Sheet And Sheet Properties
Simple on but I cannot figure it out, thanks in advance

I have software the exports products to excel and the file name is date.xls and the sheet name is a random number. what i need to do is rename the sheet, sheet1 and the properties(name) to sheet1. I then need to add another sheet, sheet2 and the name the properties(name) to sheet2.

I just cannot get it to rename the sheet properties(name). I have looked through the web and cannot find how to do it.


Rename Sheet
In VB code there is a new sheet added to a workbook. The sheet name is changed, the changing is visible on screen. A new sheet is added to the same book, that sheetname is also changed (different from the first).

My problem is that the first added sheet looses it name and is changed in a standard excel name, for example sheet2.


Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(1)
a = Sheets.Count
Sheets(a).Name = maand

Rename And Move To Next Sheet
Does anyone know the proper way to rename the current sheet, and move to the next one for "VBscript"? I thought that this would work...but it isn't working properly. It renames the first sheet but doesn't go past the second.

intSheet = 1 'counter for sheets

objExcel.Sheets("Sheet" & intSheet).Select 'select current sheet
objExcel.Sheets("Sheet" & intSheet).Name = strComputer 'rename current sheet as the computername

intSheet = intSheet + 1 'counter to add next sheet

objExcel.Sheets("Sheet" & intSheet).Select 'go to the next sheet

Importing Data From One Closed Excel Sheet Into Another Open Excel Sheet
Dear all,
   I am VBA newbie ... I need your help in importing the data froma closed excel document into another excel document.

Please help.

Concating Data Of More Than One Excel Sheet To One Sheet In The Same Work Book

I want to concate data of sheets in to another sheet in the same work book through VB.Please help me

VB In Excel - Trying To Display Cells From Sheet To Sheet.
I'm going to go ahead and appologize for asking this, but I have no idea where to even start to search.

What I am trying to do is run and excel macro that will look for an specific enrty in column A. The entry it is searching for can happen multiple times. I want it to then display the information in columns B-F, respective to the the criteria in column A. (If the search is met in column A, that row I want displayed on a new sheet within the workbook)

I'm pretty sure that I can get info to display from one sheet to another. But my problem is how to run the loop so that it will search column A, and dipslay all respective information in columns B-F, if their column A meets the criteria. And stop when it gets to the bottom of the data, obviously.

Any help is so much appreciated. Also if you could just refer me to another section/topic, that will work too. Thanks in advance.


One Excel Sheet Monitoring Another Sheet's Events
I've written some macros that open an excel workbook and when an account number is typed into a user defined cell or cells the name associated with that account number is plugged into another user defined cell from the workbook the macros opened. I think my co-workers would find these macros very useful, the problem is none of them are very computer literate, and I don't want to have to go around and set these macros up on their excel workbooks. I would like to have these macros stored in a single sheet, but be triggered by the events of the sheets created by my co-workers without them having to insert any code into the sheets they create... just insert the sheet with the macros. Does anybody know if this is possible?? I appreciate any of the help I can get!!! I'm getting frustrated!!!

Need VB Code To Insert A Row For A Subscripted Line In Excel & Code To Search For Amounts On One Sheet And Apply Them To Certain Area On Another Sheet
I am in the process of developing an Excel spreadsheet and need assistance
in adding visual basic code to automate it.

The first thing I am trying to do is to create a macro where a user can
click on a certain button, and the program will insert a row at a specific
row and will copy all formulas associated with the row above it. For
instance, if you have a spreadsheet that has 10 rows and 3 columns in it,
you can insert a subscript line below row 5 and call it 5.1. When the
subscripted row "5.1" is added, it will include the same formulas as in row
5, which would add columns 1 and 2 in column 3.

The second thing I am trying to do is have some code that if a user enters
information on Sheet B that needs to also be included on Sheet A, the code
will search Sheet B to see it an entry made on Sheet B should be carried to
a particular row in Sheet A.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone can give me regarding this.
Thanks in advance.

Is't Possible To Put "Data" In Excel Sheet Or Value In DBGrid On Excel Sheet
I would like to Export Table .mdb connect with Data1 to an Excel Sheet. Is't possible with VB code?

Second option I have the same data in DBGrid is't possible to put Data in DBGrid on Excel Sheet.


Excel 97 Cannot Rename Shapes(#).Name
Dear all, I am a new-be in VBA programming, so do not hit me if this question is all too stupid.

I have designed a Userform which sets up my Excel application. During the setup it copies part of the first sheet several times onto the same sheet, i.e. the first 15 rows are my "mastercopy" of the application and depending on user input x, this mastercopy will be copied x times. My Mastercopy holds 4 command buttons, which are copied one by one after the cells are copied. Then I want to rename the Command buttons, in order to get rid of the default CommandButton1 name. In Excel 2002, no problemo, in Excel 97 however, the name is not changed at all. When looking at the properties of a specific button, the caption has changed yes, but the (Name) field still holds the default button name. The weirdest thing is that when selecting the Command Button in design mode through the Control Toolbox menu, the name shown in the textbox in the left upper corner (right above column A), does show the name that I wanted the button to have. Please help!

FYI, here is my code (The Mastercopy buttons are named SortSTD1, SortEBD1, SortSEQ1 and TIMENOW1)

Sub CopyTRump(ByVal trumpno As Integer)

Dim strPos As String

If trumpnummer <> 1 Then
strPos = "A" & CStr((trumpno - 1) * 16 + 1)
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Worksheets("Sheetname").Range(strPos).Offset(0, 10).Select
Selection.Name = "SortSTD" & CStr(trumpno)
Worksheets("Sheetname").Range(strPos).Offset(0, 11).Select
Selection.Name = "SortEBD" & CStr(trumpno)
Worksheets("Sheetname").Range(strPos).Offset(0, 12).Select
Selection.Name = "SortSEQ" & CStr(trumpno)
Worksheets("EBDplanner").Range(strPos).Offset(0, 13).Select
Selection.Name = "TIJDNOW" & CStr(trumpno)
End If
End Sub

Excel Sheet Question {excel Has Encountered A Problem And Must Shut Down}
I have a question on a form that transfers information to an excel sheet. What I have is a button that when you click it, it sends 4 pieces of information to an spread sheet. My problem is that it works just fine on my machine, but when I install it on a user system if I click it is said that "excel has encountered a problem and must shut down". It shuts down the excel program and my app. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this is happening?
Code use for this is:

Private Sub Excel_Transfer()
Dim sValue As String
Dim sValue2 As String

sValue = txtReqForm(2).Text ' assignes value in text box to string value
sValue2 = txtReqForm(5).Text

Dim oExcel As Excel.Application ' Sets up the excel transfer
Dim oWB As Excel.Workbook
Dim oWS As Excel.Worksheet

Set oExcel = New Excel.Application
oExcel.Visible = True ' Sets up excel sheet to be seen

' Dim oRng1 As Excel.Range

Set oWB = oExcel.Workbooks.Open(modMain.ExcelPath) ' Sets path for the excel document to open
Set oWS = oWB.Worksheets("Sheet1")

Set oRng1 = oWS.Range("A28") ' Sets range in excel cells to modify
Set oRng2 = oWS.Range("B28")
Set oRng3 = oWS.Range("F28")
Set oRng4 = oWS.Range("M28")

oRng1.Value = "1" ' Sets values for the cells to be passed.
oRng2.Value = "ea."
oRng3.Value = sValue
oRng4.Value = sValue2
End Sub

How To Call Excel From Vb And Save The Contents Of Excel Sheet In To Database
Hi folks

I want to retrive the details from Database to excel sheets.After displaying the data in excel sheets from Dataabse, let the user update the record the record and now the updated record should be saved in database

Check If A Excel File Exists And To Rename It ?
Can any one help with the code to check if a excel file exists in a folder and to rename it if it does



i am looking fwd for help to create the following

1) i would like show excel spreedsheet in VB form and let the user do the manipulation and later i like to save it into the database

2) i want to store a Document into MSACCESS(as OLE OBJECT) and retrive it in VB form


Loading An Existing Excel To An Excel Sheet On A Form
How can I load Sheet1 of a current Excel program to a sheet object on my VB form? I don't want to load the entire app, just one sheet.


Copy Excel Sheet To A Form's Excel Control
I have an Excel workbook. In this workbook I have a VBA form which contains an Excel Spreadsheet control. I want to copy a sheet from the actual workbook to the workbook of this control in my form. I've searched the forums and learned how to copy, but it doesn't seem to cooperate with the control. Any other methods? Thanks.

Sorting Rows In An Excel Sheet: VB6 And Excel 2000
OK, I was able to create a function that sorted the tabs in a workbook to the correct order, heres the code:

VB Code:
ublic Function ArrangeTabs(Workbook As Excel.Workbook, ExcelSheets() As String) As Boolean    Dim objWorksheet As Excel.WorkSheet    Dim i As Integer    'on error goto HandleError    i = (UBound(ExcelSheets) - 1)    Do        Set objWorksheet = Workbook.Worksheets(ExcelSheets(i))        objWorksheet.Move Workbook.Worksheets(ExcelSheets(i + 1))        i = i - 1    Loop Until i = 0        ArrangeTabs = True    Set objWorksheet = Nothing    Exit Function HandleError:    ArrangeTabs = False        End Function

BUT, I want to do the same thing with the rows on a particular sheet...and I am having a he!! of a time putting the functiion is what i have so far:

VB Code:
Public Function ArrangeRows(Workbook As Excel.Workbook, Sheet As String, Column As String, startRow As Long, endRow As Long, Rows() As String) As Boolean    Dim objWorksheet As Excel.WorkSheet    Dim objSelection1 As Excel.Range    Dim objSelection2 As Excel.Range    lngRow As Long    Dim i As Integer    Dim ii As Integer        Set objWorksheet = ExcelWorkbook.Worksheets(Sheet)    objWorksheet.Activate    'on error goto HandleError    i = UBound(Rows) - 1    Do        lngRow = findRelativeRow(Workbook, Sheet, Rows(i), Column)        objWorksheet.Range(Column & lngRow).Activate        objSelection1 = ActiveCell.EntireRow.Select        lngRow = findRelativeRow(Workbook, Sheet, Rows(i - 1), Column)        objWorksheet.Range(Column & lngRow).Activate        objSelection2 = ActiveCell.EntireRow.Select                                i = i - 1    Loop Until i = 0                ArrangeRows = True    Set objWorksheet = Nothing    Exit Function HandleError:    ArrangeRows = False        End Function

Exporting A Recordset From Msaccess To Excel Using VB Code
hi friends

I got a recordset and I have to copy the some fileds of the recordset to excel file

How i could do that using VB code

Sample Project - VB,MSAccess Dealing With MS-Excel

I am doing one project in VB 6.0 with MS Access as backend and MS-Excel.

I just give brief overview of what I want to do:

MS Access: (backend)
Fields I am having
EmpID - Number - Primary Key
EmpName - Char
EmpJoinDate - Date
EmpSal - Double

VB (Front end)
Using Adodc - for adding, deleting, editing the records in the MS Access.
Upto this point I have done my coding part and it is workng well.

MS Excel
Here we go!!!
I am having a excel sheet in which I have the following:

Emp-ID Emp-name Emp-JoinDate Emp-salary
--------- ------------- ---------------- ----------------
100 Jim 31/01/2005 50,000
201 mark 09/02/2005 45,000
123 Tony 12/12/2005 75,000

Now I want the Vb coding in which, it should ask the excel sheet in which the records to be uploaded to the MS Access.

For example: I want to upload the datas in the MS Excel to Ms Access with all the validation.
For Example: If the Emp-name field in the Excel is number(other than character), it should not be uploaded to msaccess and it should generate the error message stsing that "Employee Name should have Character" like this.

Like wise we have to validate for the duplicate records too. If in the excel, we have two duplicate records, only one should be uploaded to MSAcess and that too shouldn't be presented the MS-Access before.

Please providde me some sample codings for this.



VB-Excel SaveAs Method, If File Exists, Rename Without Prompting
When using the SaveAs method in VB to save my Excel sheet, if the user entered an existing filename, I want my code to just append a 1 to the end of the filename, save it and move on, no prompting, etc.

Right now if the file exists, a msgbox pops up asking if i want to over-right, if you say no, it asks to save book1. I then want that saved as Filename-1 I want this to happen all behind the scenes.

I know I could probably do some FSO stuff to check but wondering if there is a shorter way, like does the SaveAs throw an error that I can trap?

How To Get Sheet Name From Excel Using VB6
ok.. i have code that imports an excel spreadsheet.. right now.. i have hardcoded the following line which works unless the spreadsheet page name is something else..

Set ws = wb.Sheets("Sheet1")

how can i set this using a variable so the sheet name doesnt have to be "Sheet1" in order to get this to work...

'Imports the new Data from data managment into temp table
Dim Y As String
Dim xl As Excel.Application
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook
Dim ws As Excel.Worksheet

Dim cn As ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

Dim r As Long
Dim rmax As Long

Set xl = New Excel.Application
Set wb = xl.Workbooks.Open(Y)
Set ws = wb.Sheets("Sheet1") ----- Problem line here...

thanks for the advice

Get The Name Of An Excel Sheet
i have a program that automates excel from vb. i'm trying to get the name of the active worksheet then assign the name to a variable in vb. does anyone have any ideas on how to do this. i've been trying things like

txtGraphTitle.Text = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(Name)

but had no success

thanks a lot

Excel Last Sheet
How do you determine the name of the last sheet in a workbook. Once this has been done how do you add a sheet after the last one, every time I add one it inserts it before

Excel Sheet Name
Hi All,

I am writing an app (in VB6 using ADO2.5) that lets the user select an Excel file for retrieving 2 columns. They have to know the column numbers they want and the Worksheet name for what I have written so far.
What I would like to do is retreive the worksheet name(at least the first one, preferable all so I can put in dropdown) so they dont have to look it up, or maybe there is a way to just use numbers? I currently use

SQL1 = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$];"

I was hopeing when I first saw this code it was object Sheet1 rather than name sheet1.

Also if there is 20 columns I am currently selecting all as I couldnt work out how to select just the 2 columns, which is why I using column numbers(by referenceing RS) instead of Alphabet, this slows it down
I tried below, didnt work!

SQL1 = "SELECT B,F FROM [Sheet1$];"
SQL1 = "SELECT 2,6 FROM [Sheet1$];"

Any help Appreciated!
I prefer to use Alphabet Columns if possible


Excel Sheet Name
i m getting a run time error of giving type mismatch when i m throwing the sheets name in a combo box, i dunno why its giving this error although its working correct with another excel workbook.

this is the code

For Each shtcon In xlbook.Sheets
Form1.Combo1.AddItem shtcon.Name

when i right move mouse on while in the debug mode it says "object variable or with block variable not set"

any help would be appreciated


Put Value In A Excel Sheet With Vba
I implemented mine doubts in 2 ways. My first way was to compare line to line, code of a product of a sheet of excel with the line of code of the product of another sheet of excel where if they find the data of the update BD, and bring up to date 4 columns of the sheet of excel. These data are placed by ODBC in the sheet. The BD is a filing-cabinet DBF. I look that this to bring up to date 75 lines delays one 4 minutes. I thought for me that this no viable, then I thought about placing the data of the BD in one recordset and comparing code of the product of this, with code of the product that if finds in the sheet of excel. I did not notice difference. I do not know if this exists way to make more faster, because my academic experience is not none in VBA much less in excel. I wanted to know if excel has some imperfection in this aspect. I wait help
Hugo Silva

Help In Vb Excel Sheet
i insert an object in tool bar called excel sheet i put in the middle of my form here's my problem i want to load my excel document "book.xls" inside the sheet in the middle of the form. i see a code in internet but the code are always call the microsoft excel. how to put my excel document inside the sheet

please help...

Excel Sheet
hi all,
please any can help to solve this.

i am trying to delete a chart which is in excel sheet using of VB 6 Code.
but i am not finding any examle code to do same.
can u help me in this regard..


Excel Sheet
how can i set this up so it auto emails and doesnt show

cheers thanks in advance

oh it is in excel not VB, thanks


Public Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long
Public Const SW_SHOW = 3

Sub email()
Dim eMailAddress
Dim Subject

eMailAddress = Cells(2, 1) 'row(down), colum(across)
Subject = Cells(2, 2)

ShellExecute hwnd, "open", "mailto:" & eMailAddress & "?subject=" & Subject, vbNullString, vbNullString, SW_SHOW

End Sub

Excel Sheet Into VB6??
Is it possible to open an Excel spreadsheet from VB6 and extract certain fields from that spread sheet.
We want to send, by e mail, to all our customers a spreadsheet which contains all their unique particulars, name address etc. if anything has changed they make the changes in the spreadsheet and return it to us.
An app written in VB6 must open the returned spreadsheet select certain fields from it and then update a Sql Database with those fields.
The reason that we have chosen an Excel file is because most of our customers run Excel.
Is This Possible????

Can We Use Excel Sheet In Vb

i am new to visual basic but not to programming.

i have interest in knowing vb.

i have a doubt.i need to get the details in the excel sheet and store the details from the excel to the oracle database.


Excel Sheet In VB
I am new to VB and have searched the threads for what is probably a simple question but could not find it.

I am making a new vb app and I need to show an existing excel spreadsheet in that app. Can I have show on a form or even open with a click. If it can be on the form or opened as an app, can it be editable as well. THanks for any help.

Using Excel Sheet
I am using excel worksheet as a database. It is for a small project. But I am getting an error " Couldn't find installable ISAM"
Can anyone tell me what is that?????

Thanks in advance

Excel - End Of Sheet
Dear all,

Is there a command to find the very last cell (row) that has data in it?

My worksheet has cells with data and some without data and then some with data and then some without etc...

Using the .end(xldown) will give me the next cell where there is no data...this is not the end of the worksheet.

Is there a command to find the very last cell that has data in it?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Excel Sheet

I am writing an application which will open/add excel sheets. It is working well as I expected..

But when i close the excel application, at the time of application, it could not open the excel sheet. Also when i restart the application, it could not open the excela pp. And it is not showing any error messages.

And when I restart the system, windows is saying excel application is running...

how to solve this problem....

Code:Private excel_app As Excel.Application
Private wbk As Excel.Workbooks
Private wbl As Excel.Workbook

Public Sub new_macro()

 On Error Resume Next
 Set excel_app = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
    If Err Then
        Set excel_app = New Excel.Application
        Set excel_app = CreateObject("excel.Application")
        Let excel_app.Visible = True
        If Err Then
            MsgBox Err.Description
            Exit Sub
        End If
    End If
    'Set wbk = excel_app.Workbooks
    Set wbl = excel_app.Workbooks.Add
 Call init
 'wbl.SaveAs "c:" & strval & ".xls"
End Sub

Private Sub init()
  Set ClientDB = New ADODB.Recordset
  ClientDB.Open "SELECT * FROM proj_summary where ProjNo = '" & strval & "'", cnnOpen, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
  ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "PROJECT SUMMARY"
  Call fontmodifier(12)

any corrections in this code..

Thanks in advance.


Excel Sheet To .csv
I have a sheet within a workbook that I'm ultimately trying to save into three separate .csv files. I can get the sheet sorted and separated into the three different ranges, and if necessary I can create three separate sheets to use for creating the files. Where I'm getting stuck is in the file creation steps. I have tried three different methods with varying results. I would like to use the Open for Output method using the Write command, but I think I'm creating a .txt file and I'm getting ## surrounding my date field. The data is going to uploaded into an accounting system and format is key. I have also tried using ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs and ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs, but the result is a changed active workbook. When I do a File Save As from the menu the .csv file that is created works fine, but the active workbook becomes saved as a .csv file and I still have two more files to create. Is there a way to control the format of the data while using the Open for Ouput and Write commands. Here is my code using that method.

Public Sub Create_File()

Dim empl, actdate, job, phase, ins, class, ec, hours, equip, usage, glco
Dim CurrRow, LastRow

Close #1
Open "Upload.csv" For Output As #1

LastRow = Application.CountA(ActiveSheet.Range("A:A"))
For CurrRow = 1 To LastRow
    empl = Cells(CurrRow, 2)
    actdate = Cells(CurrRow, 3)
    job = Cells(CurrRow, 4)
    phase = Cells(CurrRow, 5)
    ins = Cells(CurrRow, 6)
    class = Cells(CurrRow, 7)
    ec = Cells(CurrRow, 8)
    hours = Cells(CurrRow, 9)
    equip = Cells(CurrRow, 10)
    usage = Cells(CurrRow, 11)
    glco = Cells(CurrRow, 12)
 Write #1, empl, actdate, , job, phase, ins, class, ec, hours, , , , equip, , usage, , , , , glco
Close #1

End Sub

This code currently is only creating a single file for all of my data. I wanted to get this part coded first than work on creating separate files. Thanks for any help. If I'm not making sense let me know!!

Evb Excel Sheet
HI all,

Iam new to eVB development for Hand Held PC.
I want to write a form in eVB and export the data in form to an excel file on desktop.

Can any one Please tell me how to do it.
If any one can give me code. That would be great.

Any help is appreciated.
thank you.

SQL On An Excel Sheet
This may be a dumb question, but is there a way to run a sql statement on a local spreadsheet? I'm trying to determine if a specific range on a worksheet has blank cells. Of course I could use a couple loops to look through the range, but I was wondering if there was a way that would be faster?? Here's the code I have so far:

Function Blanks(rngRange As Range) As Boolean
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim endrow As Integer
Dim endcolumn As Integer

For i = 1 To endrow
    For j = 1 To endcolumn
        If rngRange(i, j) = "" Then
            Blanks = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next j
Next i

End Function

This wouldn't be a bad idea if there were only a few cells in the range, but I'm working with over 2000 rows and 8 columns,,,, so it gets alittle big to be using nested for loops. Thanks for the help in advance!

Excel Sheet In Vb

i have a excel sheet in vb6 with data in it . what i want is is to make it editable and then after changes has been made to the sheet i want to save it. how can i do it .

Deleting Sheet In Excel
hi guys, i would just like to ask how i can automtically delete a
sheet in excel. using macro i would like to create a function
to delete an excel sheet without asking for a confirmation...
how can i go about this... thanks in advance... =)

Load To Excel Sheet!
hi guys! is it possible to load data in an excel sheet then print it?

Convert PDF To Excel Sheet?
I know this is off topic, but I wasn't quite sure where to ask this question.

I would like to convert a PDF to Excel using a simple linux, command line tool. Anyone know if that is possible? The tool could also be a windows tool, but I am looking for a tool that is completely automated, with no user intevention.

The reason is that I have a program that downloads PDFs every hour or so, and I would like to convert that pdf to an excel sheet so i could grab data off it easily.

Or maybe, does anyone know of an easier way to grab tables information off PDFS?


Excel Access When Sheet Is In Use.
Hello! Thanks for having a peak at this post.

My questions is simple in theory, but more complex than i think im sure.

I have an excel sheet that i would like to use to update an access database. The problem comes when the excel sheet is in use by another user. The sheet becomes read only...etc... so the database wont pull the data from it.

I was wondering if there is a way to pull data from an excel sheet, while still taking into account that the excel sheet is sometimes in use. Simply put, could i tell my program to check and see if the database is in use? If so , could i then tell it to check back and copy the data over to the access database if the sheet is not in use?

Unfortunately i cannot change the fact that the excel sheet is in use .. oh well heh

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Send Excel Sheet
I want to mail an excel sheet to several people at a push of a button, I have tried to record a macro but nothing appears. I want to send the sheet not as an attachment but as the boddy of the text itself.

Any help will be naturally welcomed.

Selecting An Excel Sheet With VBA
i have this bit of code below in access97 which does not work. All i want to do is select a sheet in excel without actually hard coding the name in hence the strName string. strName holds the correct name but if i put it in the 2nd line below i get a subscript out of range error ? Am i missing something ?

Can anyone shed any light on this for me ?

strName = Left(outputName, Len(outputName) - 4)


Excel Sheet In OLE Container
Trying to create an OLE container that places an excel sheet.
Problem: Newly created spreadsheet is created outside of OLE container

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