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Registering The Old Dbgrid32 Control In VB6

Hi,I am re-installing VB6 and can anyone help me to register the old dbgrid32control on my machine ??I have copied over dbgrid32.ocx and dbgrid32.dep into C:windowssystem32(a XP machine). I have forgotten the command that comes next !!Many thanksJeff

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Registering The Old Dbgrid32 Control In VB6
I am re-installing VB6 and can anyone help me to register the old dbgrid32
control on my machine ??
I have copied over dbgrid32.ocx and dbgrid32.dep into C:windowssystem32
(a XP machine). I have forgotten the command that comes next !!

Many thanks


Registering Dbgrid32
I am re-installing VB6 and can anyone help me to register the old dbgrid32
control on my machine ??
I have copied over dbgrid32.ocx and dbgrid32.dep into C:windowssystem32
(a XP machine). I have forgotten the command that comes next !!

Many thanks


Help With Registering A Control
Hi everyone, I am having a problem with a control. When I run the project it says that the control has not been registered! The control is: (S Grid 2 control (vbalSGrid6.ocx)). I used the control by going to Project -> components, then browsing the for the control and pointing it to the one I have in the folder with the project. Now if the project is in a different location, could this be causing the problem? Thanx everyone for the help!

Registering ActiveX Control
Consider this code-

ActiveX control-

Option Explicit

Private Type ContractData
contractkey As Variant
description As Variant
End Type

Private m_Data As ContractData

Public Sub GetData(sContractID As Variant, sConn As Variant)

Dim oConn As Object, oRS As Object

'Connect to the contracts database
Set oConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.Open sConn

'Obtain the Contract Key and Description
Set oRS = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
oRS.Open "Select [description] from contracts where " & _
"[contractkey]=" & sContractID, oConn, 3 'adOpenStatic=3
m_Data.contractkey = sContractID
m_Data.description = oRS.Fields("description").Value

'Close the connection to the database

End Sub

Public Sub MakeInvoice(sTemplate As Variant, Optional bSave As Variant)

Dim oWord As Object
Dim oDoc As Object
Dim oTable As Object

If IsMissing(bSave) Then bSave = False

'Open the document as read-only
Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set oDoc = oWord.Documents.Open(sTemplate, , True)

'Fill in the bookmarks
oDoc.Bookmarks("contractkey").Range.Text = m_Data.contractkey
oDoc.Bookmarks("description").Range.Text = m_Data.description

'protect the document
oDoc.Protect 1 'wdAllowOnlyComments=1

If bSave Then
'Save the document as "c:contract.doc" and quit Word
Dim nResult As Long
nResult = MsgBox("Are you sure you wish to create the document" & _
" ""c:contract.doc""? If this document already exists, " & _
"it will be replaced", vbYesNo, "AutomateWord")
If nResult = vbYes Then oDoc.SaveAs "c:contract.doc"
oDoc.Close False
'Make Word visible
oWord.Visible = True
End If

End Sub

Web Page Code to initiate ActiveX control-

Enter a contract number and click the button to view the contract:
<P/><INPUT TYPE="text" VALUE="215" ID="ContractID">
<P/><BUTTON ID="ContractButton">Create Invoice</BUTTON>

<SCRIPT Language="VBScript">

Function ContractButton_OnClick()
Set AutoWord=CreateObject("AutomateWord.Contract")
AutoWord.GetData "215", "DSN=Contracts; UID=contracts; Password=contractpages"
AutoWord.MakeInvoice ""
End Function




I keep getting this error when I click on the button-

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'contracs'.

Any ideas at all?


Registering ActiveX Control Using VBA
I have created a couple of ActiveX Controls to use in MS Access 2000. Does anyone know how to register these ActiveX Controls behind the scenes? The Control's Cabs will reside on the same server as the database.


John Weidauer

Registering ActiveX Control
Can anyone suggest some reasons why an ActiveX control created in VB6 on a Windows 2000 machine could not be registered on a Windows 98 machine?


Using Winsock Control Without Registering OCX
I need to execute a Visual Basic application on various Windows machines that do not have Visual Studio installed. The best approach is to copy the necessary files onto a CDROM and run the application directly from there. This is necessary because I will not have administrator privledges to the target machines, so I won't have access to write to the harddrive and run the installer program.

The problem is that any controls used by the application cannot be registered in the system by the installation routine, since this requires admin access.

It's possible to run a VB application this way using the .local trick described here:

but some controls depend on DLLs that can't be replaced with "Local" versions. Specifically, the VB Winsock Control and the CommonDialog Control still generate errors and prevent the application from running when using the "Local DLLs" trick.

The CommonDialog can be fairly easily re-implemented (at least, enough that the application will still work), but the Winsock control is not so easy. Is there a way to use the Winsock control on a target machine that doesn't have it already registered system-wide? Is re-implementing the Winsock control with API calls the only option?


Registering RichText Control(Urgent Plz..)
Hi All,

I am customizing setup1.vbp of package & deployment wizard. I have used richtext box control in my setup1.vbp. I created a package and tried to install the setup, the setup is not copying and registering richtx32.ocx and it gives a error with two options retry or cancel. I don't have get ignore button in that error message so that i can click ignore and proceed with the setup.
I checked the CAB file that is built, it has richtx32.ocx. What should i do to copy and register richtext box control during installation?. Plz reply on this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Registering An Active X Control In The Registry.
I would like to add a button to Internet Explorer's toolbar so that I'll be able to run any application on the system with the click of this button. I need to know how to register the activex control automatically in the registry of the client machine whenever a person browses my site.
I have created an Active X control and using Package and Deployment wizard the cab file is ready. Need to add this button to IE's toolbar. Can anyone help me ??

Thanks in advance.

$$$$$ Registering Problem With ActiveX Control. $$$$$
1. How do i create an activex control, which whenever registered takes the same GUID on every machine.

2. If i register the control by compiling it using VB it generated a GUID, but when i register the same OCX with regsvr32, it pics another GUID. How to make both same.

3. When i embed an activex control in a web page with 'OBJECT' tag with 'CODEBASE' attribute pointing to the CAB file of the activex control, it is supposed to get downloaded on the clients machine and automatically register, How to make a control, whihc pics again the same GUID when registered like this on a clients machine.

The problem here is that i have to set a property of the activex control, which is downloaded and registered on the clients machine and is registered automatically. The CLSID of the class must be hardcoded in advance in the web page, how do i know it in advance if i'am not sure what it would be when it gets downloded on the alients machine and registered automatically.

Problem -registering Control In Emulator
when i try to register the activex control in emulator using control manager, it diaplays 'failed to find suitable control manager server for your device'
plz help me

Dbgrid32.ocx Where To Put It
Hi can anyone help i know nothin really about coding but i have got this program but when i try to open it says missing dbgrid32.ocx file so i have downloaded it just need to know where to place this file.

Cannot Use DBGrid32.ocx
I've just re-installed VB6 with SP 5 but cannot use or register dbgrid32.ocx in my program. Anyone know why??

DBGRID32.ocx!!! Help
I have stupidly uninstalled Crystal to re-install latest version and it has wiped out my DBGRID32.ocx file! does anyone have a copy they can email me ''??
This is desperate as I have apps that use it - or can you tell me where I can get a copy from?

I've the book "Visual Basic 6.0" from Sybex.
There are a lot of examples in the book and the CD.
When I load the sample FindDemo I receive the message dbGrid32.ocx cannot be found.

I reinstalled a number of times the full program from the CD with all tags on.
In my WindowsSystem map I still cannot find this .OCX file.
On the CD the file is present.

What do I wrong?

(sorry for my poor English)
regards, Peter

I've the book "Visual Basic 6.0" from Sybex.
There are a lot of examples in the book and the CD.
When I load the sample FindDemo I receive the message dbGrid32.ocx cannot be found.

I reinstalled a number of times the full program from the CD with all tags on.
In my WindowsSystem map I still cannot find this .OCX file.
On the CD the file is present.

What do I wrong?

(sorry for my poor English)
regards, Peter

Can anybody give me this file??

Thanx in advance

ActiveX Control Registering Durinig Design....
When I compile an ActiveX control (in VB5) for test it registers itself in the windows registry. Each time I compile the control it registers a new version in the registry.

Can I stop this happening

DBGRID32 Error

I'm new to VB and here.

When I open the vb code, I got the following error:-

Line 16: Property OleObjectBlob in DBGrid_Patient could not be set.
Line 16: Cannot load control DBGrid_Patient; license not found.
Line 16: Cannot load control Agent1.
Line 24: Property OleObjectBlob in DBGrid1 could not be set.
Line 24: Cannot load control DBGrid1; license not found.
Line 89: Class MSChartLib.MSChart of control MSChart4 was not a loaded control class.
Line 99: Class MSChartLib.MSChart of control MSChart1 was not a loaded control class.
Line 109: Class MSChartLib.MSChart of control MSChart2 was not a loaded control class.
Line 119: Class MSChartLib.MSChart of control MSChart3 was not a loaded control class.
Line 114: Cannot load control Agent1.

Can anyone of you help me to see what actually cause the above problem and if need to add any component or dll, please let me know? Also sent those dll or ocx if you have.

And also how to add the the Dbgrid - picture box and Mschart - picture box?

Thanks alot for the help. Really appreciated those who take time to read my problem.


URGENT: Please Someone I Need DBgrid32.ocx
can someone post that Microsoft's ocx i need it fast


Problems With DBGrid32.ocx
I would like to know How can I install DBGrid32.ocx in
VB 6.0., because I have an old program code that has that
object, and I'm in a rush so I don't have time time right now
to change to other object, please help me.

Disappearing DBGrid32.OCX
 For some reason, all of my saved projects which used the DBGrid Control are throwing error - Cannot Load DBGRID32.OCX - and, as normal when a control is missing, replacing it with a picture box.

  When I checked, the DBGRID32.OCX was nowhere to be found on my system, so I copied it across from the VB6 install CD, put it in WindowsSystem directory, and registered it with Regsvr. Confirmation message was OK.

  Still getting the "License Information of this component not found"
message, however. So tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the ActiveX components from Setup and I've also done a complete "Reinstall last Installation" from Setup.

  (Also - clutching at straws now! - copied the DBGRID32.REG file across from the CD to WindowsSystem.)

  The DBGrid always has and still does appear in the list of components and shows the OCX as available in C:windowssystem.

   I haven't yet completely unistalled VB6, using "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows and, before I do, is there something I've missed; some quick and easy way to re-register the component and get things back on track?

DBGRID32.OCX - New Problems Appearing
Hi, I have used VB6 for over 10 years. I have a new problem that just appeared out of the blue. I have googled and googled with no success.


1. Do fresh imstallation of VB6 on new machine on windows XP.

2. Install Service Pack 6

3. Get DBGRID32.OCX from VB6 disk and register it according to instructions.

4. Place data grid and data control on form and set-up to display data in a table.

When the grid is scrolled to the right, suddenly all the grid goes blank, displaying NO data.

This behaviour only started happening during the last month. I have never seen it the whole 10 years I have been doing VB. Is it possible Microsoft have changed a dll through windows update?

It says DBGRID32.OCX depends on COMCAT.DLL.

Has anyone else got the same problem? Could there be any workarounds?


DBGRID32.OCX Couldn't Be Loaded

when i open some projects that i downloaded from the internet i get the errormessage: DBGRID32.OCX couldn't be loaded

I have this file already and think it works if i copy this file in the subdir where my project is. But there must be a nicer way.

Who knows it?

DBgrid32 Current Cursor Position
Can anybody help me, I need to establish the current cursor position(row,col) if I click on a dbgrid.

I can test the col if I click on the header or within the grid. However the row only provides me with a bookmark and clicking on the left (row header) button this does not provide me with any certain position.

To use the on mouse down x and y coordinates does not tell me the col/row numbers either.

Appreciate the help folks.

Losing Dbgrid32.ocx In Source Safe Transfer
I've searched high and low to find this problem, then came upon this forum, so I'm hoping someone else has experienced this problem and fixed it.

I have an application that uses the dbgrid32.ocx. Program has been compiled and is used in production. I'm in the process of moving to a new job, so I'm setting up my replacement with this app for support.

I have checked in all the code to Source Safe. When checking out the program to my replacment's PC, the dbgrid32.ocx is missing on various forms that use this control. I then checked back in and when checking out back to my machine to troubleshoot the problem, I'm now missing the control on the various forms!!!

I have a backup of the program on another directory and the control is there, so it hasn't disappeared from my system and is registered. Without having to go through the process of re-adding this control to each form again, does anyone know of a way to correct this problem of losing the control when being passed back and forth from Source Safe?

Thanks for any input from the forum (note, first time poster).

Registering .dll
hey, in order for my program to run i need to register a couple of .dll's. is there some code or something i can put into my declarations or form load or soemthing that will register these .dll's for me automatically??


Registering Dll

I need to distribute a dll file with my program, but do not want to use PDW. Is it good enough to put the dll in the system directory or do I need to register it? Furthermore, what does registering a dll actually do? I've looked all over online and can't find any information on this second question.


Not Registering Dll's
Good Day,
I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Installer to create an installer. I have hit a snag, in that it is not installing some custom dll's. It copies them to the system32 folder, but does not install them (i.e regsvr32 xxxxx.dll). How can I get it to do this for me?

Many thanks,

Registering DLL And OCX
I am making a website, and would like to use an activeX-control on it. The activeX control uses a DLL to access an MSAccess database and displays data. The page works fine locally, but when I upload it to the webserver, the control will not show. I am supposing this has something to do with the OCX and DLL not being registered on the webserver (The .htm file does not work locally either unless I have registered the DLL and OCX files with regsvr32). But I have no way to register these files on the server, as it is a server from a provider and not a server I have locally. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Check to see the result I get now (The OCX control should have been showed in the bottom right square).

Registering OCX's Through DOS
does anyone know the DOS command for registering OCX's and/or DLL's?

Dll Registering On Xp
can someone tell me how to register a .dll on windows xp.

I have tried to run regsvr but it doesnt seem to be working.


Registering A DLL
Hi, I have to write a program in VB 6.0 that can register a specified dll. I don't really know how to do this, so if you have any code that could be usefull to me, I would appreciate it if you showed me that code.

Thanks in advance. :-))

Registering Dll's
I created a dll for my project which contains all the classes necessary to run the project. The problem is that when I register the dll it creates over 1400 entries. These entries are all created on behalf of this dll and the classes.

Network is having a cow and do not want to have that many system changes. Is there anything I can do about this or does it have to happen this way?

PS The program gets an active X component error if I don't register.

Registering Ocx Or Dll
I have added controls to a program that is running on a site across country. I need to have the program register the new controls when it is started if needed. I can create an install program but the users onsite are not computer literate.

Registering .Net DLL From VB6
I've build a .Net DLL, which is registered for Interop, and it can be used OK by VB6 on the machine on which it was originally built. However it wont register on a different machine - am I missing something?

Registering 16 Bit OCX
Can somebody help me in registering 16 bit OCX control on winnt/win2000. I cannot register using REGSVR32.EXE

you can send me reply to my email directly

Thanx for the help


Registering And Using The DLL

I have a DLL file. When i try to add a reference of it through Project -> Add REference, it says "Can't add a reference to the specified file". and when i try to register it through regsvr32, it displays an error

"CHPSL.Dll was loaded, but hte DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found. DLLregsiterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of CHPSL.dll may be in memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it."

I have all the dependent files register on my computer which this DLL requires.

Pls let me know how can i use this DLL.


About Registering...
Ok, me again...

I have managed to make some quite nice little applications. And they are runing just fine on my computer. But on any other pc, it is a dissaster. I know I need to register controls, but is there a program that can do registering controls, instead of writing rgsvr32.exe control path, for each one? Or is there at least a way to find out which controls you need to register? Thnx in advance


Registering OCX
I am writing an automatic update module for my application, and have most of the problems solved now.

I am registering any new ocx downloaded using the DllRegisterServer API.

My problem is that I want to flag a number of the downloaded ocx as "Shared" as they are used in more than one of my applications that the end user may have installed.

This must be possible, as the Inno Installer has a flag available.

Any ideas which API I need to use to register as a Shared File?

Registering Dll
I ve a Visual Basic 6 application...
I am using dtspkg.dll, dtspump.dll, custtask.dll....
I want to register these dll's in the current running machine ..
How can i register ? Is there any way other than using Regsvr32
If anybody know plz do help ..
Thanx in advance ...
Any help appreciated

Registering Dll's
carried over from here


Originally Posted by kebo
Thanks Hack,
by boot I meant starting Windows. Do you know what is invovled with the registration process? I am build a program on XP embedded, and when we have an update that requires additional dll's, the update process simply copies the files onto the embedded system. Running regsvr32 is fine, but have a msgbox after each dll is not desireable. I'm wondering if there is a regkey(s) that can be written to handle the registration process? or Is there any other method of handling dll registration?

ok so I've made a new thread

I looked at that link you posted in the thread that started this thread, but it appears to show just show how to Shell regsvr32 from code. Doesn't this still result in a msgbox show whether is was successful or not, or did I miss something?

Registering Dll's
How do i manually register a dll

Registering A DLL
Can someone tell me what the command is to register a DLL? I'm using Windows 2000 Professional. I click on Start and Run and am not sure what to type to register the file.

Thank you.

Registering A DLL

I have made an Executable DLL which when i try to register on my local Machine it registers without any problem.
But when the same DLL i try to register on a Remote Server , i get the Error Message as follows :

" regsvr32 D:InetpubwwwrootwebstframeE2EPROD36.dll "
"D:InetpubwwwrootwebstframeE2EPROD36.dll" is not an executable file and no registration helper is registered for this file type.

Can anyone please help me out.

Ashish Kumar

What Does Registering Mean Exactly ?
I,m new with VB and ActiveX Control. I've been writing my first application in the past few weeks and I've used a control downloaded from the net. Starting today, whenever I try to use it, I get some error message saying I don't have proper licensing info (or soemthing like that) in order to use it.

Since I'm a bit confused with this I go ahead and ask :

1 - What does registering a control mean exactly ?
2 - How can you know if a control is registered ? And can you get this info if your using NT and are not an admin user ?
3 - How do you know when it is going to expire (if such a concept exist... I'm guessing that's what happen to me with my downloaded control...)
4 - How do you register a control manually ?
5 - How do you Un register a control manually ?

I've been using Inno for deployment with the regserver parameter but I have no idea if it did the job or not. Is there a log Inno creates whenever you run setup file to check what actions were performed ?


Ocx, Dll Registering ?
to use regsvr32 to unregister or register ocx and dll components, do i need administrator rights to the PC ?

any other way if i do not have administrator rights ?

using NT 4.0 SP 6

I have 3 .ocx do I register active x files like these?


Registering Ocx

How do I register ocx's that I include with my program?
I am currently having the ocx's that are included with my program be copied into C:windowssystem folder.

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