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Making Payroll System In VB6

guys i need help...

i need to make a payroll system using vb6.. and i need some help with it..

i hope you guys could make a sample for me...

the system would also have a feature that the employees would be able to inquire about their salary...

i also need to use data base... but i dont know how

im expecting for a help from you guys... thank you so much..

i would gladly appreciate your help... god bless

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Payroll System
hey. well i m quite new for all this thing (VB programming). i m working on a payroll system project. & I m not progressing well. i draw DFD and ER diagrams. but i do not know how to really start, any sugestions will help; as am working on my first project.

MDI Or SDI: Which Is Better For A Payroll System?
gud evening VBCITY!

Im having a dillema on choosing which is better to implement for a development and design of a payroll system, is it through the use of MDI or SDI form?

if through the MDI form, i would like to know if there available controls for better navigation (e.g., like that of MS outlook bar or maybe the windows task pane) that I can use? If there are no available out there for free, can I know of a tutorial on how to create one.

Thanks and GOD BLESS!

---==+ Fear is what keeps us from doing things we know we can't... but we can. +==--- - zhylax

Accounting System (Payroll)
i need a code for payroll that browses for an excel file and prints the necessary fields in a report.. thanks

Accounting Leave In Payroll System

I have taken up a project for a company using vb & access. This company has a typical method of accounting of leave which is as follows.
The company has only 30 days previlage leave per year & no Casual or Sick leaves.

b) The Previlage leave is accrued after one year of completion of service.
c) The previlage leave thus accrued should be taken by the employee within the next one year. If the leave not taken within one year of the leave accrued the same is lapsed.

d) The company also allows the employee to take the leave in advance. ie before the leave is accrued he may be sanactioned a advance leave , preferably less than 30 days.

e) Example for the above is

Employee A joins the company on 1-9-96.
on 31-8-97 he completes one year & 30 days leave is accrued. Now A has to finish whatever leave is accrued within

I am planning to use 2 access tables. One for the accrual of leave & other one for the transaction of leave.

Please help as to how to code the same in VB ASAP.

Thanking You in Anticipation of your prompt response.


Anybody Is Using Ceridian Insync Payroll System?
In my company, people are using Ceridian Insync payroll system to handle payroll stuff.

The system seems be developed by using Visual Basic.

My mission is to convert the employee's Time Attendance information to *.imp file so Insync application can import it directly rather than manually enter those data.

Anyone who is using the system can tell me what kind of format the *.imp file is using?

Human Resource PayRoll System Using Crystal Report
   i am new to VB application.i need to develop HR PayRoll system using VB 6.i am sending attachment of the front end Form design for the payroll system which is required for our HR.i am using Ms Access back end.i need to generate pay slip(for a particular employee) to be reported in crystal report format where we can take the print of the pay slip.please can anyone help in this regard.I would be very greatful if one can help me in this.

Thanks and regards


Human Resource PayRoll System Using Crystal Report
   i am new to VB application.i need to develop HR PayRoll system using VB 6.i am sending attachment of the front end Form design for the payroll system which is required for our HR.i am using Ms Access back end.i need to generate pay slip(for a particular employee) to be reported in crystal report format where we can take the print of the pay slip.please can anyone help in this regard.I would be very greatful if one can help me in this.

Thanks and regards


Difference Between Web Payroll And Desktop Payroll.
    Hello friends !!

             Please let me know why should I go to make PAYROLL system in Web Application using .NET in place of Desktop Application in .NET.

            Waiting your reply!!

       Thanks in Advance!!!!!

Making A Package System
Okay in my game I want it load it's data (textures/sounds) from within packagefiles to avoid messing with loads of files...
What I want is to make a filemodule in my project that can load whatever filetype binary and store it within another 'package' file.
It's like archiving files into zips, except that I don't compress them.
In that way, a set of textures or sounds that belongs toghether can be stored in one single filed and loaded at any time.
I'm not very experienced with binary files (been doing something with ascii-files).
I need some help on coming up with how I can do this effectively.
I thought of in the beginning of the file making a 'header' that contains the filename entries that says at which position in the package the file begins and how it is.

Making The System Restart
Does anyone know of an API call to restart the system.
Thanks in advance.

Making A Login System

I made a program that I am going to be selling, but to stop people from giving it out etc I want to make them need to login.

When they purchase the product I will make them a username and password so they can log on to the program.

The big problem - I dont have a clue how to do it.

Please help

Making A System Service
I need to make a server application that will run as a system service. It has to be able to use the winsock controll. the winsock controll I can handle, but any help on using the system service would be really appreciated.

Making Executables Within System
I am working on a system which has been created to allow the user to recompile a project into an executable. However, the system has been developed in VB6 which the user does not have and cant get a copy of. Is there any way round this except buying VB6 which is obsolete, and the user sending me the program to compile???
Thanks in advance

Making An Email System Using VB, Or VBA Inc. Access?
Hey People!

It has been put to me to make an Email System using VB or VBA implementing MSAccess. Could someone please give me the basic ideas that I would need to accomplish this?????

I dont want to be given any coding (unless your feeling extra generous ), Just the idea will do.

Edit by moderator: Removed request for offline help. It defeats the purpose of the forum.

Thanks in advance guys!


Making A System Tray Icon
I saw it done once, about a year and a half ago, but I kinda forgot how to do it. Basically, I want to make a program that will not be seen in the taskbar (like what you see below, a little box that says Extreme VB - Make a...), but to be placed down with the system tray (that holds the time/date, etc.).
So, any direction that I can be pointed out to would be apprishiated. I need to place the icon in the tray as well as remove the application from the taskbar.


Making A Program Go Into The System Tray?
Is it possible to make a program go onto the system tray instead of the start bar?

The program i made is kind of 1 of those "long term" programs where users dont close for long periods of time. and well, its annoying having a window there when a system tray icon would be better

System Tray Problem After Making .exe
After making an .exe of the project the function to minimize the program dosn't work. It just wont maximize again!

What could be problem?


Making A Plug-in System Using ActiveX DLL!
Well, i want to know whats the best way, and how to make a plug-in system using ActiveX DLL?

Making A Game: Screen-based System
Hello there,
I'm making this game and the basic code is ready, i.e. easy choises are made.
Now if I want to go further with this project I'll need some basic scheme or whatever you'd call it on how the game's going to be working.
I was thinking about this screen-based system.
This means you've got files discribing each screen with it's object on it. So a splash would have one big picture, a menu would have several buttons and background etc. etc. .
It's not the code that's bothering me (actually i've already written it ) but I want to know If doing so is a good or a bad idea?
Any suggestions, other (hopefully better) methods, ... are more then welcome.

thanx in advance,

Check out Zappa Web Design

Opening Word Making The System Hang
During my app in vb6 I need to sometimes open a Word document (straighforward one - no graphics just words with a border). Sometimes this causes the whole app to grind to a halt, but only sometimes. No apparent logic to why - on average probably only 1 in 20 times a Word doc is opened. When you close the app and run it again its fine - any ideas?

Making An Icon Flash In The System Tray
I have a VB6 app that uses an icon in the system tray - is there a way to make the icon flash??



Making Different Invoice Number In A Network System
Here is my problem
I have a project working on a network. I am generating an invoice number using the following method.

intMyVar = rsMyTable("InvoiceNo")+1

But some times other users in the nodes get the same invoice number since my invoice number (for eg: 1254) is not saved for that particular time.
To solve this I have changed my code to search for existing Invoice number before saving a record which is working nice. But in this case, the user cannot make sure the number of the invoice he is making. It may change according to the availablility of the invoice number in the database.
If any one have any good logic to solve this issus is most welcome.

Thanks and regards



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Payroll Help
Ive been given an assignment and on it, it says i should set up a database in my assignment, this should be linked to a payroll form so the user would enter their name, hours worked, par rate and a few other fields.
How do i do this i havnt got a clue?
ive looked through books and these havnt really helped or is there another way of doing this?

Making A Program Adapt To The Computers Decimal System.

I'm working on a program that calculates primenumbers. The program works fine on my computer, which is using the american decimal system, but not on other computers that use the european decimal system.

Now i was thinking about making an if/ else structure to solve the problem.
It would look kind of like this:

If System = american then
Variable = "."
Variable = ","
end if

Now my question to you is; What component do i need to use in order to determine what kind of decimal system the computer is using?

Thanks in advance


Communicating To The Clock Device For Making Attendance System
i need to make a Time & Attendance Management System

1. Please tell which Time Device shouldi use.
2. How to connect to the VB Program

I need the full details ASAP.

Looking forward towards. Prompt Responses..

Zeeshan Tarique

Making A DirListBox Show Hidden/system Folders

I'm writing a file/folder hider that works by setting the attributes of a file to "System" and "Hidden". So far, everything works and the files/folders become hidden, but the directory list box won't show the folders once they are hidden, thus making it impossible to unhide them. (not really impossible, as they can be unhidden using a batch file and the attrib command, but thats not something the user should have to do).

Is there any way to make a DirListBox show hidden/system files? If not (which I don't think there is, then I read somewhere about using a regular listbox and the dir function to turn the listbox into a folder browser. Can someone explain to me how to do this?


ps. if you know of some other directory listbox control that shows system/hidden files, that would be nice also!

Making A VB Program Residein The System Tray/notification Area
How do I make a VB program reside in the Windows(R) System tray/notification area?

Making A Guru's:System Hotkey To Capture The Screen, Like Printscreen.
I need to write a program to capture the screen image (the whole thing). then take that image and scale it, then save it.

I know how to scale and save the image.

but how to i make it a system Hotkey. and get that hotkey to put the screen into a DC?

Need Help With Payroll Program
Hey all,
I need some help with some code on how to code vba/excel so that it knows what week number it is based on the date entered and also to automatically plug in the next date 2 weeks later (bi weekly pay)

So after you type in the 'pay start date', the 'pay end date' will automatically be filled and the week number is displayed or stored somewhere for reference later.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks !!

Payroll Problem
I am trying to write an app that reads from a sequential text file and writes updated data to a results text file.
The data I want want the prog to read is like this:

101 "Fred" "Bloggs" 100 10 305 75 20
234 "Mary" "Malone" 80 8 244 60 16
319 "Thomas" " Black" 150 12 373.50 82.50 24

I am trying to output the results like this:

Employee number
First name
Last name
Earnings to date
Tax to date
National Insurance to date
Net pay

and the calculations to be made prior to outputting data are:

Gross pay:
40 hours at standard rate
Overtime at time and a half
25% of taxable pay
National Insurance
5% of gross pay

VB Code:
Option Explicit Private Sub cmdExit_Click()'Terminate Application    EndEnd Sub Private Function GrossPay(fHoursWorked, fHourlyRate) As Currency    GrossPay = fHoursWorked * fHourlyRate    fHoursWorked = 40    If fHoursWorked > 40 Then    fHourlyRate = fHourlyRate * 1.5    End IfEnd Function Private Function Tax(fPayForWeek, fTaxAllowance) As Currency    Tax = fPayForWeek / 100 * 75    fPayForWeek = GrossPayEnd Function Private Function NatIns(fPayForWeek) As Currency    NatIns = fPayForWeek / 100 * 95End Function Private Function NetPay(fPayForWeek, fTaxForWeek, fNatInsForWeek) As Currency    NetPay = fPayForWeek - Tax - NatIns    End Function Private Sub cmdWeeklyPayroll_Click()'Declare required storageDim EmployeeData As StringDim EmployPayroll As IntegerDim NetPay As CurrencyDim fPayForWeek As CurrencyDim NatIns As Currency  'read data from fileOpen "D:EmployeeData.txt" For Input As #1Open "D:EmployeePayroll.txt" For Output As #2 'While input contains dataDo While Not EOF(1) 'Get input dataInput #1, Employee_Number, First_Name, Last_NameWeekly_tax_allowance , Hourly_rate_of_pay, Earnings_to_dateTax_to_date , National_insurance_to_date 'Write data to new fileWrite #2, Employee_Number, First_Name, Last_NameWeekly_tax_allowance , Hourly_rate_of_pay, Earnings_to_dateTax_to_date , National_insurance_to_date, Net_payLoop 'Close open filesClose'Advise user prog completepicOutput.Print "Files 1 and 2 are closed"End Sub

I just cant seem to fathom how to do this, I know it will be pretty simple once I see it working, if someone could show me how.


VB And Sage Payroll
How do I connect to Sage Payroll with VB?

Payroll Calculator
My payroll calculator gives the wrong answer and i am pretty sure my code is right. It is supposed to give time and a half for hours worked over 40 but gives the wrong answer, it does give the right answer for hours under 40 though, here is the code: What's wrong?

Dim inthours As Integer
Dim intrate As Integer
Dim intgross As Integer
inthours = txthours.Text
intrate = txtrate.Text
If inthours > 40 Then
intrate = intrate * 1.5
lblgross.Caption = inthours * intrate
ElseIf inthours <= 40 Then
intrate = intrate
lblgross.Caption = inthours * intrate
End If
End Sub

Help With Payroll Application.
Ive been working on the following payroll application for about 2 days now, and I cant seem to get it to work properly, It is supposed to add time and a half to for every hour hour worked over 40 hours, and it is supposed to take off 18 percent for taxes unless the employee is exempt.

I have the Overtime pay part working, but I don't know how to implement the tax part. Can anyone help me?

Here is the code:


Option Explicit
Private CurRate As Currency
Private DblHours As Double
Private CurWages As Currency
Private CurGrossWages As Currency
Private CurOverPay As Currency
Private CurTaxes As Currency

Private Sub CmdCalculate_Click()
CurRate = TxtRate.Text
DblHours = TxtHours.Text
CurWages = CurRate * DblHours
CurGrossWages = CurWages
CurOverPay = (DblHours - 40) * (TxtRate.Text * 1.5) + (40 * CurRate)

If OptNo.Value = True Then
End If

If TxtHours.Text > 40 Then
LblGrossAnswer.Caption = CurOverPay
LblGrossAnswer.Caption = CurGrossWages
End If

End Sub

Private Sub CmdDone_Click()
End Sub

Payroll Prototype
Hi, all,

I try to serve a market niche by taking on non-core small/medium projects for small/medium organisations as all core systems have already flooded the market.

But at several meetings with prospective clients one issue keeps coming up - a need for custom payroll software.

I reckon the last time I tackled any payroll task was in 1989 during my basic programming class! It's all out of my head now, and even then it was a pretty basic school thing.

Is there anywhere I can get to look at what the best practice suggests for a modern heavy-duty payroll (or even better, HR) system?

Am not seeking code, just an overview, outline and basic design.

Any help willbe greatly appreciated.


Experience is a bad teacher for its exams precede its lessons.

Access Vba For Payroll Project
Please help. I have attached my code. When I reach the end of a recordset and am about to add a new reocrd. I get an exception error that boots me out of access all together.
please help. This project is laready past deadline and i have to finish it bfore the middle of March.
Anne Johnson

'Final Paryoll Docuemtnation
'This is the labor file update subform that is giving me problems.
option Compare Database
option Explicit

'This is a test to see if i can calculate without causing an illegal page fault.

private Sub Elaptime_KeyPress(KeyAscii as Integer)
MsgBox ("Calculating Elaptime.")
me.Elaptime = me.Endtime - me.Begtime

End Sub

private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
on error GoTo Form_AfterUpdate_Err
DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec
Exit Sub
MsgBox error$
resume Form_AfterUpdate_Exit
End Sub

private Sub Form_Open(Cancel as Integer)
on error GoTo Form_Open_Err
DoCmd.GoToRecord , "", acNewRec
Exit Sub
MsgBox error$
resume Form_Open_Exit
End Sub

private Sub Date_KeyPress(KeyAscii as Integer)
[Employee Labor Update]![date].OldValue
End Sub

'this is to see if anything has changed.

private Sub Form_Timer()
Dim fDirty as Boolean
fDirty = me.Dirty
With me!Elaptime
If Not (fDirty Eqv .Visible) then .Visible = fDirty
End With

End Sub

'private Sub Over20_Change()
'This is to see if the employee is working over 20

'MsgBox ("Here")

'DateAdd(1, 7, = me.TotalHours
''Dim weeklyhours as Integer

''weeklyhours = DSum("TotalHours", "Elaptime", me.Endtime - me.Begtime)
'If (me.Elaptime > 20) then
' DoCmd.Beep
' MsgBox ("This Employee is working Over 20.")
' me.Over20 = me.tbSumHours - 20
'End If
'End Sub

private Sub Over20_KeyPress(KeyAscii as Integer)
MsgBox ("Here")

DateAdd(1, 7, = me.Totalhours
''Dim weeklyhours as Integer

''weeklyhours = DSum("TotalHours", "Elaptime", me.Endtime - me.Begtime)
If (me.Elaptime > 20) then
MsgBox ("This Employee is working Over 20.")
me.Over20 = me.tbSumHours - 20
End If

End Sub

'private Sub Overtime_Change()
'This is a test to see if the employee has worked over 40 hours in a single week.

'MsgBox ("Here")
'If (me.Elaptime > 40) then
' DoCmd.Beep
' MsgBox ("This Employee has worked Overtime.")
' me.Overtime = me.tbSumHours - 40
'End If
'End Sub

private Sub Overtime_KeyPress(KeyAscii as Integer)
MsgBox ("Here")
If (me.Elaptime > 40) then
MsgBox ("This Employee has worked Overtime.")
me.Overtime = me.tbSumHours - 40
End If

End Sub

private Sub tbSumHours_KeyPress(KeyAscii as Integer)
MsgBox ("I'm Here.....")
Sum (me.Elaptime)

End Sub

private Sub TotalHours_AfterUpdate()
MsgBox ("TotalHours are being calculated.")
Sum (me.Elaptime)
End Sub

Need Sample Payroll Software
Looking for Payroll or Timesheet samples of source code in Visual Basic or Access.

Help With V.small + Simple Payroll Program Plz

I've been working on a very small little payroll program simply for use by inidividuals to keep track of their own hours worked and money earned. I've been doing this for a school (year 12) project and it's due date is coming up soon. I've spent a lot of time on the project trying to figure out how to add in an MDI form and flexgrids which is probably why I'm a little behind.

Though our teacher hasn't been of much help (as he doesn't know much VB), so the programming is very primitive to say the least - but that's all we've been taught

We've been told that the documentation is more important than whether the program runs or not. However, we've been told to do the documentation (such as user manuals etc) at a stage before we've even finished our programs.

So anyways, I was wondering if there was anyone so kind as to help me out with finishing the coding of my program so that I can concentrate on getting the documentation up to scratch? The remaining coding is just parts regarding saving and loading data and a few other bits which I'm stuck on. I just need it finished in the same primitive coding/form, so I'd say it would be like kindergarten work to most of you on these forums If you could help out it would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached the program below with a short readme so that you can understand what I was trying to do with certain parts etc.

Once again, thankyou so much in advance for anyone who can help me out, I've had many great experiences on these forums with such outstanding help it has been amazing.


A Simple Payroll Accounting Program

i wanna try create a simple payroll accounting program. does anyone know exactly where can i get useful informations (tutorials) and if possible some codes? please direct me.


Time Calculation For Payroll Program
I have a problem and I am unsure where to start. I have a program that will allow workers to check out six times during the date. So by default it checks them in @ 8:00 AM. They then can check out at lets say 10:00 AM. Then the user checks out again @ 11:00 AM and then check back in @ 1:00 PM. How do I calculate the change in AM/PM. Any ideas to start?

Help On Payperiod Setting For Payroll Project
I need a help on a code that will whenever an employee is added it will have the same paydate as the others.

Like I have 4 employees now and I add another employee I want that employee to have the same payperiod as the others.

Another thing is I have another form which sets/creates another payperiod – the beginning date, the ending date and the paydate. So that if I create another payperiod (without deleting the info from the old payperiod). So how do I again do

1.    create another payperiod without deleting the old payperiod
2.    makes it work that when a new payperiod is set, all the employee listed on the old payperiod will now have the new payperiod.

Please help out. Any codes, tips, suggestions or links that you can give will be much appreciated. I really need help on this. Tnx so much.

Btw, I have 3 tables (ms access).




Payroll Application Using Finger Reader Device
I need to develop an application. Worker will enter into the office and the will put their finger on a device durin entering and going out . JUST to find out the time they enter in and go out. With that I will calculate their wage.

CAN YOU help me ?
What are devices and ways there?


Making A Form's Close/"X" Button Minimize Application To System Tray
I can minimize my application to the system tray by clicking Minimize or "_" but how do I set the form to minimize by clicking "X" in the top right? Users complain that it should minimize to their system trays like their IM programs, rather than closing as it does now.

Making A "Message" System
Hello all.

I want to create a class that exposes one function that will accept constants. The constants will look like this:

Public Const EAT = 1
Public Const SLEEP = 2
Public Const WORK = 4
Public Const PLAY = 8
Public Const JUMP = 16

So my function will accept one or more constants:


Now, this means my function is getting a 1 for the 1st example, a 9 for the second, and 22 for the last.

My problem is, how would I "reverse engineer" the 1 and the 9 and the 22 in my function so I can perform the individual actions? I believe that I would not need a MASSIVE case statement. I believe there is a standard way of doing this, just like the Win API uses constants this way.

Can anyone please help? Thanks!

How To Add Things To System.ini Or System.dat So Program Runs When Windows Start ?

Pls tell me how and what to add things to system.ini or system.dat so program runs when windows start ?

note: i am workin on a pc locking program.

thnx in advance

Setup Cannot Continue Because Some System Files Are Out Of Date On Your System.
I realized that many people, just like myself, were having problems with the Package and Deployment Wizard for VB 6.0 and when trying to install their program on another PC they were getting the following message:

"Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files for you now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files."

Microsoft addresses this issue in their Help and Support and proposes 8 solutions.

However, I found out that the problem was coming from the Bootstrap files in the Setup.LST file.
If you open Setup.LST (generated with the wizard) you'll see something like this:

[Bootstrap Files]
File1=@VB6STKIT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,3 25 99 11:00:00 PM,101888,
File2=@MSVCRT40.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,5 30 98 11:00:00 PM,326656,
File3=@COMCAT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,5 30 98 11:00:00 PM,22288,4.71.1460.1
File4=@stdole2.tlb,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(TLBRegister),,8 23 01 1:00:00 PM,17920,3.50.5014.0
File5=@asycfilt.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,8 4 04 8:56:41 AM,65024,5.1.2600.2180
File6=@olepro32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:44 AM,83456,5.1.2600.2180
File7=@oleaut32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:44 AM,553472,5.1.2600.2180
File8=@msvbvm60.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:43 AM,1392671,

Files 1 through 3 are needed to run your VB 6.0 program, but Files 4 through 8 were the ones that were "out of date" and caused the error. Since the host PC will most certainly have these files, there is no need for your program to install them (or even update them). So you can just insert a colon ";" in front of the lines for File 4 through 8 for the installation to ignore these commands.

So open your Setup.LST and change it like this:

[Bootstrap Files]
File1=@VB6STKIT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,3 25 99 11:00:00 PM,101888,
File2=@MSVCRT40.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,5 30 98 11:00:00 PM,326656,
File3=@COMCAT.DLL,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,5 30 98 11:00:00 PM,22288,4.71.1460.1
;File4=@stdole2.tlb,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(TLBRegister),,8 23 01 1:00:00 PM,17920,3.50.5014.0
;File5=@asycfilt.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),,,8 4 04 8:56:41 AM,65024,5.1.2600.2180
;File6=@olepro32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:44 AM,83456,5.1.2600.2180
;File7=@oleaut32.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:44 AM,553472,5.1.2600.2180
;File8=@msvbvm60.dll,$(WinSysPathSysFile),$(DLLSelfRegister),,8 4 04 8:56:43 AM,1392671,

Save it, close it, and try installing your program again.

Note: You may have other DLL files than those listed above, so you have to make sure which ones are the one out of date.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

Setup Cannot Continue Because Some System Files Are Out Of Date On Your System
I am getting this error when i am trying to install my application in client workstations. the application was developed in office xp sp2. it's working without any problem in some computers but not in few xp computers and all of windows 2000 computers. i tried running vb60.exe and scripten.exe. i read that updating oleaut32.dll can also solve the problem. so i copied that file from my computer to those computers and it worked in one but didn't in others.

anyway i can solve this problem?

Setup Cannot Continue Because Some System Files Are Out Of Date On Your System.

I am having problem in installing the VB package into one of the computer. I packaged all my VB installation files using PDWizard, and I have successfully installed it on the other computer. Both computer are running Windows XP.

This is the error that I've got:

Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click Cancel to exit setup without updating system files.

I have tried to restart and reinstalled, but it prompted me the same error message again and again. I have update the MDAC to version 2.8. I have also tried to disable the Norton Antivirus since I read that maybe the .olb file in Norton uses different version as Windows.

Did anybody encounter this problem before? I would appreciate if you can give me any solutions.


Show Icon In System Tray When My System Starts
Hi all

I have done an application in VB6 which when minimized sits in the system tray.
Till this point its working fine.
but i need to do some more modification for this.

I want the application Icon to appear in the system tray when the system(CPU) starts (like yahoo messenger icon sits in sytem tray as soon as the system starts).

can anyone help me with the code.

Thanks in advance.


Help On System Sound (muting System Audio)!
Hy i was wondering if anyone could help me on muting or changing SYSTEM
SOUND setting's i need this because my sister drives me nuts with here
music on my computer and she listens to it full blast Help is really wanted and
needed on this subject lol.

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