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Page Orientation In Data Report

my datareport is in landscape mode. when i give command then if the page setting of the default printer is set to landscape then datareport opens fine but when the printer setting is in portrait mode then on opening datareport it gives error message that report width is more than the page width. So i have to keep my printers setting fixed to landscape mode which affects other applications. I want that irrespective of the printer setting datareport should open without error and on giving print command i should select the page orientation mode.
Please help.

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Change Page Orientation In Data Report
i have three to four data report in my project. i have to change orientation and size of paper for each report.
how can i do it at runtime.

i tried to use comm dialog control. but i don't know proper method.

Report Page Orientation
Just a little question here - is it possible to set the page orientation of
the report designer in VB to landscape? Have been trying to but there
doesn't seem to be any direct way of doing it.


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Data Report Orientation
I want to set my data report's orientation property to landscape. I used this code:


drMyReport.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape

I have VB6 service pack 5 installed on my system. when i run it a couple of times i received the "method or data member not found" error. then the property just appeared. But Im running it again and i still keep on getting the error. anyone know whats causing it? Are there some conflicts of some sort?? Any help will be appreciated...

Data Report Orientation In W2K
Changing client machines from W98 to W2k, and now my reports won't open up in landscape mode. Before what I did was set the orientation of a common dialogue to landscape and show that and then open the report. And that worked, but it's not working in W2K. Any suggestions other than Printer.Orientation = vbPROLandscape(sp?)? Cuz that doesn't work for data reports.

Getting desperate,
Thanks for any help

Data Report Orientation
Hi Fellow Coder Warriors

I have a problem with my data reports. I want to change the report's orientation from Potrait (default) to Landscape.

For some weird reason it's not giving me the "Orientation" method.
If I just code it in then it throws out an error.

I've done this in the past but I just can't seen to do it in this project.

Any Ideas?????


Data Report Orientation
DataReport Landscape Orientation.

I don't if I'm using VB6 SP5. But I'm sure my printer support landscape printing but this code doesn't work.

DataReport1.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape

What is the best thing to do?

How about the DLL called PageSet.dll? How to download this DLL?

Data Report Orientation
need help anyone...

Need help on how to set data report orientation to landscape.


Data Report: Orientation

I want to adjust my data report to be landscape type of Orientation. But the problem is most code that i found is as below:

With myRpt

.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape

End With

However, when i tried it, it keep coming out the same error message variable not defined and pointed to --> rptOrientLandscape.

Can someone help me? Thanks

Data Report Orientation
     To show the data report in landscape orientation, I have to run VB service pack 6.0 and

Datareport.orientation = landscape constant

  will work to show the report in landscape view.

My question is whether I have to include any dll or something other than vb run time files, when I create setup to view the report in landscape?


Data Report Orientation
how to set datareport or change its orientation to landscape or portrait?

How To Change Orientation Of Data Report
anybody help me about data report
i have two report for different table.

i should shown in landscape and other one is in potraid orientation

how to change orientation by coding at runtime..??

How To Use Orientation Property For Data Report In VB 6
Hello All,

I am working in VB database project for single user back end is access 2000 . I am using first time data reports in my project. I am able to show the data on data report but I am fasing a silly problem. I have 9 fields to show on data Report for this , I am using Datareport1.Orientation= rptOrientLandscape
but at the time of running, it shows Compile error "Data Method or Member doesnot found". I have search on Google regarding this problem but couldnot found any solution.
     One thing i would like to tell you that I am using Windows 98, VB 6, and I have already install the VB service pack 4 and 5 as well pageset.dll file.
     But still i am clueless.
 Pls help me

Thanks in advance


Problem In Orientation In Data Report

I have developed an application in which some of the reports orientation is landscape and paper size is legal.

I have done it with the code given in the microsoft site "PageSet.exe Programmatically Changes Default Printer Orientation (Q198901)."

I have network printer and win 2000 systems.

So, I tried to create local ports as in the microsoft documentation. My system is creating local ports for HP printers. For others, it is saying "Network name not found"

So, what is the problem?


Orientation Properties Of Data Report Does Not Work
When I want to print in landscape mode, i will first set the orientation of the data report to landscape and then show the data report. My problem is some of my data report does not have the orientation properties, and some do. What are the possible reasons why this happens? Does it have something to do with the SP5 that i've installed?

Page Orientation V Printer Orientation
Hi Guys

I have just come across a printing problem for which I can't find a solution. I have an app form which I print out 5 Pages. Pages 1,2,3,& 5 are portrait and page 4 is landscape. I am using printer.orientation to change to landscape for page 4. This works fine on most printers but on some printers, it seems I need to change the orientation in page setup. I have tried this in Word and it will only print landscape if the page setup is set to landscape before printing. Has anyone got a solution for this?


Printer Change Page Orientation From Page To Page
I'm running VB 5. Is it possible to change the page orientation from one page to another.

portion of code:
If page_orientation(gridno) = 0 Then
Printer.Orientation = vbPRORPortrait
Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape
End If

If I use "Printer.EndDoc" before the above code, the program works fine. Each page is a separate 'print-job' with the orientation that I want. A problem arises when I want to print to a .PDF printer: each page is saved as a separate PDF because they're all separate 'print jobs'.

If I substitute "Printer.EndDoc" with "Printer.NewPage", I get the error "orientation property cannot be set within a page". Is there any way to get around this?

URGENT: Data Report (Page Header On Each Page)

I am using Data Report (why?!!) to print a bill. It contains the company name and other information such as date and total amount etc.

I am doing this by coding only. NO DATA ENVIRONMENT (!).

I have put a lable on the Page header and I am displaying the company name in that lable. It prints perfactly on the first page of the bill. But it does not appear on the second page of the bill. Instead it displays the remaining items of the bill from the beginning.

I want to print company name on each page of the bill. this is shown in the image.

Is there a way to get the out put like this?

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thank a ton in advance.

Page Orientation
hi all,
how can i change page orientation in run time


Page Orientation

After calling Crystal report's PrinterSelect method to change printer, I found that a report that should print in Landscape became Portriat, any idea?


396: Orientation Cannot Be Set Within A Page
Hi, I have problems setting up a manual print job from VB6. I want to print the contents of a ListView with some custom formatting (flexible column width and separator lines).

When I get an error on the previous print job the next try always gives me a 396: Orientation cannot be set within a page error.

How do I reset the print job to the correct orientation without sending a blank page to the printer?

Page Orientation
I have got a problem, in which i want to change the orientation of a rtf file,
i.e. initalliy i have a rtf file in which all the pages are portrait, now my problem is that i need to convert some of the pages into portrait and some into landscape. (say for example all the odd sheets should be in portrait and all even sheets should be landscape)

How To Get Page Wise Report Using VB 6.0 Data Report
i need to get pagewise total in the report. Currently i am getting group wise help me ....

reply to

Page Orientation In Autocad
Does anyone have any idea how to change page orientation of AuoCAD 2000 drawings in VB?

Hope someone has some ideas!



Set Page Orientation Fo Printer In XP And 2000
Anybody know how I can set the page orientation for a generic printer in Win XP or Win 2000?


Page Orientation In Webbrowser Control
Hi everyone,

I'm printing from a webbrowser control and it works just fine, but what I'm looking to do is set the printer orientation automatically to landscape, is there any way to do this??

If anyone can help, I would appreciate greatly! This seems to be something that a fair amount of people want to do, but haven't gotten an answer to. I'm hoping the same won't happen to me.

Duplex Printing With Opposite Page Orientation
I'm wondering if VB is capable of this. I'm using a platform that is sortof similar to .com VB called ASNA, and this appears to be impossible to do with it.

The task I'm trying to accomplish is to print a front side of a warrant in portrait, flip the page, then print the back side of the warrant in landscape. The printfiles I'm using only allow you to specify the orientation for the entire document.

I'd like to know if this is something doable in VB, because if so, I'll have a legitimate complaint for ASNA.

Different First Page On Data Report
Hello Everyone,

I'm creating a Data Report dynamically through Visual Basic and I want to display some labels and fields on the first page of the report, but not on all the others. Does anybody know how I could do this? I was thinking I can make the fields visible in the first page and make them invisible in the rest, but I don't know how I would do that. If I could add code the the next page button on the Data Report itself, it would be simple but I don't think I can.

Well any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Page Sum For Data Report
I am using Datareport to generate reports using SQLServer as backend. I need to insert Page-sum for each page (or running total) at page footer of the report. How can I do it?

Susant Maharana

One Page Data Report

I'm making 1 page data report.
Actually, any DB doesn't have to be connected this report.
This report has 1page including 8 images.
I used 8 RptImage controls on Detail(Section1).
And I seet Data Source and Data Member.(If I don't set this, error occurs)
If I run program, 16 page is made.
Why this happens?
Could anybody help me?

Landscape Vs. Portrait Page Orientation For Access 2000
ITtoolbox Portal for Visual Basic -

I am having a problem in Access 2000 and would like a little help.

I have a database that creates many different kinds of reports. The
majority of the reports need to print portrait style. Only a couple of them
need to print landscape style. The problem is that the reports needing to
print landscape lose their formatting for this for no reason I can figure
out. how do I force certain reports to ALWAYS print landscape?

Placing Text Fields In The Report Header Or Page Header Sections Of A Data Report
Is it possible to place text fields in the Report or Page Header of a Visual Basic 6 Data Report?

Data Report Page Headers
Does anyone know how to turn a group header into a page header. I have many databound text boxes in my group header, so I can't just move it into the page header section, but I need the group header to appear at the top every page. This is very frustrating.

Data Report Page Break

I have to generate the report in visual basic. I am using data report. Now i am struck with some problem.

For example lets say i have 100 records after running the query. Now i want to display only 10 records per page in the data reports one page.

Pls help.


How Can I Print Per Page To Data Report From VB
Hello to everyone,

What code should i put to print per page from MS Access data report to Visual Basic.

for example page 1 only. and not the whole pages.

Please advise if anyone know how to do this.


Adding New Page In Data Report
Hi, I am using data report with ms access. I filled detail section with ADO Shape command. Now at the end of the report I want to add another page for which data is coming from another resource (database/textfile).

Can anyone suggest how to do this?

Data Report: Set Page To Landscape
I'm designing a report using Data Report.
The problem is that the report is widther than the page, so I need to change the page orientation to landscape.
I have been searching the forum and I found that this can only be done if you have service pack 5. Is this right?.
I also tryed DataReport1.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape but the Orientation property doesn't exists.

How can i change the page orientation?

Page Totals In A Data Report....
How do you display page totals in a VB data report?

Data Report, Page Total Possible?
I know that the function control can't be placed on the page footer section. Just wondering if there's a way around this restriction so I can get the total for the page.

e.g. A long list of values, no grouping, and for every page the total for that page only. At the end of the report would be the grand total = sum of all OR sum of page totals.

I hope it's possible. Thanks for your time.

How Can I Set Page Breaks Within My Data Report?
I have created a DataReport within my VB6 application, but to make it look proper, I need to set page breaks within it at certain points..

I noticed that it will allow you to force page breaks after sections, but all my data is found within the Detail Section???

Can someone please assist me with this portion?

Thank you.

Data Report - Page Breaks Possible?
> is it possible to add page breaks in Data Report.
> I am using it to generate invoices
> and I want every invoice to appear on a new page

Data Report - Page Breaks
is it possible to add page breaks in Data Report.

I am using it to generate invoices

and I want every invoice to appear on a new page

Data Report Not Confined In One Page..Help
Hi all,

I am working with data reports and the problem that i face is , the reports exceeds one page.Please suggest how can i see the remaining contents of the report in the other page.

I will be eagerly awaiting your help and suggestions.

thanking you in anticipation.


Data Report Page Setting
Please tell me how can i change the default page settings in a data report

Data Report Page Size
May I know how to change the page size of a data report? I would like to make a report of A3 size. Thanks


Data Report Page Number
Can I put current page Number in Data Report starting with any other Number except 1 is default ? How ? I want to put Page number starting with 59 or 37,93 what ever. and then it should continew.

K the Killer

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Data Report: One Record Per Page
I want one record at one page (one record can be easily mangae on one page)
I am able to acheive it by seeting the
Force page break = rptPageBreakAfter
of the Groupfooter (section 7) (there is only one group)

But problem is if quey returns 10 records it generate report of 11 pages

My aim is that if query returns 10 records then report should have 10 pages
How is it possible?

Edited by - haahoou on 2/8/2004 8:45:43 PM

Page Total In A Data Report
Hi! Deke, Could you please suggest a method to calculate Page Total in a Data Report
Thanks in Advance for any suggestions

Page Number In Data Report
Hi there,

I want to put as page footer the current page number of the data report (e.g. Page 3 of 15) and I don't know how to do it.



DAta Report Page Count
Hi Friends,

How to return the total number of pages in Data Report.

I want to display at the page footer "Page number(%p) of NumberofPages ". How to do this



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