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Math Symbols

hii was trying to write maths symbols like alpha sigma and other mathes symbol those symbols i want to show on the form and not able to do it. if someone knows pl. tell me thanksSwati

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Math Symbols In Rich Text
I'm having real problems trying to add the ability to add math symbols to a rich text box by selecting a button.

Here's what I use for the degree symbol:

Dim strLength As String
strLength = Len(txtReference.Text)
txtReference.Text = Right$(txtReference.Text, strLength) & Chr$(176)

strLength = Len(txtReference.Text)
txtReference.SelStart = strLength

I need to add different symbols and not are all basic ascii symbols. I want to add the math symbol for PIE which is nothing more than symbol font "p" but I don't know how to use a button to make it work. I always just get "p" in my text box. When I insert the pie symbol in word it says that it is unicode characternuber 960. Does anyone know how I can use a button like I did for the degree symbol to do these other kind of Unicode symbols?

Handling Math And Chemisty Symbols

   Iam doing a project on Random question paper generator for a school. Iam using VB6.0 and Sql server 2005.
 I have a rich text box where the question will be typed. Sometimes formatting(bold/underline) will be done for the same. and symbols will also be inserted. I have created a table tbQuest with a field (question nvarchar(4000));

 I was able to insert a question (wtih formats and symbols to some extent) using
  Code:"insert into tbQuest values('" & replace(richtextbox1.textRTF,"',"''") & "')".

My doubts are
(i) some symbols get inserted as '? ' Why it is so
(ii) When i do so, so much of information like {'
tf'......} get stored. Is there any other way to do it
(iii) I copied a Equation from MSWord created using Equation editor into Rich text box. I get error when inserting the record.

 Pls help me with your suggestions
 Any other information regarding handling multi languages and about my project are welcomed

  thank you in anticipation

Dumb Math Question! Math PPL Help!!!

100% = 10 minutes
50% = 25 minutes

then what does

30% = ?


What would be a formula for this?


i have an input box in which the user enters a name and the program creates a folder with that name. but some symbols are not allowed for a folder name. how do i check if the names doesn't contain those symbols?

I am making a software for preparing question papers using VB6.0. While entering questions for maths user faces problems when he wants to place symbols like Square root, sign Of integration etc as these are not available in keyboard. For example user types question- Evaluate Square root of 25. Now here instead of writing square root he or she wants to type the symbol for square root and then put the number(25 in example) inside that Square root symbol. Can anyone help me. It is important and urgent and I could not find any solution since many days

In Word, you can choose Insert->Symbol and get a wide array of symbols. Nice!

How can I get access to these symbols from within VB? I'd guess you use the "Symbols" font, but the character codes are in HEX... how does that relate to ASCII?

Help! Ideas?


What Are This Symbols?
i've seen several post that uses this symbols: "&lt" and "&gt", what are these symbols?

If (Not blnIsNumeric(KeyAscii)) And KeyAscii <> 8 Then


Symbols - $ And %??
$ and % does anyone know what these symbols mean when place at the end of a variable name ie. map% or distance$

i think the $ means some sort of string but not sure.

thanks fir any help

Currency Symbols
Hi All ... thanks in advance.

I have created a quoting & estimating package that is now getting attention and potential buyers from other countries. In many places in the app, I have to format for different currencies. Rather than using the Windows settings ... I decided to force the issue within the code ... formatting strings and text boxes using the users selection from the made-available currencies.

The problem ... I can get the currency symbols for most of the desired currencies like and ... but can't get it for all. I'm looking for Chinese yuan and some others.

I thought it was a function of the FONT in the IDE but that doesn't seem to help. Even if I create the symbol in say WORD and try to copy and paste ... that doesn't work either.

Any ideas on how I can get these symbols to appear in the VB5 IDE and therefore in the TEXT boxes and such?

Again, thanks in advance.

Admin Symbols
Well, here's the deal, right now I'm almost done with a Winsock Client/Server setup. Is it possible to add admin symbols infront of a username when they sign on as an admin? Any help is much appreciated.

Get Data Between Symbols
I have some data that looks like this:

data = "Name=[bob]"
data = data & "Age=[18]"
data = data & "Sex=[male]"

I basically want to be able to call a function that returns whatever is in the brackets. So for example:

GetBrackets("Name", data)
GetBrackets("Sex", data)

Will return "bob" & "male". Any ideas?

Replacing Symbols
Is there an easier way to replace symbols in a textbox rather than how i am doing it?

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Text1 = Replace(Text1, "~", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "`", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "!", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "@", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "#", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "$", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "%", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "^", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "&", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "*", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "(", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, ", "")", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "=", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "|", "")
Text1 = Replace(Text1, "", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "{", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "}", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "[", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "]", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, ";", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, ":", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "'", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "/", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "?", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, ">", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, ",", ""): Text1 = Replace(Text1, "<", "")
End Sub

Symbols Conversion
Hi all,

I got a problem in finding symbols in word 2000. If i find a symbol which is in symbol font say (approximately equal to) i could not find it directly using find text box. Is there any way to do it...

I just want to replace the symbol (approximately equal to) to "/approximate"

Is there any way to do it..

thanks in advance


Symbols In List Box
I need to add a symbol such as a tick or box to some items in a list box. The type of symbol is to be applied whilst populating the list from an Access database. Could this be possible?

Symbols Like In Xp Explorer

Where do I find the symbols like in explorer (for My Computer, Folder, etc.) - the symbols I found are very old and look so. I wanna build my own explorer - or does an ocx exists with some properties?


How Do I Make Symbols?
hi I'd like to know if there is a way to make symbols and put them in a text box. say, something like a copyright or maybe a small hypher or the pi symbol or the imaginary number symbol. when I paste something like that to vb, it shows up as something else, like the small hypher turned into a "u" with an accent on the top. anyone else have ideas? I'd really like to make this work

"I want quality, not quantity; but lots of it."

Use Some Symbols In A String

How is it possible to use a symbol in a string. ex: i want to use the phone symbol in my string.


dim strtemp as string
dim phonenumber as string

strtemp = 'phone symbol' & phonenumber


National Symbols
i'm creating a little program. but there's one problem: i'm from lithuania and i'm doing that program in my native language. and i have to use some symbols like ą,č,ę,ė,į,. And i can't write them on a label or commmand button caption. how to do that?

Declaration Symbols??
i have seen some programs,and some of their daclaration was kinda odd to me
the declarations of their variables has a symbol like character

dim r%,s%
dim s$

i know some of you know this, can anyone tell me?, i just wanted to know..

How To Insert Symbols Into Vb6
i want know how can i put symbols in vb6 in textbox like √ i read from recoredset to textbox symbol the textbox show to me ? i try with rich textbox
but it is seem problem .

Greater Than (&gt;) Less Than (&lt;) Symbols
I am trying to use a formula that contain greater or less than. I am using the ">" and "<" symbols, are thses correct as it does not work.

If I use = and it is o.k.


Inserting Symbols

Word processors such as word have a Insertion Entry called Symbol that then allows the user to pick a particular symbol, such as '(C)' copyright...

Does anyone know of a method or control that does this by any chance?

International ( , && . ) Symbols

I have this program running well with regional US settings. It is not running when changing to a setting, which uses a comma (,) for decimal separation.

There are some calculation going on with user input. In fact I have a VBA version and a VB6 version of the program. Both having the same problem.

So, I think it is related to the decimal separator. Does anyone have some ideas, what the normal procedure is to prevent this problem?
Does it matter if I compile with a certain regional setting?


Mathematical Symbols
anyone have any ideas or methods on having vb print things like integral signs or other mathematical notations on something like a form or picbox?

Maths Symbols
I have downloaded MathType for Windows version 5.0 application which can be used with MSword and it has very vast set of symbols. How van i use it in Vb6.0

Counting Symbols And Such
ok im trying to make a program that will count the symbols for a game code. The code looks alot like vb. The symbols im talking about would be like SetActorFlags(player, 0x80); And so the SetActorFlags would be one symbol, player would be another, and 0x80 would be the last one. These symbols can be anything or any length say it could be somthing like this ClearThingFlags(thereallystupidguy, GetsenderRef(player), Victim, 0x100); And I would want to get the ClearThingFlags, thereallystupidguy, GetsenderRef, player, victim, and 0x100 all added up so it would say that that line has 6 symbols. where as a line like if(getThingFlags(victim) && 0x100) would only have 3 symbols in it because things like if, for, and while are not included in the charactor counting. I really hope there is some way to do this but here is just alittle more of what im trying to do.

if(VectorSub(VectorVel(Vector('0 0 0'))), player, billy != w + b)

that whole thing would have 11 symbols VectorSub, VectorVel, Vector, '0 0 0', player, billy, w, b, destroything, GetThingSource, and bobby. the rest would not be counted. or somthing like this throws in a damper to what im trying to do
Print("billy, is SetThingFlags(www, massassi); victim"); and that would only have 2 symbols print and "billy, is SetThingFlags(www, massassi); victim" cause it is in qutation. No to refresh on what im trying to do, Im trying to make a program that will count the number of symbols in a single line of this type of code while still following the rules like if's are not counted and somthing like if(player != victim) would only be counted as 2 symbols (player, victim). Can it be done?

No Symbols Loaded...
I have this project that i'm working on. (in VB .NET)
whenever I run it, the following messages come in the output window... even
though the application runs perfect.
Any ideas????

'Scoring Model': Loaded 'C:Scoring ModelinIFCI Risk Scoring Model.exe',
Symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:',

No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
winntassemblygacsystem1.0.3300.0__b77a5c56193 4e089system.dll', No
symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
winntassemblygacsystem.drawing1.0.3300.0__b03 f5f7f11d50a3asystem.drawing.dll',

No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
winntassemblygacaccessibility1.0.3300.0__b03f 5f7f11d50a3aaccessibility.dll',

No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
isk scoring
modelinaxinterop.msflexgridlib.dll', No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:scoring
modelininterop.msflexgridlib.dll', No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
isk scoring modelininterop.excel.dll',
No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
isk scoring', No symbols loaded.
'Scoring Model.exe': Loaded 'c:
winntassemblygacmicrosoft.visualbasic7.0.3300 .0__b03f5f7f11d50a3amicrosoft.visualbasic.dll',

No symbols loaded.


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Word And Symbols -- VB Bug?
Since my previous post was unclear, below is an example of a macro showing that Word does not behave properly when dealing with symbols.

Anyone knowing how to get around this "bug"?

Many thanks in advance for replies!

Sub puzzling()
    Selection.InsertSymbol Font:="Symbol", CharacterNumber:=-3999, Unicode:=True
    Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, , wdExtend
    Set s1 = Selection.FormattedText
    Selection.InsertSymbol Font:="Symbol", CharacterNumber:=-3999, Unicode:=True
    Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, , wdExtend
    Set s2 = Selection.FormattedText
    MsgBox s1.IsEqual(s2)

    Selection = "A"
    Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, , wdExtend
    Set s1 = Selection.FormattedText
    Selection = "A"
    Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, , wdExtend
    Set s2 = Selection.FormattedText
    MsgBox s1.IsEqual(s2)

End Sub

Using Microsoft Office Symbols In Vb
hi i need to use symbols given in office in my vb application. i want to use thwm as button caption. any help wud be welcumed.

Dynamical Symbols In Treeview
Hi all!

I've developed a kind of an explorer. Now I want to insert symbols like a folder-, disk-, My Computer-symbol, etc. dynamically. Up to today I created a ImageList with all the symbols in it. What I'm trying to achieve is to fill the symbols dynamically from shell32.dll. In that way I get different symbols for different OS - each user gets what he's used to...
> does anyone knows help?

Is there a better control for Images like imagelist...?

thanks in advance.


Data Type Symbols
Hello all,

Just a quick question about the data type symbols in VB. I know some of them, like $ for string, % for integer, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a reference for the rest. I used to have an MSDN link with that info but I can't find it anymore.

Can anyone help me out?


Symbols To Represent Types
I know this is elementry, but I've seen it done and still don't quite have a grasp on it. And I'm totally at a loss to what search engine terms I should use to find the info.

Can someone please list the variable type symbols used to declare or cast variables that are put at the end of the variable name.

Eg. I think Variable& means long right? Or cast to long etc.

Is this some sort of legacy brought by VB5 or something or is this just another way to say CLng(Variable) to cast. Or is it just like "(long) variable" in C.

Anyways, a list of all the symbols and types would be much appreciated!

Symbols Appear On Form For No Reason?!?!
Hi All

I have just opened up a program I completed today on another computer and it is opening a particular form with weird symbols across the top of it. I have never seen this before, the symbols weren't there when I compiled it or tested it on the other pc and now they are there. The pc's are both running Win XP.
I've attached the picture for your to view it:

It would be greatly appreciated if you could get back to me quickly, thanks.

Trouble Reading Symbols.....
My program scrambles the file, when i try to read one line in from this file(Wjtvbm!D,,!Cppl) it will only read in Wjtvbm!D. How can I make it read the , character? I declared the cariable that holds this as a string but it stops reading once it finds the , character. How can I read this character in too?
Thank You

Prevent Symbols To Be Put In An Input Box?
The titles says it all.What are the methods i can use and can you help me?
Can i do it by messing around with KeyPress?


SQL Operator Symbols In Enumeration
i'm writing a simple sql class, and was wondering if its possible to put the common sql operators (< > = like % etc) into an enumeration.

The symbols alone won't work, neither will the symbols wrapped in quotes, and i even tried eg: chr(60) = 1 in the enum, but its having none of it. The alternative is to let the user pass the operator as an argument of the function, but i'd prefer to limit the usage with an enumeration. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Remove Symbols From A String
If I have a string that looks like this...


How do I remove the "/" from the strings.

Using Mathematical Symbols (Solved)
I am trying to use Superscript in my Labels but I can only get 0,1,2,3 in superscript. I need 0 to 9 as well as superscript left and right parenthesis. Any idea for help?

How Can I To Take Only The Text Between Two Precise Symbols
how can I to take only the text between two precise symbols? example:
aaa ! Xxxx aaa

b = Xxxx

how I can to take only xxx ...


No Symbols Loaded In Console (
hello again all

just wondering if anyone knows why i'd be getting this error in console

No symbols loaded
'MNW.exe': Loaded '' , No symbols loaded.

it compiles and runs fine but the console output looks messy and i'd like to get rid of it if i could

any ideas?


KeyLog ALL Letters And Symbols
how to make a keylogger to log all letters & symbols as they appear in its window exactly

Drawing Mathematical Symbols - Help
Does anyone know the particulars on automating equation editor from a vb program. I need to write a program that can print out mathematical symbols like integral signs and such

Musical Symbols && Staff
There's a font call Musical Symbols in windows font directory.But I can see Nothing but a flat and a sharp symbol.Did the sequencers like cakewalk use this font to display staff?And how to display staff?

Pre-Fill A Text Box With Symbols - (, ), -, Etc

I'm working with a database and would like to display telephone numbers and social security numbers in their preferred format. e.g. (xxx) xxx-xxxx and xxx-xx-xxxx. The database has just the numbers. How do I make a textbox to have the symbols in there automatically. And how do I do it so when they are entering a NEW record, it has them in there as well, but then Only writes the numbers to the database.


Special Character/symbols
Does anyone know how to insert character like " , ' and &
into messages and msgbox? i cant seem to remember how to do that

pls help


Word VB: How To Detect Symbols?
Hi everyone,

I am currently writing a macro which replaces certain characters and symbols by expressions (e.g. 'alpha' symbol by string "alpha")

Unfortunately I couldn't find out how to detect symbols (this does not even seem to be possible with the regular 'Find' function...) i.e. if I insert a symbol through the Insert menu and then look at the Selection.Font property, I still have "Times New Roman" even though the symbol has another font!

Any jelp would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

How To Identify Special Symbols ?
how can i identify special symbols in my data

eg : aaa##
...above is my data

i have tried isnumeic function but that doesnot satisfy my requirement , i need to identify special symbols like * ,& , # or any other charater apart from A-Z ,a-z and 0-9

so how can i ? please help me out ....thanks in advance ...

Adding Ttf Symbols In ListBox
How can I add ttf symbols in ListBox

Symbols In Sql Insert Command !!!!

when i try to insert value in text field in database,which contain " ' " or " , "
make me problem
i am using sql command in insert

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