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Receive Sms Using Vb6

Hi everyOne...cUrrently i m dOing my Final yr project which require receive sms by PC using vb6.

I am stuck some cOdes..hOpe there is sOmeone who can help me..

I tried many fOrums..but there is nOt much replies..

hope i can help here...


Private Sub cmdSendMesg_Click()
' Set up the communications port
MSComm1.CommPort = 1 ' Com Port 1

' Set for 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data, and 1 stop bit.
MSComm1.Settings = "9600,N,8,1"

' Tell the control to read entire buffer when Input is used
MSComm1.InputLen = 0

' Open the port
MSComm1.PortOpen = True

' Send an 'AT' command to the phone
MSComm1.Output = "AT" & Chr$(13)
' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

' Set up the phone for a text message
MSComm1.Output = "AT+CMGF=1" & Chr$(13)
' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

' new mesg indication automatically send to pc, and not saved new mesg to sim/phone memory
MSComm1.Output = "AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 " & Chr$(13)

<b>(THIS IS WHERE I AM STUCK; dont know what to write next..)</b>

' Close the port
MSComm1.PortOpen = False

End Sub
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How To Receive 00 Hex

I have an external source of data in hex format and I need to transfer data to PC through RS232 and plot them. I am using part of VBTerm code for my app (MSComm control) but I need to receive data in Hex format to be sure the transefer was correct.

With VBTerm I can't receive 00 in hex too.

Please help me to adjust MSComm control.

Receive Sms Using Vb6
Previously I posted my help..but was moved away..I have done my codes here..but i am still stuck..

Can anyone help me? Attached below is my codes...the bold words is where i am stuck...

hOpe I can get help here..Thanks!!

Private Sub cmdSendMesg_Click()
' Set up the communications port
MSComm1.CommPort = 1 ' Com Port 1

' Set for 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data, and 1 stop bit.
MSComm1.Settings = "9600,N,8,1"

' Tell the control to read entire buffer when Input is used
MSComm1.InputLen = 0

' Open the port
MSComm1.PortOpen = True

' Send an 'AT' command to the phone
MSComm1.Output = "AT" & Chr$(13)
' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

' Set up the phone for a text message
MSComm1.Output = "AT+CMGF=1" & Chr$(13)
' The phone will respond with an 'OK'

' new mesg indication automatically send to pc, and not saved new mesg to sim/phone memory
MSComm1.Output = "AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 " & Chr$(13)

[b](THIS IS WHERE I AM STUCK; dont know what to write next..)[/b]

' Close the port
MSComm1.PortOpen = False

End Sub
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Receive Fax
I want to make a fax server using VB, which only need to listen for any
incoming fax and then store the bitmap into a file.

Does anybody have similar experience or hint?


Receive FAX

Does anyone know if it is possiable to receive, not just send, FAX sent by a standard fax machine? If so, what type of format is the file? During one session, if the sender send multiple pages, is it possiable to create seperate files other than one multipage file on the server side?

Any input would be appreciated.



Send And Receive Sms Help!

in my final project i use moblie to send and Receive Sms but i want a soooo sample code to make that

i find 2 code for send and i want only 1 code to Receive Sms
Any one Know it or from where i can get it?

the 2 code for send is:
' Requires ASmsCtrl.dll by ActiveXperts Software (
Option Explicit

Dim asObj

Set asObj = CreateObject( "ActiveXperts.SMSC" )

Wscript.Echo "ActiveXperts SMS/Pager Toolkit " & asObj.Version & " demo."

WScript.Echo "Please visit for a list of SMSC service providers. Use the appropriate provider properties in the fields of the object, like ProviderType, ModemSpeed, ModemsSettings and so on)"

asObj.ProviderDialString = "1122334455" ' Provider's full dial-in number, including dial prefixes, int. dialoing codes etc.
asObj.ProviderType = 1 ' UCP = 0, TAP = 1
asObj.PortID = 1 ' Comport
asObj.ModemSpeed = 1200 ' Depends on provider. 1200bps is most common
asObj.ModemSettings = "7,e,1" ' 7,e,1 or 8,n,1. Depends on provider
asObj.Sender = "00000000000" ' Set your own mobile phone number here; only digits are allow, minimum 1 character, max. 16 characters
asObj.Recipient = "004412345678" ' Recipient's mobile phone number. Format depends on providers. Most common formats are: 004412345678, 4412345678 and 12345678
asObj.MessageText = "Hello, world" ' SMS message to send. Must be less than 160 characters
asObj.LogFile = "c:smslog.txt" ' Trace log to see what's going on
asObj.SendMessage TRUE ' TRUE means: through provider, not through GSM

If( asObj.LastError <> 0 ) Then
WScript.Echo "Failed to send message, error: " & asObj.LastError & " (" & asObj.GetErrorDescription( asObj.LastError ) & ")"
WScript.Echo "To view the trace file, open " & asObj.LogFile & "."
WScript.Echo "Message successfully delivered"
End If

COM1.CommPort = Val(txtCommPort)
COM1.CommSetting = txtCommSetting
COM1.SMSCenter = txtSMSCenter
COM1.SMSMessage = txtSMSMessage
COM1.SMSNumber = txtSMSNumber


MsgBox "The phones reply is " & COM1.ErrorMessage
'smsocx wanted from

How To Send Or Receive Fax ?
Hi all,
How to program to send or receive fax on local computer (not on network) ?
Thanks for your attention.

Can't Receive NUL, DC1 Or DC3 Via MSComm1
I am sending serial data from a microcontroller to a PC.
The ASCII values 0 (NUL), 17 (DC1) and 19 (DC3) don't seem to be arriving at the input buffer in Visual Basic.

For example if I tell the microcontroller to send the following ASCII values:

and the VB code at the other end looks like this:
MSComm1.InputMode = comInputModeBinary
MSComm1.InputLen = 0
Select Case MSComm1.CommEvent
Case comEvReceive
Buffer = MSComm1.Input
For i = LBound(Buffer) To UBound(Buffer)
Debug.Print Buffer(i) & "|"

The resulting output is: 1|2|3|

Every value up to 255 arrives in the Buffer() EXCEPT 0,17 and 19.

WHY? What am I overlooking??


GSM Modem -Receive SMS -Help

I am a newbie in this forum.

I've started a project in visual basic where I am using a TC35 GSM Modem connected to RS-232.
I have initialized the modem so it can receive AT commands.
I want the program to react on a particular string in a received SMS. E.g. if an incoming SMS:s message ="open", the program should e.g. start a program.
Anyone got any ideas?
Please write to me.
I can try to help you with something in return.

All the best!

Receive Email Using VB
i want to know how to receive email using vb and save it to database. wheather email from outlook or webmail server.

How I Can Receive Mail?
OK... My little program send e-mail but how I can receive mail with my program? In Outlook there are button "Send / Receive" but I want to do'it automatic... Please tell me and sorry my bad english!

How To Send Or Receive Fax ?
Hi all,
How to program to send or receive fax on local computer (not on network) ?
Thanks for your attention.

How To Pass/receive UDT?
How to pass/receive UDT?

How to pass/receive UDT as parameters between
custom classes or forms.

I tried to declare a UDT as public in a module/class.
But, VB refuses to compile.

Can Not Receive Message ....
i created a program where in i can send and receive a text message. i am using vb6, mysql and a gsm modem. my program was working, until today. it cant receive a message. i tried the hyperterminal, and it still cant receive a message. what could be wrong here? anybody help...

MSComm Can Only Receive Once
Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/ideas on this problem. I'm talking to a third party device through RS232, and I can successfully receive only ONE command. After the first receive, no further comm events are detected. Sending commands are fine though.

The comm object is not being turned off, and I'm making sure that my outputs have both Chr$(13) and Chr$(10). The send and receive strings all be relatively small in size (probably at most 25 ascii characters)

I'm out of ideas what could be the reason for this failure to get any more comm events. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Here's some of the settings I'm using for the MSComm1 object

.Settings = "115200, N, 8, 1"
.CommPort = 1
.InputLen = 0
.InputMode = comInputModeText
.Handshaking = comNone
.DTREnable = True
.EOFEnable = False
.InBufferSize = 1024
.OutBufferSize = 512
.RThreshold = 1
.RTSEnable = False
.SThreshold = 0

Why Do I Receive This Error

I know this is more of an Access issue, or though it seems. I am running a query in VB but receive the error

The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data.

The query is this


sSQL = "INSERT INTO JT7_WorkTicketsA (SalesOrderNumber, WTNumber, WTStep, WTParentItemNumber, "
sSQL = sSQL & "WTParentLineIndex, Description, ProductionStartDate, ProductionDueDate, AssignedTo,"
sSQL = sSQL & "UDIfield1,UDIfield2,UDIfield3,UDIfield4,UDIfield5, StatusCode, StatusDate, StatusTime,"
sSQL = sSQL & "CurrentStatusComment,WTClass,WTInvoiceCompleteFlag,MakeToStockCostType, PartialInvoiceOption,"
sSQL = sSQL & "PartialInvoiceCostMethod,PartialInvoiceCostRecognized,InvoiceHistoryKey, SchedulingPriority,Scheduled,"
sSQL = sSQL & "WorkTicketType,ParentWTNumber,ParentWTStep,CurrentWTIndentionLevel, LowestIndentionLevel,AssignedTo2,"
sSQL = sSQL & "AssignedTo3,ServiceLevel,ServiceContractId,ResponseDueTime,MaterialsAvailableDate,MaterialAlert,"
sSQL = sSQL & "ConfiguredFromItem,BudgetHours,BudgetLaborCost,QuantityComplete,HoursUsed,LaborCost,"
sSQL = sSQL & "PartsCost,OtherCost,ExpectedRevenue,AmountBilled,PostedSubassemblyCost,OriginalBudgetHours,OriginalBudgetLaborCost,"
sSQL = sSQL & "OriginalBudgetMaterialsCost,ScheduledHours,RemainingScheduledHours,ActivityCode,VendorDivision,VendorNumber,"
sSQL = sSQL & "PurchaseOrderNumber,WTMfgSerialNo,RepairItemNumber,ChangeOrder,WarrantyRepair,ReworkStep,PriceLevelOverride,"
sSQL = sSQL & "PreventiveMaintenance,CoveredOnContract,ProblemCode,ResolutionCode,CoverageExceptionCode,PMSequence,QuantityScrapped,"
sSQL = sSQL & "ScrapCostRecognized)SELECT SalesOrderNo,WTLineNo,StepNo,HdrParentItemNo,HdrParentLineKey,Description,ProductionStartDate,"
sSQL = sSQL & "ProductionDueDate,AssignedTo1,UserDefinedInfo1,UserDefinedInfo2,UserDefinedInfo3,UserDefinedInfo4,UserDefinedInfo5,StatusCode,"
sSQL = sSQL & "StatusDate,StatusTime,CurrentStatusComment,HdrWTClass,HdrWTInvoicedComplete,HdrPartlMTSCostType,HdrPartlInvoiceOption,HdrPartlInvoiceCostingOption,HdrPartlCompCostRecognized,"
sSQL = sSQL & "HdrInvoiceHistoryHeaderSeqNo,HdrSchedulingPriority,HdrScheduled,HdrWorkTicketType,HdrParentWTLineNo,HdrParentWTStep,HdrCurrentIndentLevel,"
sSQL = sSQL & "HdrLowestIndentLevel,AssignedTo2,AssignedTo3,HdrServiceLevel,HdrServiceContractID,HdrResponseDueTime,MaterialsAvailDate,MaterialsAlert,"
sSQL = sSQL & "HdrConfiguredFromItem,OriginalBudgetHours,OriginalBudgetLaborCost,QuantityComplete,TotalHours,TotalLaborCost,TotalPartsCost,TotalOtherCost,TotalRevenue,HdrTotalAmountBilled,HdrPostedSubassemblyCost,"
sSQL = sSQL & "OriginalBudgetHours,OriginalBudgetLaborCost,OriginalBudgetMaterialsCost,ScheduledHours,RemainingScheduledHours,"
sSQL = sSQL & "ActivityCode,DtlPurchaseFromDivisionNo,DtlPurchaseFromVendorNumber,DtlPurchaseOrderNoGenerated,DtlManufacturerSerialNo,"
sSQL = sSQL & "DtlInternalSerialNo,DtlChangeOrder,DtlWarrantyRepair,DtlReworkStep,DtlPriceLevelOverride,DtlPreventiveMaintenance,"
sSQL = sSQL & "DtlCoveredOnContract,DtlProblemCode,DtlResolutionCode,DtlCoverageExceptionCode,DtlPreventiveMaintenanceSeq,"
sSQL = sSQL & "DtlQuantityScrapped,DtlScrapCostRecognized"
sSQL = sSQL & " FROM tblUpdates as U INNER JOIN JT_WorkTicket on JT_WorkTicket.SalesOrderNo = U.SalesOrderNumber and JT_WorkTicket.WTLineNo = U.WTNumber "

its a bit long becuase the column names are different so instead of rewriting the tables and causing more work i just dealt with the SQL statements instead.

Now I know it seems like a no brainer but when i run the exact same query in Access, i get no errors and it fires off fine.

What else could be causing this rather than a field being too small because that is not the issue?


Receive Email In Vb6?

My application using the lotus notes activex to send out email , but wonder is that possible to receive email.

The reason for that is we want to have some simple approved process build in the application. like if product price is greater than $10,000 , we want send email to the manager to get approval, when the manager reply, We want to somehow link the info back to the vb6 application for future audit purpose. So everyone have question about that transaction can go in and see when/ who approved that order.

any suggestion are welcome.

Thanks a lot !

CDO (do Not Receive Email)
Hi guys,
I am looking to use CDO to send a message through my SMTP server. I get the messagebox saying the email has been sent but I never get the email. This is the code I am using:

VB Code:
Option Explicit Const SMTP_SERVER   As String = ""Const SMTP_PORT     As Long = 25Const MAIL_SUBJECT  As String = "Message from Business Manager User."Const MAIL_TO       As String = "" Private objMessage  As CDO.Message Private Sub Form_Load()    ConfigureForm MeEnd Sub Private Sub cmdClose_Click()    If MsgBox("You are about to close this screen." & vbNewLine & _              "Are you sure you want to do that?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Confirmation.") = vbYes Then                      Unload Me    Else 'vbno        'do nothing    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub cmdReset_Click()    If MsgBox("You are about to reset this screen." & vbNewLine & _              "Are you sure you want to do that?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Confirmation.") = vbYes Then                      txtEmailAddress.Text = vbNullString        txtMessage.Text = vbNullString        txtEmailAddress.SetFocus    Else 'vbNo        'do nothing    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub cmdSend_Click()    On Error GoTo Err        Set objMessage = New CDO.Message        With objMessage        .Subject = MAIL_SUBJECT        .From = txtEmailAddress.Text        .To = MAIL_TO        .TextBody = txtMessage.Text        .Configuration.Fields.Item _        ("") = 2        .Configuration.Fields.Item _        ("") = SMTP_SERVER        .Configuration.Fields.Item _        ("") = SMTP_PORT        .Configuration.Fields.Update        .Send    End With        Set objMessage = Nothing        If MsgBox("Your message to the authors was" & vbNewLine & _              "successfully sent.", vbInformation, "Email Message Sent.") = vbOK Then                              Unload Me    End If            Exit SubErr:        If MsgBox("Your message to the authors could" & vbNewLine & _                  "not be sent.  Please try again later.", vbCritical, "Email Message Not Sent.") = vbOK Then                              Unload Me        End IfEnd Sub

Send And Receive
Hey! anybody can give me a little idea on how can i send and receive message like the default features in cellphone, using vb apps... anybody? really appreciated...

Coz' now i'm using a third party software (SMS from for that, and i want to create a program like such things.

What i want is where i gonna start? components needed? I'm just how can vb do that?

I have already now a modem, antenna (outdoor), pc (with vb) hehe... becuase these are the important requirements needed from intellisoftware.

I have already dowloaded a third party software (30-day trial), including send and receive message features. As I've browsed and studied their application they are using MS Access to store outgoing/incoming data.

Please help me out regarding this, just an idea on how these things worked...

Thanks in advance if you would. I knew if it's worked, there's something will send you back. hehehe Just an idea... ok?????


Receive Mail

How can I receive mail from VB, I need to parse the senders name and the subject of the message.

Any help is appreciated.


Send And Receive UDP
HI all,

Just a quick question as i am fairly new to VB.

Is there an applicatoin already existing that can send and receive UDP packets to and from particular IP addresses.

Or if there isn't could anyone give some pointers as to how i would go about this task.

Thanks in advance!!


How To Send And Receive Via USB In VB6?
As above.....tried searching in the forums for similar posts...but looks like no one is firm as to how it is done. so any experts?

Mscomm Receive
I am writeing a program to send and receive data to and from a file. I have the sending program done and it owrks great. I am having some trouble on the Receiveing program. It seems to get the data ok, just writes it wrong to the file. Messes up the LFs and CRs. Also sometimes it just stops getting the data.
Here is my code.

VB Code:
'this code is under a button that 'the user presses when ready to receivecomm.Handshaking = sendMachine.HandShakecomm.Settings = sendMachine.Settings'sendmachine is a UDTcomm.RThreshold = 1comm.CommPort = sendMachine.portOpen strFile For Binary As searchFileNumbercomm.OutBufferSize = 512comm.PortOpen = True   Private Sub comm_OnComm()Dim tempHoldInput As StringtempHoldInput = comm.InputPut searchFileNumber, , tempHoldInputlblBytesReceived.Caption = Val(lblBytesReceived.Caption)_ + Len(tempHoldInput)End Sub

Not Receive Emails
Hi all,
I 've just re-installed my computer . And now I dont receive mails form reply-posts. Anyone can tell me why?

How To Receive Mail
Hi guys

I have a problem in receiving mails with attachment
. Please help me out it's very very urgent.

Advanced thanks to anyone who can help me out.


Receive Mail
How do I receive mail without using Outlook objects in Visual Basic? Is there something like vbSendMail to receive mail?

Receive Parameters Of .exe
Hi there!

How do I receive parameters which are submitted from a shell/DOS in my VB-exe?
You will understand, when you look at this example:
C:>prog.exe /debug

C:>prog.exe /add

thanx, greetings and have a nice xmas, caist

[ - the bright site of life ]

Cannot Receive From ComPort
I have an application that use a PDA to download information from a mobile using infra red port.

I use Microsoft CE Comm Control 3.0 (included in eVB kit).
I use COM3, ie CommPort = 3,
I can send command to the mobile, ie I can ComPort.Output = 'ATD123456' + Chr(13)


I cannot receive response from the mobile, ie. OK, BUSY, NOT CARRIER, etc.

I use onComm event, and cannot see any comEVReceive, or comEVCTS event?
Do I need to set something?
Currently, I have DTREnable = True
Handshaking = 2 - COMRTS
InputLEN = 0, = 1, = 999 (Tested lot of value)
NullDiscard = False
RThreshold = 0, = 1
RTSENable = True
Settings = 9600,n,8,1 , = 115200,n,8,1 = 1200,n,8,1
SThreashold = 1

People told that the control have problem, if it is true, what can I do?, Using CreateFILE?

Please help....

MessageQueue Receive
Hi all.

I am trying to receive a message from a MSMQ.
I can easily put message objects onto a queue and receive them off as as follows

<System.Xml.Serialization.XmlRootAttribute([Namespace]:="", IsNullable:=false)> _
Public Class MyMsg

etc etc etc

And create and send Msg objects to a queue.
However, when it comes to taking stuff off a queue, all I can do is retrieve Message objects, not My Msg objects. I think its something to do with the queues Formatter, but am not sure how ot use it correctly

Receive SMS Messages

I am a newbie to VB and would like to know, how could I program in VB to receive SMS messages from the SMSC. Once messages have been received, I would like to further process the message, like put into an ASCII file.

Appreciate if anyone can help.

Many thanks

Vb Email Receive
I want to receive mails with attached files via mapi control. c_smtp
is the mapi smtp control. All seems to work fine but i have prob
determining the original filename which i expect in [AttachmentPathName]
or [AttachmentName]. Exp: If i tried to recv config.sys i find
in [AttachmentPathName] something linke c: empmai with the correct
contens and size of the file but what about the original name...
Anybody an idea?


holger kiewitz
sysEng done!ware/ger

here is the code fragment:

for i = 0 to msgCount - 1
c_smtp.MsgIndex = i
subj = c_smtp.MsgSubject
mail = c_smtp.MsgNoteText

' for each attachement of the current mail
attachCount = c_smtp.AttachmentCount
for j = 0 to attachCount - 1
c_smtp.AttachmentIndex = j
path = c_smtp.AttachmentPathName
fname = c_smtp.AttachmentName
next j
next i

How To Send And Receive SMS
Hi everybody!!!

I want to make an VB6 application to send and receive SMS via data cable and mobile phone. Can someone tell me how to start? Is there any ActiveX control for this?

Please help me!!!

Mscomm Receive, Missing End
I'm receiving data with mscomm and there seems to be a buffer somewhere. When the sendning machine get to the end of a transmission the last data is not inputted to the program untill some more data is sent. My rthreshold is set to 1.

Receive Printer Data
is it possible to either jump between a printer and a computer to receive the parallel data or directly from the host computer? And if so how? Ie the data that is being printed. Scorecards get printed however id like to throw that data in my laptop so I can then do some ranking and keep track.

Send/receive From Webpage (possible?)
Hi all,
I want to design a program in VB.NET that can send and receive information from a website. For example, the VB program can take a users name, open up a website address, enter the name in the web search field, run the search, then display the returned page within the program. I've looked over the internet and it seems that this may be impossible, but I just wanted to consult you guys and see if anyone knew differently. I don't think I can use asp as I don't own the website I would be contacting. I guess an easy way to imagine it is a program where you can type in a search term, which would then check with google and display the results as an HTML document within the program

To Call And Receive Over Phone
Hello everybody,
I am in need of knowledge, possbily some code, that uses a correct component/control to make and receive calls through Modem incorporated PC.
I am thinking of using a head-phone with mic.

Can any one pls help me?
Thanks in advance.
Master 69.

MSComm Receive Data

Im using the MSComm to send and receive binary data to a video server, the sending part works fine, but when a receive more than 8 byets, the input variable only keeps the bytes over the eighth byte. ...Please some can some one tell me where im wrong??? these are the settings and the OnComm part

MSComm1.CommPort = 1
MSComm1.Settings = "38400,O,8,1"
MSComm1.InputMode = 1
MSComm1.InputLen = 0
MSComm1.RThreshold = 1
MSComm1.SThreshold = 1
MSComm1.DTREnable = True
MSComm1.RTSEnable = True
MSComm1.NullDiscard = False

If MSComm1.PortOpen = False Then
MSComm1.PortOpen = True
End If

Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()
Dim buffer As Variant
Dim Arr() As Byte
Dim i As Integer
Dim iTemp As Integer
Dim sTemp As String
Dim strINPUT As String

Select Case MSComm1.CommEvent
Case comEvReceive
Do While MSComm1.InBufferCount > 0
buffer = MSComm1.Input
Arr = buffer

For i = LBound(Arr) To UBound(Arr)

iTemp = Asc(Chr$(Arr(i)))
sTemp = Hex$(iTemp)

If Len(sTemp) = 1 Then 'For display in a text box
strINPUT = strINPUT & "0" & sTemp & " "
strINPUT = strINPUT & sTemp & " "
End If

Text1.Text = strINPUT


Receive Data Between 0 To 255 From Microcontroller
I am trying to receive a data from microcontroller using MSComm control. I wanted to receive data between 0 to 255. While sending a data from uC, I am able to receive it as character corresponding to the ascii value. The code I am used is showm below.

recd = MSComm1.Input
recd1 = Asc(Trim(recd))
Text2.Text = "Received data is " & recd1

By this method, I am able to receive from 0 to 127. If I send 128,129 or 130,..., I am receving 1,2,3,..... respectively.
What should I do to receive data from 0 to 255.
Can anybody give any suggestions regarding this problem.
Thanks and regards,
Boby Varghese

How To Receive SMS In A Textbox Using GSM Modem
Can anyone help to with the code to receive SMS in a textbox using Wavecom GSM modem?

Simple Send-&gt;Receive
Does anyone have any idea of how to write a simple send receive over an RS232?

I've got the send part as mscomm1.output = message, but how would i then get it to receive the returned signal.

Apologies if this is a simple question but i'm not a programmer, I'm an electrochemist.



WinSock Send/Receive

I was recently writing a program that uses WinSock to send and receive data (duh). This is obviously showing my lack of programming logic, but hey :-)

What I am confused about is how the client receives the data from the server. IE (I try to do some MSN messenger programming here and there), the client connects to MSN's server, sends the first packet, and the server responds. How would you check to see what the server responded with? Is there a property in WinSock that will return that?

Thanks in advance =)

Receive Interrupt Status
How can i read in the status of RI?
DCD, DSR and CTS is easy (MSComm1.CDHolding, MSComm1.DSRHolding and MSComm1.CTSHolding) but how can i do it with RI?

THX Massafaka

Receive Messages From Device
Hello everybody,
Please advice me with the following:

I want to send and receive messages to a certain device via mscomm. The messages I receive, are from a variable length, based on what I send. Basically I want to do:
- receive message (character by character or at once? and what about the buffer?);
- put them in a variable;

I'm not sure how to 'catch' those strings and have problems with input, inputlen, rtreshold, InBufferCount and so on. So tell me, how should I catch those strings?

Regards, Johan

Outlook Send/receive
I found the previous thread on send and receive from outlook (jun 2003), and it really helped, I have managed to get this far now:

Dim MyCommandBar As CommandBar
Dim oCtl As CommandBarControl

Set MyCommandBar = OutlookApp.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars.Item("standard")
Set oCtl = MyCommandBar.Controls.Item("Send/Receive")

when I debug the enabled status for this control it is enabled, the caption is correct, so why does the execute fail. This is the message I get

Method 'Execute' of object 'CommandBarPopup' failed.

p.s. I have exchange open and conected to the internet, so I tried making the command bar invisible and that worked

why is it trying to use the command bar popup execute?
how can I make it work?

VBA Conditional Send/Receive
Hi, all.

I've got the following code:
Set octl = oOL.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=5488)

The above VBA code finds the Send/Receive button, and basically clicks it, causing Outlook to do a Send/Receive.

The code is a small part of my spam reporting VBA code. After I click the 'Report As Spam' button, it compiles the spam message's header and body into a .txt attachment, adds that attachment to a new mail message, and sends it.

Unfortunately, the part of Outlook 2000 that causes Outlook to immediately and automatically send the message as soon as it hits the Outbox folder (when initiated from VBA) is broken (MS acknowledges this, and figures it's not worth fixing). Thus, I have to simulate clicking the Send/Receive button to get it to send.

The problem is this:
I often select all the spam messages received, and click the 'Report As Spam' button before Outlook has finished checking the other email addresses (on which we very rarely get spam). Thus, the code above does nothing. If Outlook is already Sending/Receiving when that code is initiated, the code has no effect.

I'd like to figure out a way to determine that Outlook is already Sending/Receiving, and if the above code is initiated, it'll wait for the current Send/Receive session to quit, and immediately initiate either a Send/Receive or just a Send, so the spam reports can go out immediately, rather than waiting for the automatic timed email checking.

I know I'll probably end up using olSyncState and possibly the Progress Event (although to use the Progress Event, it has to be put in a class module, which I don't want to do, so I'd rather stick with olSyncState).

Anybody know how to access olSyncState, and set up somehow for the above code to wait until olSyncState = 0, then run the code above, or some way to get the automatic Send (as soon as the email hits the Outbox) to work?

If necessary, we can use the Redemption DLL, as that is part of this VBA project.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Receive The Number Value Of A Line

'Goto the Last Line in the document
Selection.GoTo wdGoToLine, wdGoToLast
I wish to receive the value of the last line number , x dpending of the length of the text

'Goto the first Line in the document
Selection.GoTo wdGoToLine, wdGoToFirst
I wish to receive the value of the first line number this value will be always 1 of course .
How to do ?

(purpose doing a loop beetween the 2 extreme values with a incrementation of + 1 )

Send/Receive Event
How do I execute code after the user has clicked on the Send/Receive button?

Outlook Send/Receive
I have Outlook tied to an Internet Email account. Is there anyone who knows how to execute a Send/Receive in code so that it will check my Internet email account and download any emails? I want it to run Send/Receive every time I open Outlook.

Winsock UDP Receive Problem
Dear All,
I am Mohamed, I am new to VB as well to the forum, Since i am new to VB programming this may a simple question, can any one help me to shortout my problems?
I am using Automation control system (AMX), which can deliver the data using wireless connection to my laptop listening port 5165 ,which i can read the AMX data's thru TCP/IP_UDP/IP Data logger software. when i encoding the AMX data in Visual Basic programming, i am using Winsock UDP,there is nothing happening on the Data_arraival event but when i am using Winsock TCP/IP i can able to send data to AMX as well receive data from AMX , I have no problem when using connection oriented (TCP/IP), i have a problem when using connectionless (UDP/IP)my VB code is not receive the data from AMX but the code is sending "Test Message" to AMX (I Could read On AMX Side)

These are the VB codes for UDP protocol

Private Sub Form_Load()
With Winsock1 ' send data to AMX port 5163
.RemotePort = 5163
.RemoteHost = ""
End With

With Winsock2 ' Receive data from AMX
.LocalPort = 5165
End With
End Sub

Private Sub cmdConnect_Click()
If ClientConn = 0 Then
cmdConnect.BackColor = &HFF00&
cmdConnect.Caption = "DisConnect"
ClientConn = 1
ElseIf ClientConn = 1 Then
cmdConnect.Caption = "Connect"
cmdConnect.BackColor = &HFF&
ClientConn = 0
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click() 'send message to AMX
Dim To_AMX as String
To_AMX="Test Message"
Winsock1.SendData (To_AMX)
End Sub

Private Sub Winsock2_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim From_AMX As String
Winsock2.GetData From_AMX
Label1.Caption = AMX
End Sub[/b]
Please anyone help me in this issue

Your Prompt response will be higly appreciable

Thanks & regards

Use VB Receive Phone Tone.
Question is :
I want to write a VB program and using MSComm to receive the Tone information of the Telephone.
Actually the program like this,
1. Run the Program.
2. Program waitting for incomming call.
3. When incomming call come.
4. Program automatically detect.
5. When detect then auto connect.
6. Program play the "Wav" sound to inform incomming call press any Telephone tone key.
7. Incoming call listen and Press the Telephone pad like 0,1,2,3...9.
8. Program detect the tone telephone information from incoming call and record the tone key.
9. Program play the "Wav" sound to say "Good Bye" to incomming call.

Thank you for your kind of HELP !!

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