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Removing Leading 0's From String

Im looking for a faster way to remove the 0's from the beginning of my strings.
right now i am using this.

VB Code:
cleanthis = 1While cleanthis = 1If Left(testline13, 1) = "0" Thenstringlen = Len(testline13)testline13 = Right(testline13, stringlen - 1)Elsecleanthis = 0End IfWend

the number of zeros changes.
your help with this is very much appertiated

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Removing Leading Space From String After Split Command
The string doesn't trim, i have to remove the leading spaces on all the lines except the first one which doesn't have one.


Dim t() As String
Dim x As Integer

t = Split(ls, vbCrLf)

For x = 0 To UBound(t)
Trim (t(x))

posi(1) = 1 'position cursor is on 2nd letter

For k = 1 To 17 ' make spaces array

l = InStr(posi(k), t(x), " ", vbTextCompare)

I know that the split command doesn't return strings but array but how can i remove those leading spaces ?

Removing Leading Zeros
I'm using this method to remove any leading zeros from a string (which is an integer):

Orders(i) = CStr(CInt(Orders(i)))

But this method gives an "Overflow" error with anything larger than 31000 (ish). That seems very small to me to be giving this sort of error.

Any ideas?


Removing Leading Box [][][] Characters.
While reading an ID3 tag, there are a bunch of box [] characters that destroy what ever comes after them (for some reason!!), so I need to... destroy them. What ascii or chr() character is the box [] character???

Cdate( ) Removing Leading Zeroes (VB/access)
Query on VB/access..
access the column is defined as date data_type and in vb as string (mm/dd/ccyy)...
used the query
where Cdate(crdate) between '07/26/2006' and '08/25/2006'

However Cdate( ) is removing leading zero.... if i remove the same in string prob occurs for oct,nov & dec....

How to resolve?

Format String - Getting Rid Of Leading Zeros
Hi Guys

I'm very new to Excel VBA and I would like some ideas on doing some string manipulation for a small excel macro i'm writing for work.

Basically I need to do this:

Transform '30/03-07 A' to '30/3-7 A'

I need to get rid of all leading zeros

The problem is that the string can look quite different from the example above. Here are some examples of how it may look like:



48/02-2ST2 (needs to be converted to 48/2/2ST2)


214/04-1 (needs to be converted to 214/4-1)

Get the syntax? There are always one backslash (/) with a maximum of four leading digits, then a mix of digits and characters followed by a "-" and then again a mix of digits and characters.



How To Remove Leading VBCRLF From The String...
Hi there,

I need to know how can I remove leading LineFeed/CarraigeReturn characters
from the string as they
are taking up bytes. We can remove leading Space characters by 'TRIM()'
function but cannot remove
other invisible characters......


EASY: How Do I Pad A String With Leading Zeros? (RESOLVED)
I always want to have a 5 digit value which shows the required number of leading zero

Example of what I want:


PS: I realize I can use Str(value) to convert the number to a string. I just need to know how to add leading zeros.


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Removing Some String
hello, im trying to remove some string from textbox because my textbox receive 8 letters

this is my code:

VB Code:
Text1.Text = Hex(s.Value)If Len(Text1.Text) = 8 ThenText1.Text = Mid$(6, 8)ElseEnd If

s is scroller and the min: -20 and max: 20

so if i scroll down to -20 textbox receives FFFFFFEC but i only need the EC

Removing Tab From String
Hi do Ne body kno how to superss leading tabs in a string in VB

there is a func Trim which supresses spaces But not tabs

I have astring with 2 tab s in it and I want to eliminate it.

Its urgent


Removing Certain Text From String
From a string, how could i remove say, all text enclosed between <>?

Also, how could i go about removing a certain range of lines of text? lets say, lines 1 through 5?

Removing 'boxes' From A String
Guys ,

How do i remove boxes from a string?

Actually i have a db (Some native database for an application)

Aand whenever i pull data to excel, i will get some small 'box symbol' within the string. i want to remove that.

Is it possible > ?

Removing Characters From String?
I have long string which I want to process starting at the beginning and then removed the part processed already. Is there a way in vb to cut the string?

for example:
dim CharString as string
dim CharBegin as string

CharString="g90 m54 m78 g88"
CharBegin=Left(CharString, 3)
'Now I would like to get rid of the 4 characters (3 copied plus space) so my string would start at m54, how can I do that?

Removing String Value From ComboBox
Is there anyway to do this? I know you can use an integer to delete the item, but is there anyway for a string variable to do the same?


Removing A Character From A String
Is there any other easier way to delete a character from a string?
Other than using loop where putting each character into an array..
For example:
str = "Holidays"
I wanna get rid of the 's' from "str".

Thanks in advance.

Removing Pieces From A String
'Ello! Say I have a string --

str = "Valiant,John,Doe,"

and I want to remove say John so it reads "Valiant,Doe,"

How would I remove this ? The Names that may be in the string are going to be changing all the time, so Is there a way I can search through the string for "John,"?

Any ideas? Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Removing Char From A String
I currently have a string ""
However, I am only interested in ""
May I know what sorta of method can I use to remove the first 7 char of the string????

Tks in advance for the help.

Removing Spaces In A String
I know I can use Trim to remove leading and trailing spaces from a string but is there a way to remove all spaces in the string?

so that: Tom is cool
becomes: Tomiscool


Tom (who is cool)

Removing A Character From A String
I have written the following code to try to remove the character" |" from a string

For Counter = 1 To textlen
If Mid(mytext, Counter, 1) = "|" Then Mid(mytext, Counter, 1) = ""
End If
Next Counter

It does not work, but leaves the "|"s there. I can of course write a lenghtier code like splitting the string into characters and rebuild the string, but just wonder if there is a more elegant way to do it.

Can anyone help?

"Oh, I did not know that the Internet is still around" (homer Simpson)

Removing A Character From String
how do i remove all the "a" from the string "black and white are colours also"

somethig like remove() ?

Removing Characters From A String
I am trying to figure out a way to remove a given character from a string variable:

Dim strTest as String

strTest = "I don't know how to remove the single quotation mark"

Is there some function to remove the single quote from the string??

As always, thanks for your help!

ralph m.

Removing Letters From A String
I need to make a program that removes all the vowels found at the end of a string.

For example:
my name, Charlie

I need it to look like charl.

How would I make it search for vowels only at the end of the word like that?

Removing Certain Text From Another String
If I had two variables:

strNames = "JohnBobJimTomStacySarahJane"
strRemove = "Tom"

How would I remove strRemove from strNames?
I would use


To find out that it starts a position 11,


To find out it is 3 characters long.

How would I remove characters 11, 12, and 13 from strNames?


Removing Part Of A String
Forgive me for I am really new, and struggling with Vb.

I'd like to know how to remove part of a string, by a specific number..
my string is "Hello World"
Is it possible to create a string that will take the first 6 letters(and a space) from that so all thats left in my string is "World"?
Also, the string will be different every time, so i cant use, Right(Mystring, 5)

im not sure if this will make sense.

Removing Characters In A String
I have what seems like a fairly simple problem in that I need to remove a certain character from a string. I'm not sure how to go about this could someone please provide a sample so I can modify it for my own usage.

Removing Spaces From A String
stuck again how do i remove spaces, -'s and _'s from a string?

Removing Characters From A String
how can i remove the last 4 chracters from a string of 10 and assign the new string a new name. For instance

original string name letters : qqqqqqwwww
remove last 4 chracters
new string name lessw : qqqqqq

Removing A String From A Textfile.
Hey, I am trying to figure out how I can remove a certain full string from a textfile. An example is to remove all lines containing the string "my name is joe". If someone could give me an example of this it would be great.

Removing Characters From A String?
How do I remove 7 last character in Xyzaaa1234567 so that only Xyzaaa is displayed?

I've only learnt about extracting characters but never had to remove them before.


Removing Characters From A String
i have 2 strings

nothese = "kwlx"
Example = "ijfajfapfpapoqdmmqmzpsoxpoqwo"

i want to remove "k" "w" "l" "w" from example, so do i have to make a for loop?

For i = 1 to len(nothese)
Example = Replace( Example, mid(nothese, i, 1), vbnullstring)

or is there any better way?

Removing Spaces In A String
Hi guys

I am returning this string from a search on system information

" AMD Athlon 64 X2"

How can i remove any spaces infront of the main text body?



Removing Spaces In A String
If I have a string titled strFullName. It's vallue being "Sammy - "
what code could I use to turn that into "Sammy -" I just want to remove all spaces after the last charector. 2 Spaces or more will always signify the end of the string I am trying to retrieve.

Thanks ~Bryan

Removing Spaces From A String
hi, does anyone know how to remove any space(if it exists) from the beginning of the string and at the end? For example...
if i had a string " Hi How are you doing? ", after clicking a button, it would be "Hi How are you doing?" there may be a space at the beginning or at the end, or both, is there a way to check it so if it exists, it will remove it?

Removing A Char From A String
Hey all

I have a string such as "abcdef,g" and I want to remove the "," out of it. Is the a best way of doing it? The "," can be anywhere in the string so I want to search the string for it then take it out.


Removing Part Of A String
I have a string that contains a domain name - how would I go about removing everything after the first part of the domain name?


if string = "aardvark" then leave as it

if string = "" then remove ".com"

if string = "" then remove ""

if string =" aardvark testicles" then remove " testicles" !

ie - whatever the string is, everything except the first word should be stripped away.

Any help greatfully appreciated!


Removing Path From A String
the common dialog returns me a .filename and I want to trim that string down to only include the filename and not the path. How can I go about this?

Removing Data From A String
Hey Right Say i had some data in a textbox

float-5.004182,4.147469,0.976530;vertex 0

And i wanted to remove all the data after the X of vertex

how could i do that ?

Removing The Last Char In A String?
lets say a string contains "hellop" - how can i remove the last char so it now contains "hello"?

Removing A Character From A String

I have a textstring and I want to remove the ":" who are in the string.

Which is the easiest command to use?

Removing Newlines From A String
I'm trying to write a function to strip newlines out of a string (convert them to spaces, to tell the truth). I'm not aware that there's any direct way to do this, so I written a loop that looks like this:

Function remove_newlines(oldstr As String)
Dim j As Integer
Dim ch As String
Dim newstr As String
newstr = ""
For j = 1 To Len(oldstr)
ch = Mid$(oldstr, j, 1)
If (Asc(ch) <> 10 And Asc(ch) <> 13) Then
newstr = newstr & ch
newstr = newstr & " "
End If
remove_newlines = newstr
End Function

For some reason this doesn't return the whole string -- it gets truncated for reasons that escape me. Is there some simple way to do this? Don't shoot me, I haven't done any BASIC in years!

[b]update:[b] read the FAQ and figured out how to deal with code. Ahem, although this appears to be only a marginal improvement :-)

Removing Last Character Of A String
It's faster just to use the Trim function.

Removing Parts Of A String
I have a string (strdata). It contains "GET /index.html HTTP" (and then some more stuff at the end. How can I remove the "GET /" and the " HTTP". All I want is the web page (index.html). It won't always be index.html, so I don't think a Mid function will work. PLEASE HELP!

Removing 2 Numbers From A String........
how would i go about removing the number '43' from a string? eg......

'Hello my na43me is bob'

i want to search the string and remove the number

thanks much!

Removing Few Characters From A String

i have a string called 'name' which contains value as "Employee report report", when i am displaying name varible i need to display only "Employee report" meaning i want to remove one 'report' from the string can some1 pls help.

Removing 4 Characters Off The End Of A String.
I know I have been posting alot...but thats because my program is near finished and im working on all the little bugs I haven't been able to fix myself.

Anyway, just as the title states I need to remove the last 4 characters of a string. The string comes from a filelist box it is actualy the file name. So it looks like string = filelist1.filename...When I set the string to the filename it includes the extension of the I need to remove the last 4 characters, the 3 characters of the extension and the 1 character period...thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate it!

Edited by - piles on 3/13/2007 2:47:13 PM

Removing A Word From A String...
If I have a string that is a list of names, how would I be able to remove one of those names?


str1 = "Billy,Bob,Joe"

How would I be able take that string and remove the name Bob from it so that the string would be: "Billy,Joe"

Any help is well apreciated

Removing Certain Characters From A String
Anyone know a quick way of removing single quotes (') from a string.
(i.e Str1 = "Mike's Button")

I want this to read Str1 = "Mikes Button"

I'm trying to put this into an Access table using an insert statement but its failing because of the single quote.

Removing Character From String
I have a string on a VBScript ASP page and I want to remove all occurances of a specific character. I cannot find the function that does this.

For example, if I have "Cat-dog-mouse" and I want to remove all '-' characters so I have "catdogmouse". The MSDN documentation isn't being very helpful right now as the function that does this does not appear to be listed.


Removing Certain Characters From A String
In one field in my database, I need to remove all characters that aren't alphanumeric... even spaces. So far, I've found InStr, but I thought there was a way to sort out all characters that weren't of a certain ASCII value. If anyone have any idea's on this, I'd really appreacite it.


Removing Chars From String
is there a function that will remove specified characters from a string and not leave a space where they were?


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