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Panel Control

hi i know there's a panel control in is there a panel control in vb 6? if there is.. what part of the components control does panel control reside?

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Using PDW From The VB6 Control Panel,
when I try to install, it tells me that "some system files are out of date ...".

I tell it to update, reboot and start again, and again, and again, until finally I decide there's something screwy going on.

I've read about this problem somewhere. Does anyone know what's going on?

Control Panel
How do I shell Control Panel in Windows Explorer?

Control Panel
Hi Guys !

It's an easy question...
don't know about the answer...

How to lock my Control Panel ?
so when my program is running you cannot edit anything there...

Thanx for any help ?

Control Panel
Hey its me again

I am looking for code that can enable and disable the control panel. (Maybe also show it/hide it on the start menu)


Control Panel
Hi folks,

I have been finding myself setting up more and more ODBC Data Source Names on the computers at work, as a result of my programs' requirements (and it seems never-ending).

Since we have eight databases (which, of course means eight DSN's for each machine!), I thought that I'd like to build something that can do the job for me.

The thing is, I don't know much about communicating with the control panel, so I ask you all out there if you might be able to lead me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance...



VB6 Exe In The Control Panel

At times when we exit the exe file, the file continues to be in the control panel when we click ctrl+alt+del. Visually the exe file is not in the screen but the exe file remains in the control panel. We need to do 'End task' to clear from the memory. This defeciency is taking more memory and on executing the program again and again memory overflow occurs.

Please suggest what needs to be done to the code to prevent it from staying in the control panel?

eagerly waiting for a reply

Control Panel
I want to install an exe which should not be displayed either in the Start Menu and the Control Panel. Is it possible

thanks & Regards

Does VB6 Have A Panel Control?
Does VB6 have a panel control other than the Sheridan Control?

Control Panel

Does anyone know how I can add my program to the control panel?

I have an app and I want the users to be able to change lots of settings etc through the control panel.

Thanks in advance.

Control Panel
Say I Wanted To Make A Control Panel applet In Vb how Would I Do It?

I Tried Compiling A Program As SecurityAddin.cpl and Copying it to the WindowsSystem32 Folder But It Didnt Show Up! what Did i Do Wrong?

Im On A WinXp Pro System If That Helps Any!

Control The Panel From Vb
I want to open control panel properties for speech from visual basic.I have installed sapi5.1 on my computer.I want to open speech properties (if you install sapi speech icon will be added in to the control panel)from my vb program.I am able to open all the other properties ,because all the .cpl files will be in system32 folder.We can open accessbility options by using the below.

Call Shell("rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL access.cpl", vbNormalFocus)

my sapi.cpl is located in c:program filescommon filesmicrosoft sharedspeechsapi.cpl.

How to change the above shell function to open speech properties??How to include the path??

Control Panel

Is there a way to change setting for items in Control Panel programatically?

Let's say I want to change the mouse sensitivity, is it possible?

Control Panel
How i make a Control Panel in vb 6. Can you tell me

Control Panel
AddRemove Programs

Control Panel??????
Is it possible to create a control panel item (.cpl file)using VB?

Control Panel
I would like to add the settings form of my application to the Control Panel. How would I go about doing this; Is it a registry setting or would I use some Vb-Code.

Thanks in advance.

Control Panel
does anyone know how i can permanently hide the control panel.
Also how to bring it back? Any help is appreciated.

Control Panel
Can I add my own VB Program to the Control Panel? And How?

Control Panel
HI every body
How can i add by programing any Icon in the control panel

with my thanks

Control Panel
i would like to know how to write code in VB to create a control panel applet and insert it into the control panel.

I have no idea how to do it. I would be grateful if someone could help.


Control Panel
Can u help me in finding whether the windows messaging is installed or not in continuation I need to know whether there is inbox folder existing or not ?

VB Control Panel App
Does anyone know how to write a VB DLL so that it can be placed in the control panel for WIn95 and NT machines?
I am using VB 6.0 any code examples would also be great.



Control Panel App
Is there anyway to make a control panel app in VB using an activeX dll instead of C++?

Any help would be appreciated.


Control Panel Applet
Does anybody know how i can make my own control panel applet (.cpl)??

thanks, james

Control Panel Applet
is it possible to create my own control panel applet? if so, any pointers as to how to do it would be useful


Regarding Win2000 Control Panel!
eh, nothing to do with visual basic, but to run this program that i modified with VB, i have to change the mail setting of windows.

the problem is that few computers have "mail" option button in control panel, but some (including my own machine and the machine that i have to install the program) do not have "mail" option button in control panel

Do i have to download a patch or anything from

reply to or please leave me a reply

thx alot

Opening Control Panel From VB
Hi friends,

Does anybody knows how to open Control Panel Window directly from VB? Any tips, suggestion. How do actaully these files Like Dial Up Networking, Internet Controls, Modem Controls are opened from inside a VB program . Codes if provided will be highly regraded.

Waiting anxiously for the answer.


Control Panel Links
I sat down and made my font installer which installed fonts to C:WINDOWSFONTS then i restarted my computer and realized that they needed to be installed in the fonts folder in control panel. So then i though ok, theres an api to get special folder so i used that api... but the api returns C:WINDOWSFONTS. can anybody tell me where i need to install the fonts?

Control Panel Applet
What is control panel applet? is that an EXE? If it's an EXE, can we build a VB EXE and then renamed to CPL so we can create a custom control panel applet.

How To Add A Application Into The Control Panel

I have written an application,now the problem is if i install it in a computer it shld update the control panel aswell and if uninstall it shld do the same again

how shld i go about it


Control Panel Services
Does anyone know if there's an API call to restart Services (Control Panel ones)??? Such as QoS RSVP???

Thanks in advance !!!

Sounds In Control Panel
I have some sounds which have been added to my control panel sounds for specific programs (ie. Motorola Phone Tools, Quicken, ect.) which are not Windows or MS specific. Once there, the user can customize the sounds how they want. How do I get my program included in the control panel. Not actual wave files but the actual progam specific listing. You can see what I mean by going to Control Panel, then Sounds. Under the Program events, you see standard Windows type things AND other programs, which is where I would like to add my program.

Any insight would be greatly appreicated.


Hi I am after making a program that will alter the setting in User Accounts>Change the way users log on or off> Use welcome screen and enabling it!!


All Control Panel Applets
Is there a way to find all control panel applets, and then display them one-per-line in a list box? After that, is it possible to take selected control panel applets, move them to another list box, and write the applet names of the selected applets to a file, preferably a file format that the my VB app could read and write to but machine users would not be able to?

How To Add My Program Into Control Panel?
I develop some program with VB. I want to put it into Control Panel. How to add my program into Control Panel?

If difficult to automatically, Please tell me some manual way.

Accessing The Control Panel
I need the code to access each individual item in Control Panel.

More specifically, Networking. As I needed to get into it today at school and I didn't have it in my little app of mine

(faulty network cable if anyone cares )

Control Panel Application
I would like to write an application that can be accessed through the control panel. The application is a dialog box with an sstab control with three tabs that are used to define some database settings. Does anyone know how to make this application work through the Windows Control Panel?

Can't Uninstall From Control Panel
Hi, I installed a VB app with the packaging and deployment wizard.. For some reason, I can't find the entry in the add/remove programs listing.. Is there a way I can uninstall this app from my computer?

Control Panel Applet
anyone write control panek applet B4?

Control Panel Settings
How Can I Acheive the Same Effect of Display Options of Control Panel Using VB API. Please Help Me.

Properties Panel Control
Is there any control that will behave like the properties window/panel inside of Visual Basic 6? It is exactly what I need to use (treeview would work, but I need multiple columns), I believe, but I cannot figure out a way to add it to a form.

Thank you.

Also, is there any idea as to when the search option will be enabled again? That can usually answer all my questions.

Shelling Control Panel
I have all the codes to shell control panel items, and can even get the main control panel dialog to open, but cannot get any of the various control panel items to appear. I use the Shell command and do not get an error code back (meaning I get a number other than zero). Any thoughts?

Control Panel Applet
Is it possible to make your program appear in the Control Panel as an Applet?

Control Panel Applet
Is it possible to create a Control Panel Applet program (*.cpl) with VB 6?

If so, how?


Shell Control Panel
Ive gotta question hopefully someone can answer. I am creating an application that opens the control panel's windows. Im using the shell method like this....

Shell ("rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL_

This creates Microsoft's telephony dialog box. How do I access the values in Microsoft's dialog boxes? There are options for users with modems to call using calling cards and other misc. data. I would like to access these along with other control panel data. Does anyone have suggestions? If not....perhaps try this one.....I am also stuck here.....I am creating a list of the users modems in a listbox. The user will be able to select the modem desired and have it dial to an ISP number. I am having difficulties figuring out which com port the selected modem is on. I am retrieving the list of modems from this location......
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SystemCurrentControlSetServicesClassModem")

Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful.



Opening Control Panel ?
How do I Open the control panel ????
Through Code ?

Lock Control Panel
Hi vb-world!!
I need to lock the control panel access in the work stations, how can i denied the access to the control panel? i need to display a message or ask a password to enter at control panel utilities.
Thanks in advance

Angel Maldonado López.

Control Panel Icons
How can i put an icon in the control panel for my app? please help

Control Panel Icons
How can i put an icon in the control panel for my app? please help

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