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How To Use Mobile Phone Camera To Capture Image

Good day experts! anybody knows how to use mobile phone camera
instead of web/pc camera to capture still images, im doing
employee scheduling project but this time with the use of my
mobile phone camera to capture their picture and load them into
my database, it uses symbian 60 operating system. need help.

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How To Capture Image From Camera Attached With PC
Camera is attached to PC
and i want to capture the image of the person sitting in front of it ..

How Capture Image From Network Camera
I have ip network camera(orite ip300) attached to network switch (switch1) and my pc attached to another switch (switch2) linked to the first.
I use fix IP to my pc the camera IP settinig is fixed , ok I put this address to IE6.0 and work without any problem.
I need take picture and/or record video form this camera when My macro need it , preferable in the background.
I need help to do this.
Thanks in advance.

Capture Image From Digital Camera
Hi friends,

I am using digital camera to capture photo graphs of employees
and store them in a directory using VB.

I am using following code to capture the images..

ImgScan1.FileType = BMP_Bitmap
ImgScan1.Image = "D:PhotosPhoto1.bmp"

After capturing pictrue with the above code I find that there is no photo1.bmp or any other file under D:Photos.

I really do no know what exaxtly happening.

Could some one help me out of this.

Thanx in advance

Mobile Phone
hi guys,

i would like to develop a mobile phone application using VBA for microsoft word. i have a problem here as i don't know on how to connect the button and textbox together. for example the layout looks similar like this

-- textbox as mobile phone screen --

-- and this is the button
|1| |2| |3|

i do this in Microsoft word. i want the button to be connected with the text box so when user klik on the button 1,2 and 3 the text will display "123". please provide me with sample code as well.. your help is much appreciate


Please Help!!! Mobile Phone
hi All,

I really need your help, im trying to create a simple mobile phone in vb, and i have managed to get the keypad to work, but im stuck on creating the phonebook, heres what it needs to be able to do -

has got to have facilities to, delete a selected entry, modify the number for an existing name, insert a new entry (user enters a name and number in separate text boxes), save the contents of the list box in a file, read the contents of a file into the listbox

im now trying to do the delete but i cant get it to delete the item i am selecting, the data has to be displayed -

john - 494555
karl - 453563

i have attached a few files so that u know what im trying to do
please is any1 able to help??

VB To Mobile Phone
Is it possible to create a VB6.0 or application that sends messages to a mobile phone. If yes, how do I get started?

Any assistance is appreciated.


Mobile Phone
I have seen a lot of threads anywhere about interacting a pc via vb program to a mobile phone through a GSM modem. Bu ti have just downloaded a program, including a crack (pls forgive me, i have no money to buy it), named Logo Manager, and it manipulates my mobile phone without a GSM modem. I just used a data cable connected to a serial port. With it, you cand send sms, logo, ringtones and th elikes. My question is, can vb do such things? I mean a vb program.

SMS To Mobile Phone Using Vb6
Hello everyone,

I want to create an application through which a SMS (Text mesg.) can be send to any mobile device.

Please help me for this

Thank you

[SOS]send SMS To Mobile Phone
i hope to develop an online system that can send SMS to the mobile phone, what software to develop this program and what hardware that i need?thanks.

Nokia Mobile Phone
Does anyone know where to find a nokia software that can edit folders, add more stuff etc.A professional program?

Mobile Phone Interaction With VB
I was wondering how you would go about setting up VB to respond when a connected mobile phone rings, and then based on digits entered perform certain routines.

For example, the phone rings, then if the person on the other end presses digit 1 then # it calls a function:

DigitPressed( 1 )

or if the person pressed digits: 135# the function would be called:

DigitPressed( 135 )

hope this makes sense,

Mobile Phone Keypad In Vb6

Does anyone know about any vb6 that runs/works as a mobile?

I mean:

Key from 0 to 9....

If someone touches "2" the A comes. If you dont type during two seconds the "A" keeps stayig there and the cursor goes ahead. If you touch during those two seconds the key "1" turns it into "B" again...etc

So....a mobile but in a VB6.

Kind Regards.

p.s..Could you send even an example on a couple of keys...the "1" or "2"

Phone/Mobile Validation
Hi there,

I'm working with a validation for a phone and mobile number at the moment and I used the type many times before but would like to do it this time a little different !!! (But with the same code).

Here the problem:
I would like to have my TextBox
VB Code:
txt_AddressClient(8) in Case 8:

A TextBox where I could use the Phone OR the Mobile Number, and the piece of code below shows how I used it before.

PhoneFormat and MobilePhoneFormet are my two Public Functions in a validation module. I have to say also that I'm working with Australien phone/mobile numbers where as (phone is like (07)5488-6619, and mobile like (0418)123-589)

VB Code:
Case 4:            Case 5:            If Len(Me.txt_AddressClient(5).Text) = 14 Then            Else                If intPhone = 1 Then                  If Len(Me.txt_AddressClient(5).Text) = 10 Then                       Me.txt_AddressClient(5).Text = PhoneFormat(ByVal Me.txt_AddressClient(5).Text)                  End If                End If            End If            intPhone = 1                Case 6:            If Len(Me.txt_AddressClient(6).Text) = 14 Then            Else                If intPhone = 1 Then                  If Len(Me.txt_AddressClient(6).Text) = 10 Then                       Me.txt_AddressClient(6).Text = MobilePhoneFormat(ByVal Me.txt_AddressClient(6).Text)                  End If                End If            End If            intPhone = 1                Case 7:        Case 8:

Something else what I would like to know is what does the number 14 in the code stands for ???

Thanks aktell

Sending Mobile Phone SMS's

has anybody tried sending mobile phone SMS's (=text message) via a GSM phone?

The scenario I'm thinking about, is that I'd have a VB software monitoring certain actions and if necessary it would be able to shoot out a SMS via a GSM. Naturally I'd need to connect the GSM to the pc serial port. I'd prefer using a Nokia phone as they are easy to obtain second hand.

All help is welcome regards,

Mobile Phone Challenge!!
Can anyone design a program (and provide the code!!) that'll open a MIDI file, let the user choose one of the contained instrumental tracks and convert it into the code that a Nokia 3210e (and most new Nokias) can use as a custom ringing tune? I had a go but couldn't figure out how to open a MIDI file to see the notes (like Cubasis does...)

Any ideas? There's no prize, but I'll be well chuffed! I wanna get the Duke Nukem or James bond tunes on me new phone!

How To Control Mobile Phone By VB?
Dear All,
   I want to control my mobile for send sms to other mobile. how can i do it?


Built-in Modem In Mobile Phone
How can I check whether my mobile phone has built in Modem? Help appreciated.

User Interface - Mobile Phone
I am trying to make a simple user-interface for a mobile phone. I have all the designs worked out and have made all the forms, pictures, labels etc. however, as i am so new to the language I am having troubles trying to code the text messaging screen. All I think I need is a text box that when you press 2 on the keypad for example, it comes up 'a' in the text box, press it again and it comes up 'b' etc. just like an ordinary mobile phone. But does anyone know how i should code this?

also, it would be nice if the text box had a little timer so if no button was pressed in 3 seconds or so, the text cursor would move on to the next character.

Many thanks

Imitating A Mobile Phone Keypad.
Being very new to VB im having a few problems.
What I need to be able to do is as follows:
Mimic the way a mobile phone key works, such as the 2 key for example. I need to display a 2 when the 2 key is pressed once, an A if pressed twice, a B for three pressed and a C for the fourth.

Cheers for you're time.
Thanks for any help in advance :-).

Retrieve Information Using Mobile Phone
how to retrieve information from database by using mobile phone ? Data cable is needed in this case? or any coding is needed to add into the VB?

Trigger Message To Mobile Phone In VBA

is it possible to send text messages to a mobile phone from from a userform in VBA? I want to be able to notify people via email and mobile phone when certain data appears in a userform - I am fine with the email bit, but clueless re; mobile.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

How To Communicate And Send Sms With Mobile Phone?
i saw an aplication wich sends sms and dialog phone numbers thru a winsock component i already searched on internet but so far without any result.

i know there is a command line that the mobile phone recognizes for sending sms and do other tasks

can anybody help me?
thanks a lot for your help

Mobile Phone Messages And VB6 Question
This is what i'm trying to do:

Store customer details and their mobile phone numbers in an microsoft access database then using a VB6 front end send certain customers a text message to alert them when their order as arrived in store i.e. "Your order as arrived at the Leeds branch"

My question is: How on earth am I going to do this? - I'm not after solutions I just need to know if its possible to do and if so the basic requirements to what I need

If possible a push in the right direction of what VB6 components I will need to use/research furher in to i.e. 'microsoft comm control 6' or a good website tutorial that anyone knows about

And regarding the sms sending at the lowest cost possible (like free ) would be good - I'm in the UK

I don't mind paying per sms sent but is there a company that I can prepay say like top up my account with 10 then when its gone I can't send anymore because I don't want to end up with some HUGE phone/credit card bill

Thanks in advance

Send AT Command To Mobile Phone

i want send the AT command to Sony ericsson T610 using VB 6 use serial or USB data cable..

can u help me.. give idea or something

Can MSComm Dial To Mobile Phone?
Hi, all.
Can MSComm dial to mobile phone?
If it can, How?
Can someone explain me.
Thank for all.

Computer To Dial For Mobile Phone.

I am writing a programme for a courier company and have been asked if it is possible for a computer to dial a mobile number from a mobile phone for either voice and/or SMS.

I know it is quite easy via land line phones (although I haven't done it), but can it be done from mobile to mobile?

Don't get too technical because I won't understand it. I am just looking for some thoughts and ideas at the moment.


Short Message From Mobile Phone To Pc
probably has not much to do with visual basic. but I want to recieve short messages from my mobile phone with my application.... is there a way to get the short message as an email or kind of a private message via a website on the internet?

thanks for any help.

Mobile Phone Unlocking Software
I dont know if any of you know what im on about but i wud like to make a piece of software to remove the service provider locks on a phone. This all sounds illegal but it is not and there is lots of software out there to do this, but i want to make my own and hope this project would let me understand more about how to use VB.
I need to know how to use algorithms.And also how to port the alogrithms that i have from C to VB.
If any1 wants to know more about what an unlocker is then i would be happy to send them an unlock program for them to look at.


Edit by wonko: I can confirm that SP unlocking is NOT illegal but changing the IMEI is illegal in the UK.
Please bear this in mind when you reply.

Edited by - wonkotsane on 9/6/2004 2:12:17 PM

Send SMS Message Through Mobile Phone
Hi everybody,

Can i send sms message through mobile phone? Phone is connected to pc with data cable.


VB6 Exe To WindowsCE Mobile PDA / Smart Phone
hi all...

let say, if i have a small application(vb6 exe)... is there any possibilities that i can convert it to run in WindowsCE Mobile(for PDA & smart phone). if can, how can i do that? thanx!

Send AT Command To Mobile Phone Using Vb
My problem is to read incomming msg (SMS) and send the data to VB6 and MS access .. i use Sony Erricsson T610. i want build database.. for the system i need use pic or i can directly send the msg to VB..

can someone help me..

i need your help..

---> i need use pic or not.
---> i want know how to send msg data to VB and MS Access.
---> want now how to build database and link to MS access.
---> and another information
---> How to send AT command using VB and serial communication

thank for help..

Connect To Mobile Phone With Datacable
I would like to know, is it possible to make a mobile application such as nokia logo manager, ring tone or a software that can connected to a mobile by using a data cable with vb6?

If yes, is it any sample code by using vb6 or or any related website?
Anyway, thanks in advance

Access Mobile Phone As A Physical Drive
is there any way to access the mobile phone as a physical drive? if not, how can we get access to the files stored in the mobile phone directly without any software from the manufacturer (like nokia pc suite)
thank u.

Mobile Phone Java Games Emulator
Working on a new project: A Java games emulator (The sort you find on the newer mobile phones) and was wondering:

1) Are Java games sort of the same as Java applets?
2) How would you begin making the emulator?

I already know that Nokia have an emulator SDK, but I think that's for C++

Can anybody help me?

Can I Use Vb6 To Develop Simple Application For Mobile Phone?
can i use vb6 to develop simple application for mobile phone?

Develop Application To Send Sms In Vb To A Mobile Phone
Code: to send sms to a mobile phone through visual basic program.

Developing For Pocket PC 2002 On A Mobile Phone
I know nothing really useful about eVB but can someone tell me how to get started with eVB for PocketPC. Anything important I should know?

Remember to use [code=vb][/code] tags around code.
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Back Ground On Using Serial Port With A View For Readin Mobile Phone Info
Hi i would like to find some decent resources, so that i can try and learn how to use mbus cables to read basic mobile phone information. (ideally nokia)

someone sent me the source code to unlock old nokias, but i have never used mscomm, so it does not make much sense.

but if anyone has any source code for reading serial number of phone that would be greatly appreciated.

This may be out of my league but if anyone has any pointers on where to start it would be greatly appreciated. Even just a good site to learn more on mscomm.

Kind regards



How To Write Simple Mobile Phone Program - Hints, Links And Sample Codes Are Welcomes
Please help, i am trying to develop and write a simple mobile phone program using vb. If you has any idea, please help. Links and tips and sample codes will be appreciated. thanks.

Camera Capture Question
i am currently setting up a capture window as

mCapHwnd = capCreateCaptureWindow("My Own Capture Window", 0, 0, 0, 320, 240, Me.hwnd, 0)
end code

yet when i show my window and the format is totally different. so i use the

SendMessage mCapHwnd, WM_CAP_DLG_VIDEOFORMAT, 0, 0
end code

then i change the format and pixel type and bit and everything works great. however i don't want to have to do this every time. is there a way i can force the format and pixel type to where it will work. i thought when you create the capture window it should take. PLEASE HELP. thanks in advance.

Capture Video From IP Camera

I have seven IP Camera linked on HUB/SWITCH.
There is also an PC Windows XP linked to the HUB/SWITCH.

How I can capture in simultaneously the video on MPG files?

Can I send over HTTP, with IIS on the Windows XP, custom pages with the video? For Example: 4 video/window, 6 video/window, 2 video/window, etc...

Need ActiveX?

I search for source code example, information on technology and any help.


Multiple Camera Capture
Does anyone know of an application that can
capture multiple webcam's , on one computer.. and
record both at the same time.

(Motion Capture, for 3d design)


Capture The Picture From Camera Using Vb
it required urgently plz help me

VBcode For Building A Camera Capture
Is there information (books) that would help in designing a program that would enable me to capture video in an MP or AVI format from a camera connected to a PC. I would like to be able to design my own program to perform this procedure.

Also are there any books on real time VB programming.

How Can I Capture Images From A Digital Camera?
This one is slightly more complex. I've got a firewire connecting a video camera to my PC. Various programs (Ulead's Video and Media Studio for example) can capture images, even video from that camera through the firewire. How can I implement the ability to capture an image from a camera in my program? I mean, if they can do it, why can't I? "I" referring to my program, that is...

Web Cam, Capture Still From Pressing The Camera's Button? HOW??
I need to find out how to push the snapshot button on a webcam, and capture that event in vb. I'm looking up twain stuff but I'm comming up empty. Help please!

How To Capture Picture From Camera?? Difficult Question!!
if got any source code pls paste it

Capture Desktop Image And/or Wallpaper (not Screen Capture)
Hi all.
I have found several good codes for capturing the active screen. What I want to do is to capture the desktop, regardless of what programs are open or running, an image of the desktop as it looks with no other windows open, including the wallpaper if any.

Also, I am wondering where I can get the path to the picture being used as the wallpaper.

Any help?


How To Get An Image From A Camera?

I couldn't access the camera from the vb form. That is, I want to capture live images form the camera and display them in the form. Is there a way wherein I can access the camera from my form?


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