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Input And Output

i need a way to save input from a client, edit it, and output it back into the client.

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How Do I Output Multiple Lines Of Input To One Line Of Output Using VBA?

I have many text files containing data that looks something like this:

Feb 1 19:00:04 Server1 auth|security:notice su: from root to patrol at /dev/tty??
Feb 1 21:30:46 Server1 auth|security:notice sudo: idmadmin : TTY=pts/1 ;
PWD=/home/idmadmin ; USER=root ; COMMAND=validate
Feb 1 21:30:46 Server1 auth|security:alert sudo: idmadmin : command not allowed ; TTY=pts/1 ; PWD=/home/idmadmin ; USER=root ;
COMMAND=/usr/bin/rm -f /tmp/WSlsuserAll.124250

I'm trying to use VBA script to read the file (using Line Input) and output it to a new file. My problem is that I want all text in between the first instance of "Feb 1" until the next instance of "Feb 1" on one line. Using Line Input I can only read one line at a time in a loop and haven't been able to figure out how to output multiple lines from the input file into one line in the output file. I've tried replacing Chr(10) and Chr(13) with nothing, but no go.

Any help is appreciated.

Strange Input Behaviour File Input Output, Not Reading All Characters
Hi folks,

I have this file which consists of a few lines:

Hello, how are you?

but when I use:

Input #1, line

the line variable only holds to the komma. So only "Hello".
I want it to read the whole line, how can I do this?

Solved: Line iput did the trick

Input Box ( Input ) / Label Box (output) Help!
There are 2 forms frm1 and frm2

The user either picks the Eviction, or Rent option button and then can also place a check in the Print check box( on frm1 ) if they wish to print the results that are on frm2.

For instance if I pick the "eviction" option button an input box prompts me to enter in my name when i hit ok it displays my name in frm2 and sates Dear (my name) in one labelbox1 you have x amount of days to move out labelbox 2, reason: eviction in label box 3. Then if I placed a check in the print check box on frm1 then it prints out the results..


Private Sub optEviction_Click()
strName = InputBox("Enter Your Complete Name as follows: Title, First name, Last name[Example:Mr. John Smith]", "Type your Name")
frm2.lblBox1.Caption = "Dear " & strName
If strName = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter your name", vbOKOnly, "Name Missing"

End If

If optEviction.Value = True Then frm2.lblBox4.Caption = "You have not paid your rent in several months. You have 10 days to vacate"

If optEviction.Value = True Then frm2.lblBox2.Caption = "Reason:Eviction"

End Sub

Private Sub optLate_Click()
strName = InputBox("Enter Your Complete Name as follows: Title, First name, Last name[Example:Mr. John Smith]", "Type your Name")
frm2.lblBox1.Caption = "Dear " & strName
If strName = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter your name", vbOKOnly, "Name Missing"
End If

If optLate.Value = True Then frm2.lblBox4.Caption = "You are late on your rent please pay promptly "

If optLate.Value = True Then frm2.lblBox2.Caption = "Reason:Late Rent"

If chkYes.Value = True Then frm2.PrintForm

End Sub

When a user doesn't enter in data in the Input Box and hits Ok it loads some of the information into the second form.

( I want the message box( please enter your name ) to keep looping until they enter in data in the inputbox and I don't want any of the information to load in the 2nd form until text is entered in the input box as well )


When a person hits the checks the print check box on form 1 and hits the Evicition, or Late Rent button and enters in the text.. I want it to print the 2nd form results

Input Output..need Help
alright, im trying to create a Noting program and with that it will use the input from the program and put it into a txt file. I am having some trouble doing that, well just input output basics.

I read the tutorial and I did this...
open"c:/notes.txt" for input as #11
write #11,"hello"
close #11

Its not working and do you guys see anything wrong?

Input And Output
im trying to get the output from an inputbox in a msgbox
So far I have

inputbox "whats youre name"

i need it to output the result in a msgbox, how would i do this?


Input Output
hi again,

I am trying to create a user interface that allows the user to type a country into one text box then type the capital into another text box. The user then clicks a command button to save the information into a .txt file. Another command button can be clicked to reopen the txt file and display the inputted information into a picturebox(or labelbox).

I have gone as far as the inputing and saving process but I am completely stuck on the reopening and display process. When I do this, nothing is displayed in the picture box.

my code is below.

Any help is very appreciated.


Option Explicit
Dim country, capital As String

Private Sub cmddisplay_Click()
Open "A:Assignment 4 Level 3country.txt" For Input As #1
'Loops until end of text in file
Do Until (EOF(1))
Input #1, country, capital
End Sub

Private Sub cmdsave_Click()
country = txtcountry.Text
capital = txtcapital.Text

Open "A:Assignment 4 Level 3country.txt" For Append As #1
Write #1, country, capital
End Sub

MS-DOS Input Output
Hi all,

I am trying to write a program in which I enter MS-DOS commands, and then have the VB Program capture the output from MS-DOS, and put it into a text box or whatever on my VB Program...

I hope I have explained myself clearly enough, please could anyone help me with this problem,

Thanks very much,


Input And Output
How do i make it like this:

Theres a text box(1), and if you type "78" in it and press a button, it outputs "b" in another text box(2) and if you put "24" and press the button, it outputs "g"


Input #1, Exactly As Output #1
I think this is what i understand from Samyo's Problem
Even I've have similar problem

Public Sub Saving()

Dim Class$()
Dim Group$()
Dim Paper1$()
Dim Paper2$()
Dim Paper3$()

amefileMARKS" For Output As #1
For j% = 0 To MARKS.List1.ListCount - 1
Print #1, MARKS.List1.List(j%)
Next j%
Close #1

Open "C:RESULTSmarks.dat" For Output As #1
Open "C:sahorders
amefileMARKS" For Input As #3
fl% = 0
s% = 0
Do Until EOF(3)
s% = s% + 1
For fl% = 1 To UBound(Fls$)
Input #3, Fls$(fl%)
Write #1, Fls$(fl%)
Open Fls$(fl%) For Input As #2
Input #2, SchoolName$
Write #1, SchoolName$
Input #2, rec%
'''''' Write #1, rec% ----- no. of total records of all types of Class

ReDim Class$(1 To rec%)
ReDim Group$(1 To rec%)
ReDim Paper1$(1 To rec%)
ReDim Paper2$(1 To rec%)
ReDim Paper3$(1 To rec%)
Redim Subject$(1 To Rec%)

If CLng(rec%) <> 0 Then
For i% = 1 To rec%
Input #2, Class$(i%), Group$(i%), Paper1$(i%), Paper2$(i%), Paper3$(i%), Subject$(i%)
If Class$(i%) = Text1.text Then
Write #1, Class$(i%), Group$(i%), Paper1$(i%), Paper2$(i%), Paper3$(i%)
SelClassCount = SelClassCount + 1
End If

Next i%
Write #1, SelClassCount --SHOWS THE RECORD OF selected class
End if
Input #2, PaperNo$, PaperDate$
Write #1, PaperNo$, PaperDate$


Next FL%

Close #3
CLose #1
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()

Redim nFilename$(1 to 1)
Redim nSchoolname$(1 to 1)
Redim nClass$ (1 to 1)
Redim nGroup$ (1 to 1)
Redim nPaper1$ (1 to 1)
Redim nPaper2$ (1 to 1)
Redim nPaper3$ (1 to 1)

Open "C:RESULTSmarks.dat" For Input As #1

Do Until Eof(1)
i%= i% + 1
If i% > ubound(nFilename$) Then Redim Preserve nFilename$(1 to i%)
If i% > ubound(nSchoolname$) Then Redim Preserve nSchoolname$(1 to i%)
f i% > ubound(nClass$) Then Redim Preserve nClass$(1 to i%)
If i% > ubound(nGroup$) Then Redim Preserve nGroup$(1 to i%)
If i% > ubound(nPaper1$) Then Redim Preserve nPaper1$(1 to i%)
If i% > ubound(nPaper2$) Then Redim Preserve nPaper2$(1 to i%)
If i% > ubound(nPaper3$) Then Redim Preserve nPaper3$(1 to i%)

Input #1, nilename$(i%)
Input #1, nSchoolname$(i%)

Input #1, SelClassCount ------- I want to put before For Next loop
as my Output structure does not allow me to put before For Next loop
any other way to change the Output structure so that i get my Input Exactly

Redim nClass$ (1 to SelClassCount)
Redim nGroup$ (1 to SelClassCount)
Redim nPaper1$ (1 to SelClassCount)
Redim nPaper2$ (1 to SelClassCount)
Redim nPaper3$ (1 to SelClassCount)
For s% = 1 to SelClassCount
Input #1, Class$(s%), nGroup$(s%), nPaper1$(s%), nPaper2$(s%), nPaper3$(s%)

Next s%

Input #1, PaperNo$, PaperDate$

Close #1

End Sub

Sam F

SQL Output, Input???
I'm getting the following error in my attempted ADO:


Formal parameter '@p_Homepage' was defined as OUTPUT but the acutual parameter not declared OUTPUTT

This is my sproc

PHP Code:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.CreateMember(
    @p_UserName char,
    @p_EMail char,
    @p_Password char,
    @p_AIM char,
    @p_ICQ char,
    @p_Location char,
    @p_Homepage char,
    @p_RegistrationKey char OUTPUT,
    @p_ErrorMessage char OUTPUT)

and this is my VB coding

VB Code:
With codCommand        .ActiveConnection = conMain        .CommandText = "CreateMember"        .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc                .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_UserName", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strUser), strUser)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_EMail", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strEMail), strEMail)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_Password", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strPassword), strPassword)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_AIM", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strAIM), strAIM)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_Location", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strLocation), strLocation)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_Homepage", adChar, adParamInput, Len(strHomepage), strHomepage)                .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_RegistrationKey", adChar, adParamOutput, 25)        .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@p_ErrorMessage", adChar, adParamOutput, 25)                .Execute                Debug.Print "p_RegistrationKey = " & .Parameters("@p_RegistrationKey")        Debug.Print "p_ErrorMessage = " & .Parameters("@p_ErrorMessage")            End With

Please let me know if I should post more information.

Input From... Output To...
Hello people,

I need to write a program that "communicate" with an host program.
Host program simply writes data to its standard output, and gets input from its standard input.

My program should start the host and then get data from its stdout and put data to its stdin continuously...

From the description of a program :

...You don't have to use DDE, COM, DLLs, BSOD, or any of the other infinite complexity that Microsoft has created just to talk between two programs. The host is a Win32 console program that simply reads from its standard input and writes to its standard output...

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,


How do I make my program to a specified character in a file. Let's say I want it to go to line 15 of the file and to the 40 character!

Input Output
is there a way to make a program that when you click your mouse and hold it down, the program outputs another key, like an L every second? anyone have any ideas? thanks a bunch!

When i write

Code:open "C: est.txt" as output as #1
write #1,"some text"
close #1

HOW COME WHEN I OPEN THE FILE THE TEXT COMES UP AS "some text"-THE speech marks r there!!
Also i tried

dim x
x = me.caption
open "C: est.txt" as output as #1
write #1,X
close #1

come up with the forms caption in SPEECH MARKS- how do i solve this?

Input Output
Does anyone know how to minipulate files? I need to be able to open a file find a word then do something with that word(delete,replace) after that i want to update the file(text file only) I'm trying not to use a database
please somebody help me!!!!

Open X As Input/Output
Does anyone has a tutorial or something to use this command?This command may become handy sometime.I write my data with Read/Write INI ...
So does anyone here have a tutorial how to use this command?

Input / Output Question
hi, i'm using a text document - saved as a "unicode" .txt document. I'm using the Courier New font, and i'm using some of the odd characters like an o with a dash over it (ō - i don't know if that'll show properly for people... if not, that's supposed to be the o with the dash)

now, when i read the file into VB and show it on screen, it shows it as an M and a square... the label is formated to the same font

so, i'm thinking it's from when it's originally read. I'm wondering how i can read a text file - with the special characters and all. I know it's possible, i'm just not sure what i'm missing.

i'm just using

Open App.Path & "English.txt" For Input As #1
Do While Not EOF(1)
count = count + 1
Input #1, strWords(count).Japanese
Input #1, strWords(count).English
Input #1, strWords(count).Pronounce
Input #1, strWaste
Close #1
just normal opening code... i'm wondering if there's a line i can add that reads it differently - with the characters

Input/Output Program?
hi. i want to make a program that will sort through a list of names and amounts and then seperate the word/amount into a string and a problem is i dont know how to remove spaces in the textbox.if i knew how i could just seperate the setence by the word and the would i go about removing spaces from a setence?

Input The Output Of Dos Programms
hi all,

i'm pretty sure a saw something like this in the forum but i don't know how to search for it. if you remember the thread please send me the link.


i'm talking for example about ping or any DOS stuff else

MIDI Input And Output
I'm trying to figure out how to manipulate MIDI input and output and the like. I've looked at the APIs but I can't make sense of them.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Is there a MIDI control somewhere that I can use? Or is there a good tutorial on using MIDI input and ouput APIs?

Thx for any help. I've done a lot of searching and I'm stumped.

Redirecting Input/output
I am trying to create a console process thru VB , a process that runs a few dos commands and read their output. I need to pipe the process' output (STDOUT) to a windows textbox, and to send to the process commands using the input pipe (STDIN).
The input and output have to be done interactively during the process , and not by redirecting the output to a file and then reading the file !

If you could give me an example how it's done, or point me to a source of information , I would be most grateful !


Input && Output Controls
Hi all, how you all today, ok then just need a little info on the above subjects !... Can anyone explain the difference betweent the two and give me any examples of them...

thanks for your help


Input/Output Call
Is there a way to cancel an input call to a VB app in order to make an output call? Currently VB doesn't allow the two to run simultaneously. If there is a way to have VB do both concurrently, that will work fine also.


Csv File Input And Output
I am using vb6.
I have a csv file in excel and I need to read every line and write it out to a different file name only if the Email Display Name reads

I have no idea how to open an excel file to read line by line. Could anyone land me a hand?

Thanks a lot

Input Output Crazy ... Please Have A Look!
I'll try to be brief but I want you to understand. This is VB5 and no database. I want to save the contents of two textboxes to one combo box. The textboxes are on two different forms. The combo box is on another form (frmcbo). The textboxes populate a ListView that maintains student data. My problem is once the textboxes are gone so is the data they contain.

On frmNew there is a textbox and cmdNew. Once cmdNew is clicked, this value goes to the LV. Ditto with cmdUpdate on frmUpdate. Book quantity (sub3) is being updated and these are the values I want in Combo1 BUT with the following code, the values are added instead of listed separately. Say one week, I borrow 3 books. O.K. this code shows 3. The next week I get 6 books. Now, instead of showing 3 and 6, it displays 9. It's overwriting.

So really I have two questions: (1) How to save data from two boxes (on different forms) to a combo box on another form and (2) How to display the values separately. If you can only answer one of the questions, that's fine. Because I'm stuck.

The first code is suppose to display the values. The second, is to save. I know ... I'm Input and Output crazy. Please help.

VB Code:
Private Sub Combo1_GotFocus()FF = FreeFileMe.Combo1.Clear                 'Me.Combo1.AddItem frmNew.txt1 OR frmUpdate.txt2  doesn't work Set itmX =   'Has to be selected student       If itmX.SubItems(3) > 0 ThenMe.Combo1.AddItem itmX.SubItems(3)   'Seems the only way to cbo is via LV Open "d:Students.txt" For Input As #FF    End IfClose #FF

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdSave_Click()Dim i as IntegerFF = FreeFile Open "d:Students.txt" For Output As #FF    For i = 0 To Me.Combo1.ListCount - 1    Write #FF, Me.Combo1.List(i)    NextClose #FF

File Input And Output
I am trying to take information from an .ini file and put it into an .html file but it is adding quotes " every time I append to the file. Is there a way around this?

Thank you
Also, is there a directory of all the chr() codes? My MSDN Library says the page isn't there when I try and click the link for it.

Help With File Input && Output
How would I make a program save a string and a date so they can be loaded seperatly and so when I write to it again it woudent be over written

Input! Output? ****RESOLVED****
Firstly, I have some experience in Visual Basic. So I am pretty much a navie.

please take the time to explain your anwser clearly becasue if you leave something out I most likely will not be able to bridge the gap to what your anwser is trying to show me.

Alright this is what I am attempting to do

On my Form I have a 5 text boxes (text) , 2 Command buttons(cmd_save) (cmd_open) and 5 labels (label)

here is the code

Private Sub cmd_open_Click()

Dim variable(0 To 3) As String

Open "c:save.txt" For Input As #1

Input #1, variable(0)
Input #1, variable(1)
Input #1, variable(2)
Input #1, variable(3)

messaging = MsgBox("Opening save.txt")

label(0).Caption = variable(0)
label(1).Caption = variable(1)
label(2).Caption = variable(2)
label(3).Caption = variable(3)

End Sub

Private Sub cmd_save_Click()

Dim texter(0 To 3) As String
texter(0) = text(0).text
texter(1) = text(1).text
texter(2) = text(2).text
texter(3) = text(3).text

Open "c:save.txt" For Output As #1

Print #1, texter(0)
Print #1, texter(1)
Print #1, texter(2)
Print #1, texter(3)

messaging = MsgBox("Saving to save.txt")

Close #1

messaging = MsgBox("Saved to save.txt")

End Sub

so pretty much my code Creates a File called save.txt and prints
the value for text(0 -3) in the file

example of save.txt

1. Hello
2. You
3. Are
4. There

and then if you click Open button it displays the four strings
in each of the label caption.

now what I want to know is how can I read just line 3 of save.txt
and put it in a label caption, or maybe how to print a new line between line 1 and 2

example of save.txt

1. Hello
2. Joe!
3. You
4. Are
5. There

So could someone explain to me pretty much how to write on
specfic lines in the text file and load specfic lines in the text file

This would be greatly appericated if ANWSERED thank you!

Using Dll For Input Output, But Error!
I am using a dll file for input and output to the pc printer port. but when I use a function from that dll, I get the error, Privilleged instruction. why?

I am using win XP professional.

Line Output/Input
Man, this is an easy question. So easy i'm ashamed to ask it

I want to Print to a file, but I dont remember the right command that I need. I dont know the correct termology, but the file will look something similar to this:

"pDK's", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
---------- OR -----------
"pDK's", "Another String", "Yet Another", "Some More"

But yet I keep getting this garbage:

pDK's 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The Code that i'm currently using to print to/read from the file is this:

Print #1, "pDK's", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

Input #1, varSettings(intLine), varKPlay(intLine), varKStop(intLine), varKPause(intLine), varKPrev(intLine), varKNext(intLine), varKVolUp(intLine), varKVolDwn(intLine), varKFF(intLine), varKRew(intLine), varKRepeat(intLine), varKShuffle(intLine)

I know its Something similar to this, but I just dont remember. Thanks again!

Input Output (should Be Simple)
What I need to do is copy line by line one file to another skipping certain lines. I know how to do that only by inputting the line in a string variable and then outputting it into the next file but the problem is it comes on the new file within "quotes". Is there a way to do this without having the quotation marks there. Thank you.

Sound Input && Output

I'm writing my own version of Netmeeting, do you know if an ocx or dll or whatever exists which can input sound from a microphone and output raw data (possibly bytes) and visa versa?


Input, Output, Append?
Could someone remind me the keywords for each of them.
And how to use them.

VB Input/output Programming
I would like to know what is the VB commands to read and write data from a serial communication port, and what is all others parameters needed. Thanks you very much!

Input + Output - The Same Time???
is it possible to open a file for input and for output at the same time??

i mean writing into the file....while reading from it


Excel Input And Output From VB
Due to lack of replies from the .Net forum I've decided to try here. I think this can be done using VB6 as well. How do you import 20 sequential cells from Excel 2002 into VB to perform some calculations using Excel functions (IRR, NPV, etc.) then insert the result back into the same worksheet and also to a label in VB?

Input & Output Commands
Dear sir;
I use some commands for controling any devices which are installed in ISA
slot under Qbasic.

for example:
out &h301 ,&h45

But I don't know about them under visual basic.Please introduce me some
books and guide me about them.
Thanking you in advance and appreciate you effort for comment / advice
regarding the above mentioned.

Best regards

Javad Majd


Comparing Input And Output
Hi all,

I am new to VB and am trying to write a program for a RFID device. Using MSComm, it seems like I am able to receive data and output data. However, I am not sure how should I compare the two in order to proceed to next step. It would be great if any of you can help me with this problem. Thank you all so much for your time.


PC's LPT-1 Input && Output Through VB6 && WinXP
Dear friends,

Please help me.

I have decided to make my project using PCs parallel port with my hardware interface to monitor analog voltage at my VDU Screen in digital format max reading in 3 digits that is 999. I am using Microsoft Windows XP as Operating Software with Visual Basic 6.0 as programming software to display digital output on the computer screen.

As we are all aware that LPT-1 port mounted on the backside of every PC having 25 pins D shell connector. Pin no2, 3,4 ... to 9 are D0, D1, and D2......... D7 are the Output and Pin no 10,11,12,13,14,15, are the Input.

I have already made my hardware part and using an ADC IC-7135CN. With multiplexed IC-74LS157.

The IC-7135CN is a 4-1/2 digit Analog- To-Digital Converter design to provide interface to microprocessor. The digital drive output D1 through D4 and multiplexed BCD output B1, B2, B4, and B8 provided an interface for microprocessor.

I am also using IC-74LS157 circuit with IC-7135CN for convergent 8 bit to 4 bit for inputting LPT-1 port in nibble mode through LPT-1 Pin no.10, 11,12,13

I am facing problem for inputting 8 bit data of IC-7135CN with IC-74LS157 through LPT-1 Port to display voltage on computer screen.

Kindly help me. I want to read A to D converter output with 74LS157 as an Interface with my computer through LPT-1 to see the 3-Digit (999) digital readout at my VDU screen.

How we can do with VB-6 Programming & Windows-XP Kindly provides us source code and driver information. Thanks

Adeeb Raza

File Input/output
I need to write data to a in a text file in a specific format.
Every line of the file will have number of fields, and I need to specify the width of each field and the starting position of each field. Also these fields contain values of different datatypes. Have tried it with Print #fn, outputlist statement but I don't know how to specify the width and format for different datatype fields.
I also need to read this file. My file format doesnot have any delimiters, how can I tell the
input #fn , inputvarlist statement the starting point and width that should be read in each variable.


Input && Output With Password Protection
If anyone can view the attachment I've added of my frmLogin.frm from my project, you'll notice the login text box is a drop down box. This is because more than one person will be logging in at a time. Anyway here's what I'm trying to do with IO. I would like to make it so that the program gets the users and passwords from users.log file that is in the application path. The program will get the users from the file and put them in the drop down box. The program will have an administrator account for use in creating new users (which will also update the users.log file.

Can anyone help me with this? I can try to put a copy of my project on within the day.

File Input/Output Looping
I am extending the ability of a formchecker programm and am trying to incorporate an exceptions list. I have already done the coding to enable the forms which are going to be on the exception list to be saved to a file on double click of the directory list:

Private Sub File1_DblClick()
'Create the exceptions list which will be made on double click of the form list
Apppath = "C:"
dpath = Apppath & "FileExceptions" 'state directory name should be written to
If Dir$(dpath, vbDirectory Or vbHidden) = "" Then
MkDir dpath
End If
Open dpath & "FileExceptions.txt" For Append As #1
Source4 = File1.FileName
Exception = True
Print #1, Source4
Close 1

End Sub

Now I need to know how to utilise this file and when the checks start I need to make sure that the form name does not equate to any form names which are in the exceptions list.

i.e, I have a check that runs and makes sure that option explicit is in each form (obviously this will be required on all forms but this is just an example)
how do i check that the form being checked is not in the exceptions list before I run the check?

'Check for option explict reference
If Check1(CheckEnum.CheckOptionExplicit).Value = vbChecked Then
If InStr(1, LCase$(Ln), "option explicit") > 0 Then
If Mid$(Ln, 1, 1) <> "'" Then 'check line isn't commented
If StrComp(Mid$(Replace(LCase$(Ln), Space(1), ""), 1, 4), "optionexplicit") = 0 Then
IsFound(CheckEnum.CheckOptionExplicit) = True
End If
End If
End If
End If

PCI Digital Input/ Output Card
Hi, i wonder if anybody can help me? I have recently purchased a PCI input/ output card. The hardware should have come with a DLL, which i could call from visual basic, but it hasn't and it will take time (which i haven't got) to be delivered.

I have the:
Assigned IRQ
Base Address

for the card.

I wondered how i can capture data from the card? i.e. determine if a switch has been pressed. If anybody can help or point me in the right direction i would be extremely grateful.

Open File For Input && Output
What is the syntax for opening a file for both read & write? I used each of the scenario for input, output, and append but never use it for both input & output. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.

open app.path & " mp.txt" for input as # 1
open app.path & " mp.txt" for output as # 1
open app.path & " mp.txt" for append as # 1



Record Audio Output And/or Input
hi all, i'm fairly new to vb, and i'm looking into (for learning purposes) to make a program which records audio output and/or audio input eg, record what evers going to your speakers, or record mic input, how would this be done? thanks in advanced for any help/support you give me

Input/Output File Format
I am creating an application that will take user input (into text fields). When the application is closed, this input will be output into a file. Then, when the user starts the application again, the input is read from the output file, and the fields are filled in. (I hope this makes sense).

Anyway, what I would like is for the output file to be small and unreadable via notepad, etc... Maybe in binary or something? Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Audio Input/Output Level
Hi, I'm tried the "Audio Input/Output Level" for the API mixerOpen, mixerClose ect from's Api list, and I got these errors: "Couldn't get wavein meter" and "Couldn't get waveout meter"
does anyone know what the problem is?
if you don't have the API guide and are really nice and wanna help you can get it @


Heres An Input/output Question
someone give me code to output a score into notepad and then retrieve that same score again.

im creating a game and this is to be used for highscores, which i will later try to sort.


Text File Output/input
I have a list box and i need to output all the records from it into a textfile. The records will come after everything else in the textfiles such as passwords etc.

How would i go about outputing this to the textfile and then inputing it back into the listbox when the information is needed.

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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