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Install Maker


i need an install maker software , so what is the best & proffisional software on the net

which must contain Uninstall with completly Free to edit and add windows & elements to the setup package and also contain a command Line Option

please help

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Whats The Best Install Maker?
i currently use clickteams install & patch maker, but i really need something new because they advertise theirselvs. so what is the best to use? i dont want anything fancy, just something that i can make a good installation program which i can customise easily (someting as close to the lickteam one as possible, but without all the adverts)

Install Maker - Help Needed
Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far. I'm down to the last details I believe.

When including the MSVBVM60.DLL into my download package - do I just add the file like I do all the rest? Or do I need to make sure that it gets to the right location on their comp? Thanks again.


Gif Maker
Sorry for not searching the forum before posting because my connection is low so can't affort to searching for long time.

How can I combine a series of picture in a picture box so it can save to a gif file?

Another Rpg Maker
A friend and I is making an Rpg Maker 2k3 Clone we got most of the details worked out.

We already have it making maps, but the thing is the walking character walks over everything. some of the tiles we want to be on a different layer so the walking character will look to walk behind and under the sprites.

so far all we can figure out how to make all the tiles save to the same layer.

what I would like to encorporate is the following layers

Background Layer 1
Background Layer 2
Background Layer 3
Background Layer 4
Upper Layer 1
Upper Layer 2
Sprite Layer
Event Layer

or have it where it would alow unlimited layers

If I remeber right are going to have the following attributes:

4 way walkable, so you can walk right up to a wall but not go thru it.
terrian 10 or 11 different types
eg. sea, deep sea, mountain, grass, indoors, ect. ect.

were going to have just about everything rpg maker 2k3 has and add other thing we wanted that it did not have.

any help on how to set up the map file so we can save layer info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Rp G. Wizard
The world is only limited by your imagination.

Rpg Maker
Where can i download such a program that i hear people talking about?

Need Help With A Map Maker...
I'm trying to make an RPG, and I have basic gridded player movement(i.e. the player is always snapped to a grid of 32 pixels.)

I can't think of how to do the map editing... I want to have it able to be done in game, as it will be a sort of a game creator when done. What should I do? Just check for the Mouse x / 32 and mouse y / 32 and draw a tile at that spot?

How should I save the map and load it? Please, help would be appreciated.

I am using DirectX in a picture box that is 620 pixels wide, and 352 pixels high.

DLS Maker????

I'm trying to make a mod-/it-type music file to be played in a game.
I've been at dx4vb and found out how to use DLS files.
But how do I make one, how do I choose wich instrument I want, is there a program for this??


.exe Maker
Is it possible to make a program that is able make an .exe file?
I want be able to do:
- Change filename
- Change the Form caption
- And enter a path

Is that possible?

Tnx in advance

Tiling I Think.... For Map Maker App
Hi um using BitBlt For Drawing To a PictureBox for making littl emaps ( purely something to do ).

Now i have options for drawing one by one and FreeHand now what i want to do is kinda weird to explain but Tiling sound like it.

How do i restrict drawing to a Tiled frame or something lol....... Like right now drawing on my app its basically completely freehand drawing half over other things.

Sorry if this doesnt make any sense only way i explain better is like with MS Paint you go to draw say right towards the top edge and yet it fils a specific space not half in and half out if you knwo what i mean.

iF anyone understand could you tell me how i would do this a code example isnt neceassery just the idea of how its done.

EDIT: Wow my writing really sux

Mmorpg Maker
can anyone tell me a good source code for a client/server that is easy to edit and complete? i have ore but i cant seem to get the map to work nothing shows

Face Maker!
For my online network, I want players to be able to make their own avatars out of a number of 'pieces' that I would provide them. However, to make this work, the client software would need to be able to 'render' up to four of these faces in less than half a second - not an easy thing to do when a single face comprises ten seperate bitmaps and four seperate color-shift operations.

This is my Proof-of-Concept demo for such a Facemaker. I've sunk ~14 hours into this, but the time was well spent. There are plenty of face 'pieces' to use - five skin colors, eight heads, 20 hair styles, hats, glasses, etc.. In total, you could make nearly 500 billion unique faces out of all the options available. And (on my boxx at least) I can render four faces in .08 seconds.

To make this even more interesting... why doesn't everyone who downloads this program upload their own 'face' to the forums. (along with their 'render time', of course).

Yet Another RPG Maker - Need Feedback
OK, I know everyone and their mother has tried to write an RPG editor but I wrote one anyway (attached or)...


there are some minor problems with the main map area when using certain screen resolutions which will be fixed. Otherwise I am quite pleased with my progress. I am looking for feedback regarding the interface (ie is it intuitive). Sample rpg is just a quick file used for testing, need to lock down the app before writing an actual game.

Any feedback would be appreciated...


Best Installer Maker:
What's the best install maker for visual basic 6 or Visual Basic (classic). I have been having a weirdo time with the deployment wizard of vb.


Readme Maker
Hello guys i making something for personal use for my work that is something like a readme maker or something similar actually don't have any idea how to tell it in english.I have make a form with some textboxs and in the textboxes you put your informations and then you save the txt this is the prog

Now the format of the txt is something like this

[SOME TEXT] Your First Name .................... Your Last name ............. [SOME TEXT]

[SOME TEXT] BLA BLA .................... BLA BLA ............. [SOME TEXT]

end etc

if i am doing just a Text1.Text = Replace(Text1.Text, "Your First Name .................... ", Form1.Text1.Text)

it doing what i want but in the output it destroying the format of the txt
it depeneds with the chars what u write in a textbox

How can i make it to write the informations i need and don't destroying the format of the txt in the output???

If i messed u i am sorry but i don't have any idea how to describe it in english.Hope to understood what i am taliking about

Rpg Image Maker
Where can i get one?

Tile Map Maker
I'm trying to create a simple tile based map editor. Even though I'm not a complete doofus when it comes to VB, I'm not sure where to start with this. Would anyone mind creating some commented code on how to create one of these?

Acroynm Maker
Hey Guys, I need help on this one Acronym Program. I know like half of the code but its the searchposition stuff that i dont get . I need to ask the user to type in something Like " Pepsi is Cool " Then the Acronym would be "PIC" I can make it show the first letter, but thats pretty much it. Could anyone help me??

Hey, can anyone give me any ideas how to build my visual basic assinement? Is there anyone who has done anything similar that may have source code for me to re-use. PLEASE HELP

Design, document and implement a Visual Basic ‘Change-Maker’ that will permit the following:

oPermit the user to enter the amount of the sale
oPermit the user to enter the amount tendered

The application will determine the number of, and type of currency that will be returned to the customer


Amount of sale: $15.82
Amount Tendered: $20.00

Change returned:

2 – Toonies
1 – Dime
1 – Nickel
3 - Pennies

Exe Maker Thingy??
Basically, im making an update suit for a company, which needs to enclude and edit update thing (kinda like you get the edit server on trojans) so that the company specifies a url to get the update patch from and then makes a update.exe wich promps the user,then downloads that file, promps user again, and runs it(ive got a patch applier)

any ideas on how to do the edit thing?

Movie Maker 2 && VB
Do anyone know if you can manipulate Windows Movie Maker through code in VB?

VB Shortcut Maker
Hi People,

I am new to Visual Basic, since i mostly work on java.
I want to make an application which is similar to an internet shortcut.
This application will open the desired URL in the machine's default browser.
This application should have its own desired icon.
An example of this can be seen on this website.

Thanks in Advance.

Leo Dsouza.

Quiz Maker
Hey. I haven't tried this yet, so im going to need some help. I want to have a 10 Question quiz. Now lets say i create question 1, and the answer options (radio buttons), and have a "Next Question" button. I don' know how to make it jsut switch to question 2, then to 3, then to 4. Im still new at this. I don;t know but maybe use like, select case. Could i get an example please. Thank you.


Tournament Maker In VB
Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to create a program or maybe a source code to make a program that generates a tournament tree based on the amount of people that you add in a list and also to be able to run the tournament?

If anyone knows how I would greatly appreciate it

Mask Maker
Mask Maker
Here is a program to make your mask automaticly

insert the files you want to maks into the 'image' folder run the program load and make mask and its automaticly saved in 'masks' folder

still in testing so looking for sugestions

i will implement a file browser soon to make it easyer to choose a mask file to make!

you can find it here.....

edit * electroman has moved the link so the surce is below..*


Help File Maker
Any recommendations on really good help file makers?

I am a newbie so I want something simple that looks professional etc.


Hotmail Maker!
Ok guys well I just had an awsome idea that me and my friends would use a lot! It is a hotmail name maker. What it will do is make names at 1 time easy and fast. So you will enter all the information needed and then click a button and it will make that name so much faster and easier then going through hotmail itself. I am between beginner and intermediate. I really want to do this even if it would kinda be hard. So I am curious if this is hard and or how much code would be needed? Well I am also curious what I would really need to know like winsock I net packets or what!? Well I really want to make this SO bad so I would appreciate some help and advice on how to do this and problems I might have or what not. So thanks in advance guys for some help and it is very much appreciated. Thanks and have a good day all !

Crossword Maker...?
I want to make a crossword generator, where you input X words and it generates a working crossword for it.

I've searched the net with little luck, so if anyone has any algorithms/source code/suggestions/tips, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Slideshow Maker
Can any help me build bShgow-a slideshow app and port it to mac os x? provide code and examples thankyou.

Button Maker
I would like to create For my new application a Buttons with the ability to play with the Text Alignment And the picture and so on...
Where can i find a FREE BUTTON MAKER???


Label Maker
any one have a clue how to make label makers wth vb6?
if any one has sample codes, please help... I did to make a label maker in a short amount of time and I have no clue... thanks ...

Problem Maker =)
I'm back again, but this time I'm going to write all my questions at once:
1) I have a few pixels between the Rich Text Box and the borders of the form, but when I run the program and I resize the form my Rich Text Box doesn't get resized. How do I fix that?
2) How do I Save files with my own extension?
3) How do I Open files with my own extension?

And by the way: Thanks to all of you who helped me. Hopefully, soon I will be answering questions =)

/ Erik

Setup Maker In Vb 6.0

How can i use the vb6.0 package maker on win2000 prof and win2000 server so as to make it run on all os platforms of windows.


Edit: betrl8thanever. Moved to VB Newbies Forum

Edited by - betrl8thanever on 3/4/2005 8:16:27 AM

Icon Maker...
hi, anybody can tell me where can i find a free ICON software to be used in my VB project... thanks. NEED HELP..

Edited by - edd_hills on 3/4/2005 6:51:12 AM

Public Function CSVMaker(CSVLoc As String, CSVName As String, TableToConvert As String)
' *******************************************************************
' * In order to use this Function you will need to call it like so:
' Call CSVMaker("C:Example Folder", "Example", "Insert the Name of Your Table Here")
' ***********************************************
' * Argument Name Argument Explanation *
' *************************************************
' CSVLoc As String PATH to the Hard-drive location where you want to create the File
' CSVName As String NAME you wish to give the CSV File
' TableToConvert As String Name of the Table you are converting to a CSV File
' ***********************************************************
' * Variable Name Variable Explanation *
' *************************************************************
Dim FileNumber As Integer ' Number used for Access to I/O File
Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset ' Recordset variable to hold the Recordset Values
Dim sSQLSearch As String ' SQL Commands used to GRAB the Data from the Necessary Table
Dim iFldCount As Integer ' Number of Fields in Given Table
Dim iFldCounter As Integer ' Counter used in Iteration Loop through Fields
Dim iRcrdCount As Integer ' Number of Records in Given Recordset
Dim iRcrdCounter As Integer ' Counter used in Iteration Loop through Fields
Dim sText As String ' String containing CSV Text to Write
' *************************************************************
' The First thing we do when working with Files is to create a FileNumber for Get/Put/Open Access
' FreeFile generates an OPEN Number for this purpose for us.
' We could assign ANY NUMBER we want, but if OUR number conflicted with an already open file?
' Then we would have problems.
FileNumber = FreeFile

' Our next step is to OPEN our File using the Path and File Name
' We add the CSV extension to make sure our file is recognized by whatever CSV Software we use
' We open this file in Binary Mode because... well, truth be told?
' I have ONLY learned how to work with files in Binary Mode... sorry
Open CSVLoc & "" & CSVName & ".csv" For Binary Access Write As FileNumber

' Our next step is to create a Recordset
' A Recordset is used to store a stack of records...
' a Table and a Query are just specialized Recordsets (to GREATLY simplify)
Set rst = New ADODB.Recordset
' We put together our SQL Code...
' We could specify certain fields from our table...
' Or we could use Criteria to limit our SELECT SQL...
' However, this is a generalized Function used to grab ALL records for output
sSQLSearch = "SELECT * FROM " & TableToConvert & ";"
' Now we OPEN the Table, Run our SQL, and go go go...
' To break down HOW we opened this Table and grabbed our Recordset...
' Lets Break down the Open Command
' recordset.Open Source, ActiveConnection, CursorType, LockType, Options
' Our ActiveConnection is CurrentProject.Connection
' This is a Variant that evaluates to a valid Connection object variable name,
' ...or a String that contains ConnectionString parameters.
' Basically, since we are opening a table that is in the database we already have open...
' Well, we just use THAT Connection to get our data... If we were going to get our Recordset from another Database?
' Then CurrentProject.Connection would be different...
' Our CursorType is adOpenStatic
' This means that our records are a static copy of a set of records that we can use to get our recordset.
' And additions, changes, or deletions by other users will not show up in our GRAB.
' Our LockType is adLockOptimistic
' This indicates optimistic locking, or better yet...
' I don't really care too much about someone changing vital records between the time I activate this Function and...
' The Time it takes to create the CSV...
' Basically, if someone were to Open the Table that we are opening...
' And they were to change records that we are dumping AS we are dumping them...
' Well, there could be problems...
rst.Open sSQLSearch, CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
' Here we set the iRcrdCount to equal the TOTAL number of Records in our Recordset
iRcrdCount = rst.RecordCount
' Now we Move to the First record in that Recordset
' Now we set iFldCount to equal the TOTAL number of Fields that are used per Record
iFldCount = rst.Fields.Count
' Ok...
' Here we are starting up our Counters...
' You will notice I had to adjust our RecordCounter to Count to RecordCount - 1
' This is because...
' Let's say there are 20 Records in our Table...
' So iRcrdCount = 20
' Well, when we start to move through the records, we have to be aware of something...
' Our Records are NUMBERED from 0 up...
' So our First Record would be Number 0
' AND our Last Record would be Number 19 (if there were 20 Records that is)
' Comprende? If not, email me...
For iRcrdCounter = 0 To iRcrdCount - 1
' Same thing here... just starting a new counter...
' See, Lets say our iRcrdCounter has JUST started.
' This means iRcrdCounter = 0
' This means we are on the First Record
' SO while on the FIRST RECORD... we need to move through ALL OF THE FIELDS in that one record...
For iFldCounter = 0 To iFldCount - 1
' So, we use the iFldCounter to move through all the fields in EACH Record...
' Well, as we hit EACH Record we want to check for a couple things...
' SO, let's run a Select Case on our iFldCounter number...
Select Case iFldCounter
' IF iFldCount is equal to iFldCount...
' That means we are on the LAST Field in that Record...
' SO if we are on the LAST Field in ANY Record, lets end our Line with a LineBreak
Case iFldCount - 1: sText = sText & rst.Fields(iFldCounter).Value & Chr(10) & Chr(13)
' BUT if we are NOT on the LAST Field, then we need to set our variable...
' The Variable we set is sText...
' We are going to GRAB the data OUT of the Field and drop it into our variable.
' THEN we add a comma and we are done...
' BUT WAIT! You say...
' WHY Did you make sText = sText AND the other stuff...?
' Well, let's walk through this all and figure that out...
' When we hit our First Field... In our First Record...
' Let's say that FIRST FIELD contains the string "Hi There"
' So, we stuff "Hi There" inside our sText variable... and add our comma
' so Now sText equals "Hi There,"
' Well, when we hit the next Field...
' Let's say THAT Field contains the Number 1000...
' What we are doing is saying...
' Take what is ALREADY INSIDE sText... and add the next thing to it...
' See, since sText equals "Hi There," we are taking "Hi There," and adding "1000," to it...
' Then we stuffing THAT back inside sText...
' This way, on the Next Field...
' We will take "Hi There, 1000," and adding the next Field to it...
Case Else: sText = sText & rst.Fields(iFldCounter).Value & ","
' Ok, so we are done with this Select Case FOR NOW...
' Remember, we will run this Select Case EVERY TIME WE HIT A NEW FIELD...
End Select
' We now move to the Next Field
Next iFldCounter
' When we hit THIS LINE we can know that we have run through EVERY Field in the Current Record
' We then Move to the Next Record in our Recordset
' Now that we have moved to the next record in our Recordset, we move through our iRcrdCounter Loop
' And that does it ALL OVER AGAIN... ugh!
Next iRcrdCounter
' OK... We are done...
' By Now, sText should equal OUR ENTIRE TABLE...
' So, since our variable holds the Entire Table, we can CLOSE the recordset
' Once we have it closed, we can Empty the Recordset Variable
Set rst = Nothing
' With ONE SINGLE LINE we DUMP the Entire Contents of sText into our Open File
' Remember, our Open File had better be empty... otherwise it will get WRITTEN OVER...
Put FileNumber, 1, sText
' We are done with our File and our Variables...
' So Let's Close the File that we were working with...
Close FileNumber

' **********************************************************
' * This Function Designed by: randomblink
' * For Questions, please email me at: [email][/email]
' **********************************************************

End Function

I put this together cause I was trying to help someone on another board... I was hoping to learn as I went through... and I did...

Most Fun...

Gateway Maker For UPLINK
as many of you might now with the release of the uplink patch you can create your own gateways. Well im designing a program to do so, so far i have a text version down but im looking to expand onto the graphical side. what i need help with is:
1.being able to select 5 diffrent types of objects and place them within a picture box. (the object will obvously be pictures).
2. getting the coordinates of each object relative to the main picture box, no the screen, so the top left of the picture box is 0,0.
3. being able to move the objects after there placed.
4. saving the whole picture box as an image. (i have an idea, but im not sure)

i have some experience with bitblt, but id rather just use the vb drawing, this isnt really anything special that needs to be graphically inclined. anyway thanks for you time. if you have an answer to any of these that would be Awesome!

Recommendations On Free Help Maker?
I'm looking for a good free or cheap help maker/creator to create a windows .hlp help file.

any ideas?


Icon Maker And Stuff
what program makes icons? i want to design my own, actually i already have one but its a .gif file.

does anyone knows how to convert a .gif file to a .ico one?

And another thing, can you guys point me to a good example of putting an icon in the system tray?

My plan is to that when i minimize my program, its icon will show in the system tray and when i click the icon it maximizes the window, and also when i right click it shows a popup menu.

thanks fellas!

Icon Maker/Shrinker
Does anyone know of a good Icon making program? Other than a simple bitmap type one. I need one that can take a big picture and scale it into an icon nicely.

A Program Like A Map Maker[Solved]
Im trying to make something like a map but actually not a map maker.
Lets say I have 3 pic boxs.2 contain a pic and the other is a big one.I click on pic box 1 and then click on pic box 3(the big one).How do I insert the image of pic 1 in pic 3 in the position I clicked?Same goes for pic 2...


Music Maker Problem...
Using this code, I can play a MIDI File.

Dim ret As Integer
Dim sSong As String
'start the song
sSong = App.Path & "" & List1.Text & ".mid"
ret = mciSendString("open " & Chr(34) & sSong & Chr(34) & " type sequencer alias to_town", 0&, 0, 0)
ret = mciSendString("play to_town", 0&, 0, 0)

But how can I play all the MIDI File everytime the List1 change its index?

Kindly help me with this code? Attached with this thread is the project that I'm doing.


Patch/Upgrade Maker?
are there any free patch/upgrade makers? (i was using the clickteam patch maker, but that has ads for clickteam which i dont really want)
the install maker im using is Inno Setup, so anythign liek this will be great.

A Good Help File Maker
What's a good help file maker that's as powerful as possible but is easy to use? I either has to be free or crackable. I am currently using DotCHM which is fine but i just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything better.

By the way, you can crack DotCHM by setting your clock a couple of years into the future when you install it and then set it back. It boosts the 30 day trial up to a couple of thousand days .

Installer Maker For My VB6 Application
I'm sick of trying to find a good installer to my setup but I can't find anything that suite my needs (maybe I didn't look too much).

First I want something neat and clean, something with a modern design.

Second I need it to be able to register ocx files. But also in this, most of them you have to install them or into system32 or into system and what if I want my application to be used under windows 98/me and xp/nt/2000, the ocx files run in all of them but it needs to be copied to system32 for xp/nt/2000 and system for 98/me and how can I make the installer do that? I couldn't find anyone that would do that for me... or maybe I missed something...

I took a look at NSIS from Nullsoft (amkers of winamp for people who don't know) but the problem is that it's scriptable and I want something where I can configure through dialogs and not to code it thorugh the script language...

To finish, I want to have the most control possible over the installer (and the uninstaller too)...

So, i'm waiting for suggestions if you guys have them freeware, shareware are welcome and please don't suggest InstallShield nor InstallWizard, I've tryed them both, too confusing and too much for I need I guess... and for installshield my installer got 2mb while the files need have only about 600kb

p.s. I don't need them to include vb6 runtime files as I will redistribute(in my website, I guess there's no problem with that) them apart from the application...


Change Maker Program
I'm working on a project to assign to my students which require them to enter amount spent and calculate the change from $1. want them to display the change by how many half dollars quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies without using an i statement. Any suggestions?

MS Reader Lit File Maker
I want to make a MS Reader file (*.LIT) from standard text files or HTML files. I found a few freebeis on teh weband I dont have MS Word 2000+. SO I was wondering if there was a way to compile into this format using VB.

I have collected all these ancient history texts like Polybios, Paulonias, Heroditus etc and essentially have around 200 books in plain text format.
Now I want to convert them if possible to a compressed and more pleasant to read format.

PS Tried to reference MS Reader Object but cant seem to find anything that compiles books.


Install Multiple Projects From One Install File
Is there a way to create one setup program that will install multiple projects onto a machine? Currently I am making around 4-5 separate installs and run each one to install my app.

The package and deployment wizard only seems to want to let me build one project at a time :|

I have tried searching the forum but to no avail.

Can anyone help??



A Simple Install Program That Install Ocx And Register Them??
Hi Guys...
this ocx and registering thing making my head
all i want is a simple setup program that i can exemple put in it 4 ocx files(just ocx and no exe)
and the setup program install them to the system directory exemple and register them and all..
note:if there is one that don't next>next>next>
it will be better if i can just click install and do the work..
like in the msagent setup if you know it..
(if you say why does this guy talk like english is week )

VB6 Exe Install Issue (install Dependency Files)

I have created a VB6 program which installs an Access 2000 database I have created. The database has a front end and backend database.

I have created a VB6 program which will install my program on all machines. The program works successfully over multiple machines. So it's common to install on a server and then some workstations.

The 'exe' I have created, is all you need, to install my program.

I need a way to install all the dependency files without having to install to a default path using the Package and Deployment Wizard. I want to install all dependent files and then the user will click the exe I have created from the CD and it will install the program successfully.

I have not been able to find a way to do this. If someone could please help with a solution I would much appreciate it.

The P & D wizard must install the exe to a default path. I don't want this. All I want to do is have one exe install all the depenent files without any prompts. (seeing most files will go into the Windows System directory it don't want any file in a specific path) When finished the user will click the other exe which will install my program.

Again thankyou for any assistance provided.


How To Make A Screen Saver Maker?
I want to make a screen saver maker that will accept swf files. The difficult part is how do you set a windows screen saver in VB?


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